OK, can we talk Christmas overseas?

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ClaudiaSchiffer Tue 18-Dec-12 05:18:26

Hi I'm in Oz and am finally gettting my Christmas vibe on - 36 degrees today so not actaully "christmassy" as I know it, but I digress.

Can those of you who live in far flung places tell me . .

A. What are you eating on Christmas Day? I've been reading the main thread in the Christmas topic and it's all lovely roast goose etc. We're having prawns/oysters/salad etc But I need so good ideas, so tell me about your roast Antelope or stewed dragon fruit.

B. Who will you spend Christmas with if you're a long way from family?

C. Have you acclimatised to your present countries Christmas (or non-Christian) festivities?

Here in oz it's much more low-key than in the UK but I am enjoying the sunshine actually, makes for a great day with the kids running about outdoors.

Go on, tell me all, inspire me grin

pupsiecola Tue 18-Dec-12 05:23:45

We're in Singapore. We're having traditional turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas eve early evening with friends and mother in law and friends' mother in law. On Christmas day we're going to a club for a buffet lunch and lots of swimming for the kids.

Even though it's Christmas madness in all the malls here, I do oddly feel less pressure to magic up the perfect Christmas. I guess it's not gonna be a "normal" Christmas so we'll just go with the flow, which actually feels rather refreshing.

Next year we plan on a holiday to Oz for Christmas.

ClaudiaSchiffer Tue 18-Dec-12 05:25:26

Is this your first Christmas in Singers pupsiecola?

I like the sound of your club lunch. I wish someone was doing mine.

Santa041 Tue 18-Dec-12 05:40:39

We're in Hong Kong. So will spend the morning in our PJs just DH, kids and I. Outrageously we will have our turkey delivered from the Mandarin Oriental grin so no cooking at all. Stuff our faces then a walk along one of the beaches or down from the Peak.
Then first thing on the 26th we fly off for a weeks holiday in the sun
Whilst I miss family - I bloody love Christmas abroad!!
I agree its not about "normal" Christmas it's about what works for you - and if in doubt read some of the horror threads on here about all the insane family politics!

TanteRose Tue 18-Dec-12 05:42:50

Hi Claudia smile

In Japan - due for a cold Xmas weekend (highs of about 10 deg.C), most likely no snow, at least in Tokyo (whereas there have been HUGE amounts of snow up north)

Strictly speaking, Christmas isn't celebrated, so 25th is not a holiday (I will be working), but there is a public holiday every year on the 23rd (Emperor's birthday) and this year, it falls on a Sunday so we get the 24th off as well!)
Schools are also closed for Winter break from about 24 or 25th until 7th Jan.

OK your questions

A. In our house, roast chicken, mediterranean roast veggies with chestnuts, Jamie Olivers gravy
Traditionally (?) in Japan, people have Kentucky Fried Chicken for their Xmas meal confused, followed by strawberry cream shortcake.

B. It will just be the four of us - like it is every year.
Although, again, tradition (?) dictates that Xmas is for couples and friends. New Year is the real "family get-together time".

C. I suppose so - we will have the strawberry cream cake, because the DCs really want it (and I won't allow KFC, so I made a compromise on the cake grin

Not much inspiration really, Claudia, sorry blush

SavoyCabbage Tue 18-Dec-12 05:43:04

We are having turkey and it will be just me, my dh and our two dd. We talked about just 'tossing a shrimp on the barbie' but dd1 still has the turkey/ Christmas associations. I try hard to build traditions for them so we are having that.

TanteRose Tue 18-Dec-12 05:44:26

oh and we eat Christmas dinner on either 23rd or Christmas Eve

Santa041 Tue 18-Dec-12 05:46:56

Oops forgot to NC from the Xmas thread .... Slinks off embarrassed

Labootin Tue 18-Dec-12 05:48:24

Dubai .. So it's about 28 degrees

They're quite good on Christmas here (I suppose because of all the tourists) the shops are playing Christmas tunes, Dubai Mall has a rather curious gigantic sculpture of the Burj Khalifa made of Forerea Roche (the ambassadors chocs) or what ever you call them. most malls have a santas grotto and are decorated and the ski slope has Christmas trees and lights.

