Der Nebel steigt, es fällt das Laub - a German and Austrian autumn thread

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AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 09:27:11

A thread for anyone living in Germany or Austria, or anyone else who fancies a chat.

Previous thread here

Ploom Wed 26-Sep-12 09:36:48

Thanks antique!!
Marking my place.

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 09:45:24

Thanks for the new thread, Antique. And what a particularly good choice of poem, may I say even if there's no mention of wine? grin

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 09:55:55

wine Just for you, Linzer!

admylin Wed 26-Sep-12 10:00:20

Thanks Antique!

Speaking of Nebel last night the moon was shining through a thin curtain of Nebel, looked spooky but nice! It'll be Laternenlaufen time for those of you with small dc soon. Vegan don't miss that one, could be some neighbourhood or play group walks organised for you to join in.

Bienchen Wed 26-Sep-12 10:13:58

Found you. Thanks for the new thread Antique.

world there are stunning stretches of coastline in Wales. Also walking up Snowdon (highest mountain) is fabulous. There is also a railway going up but check whether it runs before you rely on it for transport. You could also check out the National Trust website for mire information. There is the Forest of Dean, too. If more thangs spring to mind, I'll post some more.

Have just cancelled my RHS membership (sob), have had it for nearly 20 years but just don't think I can afford all those luxuries with no income coming in for a while.

Re Abstrich/smear discussion, no idea about detection and survival rates but it is not only the frequency that is important but also the quality of the people who process the test. There was a scandal some five years ago in the UK. I think all is well now or has been brushed under the carpet.

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 10:24:55

world I used to love going to Wales as a child. In fact, now you've started me thinking about it I might suggest Wales as a destination for next summer.

admylin I love autumn for the misty mornings and the slightly spooky atmosphere. I think DS is a bit young for Laternenlaufen this year but think I can hold out until next year!

The temperature has dropped under 20°c here (17°c today and yesterday) so it is now a legal requirement to wear your thick winter coat, scarf and boots. Woe betide anyone whose DC are not wrapped up in a snowsuit with those thick pushchair duvet things covering them with a lambskin underneath them. If I wrapped DS up like that he would melt in a little puddle of sweat. Saying that I did put 2 pairs of socks on him to walk to the little supermarket down the road yesterday. He was in a hoody & jeans otherwise so I think the socks were an amulet to ward off old lady comments grin

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 10:26:30

Linzer DH's mum makes us an Adventkranz every year but she most denfinitely has the Bastel gene (unlike me!)

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 10:40:16

Ah, but I'm assuming she's German Antique? I think you definitely have a head start if you were born in this part of the world. I've never seen MIL doing any kind of basteling, but the amount of cakes and biscuits she bakes more than makes up for it. I also seem to be missing the it's-December-so-I-must-bake-30-million-biscuits gene. Luckily hmm DH has it and MIL will no doubt send us several boxes of homemade biscuits too.

Thread meet-up in Wales next summer? grin

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 10:58:08

Yes she is! She knits and sews clothes for DN and DS, she makes decorations to sell at the Christmas Bazaar, she bakes enough Weihnachtsplätzchen to feed a small army and she makes us a lovely Kranz every year.
I like the idea but am a bit put off by the meltdown SIL has if she hasn't had chance to bake biscuits with DN by 1st December. I feel it could become a slippery slope of domestic-perfection-worry so I prefer to stick to my slatternly ways.
SIL is amazing at all things craft-related if a little highly-strung about these things so I may rope her in if anything like that is ever expected of me. She even made tiny Schultüte decorations for the table for DN's Einschulung. (I even made a mistake writing the card blush )

admylin Wed 26-Sep-12 10:59:52

Dd was just saying yesterday that she can't wait for the Christmas market to start!! It's not as if we even go often as it always costs a fortune, although dd will be able to go with her friends this year as she happily goes into the city without me now!

Is your dd back tonight linzer? Hope your ds was OK about school today.

admylin Wed 26-Sep-12 11:03:29

Antique I'm quite envy of all these MILs who send all the festive food over! I will be nagged by dd to get myself into the kitchen and make atleast 3 sorts of Plätzchen with her!

We've made a Kranz before with ivy and moss and stuff collected from the forest once too but it wasn't very stable so you had to move it really carefully so it didn't fall apart!

AfriBaby Wed 26-Sep-12 11:14:49

Hello everybody, I have just found this thread, hurray! I moved to Germany (Berlin) 6 months ago after 17 years away (am originally more or less German) and am waiting for it to feel like home. I think I should namechange. I used to live in Africa (before Berlin). And had a baby too. So original, me. ;-)

admylin Wed 26-Sep-12 12:03:56

Afribaby hello and welcome back to Germany! I lived for 3 years in Berlin in Mitte. Where are you?

Woo Hoo for new thread!

Laternenlaufen is called Sant Martin Zug (?) here and tbh I am heartily sick of it, having been every year for the last 5 years - but it is definitely something to experience Vegan and is cool and atmospheric the first couple of years you do it, can't believe I'm going to have to go every year for the next 5 years, til DC3 is though KiGa I have given up on going to the Kindergarten afternoon lantern making sessions as I am another one who lacks the bastle gene grin we re-use ones from previous years, but this year I am thinking the older 2 could take their large lego lanterns... not sure what they'll think!

Welcome to the thread Africbaby and I don't know if I ever said hello and welcome back to Germany to Bienchen, I am not currently very good at all at replying to everyone in my posts.

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 12:47:28

English I must admit I'm not glad to see the back of the Martinsfest after eight years of it. Luckily the DC always made their lanterns at nursery/KiGa with no parental involvement required, but I could think of more fun ways to spend an evening than walking in the cold (extreme cold some years) and dark from KiGa to church at a snail's pace. grin And then there were the stressful years when the nursery and KiGa Laternenfeste clashed...

Afri Hello and welcome to the thread. smile I also used to live in Berlin, but am now in Austria for my sins such as laughing at their funny words.

admylin Yes, DD1 is due back at 4.30 pm. I haven't heard anything (even via the mother who knew the father with a DD with a phone) so assume that it's all gone OK! DS went into school with no problems today, although his friend wasn't so keen and didn't want to leave his mum when she dropped him off at our house this morning.

Antique MIL used to make clothes for me! She's more or less given up sewing now, but I still come across some of her handmade clothes in the mostly unwearable hand-me-downs we get from SIL.

DS has a new friend here today - actually the younger brother of one of DD2's friends, who's also coming over to play but she and DD2 are still at school. Is it just Austrian children who refuse to eat what they don't know or are all children like this nowadays? <old gimmer> I'd made a bolognese sauce with meatballs, which he viewed with great suspicion and said "ich will eine normale Soße". But otherwise, he and DS are playing very well together - quite a relief considering that DS had already announced several times that he wasn't going to play with him (they hardly know each other as they're at different schools).

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 12:47:51

admylin I've just been online to check when our Christmas market starts. Not soon enough for my liking!

Hi Afribaby! Welcome to the thread. How are you finding being back after such a long time away?

English I think it's called Martinszug here too (or something similar). I can totally imagine you would get sick of it after a few years. In fact, that's how I generally feel about Karneval these days.

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 12:56:25

Argh, you've just reminded me of Fasching Antique! Now that's something I didn't even get excited about the first year and my enthusiasm continues to wane every year. I'm another one looking forward to the Christmas markets, though; I found out earlier today that the Adventmeile opens on 23rd November and have already entered it in the calendar. grin

Ooh hope DD had fun Linzer - I bet the phone was taken away from the friend who took it by the teachers grin

My MIL doesn't sew or knit (though I think she used to) but she does Bastle and Pletzchen bake in true German style (as well as the jam and Schnaps making), despite (as I said) not being a real German either grin I guess Croatians have the Bastel gene, or she got used to over-compensating years ago perhaps...

DH's grandma used to knit me socks hmm I am unsure why, I think maybe because I am genetically incapable of wearing house shoes... they are very slippery to wear on their own and too thick to wear with shoes/ boots, so although they are well made and warm they mainly just sit in my drawer... They are also rather colourful...

Muppet your SIL sounds more and more highly strung everything you post about her, it is no wonder her DD was a bit of a madam when younger... being a perfectionist is all well and good and I am sure in some ways (for example in some lines of work) it is a very good thing, but I'll stick with you being on the slatternly ways, it's more relaxing for everyone who's path one crosses I imagine! Still I hope she manages to cope with her sister's funeral and loss without coming unravelled herself sad

DS1 came hoem from KiGa with a black eye yesterday, he wouldn't tell KiGa staff what had happened and he says there were no staff in the garden when it did happen, but he told me and DD last night that he was in a fight with another boy, and I got him to tell them this morning, so they've allegedly sorted it out - though inevitably the other boy involved had a different story to DS1 (which he only told once DS1 had told his side)... I hope this is a one off! I largely agree with children not being over closely supervised and being allowed to reach their own solutions, but obviously not when it comes to physical fights and black eyes! It isn't the first time I've wondered if the KiGa staff are a bit too Laissez Faire with supervision during outdoor time... hmm

cheaspicks Wed 26-Sep-12 15:08:13

Just home and drinking fennel tea <not cricket, I know> and marking my place on the new thread before I go off and frantically practise my part for this week's scary concert.

Antique sorry to hear about your SIL's sister. I hope the family manage to get through this difficult period.

English I've also taken dd with me to gynae appts before. When she was small the nurses just held her and last time I took some books with me for her to look at. There is always a toy corner in the waiting room, so I assume it's expected. Having a smartphone as emergency entertainment also helps!

MIL only bakes vile diabetic-friendly plätzchen - sweetened with agavensaft (which is apparently even worse for you than sugar) and topped with what appears to be cocoa mixed with rum. SIL however is excellent at making plätzchen, so I always hope for a bag or two from her. Actually, I really must start teaching English to pensioners again, I usually could barely get through all the biscuits I was given by my VHS group!

Hello, afribaby and everyone else.

I used to take DD to my midwife apts in the UK (in fact twice in the UK I took 3 small girls all under the age of 2.5, as I was a child minder then - they were fascinated and angelic but I got some funny looks in the waiting room with my pregnant belly and what could have looked like 18 month old twins and a slightly older one of 2 and a bit smile A pregnant mum with non walking twins was waiting to see the midwife too once and sat next to me to chat to and was disappointed when I admitted only one was mine). I also took her to my Fraunartz apts here in my final trimester, and to my 6 week check (DS1 too but he was a tiny baby obviously and slept through it in the maxi cosi - DD was a co-operative toddler though!

I took DS1 to DD's Augenartz apt when she was 3 and he was 18 months and attempted to settle him with toys and a snack in the corner as she was worried about sitting in the big sight test chair on her own and wanted to be on my lap - and in the space of about 20 seconds DS1 managed to turn all the equipment and lights in the entire place off!! They were not amused... Henry is, if anything, a less co-operative toddler than DS1 was and would probably manage to climb out of a window (they always have all the windows open) or up the examination chair thing while I was in it, or turn off all the machines/ re set the computer... All toddlers are not created equal unfortunately when it comes to being good and compliant at other people's medical apts wink

On a totally different topic - German Christmases - when we first moved here MIL still used to have real, lit, candles on her tree, is that still common practice? She still decorates with real candles on the tree but no longer lights them and has electric lights on the tree too now, in deference to the grandchildren.

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 16:01:54

English It's still common practice here to have proper candles - and to light them - on your Christmas tree; I was shock when I first saw my ILs lighting their candles. We have an artificial tree, with electric lights, and put it up mid-December so break all the rules. grin

cheas I actually quite like fennel tea - well, liked it, as I only drank it when I was bfing. Good luck for the concert!

DD1 is back home safe and sound (over an hour early) and seems to have had a good time. She was sharing with two other girls and said that the first night, she slept in the double bed and the other two in the bunk beds but on the second night they all slept in the double bed as they were frightened of the two scary pictures on the wall!

admylin, thanks for the link to the festive CD.

world, aw! Maybe MIL knows your Lewis man! The wedding at the weekend was in Inverness. The couple getting married are from Stornoway.

English, we were just watching a German cartoon today and there is a Christmas scene with lit candles on the tree! Doesn't look very safe!
Thanks for the heads up about Laternelaufen. DS will like it! I love that time of year, mainly for bonfire night and fireworks. I guess we will miss that here.

Hello and welcome, Afri! And Bienchen, I think I was offline for a bit when you joined. What a lovely busy group this is!

AntiqueMuppet Wed 26-Sep-12 17:36:21

Ha ha Linzer, I've put the Christmas market opening day in my calendar too blush. Glad your DD had a nice time.

English I hope the issue at Kiga is resolved soon. A black eye sounds quite nasty! PIL also have lit candles on their Christmas tree. We won't be there for Christmas this year so no chance of DS burning the place down, luckily.

cheas I quite like fennel tea! I also drank it by the bucket when BFing. Good luck with the concert!

After my moan this morning about winter coats and snowsuits, I was accosted by an old man on the way home from the supermarket today and berated for DS' lack of gloves. Seriously. It's September. When I argued with him (which I was really proud of myself for, I usually just shuffle away muttering) he just said 'na, dann, viel Glück', looked pointedly at DS' (warm) hands and stomped off! 'Tis the season, apparently!

AfriBaby Wed 26-Sep-12 18:53:12

Wow, busy thread! Thanks for the welcome everyone.
admylin I live in Charlottenburg, close to the Schlosspark. I am on the scummier side of the Spree. wink
AntiqueMuppet I've been gone for so long I don't feel particularly German at all. I speak the language, which helps.

LinzerTorte Wed 26-Sep-12 19:21:28

Afri I lived in Charlottenburg both years that I spent in Berlin (one area much more salubrious than the other!) and used to take the youngest DC to a childminder near the Schlosspark when I was an au pair - it was somewhere near Klausener Platz but I can't remember the name of the street.

Antique Oh how ridiculous; it wouldn't be any of his business in the depths of winter, but in September? If it's any consolation, people do get less interfering as the children get older; a woman did ask the DDs the other day whether they weren't cold , but she was quite friendly about it and tbf it was a fairly cold day and they were both in T-shirts. Well done for arguing back, anyway - I could usually never think of anything to say back to them!

Am enjoying a nice quiet evening while DH is away, although it turns out he'll be back tomorrow evening rather than Friday as I'd thought. I will not spend the entire evening on MN!

itsMYNutella Wed 26-Sep-12 20:08:50

Good evening all!
Well the Leihund is fine, as suspected her ears were poorly again. She hadn't eaten much over the weekend and short of feeding her ice cream (I wouldn't really hmm ) a trip to the vet was for the best.
Vet was really nice and not too expensive (But I know the owner will re-imburse me so really not an issue), and she showed me how to put the medicine in the ears. Our fluffy friend seems much more her old self smile and we have her for another week so really didn't want her suffering.

I will catch up on the thread in a bit smile. I seem to have been busy with nothing the last couple of days.. couldn't organise my way out of a paper bag this week!

A student finished his course of lessons today and he gave me some lovely biscuits and a little present for the baby too. So sweet! Awww, went all mushy confused

Welcome Beinchen and Afric! Lovely to have more members here, I think this is one of the cosiest communities on MN grin

worldcitizen Wed 26-Sep-12 20:29:14

What, what new thread already grin bear with me please, have to read all your responses first.

admylin Wed 26-Sep-12 20:47:25

nutella thank goodness you went to the vet's, ear ache is really painful when we get it so little dog must have been in pain too. Hope she feels better soon.

linzer my dh is also still away too. He's in a small family hotel where they have told him that he has been given their best suite as he's a doctor and they don't get doctors very often! It's next door to a casino and across a square and garden to the atlantic sea. I'm so envy

I was going to check out ploom's TV channel but I'm so tired I don't think there's much point as I'll be off to bed in half an hour! Is anyone else like this? I used to come home from a full days work, get ready and go back out to socialise until late at night. Now I couldn't imagine going out in the evening past 10pm.

Afri must admit, I never ventured much further than Mitte when we lived in Berlin unless to go to a museum or an airport! I did have a coffee across from the Schloss once! Hope you feel settled in soon.

english those homemade knitted socks are so cosy, how nice of your dh's gran to make you them! Got my first pair in Germany from a German friend and wore them until they fell to bits! Don't know anyone who would knit me a pair now so have to wear shop bought fluffy socks!

Well, I am going to bed to enjoy a whole night of no snoring again. Last night was bliss!

worldcitizen Wed 26-Sep-12 21:00:12

Hello everyone. welcome afri and to Bienchen welcome back in Germany.
Would like to have some exchange about how you feel about leaving one place after a long time and now being back "home"...

Thanks to all of your wales suggestions, I really would love to talk more about Wales and also if we please could maybe talk more about York and Newcastle area trips, maybe anyone could help out there, too.

vegan who knows the chance sounds quite high, so I better keep stumm grin

ploom I believe that a general recommendation is once a year, if I remember it right this was also the case in the U.S....there is a lot of political/health insurance costs issues involved in those decisions which vary from country to country, but I believe and please don't nail me on this one, that the UK might be quite the minority by recommending the 3-year check up interval compared to other countries in the same league with the UK.

I am sorry, I need to catch up with all your responses and think i am missing the one or the other blush. My apologies in advance.

Laternenumzug, love it love love it, and I am saying this with the voice of my inner child who loved those. Adventskranz is simply something which is part of home, and the entire Adventszeit and everything surrounding it including building your own Knusperhäuschen.

It's wonderful, but now I have to apologise again for my possible rudeness, but I will most likely not share much about Christmas as of now, as I am still starting to enjoy autumn first and things such as Erntedankfest and also of course all the upcoming days and holidays ending the Kirchenjahr....and when those days are over then I will start getting festive and excited about Christmas...

disclaimer: <I understand lots of things need to get organised before Adventszeit>

worldcitizen Wed 26-Sep-12 21:02:53

nutella you are so right, it is a very cosy thread smile

admylin I feel you...I am also going to have an early night.

itsMYNutella Wed 26-Sep-12 21:26:47

admylin she is being very good and letting me do the medicine (I think it's actually a salve for her ears hmm, apparently her ears are really hairy and the ear canal is really tiny so she has this problem a lot <bless the small fluffy monster>). I giver her a little (owner approved) treat after the ear treatment which she loves smile

Oh, and, after several occasions of feeling my bump is small today I was asked if I am having twins!
The worst thing is I was at pregnancy yoga shock and the lady who asked me is about to burst in the next week or two. Very angry will be throwing away the loose top I wore to yoga! I'm 27 weeks tomorrow and there was a lady who is 35(ish) weeks and she was obviously much bigger than me <humph>
I'm off to bed with a stack of chocolate biscuits

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 07:23:21

Nutella Glad the dog is on the mend. How strange about the twins question - maybe she thought your bump looked twin-shaped. confused Or maybe it was just her pregnancy brain!

world Yes, I agree it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas - but when you see the date that the Advent market is going to open and it reminds you of Glühwein, which you self-sacrificingly did without for seven years shock due to either being pregnant or bfing, you can't help feeling a little excited. grin Plus there's nothing much to look forward to here in between now and Christmas, unless you count Austria's Nationalfeiertag. hmm grin

Re smear tests, I don't know whether the UK really is in the minority. Yes, annual screening was recommended once a year when I was in the USA but I have the feeling that new guidelines were announced not too long ago and that annual tests are no longer considered necessary (have just found this confirming it). According to this (but a UK site so may be biased, I suppose), the UK isn't alone in recommending that smear tests are carried out every three years, and experts consider that three- and five-yearly examinations are sufficient. So why am I going every six months? grin To get my money's worth from my health insurance rather than them squandering it all on 20-week Kuren for pensioners.

admylin How long will your DH be away for? I also enjoyed the lack of snoring last night! I don't expect he'll have been living the high life in Romania (I think it was there that he stayed in a particularly dodgy hotel where he said he felt very nervous), but I'm often very envy of the places where he's stayed.

Ploom Thu 27-Sep-12 07:32:02

nutella - think people sometimes cant help themselves and have to make some comment about a baby bump. Think you need to come up with some witty replies! Hope you enjoyed the chocolate biscuits grin.

world - I agree that maybe financial pressures in the UK limit the frequency of smears but I looked at data yesterday on the web that showed no great difference in mortality rates from cervical cancer between the UK and Germany - in fact the UK was slightly better. I'm always a bit suspicious of the money making side of the German healthcare system and think there should be a middle ground between the UK and German healthcare systems.

Welcome africababy - must be a culture shock to be back "home" after so long away.

admylin - I'm also in bed early most nights - often asleep by 10.30 at the latest blush. We're such party animals wink.

antique - how rude about that man telling you off - its so not cold enough for gloves! But I didnt check the weather this morning and have sent ds2 to school without a rain jacket and its now peeing down - I deserve a telling off.

Well I'm off to breakfast with a friend now - have a nice day. smile

itsMYNutella Thu 27-Sep-12 07:35:52

Linzer I totally agree with wanting to get your money's worth out of the health insurance! DP signed me up to the one he uses (and to be fair they are good) and I've been paying into it since I moved here. When I was at school learning German and didn't have much time for teaching and earning money I really wanted to throw myself down the stairs since I'd paid for healthcare I didn't need! - some months I made enough to pay for the health insurance and not much more sad
<note: I wouldn't actually throw myself down any stairs or injure myself... it was just tempting>
Although now the Krankenkasse should pay 80% of the pregnancy yoga, 80% of the aqua gymnastics, I think all of the Geburtvorbereitungskurse and for a Hebamme... So I am finally feeling better off!

admylin Thu 27-Sep-12 07:38:55

Linzer dh is away until Friday night. Had another great sleep - I am going to look like a new woman by the time he gets back!!

I think seeing as dh works with neurosurgeons they tend to organise their conferences in exclusive resorts. The last one in Athens was well outside Athens in a very expensive marina area. This one is outside Lisbon near a golf course and plenty of 5 star hotels and marinas! Dh is not staying with his colleagues as he'd have to pay the expensive hotel in advance and it's just too much at 200€ to almost 300€ a night.

nutella the little dog looks lovely on the fb pics! Could you imagine having one yourself? Well done on doing the yoga by the way and how strange about the twins question?!

itsMYNutella Thu 27-Sep-12 07:42:36

Ploom it would have to write down the witty replies and have them on a post-it on the back of my hand at the moment! confused brain is like a sieve, but with bigger holes!
Enjoy your breakfast!

Although on the feeling the cold front I'm definitely a weirdo - again at pregnancy yoga. I picked a spot by the window because the rooms sometimes get hot and the teachers often keep a window or two open. Opposite me the lady had on long-sleeve top, tracksuit bottoms, socks and kept a lightweight jacket nearby to keep warm.
I had on my loose deeply unflattering short-sleeve top and a pair of leggings... hmm I think I wouldn't be putting gloves on me or anyone else at the moment either Antique!

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 07:51:05

Ploom Enjoy your breakfast! I think I was confusing mortality rates for cervical cancer with those for breast cancer (very little difference, despite screening starting 15 years earlier here), so it's interesting to hear there's not much difference wrt cervical cancer either.

Nutella It's good that the Krankenkasse is covering so much of your pregnancy-related expenses; that (and having a baby, paed visits, etc.) really makes paying into your health insurance worthwhile. grin
You may also find it useful, once the baby is here, to carry around post-its with cutting witty comebacks written on them for people who tell you your baby is underdressed when he/she isn't wearing a hat, scarf and gloves in May, for example. Or any time the temperature drops below 20°.

admylin DH stayed at a Disney resort in Florida once, but I don't suppose that compares! (And he said he felt very out of place.) I'm equally envy of trips to Oxford and London that he has coming up; maybe in 15 years I'll be able to start going with him!

itsMYNutella Thu 27-Sep-12 08:08:51

Morning admylin smile yeah the dog is a sweetie, she is nice and quite and relaxed (usually).... I'm trying to fool DP into believing dogs are always like that so that we can have one hmm, although I don't think he's fallen for it. Leihund's owners seem really happy to have somewhere the dog enjoys being though so thats a nice complement for future pet ownership smile I think. I miss having a pet.....

Linzer From what I've read of the collective experience on here I'm going to need a lot of post-its! Although I'll probably need help from DP to write them so that they at least make sense smile Maybe I could start a new kind of happy slapping game, where I slap a post-it on someone when they say something?
Or just learn the German equivalent of "mind your own business you nosy.... something something..."

I have a student at Bahlsen who gave me four packets of chocolate biscuits on Tuesday... I gave one packet away, have eaten one (DP helped --when he got the chance--) and another is already open.... I will look like it's twins soon! shock

Bienchen Thu 27-Sep-12 08:23:58

Thank you so much for the very warm welcome, everyone. And my, you are a chatty lot!

Very jealous of those with husbands that travel for a few days, always a good chance to stock up on duty free and gifts from foreign countries.

On the retorts to those meddling Germans you could try "Wenn ich Rat brauche, dann melde ich mich". It gets the message across but isn't downright rude.

Nutella we had a dog until we had to rehome her (with friends that she already knew) when she started to growl at DD & bared her teeth. But I have very fond memories of her lying across my tummy when pg and being very protective of me. She was fine as well when baby was born but once DD was mobile it was a different kettle of fish. If you get a dog you might want to wait until DC is at least a toddler and don't get a JRT as they can be vicious. With the Leihhund you have the best of both worlds!

world I am not back yet, am sort of in transition, winding down my business, planning the move and frantically trying to find a FT job out there so that DH can join us soon. I am calm during the day but quite sleepless at night, it is a lot of responsibility.

Health insurance as another hurdle for us as I left nearly 23 years ago and they have to trawl the archives for any records. Again not a problem as soon as I find a job above EURO 400 otherwise prohibitively expensive.

Off to tackle the evergrowing ivy and hopefully lift the last of the potatoes with the school children.

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 08:38:21

Good morning everyone

I am so sorry, but I can hardly follow up with all what's been said so far, but I just wanted to add very quickly (without having read the links yet) that mortality rate in itself is to me personally not of much use.
There could be cancer diagnoses without the patient ending up deadgrin.

All I want is to have a check-up which look closely at any changes and is there a change noticed, then I want it to be as early as possible. This is my own take on this.
Anyone working with female patients who need all kinds of treatment due to the various forms and stages of cancer (or other kind of cell changes), benign and malignant, will have the opinion that once a year is very much recommended.
Also, during those annual check-ups there is a look at changes of the Blase und Urinleiter, eventuelle Gebärmuttersenkung, evtl. Zystenbildungen und und und

disclaimer: <not a hypochondriac at all>grin

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 09:03:54

world If we're talking about the annual check-up including all those kinds of things as well, then yes - obviously regular check-ups are good (but, unless things have changed since I left the UK, those kinds of checks aren't done routinely). However, if we're talking about smear tests alone, then many experts do seem to believe that every 3-5 years is sufficient. The report I linked to says that various US bodies "specifically recommend[s] against annual Pap testing". But I do see what you're saying grin and personally go for all kinds of tests that I wouldn't (or wouldn't even be able to) in the UK - an annual medical, six-monthly appointments at the dermatologist's, etc. and am very grateful that I do have that option even if I'm paying an arm and a leg for it.

Bienchen Ooh, I do like that retort! I may have to write it down on a post-it for future reference. grin

Nutella Or how about an extra-large post-it stuck onto the baby saying "Thank you for your concern, but I do not believe I am underdressed for the weather." grin

Mmm, chocolate biscuits... that reminds me that it's coffee and hobnob time!

