Coming to Weymouth next week, looks like it's going to be raining.

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mawbroon Fri 06-Jul-12 09:16:53

Can anybody tell me some good indoor stuff to do with the dcs? They are 6.5yo and 2yo.

We are staying at the Haven holiday park, but I don't imagine there will be enough indoor stuff there to keep us going!


SardineQueen Fri 06-Jul-12 21:14:34

There is a soft play place called sharkeys in the harbour area that gets a very good write up.

Just trying to think, we go there loads, at all times of year and it pisses down loads and I can't for the life of me think what we do!

We do have an annual pass for sea life which is brilliant IMO but pricey if you're paying full whack.

Will try to think some more.

mawbroon Sun 08-Jul-12 08:49:20

Thanks Sardinequeen!

fivegomadindorset Sun 08-Jul-12 08:51:46

Sharkeys is great, I know it sounds dull but if you have a car Bovington Tank Museum on a wet day is also good, indoors, nothing to break and children can run around.

Miller1977 Sun 15-Jul-12 16:17:59

If you can get outside then Monkey World is great. Some of it is inside but I would go on a nice day to make the most of it.

mawbroon Sun 15-Jul-12 18:43:11

Thanks for the other replies.

We did go to the tank museum not once, but twice because the entrance fee is also an annual pass.

DH and the DSs enjoyed it......

We went over to Portland and I discovered that my geography teacher was talking shite. She told us that the sand spit that joined Portland to the mainland was called Portland Bill.

And now I've been to Portland Bill, I know she was WRONG! LOL

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