For food In the morning we go to the beach (you're not supposed to drink alcohol so bucks fizz is pre poured into a juice bottle ) Then We're going to a midday brunch in one of the big hotels (bit of an institution here .. 4 hours of as much champagne and food as you can guzzle) and then going to a friends for a pool party (and BBQ if we can stuff any more food in)

Labootin Tue 18-Dec-12 05:49:39

Christmas isn't an official holiday here either dh has had to take it as annual leave.

LadybirdsAreFab Tue 18-Dec-12 05:59:32

Also in Dubai and the first Christmas DD will understand properly. We have had to limit the number of visits to Father Christmas as they are in every mall. We saw him in one and it was a 2.5 hour wait.

We will have Christmas at home, my parents are coming over as they like getting away from cold Aberdeen in the UK. I am cooking my first turkey ever, in the past I have had a take away turkey & all the trimmings from a hotel. Yes, they do all the cooking and we just have to pick it up and serve it.

My brother lives in Oman (about a 4 hour drive) so he and the children are coming over for the weekend and we will go to the Snowpark.

DD is getting very excited, we are trying to dampen down her expectation as to what she will get.

Her Nursery has banned the word Christmas and they are not allowed to get to festive. I have a lovely very over the top Christmas outfit planned for the last day of nursery. smile

vvviola Tue 18-Dec-12 06:00:44

NZ here. This is our 1st Christmas here (well, DH grew up here, but we all only moved this year)

We're doing the works - turkey, ham, everything. DD1 had made me promise there will be Brussels sprouts odd child

My parents are staying with us at the moment and we'll probably see MIL and BIL over the Christmas at some stage. If my parents weren't here we'd probably go stay with MIL.

Our nod to the local Christmas will be pavlova and trifle for dessert instead of Christmas pudding. And a walk on the beach before dinner instead of curling up on the couch with a movie.

This is my first 'hot' Christmas. It's very strange. And I'm missing a lot of my hometown traditions at the moment Christmas pissups with friends

WhatSheSaid Tue 18-Dec-12 06:07:57

Nz too, 11th year here so very used to Christmas in the heat now.

Food - crayfish, turkey and bacon terrine (dh wants something turkey-ish at Christmas, I'm not bothered), lamb on the BBQ and salads, summer pudding, cheese and crackers.

A.m., just us opening presents, bit of lunch etc. Friends arriving from about 1 for big feed starting about 4. If its anything like last year the eating will go on till about 8pm. Booze for all adults while six kids run around in the garden (assuming no torrential rain, if there's light showers we're sending them out there regardless).

And yes, I'm quite accustomed to Christmas here now. Dd1 has finished her first term at school and now comes home singing Kiwi Christmas songs and correcting my Maori pronunciation grin

nooka Tue 18-Dec-12 06:28:11

We are in Canada so have 'traditional' Christmas weather - we've got about 8 inches of snow right now, so will probably have it on Christmas day unless it thaws.

However being away from family means we struggle a bit with making our own traditions, so Christmas tends to be a bit last minute spontaneous. It's much less stressful but not quite the same somehow.

So for example we haven't actually decided what we are going to eat yet! When the children didn't eat much we usually had duck on 'our' Christmas years (alternating with traditional ones at ILs/parents). Last year we had beef but it was slightly disappointing (we might see if we can find some buffalo, which would be more exotic smile). The only definite is that we will have a ham as it's cheap, we all really like it and they only are in the shops at Thanksgiving/ Christmas so it's a bit more of a treat.

We'll be visiting our lovely neighbours on Christmas Eve/Boxing day.

Otherwise a lot of the traditions here are very similar to the UK (not surprising as most families we know have some sort of English link) with a few Eastern European and German traditions thrown in too.

ClaudiaSchiffer Tue 18-Dec-12 09:25:26

oooh how lovely to hear about global christmasses'

Whatshesaid - we usually have crayfish at christmas, but this year the price has (apparently according to mil) skyrocketed! Is that not the case in NZ? I bloody LOVE it so may come to yours if that's ok?

