Western Canadian MNer meet-up - sign in here!

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Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 03:44:50

Who's up for a meet-up in BC?
Or Alberta, depending on how many we get.

Sign in here with your location and your preferred meet-up spot!

I'm just east of Vancouver. Anywhere in the Lower Mainland or BC Interior would work for me.

We'll probably have to look at a date in the New Year, but let's start planning now. smile

Vancouver Island here. I will kill puppies to have an excuse to go to the mainland Ikea.

nooka Sun 04-Nov-12 03:53:07

I come into Vancouver fairly often for work, so could probably work something in around that.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 04:06:31

Kill puppies?? How bad could the Island be?? grin

But, if there's no IKEA... ok...

Well, we have a lot of puppies and no IKEA, in my defense.

WestCoastWinnie Sun 04-Nov-12 04:08:23

Mrs TP - I am always intrigued by the Ikea shuttle from Vancouver Island! How do they fit all the sofas in on the way back?? We moved from Toronto last year and I was relieved to find not one, but two within striking distance.
Oh - and yes, would love a meet up! Vancouver or lower mainland would be good.

I've done it once. You carry what you can and the rest is shipped. At massive expense. All worth it.

WestCoastWinnie Sun 04-Nov-12 04:12:56

DS finally sloped off to bed so time for Netflix and wine ... hope to meet you all soon!

We've got Dr Who. DD is asleep. All good here. Looking forward to putting faces to names.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 15:27:09

Ok, so this month is out for me, as is December.
Shall we plan for January?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 15:34:24

Can I pick peoples' brains please about BC?

Does anyone have information about how to get from Vancouver to midway? And also from hope to Vancouver?

I'd prefer to avoid Greyhound as Ill have a cycle with me and they can apparently be funny sometimes about taking a cycle.

Are there trains between these places? Thanks, am struggling to find much info out.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 15:38:09

Vancouver to Midway Island?
Wow - no, but I have a travel agent friend I could ask. Will get back to you.

I'm fairly certain that the train passes through Hope, but will check on that, too.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 15:55:25

Not midway island, it's just a town/village called midway a bit east of Hope. In the kettle valley. I'm wanting to cycle the kettle valley trail.


VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 15:58:21

Thanks for checking Jacksmania, appreciate it.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 16:05:59

Oh FFS I'm an idiot blush
Have just been reading WWII book. Hence jumping to Midway Island.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 16:08:17

I've just been looking at the page you linked to - there is a Contact Us tab, with someone to email. I imagine they'd be able to tell you how to get there?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 16:08:53

I've just googled Midway Island, no that's not where I want to be! grin

VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 16:10:20

I've emailed the main email address and not had a reply. I'll try some of the individual persons email addresses next.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 16:17:46

I've just emailed them for you, as well.

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 16:18:45

Well, Midway Island could be interesting. grin

VivaLeBeaver Sun 04-Nov-12 16:38:43

Cycling between hope and midway island certainly would be. I'd need shark spray never mind bear spray!

Jacksmania Sun 04-Nov-12 19:05:47

However, cycling around Midway Island would be, as far as I can tell, a short trip grin

Is everyone good for January? I could do with something to look forward to after Christmas.

Jacksmania Mon 05-Nov-12 18:54:40

Me, too. As far as I can see we have no plans for any weekend in Jan.

lazydog Mon 05-Nov-12 20:18:16

Darn! sad The title of the thread pulled me in but I can see you guys are going to go for "West Coast" Canada, which is obviously fine but not gonna work for me at that time of the year. I'm definitely in if you decide to schedule something in Western Canada in the wider sense and/or not in mid-Winter. smile

If we find each other tolerable, we could arrange a further one in the summer for lazydog. grin

lazydog Mon 05-Nov-12 20:33:42

YAY! And that way mad would be more likely to come along, too, as she's still very much in Western Canada but about another 5 or 6 hours further away from you guys than I am, even!

How about a summertime camping meet up and that suggestion is nothing at all to do with me living right near some fab campsites at the foot of Mt.Robson grin or do you all hate camping...?

Jacksmania Mon 05-Nov-12 23:27:08

I do RV camping. These bones are too old for tent camping.