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 09:13:09

Linzer yes that's what I am talking about, and that's what we started discussing in the beginning, at least I thought so. We started talking about why would one actually go every year to a check-up and the comparison with the UK of every year was made etc, especially when some find their visits not so pleasant.
And you mentioned your twice a year visits due to other benefits such as receiving gratis contraception and I thought those are typical reasons for twice a year instead of annual visits.
And I mentioned those annual visits to be very sensible due to various things being looked at and how it then switched to smear tests etc. I have no clue.

For example, Gebärmutterschleimhaut can have very quick and radical changes and many things caught early enough are very easily treatable...most women who end up with some sorts of diagnosis tend to report how much they regret not going to regular check-ups as so many things can get caught early without requiring much hefty treatment.

And, this is an offer (health recommendation) and no-one is required to take up that offer, each to their own when it comes to their own health. grin

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 09:24:20

world You're right, that's what we did start talking about - and I'm not really disagreeing with you at all. grin I think how it switched to smear tests is because that's all the check-up really is in the UK and so we (or maybe it was just me grin) were comparing outcomes for women in the UK and Germany/Austria and discovered that more regular smear tests/check-ups don't seem to make a difference to mortality rates. All the extras you get in Germany (you don't get them everywhere in Austria; my last gynae never used to do an ultrasound, for example) are obviously added bonuses. I'm happy to go every 6-12 months and feel quite reassured after each visit, so really wasn't trying to argue that we should go less often. I think the argument just went off on a bit of a tangent really. smile

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 09:30:55

Also, wanted to add that the FA is very much the right person to talk to about hormonal changes such as sweating, fatigue, hip, tail-bone, lower back issues, oedema as in swollen feet and fingers, body and facial hair issues, static problems especially after pregnancy, FA does urine, stool, and blood tests and would look into unclear lower tummy pains, without one having to go to the Hausarzt first and then being referred to other specialists anyway...

And many women have build a good rapport with the FA over years, so instead of doing regular weigh-ins, blood pressure check-ups and all the other lab tests they go ahead and opt for doing all this in the FA practice instead of with the Hausarzt because at least they can do the breast checks and the checks of some of the internal organs then as well...

....and this good rapport over years then makes it for many women easier (or they show up with partner) to also speak about sexuality and sexual health related issues...

so rant over blush

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 09:31:44

Linzer cross-post smile

Ploom Thu 27-Sep-12 11:05:13

I was talking about smear tests and cervical cancer maybe because I went for a smear test yesterday hmm. Apart from also having a breast check, the FA did nothing different to the nurse in the UK so the time between checks was the only difference to me. No Ultrasound, urine or bowel checks but then since I'm otherwise completely healthy I didnt feel I needed them.
Mortality rates are extremely important when discussing the benefits of regular check ups because thats the whole point of them - early diagnosis & early intervention to reduce mortality but doing check ups more often in Germany doesnt seem to be having an effect on the mortality rates which I dont quite understand.

Anyway I've been for my smear yesterday so now its up to me to decide when I go back and if its after 2 years I'll probably still feel its too soon wink.

Had a lovely breakfast - ate far too much. Got a busy taxiing about afternoon before ds's parents evening. Not sure how I'm supposed to be in both classrooms at the same time but I suppose it definitely gets me out of being Klassensprecher for one of the classes grin.

Ploom Thu 27-Sep-12 11:16:30

Just to add some science to the debate (got my masters head on!)

"There is insufficient high-quality evidence from randomized
controlled trials (RCT) to increase screening
interval based on prior negative cytology results for any
age group." American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology 2012

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 11:26:31

That's what I was going to ask - whether all these extra tests are included in the normal check-up in Germany as they generally aren't here. In which case, I think you can compare the check-ups in the UK and Germany/Austria and their frequency. My gynae doesn't do urine, stool or blood tests either, at least not as routine.

world It's great if you can build up a good rapport with your Frauenarzt, but you have to be able to find a good one to start with. All the non-private ones in the town where I live are male (I'd really prefer a female) and I haven't heard anything very positive about any of them. I went to a female one in the next town but wasn't particularly happy with her either. I now go to a friend who's private but charges me half-price (plus I get 80% back from my insurance) so it's affordable, but it took me seven or eight years to find a gynae I was happy with.

Ploom Glad you enjoyed your breakfast. What a shame you can't be Klassensprecher for both classes; I'm sure you're devastated. grin Maybe you could pop in and out of both classes at convenient moments, cunningly avoiding the vote in both.

CakeBump Thu 27-Sep-12 11:29:28

Crumbs did the last thread fill up? I'm not sure what happened to me to be honest!!!

Anyway, hi again everyone and I hope you and your families are well smile

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 11:42:03

Linzer that is an issue, I see what you mean. They don't say without reason that it is one of the hardest things to finally find the right dentist and FA you're truly happy and comfortable with.

cake what do you mean, you don't know what happened to you????

I have to go, am leaving early cause I have a Court appointment today to be a witness. First time ever for me to show up as a witness, will see how this goes.
One guy has totally out of the blue started a fight with another innocent young man at the bus stop and then continued to threaten and then beat up the men in the bus and the bus driver was so scared himself.....well I am now invited as a witness, will see how this will go, am slightly worried about this perpetrator, he was totally nuts and in Court you have to state your full name, date of birth and address hmm

Ploom Thu 27-Sep-12 12:35:45

Good luck world. Hope it goes ok.

Hi cake - nice to "see" you again grin. How's the restaurant getting on? Did you have your craft afternoon? Will keep my fingers crossed for a warm weekend and start to October to keep the punters coming in!

ha ha linzer at my faux devastation. Not sure how its going to work but the classes are on top of one another so popping in and out seems like a good plan. I quite like &respect my FA - as much as you can like a FA- but when I get round to having the gynae surgery I need I wont be going to him - will be going to the nearest big University clinic for hopefully the best care. Think you've got a good thing if its a friend that you go to (or is there a higher embarrassment factor?).

CakeBump Thu 27-Sep-12 12:44:13

world as in, life moves so quickly, the thread moves on and suddenly I haven't posted in ages! Don't know what happened smile

Hi Ploom, our craft event is on the 7th October. I'm currently trying to find two more stallholders, which is a bigger pain than you would think! People don't want to sell their stuff!!

We could do with some good weather in October - the last 2 or 3 weeks have been dead and we've got lots of bills to pay as usual

On a happy note, I have been asked to be a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding smile It'll be good motivation to lose my baby weight as baby comes at Christmas and she's getting married in June...

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 12:57:55

world That must have been quite a scary experience on the bus. Hope it all goes OK at court.

Cake Hello again! I was wondering where you were when we were talking about Wales a day or two ago. Exciting news about the wedding. smile

Ploom Do you know when you'll be having the surgery? It felt a bit weird the first time I went to see my friend but it's fine now and not really too embarrassing, although (possibly TMI alert) it can feel a little strange discussing things like libido when we both know each other's DHs. grin

I've not had any comments about underdressing DS, but one woman did tell me children should not be dressed in green! Huh? Any idea what that was about?

AntiqueMuppet Thu 27-Sep-12 14:12:45

Vegans How strange!

Linzer I was really lucky and found a FA I like straight off here. She's actually American and I'm not sure whether that helped to put me at ease a bit more. She doesn't do stool/blood/urine tests as part of the normal check-up either. I think I only had blood and urine the first time I went and then during pregnancy.

cake Good luck with the craft event! I hope you manage to find two more stallholders. Congratulations on being your friend's bridesmaid smile

Ploom Glad you had a nice breakfast! Hope the parents evenings go ok and that you don't have to do too much flitting about.

world Good luck in court! That sounds a little scary.

Bienchen That's a good phrase! I'll have to try and remember that next time (especially now I'M brave enough to argue back!)

nutella Love the post-it note happy slapping idea!

Weid weather today, can't decide whether it is going to clear up or start thundering again, so I think staying in with a cup of tea is the way forward.

admylin Thu 27-Sep-12 18:04:34

Antique it's definitely a stay in with cup of tea day here too! Although I just went out to drop ds off at table tennis and he turne dup back at home 15 minutes later as it was cancelled and no one had thought to tell all the boys (atleast they all turned up and it wasn't a case of ds being the only one who hadn't got the message/listened last time)!

Vegans do you think the green clothing complaint could have been lost in translation?

cakebump I thought you must have bene busy at the restaurant and no time for mn or something! How is the baking going? where did you learn to bake? I do some baking but I don't know if 100% of it would be worthy of selling in a restaurant!

ploom well done and you have my admiration for even thinking of going to both meetings! My head can't take more than one parents meeting so if they coincide I decide which is the realyl reallymost important and send a note in or ask another parent to excuse me at the other.

bienchen how scary that the dog didn't get on with your dd. Good that you noticed on time and could rehome your dog with someone you chose and knew.

nutella dd's hockey teacher told her he got his dog at a special farm that takes rescue and tierheim dogs so they can have a better life before finding a new home, now she's wondering where it is! I think you're doing it the best way, a leihund is great! Now dd needs a friend who occasionaly needs a dogsitter!

A big wave to everyone else, can't keep up - it's so busy here at the moment isn't it?

LinzerTorte Thu 27-Sep-12 18:53:00

admylin I don't know what it's like at secondary school, but I find that 75% of the things covered at the primary school parents' evenings seem to be the same in every class so (theoretically) you don't need to go to more than one - which I've masochistically done for the last two years.

Antique I would have jumped at the chance to go to an American gynae (or ob-gyn, I suppose I should say) if we had any native speaker doctors here; I'm sure there are some in Vienna, but we don't get many out here in the sticks. grin (English native speakers at all, let alone doctors.)

Vegans I've never heard of children not supposed to be dressed in green either; how strange.

Have just got the DC into bed so am now going to enjoy my last half hour of peace and quiet before DH gets home. Not that he's particularly noisy, I hasten to add. Or that we even have a huge amount of energy to talk to each other in the evenings. I struggle to be sociable after about 7 pm, so it's a good thing I rarely go out any more. grin

itsMYNutella Thu 27-Sep-12 20:28:46

Bienchen as much as I would love a dog I've already decided it can wait until all children (we're starting with one... see how we go smile ) are beyond baby stage. I can't imagine trying to train a puppy and a LO confused I'm having enough trouble on my own without making life unnecessarily complicated smile although the Leihund is thankfully low maintenance! Which is also deceptive when it comes to pet ownership.... just don't let my DP know!

Linzer LOL at you being a masochist!

I like my FA, she is really nice and I know she explains things to me clearly so that I understand; of course it also means I can trust her which I really really appreciate. Never had a good Dr relationship in the UK, but then every time I went I tended to see a different person hmm not sure that is really helpful in terms of patient care.

admylin maybe getting your DD a job helping out at a tierheim or similar would be helpful in staving off the "can we have a dog" questions (depending on how old she is)

I don't think it was a translation error, she spoke really good English. I'd seen her the day before in another part of town, it was a Saturday, and we were near a church, she asked me if I'd been to church in the morning, I said no, and she looked at me like I was going to hell! She was a bit strange, really, I found it hard to shake her off.
Haven't seen her since the green clothes incident, and that was months ago. I think it might be a religious thing, not wearing green?

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 21:17:15

Waving at everyone,

don't dress children in green? What's all that about? Strange!!! Why do people feel they can just barge in with all these unsolicited opinions, sometimes I think as soon you start to get visibly pregnant and and then most of your time as a parent, all these people come out of their holes with their unsolicited advice and opinions arrrrggggghhhhh angry

Being a witness wasn't as bad as I thought. The assailant looked completely different, all well dressed and different hair cut and so calm.
I thankfully didn't need to state publicly my full date of birth and only needed to say my current age, and they also did not make me so openly my address, which was very sensible I think.

Well his lawyer apologised for any fears and upset his client has caused and asked me if I would accept an apology and if it would be okay for his client to address me directly, which I accepted and then his client apologised for all the fright and upset and inconvenience etc.
And I wasn't even the victim who was physically assaulted and felt quite safe as I was sitting beside two strong men who also kept an eye on the "nutcase". But the young man he threatened and then attacked, I felt so sorry for.
Anyway, it was all okay and am glad it's over and really always hope not to be at the wrong time in the wrong place, those unfortunate events really could happen anytime anywhere...

Bienchen Thu 27-Sep-12 21:41:52

world glad it is all over for you and wasn't as bad as expected, stillI can think of better ways to spend a day;)

vegans very odd comment re green clothing and certainly not common attitude. AFAIK muslims regard green as a special colour reserved for the prophet Mohammed, so maybe something that a strict muslim would adhere to but certainly not expect that from other religions.

admylin our friends used to look after our dog when we were travelling and could not take her along. They adored her and jumped at the chance to have her all the time (semi retired, living in the countryside, active lifestyle, no kids = perfect parents for her)

cakebump here people fall over themselves to have a stall and make some money. Wonder why...

We have been invited to the Laternenumug at DD future Kiga, have ordered a Laternenstab from Amazon. Apparently things have moved on from my childhood, we had real candles in paper lanterns grin/shock. Have not secured a lantern yet but have a cupboard full of chinese ones. Will I get away with a red one with some black lettering on?

Bienchen Thu 27-Sep-12 21:43:16

world so glad you did not have your full personal details in public, would put anyone off to act as a witness I would have thought.

Vegan i have heard that green inside the house is meant to be unlucky - I think its a very old superstition (I bought lovely thick green carpets for throughout my first flat - they were lovely honest - and the carpet fitters admired it but said "lots of people won't have green in the house"... Never heard it applied to children's clothing though...

I have seen a few FA from the same practice, but not especially liked any of them, the one who I had for my last pregnancy made the apts seem largely pointless and failed to tell me things she should - the surgeon asked me if I'd decided to have a tubal litigation at the same time due to it being my 3rd section with poor scar condition, and although I wouldn't necessarily have chosen to if I had had more time to think about it, it should have been brought up earlier in my pre-natal care, not at the pre-op! Can't say I have any fondness or great respect for any of the FA I have seen - though like Linzer we have very limited choice as there is only one practice in the nearest large town, and I would feel too self indulgent taking up a large part of the day and arranging child care for after school etc. to travel into Munich to see a specific doctor if I wasn't actually ill...

Cake hope you're not over doing it - I haven't forgotten about the baby things, it is on my list for tomorrow or next week at the latest to sort through!

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 21:55:48

Exactly Bienchen I was really worried about that. He seemed like someone who doesn't have much to lose...and the police showed up while we were all in the bus and he continued with them as well and in the end they needed 4 people to restrain him and take him away. Today his lawyer added in his apology the explanation that his client was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine...hmm
And it didn't take a day, only half an hour, but I had to go all the way to court and then drive back to work and make up some of my time, which is quite calm these past weeks, but from next month on I am again on different schedule and will do Aussendienst again for the next 10 weeks, so that will be quite stressful.

I also had real candles in my Laterne, loved it. Someone asked about real candles on the Weihnachtsbaum, yes some still have it, I never did, as I find it too dangerous and I want to be able to chill and don't want to worry about fires grin

As far as I know not wearing green has nothing to do with islamic religious practices.

worldcitizen Thu 27-Sep-12 22:01:36

Wow English I have never heard about this superstition?! How interesting, i actually love green and dressed my child in green as well, which she looked fabulous in and one day out of the blue she asked not buy any piece of green clothing anymore...and I obliged grin

Ploom Fri 28-Sep-12 10:42:41

How strange all these comments & superstitions about wearing green. We'd never have worn green as dc but thats because we werent Catholic and green was thought to be a Catholic colour hmm!

bienchen - we had proper candles in the lanterns the first year we were here but then realised you could just buy those battery operated ones which seemed much safer (and very cheap). We've got quite a few lanterns in the cellar after 3 years of kiga.

aw cake - nice news about the wedding. I lost the weight really quickly after my first baby without really trying. Was back in my normal trousers after 2 weeks. Shame I didnt stay that thin all these years later sad.

linzer - hope you enjoyed your last few mins of peace. I was supposed to have gynae surgery even before we moved here but they said that after the op I wouldnt be allowed to lift the dc and they were still little at the time so put it off. But there wont be much longer before I cant lift ds2 so I wont be able to put it off much longer. Dreading it though.

world - glad it all went ok.

The parents evening went fine. Spent most of the eve in ds2's class as I wanted to get to know the teacher a bit better. She's so much nicer than the battleaxe that ds1 has - thankfully for ds2. And managed to get out of being Klassensprecher for either classgrin. Spoke to the teacher at the end just to say about ds2 not being friends with the other boys from kiga just to ensure she didnt push them to sit together. But there seems quite a few other boys so I'm sure ds2 will have some friends soon.

LinzerTorte Fri 28-Sep-12 13:09:08

Very quiet on here today... I've been staying off MN as, after a very quiet period, I now seem to be inundated with work and will probably have to work for quite a bit of the weekend.

Ploom Glad you survived the parents' evening, although I'm disappointed that you didn't volunteer to be Klassensprecher after all. grin Wow, very impressed with you being back to your pre-baby weight within 2 weeks; I think it took me about 6 months after I'd had DD1!

world Good to hear it went OK yesterday and wasn't too time-consuming.

English Was that in the UK that a lot of people wouldn't have green carpets? I've just been googling and green is indeed sometimes considered an unlucky colour, but I'd never heard of it before.
I know quite a few people who'll travel into Vienna to go to a particular gynae (usually the one they went to see when they were living there), but I don't know how they find the time.

Bienchen Things haven't moved on in Austria; we still have proper candles in our lanterns here. grin I didn't realise that anything else was even an option!

Nutella Yes, the fact that you always see the same doctor is a good thing. Having said that, the fact that there's rarely more than one doctor in a practice here means that opening hours aren't great (most doctors seem to open for four mornings and one afternoon) and you have to find another practice to go to if they're on holiday. I wanted to get DS's allergy medication from the paediatrician before we went back to the UK, only to discover a notice on the door saying he was on holiday and the Vertretung was in the next town, which would have been a bit of a hassle if I'd really wanted to see a paed (I ended up going to the GP instead).

cheaspicks Fri 28-Sep-12 13:22:17

Linzer have pm'd you.

Hi everyone!

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 13:26:16


I put this in the old thread: a bit last minute I know, but

I am going on a family duty visit to the farterland and have a free day in Frankfurt on Friday, anyone got any ideas of what to do? Not been before, I'm interested in art and gardens.

I'm in Frankfurt, but only been here a few months, worldcitizen probably has better suggestions.
There are lovely botanical gardens here:

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 13:58:53

Palmengarten sounds good, just need to work out how to get there without missing my flight back. Is there anywhere to dump a suitcase in FF - do they still have left luggage anywhere - I know we don't have that any more.

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 14:27:06

achillea My time in Frankfurt was a while ago, so I think the most helpful tip I can give is this link. Everyone speaks English and you can either call or pay them a quick visit. They are right there in the main station. Not sure where you're staying, but the airport stop is 2 stops away from the Central station, Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, as far as I remember lots of train lines pass and you could catch a tube every 4-7 minutes and even though they're only 2 stops, they are quite long-stretched and should take about 12-14 minutes I believe. Don't nail me on this one, it was a while ago when I lived there
Hope this link is helpful.

Tourist Information Frankfurt Central Station

You could either catch a tube, the U-Bahn, I believe the U6 and U7 would take you there and also Bus 36 (its end stop name is Palmengarten). It will take about 30 minutes from the city...but again am not so sure anymore.
There are loads of cultural options, and it would depend how man hours you have available to you, which is why the tourist info would be the best option as you could decided then and there what you're in the mood for and they would be able to tailor some suggestions to your interests and time schedule.

As far as I know, it is still possible to leave your suitcase in a locker there in the main train station.

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 14:33:36

vegan so it was you who moved to Frankfurtsmile. How have you settled so far?

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 14:48:40

I thought worldcitizen was a website! I just googled it.

I'm going to be en route from Karlsruhe but my flight isn't until the evening. I am half german so can cope with the lingo. I'm glad the airport is so near the sation, I can dump my luggage at the airport and then spend the day looking at Kunst and Garten.

This is the first time I've been away on my own for 25 years, I'm being very control-freaky about it.

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 14:51:45

Yes, you can also leave luggage at the airport. I believe there are two options at least, one should be between terminal 1 and 2.

itsMYNutella Fri 28-Sep-12 15:59:15

English I've never heard that green was unlucky either I like the sound of your carpet smile.... I love green! It's a colour I would consider for the baby corner - nice and gender neutral! In fact in my first place I had a wallpaper that was mostly green in the bedroom and in the second a green hallway....hmm don't think I've been unlucky...

This weekend there is a herbst festival thing nearby but I haven't figured out if you have to pay to get in.... I don't understand why there are often these days where you can go along and buy overpriced things that you could get in most fancy shops but first you have to pay to go and look at the fancy stuff confused the main reason I'm interested in going is to look for more second hand baby stuff. Apart from nappies and dummies I'm not sure if baby will have anything new... Still looking for the last few bits to pop up on eBay wink

CheddarandMarmite Fri 28-Sep-12 16:19:57

<Sidles in shyly> Hello everyone. I've been meaning to join this thread for a while, but it always goes so fast, so I decided to wait until a new one starts.

Currently living in Bayern, but we are moving to Hessen in the new year, which I am a bit nervous about (leaving all my friends here, having to find a flat and find Kindergartens and things <frets>). Any other Hessen people on here?

admylin Fri 28-Sep-12 17:09:44

Hi CheddarandMarmite welcome and I hope the move goes well (now I really could do with some cheddar and some marmite)!Not sure if we have any Hesseners on here. I'm in Hanover.

Nutella is it the Fest on the Schutzenplatz? Went there one year but it's like a mini Oktoberfest. Free to get in (or it was when we went). I know what you mean about having to pay to get into these things. It's a shame as it puts us off going as a family of four it gets too expensive. Dd would have loved the recent show at Herrenhausergarten with dogs but it also cost jsut to go inside.

achillea hope you have a nice trip to Frankfurt!

ploom glad your ds2 got a nice teacher. My 2 are both happy with their teachers so are enjoying school at the moment. Just sat in the dyslexia therapist's waiting room and listened to another mother sobbing that her dd isn't getting any better and how bad her last piece of homework was, full of spelling mistakes and how her dd won't read, how the school won't offer any help either. Felt so sorry for the girl (well abit for the mum too but found it abot ott sobbing to the young therapist).

bienchen enjoy the laternenumzug! We loved our lanterns and sometimes used to sit with them on in the dark on winter evenings! Better in the warm, snuggled on the sofa than out in the freezing cold!

world thank goodness being a witness wasn't too bad. Sounds scary.

Well, 4 hours left until we pick dh up. Haven't heard from him although he could have forgotten his mobile pin number! He has just sent off for a job in Canada, great university in Montreal, wouldn't say no to a few years there although it's a worry for the dc as they still have 3 and 4 years to Abi. Bad time to change countries and school systems.

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 17:40:02

admylin I would totally encourage you to go to Montreal. Seriously, a wonderful quality of life and awesome atmosphere. 3-4 years before Abi and changing schools and school systems to go to Canada is no issue at all, really not at all!!!!!!

Cheddar sorry, even though I lived for over 6 years in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Bad Nauheim I doubt I would be of much help, all too long ago.

AntiqueMuppet Fri 28-Sep-12 18:25:56

admylin Montreal sounds amazing! My parents are on the other side of Canada and I'm a bit in love with the country. I loved it when we were over there when I was pregnant.

CheddarandMarmite Hello! I'm in Hessen smile The thread really whizzes along sometimes.

Nutella Enjoy the Herbstfest if you go - hope it's not too expensive and that you manage to find a few baby bits.

achillea Enjoy your Frankfurt trip! We went to the Palmengarten a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Linzer Hope the work isn't too stressful and you still have time for wine consumption & MNing other things over the weekend.

Ploom Glad the parents evenings went well.

English I've never heard of the green thing either!

<waves to everyone else>

We're off to look at a fab-sounding house this week. I'm all excited again even though we still haven't managed to get hold of our landlady to see if we could move out if we found a Nachmieter. (When we moved in the agency said that would be no problem, but the landlady dumped the agency at really short notice recently so we don't know whether that still stands.)

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 18:30:16

antique are you also in Frankfurt or somewhere else?

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 18:31:11

Thanks worldcitizen, I shall leave my luggage at the train station and get the 36 bus. This is so unlike me. In my youth I would have just turned up and found my way wherever I wanted to get to. Now I feel I have to have it all arranged perfectly.

world, we have been here nearly six months now and settling really well, danke. It's fine. But I really am one of those people who is content wherever I lay my hat, as long as I have my husband and offspring with me, and it's not a complete hellhole!

Cheddar, welcome. I am in Frankfurt. My DS is nearly two. He's not in Kiga so I can't really help there, but holler if you think I can be of any help. How old is/are your DC?

antique, good luck with the viewing.

What is Abi? That's my name! smile

achillea, enjoy your trip. If you go to the gardens, there is a fancy restaurant next door that does fancy cakes (no good for vegans though).

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 19:10:04

Abitur - the exam they take at 16 instead of GCSE.

CheddarandMarmite Fri 28-Sep-12 19:10:30

Ooh, Antique you're in Hessen? We are looking to move to Hanau, to the east of Frankfurt, don't know if you are anywhere near there.

I'm worried that, moving when we are, all the Kindergartens will be full up, and DD will have to hang around at home for months until the new school year starts, and then she'll forget all her german. She is just starting to speak a bit more now at her current Kiga too, after a year of silence.

Ah, thanks, achey! smile

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 19:11:22

vegan that's great to hear, wonderful trait to have grin

Abi is short for Abitur (like A levels)

achillea Fri 28-Sep-12 19:12:00

Ooh fancy cakes! Hang on - I thought all German cakes were pretty fancy.

CheddarandMarmite Fri 28-Sep-12 19:13:50

Hello WWVD my DC1 is nearly 5 and my DC2 is 1. Nice to see there are some people who won't be too far away smile

Thanks, world. I imagine you are the same, being a world citizen and all!

I don't really know, achillea, I don't eat cakes out! But this place looked pretty swanky.

Hi, Cheddar! smile

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 19:25:57

It's not the exam you take at 16.

vegan unfortunately I am not really that way grin

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 19:27:48

vegan I imagine you could find vegan cake in Bornheim, right?!

AntiqueMuppet Fri 28-Sep-12 19:36:25

world I'm in Wiesbaden. I think you mentioned upthread that you lived here too for a while - how long were you here for?

Cheddar I'm on the other side of Frankfurt. My DS has just turned 1 too. Hope it works out with the Kindergarten. I keep hearing that you have to register your DC pretty much as soon as you give birth but a few friends of mine have found (albeit very last minute) places at their first choice Kigas for their DC. That's Wiesbaden though, I'm afraid I have no idea what the situation is in Hanau.

AntiqueMuppet Fri 28-Sep-12 19:37:36

Vegans It had never occurred to me that cakes might not be vegan. Doh! (But then I totally forgot and recommended the zoo to you, so am obviously a bit dull when it comes to these things grin )

world, re cake, maybe. I haven't looked. I have no need of external cake: DS LOVES baking cakes, he'd bake every day if he could. DH and I can't eat enough to keep up! smile

Antique, smile, bless! smile Most cakes use milk, eggs, butter. Very easy to make them without though.
We could have a welcome party for when Cheddar arrives - just not at the zoo! smile

AntiqueMuppet Fri 28-Sep-12 19:44:31

How on earth did that never cross my mind?! blush

<feeling ever so slightly dim now>


worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 19:56:01

I was down there for about 7 years and was most of that time in Frankfurt, where I was extremely happy, a few months in Wiesbaden and 2 years in Bad Nauheim, but was a lot in Wiesbaden due to friends and uni mates living there at the time, one of my best and dearest friends still lives in Wiesbaden, where she's from, and I still visit once in a while, but next visit is her turn and I'm planning to be back down next spring.

