Cyber Glühwein und Lebkuchen - the German and Austrian advent thread

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admylin Sun 02-Dec-12 11:24:53

A thread for anyone living in Germany or Austria, or anyone else who fancies a chat.

Happy first Advent to everyone!

Previous thread: here

Thanks for the new thread admlin. Am on my phone at the in-laws so just msrking my place.

Happy birthday outnumbered's Ds.

We've had plenty of snow since Thursday, snowmen have been built and lots of sledging has occurred. Went to a Christmas Market yesterday, don't want a tree this early though. Kids are very pleased with Playmobile advent calendars.

Happy first advent everyone!

Woke up to a small amount of snow on the rooftops, but nothing settled on the ground. I really need snow!

admylin Sun 02-Dec-12 13:11:50

Saw the snowman on fb english, looks like you had quite alot of snow. It keeps trying here but it's melting as it hits the ground which suits me just fine for now!

itsMYNutella Sun 02-Dec-12 14:27:43

morning afternoon everyone!

DP is enjoying our advent calendars. We bought one at the market a few weeks ago with little pouches that you fill yourself. I've filled the even days for DP and he has filled the odd days for me smile Then on Friday DP got given a chocolate "Hannover" advent calendar, so that is working the other way round and means we both have something to open every day!!

Had a few manic cleaning urges the last few days... the bathroom, living room, nursery (sent a little video to my Mum who thinks we shouldn't call it the baby corner - I suppose it does sound odd) and our bedroom are spotless. You could eat your dinner off most of the surfaces grin although depending on what dinner is that could be tricky wink

I'm not bothered about cleaning the office (that is mainly DP's responsibility - translation : I don't want to get into trouble for tidying it so much that he can't find stuff) and the kitchen... well I'm sure the urge for tackling that will come; not that it is really that dirty...

I need to catch up on the rest of the chatter; but have a lovely 1st Advent everyone! smile

adventkerzylin Sun 02-Dec-12 14:38:09

nutella good that all the nesting is done! Have you got a well stocked freezer too? Get as much easy to make/warm up food as possible and if you drink bottled water, stock up on that too then you're set!
When I had dd I splashed out on having my drinks delivered so I got crates of water, juice and beer delivered to the door, one of the few luxuries I decided I needed to survive the first half a year.

Have any of you tried the Lidl Glühwein? Do you just pop it in the microwave? Would be nicer than a cup of tea on a cold evening wouldn't it (well on a night that I didn't have taxi duty for one of the dc)?

Adventkerzeryn are you admylin? I heat ready made Gluhwein up in a pan on the hob, but then we finish the bottle between us, it never even occurred to me to make single mugs....

I like baby corner Nuttella, nursery sounds very Victorian to me, amd like a large room with a nurse maid that the child rarely leaves til its sent to boarding school grin

Ds2 sky dived off the arm of the sofa at the in-laws, yelling "jump!" joyously the split second before, and his tooth went through his lip sad I'm We're driving home now and he's fallen asleep, but the 1stball advent visit ended in nlood and tears sad

LinzerTorte Sun 02-Dec-12 17:12:36

Thanks for the new thread admylin. We've just come back from the neighbours', where I had three glasses of Sekt on an empty stomach, so I won't post much now as I fear I may not make much sense. grin Just wanted to say the Lidl Glühwein is very nice and we've always just heated it up in a saucepan. Will try and come back later with my finished post from this morning!

funny everyone is talking about the LIDL Glühwein. We have a bottle here and me and dh were going to have a mug this evening. Last time we heated up the mugs in the microwave (we are both complete lightweights and would be drunk if we had more than one).

We didnt have lots of snow, but enough for the boys to excited about it. They did build a snowman, but it is very small smile

The weekend overall was hard work, but nice nontheless. This coming week is going to be another tough one as we have a few appointments as well as the dreaded talk at ds2' pre school.

Hope everyone is well again now? (admylin and your ds2, english?)

english one of the best bits of advice I have been given was from a someone who works at a Waldkindergarten. She said she always carries little sachets of sugar with her at work. If one of the children splits their lip or has a wound (bleeding) in their mouths, they get one of those sachets. It stops the blood almost instantly and cleans the wound at the same time. I have had to try it a few times since, and it really does work! It stops the crying within a nano-second because of the taste grin and really does seem to to stop the blood as well.

Bienchen Sun 02-Dec-12 19:38:07

Found you! Woke up to snow this morning and after breakfast we cleared the cars parked in the vicinity to build a snowman. Am delighted for DD but slightly concerned about getting to work tomorrow morning (40 mile drive, first day at work). I'd also like to be back in good time as DD has a mini part in the Kiga advent play tomorrow night.

Linzer I'd be comatose after 3 glasses of Sekt on an empty stomach. I did enjoy a glass of Gluehwein at the Christmas market in Friday though and made some more for last night. I made it with those teabag thingies called Gluehfix, a bit of sugar and some nice red wine I picked up cheaply.

English your poor DS, hope he is not too sore later.

Advent Thanks for the new thread. Gluehwein is ok to microwave but I prefer to warm it slowly on the hob (really missing my wood burning stove today which was handy for warming mulled wine)

Nutella baby corner sounds delightful and well done for being so organised. I second the filling up the freezer. I did not get much done at all the first few weeks trying to get bf established and DD seemed to be latched on to me most of the time when she was not sleeping.

Whatwould hope you get some snow soon!

Waving to everybody else and hoping you had a lovely first advent.

I need good vibes as we have applied for a flat we would really like. The landlord handles all applications himself and I have heard on the grapevine that he is a bit of a fuzzpot. I just hope he deems us worthy.... We need to clear out the UK house by 12th Jan as a tenant moves in....

Think I've sobered up enough to post now. grin I have no alcohol tolerance either, outnumbered - two glasses of anything is usually my limit (actually, one is sometimes enough).

To answer a few questions from the previous thread:

outnumbered I bought our elf (package including book) from the Book Depository, which cost around €25 but it's gone up to about €40 now. However, I also saw elf-like figures that would have been suitable at Libro (which I don't think you have in Germany - it's a book and stationery store) and at the Christmas market yesterday, which would have been much cheaper and also slightly less creepy looking than the original elf.

admylin We do have one or two little gifts lined up for the elf to bring, but on the whole he'll just be hiding (he was in with the tortoises today) or getting up to mischief (he'll be decorating the tree with the DC's pants tonight).

platanos It's so annoying when people automatically assume that when the children are having problems at school, it must have something to do with them being brought up bilingually. My MIL sees English as an additional "burden" for DD1, even though she's generally quite positive about the DC speaking it.
Have you decided on the Gymnasium for your DD now? I found the whole school system a bit of a shock to the system, even at Volksschule - how much extra work parents do with their DC outside school, for example. DD1 has complained a few times that we're the only parents in her class who help her, but I know friends with children at Gymnasium also do quite a lot with their DC.

English Poor DS; hope he's OK now. DS split his lip open last year and it looked awful for a few days, plus he could hardly speak; I think mouth injuries are among the worst (I always worry about their teeth too).

Bienchen Good luck with your first day at work (and with the drive) tomorrow and also with the flat. Will you be going back to the UK to clear out your house? I've seen those Glühfix teabags - must try them sometime, as I'm sure it would be cheaper than buying ready-made Glühwein.

We've had quite a relaxing day here, although I had rather an early start when I woke up and suddenly realised I'd forgotten to hide the elf so got up to do so and it hardly seemed worth going back to bed afterwards. I took DD2 and DS ice skating this afternoon while DD1 stayed at home to revise, and then we all went over next door to drink Sekt prepare for a meeting with all the neighbours later. DH has gone there now; he was hoping it wasn't going to go on too late, but I can't see it ending very early somehow (he's already been there almost an hour).

Bienchen Sun 02-Dec-12 20:20:47

ooops should have had some gluehwein first, it is fusspot of course although he may well be fuzzy....

adventkerzylin Sun 02-Dec-12 21:01:11

Lol, Fuzzpot is a good one bienchen! Hope you get the flat. Did you have to hand over lots of documents and proof of this and that? We had a nightmare in Berlin the first time we went flat hunting as we didn't have any of the hundreds of documents and it was a complete waste of time without them.

Linzer sounds like you have a nice neighborhood there. Wish our house was like that, no one speaks much and some don't even say hello.

outnumbered I'm the same, one glass/mug of Glühwein would put me to bed nicely although dh could probably drink the whole bottle! I'll put it on my shopping list for tomorrow at Lidl

english hope your ds isn't suffering too much with his lip (yes, it's me admylin).

My flu is on the mend, just coughing abit still, but what a difference to have a tiny bit of energy. Have got through 2 weeks worth of ironing today and am still up at 10pm so I must be better!

I am liking fuzzpot! Good luck getting the house, Bienchen.
Glad you are better, advent.
Aw, bless you getting out of bed to move the elf, Linzer!
English, hope your little one's lip is ok. Monkeys, aren't they!
Nutella, so, this is the month! How exciting.

Off to bed, dreaming and hoping for snow. smile

hupa Mon 03-Dec-12 09:04:54

Thanks for starting the thread*admylin*. I´m glad to hear you´re feeling better.

English Mouth injuries always look so bad because of all the blood, but they usually heal very quickly. How is ds today? I´ll definitely try out outnumbered´s trick with the sugar in future.

Bienchen Good luck with the flat. Is there a lot of competition for flats where you live?

Nutella you must be getting really excited now that we´re into December.

I think I´m the only one on the thread who doesn´t like Glühwein. I was really ill the first time I drank it and now the smell just brings back horrible memories.

We´ve got quite a bit of snow here and more forecast for later. Dd was beyond excited yesterday, but ds would rather stay inside in the warm, just like me.

adventkerzylin Mon 03-Dec-12 09:28:16

hupa I have something similar with Schnapps, worst headache and hangover I ever had and I can't touch it now. Speaking of Glühwein, I've just got back from my Lidl shopping trip and what did I forget...?! Typical! Also typical, the dc's Nikolaus present arrived while I was out so I will have to go to the Packstation at 7pm to pick it up, great.

Santa I'm sure I saw snow forcast for your area this week! Hope you get some.

Well, off to start baking a round of Plätzchen of some sort, probably almond something or other.

For anyone considering/due to get braces for their dc, I can tell you that the first few days are really bad, dc can't eat properly and mouth hurts, you have to stock up on soft food. You get some little sticks of wax to put over the wires too so they don't rub, this will be swallowed now and then and has to be replaced and you get a little mini brush and dentist mirror to see how to clean under the bits that are cleanable, and the dc will have to spend ages brushing teeth. Just so you know what's coming!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Mon 03-Dec-12 11:07:02

I wrote a post then lost it, poo, and I wasn't allowed to use ü in my name and it was too long if I kept English... grumble grumble

DS2 is fine this morning, lip is a bit red and swollen but not bothering him. I will try to remember to buy sugar sachets though, thanks for that idea outnumbered

Good luck with the flat and work Beine

The braces sound a nightmare Advent, really hope they're not inevitable for everyone ...

Linzer was the meeting with your neighbours a regular thing or for something in particular?

Hope you get your snow Santa

Argh I've not long got DS2 to sleep but I have to go and fetch DD from recorder in ten minutes so I'm going to have to wake him to take him in the car... this morning has disappeared, all I managed to do was tidy the basement craft room a bit and do some laundry, and I'm not quite sure what possessed me to start with the basement, which nobody sees and I didn't get finished anyway due to DS2 having discovered how to say "Mummy do a cuddle NOW" and saying it every 12 seconds, and expecting a cuddle - he's discovered the pleasing cause and effect of asking for things with words, I want to encourage him to express himself clearly but it was only really sweet for the first hour... grin

itsMYNutella Mon 03-Dec-12 14:08:14

Hello everyone! I like the festive name-changes... but I haven't thought of one yet hmm

English Grinch I think your DS sounds really cute smile how is his lip? Hope he is ok, and a little less inclined to leap off of furniture.
My little brother got bitten by a family dog through his lip - it was his own fault for checking what dog breath smelt like on a hot day... needless to say it didn't put him off feeding the dog polos a few days later and checking again.

Thanks beinchen and advent for the freezer tips... I need to sort through it and chuck some old stuff out organise it a bit better.... do you think biscuit dough frozen last December would be any good??

whatwould and hupa I suppose exciting is one word for it... wink just found out though that they don't have gas and air on offer for labour here hmm since I know opiates are likely to wipe me out I'd rather not experiment with them which means water and if that doesn't work... epidural shock yikes! I was kind of looking forward to some gas and air grin

Linzer you can drink my share of Glühwein smile We went out for dinner last night (after a very successful day ticking off todo lists) and I had a little glass of wine with my meal, it was delicious! smile Food was nice too.

Had my first midwife checkup today (Dr got all funny about it and wanted to be extra sure that baby is ok before she'd even let me alternate appointments between Dr and MW). Really like the midwife, she makes me feel totally at ease.

Yippee, we have snow!!! We went out in it, it was lovely! Nice medium-sized flakes, enough to settle on cars, but not on the road.

Nutella, I knew about gas and air here, I had it with DS, as I really wanted to avoid all other pain relief of possible, and it was good stuff. I have told DH that if we get pg again, I want to give birth in the UK, as I can't be doing without gas and air. I would love to know why they don't use it here. Let me know if you find out! By anyway, however baby Nutellachen comes out, it is exciting and will all be worth it!

We've had snow here too, although not enough for the DS to go out and play in it (DD2 and DS did go out to shovel it earlier, although I don't think there was really enough to shovel either).

Gas and air isn't used here or in the USA either; I've no idea why and feel like I missed out. grin Could definitely have done with some when DD1 was born, although I wouldn't have been able to for either of the others (DD2 arrived too quickly and DS was a C-section).

Nutella I'll happily take your share of Glühwein, thank you - and anyone else's who's off alcohol/doesn't like it. grin Glad the checkup with the midwife went well; will she be attending the birth?

Grinch Glad your DS is OK now. We get together with the neighbours fairly often, especially the ones living right next door to us (a family with three DC the same age as ours) - it's usually a spur of the moment thing. Yesterday was half spur of the moment and half preparing a strategy for the evening's meeting with all the neighbours, called by our retired neighbours who have too much time on their hands and who, as DH feared, wanted everyone to go through their entire Betriebskostenabrechnung as they object to paying even a cent too much. They're also not happy with the amount of leaf sweeping that everyone does or with us sweeping the leaves onto the road. hmm

advent Hope the biscuits turned out OK. I was never quite sure what that wax was for that the orthodontist gave us, but I must admit we didn't bother with it too much as DD1 didn't find her brace too painful.

I seem to be very disorganised at the moment; DD1 reminded me on the way to school this morning that she needed one of those round cheese boxes for today, and I also realised that I'd completely forgotten to give DS the apple, toothpicks, walnut and cotton wool that he needed (goodness know what they're going to bastel with that lot). Luckily it turned out that it's OK for both of them to take the things in tomorrow, so we duly bought a cheese box this afternoon - only for DS to break it about half an hour ago. hmm Fortunately DH works near to quite a few shops, so he's promised to buy a new one on his way home.

Oh, I was going to ask whether anyone has any ideas for a Secret Santa present for an 11 year old boy. Didn't your DC do a Secret Santa at school last year, advent? DD1's class is doing one and, while I'd find it fairly easy to buy for a girl that age, I have no idea what to get for a boy (she said she could either make or buy something).

oh no, I only just go the hang of your names on here and now have to remember the new memory isnt what it used to be [old lady emoticon]

bienchen how was your first day at work? and how long did it take you to get there? Good luck for the flat too! here in KL it's a nightmare getting a decent rental property, as most landlords perfer having an American family living in their house, knowing that rent will simply be paid by the army straight into their account. I still dont know how we managed to get this house really, as apparently our landlors had 300 parties interested in it. I guess our advantage was that we could tell him we are after something long-term, and the Americans will only stay 3 years max.

Nutella I had ds1 in the UK and did use a little gas&air. BUt I hated it as it just made me feel lightheaded but didnt do anything for the pain. The only thing I found was that it helped me concentrate on the breathing, but you dont need gas and air for that! with ds2 and ds3 I didnt have any sort of pain relief- I had hoped for water births (with all 3!) but didnt get to have a single one for different reasons each time. Try not to worry about things like pain relief. All I can say is I much much preferred my birth experiences in Germany to the one in the UK!!! My favourite one was the one with ds3 as I had a Beleghebamme who was just brilliant!

Linzer thanks for the info re the elf. I did end up buying a very cheap one at Dänisches Bettenlager today and introduced it to the boys. ds1 squealed with delight and tried to get it to speak all evening. too cute!

Glad everyone is getting some snow. I do much prefer it to rain, just hope we dont get too much of it like 2 years ago. We have a Eckgrundstück thus has to shovel loads of snow. We also live on a Spielstaße and have to not only remove the snow from the footpath but also all the way to the middle of the road (the council does not send their snow ploughs through our estate) shock it's a nightmare when there is lots of snow as you dont know where to actually put it. we end up putting it in our front garden, and I guess the dcs are happy about it as they have a little slope for sledging grin

I am in the middle of making the third round of cakes. first round on Saturday for ds2' actual birthday, second round yesterday for ds2 to take to kiga, and third round now for his little party tomorrow arvo.
At his party we will be baking biscuits with the kids, so more baking coming up. Definitely not the season for weightwatching!

I will have another mug of the Glühwein we opened yesterday. It was quite delicious!

adventkerzylin Tue 04-Dec-12 07:22:36

Linzer dd had a boy 2 years running for Secret Santa. She got a stapler and hole puncher desk set thing like this but it was reduced (the limit was 5€) and another year she got a pen, jar with 100 cartridges and a big chocolate Santa. Hope you find something, maybe a shop like Kik would have affordable items if there's a limit on how much to spend.
Did your dd get her cheese box? Do you mean one from a camembert type cheese?

Bienchen did you get the flat?

outnumbered it's really difficult to find a family flat or affordable house in Hannover too. We searched for 2 years until we found this place and we only took it because we couldn't find anything better. Of course if we had another 1000€ to spare a month then we could get a really nice house!

nutella great that you like your midwife. Do you think she'll be there at the birth or will she just take over once you get home? Mine was lovely too except that she was shocked that I didn't have the baby wrapped up in lots of blankets indoors and she told me off because dd had bare feet one time that she came.

grinch glad your ds is better, enjoy the cuddles, the cleaning can wait!

Santa are you getting the Nikolaus Stiefel ready for Thursday?

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 04-Dec-12 07:46:04

advent the problem is the cleaning's been waiting for 19 months grin

Linzer I would have no idea what to buy an 11 year old boy, older than my kids and their friends and I'm stumped, so I'd probably go for chocolate! Although you get those weird kids sometimes who don't like chocolate... shock Anything else you can get so wrong if you don't know the child and their interests (some would like lego or starwars, those are the things that spring to mind, but some would have no interest in either so not safe ground), although advent's stationary idea is also good, as it will at least come in useful!

I'm so fed up and tired today - "bone tired" as old people say grin it's not specific sleep deprivation as last night was no worse than usual, in fact slightly better than average, but I just feel so tired of everything and utterly without energy and motivation. I am unsure whether it is related to living here, I don't feel like making the extra effort atm, or just me - my foot has been painful for weeks now and I am sick of not being able to get out of bed quickly and having to take strong pain killers in advance if I know I'm going to be on my feet a lot, I'm also finding myself very snappy with the older 2 kids, who are fighting more than usual and going through a phase of arguing with me over everything and trying to make everything, from getting dressed in the morning and undressed at night, to homework or getting out the door to go anywhere or not being allowed to eat the huge bag of cheap crappy Nikolaus chocolate MIL put into their hands as we left on Sunday til actual Nikolaus day on Thursday... into a debate - especially DD (7). I'm just just tired of everything generally. sad

adventkerzylin Tue 04-Dec-12 07:56:02

Oh no Grinch that's how I felt (bone tired) before I came down with that virus. Hope you're not getting something like that. Although I'd feel like that if I had your work load anyway. Can you rest abit today or is another hectic one ahead of you?

Grinch Poor you; you sound so fed up. I think the sleep deprivation on its own would be bad enough, or just being in constant pain - but with everything coming at once, it must really get to you. Can anything be done about your foot (apart from the painkillers, that is)? Did you decide on the ironing service in the end? (Sorry if I missed it.) And would you consider a cleaner?
If it's any consolation (probably not) my three are fighting constantly at the moment and that alone is enough to send me round the bend some days. And don't get me started on ILs and sweets, which are another constant source of arguments here. I keep talking about banning them, but feel like I'm a stuck record. DH has bought them a Haribo calendar, but they don't need a) any more sweets, b) any more Advent calendars. Aargh!

advent Thanks for the suggestions; KiK is a good idea, as they have lots of affordable bits and pieces. I don't think there's a spending limit, but I was thinking about €5.
Yes, DH got the cheese box in the end and DD2 has taken it into school this morning - it's one of those round cardboard ones that has triangles of rubbery cheese inside.

outnumbered We also have loads of snow to shovel (although not at the moment), as we have a long path down to the road, which is partly shared with some of our neighbours, a big area in front of the shared garage and then a small stretch of pavement. I don't mind doing it if I have time but it's backbreaking work!
Glad you found an elf in the end. DS loves ours (I think the girls are a bit old for it now) and has been telling his teacher all about him, apparently; she's probably wondering what strange Christmas traditions the British have. grin

Ban sweets, I mean; not the ILs. I would just ban entitled ILs. grin

Ploom Tue 04-Dec-12 08:32:51

morning! Thanks for the new thread advent. I've never had a Christmas namechange - need to get me thinking cap on. We had a fair bit of snow over the weekend - enough to build a snowman but its gone sleety today so its not lying. Glad you all had a good 1st advent.

nutella - love that your nesting - it means our thread baby is nearly heregrin. Glad you liked the midwife - it makes such a difference. With my ds2 (in the UK) I saw the same midwife at every antenatal appt and then she just happened to be doing her 1 a week shift on labour ward when I came in so she delivered him too - it was so nice. Had heard there is no G&A in Germany - wonder why. I found it helpful with all 3 deliveries but also found TENS really useful (can you get that here?) and most of all hypnobirthing. Ds1 (the whopper baby)'s labour was so lovely because of it. If you can get your hands on a CD I'd definitely recommend it.

advent - I've never had the glühwein from Lidl but I'm only really a fan of it when I'm outside in the cold - it never tastes the same at home. Glad you're feeling better and have more energy but now is the time to get those dc into the habit of helping more so that by the next time you're poorly then they'll be able to let you rest!

grinch - glad your ds2's lip is on the mend - it always amazes me how awful they look but then how quickly they heal. I like outnumbered's tip about the sugar tho - will try to remember that. Is there any chance you feel a bit low becasue of the dark winter? Do you have that SAD? I can definitely sympathise - I could feel like hibernating at the moment. Is there a place soon for your ds2 at a Kindergrippe? That would give you some time to recharge in the day?

bienchen - how was the first day at work and the snowy drive? Good luck with the "fuzzpot" landlord smile.

oh linzer - I could have written your post - dd also got a boy in her secret santa - this is the second year running and since all boys are "so annoying" at the moment then she's no help in what to buy. Think last year I got hims om playing cards from the euro shop then added some chocolate. Like advent's ideas tho - need to go and get some Christmas shopping tomorrow so will look then.

Dont feel anywhere near prepared for Christmas - DH and I are buying ourselves some cross country skiis so dont need to get him anything and we're sorted for dd but I'm still not sure what to buy ds2 - he wrote a list that just had loads of wii games on it and he got one for his birthday so I'm reluctant to buy one for Christmas too. But he has no idea of anything else - he's not a fan of Lego and they already have loads of playmobil. He's more of an active boy - so tricky and it feels like time is running to fast towards Christmas.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 04-Dec-12 08:33:06

Thanks Linzer and Advent I did once try to employ a cleaner, but she only came once and then had a tragedy - her husband committed suicide - and she disappeared off the radar - the lady who recommended her to me had spoken to her a couple of times but then she stopped being able to get hold of her too. That was months ago, back in spring. I only know that one lady locally who has ever mentioned having a cleaner and I don't know how to go about finding one except through recommendation - DH tried to find me one when we first moved here, when I was pregnant and DD was the age DS2 is now and was deeply fed up to discover just how rural we had ended up and how poorly it compared to what I had left behind, but nobody responded to his adverts at all. It really doesn't seem to be considered at all "normal" around here, though I know all the ex-pats who live further into Munich seem to think it is impossible to live without a cleaner even if they only have one 8 year old and don't work... They mostly seem to have Polish and other non German cleaners, and there isn't the migrant population looking for cleaning type work out here in the sticks. Most mothers don't work, or just a very part time job once kids are older, and also have grandparents or other extended family living in the same house/ next door or similar so I think its more normal to palm the kids off on relatives and do your own cleaning than employ somebody - I always get the impression Bavarian country-side folk are rather like the Scottish sterotype in terms of money and would think it mad to pay somebody else to clean your house! The ironing service is something I will use, but maybe not til spring when DH starts wearing shirts to work again (he's wearing fleeces atm!) - they only advertise a shirt service so I'm not 100% sure whether they take general ironing.

I don't think I'm getting ill, although who knows as DS2 was ill all last week, but I think I'm just fed up, I guess I'll get over it, winter doesn't help, although I like snow in theory and like to see the kids out in it, the long dark mornings and evenings and the cold aren't great and being inside too much. Feel like other people cope better than I do with everything, which I never used to feel like at all, used to feel very capable. I do wonder if living here has eroded my confidence, there's nothing like not having a fluent command of the language to make you feel ignorant and cut off by turns...

We have to shovel the snow too, as we live in a house, bit of a pain with a toddler but better than last year and 5 years ago with a tiny baby. Outnumbered I wouldn't like having to shovel to the middle of the road and having nowhere to put the snow!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 04-Dec-12 08:47:49

Hello Ploom sorry cross posted! I don't really want to put DS2 into a Krippe, it doesn't really sit well with me for under 2s unless necessary, and I could never justify the expense if unless I was working while he was there. There is only one Krippe locally anyway and you have to send your child at least 20 hours a week, and also have to apply the previous February (I think) for the following September, and they rarely have places come up mid year (I looked into it for DS1 when I started working part time when he was 2, and then again when I thought about going back after having DS2, and that's how it worked). There is one private Krippe a bit further away that an acquaintance uses and speaks highly of, which does have the option for just using a small number of hours, but its eye wateringly expensive - in fact I think more for one morning than the state one charges for the 20 hours a week! DS1s Kindergarten are not full, for the first time since we've lived here, because there are "not enough" 3 year olds, and theoretically they can take 2.5 year olds when there is space (I think 1 2.5 year old "takes up" more than one space due to staff ratio rules) but I have never known anyone do it. DS2 seems quite keen to stay there some mornings, so maybe I'll ask about that in a year's time...

How old is your DS? Would he like on of the big wheeled older children's scooters? We got DD (7) the puky r07l for her birthday and DS1 wants one too, though he has also asked for various other things so that will wait for his next birthday, he is getting a Carrera Bahn for Christmas from us, and Playmobile police station from my parents (bought by me). He has also asked for a proper grown up digital camera - are any of those options for your DS?

adventkerzylin Tue 04-Dec-12 08:54:16

ploom how about one of these waveboards for ds? Or this 3d puzzle. Both things ds has been delighted with in the past! Not that he would even like them now of course, he's an impossible to buy for teenager so he'll probably end up with money. I might get him one of those 3d puzzles to give him something to do!

Last year I got them both a couple of these small crystal puzzles each as they are really hard to do and kept them busy for a while.

Grinch I was one of those weird children who dont like chocolate! grin although strangely, since my first pregnancy I now like it if it isnt pure chocolate iykwim. choclate bars, chocolate with whole nuts etc are sadly all my friend now.
I'm sorry about your foot - it must be hard being in constant pain unless stron painkillers are taken sad and I'm sorry you are feeling so tired. ds3(2) started kiga last month. Here in Rheinland Pfalz Kiga is FREE from 2 years onwards!!! Otherwise he would probably still be at home. and tbh I quite liked spending time with my baby while the older too were at kiga - but ds3 wasnt too convinced. It was too quiet and boring for him and he was more than ready for kiga. with ds2 it took 4 months until he was more or less settled there, ds3 was settled within half a day. Now I really do enjoy my free mornings. I can do the shopping without a toddler, can actually get some cleaning done (unless I get side tracked on MN...)

re a cleaner, grinch if you cant get someone through recommendations, would you consider going through one of those agencies that supply cleaners? I know some people who did that and were happy with it. And going through an agency just seems less of a lottery game than just placing an ad yourself. It does work out a bit more expensive I guess but maybe worth a thought?

advent well, we are paying aboput 1200 Euros (kalt) in rent! shock i guess the south is a bit more exxie than the north anyway, and we wouldnt really be able to anything below 1000/month, unless I was willing to live in a 'bad' area or out in the sticks.

Linzer I am sure ds1 will be telling his pre schook teachers about our elf too. This morning he was whispering to him, telling him what he wants for Christmas smile

right, must get the house clean as we have 4 children plus their mums arriving this afternoon!

lots more snow here again!

AntiqueMuppet Tue 04-Dec-12 09:21:18

No time to name check this morning as I'm dashing off to the house to see an electrician about a cable. New levels of excitement round here smile

Just wanted to pop on and say Nutella I have a hypnobirthing CD if you want it? It's packed but I could dig it out over the weekend and post it on Monday. It did't really help me but then my labour was so quick I didn't really have time to think about anything, but Ploom said it really helped her so I reckon it's worth a go. It's yours if you want it, just let me know!

I'm sure I read somewhere that the reason gas & air isn't used here is because the German health authorities (or whoever decides these things) felt that there wasn't enough evidence that it was safe or something like that. I had some sort of drip-painkiller but I was too far gone by that point for it to have been any use. In fact, I'm not actually convinced they gave me a painkiller at all smile A friend with a massive needle phobia had an epidural (!) and said it was great. The needle didn't bother her for whatever reason and it meant she had no pain whatsoever during the birth. I think whatever method you read about different people will have different experiences and will tell you different things.

Hope everyone who was/is ill is feeling a bit better. It's horrible being ill at the best of times but somehow it seems worse when it's cold and wet outside.

English Have you had chance to go to the Dr about your foot? It sounds like one more thing on top of everything else that you really don't need at the moment. (Stating the obvious, I realise.)