Jacksmania Mon 05-Nov-12 23:27:39

Well, maybe not too old but definitely too princess.

Camping <shudders>. Bagsy Jacks spare bunk.

Jacksmania Tue 06-Nov-12 01:36:00

Excellent. I like you MrsTP grin


lazydog Tue 06-Nov-12 02:02:32

Yer big wusses!!! grin

SomewhereInCanada Tue 06-Nov-12 02:14:09

I wouldn't be able to make January but will be in Vancouver in early June if meet up v.2.0 goes ahead?

lazydog Tue 06-Nov-12 02:45:41

Hi SomewhereInCanada smile If a summer meet up goes ahead, I'm hoping it'll either be in AB or towards the AB side of BC (being as I'm closer to Edmonton and Calgary than I am to Vancouver!)

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 03:05:48


come ski with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 03:07:13

i am coming to see you, lazy. i am i am. i am. honest.

lazydog Tue 06-Nov-12 03:23:20

Anytime smile but I'll probably be heading your direction first. My BIL and fiancée live in Calgary and they have just had their first baby this summer. He is soooooooooo cute! We've visited them a couple of times already and it's likely we'll be heading through your "hood" in early 2013!

SomewhereInCanada Tue 06-Nov-12 03:26:38

Ooh, Edmonton and Calgary are much better for me!

lazydog Tue 06-Nov-12 03:36:24

Hmmm, how about Jasper...? wink Lazy?! Moi?

Trouble is, if we make it too far over we'll have no chance of tempting the west coasters to make the trip but if it does end up being a choice between Edmonton and Calgary, Calgary is slightly further than Edmonton for me but has the distinct advantage of having family living there, so I can kill two birds with one roadtrip!

madwomanintheattic Tue 06-Nov-12 14:07:03

Icefields parkway in winter? Ooer, I'm British, doncha know! We were in Jasper for 4 days in the summer - our entire summer holiday, and I had Norwalk virus. Apart from that, it was lovely - couldn't move for bears. We were there when they had all the landslides though, so couldn't get to Edith Cavell, and they reopened the lake road the day we left.

I can do Calgary pretty much any day. grin

Oo, let me know when you're around, lazy. <aw, babies!>

WestCoastWinnie Tue 06-Nov-12 17:01:49

Abbotsford??? Not sure where we all are in BC (and beyond....) but seems a bit further over for the right siders!
I am good first 3 weeks in Jan - then off to the UK for a conference in Brighton - and stock up in Next, M&S etc etc

Jacksmania Tue 06-Nov-12 20:12:01

I live in Langley so Abbotsford is the next town over for me.

I could go pick up MrsTP at the ferry and then head to Abby no problems.
except there's absolutely nothing fun to do there

I only know Ikea and Vij's in Vancouver so I am at your mercy, mainland MNers. I will probably bring DD and DH along for the night/weekend and leave them to their own devices to meet you reprobates.

Jacksmania Tue 06-Nov-12 22:09:40

Ohhhh... MrsTP, we'll have to go to Vij's!!!! <drooooooooools> I love Vij's. Love love love.

Well, Jacks, prepare to be unbelievably jealous... I did a cooking course with the man himself and he is great. Funny and lovely. I have a picture with him and everything. I will show you in January grin

Jacksmania Tue 06-Nov-12 22:47:02


He signed one of my cookbooks. The course was the best present that DH ever found for me. It was at this place.

WestCoastWinnie Tue 06-Nov-12 22:54:14

Jacks, LOL at boring Abby! Another vote for Vijs from me --- mmmmm, never been, always wanted to!

WestCoastWinnie Tue 06-Nov-12 22:56:44

OOh - are we getting a suite at Sutton Place and having a wild, all-night Mumsnet debauch (with curry, obvs)? Gets carried away at night out in big city

I could do with some debauchery. And curry. grin

weegiemum Tue 06-Nov-12 23:01:46

Hope you laydees havealovely time!
My BIL nd family used to live in Vancouver wish they still did

Vij's! What would I give to go to vij again! I have the cookbook and it really works!

Jacksmania Tue 06-Nov-12 23:58:44

Ok - let's do Vancouver and Vij's!

Hooray. Bagsy the lamp popsicles.