I liked the beautiful and green neighbourhood Bornheim in Frankfurt as it was quite alternative and eco-minded with loads of Vegetarian and health food restaurants at a time where Frankfurt was really know to be a place for all the finance and banking types.

Wiesbaden is really beautiful and the quality of life there is amazing!!!!!! And adding all the benefits of having Frankfurt close by, it was wonderful.

itsMYNutella Fri 28-Sep-12 20:54:10

admylin it's a thing in Südstadt somewhere... I think it is at a sports club near the edge of the Eilenriede... There was something on the poster about 5€ for a tisch but I assumed that only applies if you want to set up a stall... DP thought it was a donation thingy... We shall see!

Bienchen thank you for your retort I will be writing it out on many post-it's and then either saying it to or grin sticking it on people! Now can you help me, what can I say when people ask (what I previously considered was a neat bump) if I am having twins? Of course if anyone else has any ideas please I need help! Preggo brain and not practising German enough is definitely having an impact confused
Although, sorry if I've posted this before... But I heard a message I left for DP on our answer phone and I really do sound Dutch!shock

worldcitizen Fri 28-Sep-12 22:18:33

Hey nutella, I believe you've mentioned that before about people sometimes assuming you're being Dutch when we talked about where others would place us when they hear us speaking, someone said their German husband sounds Australian to others...

To your bump and twin question I am afraid I don't have much helpful to suggest as no-one has ever asked me that and it wouldn't occur to me to ask this directly, as much as I don't ask a woman if she's pregnant either...
Guess it depends what you generally would like to say, so maybe if you would share which tone and message you would like to get across?!

CakeBump Sat 29-Sep-12 10:23:18

That's mine world, and I think Ploom's as well?

I don't know how he managed to get an Aussie accent to stick after just a few months in Australia and NZ - he lived in the NE of England for 18 months and luckily doesn't sound Geordie!!

Right, going to have a proper catch up with this thread now...

CakeBump Sat 29-Sep-12 10:33:52

Nutella is so weird how people comment on your bump. I can have a week of everyone saying "you're huge!" and then I'll meet up with friends and they'll say "aren't you lucky to have a small bump!" confused

So, I just ignore smile I'm also not very good with having German "platitudes" ready, by which I mean all that conversational sort of "yes, well, it's growing each day" or "oh right, well I seem to have plateau'd at the moment".... instead I just stand there, nodding dumbly at whatever they say....

I've found one more stallholder now for the craft fair next weekend - I'm stupidly nervous about it; hoping that people come, hoping it's worth it for the stallholders, hoping there's enough on the stalls to keep the customers happy....argh!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone

worldcitizen Sat 29-Sep-12 10:42:04

Hello cakebump you enjoy your weekend as well smile. I am off in a couple hours myself, spending the weekend in Lübeck/Travemünde...and then from Monday on it's going to get quite dense at work...

Best wishes for the craft fair smile

LinzerTorte Sat 29-Sep-12 11:11:06

Hope everyone is having a slightly more exciting weekend than me (stuck on the computer) and that you have a good trip world. I wrote half a post last night but pressed the Back button by mistake and lost it; I've forgotten most of what I wrote now, but hi to Cheddar and achillea. smile Is hupa still around? I think she's in Hessen somewhere.

Antique Hope the viewing goes well; it sounds very exciting. Are you in a flat at the moment?

admylin Hope your DH got back OK. Montreal sounds good; good luck with his application.

Nutella Maybe you could say no, it's triplets. grin Almost all our baby stuff was second hand; I think the only things you're supposed to buy new are the car seat and cot mattress. Babies grow out of clothes so quickly that it's fairly easy to find good quality second-hand stuff and we hardly had to buy anything for DS when he was a baby as we had so much passed on to us.

Cake Oh, I'm exactly the same with the platitudes; I still really struggle with German small talk, particularly if I don't really know someone.

Right, my coffee is finished so must get back to work!

admylin Sat 29-Sep-12 11:44:53

I think hupa is in Hessen Linzer, and I knew antique lived in Wiesbaden but that shows my German geography skills are zero as I didn't think that was Hessen! And that'S despite having helped both dc learn all the Länder and Hauptstädte for geography in year 5! Good luck with the house antique.

cake good luck with the event, have you advertised in the local paper?
world have a nice weekend away. I was just saying that when dd is atleast 14 and ds 15 I might be able to go on these business trips with dh and leave them for 3 days to get on with it! Or maybe not...
cheddar my dd spent a whole year of silence at kindergarden too. She just suddenly started talking perfect German one day! Hope you get a place sorte dout as soon as possible.

Dh got back OK, on time and not too fed up. He did meet an old colleague who was given dh's work to use as his own and also got a big prize (money) from the boss for it. Dh didn't hesitate to tell him he can't really be proud of what he had achieved considering he didn't even understand half of the work. The man doesn't care though as he's a surgeon and only wants his title (Dozent).

LinzerTorte Sat 29-Sep-12 13:04:31

I didn't realise that Wiesbaden is in Hessen either, despite having been there. blush I'm hopeless at geography, so I'm glad we only have nine Länder and capitals to learn here. Both DDs had to learn them all in year 2, but that was nothing compared to the challenge of learning the national anthem off by heart (I've rarely come across a more impossible tune).

It must be so frustrating for your DH to see others rewarded for his work. Fingers crossed another job will turn up soon.

I really think most comments on bumps is just people awkwardly trying to make conversation, sound interested, be polite.

admylin, that is so atrocious about your husband's work being stolen. Aargh, so unfair. I hope the people responsible get their comeuppance.

LinzerTorte Sat 29-Sep-12 14:18:49

I agree Vegans. I remember when SIL's DS was little, saying something to her about how big he was and she replied, "No, not really, he's average for his age." I just meant that he'd grown and was trying to make conversation, but I can't remember whether I bothered explaining!

Nutella it's when people comment on your bump and you aren't pregnant you have to worry blush (check out lady at the local small supermarket I've been going to for years congratulated me on expecting DC4 a couple of months ago - I wasn't... I don't wear that dress any more blush ) The midwife in the UK told me DD would be at least 11lb based on the size of my bump and sent me for a late scan at about 37 weeks thinking I should be induced early - she wasn't small but she wasn't that big (9lb at 42 weeks) but there was a lot of water... How the baby is lying does affect how big your bump looks too though, and if the baby moves from lying horizontally to vertically your bump can actually go from looking very big to much smaller and neater (and vice versa of course) that happened to me with DC2 and people asked if he'd shrunk confused I knew he'd moved though as horizontal at 30+ weeks was uncomfortable!

admylin how unbelievably frustrating for your DH, don't know how he keeps his temper when that happens to him over and over sad Really hope he finds a job where he is treated with more respect soon.

CakeBump Sat 29-Sep-12 16:10:16

Its next Sunday everyone! smile (the craft fair I mean!)

Yes, we've advertised in two local papers and I've put half a dozen posters up around town... fingers crossed!

We've got roadworks outside the restaurant at the moment so although its nice and sunny here, it's not very peaceful....

admylin that's crap about your DH's work! Can he complain to the bosses?

Linzer there are so many times when I say something in coversation, the other person gets totally the wrong and of the stick, and I can't be bothered to try to explain (way too complicated plus the other person just gets embarrassed) so I just pretend it was what I meant all along smile

English grin at people asking if your DS had shrunk! I'm 28 weeks now and getting to the stage where a head and random limbs are actually poking out a bit, it's most odd but never fails to fascinate me. I'm constantly saying to DH "look look!!" smile

Ploom Sat 29-Sep-12 17:18:30

linzer - my saturday hasnt been too exciting either. Dh is on call and we were all lazy this morning so all we did was collect some chestnuts. Then this afternoon he keeps trying to get me involved in gardening which I hate. Thankfully ds1 helped him instead.

cake - have got my fingers crossed that next saturday goes well. If I was nearer I'd come along. Being 28 weeks is such a fun part of pregnancy - you look pregnant but dont feel as sick as the beginning or as exhausted as at the end.

admylin - thats so rubbish about that man stealing your dh's work but good on your dh for saying something to him about it.

I also agree vegans - people just want to make small talk so say something about your bump. But they forget that they're probably the 10th person to say it that day which is why you look a bit fed up. I also agree one person says "oh isnt your bump big" then the next says "oh arent you neat for x months". Grrrr. The consultant when I was induced with ds2 said to me "oh havent you got a lovely neat bump - dont think it'll be a big baby" 6 hours later ds2 arrived at 10lbs 13oz!!!! So not even the doctors get their comments right.

welcome cheddar. I'm not far from the border to Hessen (in Bayern) but not anywhere near where you're moving to.

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Sep-12 09:13:06

The funny thing about it all is that even in adult life it isn't as if we are all the same height and weight so why should bumps or children conform to some perception of "standard" size... confused ah well. As long as it's healthy grin that's the most important.

Good luck with the craft thingy Cake! Well done on getting it organised, fingers crossed you get plenty of interest in it. And you're a week ahead of me, I'm 27+3 today. Has your DH tried listening for the heartbeat? I read somewhere it should be possible. DP tried it and got a pummelling in the the face grin , he was quite surprised at how hard the little bean is kicking now smile

Welcome Cheddar! I'm also not near Hessen I'm afraid. But I hope you get settled in quickly and painlessly (as much as possible).

Ploom Mon 01-Oct-12 06:55:26

nutella - comments when your pregnant are just the start of it. People feel compelled to say something about your childs height nearly every time they see them. I've stopped saying it to other parents now unless the other person makes a comment about their own dc cause I know how annoying it is. If one more person says to me "oh isnt your ds1 tall!" I KNOW HE'S TALL!!!!!! Do you think i've never looked at him before!!!! and breathe grin

So I have a million jobs to do so feel free to shout at me if you see me on here again this morning.

LinzerTorte Mon 01-Oct-12 07:14:23

I think I'm spectacularly unobservant as I don't really notice whether children are tall or short unless I see them with their whole class (it was only then that I realised that DD1 is short for her age). One of my friends said people are always commenting on her tall her DS is but I must admit I'd never noticed. blush I didn't notice that your DS is tall either Ploom, just that your DD was head and shoulders above DD1 (is she really only about five months older than her or have I got completely confused?). Maybe it's because being tall is seen as something positive that people are more inclined to comment about it; I never get comments about the DC being short! Can understand it must be quite annoying, though.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent about half of it working, but we managed to get out yesterday and went to an "amethyst world", very similar to the fossil world we went to a couple of weeks ago. There was an area where you could dig for amethysts, but I got bored after about five minutes blush so left DH and the DC to it and sat in the sunshine and read my book for the rest of the hour!

Cake Oh yes, I've done that plenty of times; pretending that's what I meant all along just seems like the easiest option most of the time!

Ploom I hate gardening too; the house is enough work for me! Luckily DH enjoys it and the DC are usually quite happy to help him. The digging yesterday was just too much like gardening for me!

cheaspicks Mon 01-Oct-12 07:15:50

ploom ha ha I must really irritate lots of people, as I comment on pretty much any child DD's age or younger when they are taller than she is. It's as much marvelling at her being so short as much as anything, but it's probably still annoying to the other mums blush.

Anyway, Nutella, despite dd being a small baby (2900g/6lb 6oz) and me not putting on much weight in pregnancy (8kg in total), I still had a comment at about 20 weeks from a dr who said "I would have put you closer to 24 weeks".

Must go and nag dd to get dressed. Hopefully back later, since I'm slightly less busy than I was last week!

cheaspicks Mon 01-Oct-12 09:45:21

Linzer that's funny, I also noticed the difference between your and ploom's dds far more than I've noticed her ds1 being tall. I don't know whether I'm generally unobservant, or just don't know enough 7/8 yos to compare with (probably the first, though, tbh).

I may have scared off that bit of proofreading work, oops. It took me 2 1/2 hours to do the bit they sent through, so I wrote to my contact saying that I had asked a professional translator friend what I should be charging and suggested an hourly rate at the bottom end of what you indicated, which happens to be what I charge for private teaching. I also said I would do the first bit for less, since I'd given them the impression it would be much cheaper. My contact wrote back slightly snappily that they don't need a professional standard translation and so they prefer to use an unqualified native speaker because they are cheaper. She is going to speak to her boss tomorrow to see if they can afford my rate.

Do I write back and say I'm willing to go lower? I don't know if any of you read the thread in Freelancers a week or two ago about how to earn £1000 a month. It somehow turned into a very inspiring thread about not aiming too low - one brilliant tip was that when you name your fee to someone, they should squeak but then say yes. If they don't squeak, you've pitched too low. Maybe today's email was just the squeak! confused

CakeBump Mon 01-Oct-12 09:51:13

cheas I hope it was a squeak!

My friend started that thread and has a facebook group too - are you a member? I can pass you the details on if not. She lives near me just over the border in Holland.

I had a freaky experience with baby movements on Saturday night Nutella - I was finding it hard to sleep so was awake much later than usual, and suddenly the baby started really wriggling. As I was lying on my side and had my arm draped over my tummy, it actually felt like a real baby in the bed with me! I must have been dozing as I shouted out and jumped in shock! It was really weird - it's almost like a ghostly presence; you're alone but not alone.... confused

We had the first frost last night - just keeping my eyes peeled for sloes now to make sloe gin! I got hundreds last year but apparently this year isn't a good year for them.

CakeBump Mon 01-Oct-12 09:52:00

sorry cheas in answer to your question, I would wait and see what they say. If they come back with a "no", then maybe go a bit lower?

Ploom Mon 01-Oct-12 10:11:20

ok I've done most of my jobs - just waiting for the washing machine to finish load 1 of 3 for today so am having a cuppa and some MN.

Yes linzer - there is only 5 months between our dd1's but think mine is on the tall side and yours on the little side so the difference seemed quite huge. My dd is also developing boobs etc quite quickly which surprised me since I was def not an early developer (I still had a vest on in 1st year of high school blush) so maybe thats also why she's taller. But am glad you and cheas didnt notice ds1 since his growth is the one that worries me (hint to me to stop worrying!).

cake - were you comforted or freaked out by your spooky baby movements last night? It might happen again after the baby is born - it def happened to me - dd1 was asleep in her cot and I woke scrambling around in the covers looking for dd thinking I'd lost her in the bed. Have heard this happen to others so I know I wasnt going crazy. Was freaky at the time tho.

So my other moan for a Monday morning - ds1's narky teacher wrote in his Hausaufgabenheft on Friday that his shorts for sport were too loose and for safety reasons he must always wear very tight ones hmm. His shorts are just normal football shorts so have spent too much time over the weekend on the internet looking for them but the only ones I found were over 20 euros. Found some old ones of dd's - they're just grey on the outside but have a pink band on the inside so he wont wear them. So have been out this morning hunting for some but obviously its the wrong time of year. Have bought some black short leggings from NKD - they're girls ones but am hoping since they're plain black he'll wear them. Grrrr this teacher would drive a parent to drink!

LinzerTorte Mon 01-Oct-12 10:11:23

cheas Oh, I get so annoyed by people thinking that as long as you're a native speaker, you can translate/teach, etc. I retranslated an Indian restaurant menu by someone who was a native speaker (apparently his parents had looked at it too!) and you wouldn't believe the mistakes in it; Cashewkerne had been translated as cashew seeds, for example. (That reminds of the phrase if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys...)

Re your question, I agree with Cake that you should wait and see what the boss's response is. It really depends on how much you want to do the work, I suppose. I ended up agreeing to a low rate for one agency when I started out and really regretted it afterwards when I found that other agencies were willing to pay about 60% more (even though I managed to negotiate them up by 5 cents a line) and treated me far better and with more respect too. It's definitely a good idea to aim high as you can always negotiate downwards but, as a freelancer, it can be quite difficult to put your prices up. If they offer a much lower rate than you asked for, I would see if you could negotiate them up a bit.

Cake The FB group sounds interesting - is it for freelancers?

hupa Mon 01-Oct-12 10:13:39

Hello everyone. I´m finally back from my self imposed mumsnet ban. I´m quite impressed I managed to stick to it and I´ve manged to get loads done, so I´m going to try to limit myself to 30 minutes a day from now on. I think I´ve missed a whole thread and have only skimmed this thread so far. There´s a lot of new names, and maybe a couple of name changes to get my head around.

I am in Hessen, but up near Kassel, so not close to where you´ll be moving to Cheddar.

CakeBump I remember watching Alien when quite heavily pregnant and then wondering when my bump started moving if it was really a baby inside. I knew I was being ridiculous, but couldn´t get the thought out of my head for a few days.

LinzerTorte Mon 01-Oct-12 10:22:59

Ploom I've never heard of shorts being too loose to be safe! How ridiculous... I'm trying to think what accidents could be caused by loose shorts but can't come up with anything.

And no, I didn't notice your DS's height at all and I know plenty of 7-8 year olds. Heights vary so much that, like cheas, I would probably only comment if a child was vastly different (almost always taller!) than one of my DC, although will think twice before doing so in future.

Good to see you again hupa; I'm always very impressed by how you manage to stay off MN for so long! You obviously have much more willpower than me.

Have just finished work for the morning, so must get off the computer if I want to get any housework done in my final 20 child-free minutes. Am not actually sure that I want to, but needs must. grin

hupa Mon 01-Oct-12 10:32:49

Linzer I just wish I had as much willpower when it comes to chocolate and cake.

Ploom How old is your ds1? I just wondered because dd is coming up for 10 and has always been the tallest girl in her class, but I´ve noticed recently that 2 or 3 others have caught up, if not over taken her. Are either you and your dh tall? . There´s a girl in the parallel class who is a good head taller than everyone else, but both her parents are over 6 foot, so it´s not really surprising.

Ploom Mon 01-Oct-12 10:59:20

Hi hupa - so good to see you on the thread again!! have thought about you quite a few times - how's the kitchen getting on?
dd turned 11 in the summer and yeah dh is 6' 3" tall and I'm 5' 9" so there was never any chance the dc were going to be tiddlers! dd and I are sharing shoes at the moment but think her feet will end up bigger than mine as well as ending up taller than me.

I've also racked my brains for loose shorts possible accidents linzer and come up with nothing. She's just a control freak.

CheddarandMarmite Mon 01-Oct-12 11:00:06

I think people that comment on children's height and pregnant women's size are just trying to think of something to say - plus in the case of pregnancy it is the only time it is remotely acceptable to say to a woman that she looks enormous grin.
I'm always being informed my DC are tall, but DD1 is certainly only about average height, DD2 is maybe a bit above average.

Ploom DH was scrabbling around our bed looking for DD2 just last night, and she's 15 months now (and was asleep in her cot). Partly my fault though as I'd got up in the night for a drink, and brushed past Dh's toes on the way back - he thought it was DD2 down at the foot of our bed about to fall out.

I've been trying to read up a bit about schooling in Hessen - it looks like DD won't have to start school until she is over 7 and a half, because of when her birthday falls, although she could start at 6 and a half if she is ready. Does that sound correct, or have I misunderstood something somewhere confused? It seems rather old, and I'm pretty sure if we stayed here in Bayern she'd be expected to start aged 6.

Ploom Mon 01-Oct-12 11:00:10

sorry I realised you asked how old ds1 was not dd - he's nearly 8 and already 145cm tall.

CheddarandMarmite Mon 01-Oct-12 11:06:17

Ploom it is a PE teacher's prerogative to be totally ridiculous on the subject of clothing.
At my school we were only allowed to play netball in white socks, and hockey in navy socks. Attempting to play either sport in the wrong colour socks was also deemed "dangerous".

CakeBump Mon 01-Oct-12 11:15:42

Ploom I was really freaked out, like I'd seen a ghost! And I suddenly thought "I don't want a real, live baby!!" I'm happy with it being a notional baby at the moment... smile

Linzer yes its for freelancers I think, I don't post on it, although I'm a member. I'll pm you the link....

admylin Mon 01-Oct-12 11:48:06

cake I had those sudden spooky moments too. I remember well, when I was at home and noticed the birth was going to happen within the next hours I got scared that it was all going to be real soon too.

hupa ypu have realyl good will power, send some over my way please!

ploom how strange about the shorts and how typical that they cost a fortune. I sometimes torture myself by looking at and comparing prices. Hockey sticks was one of my most painful comparisons. This week we've just sent in 40€ for ds for a table tennis bat and 20€ for a top for the team games and his shoes are getting small too so that'll be next.

cheddar isn't it crazy how the school systems differ in one country? It makes a national move almost as stressful as an international move for dc. My dc had to learn a whole new style of joined up writing when we moved states, and when we moved again to a 3rd state they use danother style but they 'let the dc off' as they were already in year 4 and 5 hmm

linzer I agree being a native speaker is no help when you want to translate or teach English. I can't teach at all and I've tried a few times. I admire you all for doing the teaching in primary and Kita.

Better get lunch ready. The dc are having corn on teh cob. Thought I'd better give them plenty before they get their braces as I've heard they'll be on soft food and soups for a while. Not looking forward to the moaning.

admylin Mon 01-Oct-12 11:48:59

Lol at 'hupa ypu have realyl' I never preview messages.

cheaspicks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:21:38

Cake yes please send me that link! I have also had the thinking baby is lost in the bed when she's actually in the cot moment. Made the adrenalin rush I get on stage seem pretty tame grin.

hupa well done for sticking to your ban. I used to be silken btw! I'm currently on day 5 of a self-imposed added sugar ban (except I ate jam and marmalade at breakfast over the weekend and the muesli I buy is presumably also full of sugar, but no chocolate, biscuits or cake is hard enough). I suspect I'd find it harder to stop MNetting atm!

Linzer and others thanks for the advice. I think writing back today to point out I was berücksichtiging the fact I don't have a qualification/as much experience as a pro would just be protesting too much, so I'll wait and see what they say. Tbf I don't think they were suggesting any old native speaker could do the job - they've previously used an English lecturer at the university - but it's not like I haven't done any of this sort of work before and I don't see that I will do it any worse than someone with a translating qualification.

Out of interest, do translating agencies require a qualification and is it hard to obtain one? Iirc someone told me once that it wasn't particularly hard to apply for a stamp from the Landesbehörde, but that would just be for verifying translations of certificates and the like. Presumably they would demand some sort of proof that one was capable of actually doing the translation they were verifying...

cheaspicks Mon 01-Oct-12 12:32:52

admylin bet you could teach at Berlitz! I find Nachhilfe and private conversation classes the hardest to teach as there is no obvious structure - I'm guessing that's what you have tried in the past?

Teaching the kids was hard at the beginning as I had to adjust my expectations and start making my own lesson plans, but I really enjoy it now. I love it when I can make the kids laugh, or when they beg to play a game from the previous lesson again, or when I bump into the parents somewhere and they tell me what their child has learnt. I don't think I would have had much of a clue where to start if I hadn't had all those years' experience at Berlitz, though.

Ploom your DS is (just) within the normal range for his age you know: (I bookmarked the WHO site with the charts ages ago as DS1 is also tall, though I wasn't worried just curious, as DH is 6 ft 4 and I wondered if DS1 would end up as tall or taller if he stayed on his centile) My DS1 turned 5 last week and is between the top 2 centiles at 1 meter 22cm, but I think your DS would be more or less on the top centile line... Their growth goes in spurts doesn't it, so I guess the time to worry is if he goes over the top of the chart and then doesn't plateaux within a few months. My DD is pretty much exactly average height, but I always think she is tiny because most of her friends are very noticeably a lot taller (a combination of her being the youngest in her school year and Bavarian tall genes I think - she has a friend only 2 months younger who is at least 10cm taller if not more) and of course because her younger brother is alost her height.

Cake I like that wild movement story - I have always had placentas at the front for some reason, and that dulled the sense of movement a little so it was never really wildly spooky with any of mine - never woke me for example.

I have spent the morning at the police station as there was something (acid like) drizzled all over the bonnet of my car this morning, which looks very deliberate and has eaten into the paint. The police took it seriously and said it looks like about €400 worth of damage and agreed it did not look as if it could be accidental or caused by any kind of animal. I have reason to believe it may be our next door neighbor, though we've never had problems before and lived next to them 5 years, I called out of the window and asked them and their friends to stop revving their motorbikes and honking their horns at about 9.30pm a month or so ago, and they left a note on my car windscreen on Sunday saying that it is my fault they can't park their cars closer to their house (they have 4 cars to our 2, and we both have 2 car driveways but parking on the drive leaves very little space for the kids to get bikes etc. past just, so I do park on the road outside our double-house - I don't think I have any less right to than they do). I can't be sure it was them of course, but the police are coming out to talk to them tonight so I almost hope it was, and the wrong people are not going to get a police visit!)

Nice to see you back Hupa

cheaspicks Mon 01-Oct-12 16:08:47

EnglishWoman that sounds horrible and also very childish. What a nasty situation to be in. People can get very irrationally wound up about parking spaces though. I hope things get sorted out and don't escalate sad.

itsMYNutella Mon 01-Oct-12 16:33:41

Just quickly checking in smile

Cake that sounds very odd but I can imagine what you mean.

Our baby-ecke is coming along, the ILs came over to help confused didn't know what to do with them because I'm not allowed to do anything to help and that bugs me. So I kept out of the way in the office on MN "working" preparing for lessons tomorrow.
FIL has a nasty habit of asking what you want and when do you want to do it; then totally ignores you and tells you how you should be doing it and that is should be done as fast as possible hmm
MIL was essentially in the way <cringe emoticon> so since we did a white wash yesterday it occurred to us she could iron DP's shirts smile kept her busy and made her feel useful.
She also offered to let me have a rummage through her clothes for big blouses (I'm guessing this was inspired by the T-shirt I'm wearing today which is snug and keeps riding up) that might fit me confused I feel horrible blush but I'm not sure any body wouldn't want to wear the clothes of an almost 70 year old MIL.

oops sorry thats a bit long! Thank you for all the discussion about size! grin I feel much better smile better get off to yoga!

oh and English I find what happened to your car really odd. It's a very personal and overt way to interfere with someone's car. Anyway, hope that a little chat from the fuzz keeps them quiet (did I say I worked in the police in London for 8 years in a previous life? Neighbour problems/disputes were always odd)

itsMYNutella Mon 01-Oct-12 16:36:04

Oh and in the end ILs were only here two hours shock and then dashed off... which seemed odd. But another friend has been here all day working on making the walls ready for papering (nothing fancy, that ugly stuff you get all over rented flats...) so we can then hide all the holes from what we had to remove and paint it easily but without too much expense... not sure if we've upset them hmm

Will speak to DP about it later...

LinzerTorte Mon 01-Oct-12 17:49:57

cheas IME most translation agencies prefer you to have a translation qualification, particularly if you don't have any experience - generally either a postgraduate diploma/MA in translation or some other kind of translation qualification; the Diploma in Translation offered by the Institute of Linguists is quite well recognised. A couple of friends of mine have taken the DipTrans and there's more information about it here, but I don't know a great deal about what it involves or how difficult it is.