Nooka - go for Buffalo! Awesome, I imagine you in snowdrifts chewing on buffalo ribs. Waiting to be rescued by Mounties. is that racist? grin

Savoy how old is your dd? Is she more English than you?

MarshaBrady Tue 18-Dec-12 09:28:33

I'm now in Aus for Christmas and it's a big family thing. Lots of oysters, crayfish, rare beef. And outside in the sunshine (hopefully!).

ClaudiaSchiffer Tue 18-Dec-12 09:32:45

Where in Aus are you Marsha? Have you checked the forecast?

What is it with everyone else having CRAYFISH APART FROM ME? I'm gonna have words with mil.

MarshaBrady Tue 18-Dec-12 09:41:35

South and remote!, yes forecast says hot. Apparently. I know re crayfish. Although my parents were promised one from some guy that might not be legit (they have now realised) and now it's too late to go on waiting list for licensed one. We better have crayfish <serious>.

Sun is lethal here. I always forget every time. Such a dry warmth. Have bad jet lag however. Three glasses of wine (evening) am buzzing.

MerryChristMoose Tue 18-Dec-12 09:47:28

I'm in Canada too. Rather disappointingly, the Mounties in our city don't have horses.

We're flying MIL over this year, so we're having a traditional turkey dinner. Last Christmas (our first in Canada) was very different as DS was late arriving. DH had got fed up of waiting and went back to work. I spent Christmas Day at my Doula's house. DS finally arrived on the 27th.

Definitely a White Christmas here too. Temperatures down to -25. I'm in a very multi cultural city, so lots of different celebrations going on. Lots if people heading out of the city to go back to their families, predominantly on the East Coast.

papooshka Tue 18-Dec-12 10:00:39

We are in Singapore, and are going to a friends house with 4 other families, so will be complete madness with all the kids. We are having traditional Turkey, ham etc. Playing silly games and getting drunk, can't wait smile

It feels a bit christmassy here with all the decorations up but not at all like the UK. We've got our christmas tree and decorations up at home.

Its very different as in the UK we would be going round visiting everyone madly but here its quite relaxed, which is actually quite nice (although I do miss my family and friends back home!)

SavoyCabbage Tue 18-Dec-12 10:19:31

No Claudia but only because nobody is more English than me!grin

She's nine and we have been here since she was five. This is our first Christmas on our own so I suppose I'm conscious of trying to make it as Christmassy as possible.

singaporeswing Tue 18-Dec-12 10:44:45

Live in Singapore but heading to Perth for Christmas. Spending it with DP's family and their friends, 5 bird roast on the BBQ, salads, BBQ type foods I imagine. I'm pushing for roast potatoes and will also attempt to make a trifle! Need to have some of my own family traditions, even if I will be on the other side of the world.

pupsiecola Tue 18-Dec-12 15:03:49

Yep, it's our first Christmas here. Our first Christmas outside of the UK. Ever!

skratta Tue 18-Dec-12 17:14:10

My seventh Christmas here, married to American DP (we're in Connecticut, USA).

Not turkey, but chicken, beef and duck, with veg.

It's a bit drizzly/wet at the moment, with a chance of snow around Christmas Eve (according to weather forecast) which is good.

We're getting out stockings, and having a traditional Christmas time (England traditional, not American- apart from turkey that is).

DP's family and my family are struggling to come over. We both have family scattered around. MIL is coming (which I'm pleased about, she lives in Alaska!), BIL and his partner (who are in Sweden), DM and DF (who are in the UK), DB + DSIL1(in Oman), DB2 = DSIL2 (in China), DB3 + his partner, DBIL(in the UK), DSis (in the UK), and their children. We'll be having about sixteen people (including their DCs) so I'm not missing my family too much. But they can only afford to come once every three-four years, usually we just have a family Christmas on our own.

WhatSheSaid Tue 18-Dec-12 18:13:26

Claudia re the crayfish, I'm not sure of the price as dh has a mate who works for a seafood wholesalers so we get it off him at mates rates. It's actually already in the freezer and it's bloody sharp...I keep forgetting its there and jabbing my finger on it when I go to get something out...