Antique I felt the same about the painkiller they were supposedly giving me after my C-section! The epidural didn't work on me either so I had to have a GA. hmm

outnumbered I really enjoyed spending time at home with DD2 while DD1 was at KiGa, but DS also seemed to find it too quiet and boring at home on his own so he went to nursery at 2. KiGa is now free from 2.5 here, but at the time mine started, children couldn't start until they were 3.
DS has also been whispering to our elf, but I'm not quite sure how realistic his wishes are. grin

Grinch Everyone here wonders how you cope if you don't have a cleaner - even if you don't work and your children are all at school/KiGa in the mornings. And all the cleaners seem to be Eastern European; I've even heard of cleaners who still live there but travel to Austria just to clean.
Almost everyone I know has sent their 2.5 year old to KiGa, but there's such a difference between 2.5 year old and 5-6 year olds... plus so much more time goes on changing nappies etc. (DD1 was the only child still in nappies when she started, but there are lots of Windelkinder now) that the staff don't have as much time for the older children. I actually think 3 is a better starting date, at least if you have all the children in the same group.

Ploom I'm lucky in that DH has bought, or rather is still buying, all the DC's presents. hmm The fact that he's bought about 10 times as much as I would have done is the price I have to pay. The price he has to pay is having to listen to me going on about how I was happy with a satsuma and a couple of nuts as a child. grin Sorry, that isn't much help... Apart from Lego, he's bought lots of bastel-type things for the DC and a digital camera for DD1 for her birthday. She keeps pestering me for a tablet, Nintendo or smartphone but is definitely not getting any of those!

Ploom Tue 04-Dec-12 11:46:00

Thanks for those suggestions - I like the waveboard but we live at the top of a hill so I'm not sure how much use he'd get out of it.

linzer - wow wish my dh would do all the shopping. He's quite good at ordering things online but not so hot with ideas. We're giving dd an old iphone of dh's as part of her Christmas - I think she may well faint with the excitement. That and a basic Kindle means she's well & truly spoiled this year!

adventkerzylin Tue 04-Dec-12 11:51:04

LInzer great that your dh does all the Christmas shopping! When does he do it though? Is most of it online or does he go in real life shops after work?! I agree, bastel things are goo da sit gives the dc something to busy themselves with although can be messy too.

antique wel done on mastering the move! You haven't even been on here crying or having a breal down so alot better than me when I have to move! Was/is there alot of decorating to do (as in papering or painting, putting down new flooring etc)? Still can't get over the number of places we looked at that didn't even have decent flooring down. We looked at a lovely house but neither upstairs or downstairs had and flooring (just concrete) and it would have cost us a fortune to do it properly so we missed out on that one.

Well, dd just showed up with a friend so off to make them some lunch then make our gingerbread house!

DD1 would love an iPhone Ploom, but she'd spend all her time playing games and on the Internet - there wouldn't be much point in banning screentime during the week and then giving her a smartphone! Is this the Kindle you're getting your DD? I thought about it for DD1, but I don't think she needs any more big presents - her birthday is definitely sorted, although I think she'd get more out of a Kindle than a camera. But DH prefers taking photos to reading (not that the two are mutually exclusive, I know!).

advent He does it all online; most of the presents he's bought from Amazon, plus he got a couple of things from Jako-o. He was looking at Lego again last night as it's 20% off on Amazon if you spend over €80, but I think I dissuaded him. Although at least one of the sets is still in his basket...
Have fun making the gingerbread house - you'll have to post a picture afterwards!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 04-Dec-12 14:56:42

Antique glad the move is well under way - hope the cable issue is sorted... I have been to the doc about my foot, and now have insoles and prescription pain killers, but really I suppose I should go back and ask for a referral to an orthopaedic specialist, as the insoles are painful in themselves (I can only tolerate them in my snow boots or a thin pair of summer ballerina flats, my in-between season boots were so painful with them I had to stop the car a couple of km from home and take them off as I couldn't concentrate on driving with the pain) and I've been using them 2 weeks now with no sign they are helping.

I must say I agree Linzer 3 does seem the right starting age for Kindergarten to me too - its when my older 2 started.

DD would have been fine to start earlier I think, maybe at 2 or 2.5, she has always been very sociable and loved group situations and being with lots of other kids, and she settled into Kindergarten immediately - but then at 3 her language and understanding were excellent and she fully grasped and embraced what was going to happen and was not confused or over-whelmed when she started.

DS1 definitely would not have done well starting Kindergarten before he turned 3 - at 2 he used to cry if anyone he didn't know spoke to him, and sometimes if they looked at him! I did used to worry that he might be on the autistic spectrum because he didn't seem to get social situations at all - at least by comparison to DD.

In fact retrospectively I don't think he was that unusual, I was just used to a toddler who, at 2, walked up to children she didn't know and introduced herself and asked what they were playing - probably DD was the odd toddler, not DS1! Still he would not have done well thrown into an unfamiliar situation at 2 - even at 3 it took him the best part of a year to start talking to the teachers above a whisper, or to say anything other that "Ich Weisse nicht" when speaking in front of more than one person, though he accepted Kindergarten and settled in without upset following the normal week of visiting with me and then gradually longer sessions starting at an hour.

I tried DS1 at a "Kinderpark" - more like an old fashioned drop off playgroup, that ran in a Pfarheim twice a week just for 2 hours, and gave up after 3 sessions as he apparently just stood and cried the whole time, except when eating his Brotzeit! Some people here keep their children out altogether til 4 - especially the farming families all seem to do that - and certainly I don't know anyone (German) who stays home and uses anything other than the 2 hourly twice a week Kinderpark from 2 - though I know an ex-pat Aussie who uses a private Krippe for her 1 year old and doesn't work, and a couple of working mums who use TagesMutter and Krippe part time.

Sorry, wiffle wiffle... I'd always rather pay somebody to do the cleaning than look after the kids, as I like the kids (mostly) but I don't like cleaning and I'm not much good at it grin Mind you I used to be good at the whole parenting and creating interesting and stimulating activities thing, but I've gone down hill rapidly and DS2 only tends to get an hour in the playground or a short walk (him on running bike, me hobbling) and then dragged on errands or following me about while I try to do stuff. I used to be all try hard with planned activities with the older 2 but I just feel so uninspired and frazzled these days blush Mind you the older 2 are making plaster of paris models now, and DS2 is quite happy playing an inexplicable game with a toy tractor, a knight's horse minus the knight, and a drum...

outnumbered I'd happily use an agency, to be honest the rather more impersonal and professional idea appeals to me more than the risk of having somebody I know respond to an ad! I have never heard of a cleaning agency around here though, I think we are just too rural and there is no demand so no supply - if we lived closer to Munich I'm sure there'd be plenty of choice.

We rent our house for €850 Kalt smile But then we live slap bang in the absolute middle of nowhere - nearest train station (the very last stop on the S bahn) 8km, nearest tiny village shop, bank, Kindergarten and Grundschule 4km, no bus route except the school bus, nearest supermarket 7km, nearest doctors, dentists and clothes shops 20km... DH's work is about 70km away... and so on!

hupa Tue 04-Dec-12 15:00:13

My midwife told me they don´t use gas and air because it doesn´t work. She said there is a delay between breathing it in and it working and by then the contraction is over. However, this seems to be contradicted by most of my friends who used it in the UK. I had an epidural here, but I had to meet the anesthetist and sign all the paperwork a couple of weeks before my due date. They said I could only give informed consent if I wasn´t in pain and they wouldn´t allow me to do it if I was already in labour.

admylin How´s the gingerbread house looking? I must admit I´m going to try to avoid building one this year. Unless the dc mention it, I´m going to save myself the mess and stress.

Linzer That´s good that your dh organises the presents.
Sorry I´ve got no ideas for the secret Santa - I´d probably end up buying chocolate.

Grinch Sorry to hear about your foot. I had foot pain a few years ago and ended up getting orthopedic insoles which really helped. I haven´t worn them for ages now, but they did the trick at the time. Do you know what´s causing the pain?

Hello to everyone else. I´ve got to go, dd is stuck with her maths homework - oh joy!

hupa Tue 04-Dec-12 15:00:50

Grinch sorry x posted there.

itsMYNutella Tue 04-Dec-12 17:46:02

Grinch It sounds like you need a break! Bless you, like the others have already said, the sleep deprivation, the sore foot and now it's winter (which gets me down too - it seems to be grey a lot of the time in Hannover and I miss those crisp winter days.. sad) is all a lot to take and you have every right to moan, especially here. - hope you do find a cleaner asap!!
DP damaged his Achilles in June ish and is still having problems with it - he took painkillers for weeks but it just didn't make it better and even though the (big scary looking russian guy) physiotherapist practically made him cry the first time he says it feels heap better and actually enjoys his appointments now hmm so I can recommend that!

advent I haven't totally figured out why the midwife thing works the way it does but your midwife you choose (from a looong list of freelance midwives) can't come to the hospital for the birth - unless she works at that hospital and then I guess it would only be if she was on shift/duty hmm.

ploom you're so sweet to be excited about my thread baby smile my poor DP tends to get the full brunt of my nesting urges when he tries to help and doesn't do something to my satisfaction hmm... then I go and do it (vacuumed on Sunday after he vacuumed on Friday) and apologise to him afterwards for being a bit of a nutter confused

Antique I'm in two minds about a hypnobirthing CD... I'm curious but I'd rather have your fast labour; can you please send me that in the post? grin

outnumbered I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my chosen Klinik has a bath or birth pool free when Nutellachen decides to make it's appearance smile

I've eaten two doughnuts Krapfen, one had a sort of chocolate filling and the other a kind of custardy filling they were great! But I'm not sure I should really have eaten them both hmm ... a local bakery started doing them recently and I treat myself to a chocolate one every now and then but today might have been excessive <happy to wearing maternity trousers grin>

Will try to write proper post later, this one just quickly to nutella. What you have found out about the midwives isn't completely correct. There are the hospital midwives, then there are freelance midwives, and then there are freelance midwives who have an affiliation with certain hospitals. Those midwives are called 'beleghebammen'. They are freelance and will do all the normal antenatal and postnatal care. But on top of that you'll ring her as soon as you go into labour, she'll join you at hospital and will stay with you until baby is born. I had a beleghebae for ds3 after having had not so nice experiences at hospital both with ds1 and ds2 and wanted to make sure I have a midwife who knows me and my wishes really well, and one I know I can completely trust. Best decision I ever made as it made all the difference to my birth experience.

Will come back online later smile

Bienchen Tue 04-Dec-12 18:54:08

Is it wrong to not namechange for Christmas ... I am too pooped after a few long days.

Nutella you must be getting more excited by the day and to have a Christmas baby is very special. I did not know you could not get gas and air in German hospitals as I had both DC in the UK. Just go with the flow and keep upright and moving for as long as you can and as close to the birth. Concentrate on your breathing, it makes a huge difference. Is your DP equally excited?

hupa I did not make a gingerbread house either this year. In fact I haven't done any baking at all, partly because we have been so busy with getting organised and partly because we are in a holiday let and not very well set up for lots of baking. There is a lot of pressure here on all the housewives to bake and I am quite happy to buck the trend for once. There is so much going on in the run up to Christmas that if you don't feel like doing something, then you should not feel obliged.

Grinch I feel for you. It must be hard if you are hurting and of course you cannot put your feet up if you have DC. It would get me down, too. Def. a good idea to go back to the Orthopaede and get it checked out. Are you getting enough vits and minerals to help with the tiredness? I can't offer any advice on cleaners as DH and I have always done it ourselves. How awful for your previous cleaner.....

Linzer well done on having a DH who does the Christmas shopping.

Advent good luck with the gingerbread house.

Outnumbered I am another beneficiary of a free KIGA place. We used to pay around £40/day for DD and could only send her for 3 days a week but I did not mind not working every day and I always felt it would be difficult to try to bring up a bilingual child if they spend every day at nursery. DD understands German but always refused to speak it. She is starting to speak it now because no one at KIGA speaks English (or not much anyway) and she really wants to play with the other children.

Bienchen Tue 04-Dec-12 18:59:11

I have survived two days of my new job, actually I really like it but it will take time to learn the ropes. The killer is the long commute but it is only temporary, so I focus on that thought. Both commutes have been tricky, due to either sleet or heavy rain and heavy traffic. I am contracted to 40 hours a week.... but I have good news: we have got the apartment. The landlord is preparing the contract over the next few weeks. I wasn't sure about how much competition there was but I have heard that there is plenty of housing available in the new town atm. I can commute by public transport plus the walk to the station is through a pedestrianised part of town and should take about an hour door to door.

bienchen Glad you are enjoying your new job (what is it?) and hooray to you getting the flat!!! When will you be moving in?

In Lüneburg we paid €210/month for ds1' Kigali platz, which was only from 8am-12pm. Having 3 dc at kiga now I really should be glad we are not in niedersachsen anymore!

I agree, I also think the under 3s should be in separate groups! It would not just be beneficial to the teachers but def for those younger children too. Ds2&3 pre school has 4 groups, with an open-group approach. I think it is FAR too much for such a little child to take in. But the alternative would be for him to be bored at home with me.

Anyway, still on my phone which makes it difficult to post.

Ds2 birthday party went well, although only 2 of the 4 girls turned up!!! One of the girls' mum just rang. She thought the party was tomorrow and was clearly upset. She has 4 dc plus has a job, so I can see how she may forget a few things... As I know her daughter was really excited about coming over to the party, I suggested she comes home with us on Friday arvo instead. The other girl has apparently been ill since yesterday. I only know from another mum. Wouldn't you expect the parents to ring and let you know??
Anyway I'm off to bed now.
grich I hope you'll feel a bit brighter tomorrow. Do you like living out in the country? Or would you prefer to live closer to a town? Does your dog work on Munich?

Great that you got the apartment, Bienchen, woo hoo!
And I am glad you like your job too.

Glad your DS2 had a good party, out, despite the no shows.

Grinch, sorry you are a bit bogged down at the moment. Hope the Christmas spirit cheers you up (and fixes your foot).

Interesting about the comment that gas and air is not safe. I would far rather that than a needle in my spine! Though obviously, ultimately, whatever helps get that baby out safely.

Ploom, how about NoPloomAtTheInn? smile

No news from me, we are pootling along fine. Bought DS a lovely snowsuit today, so there had better be lots of lovely fluffy snow soon for us to play in!

Hello to everyone I didn't namecheck.

Bienchen: ItsBienchenToLookALotLikeChristmas. smile

tadjennyp Wed 05-Dec-12 06:29:13

Sorry, was awol a little bit as was really grumpy and sick yesterday and didn't want to bring the thread down! Also I was in bed before the dcs so that didn't leave much MN time!

Thanks for the new Christmas thread admylin - desperately trying to get the last of my cards written so I can send them off before the deadline. Went to the Bend Christmas Parade at the weekend which was lovely but no Gluehwein available. sad Excuse our local news, but it is a nice piece of Americana for anyone who is interested!

Your post about dh thinking his dcs were lovely but noisy made me sad English. I find mine particularly noisy atm too, maybe because of my cold and sore throat. I think maybe you could press him to read dd German stories as it would help with her education and they are more interesting now. I hope you feel more lively soon too. My dcs are also really wearing me out just trying to get them out of the house these days!

This is already an essay and I haven't replied to everyone so apologies for that. Hope you managed to get the flat Bienchen. Hope you all have a great Wednesday. smile

tadjennyp Wed 05-Dec-12 06:38:32

And I missed an entire page of posts then [slinks off in embarrassment emoticon]

Jenny hope you feel better soon. Me and dh spend a night in Bend on our honeymoon! we drove down to LA from Seattle via Crater Lake (which is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited).

Santa I like your name suggestions! smile! I am not creative at all myself, so will probably just keep my name...

'spent' not 'spend' blush

adventkerzylin Wed 05-Dec-12 07:56:33

jenny get well soon!

outnumbered hope your ds wasn't too upset that some of his guests didn't show up. A great idea to invite them round another time.
1200€ kalt is painful isn't it especially when it's just lining the pocket of some already rich landlord! My bigest worry is, we can afford our place (it's only 900€) now but if ever dh didn't get his contract renewed or he didn't get another job then that would be hard to pay. Every month the dc come with more demands for money for school and then they have that pesky habbit of growing and needing new stuff!

bienchen you must be exhausted with that commute but great that you got the flat.

Grinch hope you had some decent sleep and aren't too down today. That rent sounds quite cheap for Munich area but I guess you have high transport costs for monthly tickets etc. I did a search for the Hannover area at that price and nothing came up, then I found 1 for 860 kalt but far on the other side of town for school and work so would have to add transport costs. Can't afford to move again now anyway so we're stuck in this place!

Didn't make the Lebkuchenhaus yesterday as dd's friend stayed longer and they were doing what ever teenage girls do for hours then when she left ds started teasing about which side of the house he would be doing and dd got worked up as she wanted to do it all so I put it away and we might try again today! So, sorry to break this to you all but the fighting and teasing doesn't stop when they are teenagers! Although it does get slightly better!

adventkerzylin Wed 05-Dec-12 08:12:06

Forgot to ask Linzer did you get a present for dd's Secret Santa? Dd came home yesterday and announced they are doing it too and she pulled a boys name out of the bag but managed to swap with someone so has a girl and this year the limit is 3€!

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 08:12:58


jenny - hope you feel better soon. That clip of the Christmas parade was exactly how I imagined the american holiday season to be (and the reporter was exactly how I imagined US news to be!).

Thanks for the name suggestions santa - now need to work out how to do it on MN - I do it so rarely that I forget each time. Love little ones in snowsuits - they always look so snuggled and warm. Its snowing here again today - thats every day so far in December - that happened in 2010 too and by Christmas eve the roads were nearly impassable but more annoyingly the school bus didnt come on too many days. Hope this winter isnt a repeat of that.

outnumbered - wow you've had right run of birthdays - glad your ds2 had a good time even without some of his guests.

Bienchen grin to getting the flat & liking the new job but sad at such a long commute. Dh and I both commuted when we lived in the UK and it really adds to the day. I've heared Hörbücher are a good way to pass the time.

nutella - if you cant eat 2 Krapfen when you are 36 weeks pregnant then when can you eat them - the baby obviously needed the sugar wink. I really cant recommend the hypnobirthing enough and I'm not someone who'd normally do more alternative things - I like evidence based medicine but it really worked not only with pain control but I was so calm the whole way through which I hadnt been with dc1. But I'l stop going on about it now and wish for you the fast labour like antique had.

Think your plan hupa with the gingerbread house seems like a good one. I dont mind doing it but no one actually eats it afterwards.

Yes linzer - thats the Kindle we bought. I really dont think she needed a tablet one like the KIndle Fire cause there would be no motivation to read. Think we're going to disable the internet on the iphone for some of the time otherwise we'd never know what she was up to but I really must stress the iphone is a 3rd hand one that BIL gave to dh who's now giving it to dd. No way we'd have bought a new one.

grinch - somehow think we live parallel lives sometimes. We also live in the arse end of nowhere and randomly I've also got foot pain - I've got an appt tomorrow at the doctors. Will pass on any tips he gives me. Can understand about not putting your ds2 into kiga just yet - think a cleaner might be your best bet if you can find one.

antque - hope the move is going ok.

I'm off Christmas shopping this morning - the list seems too long but its only little things. Think we're going to buy ds2 a tennis racket and maybe something else (altho not sure what).

admylin I didn't want to know that. grin I'm sure my brother and I stopped trying to kill each other once we were both at secondary school... the thought of there being an end in sight to the constant squabbling is the only thing that keeps me going some days!

Jenny Hope you're feeling better now. The Christmas parade sounded lovely, despite the lack of Glühwein! (I still haven't had any so far this year, although have discovered some rather nice punch.)

outnumbered How frustrating for you about the party. I would definitely be more understanding about someone getting the day wrong (one of DD1's friends turned up to her party a week early a couple of years ago!) than if their child was ill but they didn't let me know. I think you probably missed all the stress I caused myself had earlier this year when we were trying to arrange DS's birthday party and then again when we organised a get-together for the parents in DD1's class. I have no problem with people/children not being able to come to things, but can't understand why it's so difficult for them to let you know.

Bienchen Great news on the flat. Glad to hear the new job is going well too.

Nutella I would second what Bienchen said about using breathing techniques during labour. I was amazed by how much they help and, even if you go on to need something a little stronger later, it can definitely help you to get through the early stages.

hupa So does that mean you can't decide during labour that you'd like an epidural? I suppose you must be allowed to have one in an emergency... I think if I'd already signed the consent form, I would be more likely to ask for an epidural during labour. From what I can remember, all the pain I was in during labour took my mind off asking for any pain relief. hmm grin

Grinch I don't think you need to feel guilty about not providing enough planned activities for the DC; I think it's good to benignly neglect them leave them alone to come up with their own ideas and use their imagination most of the time sometimes. I'm happy to play board games with them, read to them, help DD2 write letters (her latest hobby), etc. but am also more than happy to leave all the creative stuff to DH, who's much better at that kind of thing than I am.

I The elf made the DC an Elf Yourself video today, which went down very well - I can really recommend it to anyone doing Elf on the Shelf, or even anyone who isn't but has young(ish) DC. You can upload up to five photos and then it imposes the DC's faces onto elves dancing to music; I had to drag DS away from it to go to school.

x-posts while I was writing my mammoth post, and then I was interrupted by a phone call (friend's DH has phoned to say she's gone into hospital so I'm looking after her DD this afternoon)... advent (Sorry, forgot your new name before) We're planning to have a look for the Secret Santa present - which I found out yesterday is called Engerl-Bengerl here grin - at the weekend, and will probably get chocolate and a little extra along the lines of what you suggested.

Ploom It took me a while to remember how to namechange - you have to go to MyMumsnet, My Registration, log in and then you can change your nickname.
Disabling the Internet on the iPhone is a good idea - but that's why I wouldn't consider one for DD1 as that would be all she wanted it for! She rarely makes phone calls and never texts, so really only needs the most basic of phones for that. I suppose she'd have the camera, but then she's getting one of those for Christmas anyway.

Actually my first post wasn't all that mammoth, looking at it... it just took me ages to write!

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 09:20:48

Good morning!

Thanks outnumbered for the Hebamme info! That is handy to know - I haven't been able to find many resources in English that can explain all the stuff I don't understand hmm in German... Then there isn't anyone I know who can explain the whole system to me confused

hupa DP is a big squishy mess a real sweety and can't wait to meet our baby smile he talks to the bump and when the Hebamme at the Geburtsvorbereitung told him that the baby would know his voice to he was really pleased.

Jenny that Christmas parade looks like great fun! Love the little kids going all shy in front of the microphone [frgin] so cute.

Ploom I wouldn't normally have a problem eating two Krapfen but I felt a bit gross afterwards (I'm running out of room!) although I'll probably do it again I blame the custardy one, that was obviously a little two rich. Best of luck with the Christmas shopping!

Congratulations for getting the flat Beinchen! We also live in Hannover and it seems that now the market is overloaded with people looking for flats so the owners can make insane any requests or rules they like.confused We spent a few months looking over the summer for 4 rooms but couldn't find anything really practical. Our place is big enough, just a different layout and bigger bathroom would have been nice.

I went to the hospital, where we are angemeldet, for a CTG (Nutellachen was being lazy and when we rang the MW she said go for a CTG) at the weekend. They didn't mention anything about prior permission for an epidural... shock hmmm I'll ask at the Dr's on Monday. I also had a MW check up on Monday and it was the first time anyone measured my bump, 34cm at 36+4 hmm maybe I need more krapfen! But how my bump is small when I'm not and have never been is kind of odd!

hupa Wed 05-Dec-12 09:53:40

Nutella I didn´t mean to scare you about the epidural, but it is probably worth checking. I think it was because our local hospital is really small and they don´t like to give them, so put as many barriers in the way as possible. Linzer, no I wouldn´t have been able to have an epidural once I was in labour without the permission, but hopefully if there´d been an emergency they would have relented.

Jenny The parade looks really good and so American. Hope you´re feeling better soon.

Outnumbered I´m glad ds enjoyed his birthday, but agree with the others that the parents should have let you know if the dc weren´t coming. The rule here seems to be that if the dc are coming you don´t hear anything, but if they can´t make it the parents will let you know.

Linzer I wish I´d heard about elf on the shelf when the dc were younger. I´m sure they would have loved it.

bienchen I´m really pleased you got the flat, it must be such a relief. I don´t envy you the commute in this weather. When can you move in?

The dc´s school are having a disco for the children this afternoon. Dd in particular is so excited. I have to say I´m quite relieved I haven´t been asked to help.

cheaspicks Wed 05-Dec-12 10:24:29


Thanks advent for the new thread!

Nutella don't let them worry you with the small bump thing. There are various negative correlations with low birth weight - <2500g - so they get worried about it if you have a small bump. I only put on about 8kg altogether during pg, but dd came out 2900g (6lb 6oz). I got lectured by my FA about eating more, but I was scoffing about a litre of ice cream a week on top of eating normally. A friend in the UK was made to feel terrible in both pregnancies for not gaining masses of weight and having relatively small babies, but both kids are perfectly healthy. And they don't seem to take genetics into account either - I was also 6lb 6oz at birth and now an average 5'6" although I think dd is destined to be a shortish adult.

Jenny hope you are feeling better today.

ploom what were you saying about feeling sometimes that english is your doppelgänger grin! So strange that both of you have sore feet! Hope that you both find a way to sort it out quickly.

bienchen congratulations on the flat and good to hear you're enjoying your new job.

linzer and advent hope you can find something for the Secret Santa gifts. 3€ doesn't give you that many options, does it?

outnumbered happy belated birthday to your ds2. That is pretty rude of those parents not to let you know that the girl was ill and wouldn't be coming, maybe the parents were ill too and it slipped their minds confused

santa I like your namechange suggestions. I'm thinking of cheaspicksroastingonanopenfire when I get round to it!

antique have you moved into the house yet? I've lost track a bit with various people on here tallking about flat searches.

platanos I ended up telling PIL to order the Cuboro Cugolino. It arrived yesterday and MIL is very pleased with it. She's a total snob about most products, so the fact it's made in Switzerland and cost a fortune majorly helped. I showed DH videos of the Haba and Cuboro in action on YouTube and he immediately agreed that the Cuboro was better. I hope outnumbered doesn't feel I ignored her advice, though, it was the deciding factor against Haba in the end. I just couldn't face doing any research into the Kugelix after spending way too long trying to decide between the other ones.

hupa hope your kids don't demand a gingerbread house. It's not something I have any desire to assemble either.

I made my first ever plätzchen yesterday, but I'm not very pleased with the result. They're a bit tough, but the recipe said to mix the ingredients using the dough hook. I'm wondering if I maybe used the wrong sort of fat - does anyone know what Sanella is? The recipe called for Sanella (margarine) and I joked to DH that something like Bertolli would probably be just as good, so of course he came back with precisely that, having not been able to find Sanella. Should I have used Biskin instead? Would that have made them crumblier?

I'm planning to make a couple more batches of plätzchen this week, so any advice is welcome. Do you really knead the dough, or is kneten a false friend?

adventkerzylin Wed 05-Dec-12 10:24:31

hupa the school disco is sort of a classic that just happens a few times a year in the UK but 've never heard of one here. The only disco type thing happened on Klassenfahrt for my 2dc but they both hate loud music so didn't really enjoy it (so they said) - I do think I have the only teenagers on the planet who don't listen to loud music and even tell me to turn the sound down when I'm ironing and singing along to my Abba cd!

nutella I had my dc down in the south of Germany but with dd I didn't even visit the hospital before I had her and they agreed for me to have an epidural (only she came too quick while they were setting it up) and I signed some documents in a sort of scribbled signature!

Linzer lol at engerl-bengerl! Wichteln is a funny enough word too! Good luck with the shopping. I've just got back from an attempt to get my parents sorted. NO IDEA for my dad, so far got 3 bars of chocolate! So any ideas awould be very welcome please?

ploom what did you get? Could you get everything off your list? I have to go back out to get a card for dd's american pen-pal later so I hope I see something for my dad. I've decided against alcohol as the postage will be too expensive unless I find a small bottle of something nice,

And, I forgot my Glühwein again!

adventkerzylin Wed 05-Dec-12 10:30:26

cheaspicks Sanella is just Pflanzenmargarine but no idea what bertolli is, maybe it's a light version is it? I made a round of healthy vollkornplätzchen yesterday that the dc said tasted rubbish (healthy defeats the object at Christmas I suppose) so I have just bought a bag of vanilla gipferl and that'll have to do them! Along with Kandiskuchen and Baumkuchen that they'd be eating non stop if available.

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 10:56:14

advent I'm cooking Christmas biscuits with a friend on Sunday - although I have I'm supposed to make something English I have no idea... but generally when it comes to baking I don't bother with healthy options because they often don't work... Unless it's meant to be reasonably healthy hmm

chease what are plätzchen? Oh god, I've just remembered DP trying to make zimtsterne last year hmm disaster is probably close to describing what happened grin - I find anything sort of shortbready (if they are) benefits from being in the fridge (in it's tin/form for baking) for 20-30 mins before baking.

hupa Sorry you didn't scare me, I am hoping not to need it I was more shock at the idea that you could be in labour need the pain relief and they would say "sorry you but you didn't come to the info doo dahh so we can't/wont do it".
But then it also reminded me of something sister of little bro's girlfriend said, she is a nurse in Australia and apparently during labour women are classed as being temporarily insane... not sure if that gives them carte blanche to commit whatever crime they fancy or just means that they need to make the informed decisions before everything kicks off hmm

And just read over my post and noticed my shameful error of two instead of too... must have been busy thinking about doughnuts grin

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 11:03:20

Got most of the bits on my list but then got home and realised I'd forgotten to get some chocolate for Nikolaus tomorrow sad. Will have to run into a shop later when we're on the way to the KFO. Felt all Christmassy in the shops tho - managed to resist dancing to Mariah Carey grin.

cheas - never heard of Sanella - it sounds like a type of tummy bug wink. I've never made plaetzchen either but there's loads of recipes on without sanella. Glad you decided on a marble run - my dc never had one but they always looked like fun.

advent - its difficult to suggest presents without knowing your dad - what kind of stuff does he like to do? Would they use something like a National Trust membership (disclaimer I've no idea how much that costs!).

Hope your dd has fun at the disco hupa - thats definitely a good thing that you dont need to help out - would be my worst nightmare.

nutella at this late stage I wouldnt worry too much about the baby being a bit small - do you have another scan planned? That would give them more of an accurate idea of how big it is (altho none of it is an exact science). And like cheas said, some babies are just small. But that was good that you went to for a CTG at the weekend - always best to put your mind at rest.

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 11:08:04

x posts nutella - plaetzchen are just Christmas biscuits - there are loads of varieties and German women seem to bust a gut to make bazzillions of them.