Otherwise, agencies will sometimes ask you to provide samples of your work or to do a test piece. They'll often start out by sending you a small job to check your skills, reliability, etc., which can then lead to more work if you're lucky.

In Germany and Austria, it's possible to be a certified/sworn translator (which I think is what you're talking about wrt to the stamp), but I've never really looked into it as my lack of certification hasn't been an issue (in the UK, it's the translation itself rather than the translator that is certified). It doesn't guarantee work and the German and Austrian agencies I've worked for have never asked if I'm certified, although I suppose they might look on your application more favourably if you are.

hupa I'm quite good at rationing myself when it comes to chocolate, as I rarely eat anything other than Cadbury's so have to make it last until my next trip back to the UK, but wine is my downfall. grin

Cake Thanks for adding me to the FB group. smile

English What an awful thing to happen. I hope the culprits get caught quickly.

AntiqueMuppet Tue 02-Oct-12 10:12:04

Linzer That link is really interesting. I've been thinking about another translation certificate while I'm at home and can't really think about starting to work just yet.

Nutella Hope everything is ok with the ILs!

English Sorry to hear about your car. Have you heard anything back from the police? I was reading another thread on here a while ago about parking space issues and was really surprised how weird some people get about perceived parking space rights. I hope they get them quickly.

Hi hupa! I'm very impressed with your self-imposed MN ban. I have no willpower when it comes to these things.

cheas Did you work at Berlitz here or in the UK? What are they like to work for? FIL is always going on at me about teaching. (I was a teaching assistant for my year abroad - 9 years ago - and he seems to think that's what I should be doing, no matter how often I tell him I really do not want to be a secondary school teacher and am NOT qualified!) I worked in IT development for one of the big oil companies for years and he completely dismisses that as if it was a hobby. Strange man smile

When do your two get their braces, admylin? I saw someone with lovely, perfectly straight, even, symmetrical, white teeth the other day and really wished I had had braces when I was younger.

Cheddar I've done the panicked scrabbling round the bed a few times too and my DS is 1!

Ploom How ridiculous! Did he wear the black shorts in the end?

The funeral service on Saturday was lovely - if that doesn't sound too strange.
I was amazed at how composed her daughter and husband were, I'm not sure I would be as strong as they were in that situation. The husband even sang a song, really calmly, while the rest of us were blubbing away.

We're off to look at a house tomorrow! I was speaking to a friend yesterday who thought that we could legally get out of our contract early (for the current flat) as long as we had a Nachmieter or two lined up. I need to look into this but that really would be perfect. The flat is via one of DH's colleagues so no agency fees etc. I'm really excited!

Hello to anyone I've missed!

cheaspicks Tue 02-Oct-12 10:12:52

Thanks for the info and that link, Linzer. I haven't looked at the sample papers yet, but the idea of taking it is somewhat tempting. I'd either have to majorly cram to take it in January or wait until Jan 2014 though <ponders>.

I guess I have to decide whether I actually want to become a translator though! I reckon I could specialise in medical translation - presumably there's a market for it (although the English abstracts in DH's journals have clearly been nowhere near a native speaker) - or maybe Schott (the music publisher) might employ translators (my trade journal "Das Orchester" has a page of English garble each month, so maybe not).

Or I could try concentrate on getting more playing work by learning the baroque version of my instrument, or by buying a fairly rare relation of my instrument (£££ though). Or somehow get really really good at jazz playing (not sure there's really money in that in this area, so would have to get amazingly good and make the right contacts - pie in the sky).

Sorry, I'm not really looking for answers from any of you, although your thoughts would be very welcome smile. I've just spent the last couple of years not really looking for work, taking on things when they've been offered, but expecting to have to give them up again soon enough when I got pg again. Now DD is 3, I've had to accept that she's not going to have a sibling very close in age, I'm not going to have two kids at kiga at the same time and, actually, it's freed me somewhat from the desperation of ttc-ing unsuccessfully.

(For those of you who have joined this thread recently, I had a shot of depo provera, the contraceptive injection, 2 1/2 years ago and am still waiting for my cycle to normalize sad.)

Me, me, me post blush. Sorry!

cheaspicks Tue 02-Oct-12 10:48:07

Antique do you already have a qualification in translation, or do you mean you've been looking into getting one? I'd be very interested to hear your musings on the matter smile.

Berlitz are ok to work for. I worked for them as a freelancer, some teachers get contracts with them, but they prefer not to have to guarantee your salary hmm. The teaching is easy: they send you on a week's training course to learn how to use their teaching manual and then you are let loose on the students. You are expected to teach using the target language only, so you get very good at explaining stuff in a roundabout way, but the teaching manual tells you exactly how to approach each point, so the only real thinking involved is dreaming up additional questions for larger groups. Once you've taught each level a couple of times you can virtually stop thinking, especially if you've scribbled all your ideas into your manual.

It suited me because they were very flexible. I could work 40 hours a week in the Semesterferien and two evenings a week in term time if I wanted. Lessons at Berlitz are made up of 40 minute units, separated by a 5 min break. A typical class would be 3-4 units long, so better in a way than VHS for making it worth leaving the house and travelling.

The pay is fairly rubbish, although comparable to the VHS at least where I was. They pay both expenses and for your travelling time when you go out to companies though (depending on what they've negotiated with the client). When I was pg with DD I taught at a company two days a week - 8 units of teaching (two small classes, then 1-1 with a manager). I got two travel units paid (needed around 2 1/2 hours to drive there and back though) plus 30 cents per km. The manager regularly cancelled his lesson at the last minute, which meant I could go home early but still got paid. I would say that was fairly typical.

LinzerTorte Tue 02-Oct-12 10:48:38

cheas Yes, there's definitely a market for medical translation; one of my friends is a medical translator and, from what she's said, medical translators are generally able to command slightly higher rates. Being able to offer a specialism (which a lot of language graduates can't) is always an excellent idea. If you do decide to go into medical translation, I'd be happy to put you in touch with her. I don't know much about music translation I'm afraid, but I can imagine the market for it would be much smaller.

I'd also recommend joining the ITI (Insitute of Translation & Interpreting) to anyone interested in working in the field (they also have a medical network IIRC). You do need several years' experience (and have to take an exam/have work assessed) to become a fully qualified member, but you can join as an associate initially.

My cycle also took ages to get back to normal after the 3-Monats-Spritze, definitely far longer than the 10 months they say (although bfing may have affected it as well). I know it must sound trite, but there are advantages and disadvantages to every age gap - probably not much comfort when you feel like you're not being given any choice about the age gap, I know. Glad to hear you're feeling better about things anyway, and fingers crossed that something will happen for you soon.

Antique Glad to hear that the funeral went well, or as well as those kinds of things can go. I felt the same at my friend's DH's funeral last year and was just so amazed by how composed she and her daughter were and how much inner strength she must have had.

Good luck for the viewing tomorrow and keep us posted! smile

admylin Tue 02-Oct-12 11:07:56

antique glad the funeral was OK.
My 2 get their braces in a months time so counting down now. They aren't going to like it at first.
I've been thinking about doing a translation certificate but it always ends up working out too expensive from where ever I've bene living at the time and as the next move is going to happen (but who knows when!) I always put it off. Good luck if you can do it now.

cheas medical or specialised translation is very expensive so could be a good earner for you. Once dh wanted to get some English translated into German for an internal application and it was too expensive so he had to beg colleagues to help, cost him a couple of bottles of Whiskey and many hours of his time!

nutella how nice of your PIL to want to help and great that you got the ironing done for you! Hope the baby corner is to your liking when it's finished. Have you got everything?

english hope you get the car and neighbour problem sorted (if it was them), never nice to have trouble with the neighbours is it? Can you figure out what was used on your car?

Dd stayed home today, sore throat but she's not too bad now, sitting reading her magazines on the sofa under a blanket. It's a Feiertag tomorrow, what is everyone doing? We can't decide, it'll either be a sofa/TV day or we'd go the cinema if there was something on we all wanted to watch, any tips?

cheaspicks Tue 02-Oct-12 11:36:24

Hmm, having looked at the sample papers I reckon I could translate them into English (if they were in German) without too much difficulty. I cannot, however, think of the German translation of "nooks and crannies"?

Linzer no, not trite, something I keep reassuring myself of. Plus I can have dcs 2 and 3 close together, can't I? I'm not religious, but I often think that it will happen when the time is right, whatever that might mean in reality. I'm feeling a lot more positive about it atm than I was last year and trying to live healthily and look towards the future may well help as much as anything else atm.

LinzerTorte Tue 02-Oct-12 12:31:15

cheas Apart from guessing that Ecken would be in there somewhere, I'd have no idea what nooks and crannies is in German either. Luckily, I haven't been asked to translate anything into German since I left university and no reputable agency would ask you to translate into a language that isn't your mother tongue unless you have a particularly unusual language combination.

My mum always says that things usually work out for the best, even if it doesn't look like it at the time, and that's often helped me to get through difficult situations. (Maybe you'll end up having twins and will be very glad of the larger gap. grin) A friend of mine had a 7 year gap between DCs 1 and 2 and said it was great as her DS was already so independent and also very good at entertaining the baby. Whatever age gap you end up, there are bound to be lots of plus points and I don't think it's the case that the children are more likely to be close if there's a relatively small gap, as I've sometimes heard (mainly from DH to explain why he's not close to his sister, although I think their personalities are so different that a narrower age gap wouldn't make much difference). DD1 and DS are 4.5 years apart and get on very well --when they're not trying to kill each other--; she often helps him with his homework and is quite protective of him, but they play together a lot too.

admylin I was looking for a film to go and see on Sunday, but couldn't find anything that we'd all want to go and watch (mainly because I'm not a fan of cartoons!). My neighbour told me the other day about a French film (with an Austrian director) she'd seen, which she said was excellent and very moving - about an elderly couple and one of them becomes ill IIRC. Am not sure how "family friendly" it is, although obviously your DC are older; I'll try to remember what it's called (may have to resort to google!).

LinzerTorte Tue 02-Oct-12 12:37:31

The film's called Amour, or Liebe in German.

cheaspicks Tue 02-Oct-12 13:34:51

"in jedem Winkel" according to dictionary. I know I wouldn't have to translate into German of course, I was just wondering whether I would have come up with "nooks and crannies" if confronted with the German.

I have to admit that my schadenfreude level goes through the roof whenever I see someone who has managed a small age gap but then ends up with twins grin blush.

Is Cloud Atlas out - saw a poster for it in the cinema car park at the weekend, but didn't have chance to read it? I loved the book (and everything else David Mitchell has written) so the film will probably be disappointing.

worldcitizen Tue 02-Oct-12 14:09:35

Hello everyone

I'd say depending on the context you would like to use the phrase 'nook and cranny', either you might say ...'jeder Winkel und alle Ecken'....or you might want to express you checked and tested everything to a 'T' it would me more along the lines of 'auf Herz und Nieren'...or if you like to express how much you love the other person so much and would like to kiss 'every nook and cranny' would depend, but then more along of every 'Falte, Spalte, Beuge, Kuhle'...for example, very much depending on who says what in which context.

admylin sorry to hear about your husband...this is like a "disease" in those areas of work. It is crushing I know. Hope you could manage to build him up.

LinzerTorte Tue 02-Oct-12 14:28:11

I looked on Linguee for nooks and crannies, which suggested things like alle Winkel, bis in die kleinsten Winkel and in allen dunklen Ecken (which I almost suggested before) as well as alle Winkel und Ecken. This is why I never write in German; I still wouldn't know what to use, even after checking. grin

cheas I've only ever read one book by David Mitchell, Number9Dream, but just couldn't get into it at all. I have Black Swan Green on my to-read shelf, but keep finding other books that I'd rather read. blush I hadn't heard that Cloud Atlas has been filmed and was about to write that I'll watch almost any British film, but it seems to be more American (or at least has a mainly American cast). Not that that should put me off I suppose, particularly as I haven't even read the book but it does.

hupa Tue 02-Oct-12 15:03:04

cheas I´m glad you pointed out who you used to be. I hadn´t guessed, although I think your mention of music today would have helped me on my way.

I´m glad you´re feeling a bit more relaxed about ttc. I know a couple of people who had almost given up and had moved on to new stages in their career/lives and then ended up unexpectedly pregnant. I know it doesn´t work for everyone, but it would be nice if starting a translation course could tempt fate

I must admit I´ve never considered translation work. I really just don´t thimk I would be any good at it. I still do a bit of supply teaching at the Grundschule, but they seem to have an excess of teachers at the moment, so I don´t need to go in very often.

EnglishWoman Have there been any developments today? Í think I´d much rather it was some random act of nastiness from someone unknown. It would be really disconcerting to know your neighbours were capable of such a thing.

ploom Thanks for asking about the new kitchen. It´s finally in and is really great and I think it was worth the endless hours of arguments with dh. I´ve bought 3 new cook books which is a bit ridiculous, because I don´t actually enjoy cooking. However, i can spend hours pouring over cookbooks and imagining what I´d enjoy having cooked for me.

I think I better stop now or this is going to be a massive post.

cheaspicks Tue 02-Oct-12 16:37:25

I've got a bit of a fetish for all things Japanese, so I adored Number9dream. I can see why less Japan-obsessed people might find it rather strange though. Black Swan Green is utterly different, so unless you're actually put off by DM's style of writing somehow, rather than the characters/subject matter/random jumping between narratives, you should give it a go.

admylin didn't get round to posting this last week, but wanted to offer to knit you a pair of socks if you would actually wear them! I bought some wool recently and have started a pair for myself (in black/grey to wear in cold churches when I have concerts there). I also bought some more colourful wool intending to knit a pair for my mum or sister for Xmas, but I'm not sure they'll really appreciate them, so I would be happy to knit them for you if you'd like?

hupa I thought I'd save you the bother of having to trawl through old threads looking for my namechange smile. I'm sort of hoping that will happen wrt getting pg. I certainly don't think obsessing about it helps (not that it's possible to choose actively not to obsess about these things, of course).

world thanks for the suggestions. The context was work getting into every nook and cranny of life once you start working from home. It just bothered me that I couldn't think of an equivalent in German!

LinzerTorte Tue 02-Oct-12 17:16:56

cheas I found reading Number9dream quite disorientating as I kept thinking I was still reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, which I'd finished not long before. I shall definitely give Black Swan Green a go at some point, anyway!

hupa Quite a few people I know have said they just wouldn't be able to translate, which is how I used to feel about teaching. And having tried it, I've discovered that I can do it but don't really feel like I'm cut out for it. Far too many people here seem to think that as a native English speaker, you a) can teach and b) will automatically want to.

I've got out of the gymnastics run (and parking nightmare) this week as it's my friend's turn to take the two girls. In return, I have her DS here and she gets a couple of free hours. It's not as short straw-like as it sounds, however, as his arrival (and DD2's departure ) has finally stopped the constant squabbling and they've been playing really well together, so I've even been able to get some work done.

itsMYNutella Tue 02-Oct-12 21:53:02

Yay bank holiday tomorrow.... Boooo no DIY! It feels like a wasted opportunity grin if only we had long bank holiday weekends hmm
I spoke to DP about the ILs seeming to rush off, he said it was only because there wasn't anything for them to do - so all is well.

I'm interested by the translating talk, it's an idea I've mused over but I only have two years of learning German asunder my belt and I know it's a way off yet, but thank you for all the links Linzer I will be saving them all and taking notes smile

admylin there is so much stuff I don't have it's frightening! Although I suspect tomorrow will be spent searching for a cot and a dining table (since creating the baby-ecke involved throwing out the ess-ecke and we haven't had the chance to look for a replacement) yay eBay!
I need to buy all the grooming type stuff and nappies etc - about the only thing we are planning to buy new wink but I think I'm getting there confused need a post-it that says "the shops will still be open once the baby is born".... How do I know when I have the essentials?

Hope everyone had a nice day off!

Nutella, you really don't need much for a baby, and if you do need something, are you close enough to decent shops to be able to send your OH out? Although I'd probably panic a bit without the Sunday opening.

We are taking a few days out next week for a little holiday, somewhere in Germany. I am thinking of a small holiday let in the Black Forest, if we can find something nice. Unless anyone has any ideas? DS will be two on Tuesday, so we aren't after nightlife and too much adventure just yet! Any tips on where to find info on where and how to book, etc?

Ploom Thu 04-Oct-12 08:25:53


vegans - a few days in the Black Forest sounds like a great idea. If you put "ferienwohnung" into google there are lots of websites that can help you.

nutella - did you forget that all the shops were shut yesterday? I always find it so different from a BH in the UK where shopping is the normal activity! I agree you really dont need much in those first few days after a baby is born (if you plan to BF). As long as you've got some nappies & babygros for baby and sanitary towels and PJ's for you then you could survive quite a few days at home.

hupa - glad the kitchen is in - I'm still in love with mine a year later. I also do that with cookbooks - am even planning on asking for more books for Christmas and bet I only ever try a few recipes then go back to our staple dinners. Have tried a few recipes from a Lorraine Pascale programme that I saw on the BBC - they were relatively simple (which is always important for me!).

cheas - the scottish saying I always think is "whats for you, will not go by you". Did you go back to the Frauenarzt? I really think she should be offering you some more investigations about your hormone levels etc. I feel like I keep going on about the Agnes Castus tablets but I discussed them with my Frauenarzt the other week and he said it is probably the lowest risk tablet you can take so maybe it might help - I've been really pleased with them.

admylin - hope your dd is feeling better today. Did you have a sofa day yesterday?

antique - glad the funeral went as well as can be expected. How was the house that you viewed?

We had a random but nice day yesterday. The weather was sunny so we thought we'd go on a day out to Coburg (70km away). Dh thought we'd take the scenic route but after about 30 mins the road was closed so we had to follow the diversion that sent us miles out the way, dd was complaining of travel sickness so we just changed direction and went to the nearest big city to us which isnt overly pretty but it was lunchtime by then and we knew of a good Italian to go to. We had some really good food then drove home. Felt like we'd driven a very long way for some lunch. But at least dh was off - it was his one day off in the middle of working 18 days so at least he had the chance to have some beers with lunch (and then a nap afterwards at home!).

Need to crack on with getting some shopping now - its ds1's birthday soon and he's left me a big choice of lego so need to go and decide whic one looks best value for money.

LinzerTorte Thu 04-Oct-12 08:52:49

Morning all,

I've finally finished planning today's English lesson (for DD2's class at school), which I must have been doing for the last 1.5 hours (and I was only really finishing off the planning and printing out some handouts); I'm sure I've spent a good 2 or 3 hours on one 50 minute lesson! I do seem to have rather a lot of material though, so hopefully it will be enough for the next lesson as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday. I did hear something about an LKW-Fahrverbot because of the bank holiday on the traffic news when I was on the motorway yesterday, but I'm not quite sure what it was all about - there were certainly plenty of lorries on the motorway, anyway. Unfortunately, bank holidays don't seem to apply to freelancers (not that we had a holiday here anyway) and I had to do some work for a German company that arrived at about 7pm yesterday, needed asap. So it ended up being quite a late (for me) night.

Ploom Sounds like a lovely day out. Your DH definitely deserved a beer or two if he's working 18 days more or less non-stop!

Vegans A holiday in the Black Forest sounds good. smile

Nutella Like everyone else says, you really don't need a huge amount of stuff for a small baby. If you're planning to bf (or maybe even if you're not?), you might find Stilleinlagen (nursing pads) useful as well as a nursing bra. We were advised not to use baby wipes initially (too harsh for the skin) or to add anything to their bathwater, but the advice may have changed since then - or may never have been the case in Germany anyway.

cheaspicks Thu 04-Oct-12 08:58:08

Nutella I agree with vegans about not needing very much at the start. A car seat and a few clothes are the only real essentials. We were given masses and masses of nappy creams and shanpoos, etc. as free gifts and presents when dd was born - I still haven't had to buy any 3 years later! We didn't buy any disposable nappies until after she was born either (switched to cloth after the first few weeks, but was too shell-shocked at first to use them straightaway).

ploom I'm thinking about going back to the dr this month for ultrasound to confirm that I'm ovulating when I think I am. I will definitely ask her about AC, can't decide about the referral to an endocrinologist though - would hate for it to send me back into obsessive mode!

AntiqueMuppet Thu 04-Oct-12 09:52:23

cheas I did a translation certificate through AKAD when I was pregnant. It wasn't expensive, only takes 3 months part time and is the company recommended by the IHK so might be worth looking into. I haven't started looking for work yet so can't tell you how it has gone down on my CV, but it might be worth looking into. (I studied languages, which involved a lot of translation & translation theory, so only really wanted something with 'translation' in the title to put on my CV, as opposed to actually learning to translate, IYSWIM.)
I don't think AKAD offered a certificate in medical translation, but I can't remember. I'll look up the details of the course I did and PM you.
I hope the ultrasound confirms things for you & that the Dr can suggest a few things to help.

Hope everyone enjoyed the BH!

The house was lovely, Ploom, we liked it so much, that we spent yesterday evening trying to get hold of our current landlady, who said that as long as we find a Nachmieter we can move out, yay! We're hoping to move in December, depending on how quickly we find someone - which shouldn't be too much of an issue as there are always flyers on trees round here with people looking for flats in this area. It's a bit yummy mummy round here so I'll be glad to get away from it, but the landlady is pleased as it means she can put the rent up!
The couple who own the new house are even dropping the rent for us as they want someone in there who they know, so we're getting a bit of a bargain. (We don't actually know them, they are DH's colleague's PILs, but the last people they had trashed the place and disappeared without paying rent, so I think they want at least a connection to the new tenants. Good news for us as it means the rent is cheaper and they are renovating the whole house before we move in, new double glazing and everything!)

AntiqueMuppet Thu 04-Oct-12 09:55:13

Nutella One thing we needed, which meant an emergency dash to the shops for DH in the first few days was another sleeping bag and a few extra sleepsuits - we thought we'd be ok with 2 sleeping bags, but DS' nappies used to leak all the bloomin' time when he was tiny. We had bought sleeping bags on offer in the supermarket, but when we desperately needed another one, they weren't on offer anymore and we ended up with a lovely but ridiculously expensive one.
I'm not saying go out and bulk buy sleeping bags, of course, just sharing a problem that we were unprepared for!

worldcitizen Thu 04-Oct-12 10:02:08

antique that sounds awesome!!!!!!! Congrats to finding a great new place smile

hupa Thu 04-Oct-12 10:29:57

Antique That´s great news about the house. Hopefully it won´t take long to find a Nachmieter and you´ll be in before Christmas.

Nutella I agree with everyone else who says you really don´t need very much. Like Linzer, we were advised not to use wipes, but cotton wool and water to begin with. If you´re planning to breastfeed it would be worth getting some nipple cream. I think I used Lansinoh which was really good and luckily the kind midwife in the hospital gave me some in a syringe to take home until I had time to buy some.

Ploom The Lorraine Pascale book was one of the ones I bought. We made twisted bread at the weekend which tasted ok, but I think we´ll be finding poppy seeds in the kitchen for the next few weeks.

vegans The Black Forest sounds like a great idea. Mind you I´ve been here over 10 years and still haven´t visited, so can´t make any recommendations.

I´ve just been into school with 2 of our guinea pigs because ds´s class are doing a project about pets. Of course one of them promptly weed all over ds´s best friend. He was naturally not impressed, especially as the rest of the class found it hilarious.

admylin Thu 04-Oct-12 11:30:40

antique that sounds great about the house, good luck with finding a Nachmieter. Will you have a garden?

hupa hope the pet day went well! Never had to that thank goodness! What did everyone bring? I know dd's friend brought her rabbit oince (to Gymnasium) but dd didn't want to take her gerbils as it would have scared them she said.

cheaspicks how sweet of you to offer to knit socks for me! I'd be happy with all the left over bits of wool and multi coloured but only if you have time!

nutella as everyone says you won't need much and you can send your dh out if you need anything. Prepare yourself with plenty of cosy blankets and warm socks for you and baby (December is cold!) and accept every offer of help with cooking and housework. Ds had bad colic so we stopped off at the Marktkauf to get some bottles and baby fencheltee on the way home from the hospital as that hadn't been on my plan at all!!

vegans if you are heading the black forest way I would suggest a quick trip over to Strasburg. Nice change after a few months in Germany and you'd get the nice drive through the black forest too. The Hohenzollern castle is worth a visit (I used to live near here) and if you like castles this one is great. Went there often when we had guests visiting.

Just waiting to be able to get my car out to go shopping. A builder has blocked me in and gone off to the shops to get his lunch on foot!! Good job I'm not in a hurry eh?

CakeBump Thu 04-Oct-12 12:28:57

hi everyone, hope you all had a good BH! It rained all day here sad and of course we were working so not much of a holiday for us!

antique that's great news about the house, I hope it all works out for you and you can find a Nachmieter.

hupa that is one brave teacher offering to have pets in for a visit! I'm not sure I would have had the energy or inclination... the most my class did was bring in photos smile

Pouring down here today... we're taking advantage of it being quiet and getting some boring tax/admin done.

itsMYNutella Thu 04-Oct-12 12:31:49

Ploom nooo I knew the shops would be shut, but I still find a little frustrating (probably in the main because I'm simply not organised smile ); DP had also decided that being a BH it wouldn't be a good idea to do anything noisy (our neighbours are the most miserable bunch) so even if we had some supplies for the next stage he probably wouldn't have let me crack on.

But we did sort out the office (finally) and managed to free up a set of shelves which might come in handy smile

Then we went out to another kinderkleidung sale... and got a bit wet in the rain. But found a couple of nice things. I need to go through it at some point and count up what I do have and what I need. Waiting to do the nappy/nipple cream/cotton wool type shopping until a bit nearer the time (also then we might have somewhere to put everything).

Officially 28 weeks today shock off to the Dr's later and need to get a fit to fly certificate for my trip to England next week grin DP will staying here (it was too expensive for him to come too sad ) and enjoying some man time. I'm going to see my family though which will be lovely smile

itsMYNutella Thu 04-Oct-12 12:34:15

Oh, and thank you for the advice everyone! There are just a few obvious things that I don't have (i.e. nappies) which I'm not panicking about but just keep wondering what else needs to go on the list.
And baby is due on the 27th so lots of BH when of course everything will be shut! <eye roll at terribly backwards inconvenient shopping limitations>

LinzerTorte Thu 04-Oct-12 12:38:04

Antique Great news on the house! I suspected the viewing had gone well when I saw on FB that you're looking for Nachmieter. smile

hupa Yes, Lansinoh was a lifesaver. Luckily the big tube I bought when DD1 was born lasted for the other two, as I've never seen it here. I also wish I'd discovered the numbing powers of ice cubes a bit earlier!