Dh actually brought a live one home once as an anniversary present (to eat not to keep as a pet!) hmm

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Wed 19-Dec-12 01:00:14

In HK where it's actually quite chilly today! Hk does Christmas pretty well, I must say. It's Christmassy enough, without overload and when it's all over, we've only got to wait a month and we all get another week off for Chinese new year grin

Like Santa041 we'll be getting our turkey delivered from the Mandarin Oriental and having traditional Christmas lunch, then head out for a walk or something in the afternoon. My sister lives here anyway, and my parents arrive here on Sunday. On Boxing Day we're all going to Bali for a week.

cjdamoo Wed 19-Dec-12 01:43:14

Im in australia(5th xmas here) and will be having a traditional English christmas dinner yet again possibly in stinking heat again too but its dhs turn to cook so I care not

sleeplessinsuburbia Wed 19-Dec-12 01:58:27

In Australia:

Xmas day pastries/croissants/macaroons for bfast, varandah for the rest of the day while kids do their thing we have cheese platter, best fruit range ever, bowl of good chocolates, good booze then salad and BBQ (very simple) lunch with whoever pops in.

Jeezaloo Wed 19-Dec-12 03:00:39

I'm in Sri Lanka - first Christmas here, but not our first warm Christmas as we used to live in Australia.

We're renting a villa with some friends and keeping the food pretty traditional - turkey, ham, roast potatoes etc. Probably go for a walk on the beach, and a swim in the arvo.

It's quite a change here from the UK (and Aus for that matter). Plenty of decorations and tinsel up everywhere, but the shops are playing Christmas carols rather than 'Rocking Around The Christmas Tree'. They recognise Christmas as a Christian holiday, and as such, all their Christmas cards have pictures of Jesus and the nativity scene on them - no kittens in santa hats here grin. Also, the decorations have been building up gradually - some roads are still putting the tinsel up now with only a week to go. In the UK it all seems to be there from bonfire night onwards!

I quite like it though. It's a nice chilled out way of doing Christmas.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Wed 19-Dec-12 03:24:05

Vietnam - have turned into a right old humbug. Until this year has just been me and DH so normally beach / pool / champagne / ignoring it totally.

This year we are going for the full on Christmas in Europe.

In singapore. We normally have a party on Christmas Eve and head to the ritz Carlton for a big champagne buffet lunch on Christmas Day. We do stockings and some presents in the morning, then swimming and other presents and Skype in the afternoon.

Although it would be nice to be with relatives in the uk, it's also nice to make your own Christmas traditions and do something different.

Actually this year we are away for Christmas, sitting on an island in the Maldives, will probably snorkel with the dcs on Christmas morning and wait for Santa to arrive by seaplane grin

ben5 Wed 19-Dec-12 05:45:15

We're in Port Kennedy about 45km south of Perth Australia. Yesterday the forecast was 38 and sunny for Christmas day.
We go to the beach in the morning and take our camping stove to cook breakfast after we're opened our presents. We skype our parents back in the UK so they can watch the kids open a couple of presents.
We have cold turkey salad buffet style lunch/ evening food etc. Will have salmon on bread and prawn cocktail. Lots of wine while the kids play with new toys. Normally just the 4 of us and I love it. Very relaxed
So if any of you find yourself my way pop in and have a glass of wine and say hello!!!smile

LoopsInHoops Wed 19-Dec-12 05:45:16

KL (1st year abroad)

Xmas morning - us, DCs and a friend, opening stockings
Morning - coach with friends and neighbours (70+ of us!) to posh hotel for buffet lunch, kids festivities, drink. Coach back (no driving!)
Evening - us, DCs and friend to open presents.

NY - tropical island holiday smile

AlohaMama Wed 19-Dec-12 19:09:37

Hawaii here. Winter weather (23 deg and showery).
Will be having full-on traditional Christmas dinner, turkey with all the trimmings. Parents are arriving tonight from the UK so will feel more festive to have family around. Local mangoes for dessert.
Christmas day, probably beach/whale watching in the morning with picnic lunch, back for ds afternoon nap, then Christmas dinner.
The weather makes it feel un-Christmassy but as this is the US, lots of other things are the same - Christmas lights, decs up and all that. We try to keep as many of our UK traditions as possible so we don't get homesick. Even found crackers this year which is a first!

