Windsor/Slough/M'head meet anyone?

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CV01 Sat 29-Jan-11 21:05:09

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any meets in this area or anyone wanna start meeting for a coffee, chat and playtime for the babies? I'm Caz, 27 and have been living in Windsor about 6 months with my 7 month old son. I'd love to meet some new mummies in the area and im sure my son would love to meet some other babies and toddlers if anyone is interested let me know. Im good to meet up monday, fri or over the weekend.

Hope to hear from you soon

Caz x

NickNacks Mon 14-Feb-11 20:55:34

Hi Caz, I'm also in Windsor and would be interested in meeting up with you and others. I'm 29 and have a 5 month old daughter. Any day is good for me!


tillybarron Mon 14-Mar-11 13:00:04


I have just joined this site and have lived in windsor for 7 months and have a almost 10 month old daughter. It would be nice to meet up also especially with the summer approaching. The weekend would be nice as that is when my husband works, though I am free anytime really.


NaturalOptimist Fri 29-Apr-11 19:13:30


I live close to in Windsor in Farnham Royal with my 5 month old daughter and would love to meet up on the weekend if you are planning anything as my husband works then too.


Hello ladies,

I'm Rebekah, I work as a babysitter in Windsor/Slough/Maidenhead area.
I study at Royal Holloway University and love photography.

I am starting to expand my hobby of photography by building a portfolio and am looking for volunteers to help me do so.
It may be that we meet for coffee, I come and babysit to familiarise myself or we take a trip out with baby in tow and I snap away.
In return all I ask is that I can use a selection of images to promote my services.
You will receive all images on a CD and I can arrange printing for you (Printing charges apply). Aside from that the initial shoot is free and if you are happy with your results I hope to gain your business again.

I would love to know if anyone is interested, I'm only 20 so taking a leap of faith with my fingers crossed smile

Rebekah x

EllieArnold Wed 22-Jun-11 15:27:23

Hello Ladies,

It'd be lovely to meet up with you all. I'm 28 and mummy to Harry who's almost 8 months old.
I'm able to meet in Windsor (although i live in Ashford this will be one of the nearest groups!) any day of the week is fine with me smile


yummytummy Thu 23-Jun-11 13:59:55


I would be interested in meeting in windsor. currently on mat leave with dd who is 12 weeks so am v bored and looking to get out and about. mon and weds are good days for me.


pinkpetrol Fri 24-Jun-11 16:48:39

On wednesdays at candy cakes ( next to zizis) they are doing a mother and toddler meet up. You get a free cuppa and a cake at your first one. Think it's 10 till one might be a good place to meet up.

Pairoflemons Fri 01-Jul-11 12:55:56

Hi all, I'm 25 and have a 2 month old little lady. Are you all still meeting up for coffee as we would love to join you if possible? We are based in maidenhead but are happy to travel.

Kay :-)

Hello I have just moved to Slough, from Bracknell and initally from Windsor! I have 3 DS - 5, nearly 3 and nealy 1. I forgot the MN had a local section smile

yummytummy Tue 09-Aug-11 14:41:51

hi, pinkpatrol that sounds like a good idea for candycakes.

should anyone who wants to meet up meet there at 11am? if anyone is around and interested how does next weds 17th aug sound?

hope people see this and can come!

will check next week and see if any interest.

nikkinoonoo Wed 10-Aug-11 14:39:55

Hello yummytummy! I would be interested in this meet! Where's abouts is candycakes? Iwill be coming from slough so will take the train to windsor and eton central station! So if it is near there that would be great! Thanks x

beejaye Fri 02-Sep-11 10:22:34

Hey everyone
I am 25 and live in the area and need playmates for my little 9 month old girl and some adult convo too :-)
I realise the last post was a while ago now but if you would like a new face let me know, would be very keen to meet up.

ddas Thu 15-Sep-11 09:41:40

hi, I'm 27 with a 2 month old son. realise that the thread is quite old but if you are still meeting would be great to join as don't know many mums in the area.

Moo14 Sun 23-Oct-11 09:06:20

Hi, I have a 6month old and I'm from Slough, would love to meet so mummies in the area, am very happy to travel to Windsor or Maidenhead smile xx

TraceyM1981 Tue 25-Oct-11 22:18:50

Hi, is this meet up still happening as I would love to join. I am 29 and a stay at home mum to my little girl who is 11 months and we live in Slough. x

Moo14 Wed 02-Nov-11 11:06:01

Hi TraceyM1981,

I have a 6month old little girl and would be interested in meeting up? x

LisaM86x Wed 09-Nov-11 17:28:58

Hi TraceyM & Moo14 - and anyone else who is interested :O)
I'm 25 and I have a two week old baby girl. As my partner goes back to work in a week I'm keen to meet other mums for a coffee and a chat as I don't want to get into an isolated routine. I don't really know anyone else with children (we're the first to break into the club!) so I'm looking for other mums who can relate to the experiences of early mumhood. As my baby's so young I have no preference as to where we meet as long as there's the obvious baby-changing facilites and ideally somewhere that won't mind too much if I need to breastfeed. I live in Burnham however can easily get to Maidenhead or Slough.
I'd be free Monday - Friday w/c 21st November if that's any good?
Lisa x

Moo14 Wed 16-Nov-11 20:14:33

Hiya LisaM86x,

I would love to meet up, I was the first out of my friends to have a baby so like you don't know many other mums. I'm from Cippenham so not too far from you smile we're free most afternoons in the week apart from Thursday, so whenever suits you smile xx

LisaM86x Fri 18-Nov-11 11:39:10

Great! How about Tuesday afternoon (22nd Nov). We could meet in Slough town centre, maybe Starbucks on the high street or somewhere like that? About 2.30ish?
Lisa x

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