Am feeling a bit fed up after today's English lesson, as the teacher basically said that what I was doing with the class was too difficult for them and I shouldn't go by what DD2 can do as she's one of the better ones (I would have thought the fact that DD2 is a native speaker would have made it obvious that I shouldn't go by her English abilities!). What I wish I'd said, although I didn't think of it at the time, is that I was actually going by what DD1's class had been able to do in the 3. Klasse (l'esprit de l'escalier is a phrase that was invented just for me). And actually, from what I saw, the only ones who were struggling were the two children who've just joined the class from another school (the teacher said I should bear in mind they'd never done any written English before). I think I'm just feeling a bit despondent because I must have spent a good three hours of my time on that lesson (although I've prepared enough for next time too), unpaid, and it would be nice to get a bit of positive feedback occasionally.

cheaspicks Thu 04-Oct-12 13:06:47

Linzer grin at the idea of you planning a lesson aimed at your dd's level! The teacher can't have been thinking when she said that, surely? It all sounds rather soul-destroying though. How much longer do you have to do it for?

admylin it may well take me quite a few weeks, but I find knitting in front of the tv relaxing, plus it stops me snacking. I hadn't thought of randomly mixing all the leftovers into a pair of socks. Sock wool is often quite colourful to start with, plus I knit baby socks with any substantial leftover amounts. It's still an idea though.

antique haven't read your pm yet, but thanks anyway. My parents are coming in a couple of weeks, guess I'll mull it over with them and buy some books on Amazon, yay. Congratulations on the house btw!

nutella oh yes, stilleinlagen. I had a fantastic wool pair from Disposable ones are okay, but the wool ones were much less visible and comfortable, plus the lanolin helps condition your skin. Babykind ship to Germany reasonably cheaply, good place for cloth nappies etc, which are VAT exempt in the UK but not here.

I spent the morning in the recording studio and now have a headache. Fortunately my private student has cancelled this afternoon, so I just have to teach one lesson at the kiga before I can curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea. Hope the kids aren't in a nosy mood!

CakeBump Thu 04-Oct-12 14:15:58

Nutella are we the same person? I'm 28+5 and need to get a fit-to-fly letter at the doctors on Monday as I'm also flying back to the UK next week!!

Whereabouts are you going? I'm in London for my niece's birthday.

cheaspicks Thu 04-Oct-12 15:13:59

Thanks again, antique. I haven't found much detailed infrmation on that link, but it's certainly another option and cheaper than the DipTrans. I can't read the information on the DT site about prep courses (ipad problem, I assume) do I really need to do one, bearing in mind I have some experience and plenty of cultural background knowledge/near native competency?

I guess I'm asking how important translation theory is! There is a suggested reading list on the DT site - do any of you who have studied the subject have any book recommendations?

LinzerTorte Thu 04-Oct-12 15:40:39

cheas I've just asked a friend of mine who did the DipTrans whether she did a preparation course (the link is to a list of institutions offering them) and, if so, whether she found it worthwhile - I'll let you know when I hear back from her. I didn't find translation theory particularly interesting useful and enjoyed the practical translation classes that I did during my MA much more (plus they've been much more useful). I'm not sure whether any theory is necessary for the DipTrans (I had to write an essay when I took the ITI exam) but again, can check with my friend.

LinzerTorte Thu 04-Oct-12 16:18:00

cheas Have PMed you. To answer your earlier question, I have just under two years to go with DD2's class and then may go through it all again when DS goes into the 1. Klasse. I can't say I'm overly keen on another four years of it, although I suppose I should have all the lessons planned by then, but it seems a bit unfair on DS to teach the DDs' classes and not his (he keeps asking me if I'm going to be his English teacher too).

I was quite tempted to tell the teacher that actually, DD2 can already speak and write English without any problems and she hardly needs me to spend two hours teaching her how to say/write her name, age and that she's fine, thank you. Well, I would have been if I'd actually thought of it at the time. grin

admylin Thu 04-Oct-12 16:34:21

linzer you are saint for still going there honestly! Next time you should say that you've been thinking about what she said and then tell her your dd doesn't need to be taught all that and you do it for the school.

cake and nutella hope you both get your fit-to-fly letters and have a great time back in the UK. Take empty suitcases and stock up on baby clothes, so much cheaper than here!

cheas hope your headache is better, I have one too this afternoon. I keep forgetting to drink so I've forced 2 cups of tea down and will try to drink my water before it gets too late (thinking that might be the cause).

Taking ds to table tennis now. Just got a parcel that I'd ordered on for dd's birthday. It's a Lötstation and I've just realised I have no idea what she is planning to do with it! It was on her wish list anyway so I just clicked on a few of the things and that has turned up along with some books and a dvd!

LinzerTorte Thu 04-Oct-12 17:04:46

admylin What's a Lötstation - is it something to do with soldering or have I got the wrong end of the stick? (Am intrigued; I realise I could probably google it. grin)

Hope your and cheas' headaches are better soon. I'm amazed I don't have a permanent headache as I just don't drink anything healthy (I've heard that a high percentage of headaches can be cured by having some water). I don't know if you saw my FB status about being forced to drink wine because the Buschenschank had no coffee (no hot drinks at all, in fact); I did order a glass of Holundersaft initially, but had a few sips and that was enough for me!

Am getting slightly annoyed about the other parents (well, the majority of them) in DD1's class. We're trying to organise a Heurigenabend for them to get to know each other, sent out an e-mail a couple of weeks ago saying could they let us know by tomorrow whether they can make it or not, had five replies almost immediately saying that they could - and the other 14 haven't bothered letting us know. I sent out a reminder e-mail yesterday asking (in bold!) if they could let us know even if they can't make it as we need to book tables at the Heuriger, but still no responses as yet. I'm wondering if it's a language thing as the only parents to have replied are Austrian, although surely most of them would be up to telling us whether they're coming or not? I printed out the e-mail for the three families whose e-mail addresses we don't have and even included a slip to return at the bottom where they only needed to tick yes or no, and only one family (not surprisingly, the Austrian one) bothered returning the slip. I wouldn't mind if I thought they were going to reply at the last minute as I'm not always the most organised person myself, but I just have the feeling they're not going to bother.

tadjennyp Thu 04-Oct-12 19:23:16

Gosh, I missed tons while my dps were here! Hope everyone is doing ok and the weather is still reasonable. Now things have more or less got back to normal I will be better at keeping up! confused Hope you're all having good evenings!

itsMYNutella Thu 04-Oct-12 20:10:32

I had the overzealous nurse today... she weighed me heavy, again! Really annoying, she pushed up the slidey scale and it was too heavy; then she moved it back about 300 -400g and in the end rounded it up to what she had put it on in the first place!!! <eye roll> so when the Dr said that I'd put on a lot this time I said I found that different nurses make a difference (checked it when I got home and was 500g lighter than at the Dr's so I don't mind telling tales smile )

Sorry, I was there for the 28 week check up. They did a scan to check the measurements of the baby too and the baby is schlank but within normal parameters... the head however is slightly above average in size... thanks DP and your lovely big head <humph>

Cake I will be flying into Stansted on Wednesday night. Then going to Watford (to my little bro's) might pop into London on the Thurs (see if I feel up to it and if I can drag mother along smile ) then Friday hanging out with little bro (and mum, who is also flying in on Wednesday from France), Saturday we are off to Stratford on Avon to see the other brothers and I fly home Sunday Lunch time. Phew. It's sounds hectic but I don't actually have to do much... except fill my suitcase smile

And yes, I got my fit to fly letter cost 7€ something which I thought was fairly reasonable. DP is hoping we can do the baby 3D at the next appointment too... I find the pictures a bit creepy but it's up to DP. But I was at the Dr's for two hours! And now they want me to sit for 30 minutes every time I go to listen to the heartbeat... I was fed up almost as soon as I sat down (hate sitting around with nothing to do.. they hadn't warned me last time so I didn't have a magazine or anything either!) sad DP was telling me it was great to be able to hear it and he was really happy... but after about 10 minutes he'd had enough too smile

I'm sorry about my whingeyness today, I'm really tired! Hope the headaches get better! I will read more in detail tomorrow. going to prepare for tomorrow morning's lesson and then I might go to bed early...

worldcitizen Thu 04-Oct-12 20:53:50

Linzer I can hardly imagine that it is a language thing, as your text must be simple enough for everyone to understand, as I am sure to navigate life in Austria will require some sort of language skill...

Not everyone reads email on a regular basis...know plenty of people professional academic Germans and Americans who don't.

And maybe it is a cultural thing...many parents are not interested in "getting-to-know" one another on that level...

Would that be possible? And yes, for many (especially since you are pointing out that it's mainly the non-native Austrians) not responding and letting it slip and hope not to be asked again or pretend afterwards it got forgotten or something came up etc...would be the route to go instead of responding clearly with a 'No'.

Maybe ?!

worldcitizen Thu 04-Oct-12 21:10:00

Linzer I can hardly imagine that it is a language thing, as your text must be simple enough for everyone to understand, as I am sure to navigate life in Austria will require some sort of language skill...

Not everyone reads email on a regular basis...know plenty of people professional academic Germans and Americans who don't.

And maybe it is a cultural thing...many parents are not interested in "getting-to-know" one another on that level...

Would that be possible? And yes, for many (especially since you are pointing out that it's mainly the non-native Austrians) not responding and letting it slip and hope not to be asked again or pretend afterwards it got forgotten or something came up etc...would be the route to go instead of responding clearly with a 'No'.

Maybe ?!

Thanks for the Black Forest and castles tips. I do love castles. We have been to one with DS in August, he managed fine but maybe isn't the age to enjoy it fully. Still, start as we mean to go on.

Linzer, that does seem rude, maybe some emails went to their spam folders though?

Nutella ah yes, you and Cake are having Christmas babies, that does possibly mean you need to be a bit more prepared re the shops not being open.
I needed DH to go and get me a breast pump, as I was producing loads, and hand expressing was a chore. Such a relief he could dash out and get one for me immediately. I'd also stock up on sanitary towels (really I'd advise cloth ones, so you never run out) and breast pads (cloth too - nicer on the skin). I also had to send my bro out for some arnica cream for bruising, as DS was back to back and my coccyx was in agony. But of or the baby, I really didn't need much.
I would absolutely recommend cloth nappies too - as long as your washing machine doesn't bp break down, you will never run out.

tadj, welcome back!

antique, awesome news re the home. Hope you are in for Christmas.

But of or the baby = but for the baby! smile

LinzerTorte Fri 05-Oct-12 07:37:51

world Language is definitely an issue for some parents; at least one family, who moved here a year ago, speak very little German and DH phoned another parent to get his e-mail address and said that it was very difficult as he (the other father) just didn't seem to understand what DH wanted. But you're right; it's probably more of a cultural issue than a language one on the whole. We have absolutely no problems with parents not being able to/wanting to come, but just wish they'd tell us!

I think part of the problem is that some people will assume most of the others will reply so it doesn't make any difference if they don't, especially if they're not planning on coming anyway. Whereas, in reality, we've heard back from less than a quarter of the class. I suppose we just have to assume that none of the rest will be coming. Anyway, rant over!

Vegans I found a breast pump invaluable in the early days too. Some advise against using one until your supply is established, but I didn't have any problems with using one very early on and was also able to borrow one while I was still in hospital after DS was born. Agree that the baby him/herself doesn't need a huge amount, although I did find you could never have enough onesies!

Hi jenny; hope you had a lovely time with your parents. smile

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 08:30:12

Hello linzer smile. It is frustrating and I can imagine that many will think exactly as you said, as in well I might be the only one not responding etc. I truly believe from my experiences that this sort of "get together thing" is not something many folks from other cultures like or care about. Many also come from cultures where school is a place the children go to and parents wouldn't have much dealings with the rest other than when there are obligatory appointments.
I also remember that this didn't use to be so unusual for German culture as well. In my school days, parents showed up for Elternabend and Elternsprechtag, and it wasn't uncommon for only ONE parent to show up, nothing else was expected, I mean who else was going to watch the child or other children during that time and no-one would have made a fuss of getting a babysitter or grandparents to mind them, only so BOTH parents could attend...
I believe the most involvement was a Sommerfest,Theateraufführung, Jubiläumsfeier etc.
But again, these were also times were arranged playdates and lots of "organised parenting" also wasn't much the norm, so being getting to know other parents also would have seemed odd...and I could imagine many parents coming from other countries where what used to be normal and the norm here a while ago is still something they know from their own home countries...anyway linzer it is still annoying, I agreesmile

cheaspicks Fri 05-Oct-12 08:57:36

linzer I guess if neither parent is hugely confident in writing German, that may well put them off replying. I'm rubbish at answering those kind of things, especially if I can't do so immediately because I have to ask DH first if he's free. I guess a reminder email would galvanise me into replying though.

I wish there was some way we could sit down for a real coffee and a chat! I have so many questions about working as a translator and don't know anyone who does it in RL to ask. It doesn't help that I am periodically prone to getting obsessed with things, mostly in an unproductive way, ie. I read lots and lots, but don't actually do anything practical grin.

nutella the weekly CTG seemed like overkill to me, too. I don't know how expectant mums with less flexible work schedules manage it tbh. I guess it's the German equivalent of the count-the-kicks campaign, I suppose it's reassuring, but I'm not sure whether I'll agree to it second time round (if, if!)

I was rubbish at expressing, although I bought a breast pump. DD wouldn't drink from a bottle anyway, so it was only good for making DH feel more prepared when I went out in the evening. So I would advise not buying one until you know you're going to stick with bf, or get one at the last minute and take it back once the shops open again if you want to have one just in case - all the biggish drogerie-märkte have them.

Must go and get ready - in rehearsals today from 11am until 9pm hmm hmm.

Ploom Fri 05-Oct-12 09:02:17


linzer - dh and I are guilty of never going to the kind of night out you're organising but I'm now worried that dh never replies to say we're not going (altho I dont know for sure since the email goes to him). But I'm sure from dd's class it was just an open invitation - if it had expressly asked for a reply then its rude not to let you know. You sound like a saint for carrying on those English lessons - too amused that the teacher thought the lesson was aimed at your dd's level - that would surely have left the rest of the class in the dark.

Hi jenny - hope you had a lovely time with your parents.

Wow nutella - that sounds like a busy trip to the UK. But a fun one too! Glad all was ok at the check up - it still impresses me how much more thorough they are here at antenatal check ups compared to the UK - in the UK it really was urine, BP and baby's heartbeat for 30 seconds unless there were any problems. Think I'd have liked all these check ups (paranoid pregnant woman that I was) grin.

admylin - is a lötstation something to do with soldering? Why does she want that for her birthday?? Hope your headache is better today (and cheas's too).

cheas - what were you recording? that sounds really interesting? dd has started playing the violin again and I've said too often this week "if you stick at it you can play in orchestra's like cheas does!" (obviously didnt call you cheas to dd). Wait till I tell her you were in a recording studio - that will really impress her smile.

gringrin antique about the house. Fingers crossed for you that you find a Nachmeiter.

hupa - I feel I've got some kind of obsession with Lorraine Pascale at the moment. I just find her recipes really simple but tasty. Am always put off a recipe if there's a huge list of ingredients but hers are often things I have at home anyway.

Patiently hanging about on the computer waiting to skype with a friend this morning. Its the anniversary of my friend dying so we're planning a nice reminisce about her.

LinzerTorte Fri 05-Oct-12 09:23:57

In the meantime, we've heard back from one parent who can't come - hurrah! (Not that they can't come, but that they've actually let us know. grin) Still don't know about three-quarters of the class, but it's progress.

world Here, it's quite normal for only one parent to go to school events. At the primary school Elternabend last month, I think there were only 1-2 sets of parents in each class (DD2's and DS's) where both parents went. I'll be going to the Elternsprechtag on my own next month and I've only ever been to the Sommerfeste on my own (which I really don't enjoy and I wish DH could go instead, but unfortunately he doesn't feel inclined to take the afternoon off work grin).

I can understand parents not wanting to come along to get-togethers. But is it also a cultural thing to not even respond to invitations? (Was speaking to a friend about this the other day as she said that there's a boy in her class from a non-Austrian background and he never replies to birthday party invitations.) I should probably point out that we haven't heard anything from three Austrian families either, who definitely have no language-related excuses! (And I should also point out that I'm often also very disorganised and if I don't reply to e-mails straight away, tend to forget about them. blush)

Ploom If it had been an open invitation, I wouldn't have expected parents to necessarily reply. Maybe we should just have said that if you don't reply, we'll assume you're not coming (and there won't be a table for you!).

Hope the skype goes OK. (Is that even a noun?) It's a nice way of remembering your friend, although I can imagine it must be quite upsetting at the same time.

cheas yy to obsessing and doing lots of reading but nothing practical! It's a shame you're not a bit closer as you'd be very welcome to come over for coffee otherwise. smile Feel free to ask any questions you may have; I'll also have a look through my old ITI Bulletins to see if they have any useful articles. I'm in the very slow process of decluttering them and have already passed on a few to Antique. Even if I'm not sure about the answers to specific questions, I have quite a few friends who translate either freelance or in-house who I can ask.

Re expressing, I threw 95% of my milk away as DD1 had a weekly bottle between about 2 and 4 months (and then we didn't give her one for a few weeks and she refused completely) and the other two wouldn't take a bottle at all. I never managed to express much after the first few weeks - but didn't really need to - and only had a cheap manual Avent pump, but it did the job. (If you're expressing to actually feed the baby, I think an electric one would be much better but I wouldn't advise buying one before the baby is born and, like cheas says, you really need to know that you're going to stick with bfing).

I didn't realise that weekly CTGs are routine in Germany. I didn't have one until 38 weeks here and none at all in the USA (I was very glad that I did have one here with DS, as I ended up having to have an EMCS the same day).

Sorry, mammoth post - brew for anyone who's made it through to the end!

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 09:31:33

Maybe we should just have said that if you don't reply, we'll assume you're not coming (and there won't be a table for you!)

That sounds good grin

admylin Fri 05-Oct-12 10:59:35

Linzer sounds exactly like what I experienced in Berlin. I was Elternsprecher and some times there was only 3 parents at an Elternabend for ds's class. I tried to make a telephone list but only half the class agreed to it! In dd's class here at Gymnasium a few parents tried to do a getting to know each other event but no one was interested and I got the idea that the teacher wasn't either (they asked him to join).

cheas good luck with the translating! I'm like you, I read, collect and save stuff but never get any further! I have files and files of teaching English info, grammar, exercises etc but will never use it!

ploom hope the skype connection worked out. Yes, Lötstation is a little mini soldering set with stand and bits and bobs that I have no idea what they're for! Dd made something once at a Messe Austellung (a metal penny farthing bike) and since then has wanted her own soldering set! I'd rather have got her a glue gun thing but it's done now!

Pouring down here today. Since last term when I had to pay for a borrowed school book because it got damp on the walk home in torrential rain I won't let the dc out of the house without rain coats and umbrellas so they're atleast all set to get home relatively dry without me havig to pick them up!

CakeBump Fri 05-Oct-12 11:06:34

Nutella can your DH hear the baby's heartbeat through your tummy now? Someone else on here said it so I got DH to lie with his ear on my bump, and he could hear it! It was nice as he was really pleased plus he got to have an experience with the baby for once that I couldn't (not that flexible!)

Hmm I'm wondering if we need a breast pump now...

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 11:43:05

only 3 parents at an Elternabend for ds's class

I have no understanding for this, I know it's totally judgemental, but I don't care as i cannot stand parents with an attitude like that.
But what does that say about the school and the teacher and their "parents-managment-skills"?!
A private get-together IS different, but to snub an Elternabend, well...

LinzerTorte Fri 05-Oct-12 11:50:38

Cake It's very hard to say beforehand as, even if you do bf, you may find you never need to pump. I would only get one if you knew you could return it if you didn't need it, as cheas suggests. I wasted money on a bottle warmer that I used all of about twice. And also ended up with a ridiculous amount of dummies (all of which I got for free), although at least I managed to sell some of those on eBay. grin

admylin The Heurigenabend was actually the teacher's idea, but DH said he'd organise it. We're also putting together a list with the parents' details and have said we'll include everyone unless they opt out. When the teacher was collecting the e-mail addresses for us, she said that one child's mother didn't want to pass on her e-mail address but she didn't send us back the slip on the printout saying that she wanted to opt out, so I'm not sure what we'll do about her.

How annoying about the school books. I suppose that's one advantage of the children being given them here, although it means we accumulate a huge amount of text and exercise books every year. DH has said we can go through them and see what we need when the last child leaves primary school! In the meantime, we have six boxes and counting.

world Yes, we've learned from experience and will definitely do that next time!

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 11:56:10

Linzer what is a Heurigenabend?

LinzerTorte Fri 05-Oct-12 12:07:31

A Heuriger is a wine tavern; the name can also apply to this year's wine or even new potatoes (heuer is Austrian for "this year"). So our Heurigenabend is a get-together at a Heuriger, carefully selected to be within walking distance of our house so that both DH and I can drink. grin We're in a wine-growing area, so there's lots of choice!

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 12:14:31

It sounds sooooo nice. I would come grin. No seriously, thanks for this great explanation!

Argh Linzer how do you put up those blimin' ignorant, entitled, arrogant teachers you have to deal with when you teach at your DDs' school - you'd have thought they were doing you a favour allowing you to prepare and teach their classes for free, the way they seem to treat you! How annoying to that the parents can't be bothered to at least let you know thy aren't coming to your get together.

world "I also remember that this didn't use to be so unusual for German culture as well. In my school days, parents showed up for Elternabend and Elternsprechtag, and it wasn't uncommon for only ONE parent to show up, nothing else was expected, I mean who else was going to watch the child or other children during that time and no-one would have made a fuss of getting a babysitter or grandparents to mind them, only so BOTH parents could attend..." tbh I don't actually get why 2 parents need to go either - why? My DH has never set foot inside DD's school - I go to everything and take notes. My only gripe is I'd really like him to go and me stay home with the kids as he is the native German speaker, but in all honesty my German is good enough now and I understand everything, I just struggle to form my questions and it is agony having to ask a question in front of the teacher and 30 parents in comprehensible but inaccurate German, yet sometimes it is necessary. Last time I sat by a mum I knew well and whispered to her what I wanted to ask and she wrote it down in corrected Gemran for me though! I don't actually get why both parents need to go at all, and it just isn't feasible with 3 children, one of whom is a toddler who sleeps poorly - I wouldn't ask anyone but my PIL to babysit all 3 as long as the toddler is likely to wake, and for them to do so they'd have to stay the night really, as they live an hour's drive away and these things finish late - overkill IMO!

Nutella I loved having to sit and listen to the heart beat when I was pregnant with DC2 and 3, as it never happens in England (the midwife has a quick listen with a stethoscope) and it was an excuse to have to sit peacefully - but then I always have a book in my bag, plus I am lazy and had other small children smile I used to take DD to my apts but she would sit and draw on the floor at my feet (she wouldn't have been so docile at home) and when I was pregnant with DC3 both the older 2 were at Kindergarten, so I got half an hour of enforced peace when I couldn't possibly be expected to feel guilty I wasn't doing anything else smile I must admit once I had heard the heart beat for a minute or two each time that stopped being the reason I was sitting there in my mind though!! blush

Oops I have to get DS1 from KiGA

cake I never needed a breast pump, I had one but only used it when I wanted to leave expressed milk for DD when she started nursery, but she wouldn't drink it (I had filled my freezer with litres of the stuff) and in the end I resigned from my job (not because she didn't drink expressed milk obviously smile but it meant she wasn't in nursery long anyway). I think I still have one though and could send it if you don't mind second hand, obviously it is all plastic and gets sterilized anyway... not 100% sure, have barely started sorting yet blush

Waves at everyone else, got to rush now!

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 12:36:01

English yes it is overkill. I don't mean that both have to go, but that's what I am seeing here as a new development as well...and then there is too much of getting to know one another and having this forced exchange.

I am sure your German must be great, I could hardly imagine otherwise.

AntiqueMuppet Fri 05-Oct-12 13:07:55


Just a quick post as I'm taking advantage of DS being totally knocked out after zooming around playgroup all morning to pack for our trip to Austria next week.

Breast pumps - I had to pump quite a lot for the first few weeks to get my supply up and I had a prescription from the hospital for a breast pump from the Apotheke (no charge, just a deposit we got back when we returned) for 4 weeks. I hadn't even thought of buying one before the birth (actually I don't think I even knew they existed) and once my supply was up I as glad to see the back of the thing. It was a really good one as well, that I wouldn't have been able to justify buying. Plus I had a lot of bf problems so gave up after 3 months so am glad I didn't pay out for one - like the others said, it's maybe only worth it if you bf for a bit longer.

Possibly not helpful information at all, just wanted to let whoever was asking know that you may be able to get one that way too if you need one.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

worldcitizen Fri 05-Oct-12 13:44:34

You too. Enjoy your trip!!!

itsMYNutella Fri 05-Oct-12 15:50:24

Cake it was me who suggested getting DH to listen to the hearbeat smile because the first time DP tried all he got was a lot of punching/kicking in the face grin . Glad your DH could hear it too.
DP was talking to the bump the other night and the bean wriggled away almost the whole time which he loved - awwww cute man my one smile.

Thank you everyone for all the breast pump tips, it is really useful to hear your experiences! I have no idea so think I'll first see how we get on and then figure it out from there...

English if I'd been prepared for sitting there for half an hour I'd have been happier. But I also had to hold one of the pads so that it could pick up the HB ... and I was cold sad but really glad I had DP with me. In total we were at the Dr's for two hours (apparently they had a little emergency) so I was really glad to go home. I've had enough of being prodded and poked.

The next check up is in 4 weeks (including the 30minute HB check) and after that every two weeks... but I might swap at some point to just having the MW come over and do a much more relaxed check up...

CakeBump Fri 05-Oct-12 17:20:39

Oh was it!! Ha ha I must have pregnancy brain! grin

itsMYNutella Sat 06-Oct-12 08:31:30

No worries cake, happy it worked for you guys, I think it makes the menfolk happy to be able to do something that we can't smile
Gosh I have terrible preggo brain and have to write everything down! I have a little black notebook that I usually carry with me and I managed to hide it under some papers for the last 2 days... I looked everywhere! But I'm confident the brain fog and bad sleep will all be over sometime in the next 18 years... hmm

Pops by, misreads nutella's post thinking she is expecting bad sleep to be over in 18 months, and laughs hollowly, then re-reads, 18 years, yes hopefully smile Maybe 8 years - I'm happy with the way my year old sleeps, still waiting for on the younger to sleep past 5.30am in the 5 year old's case, and through the night in the 17 month old's! Mind you I never found pregnancy affected my sleep, so may you get one or the other and if your baby keeps you awake in pregnancy he will sleep beautifully in his cot... wink

* happy with the way my 7 year old sleeps smile Missed the 7!

itsMYNutella Sat 06-Oct-12 20:58:04

<Chuckles at English> 18 months indeed .... If only eh?!

I'm having problems getting comfy, then often when I'm awake the baby wakes and then I can't sleep or get back to sleep confused. At the moment lack of sleep is making me poorl; I always get a sore throat when I'm a bit in down.... Plus it might be making me slightly more emotional confused -poor DP I might have had a little bit of a meltdown today hmm

itsMYNutella Sat 06-Oct-12 20:59:51

Think it's in there doing an exercise DVD tonight

worldcitizen Sat 06-Oct-12 21:13:57

Excercise DVD ha ha ha ha this is hilarious grin grin grin

LinzerTorte Mon 08-Oct-12 08:27:54

Morning all,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was lovely and sunny here on Saturday so we spent most of the day out in the garden, and then it poured with rain all day yesterday. We went on a tour of a local(ish - actually about an hour's drive away) bakery, which was quite interesting and we also got to make our own Flesserl (plaited bread rolls), which I was hopeless at but they looked better once they'd been baked. smile

I was quite excited this morning to discover that I can now book appointments with my dermatologist online. blush grin Apart from the fact that I hate using the phone anyway, I'm always ridiculously indecisive and come off the phone wishing that I'd taken the other option they'd given me/gone for an earlier or late appointment. As it was, I spent five minutes poring over the appointments available. Now, I'm just worried that I selected allergy testing rather than check-up. And if I did select check-up, did I select the right length (long rather than short)? (I'm not only indecisive, I'm also a worrier. grin)

hupa Mon 08-Oct-12 08:58:07

Linzer The bakery tour sounds interesting.
I´d love to be able to make appointments online. I always put off appointments for as long as possible because I hate phoning.