ClaudiaSchiffer Wed 19-Dec-12 20:41:37

Oooh it's really lovely to hear about your forrin Christmasses.

I love the ones going for the smorgasbord option. Am envy at the thought of groaning tables laden with Christmas food.

I'm currently getting stressed about food (can you tell?) we're doing family Xmas with bil + family and pils. They are to a fault MISERABLE about Christmas whereas I adore it. I'm in charge of starters/salads/dessert so am gonna go for the MOST festive food I can think of just to piss them all off make it lovely for the children grin.

Ben 5 I'd love to join you on the beach, here in Adelaide it's gonna be 26 and sunny so v noice for outdoor eating.

AdoraJingleBells Thu 20-Dec-12 03:00:11

We're in Chile, but still do Christmas British stylee because OH can't get his head around the local way of doing it. They celebrate with a family meal late on the 24th and do gifts before falling into bed in the wee small hours of the 25.

We will have roast turkey on the 25th, despite the heat, followed by xmas pud for OH and I, something fruity/chocolatey for DDs. Lunch will be eaten on the terrace, dodging our dogs. We do gifts in the morning then skype the ILs. The afternoon is spent in the pool just because we cangrin

vvviola Thu 20-Dec-12 05:42:20

We have had to resort to frozen Brussels sprouts. I may refuse to have even my annual single one.

It's one of the traditions I would gladly have quietly left out!

We've decided on a new tradition this year: Boxing Day family picnic grin

Rosa Thu 20-Dec-12 06:38:23

Well from not so far Italy - Happy Christmas to you all and enjoy your wonderful variations ,..they sound great.

Labootin Thu 20-Dec-12 08:43:01

Waitrose in Dubai Mall do not have any brussel sprouts !

DH will be bereft!

kids school breaks up today ... They've gone off wearing Santa hats

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Thu 20-Dec-12 11:34:07

Write to Sheikh Mo and complain.

I bought some Waitrose frozen roast potatoes- a bag of 15 for the equivalent of 10 quid.

LoopsInHoops Thu 20-Dec-12 13:23:11

Oh, can't find felt. sad

DH, older DD and I have lovely personalised stockings that we made before little DD was born. I didn't get around to making her one last year, as she was tiny. Now she's not and I can't make her one. Any ideas?

echt Fri 21-Dec-12 20:25:46

In Melbourne and BOM says it'll rain in the morning but 22 later so possibly Christmas lunch outside. Prawns, oysters, potato salad. Over to Pommy friends' house on Boxing Day and doing that leftover Christmas pudding thing in the Guardian. The left over is a technicality as we never ate the pudding last year.

We're putting up the tree, deckers, lights and crib today; in England it was always Christmas Eve. I suppose an Australian aspect is putting solar lights on the trees in the front garden.

ripsishere Fri 21-Dec-12 23:08:35

Loops, I'll wrack my brain. DD had some felt for craft at school, I am trying to remember where I bought it. It'll be either KL central or Kota Damansara.
We are having roast pork and, I imagine roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, some brussels (at a pound a piece), stuffing, bread sauce, apple sauce and then, inspired by someone else, a pavlova.
My biggest problem is the size of my oven. It's tiny and only goes for an hour.
Presumably DH and DD will go to church on the actual morning. That'll leave me to get tidily on something alcoholic.
Next year we are going to Aus.

DingdongMerliononhigh Fri 21-Dec-12 23:16:27

Ah yes a smallish bag of sprouts for £6 and one yes one very tiny parsnip for £2.50 shock pak Choy and kai lan for accompaniments anyone?

ripsishere Fri 21-Dec-12 23:48:03

The parsnips were about a fiver a piece. Size of a small carrot.

