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headspin25 Sun 24-Jun-12 19:53:27

Hey all, after numerous attempts of trying to arrange meet ups,etc I kinda gave up because ppl are so bad at getting back to msgs,etc! I am going to try one last time on this site! The date is JUNE 24th 2012, I notice that"meet up" threads go on this topic but nothing really happens,as ppl misinterpret dates of previous threads, and it just gets too damn confusing! Bascially I am 24 years old live in Sluff (Slough) and I have a two year old little man and would like to meet up with local mummies as we are so bored of our routine an would like to spice it up a little with new company! So if you are of similar description and would like a fantastic opportunity to meet up with someone like me ;) and my smashing little fella for playdates and coffee mmmmm ! Then msg me please and we can sort something it out! Sooner then later slackers! ;)

TheSpokenNerd Mon 25-Jun-12 11:29:16

Go into chat and "advertise" it there...

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