Due in July 2012, Maidenhead

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MumsinMaidenhead Fri 03-Feb-12 15:55:06

Hi Dee, good luck with the baby! I hope your pregnancy is going well. I have a ten month old little boy called Zain, and I am on facebook Suzanne Hamid. I have started a group called Maidenhead Mums, aimed at mums / mums to be in the local area and do hope that you'll join, its a great place where you can discuss anything baby related/ share great recipes/ meet local mums/ find out about fun activities to do with the kids etc.

best regards


Dee13 Fri 30-Dec-11 22:31:09

Hi All
I live in Maidenhead and My EDD is 19 July.
Just wondering if there is anyone else local due around the same time? smile


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