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 00:15:05

Are they nice and bright?

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 00:15:17

<sorry, smart-arse alert> grin

If Vij made them they would still taste nice, even if they were lamps not lamp.

FFS, LAMB. Bloody stupid typing!

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 01:28:31

I was briefly contemplating freezing my desk lamp and taste-testing it...

lazydog Wed 07-Nov-12 01:30:43

Hmmm... You've got me re-thinking my decision about not driving 700km (each way) in January now. Probably worth it for a decent curry! Oh, and such good company, of course! grin

I would drive 1400km for a curry. I wouldn't for my company (unless you live with wolves normally) but curry, yes.

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 03:19:43

Lazydog - I would go a long way for a good curry!
My other half is from Leicester, and tragically DOES NOT LIKE INDIAN FOOD! She is from one of the best cities for curry in the Midlands. Sigh. So I take my curry wherever and whenever I can find it. We moved recently to Surrey, home of some damn good butter chicken so I force the kids to have it whenever she is away!

madwomanintheattic Wed 07-Nov-12 03:30:19

Mmmmm, 28 hours round trip in the car for me, then... And a decent curry house (run a British expat, obv wink) a five minute drive away... <ponders>

It's only been open a month. We've been twice. <curry deprived for years>

Tis unlikely that I will make it tbh, but will lurkalot and see... Never say never!

We can set up a webcam for you mad. WestCoast why would you put up with this behaviour? From Leicester and doesn't like curry... shock

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 03:53:53

I know - can't fathom it myself!
She doesn't like IKEA either confused so I have to spend for 2.
We moved from TO recently - worked downtown so would slope out of a lunchtime for my fix. Now I work near a Tim Hortons, a Swiss Chalet and something called a "Night and Day"????

I think lack of Ikea is actually grounds for divorce.

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 05:25:15

WTF is wrong with IKEA? And she doesn't like curry???
Winnie, are you sure she's good enough for you???
(I mean that in a sweet and teasing way. I'm sure she's lovely.)

Kahu Wed 07-Nov-12 05:33:38

Can I come? <shy emoticon>. I could do Vancouver in January. Have always wanted to go to Vij's but have never been because the dafties don't take reservations & I can't never be bothered to wait due to mental picture of the babysitter's clock going tick, tick, tick, kachiiiing!

lazydog Wed 07-Nov-12 05:58:49

Is this restaurant popular enough that I'd have to commit in advance to coming along? I very much doubt the road and weather conditions would be good enough in Jan, but if there's been no snow or freezing rain for a few days and the forecast is ok, I'd risk it.

mad Oooh, which place is that? A visit to Calgary, via yours, is suddenly sounding more urgent, LOL! PM me if you don't want to blow your cover narrow down your location to the seriously dodgy characters on here wink

Poor you - what shitty luck (pun fully intendedgrin) for your summer hols sad

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 07:17:38

Hi Kahu, of course you can come! smile
Where do you live?
I think the only thing I don't like about Vij's is the "no reservations" part.
He should make an exception for Mumsnetters.

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 07:19:30

Lazydog, I doubt one more or less would make a difference. So come if you can and if you can't - next time!
We could plan a summer meet-up in the Okanagan near some wineries...

madwomanintheattic Wed 07-Nov-12 14:41:57

Lazy - Tis this one

Very small, very local, and not at all in any way similar to vij's!! (Save for the curry!) they also sell the spices etc, and freezer packages for the eternally curry desperate (they started off selling them at the farmer's market in town in the summer, and have now opened the restaurant.) they were trying to find a place in the town, but real estate here is sooooo expensive <checks mortgage> that they ended up just out of town on the highway, in a cheap motel strip.

But it works!

They also run one of the dog sledding companies... grin <cues jokes>

madwomanintheattic Wed 07-Nov-12 14:42:31

<puts name down for wineries okanagan>

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 14:52:54

Mrs.TP - please have a word with Vij re:exception for Mumsnetters.
Mad - your place looks awesome! Road trip???
Hello Kahu smile
Might I be so bold as to ask if we should settle on a date in Jan?

