Ashley Heath v verwood

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Americanance Wed 01-Aug-12 22:08:08

Hey, I am biased as have lived in ringwood since '90 and am raising my family here. Had a friend who lived in ashley heath and admired her house size but not much else. Ringwood is more expensive but it also means that from 11years old my children could walk to and from school and town. Ringwood schools get g8 ofsted's and I'd always choose this catchment over verwood any day.

edali Wed 01-Aug-12 08:56:21


ggirl Wed 01-Aug-12 08:10:27

Ashley Heath you can sometimes get yr children into the Ringwood schools which are all excellent. St Ives school in st Leonard's / Ashley Heath is ok but I do know people that have changed to the Ringwood ones as they were not impressed.
Verwood primary schools are good as well but the senior level options (queen Elizabeth ???) does not have such a good rep.
Also the Ashley Heath secondary option of Ferndown upper school does not have a good reputation .

Sorry if that is confusing. I live in Ringwood but have friends in Ashley Heath with fabulous big gardens that I am very jealous of.

edali Wed 01-Aug-12 07:29:16

We are relocating and need to be between Salisbury and Poole. We have found 2 houses we like- out of many!1 in Ashley Heath-big garden(hubbies favourite) and 1 in verwood- smaller garden, but can walk to centre. We have friends in Ringwood so know area slightly(couldn't find house we liked there as very expensive!)
Can anyone tell me what thoses areas are like?
I am keen to meet other professional mums ( I'm older so not mums in their 20's). Also want a community feel.
Are 2 children are per-school age- are school as good as they are in that area for primary?

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