Has anyone played a game called "wer war's"? dd asked for it and thought I might buy it for the 3 of them but there seem to be a few versions.

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 11:19:14

Thanks ploom and chease the Dr has done some extra scans because baby seemed a little on the light side (but I try to take it all with a pinch of salt; although it's scientific based on scales etc it is + a little bit of guessing). We have had extra growth scans at 30, 34 and 36 weeks hmm but the bean has grown steadily. It seems to have slightly long legs (like DP) a big head (like DP) but is just a little bit schlank (like errr neither of us grin ). MW is absolutely happy with everything.
MW guesses 3330g. Dr guesses 3000 - 3500g. Anyone else want a guess? smile (DP was 3720g....I'm going to go with 3650g)

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 11:22:02

I mean DP's birth weight was 3720g he hasn't made a guess yet grin

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 11:46:46

oh I do love a good "guess the baby's weight" - but I'm not so good in Metric blush - had to do an online conversion - I'll say 3458g (7lbs 10oz).

AntiqueMuppet Wed 05-Dec-12 11:56:18

Nutella If it helps I was warned a few times in my pregnancy that DS was going to be a whopper baby but he was tiny in the end (2860g). He was 2.5 weeks early but after the birth they said that had I had him at 40 weeks he would probably have been about 3kg. I also didn't have my bump measured once throughout the whole pregnancy, so if your midwife isn't worried, then don't stress yourself out over it smile

I had to sign the consent form for pain relief and an epidural between contractions, which were coming thick and fast at that point. I'm not sure my scribble was at all legible as I was on all fours with my bum in the air mooing like a cow at that point grin I didn't have an epidural in the end as there just wasn't time.

I think the thing I read about gas and air not being used here wasn't because it isn't safe, just that it hasn't been tested enough to be considered safe, IYSWIM.

Ploom Glad you got most of the bits on your list! A lot of women here really do bust a gut where baking Plätzchen are concerned, don't they. SIL had another meltdown this year about not having had time to bake with her DD as they have just moved house too. DN doesn't seem bothered at all, but SIL was quite upset again.

advent Good luck with the Lebkuchenhaus! I'd love it if I was as chilled out as you said in your last post, but if I'm honest trying to move with a toddler in tow is the single most stressful thing I've ever done! There were tears when DH got home last night! Hope you manage to get some Glühwein today!

cheas Love the idea for your festive name! We've started moving stuff into the house already and are going to live there from Thursday night. We're moving the big furniture on Saturday so by Saturday night hopefully we will be all in. PIL are coming to 'help' and look after DS but they've just announced they will be bringing 7yo DN too, no idea how that's going to work. hmm
Glad you decided on a marble run and that it has MIL approval grin

Linzer I love Elf Yourself!

hupa Enjoy yoyur DC-free afternoon while they are at the disco!

Bienchen Glad you're enjoying the job. Congratulations on getting the flat and good luck with the move. Will you get a company to pack and move your stuff for you?

outnumbered I hope your DS wasn't too upset by the no-shows. It was a bit rude of the mother of the girl who was ill not to let you know.

English Sorry to hear the treatment for your foot isn't working. I hope you find something that works soon.

<waves to everyone else>

Sorry for the mammoth post!

hupa Wed 05-Dec-12 12:16:23

AntiqueMuppet I think moving house is the perfect excuse to get out of baking. I bet you can´t wait to finally be settled in the new house.

Nutella I´ll guess 3300g. I´m another who never had her bump measured in the entire pregnancy. A lot must surely depend on how the baby is laying.

Ploom We have Wer war´s? and have found it to be really good - even ds will play which is saying something. This is the version that we have.
Whatever you do don´t buy Wo war´s? - the noises are so irritating and I refuse to play it ever again.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 05-Dec-12 12:20:59

Nutella mothers birth weight is more relevant to baby's apparently - we need to know your birth weight to guess baby's smile Although it still won't help much given people who have several babies often have a wide range of weights. I was told by the Ob/gyn that DS1 would be around 5000g!!! He was born by c-section at 38 weeks exactly and was 3860g! Even if he'd gone 2 weeks over due like DD did he would surely not have been more than about 4200 absolute max (DD was 4100g at 42 weeks and one midwife was guessing 11 lb for her, which is also about 5kg...) In other words I think the amount of guess work the doctors and midwives are doing is almost equal to the amount random friends and family do! I guess 3500 for Nutellachen...

Outnumbered Glad DS2's party went well. We've never had no shows for birthday parties (I think because of the tradition of only inviting relatively small numbers - last birthday DS1 had 4 friends plus DD and himself for bowling and DD had 10 for climbing) but have once failed to reply to another invite because the party givers had no answerphone and only the land-line number on the invite, I phoned repeatedly and got no answer...

It is snowing here but 1 degree, which I assume is why it is not settling - most of the snow from last week melted yesterday, the radio announced "MatschDienstag" grin

Been out most of the morning, including the gym (and "toy room" as DS2 calls the creche there) for the first time since hurting my foot - only did things I could do without putting pressure on my foot, but feel better, more for going at all than for the exercise in all honesty. Its a good thing to do rather than stew about the house but still fail to get much done at home!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 05-Dec-12 12:22:20

Ooops sorry - would be a silly time to bake Antique and your DS is much too young to care! Hope the move is sorted soon with minimum tears! Got to go anyway as DD is requiring me to come and look at how she's arranged metal Christmas trees and reindeer in the garden... in the sleet...

Ploom We also have Wer war's and have the same version as hupa. All three enjoy playing it and DS will often get it out to play on his own, although I don't think he sticks to the rules. grin

Nutella I was going to go with 3435 g as it's the only weight I can remember in grams of my three, but it's a bit too close to Ploom's guess so I'll go with 3600 g instead. smile

advent I find my dad the most difficult to buy for too. So far I've bought mine a book and... I think that's it, although I'm planning to get him some gardening stuff as well. Could you order some alcohol from a UK website so that the postage wouldn't be too extortionate?

Antique Love the image of you on all fours mooing like a cow. grin

Must go as I'm not really supposed to be on the computer and DD1 is peering over my shoulder, no doubt memorising my current nickname to tell to all and sundry. grin

AntiqueMuppet Wed 05-Dec-12 12:28:54

Oh no there will be no baking here this year! Shop-bought biscuits all the way for the Muppets this year until we go to my DP's for Christmas and stuff ouselves silly on every baked treat imaginable

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 12:51:30

Ok, news just in from my Mum. I have the weights of the four of us so my Mum's:
DS1: 8lb 3oz (3710g)
DS2: 11lb (4990g - the porker)
ME: 9lb 3oz (4170g)
DS3: 9lb 9oz (4340g)

DS1 was one week late. DS2 almost three weeks (19 days). Me 11 days late. DS3 three days early.

You're welcome to revise your guesses if you like smile then I will find a suitable prize for the winner (well it's not as much fun without a little prize is it!) and we can play guess the date later in the month wink

AntiqueMuppet Wed 05-Dec-12 13:00:52

Ooh I love a good guessing game!

I guess 4kg exactly.

Nutella Wow, three weeks late - would they even let you go that overdue nowadays? He certainly didn't need that extra time to put some weight on. grin

adventkerzylin Wed 05-Dec-12 13:56:15

nutella I'm useless at guessing but I'll say 3,348kg!

Linzer ooh gardening stuff you say? My dad likes gardening but I have no clue about it so what sort of thing could you give that's related to gardening? Ds says to get a cd but I have no idea what he would like.

grinch well done on getting out to the gym! Do you know some people there to have a chat to? Although, I know what you mean about the langauge, there's a big difference in having a chat in German and having a real natter in English isn't there.

antique hope the rest of the move goes smoothly and not too many more tears. I have had tears every move so far too. Alot of the crying was frustration because I'm (and dh) useless at handy man jobs and it costs a fortune to get people in to do it for us.

ploom never heard of that game. Looks good though. Dd wants Monopoly, bit expensive for a game but I suppose that's teh price. Don't think she'll be getting it tbh, dh's employers aren't giving in and paying him Christmas bonus money after all even though he's told them how disgusting it is to be treated that way, they just shrug it off. It would have meant a slightly more relaxed Christmas for us and a pressie or two more for the dc but they'll survive and they haven't got a huge wish list or anything.

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 14:04:13

Just a quickie as ds1 has a friend here.

advent - I bought monopoly from amazon UK - even with delivery it was much cheaper than amazon de (and had the right streets etc).

Oh nutella - a prize you say? And more information? Might have to change my guess since you all seem to have been fairly large babies. How tall are you and DP?

Thanks hupa & linzer about wer wars - think I might buy it between the 3 of them.

Aaaaaaargh, wrote a huge post namechecking you all, and lost it. Bugger it.

3333g for my Nutellachen guess. DS looked on the small side in scans but he came out a perfectly lovely weight and size. You don't want them coming out too big anyway - ouchy!!!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 05-Dec-12 17:17:15

I want to up my Nutellachen guess to 4100g, based purely on the fqact my first born was just a 1 oz lighter than my birth weight, therefore *Nutella's will obviously be too grin My mother made it competitive by telling my sisters "Grinch's baby was a reasonable size, but lighter than she was of course" when asked the birth weight grin (She could have more reasonably pointed out that I had an emergency section, where she had forceps, but she chose to focus on the extra oz!)

I tried to order Junior Monopoly for Christmas from the UK, but the Amazon marketplace seller I was trying to buy it "as new" still packed but with a lightly dented box from wouldn't ship to Germany, and having thought I was going to buy it for a relatively reasonable price I was then loathe to spend an extra 15 pounds or so to get it actually new direct from Amazon. We have the grown up version but if DS1 is going to be able to play I wanted the junior version, mainly as the money is in easy denominations (I think just 1 pound, 5 pound and 10 pounds) - even DD would still need help with the money on the adult version. There is also a party version that apparently only uses 1 pound denominations, but is not really Monopoly as its not about buying property, but about collecting things to hold a party, as I understand it - its much cheaper though.

My parents are both impossible to buy for, given they are better off than us and just buy themselves anything they fancy they don't make it easy! They have hobbies but they are expensive ones, and anything they'd actually be hankering after but not just buying on a whim would be well out of my price range. My dad just had a birthday and only got chocolates in the end as I was just utterly uninspired and had left it to the last minute - at least he received them and the card on time! -

DS1 had a "new" friend here today, new as in he's never been here before, though they've known each other for at least 2 years! The little boy rang the other day (himself) and didn't leave a message as our answerphone message is in English! His mum stopped me in the supermarket to say it had taken him ages to work himself up to making the call himself and then he had had a tantrum because he doesn't speak English so can't leave a message on an English answermachine! grin He phoned again today though and luckily DS1 answered himself. Problem is he lives in a different village, and DS1 shoots himself in the foot with friends a lot because he refuses to go to their houses unless he knows he could walk home if he needed to grin Obviously he knows I will fetch him but he is insistent on this, and at the moment it means he only plays at 2 friends houses, and one of them is a bit of a wild child and its a bit of a turbulent friendship (though his mum is lovely, its a nice family so not a worry him being there) and the other is our neighbour's son who is really rude and demanding... hmmm DS1 has nice friends but they live in the village where KiGa is so the friendships can't develop much beyond KiGa because of his self imposed play-date rule, and most mums find it odd if we always have their kids here and DS1 won't go to theirs! Argh!

Am being nagged about putting Nikolaus boots out, need to go and find DH's big winter boots (and one of mine for DS2!) Waves at everyone!

Ploom Wed 05-Dec-12 19:39:03

grinch - so did you not buy junior monopoly in the end? Because randomly I've got a completely unused one in the Kellar - we got it twice one year for Christmas! I'd be happy to post it to you.

itsMYNutella Wed 05-Dec-12 20:03:24

I hate monopoly!! I always loose! And not even by a little bit! I blame my younger brother, he used to grab the money and run off around the house smile we never got close to finishing a game.

Good evening you busy ladies smile

the one day I dont have time to post during the day it's been sooo busy on here there is no chance for me to keep up with everything.

we had quite a successful morning; ds2' pre school surprised us by being open to the idea of us bringing in an Integrationshelfer - they still say they cant see ANYTHING with ds2 pointing to ASD, but then if you dont spend time with the children I guess you wouldnt (sorry, me being cynical). AFternoon was lovely too as it was the Weihnachtsfeier at ds1 pre school. they had rehearsed a little play (Schneewittchen) and ds1 even had a role where he had to say 2 sentences. us, and his teachers there, were incredibly proud of him.

now we have 3 excited little boys in bed. although ds1 just came out of his room asking if it was morning yet.

cheas let me know what that marble run is like once you have had a little play with it!

nutella I will have a little think about Nutellachen's weight. are you writing everything down?

Ds1 playes Monopoly Junior at pre school and I quite fancy it too. for Nikolaus the boys are getting an Uno set.

we are finally started to seriously think about Christmas presents (about time). dh really wants to get a Carrera Bahn for ds2 like this one or that one.

Do any of you have experience with carrera bahnen? I remember my elder brother had one and we did play with it a lot, but I remember him being much older than ds2 is now.

nutella I noticed you have three brothers and no sisters?! I am the same, although I am the second born not third. another brother died as a little baby, so really it would have been me and 4 brothers! I guess it's a good thing I ended up having three boys, as I probably wouldnt have known what to do with a little girl. No of course we would have been delighted with a little girly too grin

right dh is calling me over so that we can go over our amazon list...

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 05-Dec-12 21:02:02

Ploom I have messaged you smile

Outnumbered we have a Carrerra Bahn for DS1 for Christmas (his request as a neighbour boy has it... actually that's one more whose house he plays at very occasionally so he doesn't do so badly) The neighbour boy is almost 5 and DS1 is 5, but I haven't actually seen them play with it as ours is in its box and I wasn't there when they played at the neighbour's - all I heard was that it's brilliant, DS1 wants one, and M has 3 thousand different cars - very spoilt only child who has absolutely everything! I think they are suitable from age 5 officially, I'd lay bets the neighbour boy never plays with it alone - his parents are very intense in their parenting!

The DC's boots don't look as full as they have in previous years, serves me right for starting the tradition of using DH's boots rather than their own! They have chocolate, a relatively large gingerbread rocking horse each, a cheap story CD in German (as Nikolaus is German...) and bath crayons each... its not really that generous but then they get stockings too so I don't really put proper presents in the boots. In previous years I have had a large but cheap item to take up lots of space, but I miscalculated with the CDs and crayons visually I think, though the older 2 have been going on about bath crayons every bath for months so they should be disproportionately appreciated ... at least I hope they aren't disappointed!

Happy Nikolaus to all the DC!

grinch thank you so much, that is really useful info. ds2 just turned 4, but will probably not really play with it by himself anyway as his play in general is very delayed. he'd quite happily sit in an empty room and talk to himself...but dh will be more than happy to introduce him to the world of boys toys grin

overall we are being less genrous wrt to Nikolaus and Christmas this year, simply because there is still no sign of a new job for dh sad. luckily pil will be conbtributing to our christmas presents, so they wont be getting loads but still at least once decent present each.

advent it's quite scary paying that much rent when job security just isnt there isnt it. as I said, we pay 1200 kalt, and we only have dh' salary until the end of January. At the moment I am trying to do an ostrich, but it really is scary as unemployment benefits just wont cover the expenses.

antique was it you putting that picture of a mooing cow with its bum in the air in my head? sorry had so many posts to go through, I am not doing a great job at successfully (or correctly) nametagging. anyway, you wrote it in a way where the picture so clearly appeared in front of my eyes, I actually laughed out loud!

adventkerzylin Thu 06-Dec-12 07:05:17

Happy Nikolaus day everyone! 2 big 'boots' packed with satsumas, peanuts, walnuts, chocolate money, chocolate santa, marzipan Kartoffeln and a book each!

outnumbered we'll be having a toned down Christmas too as far as presents go but the same as you, my parents send quite alot of money for the dc to get themselves what they want and I know they're getting a 30 pound amazon voucher for from my aunt and uncle which is great as they can get some books that they've been waiting for. More cash from their aunty too so I'm not worried if they just get a token gift and some sweets from us. Were the boys pleased with their Stiefel this morning?

Grinch your Nikolaus Stiefel collection sounds great. I know some dc get lots of stuff for Nikolaus though. Do you think your older too will be comparing what everyone got at school/Kindi? Ds told me last Nikolaus that so and so got a new TV and ten psp games or something extortionate like that! What on earth do they get at Christmas then? I wonder!

Actually, nutella I also hate Monopoly! It goes on for too long and I also never manage to get a hotel! Still, I might try and get that UK one as it really does work out cheaper so thanks alot for that tip ploom (and the street names are right)!

I'm STILL racking my brain for a present for my dad. In the end I think I will give in and get a botle and just take the pain when I go to post it.

Ploom Thu 06-Dec-12 07:38:00

Morning! Hope all the dc were happy with their Nikolaus goodies. Ours just had a small bag with their favourite sweets & chocolate in & 5€ from my IL's. I agree advent about how crazy it is to see some dc getting huge presents - I dont know whether its instead of Christmas or as well as. Hope the former!
I always check the prices in amazon uk before I buy anything - the difference can be huge. And maybe if you got British monopoly it would force your dd to speak English.

outnumbered - I've not tried either of those Carrerabahns but dh bought one from Aldi or Lidl a few years ago and its still a huge hit with the boys (as well as dh!).

I'm trying to work out what time I should leave to go shopping so as to time it right for my GP appt at 10.20 - dont want to come back home in between. Its also really cold & snowy outside so I think I'm trying to put off going out.

adventkerzylin Thu 06-Dec-12 07:53:35

outnumbered ds had a Carrera Bahn when we lived in Berlin, the dc shared a small room so he had it set up in the living room and every now and then we'd take it to bits and put it away so they had room to play lego. The flat was abit small for alot of toys!

When we first moved to Hanover he had a big room to himself so it was set up there all the time. He only ever played with it for a short time, say half an hour as he would get mad at the cars jumping off the tracks. In the end we gave it away to the neighbour for her grand-dd to play with. Ds has always been a book worm though and apart from building lego and bionicle he never really played much with anything.

ploom speaking of checking prices in the UK, dd is into Lush products at the moment and has asked for some items for Christmas. She checked yesterday (with currency converter) and in the UK they would cost 18€ and here 32€ for exactly the same stuff. I wonder why that is.

Happy Nikolaus! We've been quite restrained here and the DC are just getting a small Sackerl (don't laugh - I don't know what you call it in Germany grin) filled with nuts, a satsuma, a chocolate Nikolo and a small present each. They'll get more at school - at least at primary; I'm not sure about DD1 - and will no doubt be getting another Nikolosackerl from my PIL at the weekend, so I don't think we need to go overboard.

advent I was going to get some gardening-related presents for my Dad from dotcomgiftshop, but have just had another look and can't really find much that I like after all. However, I've remembered that I have bought him a few bits and pieces from M&S - a gardener's hand care set, an insect hotel and a bird feed jar when they were on 3 for 2 a couple of weeks ago.

outnumbered I felt the same about having DS after two girls (although I did grow up with a brother) - it felt so strange to start with and I kept referring to him as "her"! I must admit I would have been more than happy with three girls, despite what my ILs think, although can't imagine life without DS now. smile

Ploom I always check prices on Amazon UK too, but even can be far cheaper than the shops here. I can't remember whether I mentioned that I forced DH to return two Advent calendars to the toy shop as they were €6 cheaper on Amazon. I'd had quite poor service from that particular shop in the past and, while I'm happy to support local shops, I resent having to pay more and get poor service into the bargain!
Hope your appointment goes OK; I really have to force myself to go out again after the school run. I realised on Tuesday evening that I'd barely left the house all day (had just taken DS down to the road to help him cross over, as he'd gone to and from school with a friend); this cold weather makes me very lazy.

My friend ended up having to stay in hospital overnight so I looked after all three of her DC until early evening. Luckily Wednesday is the one day when we rarely have anything on in the afternoon; today would have been a lot trickier logistically, as DD1 is going to the theatre, DD2 to music theory and DS has a friend over (plus I also need to go and pick up the pottery that the DC painted for their grandparents for Christmas).

advent I've found the same with the Body Shop; they're not cheap in the UK (but you can get some good bargains on their website - I used a 50% off code to buy some stuff yesterday) but are absolutely extortionate here. Online, you have to spend more to get free P&P and there are far fewer offers and bargains.

itsMYNutella Thu 06-Dec-12 08:19:04

advent we pretty much never made it to building houses let alone hotels. Funny it probably wouldn't even cross my mind to think about buying such a huge gift for my DCs.

chease my PIL sound a little like yours when it comes to price/quality. When they offered us the tumble drier (which is awesome) they had popped into the miele showroom and looked at the most expensive ones possible. DP picked the one that came top in terms of reviews, it's an AEG and awesome smile
DP and I joke that if we have a girl we will be waiting for the day that Opa buys her a pony - because Opa will be mush in the hands of a granddaughter and a pony is definitely the last thing we would need/want!

ploom I'm about 5'8" and DP is 6'/6'2". Any other information you require?? grin We are both unlikely to ever pass as "slight" or "slim"... good luck with the shopping! I move so slowly I'm often not dressed before 10:20 - but then the joy of pregnancy insomnia is only bearable if I can go back to bed and sleep in smile

outnumbered Yup, the only girl!grin I completely understand what you mean about not being sure what to do with a girl, although at some point in the future I hope to have at least one of each - DP has two older brothers and arrived ten years after them... I've told him he was supposed to be a girl wink!

Yes I have noted down everyones guess, grinch your change has also been noted. I will give you all until... ummm midnight tonight? and then post the list of guesses tomorrow. smile

I also know quite a few children who get really expensive presents for Nikolaus. also for Easter (my dnephew got a 100 Euro Puky Laufrad for Easter this year, whereas ours got some colouring pens, colouring book, and ds1 got some new shoes which he loved and also needed). For Nikolaus ours got a present about 5Euro worth, and of course some chocolates. And they were so excited, especially ds1 who got an Uno game, and according to him it's his favourite game EVER and how dod Nikolaus know that etc grin
ds3 insisted on wearing his far too small Santa outfit (9-12 months!!) to kiga today.

linzer I'd be lying if me and dh, when pregnant with ds2 and ds3, hadnt thought 'Oh wouldne it be nice if we also had a little girl...'. but as soon as we found out the sex, it was absolutely fine, and I also woullndt send them back to get them exchanged smile it was/is MIL who was the most disappointed. she is still waiting for a granddaughter, but my SIL just had her first child, also a boy, and it took her 10 years to conceive so who knows if there'll be any more for them.

also, wow to you looking after your own 3 a s well as three more children from your friend. I hope she is better soon and that it's nothing serious!

advent dh has now ordered a carrera bahn. I guess if ds2 isnt really interested, than there are still two more boys - plus dh - who might be.

ploom I wont by ANYTHING in a shop before checking the prices on Amazon first. I really do want to support local shops, but then I have to support our bank balance too wink ds3 is getting a balance bike for Christmas from us and PIL. I checked several local shops, but it was 30 Euros more expensive than on Amazon!! glad to hear carrera bahn is hit in your house. I guess it really just depends on each individual child, let's see what ds2 will think.

nutella you never know, you might end up with all of the same flavour like us wink and there really are quite a few advantages to that passing clothes and toys down. from what I have found, mums with girls would quite like to have more girls, and mums with boys would like to also have a little girl. not sure why that is though? hmm

if we do decide to have another lo in a few years time, I already know everyone will be saying we want to have another go at getting girl. but that really is only partly true. like with the others, we would be thrilled with either. but it would definitely be our last. definetely! grin

we've had some more snow, just in time for Nikolaus. It's now stopped again, but now we have clear blue sky, which is just as nice.

far too many smiliey in my posts, sorry!!!

outnumbered "Supporting my bank balance" is definitely a good one to use on my parents, who are very thrifty but at the same time very opposed to Internet shopping if it's something you can get on the high street. grin I dread to think how much stuff I've had sent there already, waiting for us at Christmas... although they do admit it's handy for people like us who can't physically go shopping in the UK.

My MIL is absolutely convinced that we only had three because we were desperate for a boy. I've even told her that I would actually have preferred three girls (I did like the idea of having three girls before I found out what sex DS was, I must admit), but she just won't listen. There's definitely something in what you say as I have two friends with three boys who were secretly hoping for a girl third time round (one is now considering a fourth, not sure to what extent the fact that they were hoping for a girl influenced this decision) and have two friends with three and four girls respectively, neither of whom has ever said they'd have liked a boy. Oh no, hang on - I've just remembered another friend with three girls who is hoping for a boy next time (but more for her DH than for her).

Yes, having DC of the same sex is definitely easier clothes-wise. I often think it's a shame I can't pass on DD2's clothes to DS and have to go out and buy new clothes for him (although we do get quite a bit handed down), which we'll never be able to reuse. I should really have had another boy to get more wear out of them. wink

hupa Thu 06-Dec-12 10:37:52

outnumbered Ds has a Carrera Bahn and really enjoys playing with it. Having said that, we tend to leave it built up for a couple of weeks and then pack it away or it just sits there not being used. Your ds will probably need help building it together and it can be a bit frustrating at first keeping the cars on the track, but after he´s got the hang of it, I´m sure he´ll have fun.

advent Could you order your dad´s present from the M&S website? You can choose to have it sent straight to your dad and then the delivery charges would probably not be so high.

I´ve been baking Pläztchen with dd´s class this morning which was good fun. Mind you, one of the mums who was meant to be helping couldn´t come in because she´d been up all night with a stomach bug. She still got up at 5.00am to make a Teig and sent it in. I really wish she hadn´t bothered and hope that the oven temperature was hot enough to kill any bugs. I´m sure we´ll find out in the next couple of days if that´s the case.

adventkerzylin Thu 06-Dec-12 10:49:32

hupa hope you're right and the baking killed any bugs. What kind of biscuits did you make?

I've had a look on and got a couple of ideas (from Linzer) of what I could add to the bars of chocolate for my dad so I think I might pop over to the garden centre or one of the bigger Baumärkte (maybe cheaper) to see if I can get something there. Wish me luck!

My problem with the UK sites for shopping is that I have to use dh's credit card and although there's no problem with that, I just don't want to use it unless I really have to as at the end of the month it all goes out of the account and it's already strained to the maximum as it is (thanks dh's boss). Also he's not going to their big Weihnachtsfeier in a restaurant on the 12th and when asked why not by colleagues he's saying well he'd be more in the mood for it if he'd got his Christmas bonus! They have to buy their own drinks too so not as if it's free! well the meal is, but it'll be hog roast or something with pork/bacon like last year that most of the Arab, Indian (dh) and veggie Mitarbeiter don't eat.

itsMYNutella Thu 06-Dec-12 10:50:19

So if I put together what Linzer and outnumbered say I should either stop at two (if they are the same sex) or go for four (and fingers crossed two of each) grin DP will be pleased.
Ok, we'll figure out how this first one works I suppose and go from there smile.

hupa fingers crossed for the Teig! I think I would have the same worries

outnumbered grin I don't think you can have too many smilies!! smile

And really my only case against all boys (sorry but girls don't have the same problem... often) is those smelly teenage years!!! My older and younger brothers are in total three years apart and they shared a room even as teenagers.... I can't help but wonder if they competed to stay away from showers, clean clothes, changing their sheets and other general personal hygiene! confused - sorry hope no-one is eating lunch when they read that smile

Can a baby turn breech at 37 weeks? I feel like it's moved over and is now lying with back on my RHS confused then yesterday I kept feeling the bum poking out of the right side below my ribs, although returning to bum up position when I stand up.... hmmm

itsMYNutella Thu 06-Dec-12 10:51:10

Oh and I'm sure it's on the right because it feels like the bean is squashing my liver into my ribs whenever I try and bend down to do anything, or lean forward!

cheaspicks Thu 06-Dec-12 10:54:02

Nutella has anyone guessed 3800g? If not, then that's my guess!

outnumbered I don't suppose I'll get a chance to play with the marble run before Xmas, but you were looking at one for a birthday, weren't you? I will certainly let you know how it goes down with dd.

linzer I've probably said before that I was desperate for dd to be a girl as MIL kept going on about the family only ever producing boys. I'd ever so slightly prefer a boy next time round, but a girl would be great too, since I've kept all dd's outgrown clothes.

advent I don't get the point of massive Nikolaus presents, either. I didn't get anything for dd, as I knew she was getting something at Kiga, plus she's at PIL's this afternoon, so likely to get yet more there and she's got 5 advent calendars, but when we went to put our boots on this morning dd found chocolate santas in each of hers and I found packets of Lindt things in mine, so I guess dh thought it was important!

I made some vanilla kipferl yesterday and they turned out great, so I've decided the recipe for the others was at fault. I'm planning to make some Bergische Zitronen - Rahmplätzchen tomorrow - will cut out heart shapes and then dd can decorate them with some pink sparkly Streusel that I spotted in Tegut yesterday - she is already very excited grin

I wouldn't normally bake plätzchen, as managing a batch of mince pies is about as much as I can usually fit around all the concerts I have to do in December, but dsis is coming to stay tomorrow to write her master's dissertation and doesn't like mince pies. I may have to find some super simple chocolately plätzchen to make as well, if I can find time...

adventkerzylin Thu 06-Dec-12 11:03:12

cheas is your dsis staying over Christmas? So nice to have family to stay especially when the dc are small.

This year is going to be our first all-teen Christmas so probably a long lie and not much excitment! My family only think I should make the effort to go to them, no one ever thinks of coming this way.

nutella oooh, I wonder if nutellachen is getting into position ready for the big day? There won't be much room to move or change position now so this is his/her last chance to get comfy maybe and no chance of turning breech.

cheaspicks Thu 06-Dec-12 11:05:08

sorry, x-posted.

nutella is nutellachen's head engaged yet? I wouldn't have thought babies would turn breech so late. DD was breech at every scan from about 24 weeks - she clearly preferred to be that way round!

hupa what an odd thing to do when you're ill! I don't know how effective handwashing is at removing viruses, but I would have thought that if she transferred bugs to the biscuit dough that the kids would get them when they roll it out/form the biscuits. Hope no-one does get ill from it.

cheaspicks Thu 06-Dec-12 11:10:43

advent dsis is coming on Sat not tomorrow - I lost a day there for a while - and staying until 18th. It will be lovely for dd to have her around - dsis seems to be able to turn herself back into a child and get excited about the sort of stuff which bores me stupid. DD adores her, which is great as they don't see each other very often.

itsMYNutella Thu 06-Dec-12 11:38:24

cheas no one else has guessed 3800g so thats all yours smile
During Monday's midwife poke she reckoned the head wasn't engaged, next Monday I'm sure the Dr will scan (because she can) and see how it's doing. Dr has pointed out hair to us on the scan too smile - on the baby's head. If it comes out hairy like DP a monkey we'll be staying at home for a while wink

Thanks for the reassurance about Nuttelachen moving over advent and cheas. The poking by the ribs was a new one on me, it definitely wasn't feet so I was a little worried. After it's spent ages being so good and lying just right whenever anyone scans it, it is annoying that it is now preferring the right as there is slightly less room.

cheas Have a lovely time with your sister. I'm sure your DD will love decorating the Plätzchen with you. How sweet of your DH to put some chocolate in your boot as well as your DD's.