I will have a word with my I wish he was my close personal friend, Vikram Vij about our trip. We will need to queue early and hope for the best. And take thermoses of gin tea. Lazy you can make your mind up on the day because of the no reservations thing.

DH is now sulking about us going to Vij's without him grin.

Shall we say a Saturday in January, which one is all the same to me? I need it to be a Saturday so that I can negotiate the ferries.

Also, I think everyone needs to make a name tag with their MN nickname on it so that we know who everyone is...

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 15:57:57

I'm free January 5 and 19. Although could easily swap with my teaching partner if we decide on a different date.

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 15:58:54

Definitely name-tags!!!! Or we could start a private FB group before then -and start memorizing-- grin

OMG, I am finally in a quiche, with name tags and FB pages.

Is everyone good for the 19th January? I definitely am.

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 16:43:15

Hello! Beautiful day down here smile
19th Jan good for me and means I won't have to take DS to soccer
We could all carry some PG Tips, or chocolate Hob Nobs perhaps so we know each other.

Pom bear maybe?

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 17:59:06

How about the Mumsnet scarf? grin

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 18:44:41

There's a scarf? I didn't get one in the mail when I signed up sad
I think there may be a standard haircut - and possibly "mum boots" (which I own!)

There is a MN haircut, which I refuse to attempt. I intend to come in pyjamas, carrying a Greggs sausage roll and a Fruit Shoot (courtesy of my DM, who is here for Christmas), Uggs, what else, what else?

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 19:29:12

Oh no, are Uggs uncool then? Shit. I have a gorgeous pair of brown leather ones, with suede banding at the top, laces, and waterproof uppers. Spent a fortune on them. sad

The MN scarf is I think some funky leopard print thingy. I didn't get one either but never mind, I've heard they're butt-ugly.

What are mum boots?

Jacksmania Wed 07-Nov-12 19:30:51

Oh, I should add I didn't buy my Uggs in a futile attempt at being cool, but because they're waterproof and fully fleece-lined and keep me warmer than anything. If they're deemed uncool I am still going to wear then, and I'm going to be warm. Everyone else can be cool, and freeze their arses off.

I think they may be uncool when worn with pyjamas. I have Uggs too and lovely warm toes.

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 19:39:18

OMG - thanks Mrs.TP - I had never read the "bonkers couple/Pom bear" thread. Just spend an hour laughing to myself instead of about a million other things I need to do today smile
<mental note to ask Mrs.Winnie to bring Pom bears back from UK>

Mum boots = black, low heels, sensible and zip up. I had a pair from M&S (I know...) and honestly thought they looked cool. Then I read a whole thread on "things mums wear that they think are cool" (or something similar) and realised I had basically bought the same ones my mother used to wear. Gutted!

I have always secretly coveted a pair of Uggs but now feel it's too late. Maybe this year they will replace the dreaded mum boots.

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 19:40:37

also - craving Greggs sausage roll right now.

Make sure MrsWinnie brings enough for everyone <has mental picture of sitting in Vij's eating bears >

I am wearing MN Mummy boots!!! They are brown, does that count!?!?!

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 19:50:56

Mrs. TP - YES!!! Brown or black- I suspect a subtle navy would also be OK.

<goes off to buy Uggs>

madwomanintheattic Wed 07-Nov-12 20:04:53

I think mum boots have to be black.

I am wearing furry mukluks. blush
And I have vair short hair. There will be no attempts at mn haircut here. grin

I periodically buy scarves, but I just don't understand what to do with them.

Given that I live in the sort of place where flip flops are de rigeur from April (still in the snow) to the end of October (when it starts falling again) and wearing actual shoes draws comment, I have largely forgotten what city types actually wear... grin

If I show up, I will be the one dressed in a bizarre combination of animal skin and polar tech windpro... With dh's giant fleece lined 2004 brown woolly fat face sweater, which I wear from Nov to March. It does chinook days and down to about -30 before I need another layer. This could be because dh is 6'2" and I am 5'2".

Lordy. <cue clothes angst for a meet-up I'll almost certainly not make>

WestCoastWinnie Wed 07-Nov-12 21:37:37

So safe to say dress code is casual then.
Mad in mukluks, giant fleece and casually (yet inappropriately) placed scarf.
Mrs. TP in pjs and Uggs.
Me in mum boots and long cardi that has become like a second skin since coming to this damp beautiful province.
Have just raked front swamp lawn in it also.