We went to see Madagascar 3 at the cinema yesterday. The dc loved it, but I thought it was really disappointing compared to the first 2 films.

Cheddar I don´t know if you´re still reading, but I forgot to answer your question about schooling in Hessen. Most children start school at 6. It´s only those children whose birthdays fall between the cut off date of 30th June and the start of the school year, usually in August, who are 7 when they start.

LinzerTorte Mon 08-Oct-12 09:19:32

hupa I thought about going to see Madagascar 3 with DD2 yesterday afternoon, but am glad I didn't now (wasn't sure it would be my kind of film anyway). Our neighbour was taking her elder two and DD2 really wanted to go as well; she said she would take her too, but we decided in the end that the screening was a bit too late.

I'm feeling a bit verunsichert after a conversation I had with two of our neighbours this morning. We were complaining about the new lamp post as there's a nice traditional looking one on the other side of the street, where there's a 1970s style block of flats, whereas our side of the street - where all the villas are* - has a horrible concrete one and I said "es passt überhaupt nicht dazu", at which they both burst out laughing. He has a particularly loud hyena-like laugh, which made it all the more unsettling! I can't work out what I said wrong - apart from the fact that I should have used sie rather than es (I struggle to use er or sie if there's an inanimate object involved), but surely that wouldn't have made it hysterically funny? confused

*not a stealth boast - we live in a terraced house grin

hupa Mon 08-Oct-12 10:26:00

Linzer I can´t see what was wrong with what you said. Maybe they´ve both got an unusaul sense of humour, although I can´t see anything funny in what you said.

I´ve just been to the Optiker to order a new pair of glasses. My last pair broke about 3 months ago and I´ve been putting off going because I wasn´t sure what the system was for getting a new pair. I surprised myself by choosing a new pair within 5 minutes - I usually dither around for ages. Hopefully, I´ll still like them when I go to pick them up.

worldcitizen Mon 08-Oct-12 11:49:34

Hello Linzer I wouldn't say er oder sie and rather use das in case of an inanimate objetct. Das passt überhaupt....

What makes you think you said something wrong??? Maybe you were spot-on and in the context and tone of the entire conversation it was witty OR sometimes they wholeheartedly agree with you and you said it in a dry witty way which included (not intended by you) a snobbish/smug undertone. This makes people feel agreeing with you and yet it is something said which possibly remains unspoken usually. Against all general opinion, yes the German language has lots of Feinheiten and various tones of how to be rude, clumsy, brash, refined, witty, stupid, diplomatic, critical, nice, friendly, etc....the list is long which might remain hidden forever to the non-native speaker.

Don't worry. It would be last thing on my mind. The worrying might also be an Anglo-Germanic cultural difference.
MN is a good training ground for this. Would I have taken all the bullying or smug and rude responses here seriously, 'dann hätte ich mir auch schon längst die Kugel geben müssen..'wink

cheaspicks Mon 08-Oct-12 11:56:44

Linzer I'm also stymied as to why your neighbours fell about laughing at that comment. Maybe world can shed some light?

hupa films like Madagascar are definitely not my thing. Am now dreading dd reaching the age where I have to take her to that kind of stuff!

admylin and linzer glad it's not just me who prefers to google and buy books rather than actually do anything productive grin. Although it's not actually a great trait to have...

ploom grin that my casually referring to recording studios came across as impressive and/or exciting! Two rooms in a semi-renovated cellar with ancient carpet pinned to the walls in lieu of sound-proofing and no ventilation (hence the headache) is hardly glamorous!!! We were recording a backing track to a short promotional film - the client had brought a spacey-sounding hip hop track with bursts of operatic singing and we somehow managed to recreate a similar mood using a keyboard preset drum beat and an arrangement of Nessun Dorma for violin (!) and piano grin.

I hope your dd gets a chance to play in an orchestra at some point. I think the youth orchestra provision in the UK is better than here, although I guess it varies a lot depending on the size of the Musikschule (or school) as to whether they can put together a large ensemble.

cake well done for making Discussions of the Day with your thread! I think you might change your mind about the Mummy Mitts, or "Buggy Muff" as they are known here if it's as cold this winter as it was last year grin.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

cheaspicks Mon 08-Oct-12 12:06:15

X-posted, world. It's strange how much adjustment is needed to make things read like you intend them, isn't it? I mean, we are all exposed to so much writing, whether humorous or advisary or factual or whatever, and are capable of finely gauging tone when having a conversation, and yet actually conveying tone in what we write is so difficult.

worldcitizen Mon 08-Oct-12 12:14:19

Hi cheas yy I find it incredibly difficult. I remember when I was post-grad in the U.S. and worked there, how much email training we have received and how much they wanted us to rather meet and verbalise in person what we would like to get across.
There is so much research which I am sure is very interesting to linguists. I am happy when they break it down to me in the end and present the end-results grin

This reminds me of the translator discussion some of you had here. I do believe that there is a market in cross-cultural communication training.

Bienchen Mon 08-Oct-12 13:26:21

world you may be on to something here. "In a second" usually means a minute or so in te UK, "in a moment/minute" means you can go for lunch and "later" often is the next day and "some time" could easily stratch to never. The Germans of course take it literally (me included, for the first few weeks in the UK) but you have to take it all with a (massive) "pinch of salt".

linzer no idea why the neigbours found it funny but maybe they agreed and were relieved that someone thought along their lines.

will try to catch up later, lunch reak over...

Bienchen Mon 08-Oct-12 13:26:56

Stretch not stratch, doh!

itsMYNutella Mon 08-Oct-12 15:22:06

Sorry; sleep deprived moaning.... totally selfish of me I know but I need to moan...

DP, FIL and BIL tried wallpapering the corner on saturday (I was given serious assurances by DP that BIL and FIL knew what they were doing, sadly FIL believes he knows what he is doing; but was actually doing a shit (sorry for language but it really made me angry) job) in what will be our baby corner...

Anyway... I was supposed to be resting and long story short I was the only one with any clue on how to paper... and ended up being asked by DP, while FIL was out on an errand, to help confused <unhappy, tired, pregnant lady emoticon>

This room is three walls 2.5m x 2.5m x 3m ish and the ceiling .... nothing tooo fancy... we managed to get the ceiling done (between 9am and 2pm), they put one piece on the wall and I was so unhappy with everything they were doing - which DP could tell- DP sent them home <utter relief emoticon> and said we would continue another day...

Yesterday we met some friends for coffee and cake and one friend's family business is essentially renovating houses or building them... and she rang her brother moaned at him and discussed with him and her brother in law and another guy should be round later in the week to do the job <jaw drop emoticon> I love my friend, beyond words right now... I really really really hope they can do it!!!

LinzerTorte Mon 08-Oct-12 15:23:40

Ah well, it looks like it shall remain a mystery and I shall never know why I caused the neighbours so much amusement. (I bumped into one of them again later and was quite tempted to ask her, but was worried it might sound a bit mad. grin) Thanks anyway to everyone for your input. I think I'll just assume it was the tone in which I said it that made it so hysterically funny, as I have no other explanation. A career as a stand-up comedian awaits. hmm

cheas I've come to the conclusion that children's films (the ones you see in the cinema here at least, and particularly animated ones) aren't my thing full stop. Without exception, I've been counting the minutes every time I've been to the cinema with the DC. DH, in all his wisdom, has just ordered Mr Bean's complete works for them. OTOH I've quite enjoyed watching Fawlty Towers with them, although I'd forgotten quite how dated it was (well, it probably wasn't when I first watched it!).

admylin Mon 08-Oct-12 15:50:11

Nutella sounds like a good offer from your friend, hope they can help you. We had to paper a box room when we moved in here as it had been painted over about 20 times by the look of it. I had to pay someone to do it but got a very good price (100€ for papering and painting white) on!

Linzer I'm pleased that you atleast have a jolly laughing neighbour even if you don't get why he was laughing! Better than grumpy moaners!
Is your Heurigenabend sorted yet?

hupa did you need new strengths in your lenses too or just a new frame? I think I am in need of stronger ones soon otherwise alot of books have started printing in really small letters!

Just brought dd back from having a tooth out (milk tooth) to start her braces treatment next week. Seems so strange taking a healthy tooth out but the new tooth was coming up behind it so it wasn't getting pushed out by anything. She's feeling uncomfortable now as the injection pricks are starting to hurt.

LinzerTorte Mon 08-Oct-12 16:16:44

admylin Yes, jolly is definitely a good word to describe him; you can hear him laughing from miles away (he does seem to laugh at things quite easily!). I did wonder initially whether they might be laughing at me using an Austrianism (Austrians seem to use passen/passt much more than Germans do), but they've been here longer than I have so it seems unlikely.

The Heurigenabend is slowly coming together; all the Austrian families have replied now and we have 25 coming altogether, which is quite a good number. Much better than the 60-odd it would have been if everyone and their parents had been able to turn up (it would have been even more with brothers and sisters, of course).

Both DDs have had milk teeth out because the new teeth came up too far behind to push them out, but both said it didn't hurt at all (the injections or even afterwards, I think). Things have obviously moved on since my day, as I remember even the injections being horribly painful and then my jaw would be numb and painful for ages afterwards.

admylin Mon 08-Oct-12 16:40:41

Well dd is asleep now, completely hidden under her bed covers so I hop eit doesn't hurt anymore when she wakes up. They've both had teeth out before (in Berlin) with no pain just alot of blood.

25 taking part sounds like a good number. Shame some of the class will miss out. Does your dd have friends in the class? Are they atleast coming?

Ds has just announced that he has 4 Klassenarbeiten next week. I'm sure I read that they aren't meant to have so many in 1 week. I mean how are they supposed to revise for 4?

Off to drive ds to table tennis. Have a nice Feierabend everyone!

LinzerTorte Mon 08-Oct-12 17:04:10

She knows about a third of the class from primary school, but I don't know whether I'd class any of them as close friends - and of those, only two (twins) are coming on Friday. The rest of those coming are boys (none from her old class); one is the half-British one, so it will be interesting to meet his parents. I was disproportionately excited when a car with Union Jack and Scottish flag stickers (and a local numberplate) on it drove past me earlier today; thank goodness we didn't end up in Vienna, as I'm not sure I could cope with the excitement of so much multiculturalism. grin

Four Klassenarbeiten does sound like a lot; what subjects are they in? DD1 has her first Schularbeit (in maths) next week, which I assume is the same thing. She got a 1 in her English test last week, which she was really proud about; all that spelling practice definitely paid off. One of her mistakes I didn't really class as a mistake anyway, as she'd written "hundred" instead of "a hundred"; I'd been more focused on getting her to write hundred correctly rather than hunderd so I hadn't bothered insisting on the a. Was also quite shock today when she told me that one of her English teachers had told her to spell purple "burble".

tadjennyp Mon 08-Oct-12 19:18:06

Hello, sounds like there were some nice relaxing weekends, apart from the decorating - that sounds horrendous. I don't think I could paper properly either. I'm far too cack-handed.

I love the crisp weather at this time of year. Just perfect for walking. We went to the Fall festival downtown this weekend. The kids got to paint pumpkins, which is always nice.

I couldn't work out what you had said wrong either Linzer. Mind, I had once nearly caused offence at the dentist when saying sie haben was falsches gemacht as Sie and sie are impossible to distinguish! grin Glad the Heurigerabend is coming together.

It's taken me ages to write this much. Apologies to anyone I have missed. Must get on and do something useful with the boys!

worldcitizen Mon 08-Oct-12 23:17:37

Ja Bienchen das sind wirklich gute Beispiele, die nicht typischerweise in Büchern oder Kapiteln zum Thema interkulturelle Kommunikation zu finden sind. Ich finde die Kommunikation hier, wie Ignorieren oder einen auf "Doofmachen" bzw. Leute sehr unterschiedlich behandeln was die Freundlichkeit und Zurückhaltung der Kritik betrifft, sehr auffällig.
Solange ich mich im Land des Anderen aufhalte, bin ich sehr interessiert zu lernen und mich anzupassen ohne meine eigene Persönlichkeit dabei aufzugeben, aber sein eigene verklärte Sichtweise der Dinge überall mit sich herumzuschleppen, nennt man auch ethnozentrisch. Ein sehr wichtiges Thema in der IK.wink
Das ist auch der Grund warum ich schon längst erkannt habe, dass dieses Forum (genauso with Toytown), jedenfalls für mich, nichts ist. Es ist ja auch nicht für Leute wie mich gedacht, und das ist auch gut so grin

Ploom Tue 09-Oct-12 08:05:08


linzer - glad you got the replies for your Heurigenabend. Sounds like it'll be a fun evening. I puzzled for ages yesterday about what could have been wrong about what you said to the neighbour but like the others couldnt fathom it. Glad its not just me that struggles with using er or sie for inanimate objects - it's something I must improve on.

admylin - wow 4 Klassenarbeiten in 1 week - thats a lot. Will be very difficult for him to do his best in all of them. Can you speak to the teachers about it? How is your dd's mouth this morning?

jenny - I also love autumn/fall - agree its perfect for walking. Have heard that the whole pumpkin picking thing is much more fun in America - well anything is more fun than buying it from Aldi grin.

nutella - thats too good that the friend can get someone to do your decorating - you really shouldnt be doing that kind of thing at nearly 30 weeks pregnant.

ok cheas - you've ruined the glamour in my mind of a recording studio wink. But its still more interesting than what I do of a day! Ds1 wants to go next week to see Madagascar 3 for his birthday so I'll not be escaping it (unless I can get dh to take ds1 and his wee friends!). I quite enjoy some of the disney/pixar films (monsters inc especially) but its the obsession with star wars at the moment thats driving me mad.

hupa - very impressed that you found a pair of glasses so quickly - I always dither too long. Are glasses as expensive here as in the UK?

world - I really find it in poor taste to post bitchy comments on a longstanding thread about the posters on that thread. I'm sorry you dont find everyone as friendly as you like but you came on here of your own free will and you are free to leave if you dont like the thread. I have been on this thread for nearly 4 years and have had nothing but support, friendship and fun chat from the other posters and am sure thats how the thread will continue (thankfully!!).

Anyway off to crack on with the housework before going to pick up ds2 at 11.15 (how is that a school day when he's finished so early!!??!!)

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 08:48:27

Morning! <yawns> DH had a 7 am flight to catch this morning and I didn't manage to get back to sleep after he'd got up at whatever godforsaken hour it was, so I'm in definite need of a brew.

Jenny I'm another one who loves autumn (I'm not a great fan of either very hot or very cold weather). I saw some pumpkins in the supermarket yesterday, labelled Jack o'Lanterns - I wonder if Austria has a trade descriptions act (they were normal pumpkins and nothing had been done to them)!

world I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't think anyone has tried to make anyone else look/feel stupid. Re the ignoring, I think that's a fairly common issue on long-running threads with regular posters; I've been on quite a few and used to find it a little annoying when I'd write a post and the following three or four posters seemed to ignore it while responding to what others had written, but quickly came to realise that it's nothing personal. And I think it's inevitable on a thread like this, which for many of us is our only outlet with fellow expats, that we end up - often lightheartedly - complaining about the German/Austrian way of doing things, but that doesn't mean I automatically assume the British way is always right.

Ploom Oh, tell me about Star Wars - in fact, please don't tell me about it as I hear more than enough from DS and his friends! I've given up trying to tell DS that Anakin isn't actually pronounced Ennikin. grin Does your DS normally finish at 11.15 or is today an exception? That's not a school day; it's not even a whole morning!

Ploom Tue 09-Oct-12 09:02:51

oh linzer - that was way too early a start. Is he off somewhere exciting? By exciting I mean will he bring back something nice?

ha ha about enniken!! I've also given up trying to tell them the right way to say it. My sister bought ds1 a star wars clone wars dvd for his birthday but they only watched it once because it was in English and obviously he's Anikan in English and "errzweidehzwei" is R2D2 so they werent happy. But despite all the star wars conversations in the house I've still never seen a whole film right thro (and plan to keep it that way).

I agree that on other threads a lot of posts get ignored but I really dont find that on this one (which is probably why I only really post on here). And I agree that I've never noticed anyone make anyone feel stupid. Sometimes there are German words that come up that I dont understand but thats no-one's fault but mine. Thankfully I understood every word of world's post although I'm not entirely sure I whether I was supposed to or not!

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 09:24:13

Frankfurt, so no - nowhere particularly exciting! I don't think there's anything I really miss about Germany that I can't get here, so I'm not expecting any exciting presents.

Oh yes, er-zwo de-zwo is another one; I was having an argument a discussion with DH recently about how much easier it is to say R2D2 in English! Plus DS, for some strange reason, likes to call him erbs-zwo. He even has an R2D2 cuddly toy. hmm

I agree that this is one of the friendliest and most inclusive threads I've been on, which is why it's about the only one I still post on (I didn't flounce from any of the longer-running ones I used to post on, which were all perfectly friendly too; I just can't keep up with more than one!). Ploom About half the German words I use on here are probably Austrian, so incomprehensible to a lot of Germans too; when I was writing about our Heurigenabend the other day, it didn't even cross my mind that most people outside Austria wouldn't know what a Heuriger is. blush

admylin Tue 09-Oct-12 09:58:26

Morning all.
Linzer your dh is away lots. How long this time? How is the process for getting the money spent on business trips back? Dh has just found out that they've employed a cpompany to do those abrechnungen so it should be better and quicker (still waiting for Portugal pay back).

ploom star wars didn't make it to our house, either wasn't current when ds was at an age to enjoy it or he was into other stuff. I have also never seen a star wars film right through, well except the very first ancient one when I was
a child.

world maybe we come across differently to you but I've never had a problem on here. Sometimes this thread is just nice to pop in and pop back out of for a quick chat in the middle of a busy day, other times some of us won't even have time for a few days.

jenny this is the best season isn't it? Have you got your house decorated?

Hmm, have had a look at the amount of biology that ds has got to revise and it looks like a lot (immune biology) but he says it's not so who am I to know?! Must find out what the other 3 tests are in and then decide on asking the parent rep. what he thinks.

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 10:29:08

Just until tomorrow, admylin; he's rarely away for more than a couple of days. I think he just hands in his receipts somewhere at work and then gets reimbursed the following month, although the flights and (usually) hotels are paid for from a company account so he doesn't have to fork out for those. Hope your DH gets his money back soon; he has to pay for his flights and accommodation out of his own pocket, doesn't he?

admylin Tue 09-Oct-12 11:33:12

Yes linzer all his trips have to be payed out of his own pocket. This one totals at 1400€ which is a big lump to add to other monthly bills that we already have.

Dd made a small fortune for her birthday on Sunday! She is now trying to decide what to spend it on but I think she has everything she needs right down to the soldering set! Anyway, she found a hot glue gun that she has always wanted so that's another thing for her to find room for in her bedroom!

Now I need tips for Friday. She's having a sleep over with movie night - so 3 dvds lined up, popcorn, pizza etc but one of her friends isn't into sleep overs or movies so she's starting the party early straight after school so this other girl can join in until 6pm when she will be picked up.
Dd had thought to do a chocolate making session (one of her hobbies) but I'm thinking they'll get an hour at most out of that and my kitchen will look great afterwards. I think I should try starting a thread for ideas!

cheaspicks Tue 09-Oct-12 12:00:01

world didn't mean us with "hier", surely? shock

Afternoon smile

World if you want to post in secret to one person it's better to PM than write in a the language of the country most of the posters on the thread live in, I don't know whether writing in German was the equivalent of a stage whisper? I never name check everyone because I am far too disorganised and usually distracted by small children or the fact I really should be doing something else at the same time, I'm not ignoring anyone and often I don't have any direct experience of what one person is saying so would not be able to make a useful comment, whereas others will or already have... It's not ignorant to be a bit wistful about the ways of the country you grew up in when living long term elsewhere, most people of all backgrounds do it IMO...

Linzer DD finishes at 11.20 twice a week too, and she's 2nd class now - would have been once a week if she'd done Instramental but she was given a choice of options and signed herself up for recorder, but more children signed up for singing and dancing so that is running instead and the recorder children are not allowed to change their vote and just have to come home rather than being allowed to join the alternative class confused . I have just been to see her teacher, not about that but about the hours and hours homework is taking her when we have been told repeatedly it should only be an hour. I wondered if she is slow in class and so having to finish classwork as homework, and also just wanted her teacher's opinion. She was more helpful than I expected and suggested some strategies and things to try, and gave me permission to write in her homework book if it takes her more than 2 hours and she will be allowed to carry the homework over to finish at the weekend without getting into trouble if I do that, which is an exception to the usual. Her main answer though was that Dd is a typical summer born child, and her age in comparison to the class average shows as she is more "Kindlisch" and a day dreamer, which apparently the bright summer born kids who start school at not quite or only just 6 often are... She said hopefully she will catch up over then next year or 2 but it sometimes takes longer ... bit argh as it makes me wish a bit I'd kept her back, but she said a she would have ideally started 6 months later, a year would have been too long - can't really win there but glad we're keeping DC2 back when his time comes...

Nutella the wallpaper fiasco sounds a bit of a drama! I had DC1's room all finished and beautiful at about 30 weeks pregnant - then she didn't arrive til 42 weeks and didn't sleep anywhere but on my chest once she did, so it was just a nappy change room for 5 or 6 months shock When DC2 was born his room was still undecorated and full of boxes (we'd not long moved and I knew he'd be in with us) and when DC3 arrived he didn't even have a room, just a cot in our "dressingroom" (room you have to walk through to get to our room where our wardrobes and linen are) with some jungle animal wall stickers to brighten his corner up and a picture DD had drawn him with "Welcome baby" written on it smile

BTW Nutella and cake I have started the baby sorting but I have been terribly disorganised with putting stuff from DC away and have all sizes mixed together from newborn to 74cm and I am only part way through, doing 2 boxes as I go along, not sure what to do about bigger items but will work it out - don't either of you go and have your babies early as I'm not ready!! grin

Jenny I like bright autumn days too, not so keen on today though, it's been raining all day so far...

Ploom DS1 likes the idea of Starwars but doesn't actually have the concentration span to watch the films properly (he can watch younger children's films like 'Cars' through but I think Starwars is a bit over his head. He doesn't really know who is who apart from Darth Vader and neither do most of his 4 and 5 year old friends but that doesn't stop him and his friends playing Starwars... Same can actually be said of Spiderman, who they all proclaim themselves fans of but I don't think any of them have seen the films or cartoons...

I think you're all missing the point of taking kids to kids films though, it's an hour and a half to switch your brain off and doze whilst appearing to be a lovely parent who takes their DC to their choice of film... Lovely smile Maybe I can hire myself out to parents to take their kids to the cinema instead of teaching VHS classes smile (Only available to kids who don't need to go to the toilet multiple times during a film though wink )

Ploom Tue 09-Oct-12 12:46:22

admylin - I organised non alcoholic cocktails for dd's last birthday. She found 5 different ones on the internet and I bought the ingredients then left them to make them themselves. My only mistake was not trying them first as some of them werent so tasty. You could also do a treasure hunt in the house with the prize being cheap nail varnish and sweets. I used a great website to make clues - will see if I can find it again.

english - sounds like a nice wee job taking dc to the cinema but since its so bloody expensive I doubt parents would want to pay you anything on top of the entry fee, 3D glasses, sweets etc etc!! Stick to the VHS! My dc have also never seen spiderman but also seem to be fans hmm. Agree star wars is a bit old for a 5 year old - ds2 only watched it at that age as ds1 was watching it. How he got into it, I've no idea. confused.
From what you've said about your dd before, she sounds like she was definitely academically ready for school last year but it is tricky as to whether she'd have benefited from another 6 months at home (which wasnt an option obviously). Think its good that you spoke to the teacher tho as she'll then know that you've got those concerns and she seems like a reasonable teacher - ds1's teacher would be writing in red in his homework heft if the work wasnt done.

Poor ds1 had diarrhoea over the weekend so I kept him home yesterday. He didnt do anymore all day yesterday so I sent him to school this morning. He's just came home before - immediately a whole load again - twice. I feel bad for sending him to school this morning but he'd been over 24 hours clear - hope he hasnt infected anyone else. He doesnt feel or look unwell so I'm hoping that its not so infectious but no idea why he keeps having it. So its Zwieback for him today and nothing else - thankfully he loves them and would eat them when he's not poorly - I'm not such a fan!

admylin Tue 09-Oct-12 12:56:07

ploom does your ds have tummy ache too? My ds often gets the runs and I can't find out what it's caused by.
That is a great idea, dd would love cocktails and I'd rather they do that than make a mess with melted chocolate! When your dd gets in maybe she can give me her best tasting cocktail tips? The shy girl who is coming won't go near nail varnish and won't eat sweets due to braces - treasure hunt also no good as flat is abit too small but another type of game maybe. If you find a website for me you'd be a life saver.

english that's what I used to enjoy about taking the dc to the cinema too! Have slept through some sort of Eisbär film, Wilde Kerle and a few others! Always came out refreshed and rested!

worldcitizen Tue 09-Oct-12 13:10:40

English Du glaubst doch wohl selbst nicht, dass ich der Meinung bin ihr könntet das nicht verstehen, oder?! confused Das ist wirklich ein ziemlich blödsinniger Gedanke oder wolltest du mir gerade soviel Dummheit unterstellen hmm

Schön Euch alle kennengelernt zu haben, ich habe unheimlich viel mitgenommen und es hat sich einfach für mich Vieles bestätigt.
Manchmal ist es eben doch einfach besser sich darauf zu einigen, dass man sich uneins ist. thanks

World I was being sarcastic.

Ploom you are right my plan is somewhat flawed there! smile Hope your DS's tummy is better soon - my 5 year old has unexplained diarrhoea sometimes but I think it's because he sometimes eats badly - I don't believe in making a fuss about what the kids eat but serve them healthy food and think insisting/ bribing/ threatening so they clear their plates can be the root of later problems (whether with weight or other food issues) but sometimes he manages to live on meat and carbs which can't be good! Guess it can also be that they are still building up resistance to mild bugs that might not affect the other family members at all.

admylin glad I'm not the only one who enjoys/ed snoozing through kids' cinema trips smile

DD is now happily doing research on forest mice on a lovely website we just found, funny how she's happily doing that even though its not due in til Thursday, but a sheet of maths causes wailing and gnashing of teeth... The teacher did say she's one of the better readers in the class, the problem is really at least 90% with maths, and actually today the approach the teacher suggested of looking at what she's got and assigning her 10 minute tasks to do rather than just looking at the whole of a sheet or subject as one task worked well and she did her maths without a fuss smile

hupa Tue 09-Oct-12 14:27:40

admylin Cocktails sound like a good idea. Have you found out yet what dd plans to do/make with the soldering iron?

English Well done for speaking to the teacher. It sounds like a ridiculous amount of homework. How to turn children off school before they´ve really started.

Jenny Another Autumn lover here. We live in a heavily forested area so the trees look fantastic at this time of year - not up to new England standards, but still very impressive.

