French Speaking Parent and Toddler Groups?

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jayglo Sun 25-Mar-12 23:55:07

Hi All,

I'm trying to find a way for my 2 year old and I to speak French regularly. I'm English but have a degree in French, and would really love to take it up again. Does anyone know of any French speaking groups that we could go along to in Bournemouth/Christchurch/Poole? I know that Beeabug Play Cafe in Bournemouth do a French Club, but I think that only takes toddlers from 3 years.

Thanks for your help :-)

yoyo1 Mon 09-Dec-13 14:52:43

Just moved to Bournemouth from London with my two year old son Isaac. How have you been getting on jayglo? I am French and am finding it difficult to keep Izy speaking french given that I don't know any parents/kids who speak it here! Any info about francophonic activity in the area would be very much appreciated.

yoyo1 Mon 09-Dec-13 14:53:46

dead thread?

StrollAlongTheProm Mon 06-Jan-14 10:52:10

Hi yoyo1,

Did you have any luck finding any French activities for your son?

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