We aren't going to get let into Vij's are we? We're going to look like a bunch of weirdos. I had to go shopping for killer heels on my break to cheer myself up form the Mummy boots.

Kahu Thu 08-Nov-12 05:37:10

You lot are funny, I think this could be a good night. Or are we starting at lunchtime? grin.

Jacks I live downtown but may be living in North Van by January - just waiting to hear if potential new landlord thinks we'll be suitable tenants - yikes. After coping with moving house on January 1st I'll be well in need of a curry & a beer nice glass of wine.

I'm a bit rubbish at looking at MN on a regular basis (actually that's a lie, I was trying to detox from too much timewasting on MN!) so forgive me if I can't keep up. But count me in for sure!

Jacksmania Thu 08-Nov-12 06:13:58

Oh, I definitely think we should start at lunch grin with wine/beer

You lot are hardcore grin

Hello everyone! Do you mind if I join in? We are living in London currently and due to move to Vancouver Island in a couple of weeks gulp

It is going to be a huge change of pace for me (been in London for 11 years, originally from Ottawa) and I'm looking forward to planning some weekend trips to Vancouver/Seattle/etc… I love curry though also looking forward to some of that excellent West Coast sushi! Yay!

Oops accidental bolding. I meant * gulp *

WestCoastWinnie Thu 08-Nov-12 14:56:54

Hello easilydistracted and welcome home (soon!)
First time I went to Vancouver all I saw was walk in botox places and sushi shops - and it was raining smile
Now, of course, realise there is SO much more grin
Moving from Toronto - I LOVE my new drive to work with eagles, mountains, rain and the sea!

Thats a fantastic drive to work! Can't wait for the mountains, beaches etc. Definitely not 'going home' in a sense as I've never lived anywhere like this (we'll be 3 minutes from the beach on the island) -- as for rain, no problem, just like London grin

And I'm happy that we don't have to ditch our London wardrobes and load up on insulated winter gear which I would have to do if heading back to Ottawa.

Jacksmania Thu 08-Nov-12 15:26:48

Oh, Ottawa in the winter <shudder>.
And <shudder> again.

I'm originally from Toronto. Went to uni in Kingston. Lots of trips to Ottawa and Montreal to hang with friends. <shiver> and skiing at Mt. Ste. Anne. [frostbite emoticon]

Went to study more in the Southern US and when I came home, moved to BC. Coukdnt be more diverse, hey - from butt-freezing cold in winter and heat and humidity in summer, to hot and dry most of the year and blissful sunny mild winters to, well, this.

So the 19th it is?

Is that my island easilydistracted? As in Vancouver Island?

19th is good. Can we start a list of who is coming and who is a maybe? I will do a list if no one else is a mug volunteers.

Yes Vancouver Island, Parksville. Whereabouts are you MrsT?

I'm in the Big Smoke... Victoria. What brings you to our neck of the woods? I came for love, my DH lived here.

My son is 3.5 and we are in central London and we hadn't yet signed him up for any schools -- so we have to get out!! smile Also, I have some in-laws on the island though how long we stay depends where our jobs will take us …

I'm being nosy but meh! What do you do for living?

I made a list:

lazydog (if the snow is light and she is craving curry)

SomewhereInCanada if it is in June
madwomanintheattic is we go to the interior

Is that right?

Jacksmania Thu 08-Nov-12 21:28:49

Sounds right to me.

If anyone is up for creating a private FB quiche, PM me your real name and what's on your picture so I can find you and I'll create it. If we all want to, that is. I belong to the One-Child Tea Room FB quiche, it's completely private, but it's lovely to put RL faces to MN names. Since we're going to meet up and all smile
And that way we can reveal more stuff about ourselves than we might want to on here.

WestCoastWinnie Thu 08-Nov-12 22:50:13

FB = Facebook?
I am up for it! Never Pmed before - very excited grin
Don't have my 2013 calendar yet (MIL gives us a "Scenery of England" one each year - LOL) - but if I did the 19th would have a big circle on it.

