Schools around Lymington

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TalkinPeace2 Mon 24-Sep-12 14:59:16

KS2 SATs are not the be all and end all.
What other things do the schools do - look on their websites - events, trips, broadening learning, school council.
Your child will be in the school for 7 years. Sats are 1 week of that. And SATs reflect intake far more than they do learning.
What are the Value added scored for the schools.
Is your child musical, artistic, sporty
have you visited the schools to see which has a 'vibe' that suits you.

whereishome Mon 24-Sep-12 00:14:14

Hi there

We are currently staying in the area looking at schools. We have ruled out Bransgore as too remote and weren't as taken with Mudeford as other areas. So now I am really confused. Milford on Sea is the only other school we have found with a very good Ofsted report and good Key Stage 2 stats. Could anyone possibly help me and tell me if I am missing any great schools. Someone mentioned Lymington schools are great but comparatively, they seem quite disappointing. I am not necessarily looking for outstanding or great Key Stage stats but the data for other schools is a long way behind Milford. I would greatly appreciate hearing about other golden nuggets I have missed. Thank you!!

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