Nutella DS was a hairy monkey when he was born too but so was I I had no idea they could see hair on a scan! Hope the wriggling's not too uncomfortable - DS used to stick his bum right up into my liver all the bloomin' time when I was pg and it was really uncomfortable, but the Dr said he was just keeping his bum nice and warm!

advent I think the V&A Museum website has some nice gardening presents. I haven't looked for a while but I remember seeing some when I was looking for a birthday present for someone a while ago.
I can't believe your DH's work are still being funny about his bonus. Good on him for kicking up a fuss and for refusing to go to the Christmas do. Even if he had got his bonus the pork-based meal sounds a bit exclusive of the non-pork eaters anyway.

On a related note, I keep being surprised by hidden ham in everything I buy recently! I eat pork but don't like ham and it seems to be everywhere at the moment!

hupa FIngers crossed the heat of the oven kills all the bugs. What a strange thing for that mum to do. Maybe she just didn't think. Yuck!

outnumbered grin at 'supporting my bank balance'. I'll definitely be using that one next time the credit card bill comes in and DH sighs, shakes his head and mutters 'Amazon...' under his breath.

Ploom Sometimes the price difference is ridiculous, isn't it! I find it usually works out cheaper to buy from the UK Amazon & to pay the P&P to Germany and the credit card charge than to buy from DE Amazon - the difference in prices is usually at least €10. Madness!

Linzer Hope your friend is better soon and that it's nothing too serious.
I really like the word Sackerl! It sounds nice for some reason.

We're moving into the house tonight (provided we can get the heating working) and I am nowhere near ready! We're not moving the furniture until the weekend and we aren't handing over the keys to the flat until mid-January so we have plenty of time, but I'd like to try and get most of it done before we go away for Christmas so we don't have it hanging over us while we're away.

My brother has sent me his old Blackberry in the post and it should arrive within the next few days so I'm hugely excited (and becoming massively impatient). Come on postman, hurry up!

hupa Thu 06-Dec-12 18:01:44

antique Definitely make sure the heating is working before you move in. It´s really cold now and meant to be getting colder at the weekend. I bet you can´t wait to be in.

The dc have just arrived back with a carrier bag full of chocolate and sweets. It´s traditional here to go round the local shops and businesses wearing a Nikolaus hat , say a Spruch and get given lots of sweets. I was shock when I saw how full the bag was - we haven´t even got that many shops here. Surprisingly, it´s really nice things like fun size Mars, Twix and Bounty rather than the horrible boiled sweets they get given at Karneval. I´ll definitely have to help them eat it all - it would be far too unhealthy if they ate it all grin.

linzer with us it wasnt just MIL openly saying 'are you hoping you'll be having a girl this time around?' actually in general we got very odd reactions to the third pregnancy, people seemed to be generally assuming that it wasnt plannend. How much more planned can you get - the gaps between ds1 and ds2, and ds2 and ds3 are both exactly 20.5 months?! grin I tend to not - obviosuly show - until quite late in pregnancy, so when our next to neighbour finally realised that maybe I hadnt just been putting on weight (I was 27 weeks pregnant with ds3) she was lost for words, didnt know what to say apart from 'oh that's....that's....' until I helped her out 'fantastic? courageous?' I always found it really interesting how people seem to be most honest and invade your privacy most when you are pregnant.

hupa shock at that mum at your dd's school! the first thing that crossed my mind as soon as I read that she got up and made the dough despite having a tummy bug was ' that everyone can have a taste of what she's gone through the night before?' very odd indeed.

nutella i only remember my youngest brother to be a bit smelly in his teenage years, and then the poor boy had 3 older siblings telling his to use the shower. oh, and my guess for Nutellachen is 3950g if it isnt taken yet smile

right really wanted to write a longer post but ds3 is hacking away upstairs and has just been sick because of it. think I will have to take him back to my second home (aka the paed's) tomorrow morning. sigh.

Another P.S. from me... I really must read my posts before submitting it. Far too many typos... Got ds3 in bed with us now but he still can't stop coughing. Hope we'll get some sleep at some point.

tadjennyp Fri 07-Dec-12 05:45:17

Hello - glad you all had a lovely Nikolaus! The going round the shops and getting sweets seems a bit like Halloween here! I do feel a lot better thank you but I still have a hacking cough.

Good luck with the house move antique - I hope it goes really smoothly.

I'm going to guess at 2900g nutella if I'm not too late.

Have a wonderful time with your sister cheas. I'm sure your dd will really appreciate having her around too.

I must have missed where you said why your dh is not getting his Christmas bonus advent but I feel angry on his behalf. Why the bloody hell not? I really hope he finds a job elsewhere soon, for all your sakes.

Did I read correctly that your dh is also looking for a job outnumbered? Fingers crossed for him too.

People also wondered whether dc3 was planned, especially as I had one of each then. In fact, I think my dcs are all pretty much the same age as grinch's and the same order! I think it's a really small world in general and funny that outnumbered has been to Bend and we were both at the same gig in Cardiff! Crater Lake is indeed gorgeous, but we've only been once and got there ten mins before the sun went down!

I hope you all have a great Friday! Dd has the day off school as the teachers are writing reports hmm so I've invited a friend over to keep her occupied. Bye for now smile

A DC3 is never planned. You either have one of each, in which case there's no need for a third, or you have two boys/girls and desperately want one of the other sex. hmm outnumbered My MIL was the most blatant, with remarks such as "Let's hope it's a boy this time", but reactions were very different third time round and lots of people asked whether it was planned. The four friends of mine who had an unplanned DC3 all had age gaps of between 12 and 16 months, but people often seem to assume that if you're pregnant before the older sibling is 2, it must be unplanned.

Antique Hope the move went OK!

cheas Have a lovely time with your sister.

Jenny Glad you're feeling better. I wish we got written reports rather than a list of grades, although I wouldn't be so keen on the DC having a day off school for the teachers to do so! DD1 only has a couple of hours this morning as her school has an open day - which she's very happy about as Friday is normally her longest day, with seven hours/lessons.

adventkerzylin Fri 07-Dec-12 07:19:14

Linzer 7 hours on a Friday is tough and I wonder how good the concentration levels are in the last couple of lesson. Does she have to carry 7 subjects of books that day too?

I'll be honest - I only had 2 dc because I had mine 16 months apart and it was so exhausting that I knew I wouldn't manage a third. I always wanted 3 or even 4 but probably only in a fantasy world where I would have 2 sets of doting grandparents on the door step and an easy to manage house or ground floor flat atleast (living on the 3rd and later 2nd floor with babies is hard work too) - oh and maybe a dh who didn't work 7 days a week.

jenny dh didn't get his bonus this year because his contract was renewed at the beginning of this year which (in their pay roll books) makes him a 'new' staff member and new employees don't get a bonus the first year. Absoloutly ridiculous to say he's new when he's been there over 3 years but his boss and the boss above her both forgot to mention it so he went through as new in the computer so both sad and angry.

outnumbered hope your ds can get something to help his cough and you got abit of sleep atleast.
hupa any sign of tummy aches? Hope not,
antique how was the first night in the house?

Dh is having his own private Christmas party at our place tonight so 3 of his students and a technician are coming over for a meal and drinks! They're all nice, two are German, one Bulgarian and one Chinese!

Did you find a present for your dad yesterday, admylin?

Hope the private Christmas party goes well - it sounds like it will much nicer than your DH's official work party (and I'm assuming you're not asking your guests to pay for their own drinks grin).

I think seven hours is far too long without a lunch break; they get a 20 minute break at around 10 am, and that's it. Their last lesson is PE and I'm surprised they have any energy for it - although I suppose at least they don't need to concentrate like in a normal lesson. Theoretically they can leave the books they don't need for homework in the classroom (they all have cubby holes at the back), but DD1 insists on carting everything about with her and her school bag is ridiculously heavy.

adventkerzylin Fri 07-Dec-12 09:29:14

Linzer no I didn't get anything yesterday. The Baumarkt I went to had nothing that I could have sent by post or that looked remotely like a gift. Anyway, on the way back I got a bottle of Ouzo just in case and I might give the garden pressie idea one more chance at the weekend in a different shop.

Dd's dyslexia training is cancelled today. She will be glad as she's off to a sleep over at her friend's house so she can set of earlier and then they're getting up early and going into the city tomorrow to get the Secret Santa presents! I think they're heading to Primark as you can definately get something in there for 3€.

I'll have to go to the bank before she goes to get some cash (again) to give her as I want her to go into C&A and get herself some jeans too as she's bursting out of two of pairs that I'm sure I only bought a while ago. Saves me having to fight my way through the crowds if she can do it herself. I now just have to convince ds to go and get his own jeans and shoes (yep, winter shoes too small already) but I doubt he will be willing!

Ploom Fri 07-Dec-12 10:13:19

Morning! Been chatting all morning on skype and now mumsnetting - maybe I should get off the computer at some point before the dc come home wink.

advent - isnt it amazing how quick they greow out of stuff. How big are your ds's feet now (I remember you saying before he had large feet). Hope the private party goes well - will probably be more fun as he wont have to be polite to the evil boss and pay money for food he doesnt eat.

linzer - I agree 7 lessons is a long time to be at school with only one break. Even though dd is at the ganztagschule she only has a maximum of 2 lessons before they have a break and they have nearly 2 hours in the middle of the day with no lessons.

My dc3 was also unplanned - there is only 22 months between dc2 & 3 - and I can say that I have no great recollection of the first year of ds2's life. It was all just a blur of juggling dc's needs. But they are such amazing friends now and I'm glad he was a boy as I'm not sure they'd have been so close if he'd been a girl. But my tubes are well and truly tied now so there's no chance of adding dc4 to the family.

jenny - glad you feel better.

outnumbered - how's your ds3 today? There seems to be so many bugs going round. 2 of my dc are coughing and snotting all the time but not sick enough to stay home. Maybe we should all plan to hibernate this weekend & see if we can all get well.

hupa - never heard of that tradition. Sounds like Halloween but I suppose the religious people are more likely to give sweets since its a religious tradition (unlike the Unchristlich (?sp) tradition of Halloween - thats what one old man in the village shouted at me dc!). Have fun "helping" them eat their supplies!

antique - grin hope the house move went ok - its so good that you've got the time to slowly move stuff across . Hope it'll be a fab Christmas in your new house.

cheas - have a fab time with your dsis and hope she gets on ok writing her dissertation. I'm sure your dd will have a fab time with her.

nutella - I have no idea if a baby can turn breech but I wouldnt have thought there was enough room by this stage for it to turn so much? Thats just my thought tho and I have no actual knowledge about it. I'm going to stick with my original guess and hope the doc's guesstimate of a smallish baby was right.

Have got our village Nikolaus party this evening - we will all have to have all our clothes on at the same time - its not got above -4 yet and thats in the day. Thankfully there'll be Glühwein to warm me up (and Punsch for the dc) so it should be fun.

adventkerzylin Fri 07-Dec-12 10:20:06

ploom freezing isn't it? My ears nearly fell off just walking across the carpark at Lidl today! Get your thermal undies on for the Nikolaus do and enjoy the Glühwein! Speaking of which, I remembered about getting myself some for tonight and bloomin Lidl only had non-alcoholic Kinderpunsch stuff so I will have to look later when I go to the bank.

Depending on the make of shoe ds is in size 43 or 44 shock and that at age 14. I don't know how that can be as his dad is only a size 41 to 42 and I'm size 39! I now have to look up at him when I want to speak to him too!

Hey! just got back from the paed's. apparently ds3 has got a whooping-cough-type infestion. not whooping cough itself, as he is immunised, but the same type of bacteria. anyway, he's on antibiotics now so hopefully his terrible coughing fits will get better soon. last night he was sick several times from coughing so much sad

Fingers crossed the others dont get it!

ds3 is in bed now and I think I will have a little snooze myself.

outnumbered Poor DS3; DS also gets coughing fits that make him sick, and they're just horrible. Hope you can get some rest now.

advent Hope you can find some Glühwein soon! I had my first mug last night, and very nice it was too. grin
shock at size 43 or 44 shoes - how tall is your DS?

Ploom Does your DD have lessons in the afternoon too? Ganztagsschule is going to be introduced in Austria at some point, but as far as I can tell it will basically be lessons in the morning and then Nachmittagsbetreuung - unless the majority of parents and teachers agree to verschränkte Ganztagsschule ("proper" all-day school), and I just can't see that happening.
Enjoy the Nikolaus party! I find the cold here much more bearable than in the UK, so as long as you're wrapped up well and there's plenty of Glühwein I'm sure it will be fine. smile

Right, must get off the computer as DD1 will be back any minute.

Ploom Fri 07-Dec-12 10:59:18

advent - wow a size 44! That'll be ds1 probably - he's in a 39 & he's only 8. Hope you get your Glühwein smile.

outnumbered - hope your ds3 feels better soon. Enjoy your snooze.

linzer - dd has lessons 8.00 - 11.15 then from 11.30 - 12.15 does homework. She then has free time till 2pm (not sure of the exact time) and then has lessons till 4.10. In her free time she gets a warm lunch & can do some activities. Until the 8th class they're not allowed out of the building to go into town etc which I quite like. She loves the whole set up & has violin lessons, does drama & is part of the school newspaper. Its been a wholly positive experience so far but cant imagine it would be so good if the afternoon was just Hort.

adventkerzylin Fri 07-Dec-12 10:59:31

outnumbered poor ds3. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon and he feels better. Have you tried a warm cherry stone cushion on ds3's chest or upper back? It can help to ease the pain from so much coughing.

Linzer not sure how tall exactly but he's heading over 170cm I'd say. I'm only 165cm! We keep hearing about Ganztagschulen in Germany too. Not sure if the schools go into it with alot of planning beforehand though. In Berlin the Europaschulen are Ganztagschulen and my 2 went to the Portugese Europaschle (but in the normal class so non portugese and only had half days) but in the afternoons the women who were in charge weren't very pädagogisch (is that a word) and didn't seem to be trained in anything more than supervising the play ground.

adventkerzylin Fri 07-Dec-12 11:02:40

ploom just goes to show how world apart Bavaria (organised) and Berlin (chaos) are!

A friend in Berlin who had older grown up dc said in their school time over the years, Berlin had changed the system about 3 or 4 times trying to be innovative and capital city leader types but it just messed up months and months of her dc's schooling.

advent shock at your ds shoe size. I thought ds1 had big feet. he is in size 31-32 at 5 years so I guess not really that much larger than average.

I have had a little lie- down and am feeling refreshed now. Good thing dh is home; he can look after grumpy ( but now still sleeping) ds3 while I go to kiga to pick up ds2 and his little friend ( whose mother forgot to take her to ds3' birthday party on Tuesday)

I did try the cherry stone cushion last night with ds3, but he was wriggling a lot. I also put a wet towel over the radiators - that's supposed to help too isn't it? I'm glad I took him back to the docs. I usually wait quite long until I do. There are always times when I seem to be constant there. I'm sure you'll all have the same. The paed today greeted me with the words 'ach hallo Frau outnumbered! Hatten Sie Sehnsucht nach mir?' grin

Anyway must go and do the kiga run. Lots more snow here so we'll probably end up playing outside. Brrrr

tadjennyp Fri 07-Dec-12 17:28:50

Hello, just wanted to write a quick post and ask adventkerzylin if you'd seen the Royal Horticultural Society for gardening gifts? I wasn't sure where you needed to send them. And that is such a shit and dismissive excuse for not giving him a bonus. angry

Hope you are all having great Fridays!

tadjennyp Fri 07-Dec-12 17:33:30

Thought the dcs friend had arrived but he hasn't yet. Glad you are feeling refreshed outnumbered and hope your ds feels much better soon. I'm fed up of the cough and I'm apparently grown up! It's horrible for little ones.

7 hours without a break would be too long for me, never mind a child!

Time for more coffee I think. We watched another episode of Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu last night. I recommend it! And I have nothing erudite to add to the thread!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 07-Dec-12 17:53:40

Ploom how fast was that! Junior Monopoly arrived already! I have to confess I only did the bank transfer this afternoon, as to my shame I actually have never bothered setting things up so I can do it myself, and the tan code goes to DH's mobile! If I posted that (explaining what a tan code is) on some parts of MN certain types of MNers would have a field day I think shock

Jenny yes I think our DCs are all very close to the same ages and definitely in the same order.

My DC3 was semi planned - as in I really wanted a 3rd from when DC2 was almost 1, but DH really didn't, so we weren't going to, but then after I had a botched and failed attempt to have the coil fitted and said that I was not wiling to go in and have it done in hospital under anesthetic, as the doctor suggested, given that I actually wanted a DC3, he said we should "wait and see" for 6 months and if I wasn't pregnant re-consider ... and a few months later DC3 was on the way smile I would have preferred a smaller age gap from DC2 to 3, as the 2 years between the first 2 works well for us, and I find a 3.5 year gap gives a feeling of 2+1 children, if that makes sense...

Hope Advent's DH has a good alternative work Christams do, I'm sure it will be more relaxed and fun than the official one!

I have forgotten what else I have read... Ploom and Advent's Ds's both have big feet grin DH has size 47 so I'm expecting my boys will have big feet too grin but at the moment DS1's feet are size 31, which is the same size as DD (/) but not actually that big for 5 and 1/4 especially compared to Ploom's 5 year old (though he is at the bigger end of the scale of his friends, and had the biggest feet of the boys who he took bowling for his birthday even though 2 were older - they had one each of size 31,30,29,28and 27, which amused me, small things, not getting out much etc. grin ) DD has a male friend who is 8 and who was here the other day and forgot his gloves and I was going to offer him DS1's but his hands are huge - he ended up wearing mine and filling them out too... not idea what size his feet are, but I'd bet at least 35 or 36.

DH is in bed with the flu today, which is a double sad as tomorrow is his work Christmas do tomorrow in a hotel in the alps - and whole families are invited for a free night in a posh hotel with spa - they'd booked us a suite shock and I'd even bought a dress shock and we had to cancel sad Ah well, worse things happen and all that smile No Christmas bonus here (he has never had that extra month's pay thing with any employer, is that common?) but the do was a generous offer...

DD is hugely disappointed about not going, we have had 2 separate big outbursts of tears over it... (though she kindly saves them for me in the car etc. so DH thinks I am exaggerating...) but she has been rather tired and emotional lately, feel like something might be going on, but maybe she is just literally tired - she has had on and off tummy ache for 3 weeks and I finally took her to the doc yesterday to be told she had slightly enlarged glands and has probably been fighting off a virus, I had been putting it down to not drinking enough, which she is a terror for, and perhaps also a mix of a bit of mild stress and a bit more excuses! It turns out though that the root of her disappointment about not going away for the weekend is that her teacher reads out the best weekend diaries that they write on Monday, and she has done special things the last 2 weekends and had hers read out, and she was counting on having something really exciting to write about on Monday to get that read out too!! She is quite an exhibitionist - after 4 weeks of learning to play the recorder she spoke to DS1's KiGa teacher on Monday and offered to play Christmas songs on the recorder for his group, and so she went into KiGa and did that today, straight after school (which finished at 11.20am today) - she looked like the pied piper standing on a bench in the snowy garden playing to an assembly of smaller (and in some cases not really smaller) children! Funny girl that she would want to do that - I'm proud of her courage more than her recorder playing tbh, though she did well enough and the KiGa teachers have asked her to play at the "Waldweinacht" evening on 16th smile

Wanted to say outnumbered in answer to a question you asked ages ago -I wouldn't especially say I like living in the country, I grew up in the country and hated it once I reached 11 or so, but then I didn't go to the local school so felt rather isolated, which I hope will not be the case for my kids who are very integrated. DH won't contemplate living in a flat though, and to afford a house we have to be well outside Munich. We moved in a big rush for DH's work - had 4 weeks once we agreed to accept the offer, and I had a business to wind up and a house to sell (luckily the timing was right for that, just before the crash!) so the in-laws found us the house from a newspaper ad and we moved in without having seen it before hand! The house is fine and the landlord suits us (we only hear from him if we contact him to fix something) but the location hit me hard at first - I'm kind of used to it now and the kids are settled so we are unlikely to move any time soon, given we can't really afford anywhere that suits us better - and there is a playground right next to the house (even though there is literally nothing else but 50 or so houses and farms, and lots of fields, for miles)!

Wiffle wiffle, must stop and get the kids to bed in a minute anyway! waves at everyone I forgot, again...

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 07-Dec-12 17:59:59

Oh yes get well soon outnumbered's DS3! Poor thing with such a horrible cough sad

7 hours school with only a 15 min break is crazy! DD only has 3.5 hours (4 lessons) of school twice a week, that's with 1 fifteen minute break, but twice a week she has 5 lessons and once a week 6 (lessons not hours as lessons are 45 mins) and on the 3 longer days she gets 2 breaks.

DD wants me to write smile

tadjennyp Fri 07-Dec-12 19:08:53

Well done Grinchette! That's really courageous. So sorry about the Christmas do. It sounds like it would have been lovely. Hope your dh gets better soon so you don't have to nurse him too. The three and a half years between my two dss also feels a bit weird to me, given the small gap between the first two. I We had to actively try for him though. wink There is no Christmas do here though I think the men in the office (no women scientists here hmm ) go out for lunch together at some point. Hope you got the dcs down easily grinch.

cheas I hope you have a lovely weekend with your dsis. How often do you get to see her? I had my youngest brother here last weekend. I always feel very lucky to not just have siblings, but siblings I get on with well - as well as their wives. I think my brothers are much closer amongst each other than I am to them. But then, I am the only girl and, more importantly probably, was always the one who lived abroad. They did move away from home to go to uni - but they all then went to the same uni! Anyway, have lots of fun and I am sure your dd with love it. our boys love having my brothers here, it's always something special.

nutella all three of ours ended up mainly occupying the right side of my tummy. the stomach muscles on my right side are still weaker than one the left for that reason!

advent it really is absurd for your dh to be classes as a new employee! angry and after the mistake became apparent, you would have really expected his boss to have rectified it. If you count on that Christmas money and then dont receive it, that must be really tough! I am glad he is clearly showing what he thinks of them by not going to the work do. I am sure his own little Christmas party will be much more fun.

antique sorry of I asked you before nd forgot...where are you moving to? and from where? I hope the heating is working now!

jenny yes, dh was made redundant mid september and has been at home since sad he is still receiving his full salary untuil end of January (thank god!), but as he hasnt got a new job yet, it's starting to get very frightening. however, these past few days he has been given dates for 3 or 4 phone interviews, so please keep everything crossed for us. one of the jobs is in Munich grinch, however as we are so settled here support and pre-school wise, we would probably stay here wherever the new job may be and have a Wochenendeehe. Not that I am looking forward to that prospect. we've done it before (admittedly before I have had any support or even diagnosis for the boys, so I guess it would be easier now) but it's not easy for a relationship. I just remember weekends being filled with arguments sad and hope it wouldnt go back to that.
I hope your cough will get better soon, Jenny! And I cant believe you've only been once to Crater Lake. I took beautiful pictures with my SLR and have a large print framed. I cant believe that was 7.5 years ago we were there!
I never got days off for writing reports?! we had to do it at home or in free periods!

Linzer I mum here in our neighbourhood actually said herself that she doesnt want a third child and, from what she has gathered, third children are never planned anyway. I must have looked to surprised as I kind of felt she was implying that my gorgeous ds3 wasnt planned hmm. It's lucky really that your third was a ds then, wasnt it?!!

for our ds1 a Ganztagsschule has been suggested for when he starts school next year, as it has a very structured daily routine. From what I have understood I think they will only have lessons until noon, then lunch, and then some free play time and AGs. Definitely more structure than a Hort which would not work at all for ds1. and I simply cannot have him at home with the others from noon. It sounds horrible and I feel guilty and sad for thinking it, but it's true. as much as I love that little boy, his behaviour is very very challenging and I'd be a mental wreck again very soon. The only thing that puts me off that school is that someone described it as a Soziale Brennpunkt Schule, and that ds1' behaviour would not get noticed so much because of it. But I obviously dont want ds1's behaviour to not get noticed because other children - without a disability - behave much worse. I want him to learn NOT to get noticed for his behaviour in a NORMAL environment. sigh.

grinch you must really trust your ILs to move into a house only they had seen and you had no idea what the house or the area was like! I do understand about the dc being settled and not willing to move into a flat in order to be closer to munich. I could not live in a flat, although it has its advantages having everything on one level. with our dcs it can get VERY noisy and I would hate to be always thinking about upsetting the neighbours. I'm a bit in between - I love the country, love going for walks, love the woods etc. but at the same time I want shops, schools, kiga, town centre nearby too. where we live now is almost perfect really. it's a detached house in a lovely neighbourhood. I can walk to Lidl, post office, hair dressers and pre school and a short drive into town. BUT it's expensive. we actually had the opportunity to buy a lovely house a few houses down and were 2 days from signing the contract...just when dh's employers dropped the bombshell that he was being made redundant!

also, grinch I had to smile at what you said about your dd. how sweet her playing the recorder in front of the pre school group. and bless her for being so upset about that exciting night away in a posh hotel. she must have been so excited, as I am sure were you and your dh. I hope he feels better very soon. not a good way to start the weekend!

I completely understand what you said about the age gaps with your dcs, grinch. that is the one things worrying me whenever we consider having afourth in few years time if - BIG if - things get eaiser here. the others have 1.75 years between them. so if there's a dc who has let's say 4-5 years (or even more??) to ds3, would that fourth one always be the odd one out, pretty much growing up like an only child?

I think Weihnachtsgeld is pretty common. dh had it in the job previous to his last. in his last he didnt have it but they gave a bonus kind of mid-year (but dh didnt get it angry. I know my dad always had Weihnachtsgeld. He's a professor at uni, thus a BEamte. For BEamte Weihnachtsgeld was scrapped completely some years ago though. Luckily all of aus children had already fled the nest by then. Still, to think that the government can simply scrap a bonus like...

ds3 is still coughing loads. I just hope that it wont make him sich again and that we all get a better night's sleep. At least tomorrow is MY morning for a lie in grin

tadjennyp Fri 07-Dec-12 20:19:03

I hope your dh finds something appropriate really soon and it's close to where you live. [fingers crossed emoticon] I would also hate a 'Wochenendehe' and realistically if dh's office here were to close, Portland would be the closest place to find a job which is over 3 hours' drive away and Silicon Valley of course. That is over 8 hours' drive away so even the weekend would seem a luxury! With only 2 or 3 weeks' holiday a year we would probably have to move so I feel that moving to the UK would be a better option for us as a family. Thankfully it is not likely at the moment.
I always had to write my reports in my spare time too. Whereabouts did you teach?

Hi Jenny, thanks for your words smile if it wasn't so extraordinarily good what we are receiving for the boys in terms of support, and if I didn't know how unlikely it is to find it elseshere, I wouldn't consider a Wochenendehe. If dh find a job in e.g. Hamburg, he'd also have a 7 hour journey! Although moving back that way I would actually consider as I know it well, have some friends and my dad there and would at least know where to turn to for support, which schools are good etc.

I used to teach in Reading, but trained in Cardiff. How about you? How long have you been in OR?

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 07-Dec-12 20:30:02

Good luck on the job hunting front for Jenny and outnumbered's DHs - and Advent's too!

Everyone is asleep except me, and I feel as though I should go to bed too - I am tired, but I've not long got DS2 to sleep (the big 2 were asleep by 7.30pm - they generally go to bed without problem, aside from a bit of squabbling and brief attempts to argue negotiate for longer downstairs, but DS2 is another story and its still anyone's guess each evening how long it'll take to settle him.) I just want a bit of evening rather than to go to bed within 15 mins of DC3...

I used to be a school teacher too Jenny and outnumbered - never heard of teachers being given time off for report writing, though one of the 2 schools I worked in the UK used to allocate some ludicrously short token amount of time on an inset day to it (45mins to bridge an awkward gap between interactive-whiteboard training and lunch or something), but that would usually be used for a department meeting about report writing rather than actually getting on with it...hmm

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 07-Dec-12 20:35:31

Outnumbered much as I'd love you to move to Munich and be my new English speaking friend (you could come to our toddlers group) smile I don't think provision for special needs is very good here... that's just grapevine rumour not real knowledge though. There are also very few Ganzentagschule as far as I'm aware - the Hauptschule which is the sister school of DD's tiny Dorfschule actually does offer some full day provision, but it seems very random and only some year groups have it, I assume based on whether there was demand each year as the years that do are scattered (for example 2er Klasse, 5 Klasse und 7 Klasse... though I don't actually know which) anyway it doesn't seem a very reliable option!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sat 08-Dec-12 13:07:30

Got 2 ill boys now, spending the day and part of the night last night cleaning up other people's sick and poo, not quite what I had in mind... DS1's temperature is very high and he is sleeping a lot - I want to know why DS2 manages to be the only small child I have ever heard of who doesn't sleep any more than usual when he's ill, instead he sits on my squirming and unhappy rubbing his tummy and saying "'t-urts, t' 'urts!" but there's not much I can do about it as he's had medicine and won't let me keep the hot water bottle or cherry stone cushion on his tummy... Argh!

Oh grinch so sorry to hear that! What a rubbish weekend sad I hope everyone feels better very soon and that you and dd don't catch it!

Not much time to write now, will check in again later.

itsMYNutella Sat 08-Dec-12 16:21:36

Grinch sorry to hear about your boys and DH being poorly! Wish them all a speedy recovery and that you don't come down with anything.

outnumbered fingers crossed for your DH and his job hunt!