378 Sat 22-Dec-12 00:40:39

going to have a full on traditional roast in predicted 40 degree heat smile smile

LoopsInHoops Sat 22-Dec-12 01:45:07

Got felt! smile

vvviola Sat 22-Dec-12 06:34:07

I've just had a mini-meltdown as I discovered/realised that I won't be able to eat any of our Christmas dinner desserts (pavlova, trifle & a mini shop-bought pudding) due to not being able to eat eggs and dairy. Can't blame anyone else as I planned the menu. Shall have to either do an emergency re-think, or cut the Christmas cake (which is vegan) after dinner instead of our usual midnight-ish.

Labootin LuLu's in Mushriff Mall in Abu Dhabi has tons grin So tell your DH to get in the car and get them himself if he's that worried grin

This is our first Christmas away from home and we are having a low key affair with our kids. I've just put up a tree, DH wnt out yesterday afternoon/evening and got all the pressies. Duck and trimmings on Christmas day. BBQ on the beach for boxing day.

Mosman Sat 22-Dec-12 12:05:19

Our first Aussie Christmas so my plan is cottkesloe beach at about 7 am with a picnic breakfast and buck fizz for DH and I. And then we are having salmon and salad for tea.
So far it's not felt like Christmas at all, I'm just glad of the break really it's been a busy six months

thanksamillion Sat 22-Dec-12 18:48:03

I'm in Moldova so Christmas here isn't really until Jan 6th as they use the Orthodox calender. But each year more and more people celebrate on the 25th as well grin. We'll be having turkey and various veg. The turkey is currently in the car as I have a tiny freezer and the only turkey DH could find was massive. It's currently about -15 outside though so it's still nicely frozen. We will definitely be having a white Christmas as we've got about a meter of snow.

We'll also be celebrating 'old Christmas' in Jan by attending a pig killing/eatinghmm

echt Sun 23-Dec-12 09:30:16

Difficult to convey how vile it is wrapping pressies, putting up the deckers in 39 degrees in an un-airconditioned room with shite fans. DH, as a Geordie, scorned central heating in the UK, and now regards cooling systems as a jessie's game. hmm

It's evening now, with every door and window open, and no breeze. So now I have to close them all and switch on.

On the plus side went to very pleasant pre-Christmas scoff with nicely chilled wine and air-conditioning. grin

Salbertina Sun 23-Dec-12 14:42:11

Oh ooor you sad, can sympathise having tried to sleep in 35c at night next to mosquito infested lake, all sharing 1room , no a/c and just one rusty, noisy fan... Call that a holiday?! Luckily otherwise fab...

Our (artificial) tree just fell down, even dog too hot to move and decided to make Christmas pudding cheesecake instead of real thing and to have cold buffet as much more comfortable in high summer!

Shanghaidiva Mon 24-Dec-12 08:11:34

We are in China and will open presents in the morning, smoked salmon for lunch and out to dinner at 6pm. Decorations are fab here - and everyone on the supermarket checkout was wearing a santa hat today.
Love the fact there is no panic shopping and when the craziness that is Chinese new year approaches we will be in the Philippines.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Mon 24-Dec-12 08:54:05

In France, so not too far away from the UK and home, but we are on our own this year, just me DH and DS.
We usually spend Christmas with good friends so it all feels a little flat. We are having a traditional roast turkey with pigs in blankets and roast potatoes. Just realised I have no goose fat for the tatties. May go exploring in our local shops to see if we can find some...

ClaudiaSchiffer Tue 25-Dec-12 00:40:20


Mid morning here in Oz, gearing up for prawn feast. Thinking of loved ones around the world.

Hope everyone having Christmas away from family and friends has a great one xxxxxx

TanteRose Tue 25-Dec-12 00:48:41

Merry Christmas, Claudia!

We had a wonderful 3 day Xmas weekend, including an extra holiday yesterday, and now I am back at work until Friday when New Year hols start smile

Mosman Tue 25-Dec-12 01:44:58

Merry Christmas it's a hot one here !

Merry xmas from naka island , just 10 mn off phuket..... Santa alighted from a speedboat last night.....DD commented "poor chap! You must be melting! Why you not wearing a swinsuit?"grin
champagne brunch this morning..... All good!
Merry merry christmas!!!

ben5 Tue 25-Dec-12 02:46:33

merry christmas. sausage sizzl done on the beach now chilli at home with some ' breakfast' wine from Margret River yummy!! smile

Mery Christmas from the Maldives! Stockings opened, kids playing, dh just disappeared for early morning dive (it was his big wish to dive on xmas day) so heading for breakfast soon then snorkeling with everyone, Santa arriving and kids singing carols later on. Have a great day.