So far ds has shown no interest in Star Wars despite his friends being into it. Mind you he then gets annoyed when they want to play Star Wars and he doesn´t know what they´re on about. DD also managed to skip the Hannah Montana phase that most of her friends went through which I was mightly pleased about.

world I think you must be reading a different thread to the rest of us. I´ve always found it very welcoming and supportive here. With so many people on the thread it´s impossible to reply to everyone all the time.

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 14:44:23

hupa Yes, I was also very glad that DD1 never got into Henneh Montenna; none of DD2's friends seem to be into it, so fingers crossed we've escaped. DS has never seen any of the Star Wars films; he's just got into it through his friends.

English It's good that the teacher has been so helpful. It's a difficult one wrt keeping children back, esp. if a whole year would have been too long for your DD, but from what you've said about her she seems to be quite bright and girls tend to be ahead of boys at that age anyway, so I'm sure she'll catch up soon enough. I do wish we'd kept DD1 back, but it never crossed our minds at the time (she wasn't a summer baby anyway). Oh, and I'll never complain about DS finishing at 11.50 am again; at least it's almost lunchtime!

admylin / Ploom The cocktails sound like a great idea. I'm making a mental note of everything for future birthday parties!

Ploom Hope your DS is on the mend soon. DH always swears by coke and Soletti when he has an upset stomach, although the doctor told him recently that coke isn't great as it has too much sugar in it IIRC.

I'm obviously not sleep-deprived enough to enjoy the cinema! I just find myself sitting there thinking that I could be doing something much more productive with my time. I actually took my MP3 player along once to listen to some podcasts, but the film was too loud. blush

cheaspicks Tue 09-Oct-12 16:01:04

I remember being taken to a film involving My Little Ponies and evil purple smog hmm as a child. In retrospect, the adult who sat through that with us must have been a saint grin.

world I can only echo what hupa has written. I have never read (or written, for that matter) anything on this thread intended to belittle or poke fun at another poster.

tadjennyp Tue 09-Oct-12 18:20:59

I've read back and I can't see where any offence was implied or stated. Sorry you feel like that world. Also apologies to all the new members of the thread (or namechangers?) whom I've missed while my dps were here. I'm sure everyone has made you feel very welcome. I can only keep up with a couple of threads at the most, otherwise I find myself getting too sucked in. Yesterday I spent far too long reading a thread about George Osborne. Anyway, we have a whole pile of tomatoes on the dining room table hoping they will ripen and ds2 likes to throw them on the floor. Best go and pick them up. Good Tuesday everyone!

Bienchen Tue 09-Oct-12 18:47:55

I'm not sure what I have said or done so I am genuinely baffled! If someone could enlighten me I'd be very grateful. I don't know where the PM's come in confused.

Then again , I have gatecrashed this thread and should have just started a new one for my queries; I purely posted here because it seemed a busy thread hence likely to give me an answer at short notice.

Ploom Tue 09-Oct-12 18:59:33

bienchen - will PM you.

jenny - hope you rescued the tomatoes

hupa oh the dreaded hannah montana - very glad that phase is past!

Ds1 has a right dose of the squits sad. But he's otherwise absolutely fine thankfully. Thanks for the tips linzer but we dont have coca cola at home or any fizzy drinks so will just stick to giving him water and Zwieback. Oh and definitely no school tomorrow.

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 19:25:52

cheas I can only remember being taken to see one film as a child, ET, and feeling horribly confused by it. I don't think I went again until I was about 16!

jenny I daren't look at active convos, otherwise I end up getting sucked in. Posting on one thread is enough for me (although I do spend more time lurking than I should).

bienchen You haven't done anything at all and there's absolutely no need to apologise for gatecrashing (which you haven't done anyway); everyone's welcome here. Hopefully Ploom will explain.

Ploom I'm not sure whether they were tips as such as I'm a bit hmm about some of DH's ideas about health! I'd far rather have water than coke if I had a stomach upset, although I was a bit confused by the doctor telling DH coke has too much sugar in it as I thought you were supposed to add sugar and salt to water to make a rehydration drink. Maybe not as much as sugar as is in coke, though!

Bienchen Tue 09-Oct-12 20:09:06

Thanks Ploom and Linzer, I will not dwell but offer my 2 cents on tummy bugs instead grin.

Conventional wisdom in my youth was black tea and Zwieback. When my DC had a bout here in the UK the advice was to just feed them whatever. I think the latest is stale lemonade (as it is sugary) but not as aggressive as coca cola which is really acidic. Luckily DC are not prone to the squirts but I offer stale lemonade or boiled water/peppermint tea and dry toast until their stomachs are settled.

Ploom hope the bug is overcome soon as yes to no school until 24 hours after it has cleared up.

My happy experience today was to find an intensive swimming course for DD (4 x 1 hour/week in the afternoon for a couple of weeks). She has been going for over a year here but 30 mins on a Saturday morning just don't cut it for her. Plus she is very tall and cheats by walking along the bottom rather than swimming and the instructors are letting her get away with it. All researched on the internet and then booked over the phone direct with the pool. It may not be rivetting news for you but as she had to wait for her lessons here for about 6 months before they had a vacancy, it might explain my excitement. New course starts at the end of Nov, so she has time to settle in a bit first before getting thrown in at the deep end.

CakeBump Tue 09-Oct-12 20:15:03

Evening everyone.

This thread has taken a strange turn while I have been busy!

Sorry I'm finding it hard to keep up at the moment, but I AM reading and will try and get back into things.... hope everyone is having a schön Abend smile

LinzerTorte Tue 09-Oct-12 20:35:36

Bienchen Yes, the doctor recommended black tea to DH, but not peppermint tea - which I'd always thought was good for digestive problems (I can't remember now what her reasoning was). That makes sense about coke being too acidic. I'm sure I read somewhere that flat coke is good for stomach bugs when I was trying to prove DH wrong, but lemonade does sound better. Great news on the swimming course. smile

Cake It all went a bit weird here today, but hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

I let the DC stay up to watch Felix Baumgartner jump through space or whatever it was he was going to do (I was a bit confused by the balloons and what exactly they were doing there) - and then an hour after their theoretical normal bedtime, it was announced that he wasn't going to jump after all. I've given up on the idea of an early night for myself too, but will just have to make sure it's not a very late one; I always potter around unproductively when DH is away, so I have to tempt myself to bed with a good book. grin

Bienchen intensive swimming courses are definitely the way to get a child swimming in my opinion - my older 2 have both done them, though the 2nd isn't quite there (he can only swim in a pool with the right kind of edge confused grin

BRAT diet works for my kids when they have tummy bugs - bananas, rice (plain or plain rice cakes) Applesauce/ stewed apple and toast (dry) with plain water.

Flat coke is for dehydration rather than specifically to treat a tummy bug I think - from my year backpacking in Asia almost 20 years ago something about electrolytes rings a vague bell, and if you've not kept anything down for days the sugar is no bad thing (I have vague misty memories of a Malay lady on a coach feeding me flat coke and putting very strong smelling salts under my nose when I had dengue fever, and one or the other perked me up enough to find my way off the coach and to a youth hostel...) Normal mild tummy bugs maybe don't require huge quantities of sugar though smile Don't rehydration sachets contain both sugar and salts?

cheaspicks Wed 10-Oct-12 09:22:19

I got involved in a bun fight on AIBU once about this subject, so I did a lot of bilingual googling (and of course asked DH about it as well) grin.

When your body becomes dehydrated through illness, then you need to replace fluid and essential minerals (salt/electrolytes), hence the recommendation to add a pinch of salt to a cup of tea. The point of adding a spoonful of sugar as well is merely to make it taste better. Eating zwieback is another way to get salt, so drinking something salty is not essential - DH's view is you should drink anything you fancy as it makes it easier to drink more, and he agrees with English that the energy in sugary drinks is beneficial when you're otherwise not managing to eat.

After all that, I can't remember who is actually suffering with this tummy bug, but get well soon, whoever it is!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 10:11:44

cheas It's so funny which subjects descend into bunfights sometimes on AIBU! Sometimes I type a post and then ask myself "hang on, do I really care?" and delete it smile

bienchen love that your DD walks along the bottom on the swimming pool! crafty girl smile

Ok so I think I have enough distance between myself and Sunday to report back on the craft fair/brunch now.....

...... disaster zone!

Well, the stalls looked amazing, the stallholders were lovely, DH worked his butt off to do a big brunch spread... and no-one came! We advertised widely... <sigh>

It was really disappointing. Funnily enough we were then rammed all late afternoon and evening. I just don't know what happened!

We're considering whether to continue offering brunch as it's probably one of those things that has to be regular so people know it's on.

admylin Wed 10-Oct-12 10:12:55

Just to add to the list of remedies, in Dhaka I was told to eat papaya and drink coconut water. That's what dh's family offered as treatment.

Anyway, hope your ds is better soon ploom, you could try offering him a ripe papaya but they're probably hard to come by in rural Bavaria!

Dd has changed the birthday plan thank goodness. Now she's having all the girls at 16:30 for birthday cake and whatever then they will set the dvd stuff up at 8pm when the quiet girl has been picked up. Phew!
She's found one 'cocktail' involving ice cream and some fizzy drink that she says tastes great so they can make that too.

admylin Wed 10-Oct-12 10:15:39

cakebump sorry the brunch didn't work out. Good news that you were busy later on though. Maybe it should have been an afternoon craft sale at Kaffee und Kuchen time.

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 10:15:39

I was told papaya too admylin in India. Also bananas, to bind you together...

Do you mean Coke Float? Glass of coke with icecream in the top? mmmmm delicious and nice with lemonade too smile

admylin Wed 10-Oct-12 10:16:52

Yes, she wants to do it with different flavours of lemonade and possibly add whipped cream and silver coloured sprinkles! She is creative!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 10:19:58

We wondered whether afternoon would have been better, but all the handwerkermärkte round here seem to be Sunday morning things.

Oh well, I'm proud of us for trying....

We had such a busy week last week, I worked 4 double shifts Tuesday to Friday, then 10:30pm to 1am Saturday night, then we got up again at 6am on Sunday to do the brunch and I finished at around 2pm. I think I was very overwrought by Sunday.

My PIL then landed on us at 2pm and decided to stay the night.... meaning that our only day off together for 6 weeks (the Monday) was spent entertaining them. I was so disappointed and done in I had half an hour in bed in tears (being 30 weeks pg doesn't help!).

Anyway it had the result that DH will FINALLY speak to them about the random turning up-and-staying-over and point out that sometimes it is rather inconvenient. Hurray!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 10:20:31

Sounds like they'll be bouncing off the walls with the sugar overdose admylin!!

admylin Wed 10-Oct-12 10:31:22

cake oh dear, hope your dh can make them understand. You must be exhausted with those working hours. I worked like that when I was younger and was totally exhausted on the day off. Did the PIL atleast look after you abit?

Seeing as the girls won't be going to sleep anytime before midnight it won't make much difference how much sugar they have! Dd has asked me to make a carrot cake as a birthday cake so that's healthy right?!

hupa Wed 10-Oct-12 11:03:48

CakeBump How disappointing after all that hard work. Were the stall holders happy with how it went once it filled up?
You must of been so frustrated when your PIL turned up. Hopefully dh having a word will have the desired effect.

admylin How many are staying for the sleepover? Hopefully being teenagers they´ll sleep in on Saturday morning.

Ploom How is ds1 today? I hope the rest of you have managed to avoid catching whatever it is.

Bienchen I´m glad you found an intensive course. I know when dd and ds learnt to swim, once a week just wasn´t enough. They spent most of the lessons waiting for other children to have their go and got hardly any swimming time at all.

I´ve just received a pinata that I ordered for ds´s birthday. It´s much bigger than I expected so it´s probably going to cost a fortune to fill it.

itsMYNutella Wed 10-Oct-12 11:17:09

Hello... well I have read over what was written while I've been absent and I'm a bit confused but well.... never mind...

I am flying off to England later! Hurrah!!!!! grin I can't wait to see my family and I still have no idea if there is anything special I want to do but mostly seeing them eating a few favourite foods and trying to relax. My sleep seems to be finally catching up with me and I'm feeling much better than I was at the weekend which is a big relief!

Ploom hope your DS is feeling better!

admylin good luck with party on Friday (teenage girls sleep over sounds perfect for a party and nightmare for parents... probably why I never had one hmm smile )

Right, better get back to sorting stuff out.... Have a great weekend everyone!!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 11:22:59

admylin it's odd with the PIL - as nutella can testify with hers (from the sounds of it!) they are lovely, lovely people, so helpful, really look after me etc etc.... so when they are here they are fine (apart from they bring their dog who NEVER STOPS BARKING grrrrrrrr).

It's just that they don't think - so they would turn up on our day off and not think for a minute that actually, we get no time together, our day off is really important, and due to various outside factors at the moment we haven't actually had a day to ourselves in 6 weeks.... my parents don't even Skype on a Monday because they know it's "our time".

Also, staying over is mega awkward when we have a one bedroom flat, but they haven't realised that this is my home too now and it's a bit of an invasion of privacy when they are on the sofabed and I can't even get a glass of water without confronting them in my pj's...

Like I say, they are lovely, they just haven't "adjusted" to the fact that DH and I are together and have our own life/way of doing things/privacy requirements now. I'm sure, actually, that they would be really shocked if they knew we felt this way and we definitely don't want to upset them.

Anyway... smile

re: the carrot cake, I suppose you could count it as one of your 5 a day... but my recipe has half a litre of veg oil in it so, ummm healthy it is not! smile

hupa unfortunately it got busy around 4pm (for dinner service), and the stalls were gone by 1pm. I felt really bad for them, but they were all really nice about it. We gave them free brötchen and tea/coffee.

It puts me off doing anything because I feel like the village really doesn't support us at the moment. They all like the fact that we are here, but if they don't come to these things we might not be here much longer!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 11:24:09

Enjoy the UK nutella! grin

BTW I always type "nutelly" instead of "nutella" when I'm addressing you! No idea why!?

cheaspicks Wed 10-Oct-12 11:50:06

cake I do that lots too! I keep meaning to change my settings so I can't read anything other than "Living Overseas" and possibly the bilingualsm bit but then I'd have to find another way to waste time.

Such a shame that the craft fair wasn't a success, and then to have your PIL turn up on your day off like that sad. I hope you'll be able to avoid overdoing things the next few weeks - I found being on my feet for long periods increasingly difficult at that stage of pregnancy.

admylin carrot cake definitely counts as healthy in my book! Coke float with whipped cream otoh would not be my cup of tea, but each to their own smile.

hupa I think some people add scrunched-up crépe paper to fill up a pinata, otherwise things like those Hanuta bars are fairly big without being heavy enough to cause injury when they fall out. I bought far too much to go in DD's pinata last birthday - they get heavy pretty fast when you start filling them!

bienchen well done on finding the swimming course. DD isn't quite old enough yet, but I know a couple of older kids who haven't been very happy at swimming lessons here, so I'm a bit gespannt as to how it will pan out when the time comes. An intensive course certainly sounds like a good idea from what people have said on here anyway.

nutella have a wonderful time in the UK!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 12:01:35

cheas I posted on facebook that I'd done 4 double shifts, and my mum saw it and emailed DH to give him a bit of a telling off about letting me do too much!! smile blush.

I'm planning on slowing down at the end of the month, then stopping completely at the beginning of December. Its a bit needs-must at the moment, but I'm lucky that I feel up to it.

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 12:42:28

Oops almost forgot - Happy Birthday Linzer!!

Have a lovely day grin

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 13:07:04

Thanks Cake (and everyone who's posted on my FB)! Sorry the craft fair didn't work out; what a shame you didn't get more local support.

Have a great trip Nutella. grin

I've been lurking but don't have much time to post as I'm snowed under with work at the moment. Talking of which, must get back to it.

cheaspicks Wed 10-Oct-12 13:16:28

Linzer is obviously treating herself to a MN-free day for her birthday grin.

Please can I bounce another teaching idea off you all? I need a game idea to replace picture consequences (which the kids find very difficult to understand) when I teach body parts. I'm thinking of playing a version of pin the tail on the donkey using a big cardboard drawing of a figure - do you think that would be okay? I mean, blindfolding the kids and all! I'm not sure what exactly to use as a pin, though - any ideas?

cheaspicks Wed 10-Oct-12 13:18:24

X-posted, sorry. Shame you've got so much work to do today, Linzer. Hope you can declare Feierabend soon!

itsMYNutella Wed 10-Oct-12 13:37:52

Ooooh before its too late- Happy Birthday Linzer!! Aren't you supposed to be out buying yourself a present as per your phone's instructions the other day?

Cake I've been called just nuts on another thread.... Think that was a name shortening hmm ... What a pity the village didn't participate! Really sorry that you out in so much effort and it didn't work out .... Well hopefully future plans will be better!
And yes my PIL are lovely and very keen and most things they want come from the right place... but it is really hard to get them to understand we also want to do things our way. They are massively overexcited about their first grandchild and I know they can't wait to do lots of things with it but in reality some of what they want is still a few years off.... I won't be surprised if they start asking in May when they can take the bubba on holiday grin

Cheas I like the idea but I'm rubbish at coming up with my own ideas... Wish I could help

Right, I think I'm almost ready, need to pop out and do a few errands then I'm off!
Cake I think you're off to the UK this weekend too aren't you? Hope you have a good trip too!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 13:50:40

<hides from a bunfight in AIBU> blush

cheas that sounds good to me - I'd use a laminated arrow on a bit of blutack maybe?

thanks Nutella, I leave on Friday smile smile

Ploom Wed 10-Oct-12 13:51:32

cakebum - I think I'm going to join your mum in giving you both a bit of a telling off - thats way too much to be working but I can understand it must be hard to step back when its your business. I worked full time right up till I was 37 weeks pregnant with dc1 and remember feeling ok but tired obviously. Gutted for you that no-one turned up for your craft fair - maybe the afternoon might work next time? And grrrr at your PIL - think your dh really needs to have a word.

linzer - happy birthday!!! Hope you didnt have to work too hard and get some cake later (and some sekt too of course!).

nutella - have a fab time in England - so envy. I wanna go [stomps feet like a 2 year old].

hupa - I've never seen those pinatas apart from in party pieces brochures - do you just have one and the dc take it in turns hitting it till it falls down?

admylin - dd was in a foul mood when she came home yest but I'll ask her about the cocktails tonight (if her mood is better!). I used to love a coke float when I was a teenager - that and spaghetti ice cream from the local italian cafe. Dont fance a coke float now tho.

Thanks for the dehydration tips cheas - think any risk of bunfights on this thread is gone now wink. He had 4 or 5 episodes of diarrhoea yesterday and another one this morning so not out the woods yet. But still no other signs of being ill - very strange.

bienchen - I had the same problems with dd and swimming when she was about 6. We also ended up going to a pool where she couldnt put her feet down and it was the best way for her to learn to swim. I see that also in my boys - ds2 swims way better than ds1 as ds2 cant stand in any pool so he has to swim whereas ds1 can swim but doesnt if he can walk about the pool. Also agree that an intensive course is a good way to learn.

Doubt I'm going to get a good sleep tonight - dh has a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on today - it measures it every 15 mins shock. Think I might be sending him to the guest room to sleep!

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 13:57:11

Ploom I haven't seen my bum in a while, admittedly (hard to turn around) but does it look like a cakebum? blush smile smile

Ploom Wed 10-Oct-12 14:09:05

blushblushblush. Note to self - check posts before posting!! (I still have a cakebum all these years later!)

hupa Wed 10-Oct-12 14:29:50

Linzer Happy Birthday. Have you got anything exciting planned for this evening?

cheas Thanks for the pinata filling tips.
I was going to suggest blu tac, but see Cake got there before me.

ploom I´ve never had a pinata before, but the idea is that each child is blindfolded and then has a go at hitting the pinata until the sweets fall out. At least that was what ds said happened at the party he went to.

Cake and Nutella Have a great time in England.

We´re off to Turkey for a week on Friday. I´m really looking forward to it, but I´m half wishing we´d planned to go to London instead.

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 14:43:49

grin at cakebum! Talking of cake, I've just sent DD1 to the baker's to buy some as I've invited our neighbour and her DC over for coffee; I'd been planning to bake one this morning, but that was before I realised that I'd have to work.

Ploom The spare room sounds like a good idea if you want to get any sleep! (I wish we had one.) Am keeping my fingers crossed that DH will get back in time for us to have Sekt; I'd feel rather sad opening a bottle on my own (could always invite the neighbour back over, I suppose!).

cheas I was also going to suggest blu-tack rather than a pin; the game sounds like a good idea otherwise. I used to spend ages looking for different games to play when I was teaching English, and have lists and lists of them somewhere; I only ever used a couple, I think.

Nutella It's lovely that your ILs are so excited about the baby, although I can understand it must get a bit much at times. My ILs had already spent years looking after SIL's children by the time ours arrived, so I think the novelty had worn off a bit by then! My PIL have always been good with the children, although SIL and her family like to dispense rather patronising useful advice.

Anyway, must get back to work while I have the chance; DS is out at a friend's and DD2 has two friends over, so the girls are all playing together. It's actually quite easy to get work done when just the DDs are here, particularly when they're doing their homework; it gives me hope for a few years' time! Having to end my working day at around 11.45 am isn't ideal.

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 14:45:38

Thanks, hupa. I haven't got much more than a glass of Sekt planned for this evening grin but am planning to go out for a meal with a couple of friends on Saturday to celebrate.

Hope you have a great time in Turkey; at least the weather should be a bit warmer than it is here (it's freezing here today). We're going to London for a few days in December and the children (and I!) are already quite excited.

cheas when I did body parts at the Aktivschule I did a version of happy families (card game). Drew a simple body, labelled 6 parts (head, body, arm, leg, hand, foot I think) on the reference one which was left in the middle the first time we played, photocopied it 6 times, stuck the copies onto 6 different colours of card (black, white plus primary colours) and cut it into 6 equal sizes cards (obviously you bare in mind the plan to make cards when you draw the pic). Then the kids sit in a circle, you mix the cards up and deal them out so each child has a mixture of coloured backs and ask each other "Have you got the red foot" or "have you got the blue body" or whatever, the object being to be the first to collect a whole body in one colour, kind of like happy families. I taught children who had no previous English and only saw them one day a week and never ever spoke German to them, but it was quite easy to explain by showing - I hope the explaination here makes as much sense! It worked well with 6-10 year olds, and obviously revises colours as well as body parts.

Linzer Happy birthday! Hope you get the work done quicker than expected and get a free evening!

cake what a shame about the craft fair, that must be so disheartening sad

Nutella your in-laws sound infuriating even though well meaning - I hope your DH can set them straight without upsetting them.

Ploom guest room sounds a good idea! Hope your DH is OK?

admylin Wed 10-Oct-12 15:43:48

ploom dh had one of those 24 hour monitors once and it wasn't too bad, infact it was a lot quieter than his snoring so I didn't even notice it!

Everyone off on holidays - have a great time.

cheas you can also do body parts bingo - make lots of pictures of body parts, stick on card, make pre-made bingo grids with the same pictures on in different combinations, each child has a grid and some counters and you have a box with all the body parts cards in. Pull out cards at random and shout out the name of the body part, showing the cards at the same time the first time you play it, then keeping the pics to yourself later times when the kids get better at matching what you shout to their pics. Obviously first to make line wins. Easier for the kids as they don't have to speak or make sentences or know colours, they just have to understand the word and find the matching picture.

I like thinking up games for teaching and making the resources, but it takes much too long and is not toddler-at-home-awake compatible!

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 16:24:21

English / cheas Bingo is great; the children I taught always used to love playing it. This site is good for bingo cards, although I've just checked and they don't have a "premade" set for body parts. They do have a bingo generator, however, and it looks fairly easy to make your own sets.

I've already had my Sekt. grin The neighbour didn't realise it was my birthday and said she'd have brought Prosecco if she'd known, but luckily I managed to find a small bottle hidden at the back of the fridge. smile

cheaspicks Wed 10-Oct-12 17:36:57

Great minds, linzer - I already use that site (and the bingo generator) for all my flashcards.

English happy families is a great idea, but I don't think it will work with my predominantly age 4yos, since getting them to repeat a whole sentence in English is quite a struggle. I'm currently doing family members with the older group, though, and it would make a nice change from bingo (though I agree that goes down well).

I assume the other kids can see the coloured backs, but not what picture is on the cards? Do I need as many complete sets as children in the group? Presumably the kids take turns round the group, but can ask any other child for a card when it's their turn?

Thanks everyone for recommending blu-tack. At least my parents are coming next week, the last time I looked for it here I found it very difficult to source (was about 10 years ago though). I still can't decide whether it would be better to make eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands and feet for the kids to stick on, or an arrow. It would be fun for the kids to try to identify the shapes while blindfolded, but it wouldn't let me practise shoulders, knees, fingers, toes with them. Otoh, I will be doing "head, shoulders, knees and toes" with them, so maybe it won't matter.

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 17:49:40

cheas There's a white equivalent to blu-tack made by UHU, called patafix. I'm pretty sure someone mentioned it on the thread when we had a blu-tack discussion a while back, so it should be available in Germany. I've seen it at the stationery store here but have never bought any, so am not sure how it compares with blu-tack.

Have just finished the third of my four texts, but the fourth is twice as long as the others so it will probably take me all of tomorrow morning. The only problem is that the RE teacher is ill (I've lost count of the times the old one was off sick last year and hoped the new one would be a bit healthier, but maybe not) so DS will be home after the third hour tomorrow - which really isn't going to give me long enough. Looks like I'll be working rather than sipping Sekt this evening; am glad I managed to fit in that glass this afternoon!

cheas yes they can see the backs but that's Ok as they all think they're dead clever for noticing that "cheat" ;) Also it makes playing the game a little easier so they can concentrate on the language and it doesn't go on and on for ever.
Yes one set/ colour per child playing (I used to "offer" the activity as available to 6 children in the children's free choice session, which is why I have 6 stuck in my head), but of course you can make 2 sets of cards and have 2 games going at once if you have a larger group of older children who are sensible enough to play it without you micromanaging every second - I actually did the game with my beginner adults 2 years ago and just had 3 games going, but of course you don't have discipline issues with adults (usually smile )
The first child can pick any child in the group and ask them "do you have the "red" foot" or whatever, if the child does then they hand the first child the card and are given any other card in return, then the second child (going clockwise around the circle) can pick any child to do the same thing, it just keeps going around the circle til somebody wins, and every child should have 6 cards all the time.

Oops I bought some of that fake white blue tac in Lidl today, it's in squares but the same thing, works the same

sad at having to work this eve Linzer! Are Ethik teachers any healthier, maybe he could have an anti-conversion over night? grin

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 18:08:40

Patafix definitely available in Germany! I'm a big fan!

Its just like blutack, but white.

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 18:13:48

Ethik doesn't seem to exist as a subject here English, otherwise I'd be tempted (providing the teachers were healthy grin). I decided to bring the children up as Catholic as it's the best option for ensuring they stay at school for the maximum number of hours. wink If DS was in the evangelisch minority, he'd only have one hour of RE a week and if he was ohne Bekenntnis, he'd be out of school at 10-something twice a week. So he's staying Catholic for the time being!