I'm feeling worn out at the mo. I can't seem to get a proper sleep, an hour or two after I get up I could really do with a nap! Yesterday we were out in the owning and then the afternoon was busy and by bedtime I was so far behind tired I couldn't sleep confused so forgive me for not posting much, I'm lingering but just feeling a bit platt.

itsMYNutella Sat 08-Dec-12 16:41:34

But here I have the list of everyone's guess the weight. If I've missed someone or got it wrong let me know smile
In order of weight guessed;
jenny 2900g (6lb 6oz)
hupa 3300g (7lb 4oz)
Santa 3333g (7lb 5oz)
Advent 3348g (7lb 6oz)
Ploom 3458g (7lb 10oz)
Linzer 3600g (7lb 15oz)
Nutella 3650g (8lb 0oz) grin
cheas 3800g (8lb 6oz)
outnumbered 3950g (8lb 11oz)
Antique 4000g (8lb 13oz)
Grinch 4100g (9lb 0oz)

DP still hasn't guessed a weight but he reckons the baby will be early hmm on the 23rd.... I doubt that very much, I'm sure punktlichkeit is genetic and in my family it is missing entirely wink which means there is a 50/50 chance of Nuttelachen having any hence of being early / on time.

grinch how are you all now?

i had to smile at the prospect of moving to Munich and being your new English speaking friend. What you say about special needs provisions is exactly the reason why we want to stay put. But then, if only seeing dh on weekends turns out to be a real strain on our marriage, or really difficult for the boys, we will have to reconsider. Anywhere we'd move to would be a little bit like playing the lottery wrt special needs provisions - although not as much as it would be in the UK.

which subjects did you used to teach? do you miss teaching?

nutella interesting what you say about punctuality being hereditary. myself and my family are all VERY punctual to the point of rather being there 15-30mins early than being late. dh' family isnt quite THAT punctual, but not often late. all three of our dcs were early, so maybe you are right! grin

itsMYNutella Sat 08-Dec-12 21:47:00

outnumbered DP has had to learn about what time to tell me he wants to leave. grin For example, DP would say he wants to leave the house at 11:15 am and I will do my best & be ready at 11:20. Which is good for me wink. But DP wanted to leave at 11:00 hmm
So we've had a few fights and he now knows he just has to lie and tell me he wants to leave at 10:50 if he wants me ready by 11:00 smile we're getting there...

grin I used to tell my children a wrong submission date for coursework... Say if I really, really wanted everything in on a certain day ( so that I can e.g. mark it over half term, I'd tell them the submission date was a week earlier! It took me a while to work out how to get coursework in on time ( especially as school's attitude towards coursework dates and marking of it was far too lax) but I got there in the end ... Just like your dp wink

Children?!? Students, it was meant to say! Bedtime for me, I think.

We have snow! It's so wonderful! grin
I am feeling very festive, we've been to the Christmas market a couple of times, built a snowman and a snowdog, made gingerbread men and cookies, and watched some Christmas movies. I wish December went a bit slower.

Hope all the poorly ones are better soon.

santa lots of snow here too! smile we had to clear the paths three times today!

Dc are loving it and this afternoon we went to the Uni round the corner where there's a hill perfect for sledging. Ds1 had a little accident and went into some bins with his sledge - which left the sledge partly broken and his lip very swollen! I was incredibly proud of him though because - after some tears - he got back on the sledge. First time he asked me to get on with him, and then he was confident enough again to go by himself. His accident did have a positive effect as it taught him now that he must use his feet for steering and stopping smile

It's been incredibly quiet on here this weekend! I hope it doesn't mean lots of you are ill/looking after poorly dc and dh!

outnumbered, what a brave little boy you have!
We are looking for a hill! We also need a sledge! smile

I think everyone is busy in the snow, and eating cookies!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sun 09-Dec-12 19:44:56

House of ill here, I've got it too now, only DD hasn't had it, but I think she may have been flighting it off before any of us got it, as she's had on off tummy aches. DH has gone to bed leaving me with DS2 in his newly developed late evening manic phase sad He did put the older 2 to bed earlier when I was asleep though, and I slept part of the day.

outnumbered well done to your DS1 for being brave

Glad you've got the snow you wanted Santa

We have 4 sledges between 3 kids, but one of the plastic ones with brakes is cracked at the front (though still usable) and one is just a "po po rutcher" thingie, DD won the traditional wooden one in a drawing competition run by our local bank last winter. Even though we have 4 all 3 kids really want the black one with the steering wheel that technically belongs to DS1, I think next winter we are going to have to get another 2 of those! We have a sledging hill right opposite the house, which is cool because when DS2 has had enough I can take him in to warm up and DD and DS1 can stay out, and their freinds call for them to sledge too. The much older children go to a bigger hill outside the village, but the one opposite our house is the main one for most of the Kindergarten and Grundschule kids in the village.

Morning all,

Just a quick post while DS is playing in his room - I have a sore throat after reading his Star Wars sticker book (in German, making the names even more unpronounceable) to him for half an hour. He was complaining on the way to school that his best friend (walking with us) was teasing him, then announced he had tummy ache and didn't want to go to school. I went in to school with him to try to explain to his teacher that he usually complains of stomach ache when he doesn't want to do something, but she immediately said that he looked pale and ill, and I should take him home so that he could drink hot tea and spend some time with me. hmm Of course, as soon as we got home he announced he was better and is absolutely fine now.

I'm exhausted as I've been awake since 3 am and then had to get up at 4.45 am to drive DH to the station, as he's gone to the UK for a couple of days. I think DS is particularly clingy when DH is away, but didn't get the chance to explain that to the teacher either.

Grinch Hope you're all better soon; it's so exhausting having to look after small DC when you're ill yourself.

outnumbered and WhatWould Glad you're enjoying the snow. We've had some here too, but not enough to do much with - although at least it means the roads and pavements were clear fairly quickly.

outnumbered It's usually extremely quiet on the thread at the weekends; this weekend was unusually busy. grin

Must go and deal with the washing now while DS is still entertaining himself, as I'm not sure how long it will last.

adventkerzylin Mon 10-Dec-12 09:26:27

Morning Linzer hope your ds goes to school happily tomorrow. Will he miss much today? Mine used to hate being off as they didn't want to miss anything! Roll on the holidays, everyone is ready for a break I think.

I've also just put washing on, would you believe I've just caught up this weekend with the backlog from when I was ill. I'd have been quicker if I had a dryer I suppose so I'm abit envy of you all with your dryers! I wouldn't say no if I had the chance of having one.

Plenty of snow yesterday but it has started to melt today after I spent ages clearing my drive and slope to the garage. Typical! Oh well, I couldn't risk not doing it as I need the car today.

Hope you are all feeling abit better Grinch.
Nutella hope you had plenty of rest. I think this sleeplessness is maybe nature getting mums ready for the enforced sleeplessness that is to come.
outmumbered sounds like you made the most of the snow and your ds was very brave to not give up! Hope there are not too many bruises andcuts today.

itsMYNutella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:21:18

advent that's how I'm viewing it hmm bye bye sleep! I remember reading about it being quality of sleep rather than simply quantity that makes you feel refreshed and ready for a new day confused and it's bizarre dreams and broken sleep that seem to be catching me out at the moment... Oh dear, that's not a very positive start is it....

I made loads of biscuits yesterday that we were supposed to take to our friends but when we got out in the street it was all slippy, slidey and not gritted* so I felt like a total angsthase... it's a bit less than 10mins walk to our friends house but being pregnant and slow and in the snow it was ridiculous. I had a bit of a whinge and DP ended up ringing them and getting them to come to us confused I feel like a total wimp!

*we had snow and then it rained so there was loads of slush. Also we were on our way to our friends at about 4pm which meant that the walk home would be over slightly more frozen slippy slush.... hmm the bean can stay where it is a bit longer I don't like the idea of falling on my large bottom in the wet to encourage it out!

Oh no, Grinch, take it easy, and get well soon.
'Tis the season to be poorly, huh!

Aw, Linzer, hope your DS is ok and not worried about school. Hope he was just trying his luck at a day off!

Nutella, I would have done the same if I were you, certainly at this stage of your pregnancy. Don't feel like a wimp.

Snow's mostly gone now, boo. Really glad we got some on the weekend so DH could play with us.

platanos Mon 10-Dec-12 11:55:20

nutella- you are no angsthase - it is no fun to walk on ice when heavily pregnant. I have some of those anti-slip things to put on the soles of my shoes and put them on as soon as there is the slightest risk of slipping. can I guess 3,700 or are you no longer accepting bets?

linzer - sounds rather strange incident with the teacher sending him he okay? hope you get some rest before the dds come home.

I am also home with ds - he woke up this morning looking ill and teary. He is in bed with a fever. good job I am home and have got two parcels - christmas presents arriving. Yes, I finally got round to doing it.

sorry to hear about other illnesses - how is the grinch household today?

advent-good you have caught up on the washing! did you get your christmas shopping done? Thought of you this weekend - dh has been working through the past 4 weekends, announced he is working through Christmas (taking a grand total of 4 days off) and it is wearing me down. It just means I get no break or quality time as a family. I try to be understanding but am a bit fed up. any tips? sigh.

outnumbered- fingers crossed on the dh job front. Hope something comes up soon that suits you all. are you all healthy now? sounds like you are having fun in the snow. well, not the clearing the pavement bit, I mean the sledging. Like santa, we are also in search of a good sledging hill - should be close, not too steep or crowded. A bit hard in central vienna. But I saw a potential hill this summer (short tram ride away) so waiting for enough snow to test it out - tree in the middle of it might mean the dc have to learn to steer asap.

hupa- i don't really like Glühwwein either (it was you who said that, wasn't it?)- i try and try but I always feel a bit sick after it. i tired the hot orange punch first, but that was worse. One market has hot chocolate (with no lace) so shall stick to that one...

antique did you move?

ah, must go as ds wanting me. wave to everyone else....


I'm being driven mad by everything today and lack of sleep isn't helping my mood! We've been unterwegs since lunchtime, taking the girls to and from their piano lessons and visiting every local Billa (in this town and the next) in the hope of getting the cherry soft toy that DS had set his heart on. Sticker albums have now been banned in Austria, so instead we have... soft toys in the shape of fruit. hmm You wouldn't think they'd be hugely popular (you have to spend €300 to get one free shock or can buy one for €17 shock), but they're out of stock everywhere. They have a few back in stock, but not the cherries... The Aktion ends on Friday, and nowhere where I asked knew whether they'd be getting any more in. I feel like writing to complain!

platanos Oh no, that's no fun with your DH working so much. It's a shame we're away for virtually all of the Christmas holidays; we won't be back until the weekend before school starts and will probably be having DD1's birthday party on the 5th, so I'm not sure we'll have time to meet up. I was going to suggest a weekend before Christmas but have just realised there's only one before we fly back - and it's DH's employers' family Christmas party on Sunday; where is the time going? Hope your DS is better soon, btw.

WhatWould Good timing with the snow, then. smile Yes, fingers crossed it's just a one-off - and it was fine this morning as I didn't have to work, but not ideal if it becomes a regular occurrence!

Nutella I don't blame you for not wanting to walk on slippery pavements - it's not much fun even when you're not pregnant. But pushchairs can be handy to hang onto in the snow when the pavements are a bit slippery - if there's still snow when Nutellachen arrives. smile (Although a nightmare when there's a lot snow if you actually want to cross the road, at least here, as all the snow is piled up on the edge and only enough space cleared for a person minus a pushchair to get through.)

admylin One good thing about DS being in the Vorschulklasse is that they're not expected to catch up when they've been off school; they don't seem to do a huge amount of writing anyway.
Yes, a dryer is very handy in this weather - but even with one, I always seem to be behind with the washing. I only dry things until they're no longer soaking wet, not completely dry, so it still takes a day or two for them to dry completely anyway.

linzer could it be that the teacher sent your ds home because there are so many tummy bugs going around and didn't want to take any chances with him complaining about tummy ache? I hope he hasn't actually come down with anything now!

grinch how are you all feeling today? Nothing worse having to be everyone's nurse when you are sick yourself sad

nutella I think everyone in your position would have done the same. I'm glad your friends agreed to come over to yours instead!

platanos sorry your dh is working do much sad especially at a time of year where everyone seems to be talking about 'family time'

advent I honestly don't know what I would do without my tumble dryer. With three ds who like to bathe in mud and aren't the cleanest eaters, I seem to have washer and dryer on non-stop. And as we don't have a Keller or utility room- or another space for an airer, I just wouldn't get the others dry. Can you believe, my FIL had been trying to persuade MIL to let him buy her a tumble dryer for as long as I have known them. But she doesn't want it!!

Everyone seems to be ok here, touch wood. Ds3 was back at kiga today. Lets see how long he'll last before he brings home the next bug wink

I'm off to bed shortly. I don't know why but I had terrible nightmares last night and didn't get much sleep overall.

outnumbered I'm sure you're right and the teacher just didn't want to risk it; I could completely understand her point of view. I was just a little annoyed that she completely dismissed what I was trying to say about the tummy ache being an excuse. It's so much easier with the girls as I know that when they say they're ill, they really are ill!

Hope you had a better night's sleep last night. I was planning to have an early night after my 3 am start, but didn't get to bed particularly early in the end; I'm feeling much less tired today, though.

The snow is coming thick and fast here, so I'm glad I don't have to go out until late afternoon - DS's friend's mum is doing the school run today. Am selfishly hoping that most of the snow will be gone by Christmas as I don't want it to affect our journey back to the UK. grin

adventkerzylin Tue 11-Dec-12 08:49:11

Guten Morgen!
Linzer do you think you'll get a cherry on time? Is it for Christmas? I had a look at them online and they are cute, especially the cherry but shock at the 300€ to get a free one.

outnumbered hope you got some sleep and no bad dreams. You probably have so much stress and worry about everything that it comes out at night when you're asleep as you just don't have time during the day, you just have to get on with life. That's what I find anyway, I often have bad dreams when dh has had a bad week and threatens them with walking out and starts sending off job applications for jobs that he's miles to highly qualified for so would never even be offered an interview, and then I check our bank balance and there goes a good nights sleep!

platanos sorry your dh is having to work so much. Can't help much with tips as we've just started planning everything without him and if he happens to join us, OK, and when not then we weren't expecting him anyway! My dh has promised ds to attend his table tennis Christmas eltern-kind-turnier next week but I'm going to have to remind him 10 times over the weekend so he can plan and be home early.

No Christmas shopping started here except for some sweets and treats for the stockings that are already hidden in my wardrobe! I'd better start soon but will probably do it next week!

Nutella you did right not going out in the snow, now is not the time to go falling over. Thanks alot for that info by the way, I messaged you!

Dd gets her fixed brace today, just on the back teeth for now to push them back to make room for new ones that can't get through due to lack of space. This is the first round of private braces as they're meant to work in 3 or 4 months rather than 12 months for the Krankenkasse versions. Lets hope it will be worth it. She's coming down with something as well, was extremely tired and grumpy this morning (more than her usual teen stroppyness).
Last night I endlich got my glühwein! It was just right after a busy day to sit down with a warm mug of wine instead of a cup of tea!

Glad you finally got your Glühwein, admylin! I could do with one to warm me up, but can't cope with alcohol in the middle of the day so had better stick to coffee instead. Hope your DD gets on OK with the brace and that it works quickly. I was amazed that DD1 only needed hers for about a month; you'd think it would be quite painful for it to work that quickly, but she never complained.

Hmm, not sure what to do about the cherries. I was hoping that DS would decide on one of the other fruits after we'd been round all the Billas in the area, but no - only the cherries will do. platanos Did you say you could send me one? Although I'm assuming you probably don't have 300 points to spare even if you can still get the cherries in Vienna. grin I could always ask DH to have a look when he's back, although I'm not sure if he works anywhere near a Billa.

Back to printing out 20-odd handouts and bingo sheets... I'd normally ask DD2's teacher to photocopy all the handouts I need for the week's English class, but I really need them in colour and the school only has a black and white printer.

linzer I just had to google Billa as I had no idea what it is. and why are sticker albums banned?? hope your ds gets his cherry smile

I can understand you being annoyed with the teacher dismissing your concerns! when ds1 was at his first pre-school (pre-diagnosis and it was a horrible set up for him there) he used to have terrible tummy ache, to the point where I actually took him to the drs a couple of times and evetually they did an ultrasound - nothing was found. it must have been because that pre-school was just sooo stressful for him.

advent it sounds hard for you and your dc with your dh working so much. are the dc just used to him usually not being there or do they miss him loads? I am so worried about how ours will cope when dh gets a new job elsewhere as they have got used to him being around a lot. Since he had started his job here in KL he was home every night at 6.30 the latest (with only a couple of business trips) and home every weekend. ds3 in particular misses dh a lot when he's not there. in May me and ds3 went to the UK for a week and he was constantlxy asking for Papa. same when we were at hospital the other week.

I had a much better sleep last night smile and we spoke to the Jugendamt this morning about Integrationshilfen for ds1 and ds2, and the BEamter (who's been dealing with us before as well) seems optimistic that we will get both. so fingers crossed for that!

platanos Tue 11-Dec-12 10:26:31

still home as ds is still a bit poorly, better but not 100% . building work all around so rather noisy and the only way to get him to rest was to put "the lion king" dvd, some time to post smile

Linzer- once i am allowed out of the house I shall check some Billas for you - there are 3 near here and one near my work. I don't know how many points I have though - I still have a paper (rather than plastic) reward card, and have had ever since I got here. In fact I shall phone up and ask what that is about and how many points I have. If I have enough, I am happy to use them on cuddly cherries to make a 6 year old happy - or his mother. Hope your english lesson goes well!

Thanks for the kind words on dh's work. It just feels a bit lonely. But there is plenty to do in Vienna with children over the holidays and I am sure we will have a good time.

advent - hope the brace fitting goes okay. Dh got a fixed one recently and it hurts for the first couple of days - but I have heard it is easier for children. He eats pureed food at home - reminds me of the dc's weaning stage.

outnumbered- hope you got a better night's sleep? sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment. I have bad dreams as part of my PMS.

ds being ill has caused all sort of organised logistics to go haywire. dd has a concert on thursday evening and is meant to go to a rehearsal tomorrow. I had offered to take another couple of children along but have had to warn the mothers about the possibility that I might not make it. Luckily the offered to take dd if I can't take her.

off to the shower...really making the most of a day at home. grin

platanos Tue 11-Dec-12 10:30:06

x- post outnumbered good news on sleep and integrationshilfe.

LinzerI have just rang up. they sent a card in the post in 2010 but I never got it. I always defend the austrian postal system when people complain about it...but not any longer! Anyway, I have two points hmm - will that get me a cherry?

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 11:01:18

Linzer that is insane €300 (really miss UK promotions... I used to have at least a dozen "loyalty" cards grin ) for a soft toy shock! DP has a habit of collecting the stickers at the supermarket and it drives me nuts because then they just sit there! But I have managed to remind him to take them with him today to give to a lovely colleague in Nürnberg. I remember when they launched Nectar points (from Sainsburys I think) in the UK and I used to use the vouchers for going to the cinema and it worked out at crazy £££ per trip but I had no other use for the points...

Thank you all for being so kind about the snow - I still feel like a terrible whiner though smile (if only there were prizes for wingeing!)

platanos of course I will add your guess to the list smile I'll edit and re-post - otherwise I'll lose the bit of paper where I've written the list.

advent hope the brace fitting goes well and doesn't cause too much pain and discomfort! Also hope that DD's moodiness is short lived

Yesterday was my last Drs appointment shock the nurse managed to write down that I'd gained 10kilos in the last three weeks <eye roll> and stabbed me so hard in the finger for blood I still have a mark on my finger (at least it isn't bleeding anymore). As lovely as my Dr and all the nurses/staff are I wont miss the regular pin cushion sessions and being prodded and poked! But it makes the impending arrival of nuttelachen seem suddenly very close <wibble>

MW appointment next week and then between Christmas and NY I'll either a) have a baby <bigger wibble> or b) go to the hospital/see the MW every other day for a check up.

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 11:04:32

EDIT: I haven't put on 10kilos in the last three weeks - obviously hmm ... but I have gained another 3 shock ah well, all being well I will lose weight in the NY....

adventkerzylin Tue 11-Dec-12 11:22:42

nutella how many days/weeks left (officially) until the big day? Did they say nutellachen's position was OK?

Loyalty cards and decent promotions probably won't make it to Germany for another 10 years or so I'd say. From what I've heard it'll be 15 to 20 in Austria!
Oh well, thank goodness for cheap flights to the UK, not that I've taken advantage of them for ages, I could really really do with a shopping trip home.

platanos no, the dc are so used to dh working or studying (he was doing his PhD when they were tiny) so they don't complain too much! I always remember when ds was born dh had abit more time as he was just starting at uni but when dd came along he was doing a course, full time and working at the weekend and if he did come home when she was awake she used to cry when she heard his deep loud voice! She was just used to her brother and me being around all the time. She must have been about 5 or 6 months old when she 'got to know' him better and now she's his princess of course!

adventkerzylin Tue 11-Dec-12 11:24:54

Sorry, it was outnumbered who was asking about the dc missing dh! I'm not with it today! Trying to organise the next couple of weeks in my head and trying to get in the xmas spirit...need glühwein but it's too early and have to drive later!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 11-Dec-12 11:44:31

Hello from the house of ill! First vomit free day so far today, although I am only letting DS2 eat Zweiback and Kinder Apfel Keks and Grissini, plus water - anything else seems to make him vomit, but he is really pining for milk and yoghurt and keeps pushing the step stool to the fridge to get them himself shock they would cheer him up for 10 mins then he would be sick, so he's going to have to wait til tomorrow! The big 2 seem better pretty much, though DH is still suffering erhem - effects and I have pretty bad stomach cramps and headache, though the fever and nausea have receded (I got it last). I've only been washing vomit covered stuff since I got the bug, but there is loads of it as DS2 in particular has a talent for maximum coverage of throws, bedding, my clothes, his clothes, cushion and sofa covers... My laundry mountain may officially qualify as an Alp now sad Can't let anyone down to the basement sad

Linzer the saga of the €300 cherry sounds crazy - wouldn't your DS like something else... a Cararra Bahn, the massive Lego Starwars deathstar, a (real) pony???? shock grin The teacher not wanting to listen to you is annoying isn't it? I once went in with DD to tell her teacher she been limping mysteriously since she woke up but hadn't hurt herself as far as we knew and DD was worried she would be laughed at for it, but her teacher just asked me to write a note... bit redundant by then, but I assumed it was partly a polite way of saying go away and don't bother me first thing in the morning when I have setting up to do, and partly a bureaucratic "must have note" response.

Nutella the not walking on ice when heavily pregnant is common sense, not over anxious! Glad your friends understood!

We have a huge amount of snow and it just keeps snowing, no idea how much, but its really, really deep! Maybe the kids will be up to playing out in it this afternoon (not Ds2 though he is still really not right).

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Tue 11-Dec-12 11:47:05

Oh advent good luck with ds's brace, and plantanos get well soon to your ds - hope your logistics get sorted!

Grinch Glad to hear you're over the worst now, although I don't envy you all that washing. DH is always very strict about not letting the DC having any milk after D&V, which I always used to think was another Austrian myth, but then someone who used to be a nurse in the UK confirmed that milk is best avoided.
Oh yes, DS would love any Lego Star Wars - more than the cherry - but the problem is we'd have to pay for it! (Although you have to spend €300 to get the fruit, it's money that we would have spent on food anyway.)

admylin We do have supermarket loyalty cards here, but they don't offer anything exciting - you need to have one to take advantage of some of the offers (usually something like 20 cents off) and you get sent a 10% off voucher on your birthday, and that's about it.

Nutella It's definitely getting excitingly close now! Actually, if you're updating the list, could you up my guess to 8 lb 2 oz (whatever that is in grams) - I think my guess atm is a bit on the low side, but it was only seeing all the lb and oz that made me realise it was; grams don't mean as much to me!

platanos Two points, you say... I think the promotion ends on Saturday, so I'm sure you can manage to spend €280 between now and then, can't you? grin I actually find the postal system pretty good; I've only ever had one thing get lost (but it was worth about €100!). I've had a couple of things sent via Australia, but I think that's the fault of the UK post office rather than the Austrian one.

outnumbered Sticker albums have been banned as it was decided that it made children influence their parents' decision about where to shop. Which the soft toys don't do at all, oh no. hmm There was something about an imperative ("Hol dir dein Stickeralbum!" or some such thing), which I didn't quite get but basically it was forcing people to shop at that particular supermarket. Or something. hmm
Good news about the Integrationshilfen; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. smile

It took me 40 minutes to shovel all the snow this morning. 40 minutes! It's partly our fault for buying a house with a long path down to the road (part of which is shared with two neighbours), but I also did the big area in front of the communal garage, the pavement and the path up to our elderly neighbours' house on the other side (as agreed at our meeting with the neighbours a week or so ago). I don't actually mind doing it, but there are three other neighbours at home during the day and somehow it always seems to be me who ends up doing it. hmm

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 15:51:57

Ok Linzer I'll let you have a revised guess. Just this once smile

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 15:54:57

Ooops Linzer I've just converted Platanos' guess and that's also 8lb 20z... would you like to stick with what you have or take a new guess??? <gambling enabler emoticon> grin

jenny 2900g (6lb 6oz)
hupa 3300g (7lb 4oz)
Santa 3333g (7lb 5oz)
Advent 3348g (7lb 6oz)
Ploom 3458g (7lb 10oz)
Linzer 3600g (7lb 15oz)
Nutella 3650g (8lb 0oz)
platanos 3700g (8lb 2oz)
cheas 3800g (8lb 6oz)
outnumbered 3950g (8lb 11oz)
Antique 4000g (8lb 13oz)
Grinch 4100g (9lb 0oz)

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 15:57:39

advent I have another 2 weeks ish till due date. I think official due date is 27th, I have tempted fate with a haircut on the 28th and reckon baby might hold out until the new year... dum dum dum <wibble> oh and no it is very unlikely that it could turn. Of course anything is possible but it is very unlikely. I think also because it is baby 1 my belly isn't as errr accommodating as it might be if it were DC2 or 3 if you see what I mean smile

Nutella I almost added the caveat "unless that's what platanos guessed" to my last post! Hmm, what to do... Can I go for 3750 g / 8 lb 4 oz instead? (I'm going to be so annoyed if Nutellachen turns out to be 3600 g after all that!)

itsMYNutella Tue 11-Dec-12 16:59:41

Linzer Done. (on your own head be it wink )

Then here is the final list ladies:

jenny 2900g (6lb 6oz)
hupa 3300g (7lb 4oz)
Santa 3333g (7lb 5oz)
Advent 3348g (7lb 6oz)
Ploom 3458g (7lb 10oz)
Nutella 3650g (8lb 0oz)
platanos 3700g (8lb 2oz)
Linzer 3750g (8lb 4oz)
cheas 3800g (8lb 6oz)
outnumbered 3950g (8lb 11oz)
Antique 4000g (8lb 13oz)
Grinch 4100g (9lb 0oz)

platanos Tue 11-Dec-12 17:33:47

nutella thanks for putting mine in too. where are you giving birth? given how close the bets are, we will have to officially check when the scales were last calibrated and just how reliable they arewink you mentioning the cinema reminded me of when I turned tesco clubpoints into two nights at the Hilton in central London - now that was a great scheme. Though I always shiver at the thought because we left the dds asleep (in cots and they were good sleepers at that stage) in the bedroom and went to dinner downstairs (you could hear into the bedroom from a phone in the restaurant). This was before Maddy McCann- I would never do that now. I know the chances of something like that happening are remote but still...

grinch - poor, poor you. It sounds dreadful. Last week we had one evening/night when we all threw up (my lentils were off, Rabenmutter me) but that was only one night. horrid when it goes on for longer and also fever. Hope you feel fully recovered soon.

linzer - there is something very wrong with my billa card if they think I have only spent 20 euro there in the last 2 years. 280 euro by the weekend would be perfectly normal (we live off champagne and oysters - all vegan - you know!) but unfortunately ds is ill and I can't get them online grin. do you not take turns with the snow shovelling? no rota or anything.

ds breathing like Darth Vader and got a fever - poor pet. I think I should take him to the drs tomorrow. don't want to end up in hospital like the last times and he has been ill on and off for a long time. No fever but coughs and colds.

Nutella I am now absolutely positive that Nutellachen will weigh 3600g. But don't worry, I'm not asking you to change it again. grin This is all quite exciting - we definitely need more thread babies. wink

I would start taking bets on how many parents are going to turn up to the Adventmarkt get-together that DH has organised for DD1's class, but I suspect we'll be lucky if more than one turns up. According to DH, a few parents said that it was a good idea but I still think it's just going to be us and the teacher.

platanos Good idea to take DS to the doctor's; I put off taking DD1 years ago when I was in British "it's only a cough" mode, and she turned out to have bronchitis. blush
The toy fruit promotion started in mid-September, so you'll only have been collecting points on your Billa card since then. The previous Aktion was for Ice Age glasses, which you could get for a bargain 10 points (€100), but it only lasted for about a month so we only managed to get one thank goodness.
And no, no rota, but tbh I'm not sure one would work as only I and our next-door neighbour are reliably around (and she works a couple of half-days). I'm hoping it will earn me some brownie points - the NDNs invite everyone over for food and drink far more often than we do, for example - but I'm not sure anyone will actually have realised it was me. I need a signature snow shovelling style. grin

Nutella, are you all set with baby names? Care to share? smile

Wow, Linzer, all that snow shovelling, quite a workout. Ours is all but gone, and I am hoping so hard for some more! LOL @ signature snow style!

smileAre Santa's Grottos not the done thing here? I have not managed to find one yet. I need my yearly photo of DS with Santa!smile

advent, hope DD's brace is comfortable for her, and does the job swiftly. It is crazy that so many people have too many teeth for their gums (or not enough gum for their teeth!)! A design flaw!

platanos, hope your little one gets well soon.

Geeze, Grinch, what a time of it you are having. Hope you get it all cleared and out of the home soon, so you can all snuggle up in time for Xmas.

I agree with Linzer about not having milk - but obviously I would say that! But truly, it is mucous-forming, and does not help people get over coughs and colds. Well, that's what I believe anyway.

Hi to everyone else!

Ploom Wed 12-Dec-12 08:11:08

Morning! Have a million jobs to do but decided that MNetting was much more important since I've not been on for a few days grin.

grinch - Glad the parcel got to you so speedily and thanks for the money. Hope your ds1 likes it. How's the poorly house today? You've really had a bad run of it - nothing worse than everyone being poorly at the same time.

advent - how is your dd with her brace? I didnt realise you could have them on for such a short period of time. The KFO told dd that she needs a train track one and she was really upset as she thought the nighttime one would stop her needing a it. We've to go back in January so will know more then. At least you've got experience after your ds - have you got lots of soup at the ready?

linzer - are you out snow shovelling again this morning? Its blizzarding here again but at least that gets me out of going out now to shovel. Still no luck with the cherry? Thats a crazy deal where you have to buy 300 euros of shopping for a cuddly toy! Think the tesco clubcard deals were much more reasonable. Have fun at the adventmarkt get together - hope people turn up.

platanos - the drs sounds like a good plan for this morning. Hoep he feels better soon. I've also left the dc in hotel rooms in the past but now think "what was I thinking!!". But in my defence the doors were always locked and we had a baby phone with us. Still not right though.