Laptop, always wants to go to naka, is it amazing?

echt Tue 25-Dec-12 03:01:55

Merry Christmas from Melbourne.smile

Up early doors to water the garden and walk the dog.

Otway ham and eggs breakfast. Pressie-opening followed when DD finally got out of her bed. We drew down the blinds and watched "The Woman in Black" on DVD as the Christmas frightener. We keeked ourselves. So strange to see our Aussie garden through the bamboo blinds: kangaroo paws, butterflies, while Daniel Radcliffe did not a bad job, actually, in a nicely scary film.

Lunch approaches, with oysters, prawns, spud salad and my DIY sangria. I can hear "It's a Wonderful Life" in the background. Lovely 22 degrees. Poifect.

Salbertina Tue 25-Dec-12 03:34:41

Merry Christmas from SA! Why am i awake before the kids?! hmm

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Tue 25-Dec-12 19:10:20

Merry Christmas all living overseas MNetters!
I hope you've had a lovely day. I was worried that our day would feel a bit flat but we've had a great time.
We managed to find most things required for a British Christmas lunch and had absolutely no stress all day as its just been me, my DH and DS.
How has it been for you?

echt Wed 26-Dec-12 00:29:00

Had a lovely Christmas Day. Like yours Accidental, just DH and DD, with friends texting and emailing to say how lucky we were. grin Boxing Day now, and DD has hit the sales. I've made leftover trifle and sangria to take to lunch at Pommie friends.

Weather in Melbourne stupendous; 24 with a southerly breeze. Possibly a bit nippy for the beach, unless one lies down. I may take a light card for my shoulders in the evening. Because I'm English.

echt Wed 26-Dec-12 00:29:52

Cardi. Actually, I AM taking a card to the Poms.

highjack alert!
Butterflies the maldives remains our best ever chill out holiday as a family! Enjoy!

Having done Phuket hotels and villas to death for years we came here without too many expectations but just in need of a short haul easy beach holiday.
Its actually really good. Beats any hotel in Phuket bar the Amanpuri which is in a league of its own.
The location is great, no kids club but the staff really do make an effort to keep kids entertained with "back to nature" crafts/cooking classes/improvised ball games etc….
Its all very relaxed and rustic in a boho chic kind of way. Quite similar to the Maldives minus the lagoon.
The beach is great though and its right in the middle of the bay leading to Phi Phi/koh lanta etc… so its island after island on the horizon.
Definitely recommend!

Bertrude Thu 27-Dec-12 07:05:33

Merry Christmas All from another in Dubai! I know I'm late but still.

We did JBH for our turkey after Emirates Golf Club sold out before I'd ordered it.

We had friends round for dinner. Bought in the turkey, roast spuds, roast veg and gravy from the hotel, and then I did a ham, 3 different starters, 4 more types of veg (including sprouts procured from Waitrose at Marina Mall), bread sauce, and mash. Was lovely spending it with friends, because it was so different to the usual family christmases. We have one of those tellies that you can Skype through so we all took turns on skyping home from it so all our parents could see everyone (we all know each others parents from visiting)

Having to book it as leave is annoying, especially as our company policy is that the entire team cannot be off. We are a team of 4, with me, 2 Indian Christians, and one British Muslim (with a Christian mother) so she always loses out on having the day off which is a shame as growing up she always celebrated as it was her mum's holiday.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Thu 27-Dec-12 08:20:17

Sounds great Burtrude, we've always had Christmases with friends, much more fun than with family! That's the only thing we missed this year, the party like feeling of sharing it with friends.

Still hijacking grin

Maldives was fab, saw whale sharks, dolphins and we all snorkled. Dh did his rescue diver paid, kids love the kids club, I chilled out, perfect! Second trip there this year, think its belt tightening time but we had an excellent deal.

We go to Samui quite a lot but have been to Phuket and will try naka for our next beach holiday I think!

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