Jacksmania Thu 08-Nov-12 23:53:04

Yup, FB = Facebook.

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 00:04:35

Need to befriend you guys first then I can add you to the group. I forgot about that.

Which does not necessarily mean that you all need to be my FB friends - I found out from another group that I can temporarily befriend someone, add them to a closed group, and then they can unfriend me but still belong to the group. Just wanted to mention that in case someone only wants to be "group friends" but not "FB friends" smile (it happened in another group I belong to, and we all agreed that was fine and no-one's feelers would be hurt). smile

I don't want my feelers hurt. I need them for <quickly Googles> smelling. Who knew?

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 01:43:45

Ummm... I didn't know that either!

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 05:09:40

Ok, we have the start of a FB quiche! Western Canada Mumsnetters smile
It's a secret group so no one can see who belongs or what is posted.

Hooray, I am in a quiche. A secret quiche at that. Stealth, if you will.

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 05:30:40

Do you have a ninja outfit and head band? grin

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 15:34:41

Quiet in here this morning...
I'm sat up in bed on my phone with DS snoring beside me, waiting for DH to get out of the shower so he can bring me coffee.
What's everyone up to today?
We're going to Seattle later this afternoon, for the weekend. Ds as ts to go up the "Space Pin" on Saturday grin.

madwomanintheattic Fri 09-Nov-12 16:32:13

I am waiting in for a parcel - not even for me. And I can't even get in the shower in case it turns up... grin

Two off school for pd day, one on half day, and a million things to do. A weekend in Seattle sounds much preferable! Are you going to pretend to be Meg Ryan?

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 16:51:05

God no, she's so annoying grin

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 16:52:18

Just again for everyone who might not have seen this - I've set up a closed FB group, for getting to know each other and arranging future meet-ups. If you want to join, please PM me your RL name and I will add you.

madwomanintheattic Fri 09-Nov-12 17:03:12


AuldAlliance Fri 09-Nov-12 19:00:56

Can I barge in with a really weird question?
For those of you in BC familiar with Menzies Point, Menzies Bay or Mount Menzies, how do you pronounce "Menzies"? I'm giving a paper at a conference on the man they were named after and while I am pretty sure how he pronounced his surname, I suspect no one nowadays uses that pronunciation...
Any help gratefully received!

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 20:40:55

Hmmm... I would pronounce it "men-zeeeez" but I could be totally wrong. Anyone else?

I would pronounce it just like a period (TMI), menses. I'm at home with DD today so haven't had a chance to MN. She is currently sleeping!

AuldAlliance Fri 09-Nov-12 21:49:31

Thanks! Pretty much as I thought, then.

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 22:06:42

OMG MrsT that made me snort out loud!!!! grin You're funny.

FB quiche up and running. 6 members so far. Anyone else?..... <leaves tempting chocolate cookie crumbs pointing towards quiche>

We're off to Seattle in a few moments. Will poke my head in when I can.

BTW those of you with one child, (or actually more than one, we're not fussy) who wants to join another quiche that's very warm and welcoming and likes wine and are generally a bit mad in a wonderful way do come join us in the One Child Tea Room. One Child Topic, I think the current one is located in New England (we move virtual locations with every thread), and it's Tea Room the 34th. Don't let that scare you off. We're a lovely group. <leaves more tempting crumbs, perhaps shortbread, and a trail of wine bottles>

I have one child. DH won't let me have any more because he wants to eventually sleep ever again, what a wimp. If I can bring myself to give up, I will join you. Probably next week because I said no DC after 40 and the fateful day is next week.

Have fun in Seattle.

lazydog Fri 09-Nov-12 22:48:52

MrsTP - Tell your DH that we had the incredible non-sleeping children in this household for several years, but now have to drag them out of bed of a morning. It does get better, honestly! Just don't mention the fact that ds2 was no better than ds1, when everyone said we couldn't possibly have 2 that slept so badly...