Eeeeeeee nutella - not long now!! It really is too exciting. I agree with linzer - there should be more thread babies but they definitely wont be coming from me - would be making more than this face shock if I found out I was having the next thread baby grin.

outnumbered - that sounds like positive news about the Integrationshelper and glad you slept better smile.

santa - have never seen a santa grotto here - have only ever seen a santa/nikolaus man walking about the Christmasmarkt giving out sweets to the dc. My dc were always petrified of santa in the grotto when they were little so its not something I miss.

I went to the GP last week about my foot - he was really lovely but I'm not entirely sure that he knew what was wrong. I did explain that I had been a physio in my previous life in the UK and he asked me what I thought was wrong then kind of agreed with me. But he gave me the plan of treatment that I wanted - I'm having 10 sessions of ultrasound - have had 2 already and off for the 3rd this morning. Thankfully he has a machine in the practice so the nurse just switches on and lets me carry on doing it myself. Just wanted to telly ou what he had recomended grinch in case that might be of use for you.

DH has 5 days off after today - will send him out snow shovelling tomorrow grin. It has now snowed all 12 days of December so far but that bodes well for our cross country skiing holiday on the 1st of January. (Although the weather forecast is for warmer temperatures and rain from the weekend sad]. Hope the snow comes back in time for Christmas - it never feels Christmassy when its raining.

hupa Wed 12-Dec-12 08:18:24

Whatwould I´ve never seen a Santa´s grotto here I´m afraid. Maybe you´ll have more luck near Frankfurt because there´s so many ex-pats around.

Linzer Have you got backache yet from all the snow clearing? We´ve had an incredible amount of snow here and although we employ someone to clear the path and carpark for the practice, I´m beginning to ache from clearing the path to our garage and clearing the snow from in front of it.
I hope at least a few people turn up this afternoon. We´ve got dd´s Christmas do this afternoon. It´s usually well attended, but I´ll be avoiding the Plätzchen as they are the ones we baked the other day and I don´t want to risk being ill before Christmas.

Grinch I hope you´re all the road to recovery.

planatos The doctors is probably a good idea. It would be great if he was fully fit for Christmas.

admylin How´s it going with dd´s new brace? Dh has finally made an appointment at the end of January for him and the dc to see about braces. Dh´s bottom teeth have become increasingly crooked over the last couple of years, so he´s finally decided to do something about them.

It was Dd´s birthday on Monday and one of her presents was a Just Dance game for the Wii. If any of you are looking for ways to keep fit - give it a go. It´s made me realise how unfit I am. Thinking about it now maybe it was the dancing rather than the snow clearing that has made me ache.

Hello to anyone I´ve missed. I´m struggling to keep up at the moment, it´s so busy on here.


Have got the day's snow shovelling out of the way (provided it doesn't snow any more) so deserve a bit of MNing time now, I think. grin We'd only had a couple of centimetres overnight so it "only" took me half an hour today. My back was aching afterwards both yesterday and today, so I've decided it's maybe not a healthy alternative to running after all!

hupa I've heard lots of good things about Wii Fit, but we really don't need another electronic device in the house for the DC to become addicted to!

Ploom Hope the ultrasound helps; DH had some for his back (along with other kinds of therapy) recently and it did make a big difference, although it's hard to tell how much was down to the ultrasound alone. Where are you going skiing - is it the same place as last year?

WhatWould You don't see Santa much here in Austria, although he is starting to get more popular - which quite a few people are unhappy about as they feel like he's pushing out the Christkind, who traditionally brings the Christmas presents. The only place I've seen Father Christmas here (Germany/Austria) is at the British Christmas bazaar in Vienna; I agree with hupa that you're more likely to find him where there are a lot of expats.

Re leaving children in hotel rooms, I'm going to go against the grain and say I don't regret doing so. We've done so a few times, in Kinderhotels and the like when we've had a baby monitor at the table, but wouldn't do it now as the DC are old enough to eat with us and wouldn't go to sleep in time for us to eat on our own anyway. You see so many couples in Kinderhotels in the restaurant with their baby monitors in the evening, although the fact that lots of people do it doesn't mean that it's a sensible thing to do, of course (cf. all the people I know who leave napping babies to go shopping/do the school run, etc.). I don't feel like we were putting the DC at undue risk, although I wouldn't have done it if we hadn't had a baby monitor.

cheaspicks Wed 12-Dec-12 09:00:27


Like ploom, I should be getting on with work, but wanted to post since I haven't for a while.

We left dd asleep several times and went off for a meal within baby phone range even post-McCann. I don't think it's that irresponsible depending on where you do it - doing it night after night in a holiday resort is different to doing it once in a sleepy German hotel - you'd have to be incredibly unlucky for someone sitting or working in the hotel restaurant to spot the baby phone and tip off a contact who was hoping to snatch a child hmm. I'm still glad she's old enough to sit with us in the evenings now - it was never very relaxing to sit in a restaurant knowing she was on her own, however irrational the worry was!

The snow is slowly taking over here. I only just made it back up the hill after taking dd to kiga this morning - had to reverse down the steepest bit and take another route after gettting stuck. If it doesn't stop snowing by lunchtime I may consider walking to the kiga - I have to teach two English lessons and then take dd home - reckon it would take us nearly an hour at her pace though...

Dsis is getting on well with her dissertation and enjoying eating my Plätzchen. I made these chocolate ones yesterday which were very quick to mix and very child-friendly to form - you roll little balls and then squash them with the back of a fork. Whatwould your ds could probably manage the squashing at age 2, I guess smile.

Sorry for no real name-checking. I hope all the ill posters and dc are feeling better/start feeling better soon and that everyone else stays fit smile.

itsMYNutella Wed 12-Dec-12 09:31:48

cheas i have a recipe for very similar biscuits, it's chocolatey with about 30g of cocoa powder instead of the pudding powder.... So they turn out like shortbread, I think. It's from a Nigella book (ha ha almost wrote Nutella book smile ) and in the instructions you squash them with a fork - I made them at the weekend... Germaness must be stealthily creeping up on me shock

platanos I will ask the hebammen for a signed document for when the scales were last set to 3600g calibrated wink

Linzer could not go a bit American and have a little sign that you put out which says "your path was swept today by Linzer, have a nice day" smile

whatwould I've seen people ask on forums about Santa grotto pics in Germany and as far as I know they don't do it here.... But fingers crossed you find one at British Christmas thingy.

ploom I promise to be very excited if you have the next thread baby!

grinch how is the house of grinch today? Hope you are all much better. We've been lucky and only have/had snotty colds here so nothing to moan about really. Sending my best get well vibes!

hupa that wii game sounds like fun! DP sold his playstation recently because he never uses it, but a wii might be fun hmm not something we can afford but he deserves a treat... Maybe I'll save up some pennies for him...

Have a great day everyone else. I have nothing planned grin except more curtain hemming.... Almost done <phew>

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 12-Dec-12 10:10:25

Ploom thanks for that information about how your foot's being treated - I have never heard of ultrasound used for things like that, wonder how it works? At the moment mine is improved, but getting the shoe on with the insole in is incredibly painful and anyone who speaks to me while I'm putting my snow boot on gets snapped at blush once its on I can walk OK on the flat, though for some reason stairs are painful - must use the foot differently on stairs. If it flairs up again I will ask about ultrasound.

The Monopoly is hidden away in the Keller as an extra Christmas present - it will be for all the kids but I was thinking of DS1 when wanting the junior version, as he'd need a lot of help with the money in the adult version, and also the playing time is more suitable, hopefully it will be an enjoyable game to play between Christmas and new year - I like board games as an alternative I can suggest to imaginative play with the DCs - I love it when they play imaginatively together, but have having to join in and play Playmobile or role play games! Maybe before too long the big ones will be able to play it together without me, like they do Nino Delphino (which is forgiven its plastic tack appearance because they play it without adult intervention, as they used to play Obst garden, though they have really grown out of that with its pleasing wooden pieces, sadly).

I was going to say our weather sounds exactly like yours - both now and forecast (boo hiss at the rain forecast - was hoping for a Christmas market and sledging based weekend, winter rain is so depressing as it keeps the kids you indoors more than snow) but then that's hardly surprising as you are not actually that far away from us, relatively speaking.

cheas well done on all the Pletzchen baking! I hope you make it through the snow this afternoon without it taking forever, which ever way you tackle it!

Linzer that is a lot of snow shovelling! When I mention the obligation to do it to friends in the UK they always question what people who are not physically able to shovel do, and I have said I'm not sure but there is more of a sense of community here in general so neighbours probably do it - sounds like that's true in your case at least but I'm glad we only have to do in front of our own house, and our own drive. Hope you get a decent turn out to the Adventmarkt after all.

Hupa hope your DD had a good birthday? MMost people seem to rave about the wii fit for the first few weeks then not use it for a year! DH had a wii (not fit) a few years ago but I made him persuaded him to sell it after he randomly went out and bought himself a €500 electric guitar and a cheaper acoustic one for away from home, despite not being able to play the guitar... (he did teach himself to play it well enough to play simple songs, but it has mostly languished untouched after the initial enthusiasm, as predicted, which is actually a pity as for a few months he used to sing old folk songs with the acoustic ones for them to sing along... DD at 5 singing "Whisky in the Jar" through word perfect was quite funny smile ) Enjoy your DH's time off smile

Santa no Santa is an import here so santas grottos are not the norm - that said Nikolaus sits in a decorated wooden hut at one of the Christmas markets near us rather than walking around and children can write wishes on paper stars and give the to him, and he hangs them on a tree - so that is similar the santas grotto idea I guess. Like Ploom 's children mine were afraid of Nikolaus/ Father Christmas (or anyone in a costume that covered all or part of their face as the fake beard does, or worse still masks or costumes that cover the whole face like mascots with big padded heads... ) so I have never had any interest in seeking him out! They are not scared now, but plonking a 7 year old girl on a strange man's knee would seem a decidedly odd thing to do... Where we live you are more likely to see Nikolaus in the traditional bishops outfit than a coca-cola style santa, but I don't know if that is a localised / southern thing? I have read on a forum for English speakers in Munich that there is a shopping mall with a Santa's grotto in Munich, so that might be the sort of place to look in Frankfurt. You could try asking on Toytown's Frankfurt section (Toytown isn't the friendliest forum but useful for that kind of info).

Plantanos did you get to the doctor? Was he or she any help? I was at the doc with ds2 today as he's the only one still properly poorly now, and has had diarrhoea for 5 days now, which is too long, although as long as I keep him on dry, plain foods he's not being sick. Came out with prescriptions for dried yeast, which will apparently re-balance his digestion (and is hard to make him take even mixed with apple juice as suggested) as well as rehydration sachets and anti vomit medicine.

Nutella booking things like hair cuts for around your due date is an excellent way to tempt fate and hurry baby out grin Mind you I had my hair cut just before each of my children was born, on the correct assumption I wouldn't get a chance to do it again for years a while after!

I have never left any of my kids alone in a hotel room - I'd be more worried about them awaking up and climbing out of the window or turning on the bath taps and climbing into a scalding hot bath and/ or drowning, or one of a hundred other accidents they could have (quietly like every toddler up to mischief) unattended in an understandably not childproof room, than about them being stolen - only my middle one has ever really been a child you could rely on to stay asleep once asleep anyway, so it just hasn't been an option. We went away to an expensive ski hotel with my parents a few years ago, they kindly paid for us, so it was their "type" of place - with a 5 course evening meal... the hotel catered well to the children with their food brought first, but still they were horribly bored and so got naughty after a while, esp DS1 who was 2 then - my mother suggested I go and put them to bed and then come back down so I could enjoy my meal in peace, and I must admit I (metaphorically) bit her head off for suggesting it. I much prefer self catering holidays with small children to be honest, much less stressful!

Well that is much too long and DS2 is squirming on my lap, unable to get to sleep, so I'll move the laptop and try to get him to sleep!

Does anyone else have oil heating btw? Our oil provider is in trouble and we are nearly out of oil - looks like a big bill (in the €3000 range) coming up - gulp! sad

Ploom Wed 12-Dec-12 10:24:53

Those plätzchen look good cheas and simple too. Hope you get to kiga later ok - you do live at the top of a very big hill!

nutella - There is no chance of another ploomchen - my tubes are all tied up!

Snow moan - I spent 30 mins clearing snow then went to the GP then to the dry cleaners - was out for about an hour and its obviously snowed the whole time & it looks like I didnt shovel at all!! angryangry

So I've cheered myself up with a toasted raisin roll (I blame cheas for my addiction) and a cup of teagrin.

itsMYNutella Wed 12-Dec-12 10:34:05

grinch sorry to hear DS2 is still poorly, I'm not sure I'd be thrilled about being given yeast to drink either hmm DP would probably ask if it was possible to enjoy it via a wheat beer wink hope DS gets much better soon.
Yes, the haircut is like insurance, it will either guarantee the baby's arrival or at least be a distraction from simply being massive.

itsMYNutella Wed 12-Dec-12 10:37:14

ploom is that one of those rolls that is a little like a tea cake? Hmmmm.... It keeps snowing here too, but now I'm practically sweating because DP has turned the heating up blush <--- sweaty face... better go and take him a jumper then I can turn it down! His office is the coldest room, but it's nice to have him at home for a change.

Ploom Oh no, how annoying! (Even if it is a good excuse for a toasted raisin roll grin). No sign of any more snow here, thank goodness, but I've definitely done my share of shovelling for the day.

Grinch You can pay people to come and shovel your snow for you; one of my friends does and I think she said she pays just over €100 a year. We actually only agreed to clear a shovel-wide path up to our elderly neighbours' house, but I did it all (except for the last 5 metres, as they keep their garden gate locked and I wasn't sure she'd appreciate me ringing the doorbell at 8 am) out of the goodness of my heart. hmm grin

Agree that all the scenarios you mentioned are far more likely than a child being abducted from a hotel room by a stranger. However, once our DC are asleep, you can almost always rely on them to stay asleep - and if they wake up, they never do anything more than call "Mummeeee!". If they were the type to get up, I wouldn't have left them alone (plus Kinderhotels are very child-friendly/safe anyway, e.g. a child wouldn't be able to open a window and fall out). Fire would be my biggest concern, but I'm pretty sure that all Kinderhotels have smoke detectors in the rooms - and the likelihood of a fire suddenly starting when all the DC are in bed asleep must be extremely small. But I can completely understand parents not feeling comfortable about not leaving their DC alone in a hotel room.

Nutella Your suggestion made me laugh and then go and bastel a sign. grin I like the sound of a Nutella book; I would definitely buy it!

cheas Those biscuits look nice. I was thinking the other day that I should really bake some Weihnachtskekse (why does that sound better than Christmas biscuits? hmm) as I'm getting a bit bored with MIL's after nearly 20 years and don't find the ones DH made particularly tasty (they were from a packet mix, what more can I say? grin).

adventkerzylin Wed 12-Dec-12 10:44:35

Snow here too. Well done all you early snow clearers and ploom can you get the dc out doing the next shift after school? I've stood with my back to the window doing my ironing and hoping it would stop/start raining or something so I don't have to clear the drive but it's still there so I'd better go out and do it soon.

Glad you're feeling abit better grinch and hope more thgan one parent turns up to the school do linzer. We've got nothing like that to go to, only ds's table tennis club is putting on a plätzchen-turnier with parents and dc playing doubles.

nutella have you got a sewing machine or are you hand stitching your curtains?
hupa the brace has gone on with no complaints and dd is even eating better than ds did when he got his. Then again ds is male so he's more delicate with anything that hurts even slightly!
santa hope you find a Santa for your photo! You might see one walking around the Weihnachtsmarkt.

Trying dd with sweetcorn fritters for lunch, they're not realyl hard or too crispy and nice soft tinned peaches afterwards. Better go and get my shovel out too.

Ploom Wed 12-Dec-12 10:52:04

Thats good news about the brace advent - tinned peaches are the biggest hit in our house smile. Found dh giving the boys all the sugary juice the other day in a glass blush but obviously they loved it.

nutella - yeah thats the ones. They are delicious.

grinch - think we x posted before. I agree our weather should be fairly similar but I just drove 10km from here before and there was so much less snow - I could see the grass in the fields. We live a bit higher than other villages round here so think thats the reason we get all the snow.

platanos Wed 12-Dec-12 12:40:50

cheas- hope you made it back down and up the hill. must try those biscuits. the dds baked some from the ready-made spar dough. they were surprisingly tasty (low standards here: not burnt= tasty) and vegan for dh to enjoy too.

ploom what a pain about the snow. mmm...must investigate toasted raisin buns. Smiled at the thought of DIY ultrasound, glad it is getting better...

linzer great idea about the sign. I was going to suggest you get some food colouring and grafitti your initials, but a sign which includes "have a nice day" is much cooler. Hope you have a proper get-together later on.

grinch- how do you get a child to drink yeast? any success? hope he feels better soon.

you are right that there are other risks that are more likely than someone taking them away, and hotels and children where one feels okay about doing it. It would not be something we do now as the children are with us all the time, and the next time we have to worry about them being alone in a hotel room is when they become teenagers and would rather be in their room smoking (joints?), emptying out the mini-bar and running up an astronomical phone bill than sitting at a table with mum and dad. As you can see I am preparing for the worst-case scenario grin. But agree that self-catering suits us best at the moment.

hupa that Wii sounds like fun. Hope the Plätzchen are okay - would the heat from baking them not kill any bugs? but probably best not to risk it...

santa - hope you find your father christmas, or something similar like a st. nikolaus.

bright sunshine and no snow here...though bitterly cold. We made it to the drs, and got antibiotics. ds's high fever is worrying me but at least it drops with medicine. And he is eating and drinking enough- not his usual amounts but enough. Looks like I shall be home for the rest of the week - could get used to this grin

itsMYNutella Wed 12-Dec-12 13:40:12

advent I am using the magic of wonder webbing (iron on hem stuff, think my mum calls it wonder webbing hmm ) to alter and shorten some IKEA curtains. Problem is I'm a bit slow and in total it's 8 bits of curtain. But I'm nearly done.
Good that DD doesn't seem to be in too much pain with the brace.

Linzer can't wait to see pictures of the sign! Of course I meant to write shovelled by Linzer not swept, sorry honestly not trying to detract from the hard work you're putting in.
We just handed over the "cleaning rota" doo dah at the beginning of the week for path clearing/sweeping duty for outside our building; just in time for the snow <evilgrin>

platanos you're right to worry about what kids might get up to when left alone, I could fill my own thread with some tales from my three brothers... And probably some from me as well hmm .... Always expect the unexpected/ worst grin

It's really snowing here, there were some big blobs coming down earlier. advent if you have been out and shovelled I hope it wasn't in vain. I was going to go for a walk and some fresh air... Now I think I'll just stand on the balcony if the urge for fresh air takes over wink

Thanks all for the Santa responses. I have emailed the Frankfurt tourism board and they say there is a Santa who sits at the top of the shopping centre for an hour a day, so hopefully it is what I am after! (I wrote in German using Google translate, so never know if it's done the job well!).

Mm, those little biscuits look fab, cheas. My DS absolutely loves cooking and baking. Our little Elf on the Shelf brought him some baking stuff the other day, DS was thrilled with his mini rolling pin! smile

Bit envious of you all with all your snow, we had a light flutter yesterday, for about two minutes, but nothing else since the weekend! Where is my snow!!!

Speaking of children in hotels, we half-watched Home Alone 2 yesterday. Ouch at the bill he ran up! smile

Ploom Wed 12-Dec-12 14:50:35

I have just been out (while its still snowing) and shovelled snow that was about 5 inches deep! I'm sweating now & depressed that its still snowing so I'll have to shovel later for the 3rd timesad. Will be breaking my own rules & treating myself to some winelater!

Ploom Wed 12-Dec-12 16:12:48

And I've just had to go out and shovel again! The Winterdienst had been round the street and the snow that he'd pushed to the side was then blocking the drive angry. I'm so over winter already after today - roll on spring!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Wed 12-Dec-12 16:23:40

I had to do that yesterday Ploom - snowplough cleared the road and pushed it to the side, including of course blocking all drives. 2 years ago the pavement snow plough that clears only the pavement by the playground, and the cycle paths, cleared the pavement snow into a pile half blocking our drive, and I had to shovel a mountain away to get the car out to fetch DD and DS1 from KiGa - whilst 5 months pregnant. DH rang up to complain and it hasn't happened again, but the road is a different story as they can't really do anything different.

cheaspicks Wed 12-Dec-12 16:43:29

I'm also over winter now. It has snowed all day without stopping so far, so I walked to the kiga and made dd walk home. I woefully underestimated how long it would take her - about an hour and a half. At least she only complained for the first 20 minutes or so, then she discovered eating snow and stopped every 5 metres to pick some more up. We're now sitting on the sofa, eating biscuits, drinking tea and watching Peppa Pig grin.

I'm definitely over snow shovelling - I don't think my back can take any more! I think this is the first year I haven't been fed up with the snow within a couple of hours, but mainly because I haven't really had to go anywhere yet (just to take the DC to school, which is only a 10 minute walk) and the DC have spent most of the last two afternoons playing in the snow. I hate the piles of snow by the edge of the road too, though; they're a complete pain if you a) have a child in a pushchair, or b) are trying to find a parking space.

I shall of course be posting a pic of my sign on Facebook as soon as I've put the finishing touches to it, Nutella. wink And maybe my neighbours who are FB friends will finally get the message.

platanos Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Does spending the rest of the week at home mean you'll have more time for MNing? grin

I read on the Daily Mail website that there have been lots of cancellations and delays at Heathrow today, so am keeping my fingers crossed that DH's flight won't be affected - he'll be getting back late enough as it is.

Hello! just a quick wave around and hello to everyone before signing off again.

the thought of a signature snow shovellling made me laugh. I'd love to see a picture if you really do something like that linzer!

it hasnt been snowing here for and entire day now, and what's left has really turned into ice now. BItterly cold it was today - when I took ds2 and ds3 to pre-school it was -11! I love being able to to the pre-school run on foot, and in the snow pushing a double pushchair really isnt much fun. so for that reason I was glad that there hasnt been more snow here. I also dont miss the snow shovelling though. ALthough, saying that, yesterday morning it was a nice bit of exercise - as I had gone to the gym all motivated and then realised I had left my gym bottoms at home sad. it was my only free morning this week too.

anyway, really must go. hope everyone is getting over colds, coughs, tummy bugs and sore feet are getting better! smile

tadjennyp Thu 13-Dec-12 05:47:11

Hello - haven't had chance to catch up properly but it seems like there has been a lot of snow-shovelling going on! We just had a smattering today but it might snow a lot over the weekend. Just wanted to say hello in case the thread drops off my list. Hoping everyone is ok. Dh hasn't even made it back from work yet and it's nearly 10pm. Not very impressed. He says he has enough work to keep him busy 24 hours a day. He's also cycling and it's getting icy now. Right, will finish making that butternut squash soup. Hope you all have a great day!

Ploom Thu 13-Dec-12 08:23:35

Morning!! Just a quick post - need my halo to be verified wink. Dh's first day off today after 10 days without a lie in - I got the dc sorted, got myself sorted & went out and shovelled the snow (again!!) while he had a lie in. Not sure whether I deserve a halo or a slap for being such a mug! He's finally got up at 9am - would like to dream that he'd do the same for me but am actually laughing out loud at the thought!

Waves to everyone & hope all the poorly ones feel better today smile.


No snow shovelling here today, thank goodness, as there hasn't been any more snow overnight - but I think I've done my fair share for the week, in any case.

Jenny Is your DH regularly not back until late? I wouldn't be at all impressed either. DH didn't arrive home until midnight last night as his flight was delayed for an hour due to the plane having to be de-iced, but at least he normally gets home at around 7 pm when he is actually here (usually just as I'm putting the DC to bed, causing them to liven up again).
I've given up on the cycling since we've had snow, but I saw someone cycling today and the roads are generally fairly clear now so I'll probably get the bike out again next week if we don't have any more snow. It's so much quicker to cycle home from school after the school run than to walk.

outnumbered It was bitterly cold this morning here too (-8°C) and DS was really complaining on the way to school and asking why we couldn't go in the car. I do think the early-morning walk wakes up all up, though. And yes, I'll definitely tell you if I discover my bastel gene (as I've admitted on here before, I seem to be sadly lacking it) and get annoyed enough to make a sign. grin

Quick poll - which term would you teach a class of 8-9 year olds, Father Christmas or Santa? I always say Father Christmas and have always taught it to the school children up until now, but Santa seems to be becoming more common (it's a word my mother would probably have banned us from using for being too American hmm) - and it's definitely quicker and easier to write!

x posts Ploom - you definitely get the snow shoveller of the day award. grin Could you have waited until your DH got up and asked him to clear the snow once he was up? That's probably what I would have done!

cheaspicks Thu 13-Dec-12 09:00:04

Linzer I teach Santa to my 4-6 year olds because it's much easier for them to learn and I bombard them with 15 Christmas terms (so that I have enough for Bingo boards smile). I also teach gifts instead of presents for the same reason. You could look at it as enriching their wider cultural frame of reference - far more songs referring to Santa than FC that they might hear on the radio/in films etc.

ploom you definitely get a halo. Can I have one too? DH is so pleased that we have no pavements in our road that he seems to think he doesn't have to shovel any snow at all, but I've cleared our drive and steps four times now - don't want the postwoman to slip or our cars to get stuck.

nutella my mum always goes on about wonder webbing as well. I had real problems last year trying to work out what it might be called in German since I didn't know what to google - it's great for appliqué and I wanted to make dd a personalsed bag for her spare clothes at kiga.

I'm feeling desperately lazy today. I worked all last weekend, am working both days this weekend (although Sat will be lots of fun - Kinderweihnachtsoratorium in Weimar and we're all going) and I just want to slob around a bit. I know I'll feel better if I do something constructive, though, but the list is endless - quilt, photo book, photo mosaic, wrapping stocking fillers, tidying up, making mince pies...

Ploom Thu 13-Dec-12 09:02:04

I could have left it till he got up but wanted us to go out for a couple of hours together & if I'd asked him to shovel snow as well the time would have been gone. He is soooooo slow at getting ready in the morning. Even on a work day it takes him an hour and he has to do nothing with the dc. So today he's going even slower - and of course he had to have his big german breakfast!

I think I'd use Father Christmas if I was teaching dc about British Christmas although in ds1's book from school it says Santa Claus. I interchange them to my dc but think they always use Santa.

Ploom Thu 13-Dec-12 09:05:23

X posts cheas - think you have every right to be lazy. Is your dsis there to be lazy with or is she being industrious with her dissertation? My boys were nearly going to Weimar this weekend - would have spooked Oma & Opa out if the boys had met someone they know in Weimar!

cheas That's exactly what I'm doing! Have just cut up 21 bingo boards (five children will have the same board, but I don't suppose it matters) - I played bingo with the class for the first time last lesson, although used to play it regularly with my smaller groups, and they loved it. (The winners got sweets as a prize - not my idea, I hasten to add - and I was shock at the size of the sweet tin the teacher had! Only in Austria...)

If I'm feeling in a lazy mood, I'll put the timer on for 15 minutes and force myself to do something constructive and then allow myself to sit down and read/MN for 15 minutes. Only that second 15 minutes often seems to extend into 20 and then 25 minutes...

Ploom Ah yes, I would probably have done the same re the snow shovelling in that case. Still annoying, though!

Thanks both for your input. I'll go for Santa then, which has the added bonus of being understood everywhere - I was talking to some Irish friends about it a while ago and they said they'd never use Father Christmas; I'm not sure they'd even heard of the term, in fact.

Ploom Thu 13-Dec-12 09:19:13

Aw I've just seen on FB that cakebump had her baby. Lovely news - a girl Mathilda grin

Ooh, has she? <rushes off to look> Lovely name. smile

cheaspicks Thu 13-Dec-12 10:19:04

Yay for cakebump!

ploom ha ha, I can just imagine walking through Weimar and dd suddenly saying "look, there's ploomchens 2+3" and me going "nah, they live a loooong way away, dd..."

I've re-threaded the sewing machine and am going to do some quilting in half an hour now.

itsMYNutella Thu 13-Dec-12 11:48:35

Oooohhhh I never got around to FBing cakebump but sounds like she's just pinched DP's favourite girls name wink awwww congratulations for her though!!
Anyone else tried to pick slightly different names only to discover that they suddenly became really popular?
Good friend in the UK picked Florence for her second and then the PM went and used it a few months later - she was quite rightly very peeved! smile

Linzer I would have gone for Santa too, because its easier to teach; but I prefer Father Christmas as a personal choice. Couldn't answer before because I was enjoying a pedicure and reading a trashy magazine grin

cheas we practically live on top of a haberdashery style shop and I wish I was more crafty hmm but I managed to find what I needed because it had hemming web in English under the German grin "Saum-Vlies"

Nutella I'll let you off then - a pedicure and trashy magazines should always take priority. grin (Can you actually still see your toes? wink)

I was thinking before that it's a shame Cake is no longer on the thread as we could have had a guess-the-weight competition for her baby as well! 7 lb exactly and a quick labour, apparently (I take back what I said about first labours rarely being speedy!).

itsMYNutella Thu 13-Dec-12 12:47:43

Linzer I love trashy magazines and always go for them at hairdresser's or wherever. I'm always pleased to see they include all the necessary ingredients, someone who is too skinny, best and worst dressed, who has had surgery, who might be pregnant and of course a diet that will help you get a bikini body in about 5 days.

I can still see my toes cheeky (they look lovely now grin ) but can only reach them when balanced against something (if not sitting already) for a few seconds at a time. I had warned DP that he'd have to give me a pedicure at some point, being the kind of man that steps up to a challenge he said he'd pay for a pedicure grin

Now I'm going to enjoy a coffee and a toasted raisin roll it's all Ploom's fault

Hi, Cake, if you happen to be browsing, and congratulations!

Nutella, I would be very hacked off if DS's name becomes popular, but I doubt it will. grin There is of course a chance that a sleb will use it, I very much hope not. I used to love Phoenix for a girl, but when Scary Spice used it, it went off my list. I really love it though, maybe it could be a middle name. Are you telling us your names?
Are we guessing date of arrival? I'm baggsying 01/01/2013 if so!

Linzer, I say Santa. It's less of a mouthful, and seems to be much more commonly used in the Xmas books we have.

adventkerzylin Thu 13-Dec-12 14:14:10

Congratulations to cake did she have her today or did she have a 12-12-12 baby?

nutella I think my dd would like to live where you live! She loves pottering in haberdashery type shops!

ploom you've turned into the perfect Bavarian housewife (your xmas biscuits looked perfect too)! The other day dh was speaking to an old friend who now lives in the US and he was saying 'I'm a neuroscientist, my ds is in 9th grade and my dd is in 8th grade and my wife is looking after us all!' hope they realise what a life of luxury they have.

jenny you have my sympathy for the workaholic dh! Mine is like that and if he didn't need to eat and sleep he would work through sometimes! He's a researcher so it's never ending anyway.

platanos is your ds feeling better? High fever is a worry isn't it, hope you managed to get it down abit.

cheas hope it's not too slippy, can imagine living on a hill in this weather is pain, although you could maybe sledge down it but getting back up isn't fun. I nearly fell over crossing the road this morning and that's in flat as a pancake Hanover.

Grinch those snow and sledging photos are great on fb, you really do live in a great place for the dc!

hope everyone else is fit and healthy.
I have just got the parcels ready for the UK, decided against the bottle of alcohol for my dad as it was going to cost 17€ to post and there are 2 parcels so I took the bottle out and he's getting a lovely light weight scarf with his chocolates! Have to go to the post office now.

advent (I always read your name as Kerzilein, or was that intended?) Cake's baby was born at 1.30 am today, so just missed out on a 12-12-12 birthday - that would have been a great date of birth, wouldn't it?

WhatWould I've never heard of anyone else with your DS's name, but at least it's one that's fairly easy to spell - having a name with various different spellings (like DD1's) means you're constantly having to spell it out or having it misspelled.

Nutella Glad you're still able to admire your toes. grin In answer to the question in your previous post, we went for fairly unadventurous names but I'd have liked to give the DDs more English names. If I'd had my way, DD1 would have been Emily, which I thought would be fairly unusual in Austria (DH claimed it would be), but it's actually fairly common here - mainly among girls younger than DD1 and in various misspelled forms.

I did go with "Santa" in today's English lesson, but of course one little girl put her hand up and said "I know another name for the Weihnachtmsmann - Father Christmas!". (Not DD2, I hasten to add!) So then I explained that Father Christmas was mainly used in Britain; one of the boys asked if that meant England, which led to me giving the mini-lesson on Britain/England that I mentioned on FB. (The teacher obviously wasn't taking in what I said. She was probably distracted by my drawing of Britain and Ireland on the board - possibly the worst ever. grin)

smile @ UK/GB/EnglandWalesScotlandNorthernIreland!

MIL has the same name as your DD1, Linzer, but yes, spelt one of the other ways!

Can anyone please recommend some snowboots for 2yo DS please? I love the look of these Moonboots but the sole looks rather thick, is this practical for a toddler, being a few inches taller than usual?
I quite fancy a pair for myself too! smile

tadjennyp Thu 13-Dec-12 21:31:13

Yay to cakebump's new baby! Pretty name too.

Well done to all the snow shovelling - there hasn't been enough down here for that.

I always used to say Father Christmas too Linzer but Santa is shorthand and ubiquitous here.

Dh made it back at gone half ten last night and got to bed at gone 2am as he has a meeting with Intel today. I wouldn't mind so much if I thought it wasn't becoming so regular but he forgets to eat lunch as he is so busy, never bothers with breakfast in the first place so I think he's going to make himself ill. Thanks for the sympathy! I appreciate he is lucky to have a job at all in this day and age.

We tend to buy Sorel snow boots Santa but I don't know if they are available there.

Mmm, pedicure and a trashy mag - sounds bliss nutella. Get the relaxation in while you can!

Go cheas with the quilting. It's something I ought to get round to as well... Enjoy Weimar - lovely place!

Hello to everyone else. Got to get ds2 down for a nap or I will not get the rest of the cards done. Bye for now.

Hello and apologies! Been really busy and am now again just on my phone - with hardly any battery left.
So just very briefly to the very last post
santa what do you need them for? Just for winter, playing/walking in the snow! I'd think that moon boot type shoes would be too stiff and too much for a 2yo. We usually have either superfit or pepino boots for winter. They are nice and warm, waterproof and have quite soft soles. Much nicer for the younger ones to walk and play with, we found. Elefanten boots are ok too ( at deichmann), a bit cheaper than the other two mentioned, but soles aren't so soft and flexible.

Right, my phone is shouting at me that it'll turn itself off. Sorry for ignoring everyone else.
Waves smile

cheaspicks Thu 13-Dec-12 21:41:45

Santa we had Kamik boots last year - good eco-credentials I assume, as they are stocked by Hans Natur. They had a removable inner bit for quick drying. The soles were not particularly flexible, but I never noticed dd walking strangely or having problems because of that.

Dd has Superfit this year, simply because they are in all the shops here - I've been happy with all her Superfit shoes so far, though. Jack Wolfskin are always good for winter wear and presumably good since lots of kids seem to wear JW stuff.

Thanks for the boot advice. Yes, out, just for playing in the snow. That's if we get any more snow. Hmph, where is it!? Hard to know if it's worth buying them, we might not get any more snow!

tadj, hope your DH takes time to eat, sounds way too busy.

I'd like to make a quilt. Is it too ambitious a project for an absolute beginner? I also don't actually have a sewing machine yet.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 14-Dec-12 06:35:06


You get a 19 month old to drink yeast by mixing it with apple juice and feeding it through a medicine syringe ... trial and error reveals this to be the only way hmm

My 19 month old has snowboots from Kaufland, they were €9.99 blush he walks and runs absolutely normally in them, they are easy to put on and always fetches them and is eager to put them on, his socks are never wet after playing in the deep snow - those and his €9.99 snow trousers from Lidl and C&A coat appear to keep him warm! There was a big "which boots and snow suits for an 18 month old discussion on my parents in Munich forum, and the boots being recommended were €50 and up, €80, and the snowsuits up to about I was shock and weighed in with my Kaufland recommendation grin I guess paying €50 for snow boots if you only have one child is like paying €18 per pai if you have 3 children though grin Still more € doesn't always mean better, especially when you don't need them to last 10 years, just to be comfortable and practical for the 4 months or so til they outgrow them!

Saw cakebump's baby news on fb, lovely news and name smile

On the name thing, we chose DD's name when we still lived in the UK, where she was born, and had no immediate thoughts of moving to Germany - what we wanted was simple, classic, pretty but not over used, and international (family in the UK, Germany and Croatia) - her name absolutely fitted the bill and we were so happy with it... it still does in the UK... but then we moved here when she was 19 months old and found out that our next door neighbor had a little girl 5 months older with the same name, there was another a year older with the same name about 10 doors down, and another with the name hyphenated with Lena one month older than DD as well! It was the number 1 name in 2005 here - oops!

After all the dryer talk recently - my 4 year old dryer stopped working yesterday, I don't know how I'm ever going to get through the laundry-alp left over from the week of illness, had to dig out the airers and load them up, hate having laundry handing around the house everywhere!

Ooops better get going - need to drive DD to school as the kids were snail like getting dressed etc. this morning, probably due to a latish night last night for the football club Christmas party and tournament!

waves at everybody after shamelessly failing to namecheck at all!

Good morning! Still on my mobile, but at least a fully charged one grin

I agree, it does a little depend on if you have another child who'll be wearing those expensive shoes! All of ours have extremely wide feet, and none of the cheapish shoes seem to fit anyway. And wrt to how long they last, I do usually find that the more expensive ones do last longer. There are lots of things that we do buy at aldi and lidl -most things really- but with shoes, jackets, snow suits and wellies we started buying 'quality' after the cheap ones often didn't last with one child.

I don't know cakebump but I love the name Mathilda it was on our short list in slightly different spelling for ds3, and still is on our short list just in case grin
With ours we also tried to find names which weren't popular and suitable both in German and English. Like you grinch when ds1 was born we were in the uk. I used to go to all the toddler groups and there wasn't a single one the who had his name. Then we moved here and found its very popular. Luckily most if the boys with his name are a few years older than him though. I think I know your dd's name btw. Does it start with A?

Tauwetter here and grey skies. I nearly slipped and fell when I took ds2 and3 to pre school as snow is melting but the ground is still frozen. Be careful nutella perfect excuse to have a sofa day with a trashy mag! Oh how much I would love to have one of those! I have a Mutter-kind-kur approved for February/march and am just taking ds2 and ds3 with me. I wonder what it will be like, has anyone been! Will I get lots of nice massages and time for trashy mags?

Is everyone on here hooked up on fb as well as here?

Anyway gotta go, we are viewing a potential school for ds1 today.

platanos Fri 14-Dec-12 07:48:13

morning all!

We have also found that warm, waterproof boots from superfit, elefanten etc are fine for winter and snow here. And I have got some in Hofer (is that Aldi in Germany?) too, but check those out carefully as one year I got a pair that were not waterproof and then had to buy a second pair (different model but also from Hofer) which turned out to be fine. Not sure what that was about...

grinch oh no, no dryer! are you going to get someone out to have a look at it? timing of such things is always such a nightmare.

linzer- good that "Santa" went down well. I've always known him as Father Christmas, but I am waiting for " the Christmas man" to come out my mouth. I am sure I shall say that soon...

jenny sympathies on the hard working husband. bit worrying if he forgets to eat and does not look after himself. I have a butternut squash waiting to be turned into soup. Butternut and sweet potato soup is one of our favourite here. I used to add red lentils too, but not allowed to anymore after our "Linsenkotzentag" (as ds calls it).

st.ploom of rural bavaria - who did the snow shovelling this morning? I shall have to bastel a 'lie-in gutschein" for you and a snow shovellling sign for linzer. or rather get dd1 to bastel it, she has the bastel gene. I am not sure where she gets it from as neither dh nor I have it - maybe it skips generations?

advent well done on the christmas presents. mine are here but have no box and no chance of getting them sent off with ds being ill and dh away/working. and I need a few little pieces to finish it off. Well, traditionally, in Spain, presents were exchanged on 6 January when the three kings brough them. So, I might just make that deadline!

cheas hope you are getting through your list! quilting sounds like fun. I sometimes wish I had basic sewing skills like taking hems up, it would save some money - all my trousers need to be taken up.

ds is still unwell, thanks for asking...high fever again yesterday. He has woken up looking a bit better today but fever comes later on so will see what happens. This is the third time this year that he has had such a long spell of high fever, at least we have managed to stay out of hospital and avoid intravenous drips this time. My other two were/are never so ill, so I worry at times.

I spent a long time yesterday trying to find a typical British/Spanish simple christmas recipe that I could make for dds Christmas party. But failed. Any ideas for something easy to make? Unless the Asian shop round the corner from my work has mincemeat. My colleagues laughed their heads off when I called it the "Indianer Geschäft", I meant "Inder" of course blush.

off to look after my little one. waves to all and have a good day...


DS is off school for the second time this week without being ill, but this time he really does have to be at home as he has headlice (the first time we've ever had them). I've treated him, so hopefully he's louse-free now; DH is at home today, so he's taken him to the doctor's to get a certificate so that he can go back to school on Monday.

DD1 has her first KEL-Gespräch (Kind-Eltern-Lehrer) this morning, which is why DH has taken the day off - she has to present a topic of her choice to her parent(s) and a teacher of her choice, and has chosen to talk about London as she could reuse everything from her primary school Referat last year with her English teacher present. We're going back to see the clinical psychologist this evening to discuss the results of all the tests done a couple of weeks ago, so will have to decide whether she needs more dyslexia training - but it's looking fairly likely at the moment.

WhatWould Sorry, no help on the boots as we've never had moonboots - well, we did have a pair in the cellar passed on from a friend, but they were never used (we found the cheap Aldi/Lidl boots were fine, although you do of course have to know when to buy them and Aldi, Tchibo, Lidl, etc. aren't generally much use for spur-of-the-moment buys).

Grinch There are two girls with the same name as your DD in DD2's class; one is usually called by her full (hyphenated) name at school, but her parents and other friends call her by the shorter version and it can get a little confusing at times (to me, at any rate!). Plus the other mother was feeling a little put out by the fact that her DD was often called first name + surname, until I pointed out that it was probably only to distinguish her from the other girl, who's very often not called by her full first name. brew if you've got through and understood that!

Katharina was our first choice of girl's name originally (until we realised the initials would be rather unfortunate - think concentration camp), but there are so many Katharinas here that I'm now glad we didn't go for that name. (Although the DC's names aren't exactly unusual here either...)

outnumbered A Mutter-Kind-Kur sounds good, although I don't know anyone who's been on one.
Yes, I think most people on the thread are on FB too - PM me if you like. smile

platanos grin at Indianergeschäft! Sorry to hear DS is still poorly; fingers crossed the fever doesn't return later. We have exactly the same here - the DDs are never ill (I think they've missed a total of about two days of school over the past four years) but there's always something with DS. And if it's not illness, it's school refusal/headlice, etc.! I'm sure I've heard one of mine say "the Christmas man", btw. grin

Also meant to say platanos - yes, Hofer is exactly the same as Aldi (same products, same logo, same everything). Thanks to googling my in-depth knowledge of Austrian culture, I can inform you that this is because Aldi took over an Austrian chain called Hofer and kept the name here. grin

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 14-Dec-12 08:24:58

Yep DD's name begins with A. There is actually an up side to her being known by first name surname combo as sometimes I meet people for the first time and they hear my surname and ask me if I am by any chance the A *'s Mama! She is a bit infamous locally (in a big fish in a teeny pond way) grin well she has lots of friends and a big personality, and often grandparents or other relations of kids she knows seem to have heard of her - obviously they wouldn't make the connection with me if she wasn't known by her full name grin

Linzer I think I've said before I liked your DD2's name for DD but DH vetoed it because of the popular here New Year's Eve programme they show every year...

DS1 on the other hand has a name that under 3 children in the UK were given in his birth year apparently, and we know no other boys with his name - but it gets miss-spelt with a C, when he has the "Wikinger" spelling with a K, which DH and I both much preferred - the c spelling seems somehow a bit weak and chinless, where the K seems strong and stompy grin How crazy feelings about names can be! smile Ds2 has an English name and one child asked me "Wie so?" when I told her what his name was! Another mum referred to it as "Etwas besonders" - its pretty common in the UK.

We bought expensive snow boots for DD the first year here and the zip broke a few months into winter, ironically we've never had a problem with the supermarket ones. Unfortunately as DS1 is a Sept birthday and DS2 an April birthday, and they are both very similar size-for-age passing seasonal specific stuff along has never worked out, DS2 is always in between the sizes we have in the Keller from DS1 - and as we moved here with DD knowing I was pregnant with a DS (who was at the time going to be our last baby) buying snowboots and snowsuits to intending pass down has never been a consideration really.

plantanos hope your DS is better soon. My middle one is usually the one who gets every illness going and gets it worst, and has a tendency to get wheezy etc. although for the first time he came off fairly lightly with our most recent bout of illness and was better in 24 hours, unlike the rest of us. Probably your DS is just getting bombarded with more germs than the older ones got at the same age, because of having older siblings bringing them in.

cheaspicks Fri 14-Dec-12 08:42:39


grinch Names must vary in popularity in different regions - an acquaintance here named her dd2 the same as your dd and when she told me I reacted with the same things as you wrote here: "a lovely classic name, doesn't seem to go out of fashion", then I said I knew two other babies with the same name and she looked shock and said "but not here!?!". She'd obviously decided that it wasn't overused as well and didn't want me to tell her otherwise!

I've taught two girls with that name so far, although one was -Lena. DD's name seems to be equally popular in this town, although we've opted for the less common spelling. As an aside, and a massive pfb boast, I watched DD write her name yesterday with no help whatsoever smile - no idea how she can do that, since her drawing and colouring in doesn't seem in any way advanced (I hate that word) and she flatly refuses to hold a pen/pencil correctly confused.

I got a lot done on my quilt yesterday and only have two more ?seams to sew before I can start on the binding. I would really love to have it hung up before Xmas. I will post a pic on fb once it's done!

Santa quilting is pretty simple - I'm not an experienced sewer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have used a sewing machine for the odd project every few years or so since I was a teenager - drawstring trousers, a couple of bags, two clothkits dolls for dd. You need quite a lot of equipment to start quilting - a rotary cutter, cutting mat, two large plastic rulers and a good sewing machine - otherwise you would make life harder for yourself - you could cut pieces of fabric with a paper pattern and a pair of scissors, but the edges would be less straight and therefore harder to pin and sew accurately, and then the bigger pieces might not match up, etc.

I think the pattern you choose is what makes it hard and/or time consuming. I started another project last year which had much narrower strips of fabric and I got very fed up. The project that I'm currently working on took much less time to cut and much less time to sew. I'll link to a few patterns later on this morning (don't want to risk this long message disappearing if I click on another tab now!)

Hello to everyone else!

cheaspicks Fri 14-Dec-12 08:46:20

grinch completely agree about your ds1's name. I discovered that someone I know with the same name spells it the same way you do - totally changed my opinion of his character grin.

adventkerzylin Fri 14-Dec-12 08:53:03

Grinch your dd really is famous, that radio thing she did was great! I bet she was really proud of that. Sorry about your dryer, that's another load of expense on top of filling your oil tank eh? It always happens at the wrong time.

Linzer hope the headlice problem is solved and dd has a good KELgespräch. Yes, my xmas name is sort of kerzilein but with lin as in admylin at the end!

platanos hope your ds is better soon. How about making a chocolate log cake for dd's xmas do? I've cheated before and bought a ready made roll and just covered it myself (with chocolate butter cream), stuck abit of plastic holly in and bob's your uncle!

outnumbered great that you got a Kur. Do you know where you will be going yet? A friend of mine wnet on a few and she got to decide where she wanted to go so one year she went south to one in Bavaria and one year to the Nordsee. She loved it, good rest and organised stuff for her dd to do, one year she even put herself on a diet and got a special menu and exercise plan to follow.
I'm on fb too, message me if you want. Mostly put photos on there.

jenny those are long days for your dh. You don't get half as many days off in the US either do you? Know what you mean about being lucky to have a job. Dh just got another Absage from a job at a new science cetre in Freiburg, they said they had 45 higher qualified applicants so he didn't make it past the first round but to please keep checking their website and apply again if he sees more jobs! This is dh who has 8 years experience and high impact factor publications in his area of research.

Must get going and post these parcels, even dh (who is useless at timing) reminded me to get it done this morning or they won't make it!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 14-Dec-12 08:53:16

plantanos last year I made veggie mincemeat (despite not being remotely veggie - but lard is hard to find here) and the good thing about it is you can easily find all the ingredients here, and it doesn't need to age the way regular mince meat should (though it does keep equally well if you want to) and it does still have the right type of taste and texture. The down side is once you've bought all the different dried fruits and brandy your mincemeat is incredibly expensive! I found the recipe on the bbc good food site. Otherwise shortbread is quite Christmasy and the easiest thing in the world - Dd and DS1 can make it on their own, I just have to hoer in the general area and do the oven part.

Hello cheas - yay on your clever DD writing her name smile Kindergarten will tell you off now as you are not meant to "teach" her (even if you didn't teach her) yet smile They may let you off if she spontaneously draws accurate geometric shapes at random at KiGa (experience from DD smile I haven't been told off for DS1 writing his name, but I assume that is because he started later and could be Vorschule, though he isn't in the Vorschule programme - DD started writing hers soon after she started KiGa, and KiGa must have initially pegged me as a pushy parent who was trying to hot house her and told me to stop teaching her - which like you I wasn't doing!)

mamasr Fri 14-Dec-12 08:57:44

I was really pleased to stumble across this message.. We are looking into buying a home in Kitzbühel for the winter months early next year! Does anyone live in/around there? Is it a good area etc? Any hints would be much appreciated! Thanks and Merry Christmas! x

Not much time to post now as we're just off to the KEL-Gespräch, but I'll come back and answer your question later mamasr (have just asked DH, and he said there's always lots of snow, which I assume is good if you're buying for the winter months, and that it's very expensive).

Ploom Fri 14-Dec-12 09:23:33

Morning! Wow you lot have been chatty while I was busy with my usual activity - snow shovelling angry. Think that'll be the last time tho for the next while since its supposed to melt tonight and then rain for the next week.

We went on holiday to Brixen im Thale which is the next town to Kitzbuhl (?sp) - I found Kitzbuhl itself too busy & expensive but Brixen was quieter but with good skilifts etc.

platanos - hope the poorlyness clears soon. I will gratefuly accept my sainthood and my lie in gutschein. Not sure I'll get it to use it this side of Christmas tho smile.

cheas - good on your dd for writing her name. If she was in the UK she'd be doing it at preschool in practice for starting school in September but as grinch said, kiga will think you're hothousing herwink. She's got a perfect length of name to write unlike my 3dc!

Ahhhhh linzer - headlicehmm. I'm itching just thinking about them. We've only had them twice in the house but it makes me paranoid for months after. Hope the meeting about your dd goes well later.

santa - we also bought our snowboots from aldi/lidl and they've been absolutely fine & lasted fairly well as have the dc's snowsuits.

Love all the talk about names - its fascinating to hear how people decided. I always knew what I wanted to call a boy so it was easy when ds1 came along. Wasnt so easy when little surprise ds2 appeared - still wish we'd called him Michael but we stupidly told my MIL before he was born that we were thinking of using it & she went on how much she hated it. If we'd waited till after he was born then she would have kept it to herself (well maybe!).

Funny enough I know of 2 baby girls born in the last 2 weeks & they are both called Matilda/Mathilda. Wonder if its in fashion right now.

In dd's class there are 2 girls called Anna & Anne (which they pronounce Annaaaaa & Ann-e) - think they both answer to both cause the difference is so slight.

Waves to everyone I missed - dh is finally ready & we need to go to get a Christmas tree grin.

adventkerzylin Fri 14-Dec-12 10:06:43

ploom that reminds me, I'm meant to have bought one already (a tree) but haven't found time. Can't go now as lunch has to be on the table dead on time so we can make it to dyslexia class then back home to take ds and his friend to their table tennis meeting and by then it'll be dark and roads are still slippy. Have to try tomorrow.

Parcels sent - cost 17€ for two! That would have been a 3 or more nice bottles of wine or a couple of cases of glühwein, what a shame!

mamasr Fri 14-Dec-12 10:15:13

Thank You! Sorry to hijack your thread!

cheaspicks Fri 14-Dec-12 10:32:34

This was the quilt I started and abandoned Canasta. I wanted to make it to cover the bed in our guest room which meant I needed 64 squares - only managed 12 so far.

this is what I'm currently working on. I'm not doing the border, though. The finished quilt will be 4' square and I plan to hang it at the top of our stairs.

I want to make this next!

And I love these fabrics and desperately want to make something with some of them grin.

adventkerzylin Fri 14-Dec-12 10:48:41

Wow, cheas you must be so patient, love those fabrics too.

mamasr hope you get some info about Kitzbuhl, I have only heard of it as being very expensive and exclusive, never visited either.

cheaspicks Fri 14-Dec-12 12:57:47

Sorry, mamsr, I don't know anything about Kitzbuhl.

outnumbered I think I've added you on fb.

platanos Fri 14-Dec-12 14:01:19

no fever - yay, ds may be on the mend smile

cheas- wow, those quilts are lovely. I love those liberty materials too...clever daughter for a clever mother!

advent - sorry to hear about the absage. Frustrating...hope the right job comes along soon.

Linzer how did the KEL-Gespräch go? headlice? I hate them---have not had them for a while, thank goodness. did he get the all-clear from the dr? hope the clinical psychologist goes well today - I am a bit confused - is he/she the same one who did the tests, or a different one?

outnumbered Take care on those frozen pavements. I don't know anything about going on a Kur, but it sounds like a well-deserved rest for you. Let us know how you get on...

Thanks for all the ideas...I'll have a look for a swiss roll that I can just cover. Otherwise, it is biscuits or shortbread. I did a search on pinterest and got lots of ideas - will put some to the girls and let them decide. It will give them something to do as we are stuck indoors for most of the weekend with ds...

agree that Matilda is a lovely name - it was one of my favourite but MIL's sister was called that and MIL would have been VERY hurt if we had named our dd that. The dd's have got variations on very classic names, which makes them a little bit less common. (In fact, dd1 is grinch's dd's name with the end of Linzer's dd1's name stuck on it...). DS got a very uncommon name, and is a bit like marmite - people love it or wince when they hear it. Bit better here than in the UK, especially my Grandmother who suggested, a couple of weeks after he was born, that we consider changing his name. She was 93 at the time so I was not offended but very amused wink .

linzer was it you who linked to the elf yourself website? I am currently having fun with it with ds2 who cant get enough of it! smile we had headlice once. it was very odd actually as it was before any of our 3 were at pre-school. ds2 used to go to a little Krabbelgruppe with ds2 (this was when we were still in Lüneburg) for an hour once a week. he must had picked it up there - but when my dad mentioned headlice the following week, of course NONE of the other children had had it hmm it's still somehow seen as being connected to poor hygiene isnt it. How did the meeting with the CP go?

advent sorry about the absage sad dh has also had another couple of those. It really is frustrating! about the Kur, yes I got to choose, and I am going to Cuxhaven. I am hoping it will be good for ds2 who suffers from Obstruktive Bronchitis a lot, and may help with all my allergies as well. Also PIL live about 30 mins away, so the boys will get to see them a fair bit too I would imagine. I do feel a bit guilty about not taking ds1, but then a)I do need a break from him, and b) the Kurklinik actually said that I would only be allowed to come if I left him at home! shock

grinch nightmare about the dryer. our 2-year-old one broke a couple of years ago, and I think we lasted for exactly 1 week without one. Thankfully we had PIL over and they generously bought us a new one!

cheas those quilts are beautiful! and what a clever dd you have smile ds1 started writing his own name when he was about 3 years old - but his name only has 3 letters. he has since taught himself to write all letters and is started to read. People do think I am a pushy parent, but I have nothing to do with it. oh, and thanks for adding me on fb - I did wonder who I had 'friended' wink

platanos I'm very glad your ds is finally starting to feel better. I hope he gets well very soon! I love the name discussions, and trying to figure out what names you are talking about. particularly the 'marmite' one, and your grandmother's comment made me grin. children and elderly people are just so honest!

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Fri 14-Dec-12 17:52:39

Back to post more later but was just reading and just had to vent - what makes DH think its OK to notice the toddler has a dirty nappy and sit there saying "DS2 smells" then when I reply not at all sarcastically that he is allowed to change his nappy too he grunts, and 2 minutes later says, as if for the first time "I think DS2 smells" - honestly, why does he think it is not an option for him to change a nappy if I am physically present in the building, am I dreaming when I think some other men, upon noticing their child has filled their nappy, would go and change it? He's not in the middle of anything, he's watching an episode of How I met your Mother that he's seen before... and its not a game, he never changes a nappy unless I'm out at work...

grinch dh sometimes tries the 'soandso smells', or he'll say - just as I am coming downstairs 'ds2/ds3, have you just filled your nappy?!' like it only JUST happened. I have learnt to ignore it and have learnt to refuse to change nappies when he can do it as well.

when I was in hospital with ds2 a couple of years ago, I room-shared with a lady who had 4 children. both her and her OH had never had a job, lived off benefits and were therefore both at home all day. she told me that her OH just 'cant' do nappies, and because of that he has not changed one single nappies for any of their four children! and she seemed ok with it too!! she did tell me a few other odd things as well during the week I was there...

Thanks all for the Lidl/Aldi tips - I will check them out. Though I hate the set up in both of those: you can't just look and leave easily, you have to go through the till to exit, and you can never get past anyone in the queue, it is so rammed and squashed, so you have to queue even if you aren't buying anything. Well, in our local stores anyway. Tchibo's here are small, they don't seem to stock much (plus I really dislike the smell of coffee!).

Wow, cheas, ambitious quilting! I think if I ever want a nice quilt I shall have to commission someone!

platanos, I am not sure we are Fb pals! I don't think I know your DC's names. Or am I getting confused with all the namechanging? Feel free to add me!

Well, I found a Mall Santa! Not quite in a Grotto, but good enough. Though there wasn't really much room to get a good photo, but I shall go through them soon and Fb a good one if I managed to get one. Not really a German thing, is it - we were pretty much the only ones there! grin

shock at the non-nappy changing men!

I love talking babynames too, Ploom. Like you, I too knew what I wanted to call my son, right from about 20 years ago! smile Luckily, DH wholeheartedly loved it straight away when I told him.

Grinch So did you get him to change the nappy? I think I would probably have snapped something like "Well, change it then!" in your situation, although I doubt that's the best approach. grin

outnumbered It could well have been me; I'm pretty sure I mentioned Elf Yourself and may well have linked to it (mind like a sieve). We had to watch the film dozens of time the day I the elf made it!

The meeting went well, thanks; the psychologist suggested that we deal with the dyslexia training (focusing on auditory skills) first, as that might help with the other problems, and then move on to the psychotherapy afterwards. She estimated that DD1 will need about a year's worth of training, at €60 an hour. shock But she does seem very competent, and if it helps... (she said that if we don't deal with it now, DD1 will struggle with it for ever). She also said that it often helps improve children's social skills and that they become more open as a result of the training.

platanos I love your DC's names; they're definitely quite uncommon, at least here, but I think that's a good thing. I'd never even really heard of your younger two's names, but the woman in the next bed to me in hospital when I had DS called her DD the same name as your DD1. I thought what a lovely name, although I must admit I went off it a bit when I saw how it was spelled as it just looked wrong! (Imagine the shorter spelling of DD1's name plus only one n.)

The psychologist was the same one as we saw last time, but she went through the results of the tests in more detail today. She's not going to be doing the training herself, though; she said that one of the tutors would phone us to arrange the lessons.