Jacksmania Fri 09-Nov-12 22:54:49

Come join us anyway. We have some who have two, some who have one but are still wobbly about it, some have one by choice and some by necessity. We've even had a visitor from the multiples thread grin she tried but it wasn't contagious grin

Hi all,

Just emerging from a couple of horrid days of stomach flu (groan) Another thing I'm looking forward to in Canada: lower population density = fewer nursery/playgroup diseases, right? right? God I hope …

Anyhoo, MrsT in answer to your earlier question I work in a pretty specific field of art & design, you'll probably see when I join the FB group. I turned 40 in March, it is great I now leave the house looking slovenly and tutting and the young uns. He he. So happy birthday!

Jacksmania have a great time in Seattle, I plan to visit there too when we move West … will peek into the Tea Room as well smile

Jacksmania Sat 10-Nov-12 15:46:39

Oh eeewww easily - I loathe stomach bugs. The last one we had was nearly three years ago, we all had a bout of norovirus and even though it wasn't a really bad case, we all still shudder thinking about it.

Glad you're feeling better smile

I only have my phone with me here so might not be able to make changes to the group until tomorrow.

I thought I would come and bump us in case there are more Western Canadian MNers out there.

Someone bought me a 2013 diary this week. You lot are the first thing in it grin.

MerryChristMoose Tue 13-Nov-12 01:06:51

I definitely can't make 19 Jan. It's a week after my birthday and DH is actually working on my birthday, so that's the weekend we get to celebrate it. I think he might be a bit miffed if I buggered off.

If there's another later in the year I will try and make it.

Jacksmania I have PMd you (hopefully). I only have one child, so I'll take a look in the Tea Room smile

MerryChristMoose (formerly known as SomewhereInCanada)

Jacksmania Tue 13-Nov-12 02:56:18

Got your PM, Moose, have responded smile
We'll have a drink to celebrate your birthday and hopefully you can join us next time!

MiauMau Tue 27-Nov-12 11:34:38

I'll be joining the BC ranks at the end of February and will be in dire need of some hand holding and back patting (will provide cake), sad to miss the meet up sad

westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 03:02:19

I'm in Victoria am I too late to join?

westcoastnortherner Mon 17-Dec-12 03:03:42

MrsTP fancy a cup of tea and cake in Murchies one day?

crazyforbaby Sun 23-Dec-12 16:11:01

Hi All, sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while...special sorry for Jacksmania who was trying to arrange a meet-up. Well I am sat up in my hospital bed, waiting for the sodding breakfast tray to arrive (Cream of Wheat anyone?) and SALIVATING at the thought of curry. Yes I have had my baby - a boy! - and am trying not to panic at the thought of leaving the nice nurses, endless cups of tea on tap (even though it is Red Rose gnats pea), to leave in the next couple of days to the chaos that is my home in Vancouver ...
I shall earmark my Mat Pay for Vij's and say sod it to the Hydro Bill. Please do not let me back out of this date...just what I need to take my mind off my drug-induced, embroidered tummy, homesicky, feeling like Orphan Annie, chomped boob, surgical gown flashing my un-pert bum at complete strangers. Keep telling everyone I have had Major Abdominal Surgery and finally DH said wearily to me 'Im sure you're not the first patient on the Maternity Floor to have a C Section'...

madwomanintheattic Sun 23-Dec-12 16:21:20

I had a CS with my first, and then 2 vbacs. There is no denying that childbirth can be one hell of a shock, whichever way it goes, so you have my absolute empathy. When are you due to go home? I had my CS in Germany, with no staff that spoke English, and they essentially leave you flat on your back for two days to recover (not allowed out of bed) and then lever you upright with a suppository and crane you onto a commode for half an hour. Glamourous it is not! They keep you in for a week, but I escaped after 5 days...

Ds is my only Canadian baby. grin

Kudos on you for planning to make the meet-up from your hospital bed though!

Awwww, that new baby time is so precious. <broody>

Congrats again!

Jacksmania Wed 02-Jan-13 01:43:03

OK gang - I suppose I'm unofficially in charge of arranging the meet-up.
Jan 19 is the date. The plan is to meet at Vij's in Vancouver, at a time to be determined.
Crazyforbaby, would you like to join our FB quiche? And anyone else who wants to meet up, of course! PM me your RL name if you're on FB and I'll PM you mine. I'm guaranteed to be the only Jacksmania RealName on FB grin so it's easier for people to find me smile

So looking forward to meeting everyone!

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