Ploom Did you find a Christmas tree? Are you having to hide it until the 24th now? I'm also fascinated by the names discussion and what other people's DC are called (it took me ages to remember Grinch's DS1's name!).

cheas Gorgeous fabrics - I wish I was good at arts & crafts type things.

advent shock at the price of the parcel - although I shouldn't be really, as it's extortionate to post parcels here too. I was really shock earlier today, though, when the DC's Christmas cards to my parents were returned as I hadn't put enough postage on them - they were definitely under 50g, so they can't have fitted through the dreaded slot (0.5 cm). I took DD2's letter out and posted it to them, but we'll take the Christmas cards back with us when we fly over. I'm not paying over €8 to post six Christmas cards!

mamasr On further questioning, it turns out that DH hasn't actually been to Kitzbühel so you can probably ignore his remarks about it being full of Russians. But it does have a reputation for being very expensive and exclusive and, like Ploom said, you'll get more value for money if you look a little further out.
Wrt to buying in Austria, you need to allow an additional 10% or so on top of the purchase price for fees, taxes, etc. If you buy a new property direct from the developer, you'll save on estate agent fees, but otherwise you could pay up to about 6% of the purchase price (the average is around 3%, I think). Another thing to bear in mind is that property prices don't tend to go up much here, so you won't necessarily make a profit when you sell - in fact, it seems to be quite unusual to do so. Buyers will pay a premium for a newbuild and houses then seem to depreciate. (This may be different in an exclusive area like Kitzbühel, but DH said probably not.) I'm afraid I don't know much about the Kitzbühel area, but if you have any more questions related to buying property in Austria, feel free to ask. smile

Oh, and Ploom - your FB post about the awful English used in advertising reminded me of this Unilever campaign, which I was reading about earlier today.

Ploom Fri 14-Dec-12 20:06:14

Omg linzer thats shocking! That's on another level to my spot today.
I saw an advert for an expandable ring by a jewellers that had the slogan "Zoom up your ring" grin. Dh and I were uncontrollable with laughter - not only at the bad English! We have to drive past it tomo - wonder whether I should take the phone number & give them a call?

linzer - glad the appt went well. we're being british and putting the tree up over the weekend.

platanos - smile to no more fever. Are you on FB too?

outnumbered - will PM you with my FB details.

cheas - those quilts look amazing esp the geometric one in silver & black. Have never had those skills so I'm very impressed.

At dc2&3 pre school there is a sign in English, but is such bad English I have to giggle every time I see it. In fact, the English used is so bad I can't even remember exactly what it says. Must make a note of it on Monday!

linzer do you have to pay for dyslexia training yourself?? I would have thought that having a dx would mean that treatment/help would be available for free. Like ds1 and ds2 who are entitled to treatment, help and support for anything related to their autism. Here these costs are covered by the jugendamt and sozialamt. At the end of the day, your dd needs support in order for her to have a chance of achieving her potential, as well as minimizing/ helping with the effects in her self esteem/ anxieties. So what would parents do if they can't afford €60/ session (shock). Would their dc simply not get any help? It doesn't seem right.

Ploom Fri 14-Dec-12 20:14:20

outnumbered - a friend here went on a Mutter/Kind Kur a few years ago - she really enjoyed it and the dc did too. She had time for herself to do some exercise & lost weight too. She's still in touch with some of the other mothers.

grinch - I'd just have been direct & told dh to change it. I can imagine how annoyed you were - they're not just your dc!

santa - glad you found a grotto. Have you set up a Santa video for him from Portable North Pole? My boys were so excited today to watch theirs - ds2 was answering Santa's questions - too cute grin.
I'm contemplating going to bed soon - I'm sooooo tired. All 3 dc have a Christmas party to go tomorrow morning so we'll be up early but dh and I are going to have a breakfast date for ourselves at a local deli after we've dropped them off.

Hope you all have a good weekend

Evening all!

We're in the house and finally have (ridiculously slow) internet. I'm trying to catch up with the thread but it's taking me a while as DS is on a bit of a kamikaze mission this week with plug sockets, cables, furniture etc and I'm still in the middle of unpacking.

Nutella I am so sorry but I haven't posted that cd yet. Do you still want it? I can dig it out this weekend and get it posted next week.

Ploom <snort> at your ring-slogan-spot! I told DH and he spat a bit of beer out through his giggles.

outnumbered You'll have to let us know what the bad English is smile When do you go on your Kur? (Sorry if you've already mentioned)

Linzer [shock) at the Unilever campaign!

platanos How is your DS tonight? Hope he's better soon.

Grinch I'd have snapped! But I have no patience whatsoever for that sort of thing.

I'm also on Facebook so feel free to PM me outnumbered & platanos (& anyone else, of course!) I'm friends with most of the thread already so shouldn't be too hard to find smile

Wine is poured, takeaway is ordered and I'm off to collapse in a heap in the corner or to eat my own body weight in biscuits

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <waves to anyone I've missed in my shoddy namechecking>

tadjennyp Fri 14-Dec-12 22:28:15

Hello - so sorry I haven't name-checked anyone but have been so upset with the tragic events in the elementary school in Connecticut. Those poor children and their families. sad

Congratulations on moving house though muppets - I just caught sight of that. Enjoy your first weekend in your new home!

itsMYNutella Sat 15-Dec-12 09:12:01

jenny DP told me about the news this morning, it's awful, such sad news.

Antique if you have the time I'd be interested in giving it a go. Maybe you posting it will bring on the law of sod and send me into labour wink

ploom and linzer your language spots are brilliant! I've noticed on several DB trains the notice in the toilet says only "thank" instead of "thank you" honestly, who does these terrible translations and how could they miss something so elementary?

Sorry for not name checking more, I am super tired, think I might go back to bed when I take my buns out of the oven hmm only managed about 4 hours of sleep last night..... But I was tired enough yesterday after only bout 5/6 hours sleep. My Mum was kind enough to tell me it won't get any better for a while confused

jenny I saw the news last night and were absolutely shocked and saddened! I will never understand why some people just take the lives of innocent people - and even little children! sad

my Kur will be end of February until mid-March. There is still the possibility that I wont be ablt to go though, as I need someone here at night for ds1. he'll be at kiga during the day and has an Integrationshelfer until around 6.30. But if dh has a new job by then (which of course I hope!) and if that job isnt in daily commuting distance, than dh will not be here for him. I will cross that bridge when we come to it though, and at the moment I am just looking forward to a bit of a break from it all.

Ploom and antique, will pm you re fb.

have a nice and quiet weekend everyone.

Jenny So awful about the shooting. I just can't imagine what those involved are going through. sad

Nutella Hope you managed to get some more rest. And you never know - you might get an amazing sleeper who's going through the night from 6 weeks; I've heard they exist. grin

Antique Glad you've survived the move and more importantly have Internet. smile Hope you're settling in OK, despite kamikaze toddlers!

outnumbered Fingers crossed that you get your Kur. Yes, we'll need to pay for the training ourselves - the Krankenkassen are cutting back on what they pay for and don't pay for psychological therapy unless you have a Zusatzversicherung (which we don't). The Jugendamt will cover it if you can't afford it, however.

Ploom Glad to hear you're being sensible British about the tree. wink I think your advert is far funnier than the Unilever campaign (unintentionally, obviously!) - wonder how you'd explain it to them if you phoned them up. grin

platanos Sorry, I've only just realised I forgot to answer your question about the KEL-Gespräch. It went well, thanks; after DD1 had done her presentation, her form teacher asked her a few general questions about how she was settling in at school, what she liked about it (getting good grades, apparently - I think the low grades she often got at primary school must have been quite demoralising for her), etc. Her English teacher seems very nice too, so I'm going to try to be a bit less picky about her English. grin

It's now started raining just in time for our Adventmarkt get-together. DH and I have a bet on how many parents will turn up - DH thinks two, whereas I think none. Given the weather, I think I'm more likely to win. grin

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sun 16-Dec-12 10:31:15

Antique woo hoo for being into the house!

outnumbered hope you get to go on your kur - I've never been on one, how do you get one, do you just ask? I remember people on here telling me I could be entitled to one at the height of my sleep deprivation when DS2 had been waking every 45 minutes most nights for a few months and I was pretty run down, but I couldn't see how it would help as if I took him with me I'd still get no sleep, and if I tried to wean him and leave him home DH would have outsourced house and kids to MIL and my life wouldn't have been worth living once I got home as she'd feel entitled to nag, criticise and lecture me for the rest of her natural life in return (in the guise of friendly tips and advice, but every time she has babysat here she has exacted payment in the form of a protracted tour of the house afterwards pointing out my housekeeping faults)! I know one mum locally who has been on Kur with her youngest, although she mainly complained about the weather so I didn't really get a picture of what was involved! Would be interested to hear back after you've been!

mamasr I know nothing about Kitzbühel at all - I googled it out of curiosity and now know its an expensive fancy ski resort grin Not much help there smile

Linzer glad the KEL-Gespräch went well. Think I saw on fb that the Advent event was badly attended though sad sorry about that, weather probably a big factor though sad

Nutella I hope you manage to get a bit more sleep before Nutellachen arrives - its all very well saying its getting you prepared for the sleep deprivation of a new baby, but I think its a rubbish design flaw to make new mothers knackered before the newborn even arrives! Still a lot of newborns do give you a "honeymoon period" and sleep loads in the first week or so, so that is a possibility to look forward to! Only one of mine did that, but I think it is pretty common. My youngest actually slept quite well for the first 4 months - the terrible sleep deprivation didn't actually kick in til the 4 month growth spurt. If you can sleep when baby sleeps in the day too once he's here you may well find it does actually get better once he is born (really, really make sure you enjoy and take advantage of that that luxury of a first born smile )

Jenny the news of that shooting is so beyond awful I can't really bring myself to think too much about it, what on earth makes people feel entitled to do that rather than just kill themselves... beyond anything and seems to be happening with sickening regularity.

Got to go and see what DS2 is doing in the kitchen, he keeps opening the fridge...

platanos Sun 16-Dec-12 15:45:42

afternoon all,

grinch how is your ds? is he better now? did he drink the yeast? My dh changed dc1 and dc2 nappies all the time, but somehow declared himself retired by the time dc3 came along. But I would change them, while he looked after the other two. However he constantly tells us of how he used to have to change two pooey (sp?) nappies every morning for 3 years. hmm. It's a case of "yes, dear, you hero, don't forget to put your underpants on over your trousers"...

linzer glad the KEL went well. Sounds like a nice set-up to get to know teachers etc. Volkschule feels so cosy, that I wonder how the next school will feel. Sorry to hear about the poor turn up last night, but it was really foul last night. Did you stay long?

nutella hope you got some more sleep?

Jenny- It is beyond belief. A friend on fb posted something about it, and a friend of his (no-one I know) came up with the usual cr*p of 'it's not guns that kill, it is people". I think I broke FB netiquette by a frontal attack on that comment, but I don't care, it just made my blood boil.

Antique- great to hear you are in the house. and hope the unpacking goes okay.

ploom that advert is hilarious. did you ever phone? I think I would not be brave enough to try to explain that one in for dh? I somehow stumbled across the "lost in translation" thread in the mumsnet classic section and had tears rolling down my eyes. one to read when in need of cheering up.

santa good you found santa, or father christmas. No, not fb friend...will pm you and others about it.

ds is better but still not fully so. I shall have a look at him in the morning and decide. Not that I am keen to go back to if you don't hear from me for a while, you know what happened.

Just a quickie - will be back to catch up properly later or, more likely, tomorrow - platanos I can send you friend suggestions for the others on the thread to save you having to PM everyone. (I did send you a message on FB but if your FB is anything like mine, it can be a bit temperamental about telling you when you have a new message.)

Good evening! smile
I hope everyone has had nice weekends. ours has been reasonably quiet and peaceful! Yesterday afternoon we even dared to take all three boys to the local Christmas Market. WIth all the different lights, noises, smells, lots of people usually means high stress factor for ds1 and ds2, whioch again results in difficult and unpredictable behaviour. we took the risk anyway (at the end of the day, they have to get used to these things anyway dont htey?!) and I am glad we did. They did get to go on a ride when we got there and got promised another ride before we leave if they have been well behaved. And they all really did earn their second ride smile

grinch about the Kur, you would have to go to your hausarzt about it. Actually I think in the first instance you would need to ring your Krankenkasse and ask for a Mutter/Kind-Kur-Antrag. With that Antrag you need to go to your Hausarzt. He/She'll need to complete it and say why you need to go on one. And you have to complete quite a few pages yourself too. I have heard that most applications get turned down at first...and most women usually just leave it at that as they dont see much point re-applying. I must have been lucky, as my application got accepted within 3 days of sending in my first application!! If you are considering going on a Mutter/Kind Kur, I'd recommend talking to someone from a Kurberatung. There are hotlines where you can go through your application with someone, they'll tell you what to put down so that it's more like to get accepted etc. On the other hand, I wonder if a Mutter/*Kind*-Kur would be right for you, as you would have your ds with you. BUT the Kurklinik I am going to allows a Begleitperson (doesnt have to be related) to go with you free if you are bringing a young child (I think younger than 4). I think they only offer that in the quieter season (Oct-April) but still very good!
What is your ds sleeping like, grinch. ds1 was the most terrible sleeper!!! he needed us to hold his hand while he fell asleep, and by midnight the latest he would wake up and would not go back to sleep in his own bed, thus we had him with us every single night. it really was hard work, and at the time I was already heavily pregnant with ds2. eventually I let dh sleeptrain him 1 months before ds2 was due. dh was about to start a job as a management consultant and was going to be away during the week. I had no idea how I was going to be able to look after a newborn AND ds1 during the nights by myself. but dh did succeed within 3 nights! and as ds2 was 2 weeks early, I actually had 2 whole sleep-filled weeks!

platanos I believe I sent you a fb invite wink I do hope your ds gets well soon. How long has he been poorly for now? ds3 is finally well again and I shall make the most of it and finally get him his flu shots, which we originally had an appointment for 1 month ago.

I really cant believe it's nearly Christmas! Do any of you have the Christkind delivering presents? and do you have the presents on the 24th or 25th? We have the main presents on the 24th, as I thought we'd do what the other families around us here do. and those are from the Christkind. Then on the 25th Fahther Christmas leaves some more presents under he tree (usually the ones sent over by friends etc). the dcs think they are special and get presents by the Christkind AND Father Christmas as they have connections to both Germany and England grin

oh, antique, before I sign off..are you from Manchester? if so, we were not far from you. before moving back to Germany we were in Lancaster, which is also where ds1 was born. ds2 missed out by 4 weeks!

sorry about this far-too-long essay! blush

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sun 16-Dec-12 20:10:55

outnumbered I do all the night waking myself, always have for all the kids, it just became a habit due to BF and maternity leave with DD, and then I have been a SAHM since the boys came along so it has stayed that way - DH only gets up if I demand he does, very rarely if more than one child is up and one of them is ill, otherwise I just do it. There is nobody I would take with me except DH - and DS2 wouldn't settle for him if I was there (or at all maybe), so it wouldn't work.

His sleep is still pretty terrible but not as bad as it was - it is not the same each night but I usually end up sleeping with him from somewhere between midnight and (if I am lucky) 3am - I move to the boys room and sleep there on a double mattress I keep made up on their floor. I re-settle him if he wakes before midnight but after that he won't without me. Since I stopped BFing at 13 months I do get a break each school holiday as he stays a couple of nights with the in-laws, and MIL sleeps with him and sends FIL to the couch! MIL is helpful and loves the kids but its on her terms in that I always feel I "pay" by having to accept criticism and a lot of unwanted advice if I take help!

A Kur would not be right for me I don't think - it would be a logistical nightmare unless I took DD (because of school and what she would do in the afternoons, DH wouldn't want to take time off work for that) but I don't know if they let you take 7 year olds... I guess I'd take both boys, but it would unsettle DS1 to go away without DD and DH (he has just been very strange at his Kindergarten WaldWeinacht, almost crying and hitting me and wanting to go home but not wanting to, because he couldn't remember exactly what was going to happen so didn't know if he wanted to go or not - then once it was over he was so bouncy happy and said "I'm so glad we went and even more glader its over, I do really love going home" funny boy :D)

All I actually need is 2 weeks uninterrupted sleep :D I don't feel "entitled" to Kur - just a lot of full nights sleep in a row would sort me, the couple of nights I have had the 3 times DS2 has stayed at the in-laws has never really been enough to cut through the fog I don't think. I really, really need to lose weight and I have no self control and know I use food as a crutch when tired, however good my intentions when I am less tired... Ah well, he'll sleep one day, DD was a terrible sleeper too, though never quite as bad as DS2 she was up 2 hourly every night til she was 2! Then magically she just started sleeping through on her own, pretty much within a couple of weeks of me bringing DS1 home from hospital just after her 2nd birthday!

outnumbered that's great news that your boys managed the Christmas market grin Well done them!

Our great news is that the tumble dryer repair was going to cost €300, but Dh took it apart himself and with a bit of help from The Internet has discovered he can do it himself for the grand total of €4.99 for 2 bearings! grin He doesn't change nappies or get up in the night with kids, or clean up kid-vomit, or do any form of housework, or any laundry, or any food shopping, or buy kids presents or clothes, or cook ... but he changes winter tyres and mends tumble driers so he has his uses grin Unfortunately he hasn't found a way to drill for the heating oil that's still going to cost us €3000...

Linzer suggested a fb friend to me and I have taken the suggestion, so somebody is getting a fb friend request from me, but although I know it is somebody on here I don't actually know who! If you accept my request could you tell me on fb who on the thread you are please? grin

Sorry written a load of waffle without answering most of the posts, but I think I have to stop now anyway!

Grinch See my post of 16.10. wink

platanos, you should have an Fb Friend request from me too, as per Linzers suggestion! Hope your DS is better now.

Grinch, that is great news about the tumble drier. But yikes, heating oil for €3k? How? How long will that last?
Sorry if we have discussed this already, I can't remember. Are you against co-sleeping with your little one? Only we co-sleep with DS, and I feel I get a brilliant night's sleep because of it. If he stirs, he can feel I am right there, and he nods off again. Admittedly I've not done it the other way, but I have a feeling if he was on his own, I'd know about it if he stirred. He does sometimes sit up and want a drink, but we have a bottle by the bed, so I don't have to get out of bed. Feels like an easier way to me. Well, it works for us.

Nutella, hope you had a nice snoozy lazy day today.

out, am glad you and your boys had a great day at the Christmas market.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sun 16-Dec-12 21:03:39

Ah thankyou Linzer - and d'oh! smile

Santa I am pretty sure we have discussed it on here before - I can see its great if it works for you, but I do end up sleeping with DS2 part of every night and it is not a good night's sleep! He is so wriggly and wakes so often, and feels compelled to sleep on part of me - usually I end up with pins and needles in my arm and have to move it, which wakes him and he cries and I have to hold him quite tight to get him back to sleep, and when he does he is on some other part of me and I can't move for fear of waking him... sometimes he wants to use my face as a pillow and I can't sleep like that but he won't sleep unless his face is on mine. The problem is I can't sleep totally still (can anyone? maybe they can) and I end up with very poor quality broken sleep.

Speaking of which, he yells... I go...

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Sun 16-Dec-12 21:05:00

Oh a full tank of oil lasts a bit over a year... Still its a huge cost!

tadjennyp Mon 17-Dec-12 01:00:32

Hello - I'm on FB too. I'm Linzer's friend who lives in Oregon with my name being pretty obvious!

A Kur sounds marvellous and I hope you get to do it and that your dh gets a job not too far away outnumbered. I can just imagine suggesting it to our health insurance! Still, laughter is the best medicine. grin

I do hope that ds2 settles down really quickly for you, grinch, as sleep deprivation affects so many aspects of your health. I'm surprised you haven't just fallen asleep with him by now and he's ended up falling asleep of his own accord. [hugs] Glad the tumble drier is sorted though.

Sorry about the lack of attendees Linzer. At least you had a good time with the milk Gluehwein! wink

Is everyone feeling more Christmassy? Ds2 is wandering around singing 'jimmel bells' all the time! Tis very cute.

Sorry for not namechecking everyone but need to finish dinner now!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week. Lots of snow here so will have to keep an eye on the school website to see if there is a delay tomorrow.

adventkerzylin Mon 17-Dec-12 07:23:12

Morning, hope everyone had a good weekend.

Linzer thanks for the friend suggestion on fb!
Wow, that is expensive for the dyslexia training. You'll probably need weekly lessons too? We were told that dd would need atleast a year and that has been bewilligt so is free for us. Hopefully you can get your dd started soon, it has made a difference in dd's confidence. Now if only I could get her to stand up to her brother (he teases her for no reason) then she'd be alot happier.

outnumbered I bet it was really busy at the Christmas market so well done to you and the dc for braving it! Must admit we haven't even been yet and although we could have fit it in at the weekend the radio put us off saying it would be the busiest weekend for shopping and the market. I have a crowd phobia after an incident a few years ago.

Grinch I hope your ds will get into a different routine like your dd did - soon! He must have the energy of 10 horses!

Santa we loved co-sleeping too and I really missed them when they moved into their own room when they were 4 and 3 years old! It doesn't work for everyone though. We also had a really big comfy bed back then so everyone had room!

Well, better get going as I have to post a last minute parcel and get some shopping then start on the flat. How can it look llike a bomb dropped after a weekend? Dd's gerbil died when we were out at a party too so she was upset and we have to organise the Beerdigung in her friend's garden.

admylin Sorry to hear about the gerbil; it must have been very upsetting for your DD.
Yes, the psychologist told us that DD1 would need to have weekly lessons for about a year so it's really going to add up. OTOH it's good to have an "end in sight" as her old dyslexia tutor never mentioned a time limit or that she wouldn't need the lessons after a certain amount of time. It's good to hear that it's helped your DD's confidence. With us, it's very often DD1 who's doing the teasing so hopefully that will lessen as she becomes more confident and/or less jealous of the other two - although I'm not holding my breath atm!

Jenny I knew I'd forgotten to suggest someone to platanos - sorry! Have just done it. (I've also messaged platanos to let her know who everyone is.) I'll never be able to look at white Glühwein in the same way now; maybe I'll ask if I can have it black next time. wink

Grinch / WhatWould Talking of co-sleeping, DS ended up in our bed last night; I think he must have had a bad dream as I woke up to the sound of someone crying in our bed and it was a bit too high-pitched for DH. grin Inevitably, he managed to wet our bed too. hmm
I'm another one who can't sleep with children in the bed. I don't have to worry about waking them, but if they're not sprawled all over me, they're kicking me. I can imagine it's great if it does work for you, but it hasn't with any of mine.

outnumbered We spread our present opening over three days - we have an Austrian Christmas on the 24th, British (with most of the presents) on the 25th and DD1's birthday on the 26th. The DC do talk about the Christkind but have never really believed (we've never really told them) that he brings their presents; he brings the Christmas tree and presents to every other family we know here, but they've just accepted that we do things a bit differently! Father Christmas brings them the presents in their stocking, but they've always known that all their other presents are from us/friends and family.
It's not an issue now that SIL's DC are teenagers, but I always used to forget that all the presents are supposed to be from the Christkind and would thank someone (in front of her children) by mistake; labels saying who the presents were from (ones that my parents would send to my ILs, for example) would also have to be removed once her children started reading, etc.

platanos I'm sure it depends a huge amount on the school, but the parents at Volksschule seemed to be much more interested in getting involved or even just attending events than they are at Gymnasium/NMS (have heard the same from a few friends). We stayed just over an hour in the end, but it wasn't too bad as we were able to shelter in a little side bit of the Punschhütte and it stopped raining eventually, so the children went on a few of the rides. At least it wasn't actually too cold - it was freeeezing the weekend before, when we met up with some friends at the same market, and much less pleasant. The atmosphere wasn't quite the same with rain rather than snow, though!
How is DS today? Are you back at work? At least there's not long to go now!

DH changed his Advent get-together bet to one parent, so ended up winning. The teacher, who we were both convinced would actually turn up (she'd given us the date as the only one she could do), texted us after we'd been waiting for about half an hour to say she couldn't make it as she had too much work on. DH texted back to say we were the only ones there but would wait a little longer, to which she replied we should make sure we didn't catch a cold! (I bet that was the real reason she didn't turn up. grin)

hupa Mon 17-Dec-12 08:45:29

Linzer Sorry to hear the advent get together wasn´t more of a success. I think you´re right that the weather was the reason for the teacher not turning up.

admylin Sorry to hear about the gerbil. Has dd still got one left or was that the only one?

Grinch A friend of mine went on a Kur last year to Rügen and was able to take her school aged children with her. They had lessons in the morning while she did other activities. I think you´re right though, that as sleep is the main problem, it probably isn´t the solution you´re looking for. I hope things start improving soon.

I´m of to bake Plätzchen with ds´s class now, so I´ll catch up with everyone else later.

adventkerzylin Mon 17-Dec-12 09:54:34

Phew, just got back from a big supermarket in the Industriegebiet and I think half of Hannover is doing their Christmas shopping today! They even had 5 men directing trafic on the car park! I only wanted one thing!

hupa which recipe are you making? Well done for volunteering! Yes, dd still has one little gerbil, her last for now as it's too sad losing them. The funeral is on Thursday - only hope the ground won't be frozen.

Linzer do you think the teasing is jealousy or to get more attention? I can't figure it out. It could be that ds is jealous as I do alot with dd but then he isn't into shopping, going for coffee, drawing, crafts, baking etc but he always gets asked if he wants to join in. Lets just hope they grow out of it sooner than later!

Got a cute 1,20m Tannenbaum that'll fit in our living room corner so dc can get the decorations out after the orthodontist this afternoon.

itsMYNutella Mon 17-Dec-12 11:07:46

grinch you are absolutely right on the design flaw front, I've written my strongly worded letter of complaint but I haven't yet figured out where to send it.

advent sorry about DD's gerbil - hope the funeral goes well just in time for the apocalypse... maybe the Gerbil knew about it?

outnumbered that sounds like quite a lot of fun your DCs had at the market grin Really lovely to hear they all enjoyed the day out!

Thanks everyone, I had a much better sleep last night! Did my best to relax and prepare myself slowly for bed. Did some yoga stretching (mostly involved sticking my bum in the air to help my back) which made baby swap from lying on the right side to the left. Obviously once I was in bed baby twigged that I'd cheated it out of squishing my liver and it promptly moved back over confused which was nice.

We had a lovely brunch yesterday, it was rather busy, we tried out a new place because our local favourite was fully booked, and it was really nice to be out of the flat but not doing anything strenuous.

better dash MW has arrived!

grinch you can take children up to 12 years old with you, but like you said, a Kur probably isn't what you need. I hope you are right and that your ds2 will start sleeping better like your dd did!

I am another one who only likes co-sleeping in theory. I just don't sleep well with a child next to me.Very occasionally we do have ds2 or ds3 in bed with us, usually if they are very poorly. Ds2 is mainly ok, sleeps on his tummy with bum in the air and you don't really notice him much. Ds3 likes to cuddle up though, likes to sleep on top of you, sleeps sideways thus using up loads of space in our tiny 1.4m ( width obviously, not length grin) bed...

linzer I still don't understand though why dyslexia training would be classed as psychotherapy; isn't it a learning disability? Anyway, lots of things don't make sense or don't seem fair, I just find it odd that you have to pay for it yourself regardless of you financial situation.

I keep forgetting what else I was going to write, and looking at the posts while writing is such a pain when on the phone. Will have to try and catch up tonight.

Just spent the morning being crafty, making little thank-you/ Christmas presents for the Integrationshelfer who support us at home. For me, being probably THE least creative person there is, it was quite a challenge. I did it though smile

How's your sleeping, nutella?

Does your crowd phobia affect your life a lot, advent?

Anyway, sorry, must go!

Xpost nutella smile

hupa Mon 17-Dec-12 14:13:15

outnumbered I´m glad you all enjoyed the Christmas market. Well done for being crafty - I´m another one missing the Basteln gene, but dd seems to have inherited it from someone along the way.

Nutella How did the MW visit go. Was she able to Butterplätzchen Teig, which I then conveniently left in the fridge - that will teach me to mumsnet just before I leave the house. Luckily lots of children had brought Teig, so I didn´t have to run home to

hupa Mon 17-Dec-12 14:16:20

Sorry that makes no sense - my computer keeps typing text in the middle of other posts and deleting other bits of text - seemingly at random.

What I wanted to ask was wether the midwife gave any clue as to when you might be meeting Nutellachen.

I didn´t have to run home to get my Teig and we must have baked enough Plätzchen forthe whole town lert alone the class. Needless to say I´ve spent the afternoon baking with ds and dd to use up the Teig I forgot to take.

hupa Mon 17-Dec-12 15:22:36

I really shouled give up, but I´ll try one more post.

Tomorrow I´m going in to dd´s class to talk about a traditional English Christmas. I assumed I´d be there for 10-15 minutes, but the teacher asked today if she needed to provide resources. I was tempted to say she should bring a plate of mince pies along, but I refrained. I´ve decided I ought to maybe take in a few things so I´ve got pictures of mince pies, Christmas Pudding etc., a cd with Christmas carols and a cracker. Can any of you think of anything else that I might have lying around that I could take in? I´m really hoping she´s not expecting me to entertain them for the whole 45 minutes.

hupa I usually take in a Christmas stocking (filled with sweets for the children if I'm feeling generous!), took in some holly last year (but couldn't find any in our garden last week) and this year I took in our elf (elf was one of the words used in the Christmas bingo I prepared for the children). I gave my English groups mince pies to try last year but I think only one of the children ate more than one mouthful and quite a few refused to even try any!

outnumbered I suppose as it was a psychologist we went to see and she (or one of her colleagues) provides the training, it falls under psychological therapy - although I agree it's a learning disability rather than a psychological problem. We can offset the cost against tax, but that's about it.
Well done on the presents! I'm sure you must be more crafty than me, as I don't think I would have even attempted it. grin

Nutella Hope the MW appointment went OK.

Just had our neighbour over for coffee. Rather annoyingly, he agreed with everyone else (apart from DH) that it should be der Billa and not die Billa (a German friend of mine questioned its gender on FB yesterday after I'd used die Billa). As DH would probably tell me, I don't have enough things to worry about. grin

hupa I was also going to suggest filled stockings.

linzer maybe it's masculine because der Billa markt? Lidl, aldi, penny and all the others I would use as masculine words too.

outnumbered After googling, I discovered that Billa is actually an abbreviation of either Billig-Laden or der billige Laden, so it really does need to be masculine. It just sounds feminine to me, I think because it's a similar word to Kassa (well, same number of letters, order of consonants and vowels, and they both end in a!) and that's feminine. hmm But I'm sure I've heard other people use die Billa too (possibly just DH, who has picked it up from me grin). <definitely has too much time on her hands>

platanos Mon 17-Dec-12 17:18:42

hi all, just a quick post as I am meant to be cooking dinner and herding little ones to the shower...
I have befriended a few people on fb, but not sure if all. I find the new (-ish) set up really confusing.
and I will probably name change soon- on here rather than facebook smile - posting under the cloak of anonymity has made me say some things about dh (nothing much but just wining about his workload and his nappy hero stories) which he might be hurt by, and don't want that, cos he is lovely really....
back at work sad but ds is better; so big smile