Flippityjig Wed 10-Oct-12 18:45:25

Been reading through the thread and feeling a little home sick. I am British but lived in Hamburg for 13 years. My eldest daughter now lives in Berlin. I used to love Laternelaufen! Also love Christmas markets.

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 18:55:45

Wow is that right Linzer?

I have been absolutely amazed at the importance still placed on religion in Germany, I had no idea before I arrived - although I am in a catholic state so possibly that makes a difference.

My PIL frequently discuss religion as an over-the-dinner-table subject (MIL evangelische, FIL excommuniziert). I was brought up Catholic although with very lax parents so I can hold my own... but when PIL ask (for example) what my parents think of religion, they are amazed that generally in the UK I would say I never discuss religion - it is simply irrelevant to most/all of my friends and family.

As for church tax.... confused

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 19:11:20

Hi Flippity. smile I almost went to Hamburg as an au pair, but ended up going to Berlin instead - it seems like a really nice city from my few visits there.

I'm a bit hmm about church tax, Cake. As a non-Catholic, I don't have to pay it here but have the feeling I did so in Germany.

What I find a little strange is how important the church is in everyday life, while at the same time most people I know don't seem particularly religious. Crucifixes in bedrooms (when people aren't devout Catholics) are just one example - both my PIL and SIL have crucifixes hanging above their beds, yet never go to church or talk about religion. Having said that, far more people - and far more young families - go to church here than in the UK.

I like all the bank holidays, though. grin

tadjennyp Wed 10-Oct-12 19:21:12

Hello - you all have been chatty today! Sorry about the craft fair, cakebump. It's awful when you're not supported. Sorry about the ILs too!

Hello flippityjig - I live in America but am a German teacher and lived in Dresden and Munich many, many moons ago!

Have a lovely holiday in Turkey hupa and everyone else who is going away - (sorry for forgetting names, ds2 not being MN friendly at the moment!)

Glad you are having a good birthday Linzer, even if you are working at the moment.

Better dash and rescue the tomatoes again! Bye for now.

CakeBump Wed 10-Oct-12 19:29:18

Sorry flippity how rude of me not to say hi blush. One more month to Christmas market season!! I can't wait smile

Linzer agreed about the bank holidays smile

Here in the Eifel everyone has a set of letters and numbers chalked on their door, which is something to do with Epiphany I think. The village is dead on a Sunday morning as everyone is in church, and the older people even consult faith healers regularly for illness, rather than the doctor. I find it all a bit strange....

Flippityjig Wed 10-Oct-12 19:41:17

I went to Hamburg as an aupair and stayed because I loved it there. Only left when I got divorced because I didn't feel I could support myself financially there. I miss so many things about Germany.

LinzerTorte Wed 10-Oct-12 19:44:15

Hope the tomatoes are surviving, jenny! They seem to be particularly interesting to small boys for some reason; when the DC were younger, I had to take all the tomatoes off the vegetable rack when we had boys visiting as 50% of them would pick one up and take a bite out of it.

Cake We have those numbers written on the doors too; Sternsinger come round at Epiphany and then write C+M+B (Christ bless this house in Latin) and the year on the door. I think they're supposed to write in chalk but it won't work on our door, so they use felt tip instead!

Flippity Do you get back to Germany much?

Bienchen Wed 10-Oct-12 20:19:00

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the intensive swimming course. I hope DD will make swift progress and stop her cheating.

Ploom DS still not on the mend? Hope you get some sleep with DH’s monitoring underway.

Linzer Happy Birthday and boo hiss to having to work in the evening

cakebum(p) The typo made me snort... sorry about the craft fair’s slow start. It sounds like a lot of effort to organise especially if you are offering food as well. With working as well (and nights, too) you must be pooped. If it is a regular thing could you get people who attend to take leaflets away to advertise the next event? You have my sympathies, too re the ILs, I hope they will be competent babysitters once baby is there? We have no family here at all and it is one thing that I miss but I totally get how annoying family can be when they get in the way, offer unwanted advice, etc. But is sounds like you know well to take the rough with the smooth.

admylin love the idea that DD can do most of the entertaining for the party herself.

hupa am I the only one to not know what a pinata is. Holiday to Turkey sounds good to me, I have 24 hours of rain and hence no work to look forward to.
Nutella/cakebump safe journey. I know you feel very precious about the baby but believe me the time will come when you are so ready to hand baby over for an evening or day or two...

Re the discussion about religion and RE in school... church tax does not kick on until you earn a certain amount and you can opt out of paying (unless things have changed). Personally I find the churches (independent of whether they are catholic or protestant) run a lot of the services. Many Kigas/Kitas are run by them, and they offer very affordable holiday childcare, so I feel quite positive about supporting them. I remember RE as quite low key in Grundschule and once you got to secondary education there was the option of Ethik. There is no equivalent of assembly as far as I remember which some schools in the UK have on a daily basis. Can’t speak for Austria thoug.
Waving to everybody else!

Bienchen Wed 10-Oct-12 20:27:51

Cake the procession is indeed on Epiphany and is a blessing for the house and its inhabitants. The letters are CMB (for Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar; the three wise men or Magi I think they are refered to in the UK) and numbers are the year the blessing is carried out in. They are linked by crosses. Not sure about the faith healing thing, never came across that in the Bavarian village I grew up in.

Flippityjig Wed 10-Oct-12 20:36:00

Unfortunately I don't get to Germany very often. Last time was about 4 years ago. I would love togo more often but financially it's out of the question.

Hope to visit my daughter in Berlin some time soon though.

Morning everyone

Bien there may be no assembly here, but in Bavaria at any rate the Grundschule classes start the day by saying a prayer together in the classroom. Our Kindergarten is state, not church, but they teach Christian stories as "true" (my biggest bug bear) and are always taking the kids to church and offer no balance - no stories from other religions or really mention of other religions or other people having different beliefs at all, (UK preschools celebrate Diwali etc as well as Christmas for example). I really dislike this to be honest as I am consciously not religious (I spent a lot of my teenage years fighting with my parents about my right not to believe what they do and they didn't speak to me for weeks when I stopped going up for communion) but I accept it is part and parcel of living here, and you have to lump it if you choose to move here. We opted out of church tax and I teach my children the "some people believe" and try to give them a bit of balance, but although DD easily got her head around the idea that religious stories are not necessarily true and the whole "X believes that but Mummy and Daddy don't, we just don't know who is right and you can make your own mind up" DS1 is much more literal and seems to go into meltdown at the same concept, he just can't understand that KiGa might be telling him things that are not lies but that are just what some people believe and not necessarily true either, and I really wish he could be in a more balanced environment, given we did not put him in a church KiGa but a state one, and we don't use any church subsidised chilldcare etc.

Ah well, it's just one of the things that comes with the package of moving to Bavaria I know.

Hello flipertyjibet

Waves at everyone else!

* I mean Flippityjig sorry!

(which reminds Haha at the cakebum typo smile )

Oh Bien a piniata is a hollow paper mache container (usually in the shape of something like an animal or cartoon character or something) which you fill with sweets and hang from a door frame, and children at a birthday party break it open (traditionally by hitting it with a stick but these days you can also get ones where you pull a string) and all the sweets rain down. Mexican originally I think but I remember one at a birthday party I went to as a child in the early 80s in the UK so they crossed into other cultures a long time ago I think.

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 08:05:56

Morning! Just a quick post before I start work; I managed to get quite a lot done last night - despite the Internet going all temperamental on me yet again (DH phoned it up and sorted it out, thankfully) - so should be able to get it all sent off before DS is out of school in less than two hours.

Bienchen We have one ökumenischer Kindergarten in our town, but otherwise the church doesn't seem to do a great deal (no holiday childcare, for example); there are plenty of other organizations I'd rather give my money to! If you leave the church, you wouldn't be allowed to get married in it/have your children christened/be a godparent, etc., which is fair enough really, but you're opting out of the church as a whole rather than just paying church tax (not sure exactly how it is in Germany).

I don't think piñatas have made it to Austria yet; I've never heard them mentioned here, let alone seen one at a party.

Have just come back from Hofer as they have children's winter boots for sale this week, and it was madness! It took several minutes before I could even squeeze in to start looking for the sizes I needed. Am very glad I went this morning; I wasn't sure I could afford the time, but I doubt there'll be many left this afternoon.

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 09:52:23

Morning everyone!

A friend posted this article about atheism in eastern Germany on my FB page recently. It says that they did a survey and couldn't find a single person under 28 who believed in God. That's not really been my experience here - dnephew would be my first example to the contrary - but then a fair proportion of my playing work involves accompanying church choirs. I have noticed that whereas in the UK I generally found that higher intelligence/level of education almost always correlated with a lack of religious belief, that doesn't seem to hold true here. Of course that may well say more about British culture than (East) German, or possibly about my own preoccupations at different stages of my life smile.

Thanks for the blu-tack tips, everyone. English, do you think happy families would be impossible with more than 6 players - I have 11 in the group, although it's rare that they all turn up. Previous experience has shown that playing games in small groups is very difficult, although it depends on the game, of course.

Hi, flippety, welcome to the thread!

hupa Thu 11-Oct-12 10:14:41

cheas I´d imagine it might be quite hard for 4 year olds to play separate games, but I´ve never actually tried. I think with older children it would work quite well.

Like English I find it really disappointing that religion here doesn´t cover other religions. We´ve also gone down the route of some people believe this, but we don´t. The Grundschule here seems to have real trouble finding teachers for religion. At the moment the catholic and evangelische children are all taught together. The catholic children in dd´s class are just starting their preparation for communion, but seem more interested in how much money they are going to get rather than focusing on the religious aspects of it all.

Bienchen This is the first party where we´ll have a pinata. I´m just hope it takes quite a long time to smash because it was quite expensive if it only lasts a couple of minutes. Of course, if i was more creative and organised, i could have mad my own.

Hi Flippity. Was your dd born in Germany? We´ve got friends in Hamburg, althoguh don´t get to visit them nearly enough.

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 10:56:03

Work has finally been sent off and I've had some positive feedback from it, which is always nice, so I can relax at last!

hupa I was shock at how much money DD2 was given for her first communion; €100 from her godmother (who's not particularly well off), for example. My SIL is DD1's godmother and I think she only gave her a photo album, although she has far more money thanks to never having had to pay rent, buy a house, pay for all her childcare, etc.

cheas Interesting about higher levels of education equating to lack of religious belief; I've never really found that, although the sample of people attending my parents' church probably isn't representative (and very few of them are under 60!). Of the friends of mine who are religious, one has a PhD and the other an MA; OTOH most of my friends have been to university, so I don't exactly know a representative sample either!

Forgot to mention yesterday that when the neighbours came over, I went out into the kitchen to get the cake and when I went back into the living room, DD1 was in the middle of telling them that my nickname is LinzerTorte! My neighbour was looking a bit confused; thank goodness she's unlikely to have heard on MN (not that she'd be very interested in my wafflings, I'm sure!).

admylin Thu 11-Oct-12 11:06:24

We've been lucky and always had an option to either have ethiks or opt out and come home early (primary) and now at secondary my dc have done some interesting stuff in ethiks about religions including visiting a nearby sikh temple.

Ds has just started reading my God Delusion book and he has had some heated discussions in ethiks as most of the non christian (from other religions) dc are in ethiks too not just the atheists.

hupa hope the pinata lasts a while and nothing else gets bashed when they're hitting it!
Well done on getting the boots linzer. Did you get pushed and shoved or was everyone civilized?! I've seen pushing and shoving when they have snow suits.
Hi flippity is your dd studying in Berlin? We used to live in Berlin and wouldn't mind going back although prices are getting higher and higher so I doubt we'd be able to afford to live in Mitte where we used to live.

ploom how did you sleep with the monitor on dh? Is your dh stressed? My dh had it when he was all worked up and stressed about an up coming conference and then he thought he'd had a stroke so they ran aload of test.

Dd goes to the kieferorthopäde this afternoon. He's putting some sort of elastics on to separate her teeth in preparation for her brace being fitted. I'm not sure I have understood the whole treatment plan but somehow get the feeling the parents aren't expected to turn up or ask questions at these appointments.

admylin Thu 11-Oct-12 11:09:48

Oh dear linzer maybe you should name change just in case? How about Marillenknödel?

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 11:12:43

hupa I made my own piñata because the ones available commercially all had online reviews saying that they were very difficult to break, so you should be all right on that front! I ended up tearing a little hole in mine with my finger once it had developed a weak spot to help it on its way, but DD only had 2 and 3 yos at her party, so they weren't really strong enough (or coordinated enough) to whack it properly. I can't remember how old your ds is? I woud recommend putting on some loud party music (or possibly counting and clapping) while the kids are whacking - my Peruvian friend sang a traditional piñata bashing song at DD"s party - it gets a bit boring if they're whacking for too long without anything obviously happening.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my previous post. <seem to be doing my best to portray myself as belligerent atm on here!> I certainly doubt whether I would have come to the independent conclusion that God doesn't exist had I been brought up with a religious belief.

ChampagneCharlotte Thu 11-Oct-12 11:16:19

Feeling very nostalgic reading this thread, moved back to the UK last summer after 9 years away, 3 of them in Berlin. Had a great time! Especailly loved the run up to Christmas, starting with St Martin's lantern walks in November, and the Bratwurst and all that Glühwein...sigh.

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 11:28:55

That made me LOL, admylin! I think she might have picked up on my embarrassment and quick change of subject as her face changed from confused to grin, but she probably just thought it's a secret nickname DH has for me! I'm pretty sure I've never posted anything I would mind her reading, though; the only people I really wouldn't want to find me on here are my ILs (or my family, for that matter).

Everyone was quite civilised this morning, actually; two people smiled at me shock grin and a couple of people even asked others what sizes they were looking for.

Hope the appointment goes OK this afternoon. I still haven't got round to making an appointment for DD1's check-up at the orthodontist's, which was due in July IIRC, but I'm giving myself a couple of weeks off after making the appointment with the dermatologist (which I'd been putting off for about a month). grin

cheas You certainly didn't offend me; I hope it didn't come across that way. My parents have always gone to church (which I was highly embarrassed about when I was younger, as I didn't know anyone else who did) but I'm more of an agnostic now. We go to the Familienmesse most months, but it reminds me of having to go to church when I was little so I can't get very enthusiastic about it - although I do enjoy the coffee, cake and gossip at the Pfarrcafé afterwards. grin

Hi Charlotte; were you in Germany for the whole nine years that you lived abroad?

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 11:31:41

No, I tell a lie. I don't actually enjoy the coffee at all. It's far too strong and only ever lukewarm, and tastes particularly bad when the men (Männer something or other; can't remember what they call themselves) make it. grin

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 11:36:06

Linzer when I was 16 or 17 The Guardian reprinted an article from the New Scientist about the inverse correlation between intelligence and religious belef, which may well have primed me to see the same in my own circle of acquaintances. Certainly within my ridiculously small sample of close friends on my university course, the four who got firsts were atheists, whereas the two Christians got a 2:1 and a 2:2 respectively (I realise that's about as convincing as the evidence supporting homeopathy grin)

Anyway, I don't nean that I think all atheists are brighter than all believers, just that if I've pigeonholed someone as highly intelligent, then it tends to surprise me if they turn out to believe in God (and, of course, that does happen!)

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 11:43:29

Linzer No, it was an x-post. I'd been thinking about it after posting and got worried since there are newer posters on this thread who don't know me that well - I get the feeling that we are on a very similar wavelength most of the time and so hoped you would understand the post as I meant it!

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 11:56:46

That's a relief, cheas - I was worrying I might have written something defensive that made you think you'd offended me! I knew exactly what you meant anyway, but don't think I know enough practising Christians to generalise; there was only one on my course at university and she got a 2:1 IIRC. grin I think I'm just generally quite surprised if someone turns out to be a churchgoer full stop as they always used to seem very few and far between in the UK. Catholicism also has - completely irrationally - negative connotations for me as I was horribly bullied by a girl who went to a Catholic school.

At any rate, I'm not a huge fan of the Catholic church here and think it gets far too much money (I want to shout at all those people throwing bank notes into the collection that there's no need; they get plenty in the way of church tax already!).

Flippityjig Thu 11-Oct-12 12:26:19

Wow, this thread moves quickly - haven't managed to read all of it yet.

My two older children were born in Germany and have a German father, they speak both languages fluently. My daughter is 24 and currently out of work, she wants to study but has struggled to get permission so far. She took A levels in the UK and they are not recognising them in Germany so she may have to repeat two or three years of Abitur before she can study. However she's had a tough time healthwise recently and is now out of work (was working as a waitress but lost her job due to illness). She wanted to study to be a nurse but I can tell she is having doubts, so she is getting as much advice as she can at present.

My son who is 21 finished college here in the UK this year and is now working at Aldi, he's been there a year and has just been promoted to Deputy Store Manager. He studied sport with a view to becoming a PE teacher in primary school but at the moment is happy with his promotion.

It's great to read what you are all up to. Sorry I'm struggling to remember names at present but I'll catch up eventually. I've been reading the thread on my phone so far but today I'm working again (been ill for a few days, my youngest too) and am viewing this on a computer which makes it easier.

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 12:42:28

Hmm, I agree with you about churchgoers in the UK seeming to be uncommon, but otoh when I randomly tally up my circle of good friends, a significant proportion are religious, in a going-to-bible-study classes/possessing-of-bookcases-devoted-to-religious-texts way. Oh no, I'm disproving my own theory, aren't I? All my friends went to university, therefore the proportion of religious belief among graduates is higher than in the general population shock grin.

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 13:00:23

Hello, Charlotte, seem to have missed your post there!

flippety How annoying that they won't recognise your dd's A levels. I initially applied for a postgrad course here, only to be told that they didn't accept a Bachelor as the equivalent of the German Diplom, but I assumed that was mainly down to the number of Regelsemester, which wouldn't apply to A levels. confused

Would the two of you like to take part in my extremely well-designed and completely unbiased survey? Are you religious, and if so, did you get a 2:1 at university (if you went, of course)? wink

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 13:13:05

grin cheas I'm not religious and I didn't get a 2:1, so does that help to confirm your theory? I would recommend that, for research purposes, you make some friends who didn't actually go to university. If 99% of them (you need to get to know at least 100) are churchgoers, then your initial theory isn't disproved after all. wink

And why are people in the UK who go to church (of around my age) the bible study/Christian bookshop type, whereas Austrian churchgoers are much better at hiding their beliefs? (I would suggest a separate study to examine this question.)

<hopes she isn't putting off new posters> grin

Flippity How frustrating for your DD that her A levels aren't recognised. A friend of mine is a qualified librarian but she wasn't able to work in Germany as they wouldn't recognise her qualifications. It's very annoying when you've spent years studying and it almost feels like it's been in vain.

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 13:25:59

Ooh, I have an acquaintance here who didn't go to university. I don't know whether she believes in God, but she recently liked a post on fb in which someone suggested the long-term unemployed should have their benefits removed and be left to starve to death. I could extrapolate all sorts of prejudiced judgmental assumptions based on that, couldn't I?

Take your point about the formulation of my survey question: it should read "are you religious and, if so, did you get a 2:1 or lower?"

(That thought had also crossed my mind, especially as I misspelt flippity in my last post blush.)

Flippityjig Thu 11-Oct-12 13:42:46

cheaspicks, no, sorry, not religious and didn't go to uni!

btw I don't mind how you spell my name, I know who you mean.

Hmmm 2 people on my uni course got firsts (big course - English lit, about 300 people) strangely we both lived on the same corridor in our 3rd year smile One was me - I'm agnostic in the "there is no way of ever knowing if there is any form of god type being, but I highly doubt it" sense, and the other one was very active in the Christian Union with very strongly held beliefs... Not sure what that means smile I was only actually friends with one Christian on my course at uni, and she got a 2:2, none of my other uni friends were religious at all. My parents are very religious (church wardens, dad's a lay preacher etc.) and they are both medical doctors (which I often wonder how they reconcile, but neither will talk about religion in an analytical way, if I ever tried as a teen my dad would growl "don't show your ignorance" and my mum would either cry, or say I'd understand when I was older, or if she was feeling light hearted brush any questioning off as a "little rebellion" ... hmm

CakeBump Thu 11-Oct-12 14:32:18

cheas, not religious, got a 2:1... does that help?

We have roadworks RIGHT outside the restaurant today! Health and safety doesn't seem to exist in the village - they are ripping up the road surface, but passersby are dodging around the JCB, no-one has hard hats on and at the Eiscaffe they have ripped up the pavement right in front of the door but people are still going in! I have seen young children dodging swinging loads of bricks to get to the post box shockshock

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 14:47:12

Cake shock at the photos you posted on FB; can you imagine that happening in the UK?! Is it affecting your business much?

English That's very impressive; sounds like it must have been quite a difficult course. I think about 10% of the students on my course got a first.

cheas Are you still friends with your acquaintance?!?

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 15:52:35

english you're ruining my theory! A third of the people in my year got firsts and the most religious person barely scraped a third, so that makes my sample the most valid, doesn't it? <cherrypicks>

cake you neither prove nor disprove my theory smile.

flippity how about enrolling on an OU degree in statistics? I'll coach you through it - you're bound to get a first and then you'll back up my theory!

linzer I didn't defriend her if that's what you mean, but I haven't had any contact with her since. She works a horrific-sounding shift pattern as a meat packer, lives in a tower block on an estate and tries to do her best by her three-year-old son, so I can sort of see how she might feel resentful of her neighbours who don't work and don't seem to have to make the sacrifices she does sad.

LinzerTorte Thu 11-Oct-12 16:13:38

Yes, sorry cheas, I meant are you still FB friends with her. Given more background, you can easily see how someone can end up with those kinds of views.

I've done quite a few translations for the statistics office, so will have to check through all my old files to see whether there's any correlation between religious views and level of educational attainment. grin Actually, I can't remember having translated anything about religion at all - it seems to be more about cows and vine yard surveys. grin (space deliberate)

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 17:37:09

Actually the original article I base my prejudice on was pretty interesting. Iirc it said that only about 10% of scientists described themselves as believing in a personal god and that that dropped to 1% among Nobel prize winners. They rather lamely concluded that these results were likely to be replicated in most other fields - yes, because there's nothing about science to make it less popular to believers, is there hmm?

cheaspicks Thu 11-Oct-12 17:38:58

popular to?!?

tadjennyp Thu 11-Oct-12 18:27:32

Hello everyone and hello Charlotte.

I am sort of between agnostic and a firm believer, but then I only got a 2:1 wink and Mum was a Sunday school teacher. But then I live in America and you only really fit in if you have a church family. They would be the ones who help you out in times of crisis, etc. Possibly going to church at Christmas time is not enough to count as being part of the family. Dh has a PhD in physics (only a 2:1 originally) and is definitely not a believer, though his parents are church wardens, on the PCC etc. Am I muddying your statistical waters cheas? wink grin

Sorry about the A Levels not being recognised. I am finding similar with my qualifications here as the school boards would have to prove that there is not an American who could do the job as well as me.

Glad the snowboots got sorted Linzer. Pinatas are all the rage here (no symbols on this computer) and you can get them in all sorts of shapes but I like the original donkey best. Hope it's fun!

A is off school today and tomorrow for teacher conferences and she has a friend over so better go and supervise. Hope you are all having a great evening and apols for missing anyone out.

CakeBump Thu 11-Oct-12 18:55:34

Hi charlotte, welcome to the thread smile

Linzer it is difficult to tell, because Tuesday bizarrely was a really good day for us, but yesterday and today have been tote Hose, and given that it is school holidays plus sunny weather, I would say it must be the roadworks having an effect.

The road is completely ripped up now so even though you can squeeze through, it really is dangerous. I'm sure the only reason the Gemeinde haven't closed the road is because they would have to pay us compensation. I reckon we're losing about €150 a day at the moment!

Flippityjig Thu 11-Oct-12 20:33:37

Hi Charlotte, my daughter lives in Berlin. She loves it there. I have only been to Berlin once for a weekend trip but I loved it.

admylin Fri 12-Oct-12 07:43:34

Morning. Busy day for me as although dd is doing most of the entertaining for her party tonight I have to fumigate her room and tidy the rest of the place up and bake and cook. Must also get rid of the embarassing amount of empty wine bottles that are in the kitchen!

cheas dh is atheist and got a 1 in all his many diplomas and his PhD. He was brought up in a country with enforced religion and obligatory holy book studies.

flippity and charlotte (hi!) and how did you find the move back to the UK after so many years away? I tried a couple of months of going back a few years ago but it wasn't how I thought it would be and things had changed so much that I felt foreign!

flippity did your dd look at the course they offer at Berlin university for foreign students? It's some sort of access course for people with exams that aren't recognised if I remember rightly.

cake hope the road works don't last too long. Have you spoken to the Gemeinde or whoever to ask how long it's going to take?

jenny is the election hype big around where you live? I saw that volunteers go door to door campaigning. I've never had a campaigner here or in the UK.

Well, better go and start my carrot cake!

LinzerTorte Fri 12-Oct-12 08:14:40

Morning! It's another very cold day here, so I've just finished putting all my summer clothes away and hanging my winter clothes up in the wardrobe. I managed to warm myself up with a run, but unfortunately the effect seems to have worn off already.

cheas In the interests of balance grin DH is a scientist who believes in God and has always got good grades (he has a PhD too). (Your survey provides an ideal opportunity for stealth boasting, btw. wink)

Jenny Yes, the church seems to be a far more important part of the community in the USA than it does here, even. I don't have a tilde on my computer either btw, but copied and pasted as I'm a linguistic perfectionist. grin (Am bound to make lots of mistakes in my post now that I've written that!)

Cake That must be so frustrating for you; I hope things return to normal asap.

admylin Good luck with the baking and hope the party goes well!

Ploom Fri 12-Oct-12 08:46:48


cheas - I failed my final exams the first time in my honours degree so didnt get the honours bit blush but have subsequently got a Masters Degree and I am definitely agnostic. I had a quick squizz through my FB friends yesterday - out of 125, over 80 went to University and out of those 80 only 6 are religious and 4 of them in the serious go to church every sunday and do missionary work kind of way. Of the ones who didnt go to University, only 1 is deeply religious. But I am beyong confused after all that chat about it yesterday as to whether this fits into your "study" or not confused.

hupa ´have a fab time in Turkey - jealous of you getting some warm sun envy.

linzer - glad you had a good birthday afternoon with your neighbour. Hope you enjoy your night out tomorrow. I also got some snowboots for ds1 from Aldi yesterday. There wasnt much fighting about the kids stuff but they were next to the women's fleeces and there seemed to be a bit of a rammy going on there.

english - we also have the same Bavarian Grundschule problem with religion - there is no escaping the morning prayer or the option of Catholic or Evangalisch of which we are neither. But dd started her education in the Uk in a non denominational school and there was still a lot of religion (altho there was also the teaching of and respect for other religions which is definitely lacking here at Grundschule level). Thankfully dd can do Ethik at the Gymnasium which she really enjoys.

Welcome to flippity and charlotte. I'm trying not to think that the Christmas markets arent too far away since I havent even started thinking about Christmas shopping. Like to get ds1's birthday next week out of the way first.

Ds1 went back to school yesterday - he'd been 24 hours clear of diarrhoea and was absolutely fine so there was no need for him to stay at home. But you can imagine the fight yesterday morning cause staying at home seemed a much more fun idea hmm. But I stood firm and packed him off to school.

Dh's BP monitor wasnt actually too loud as you said admylin and it only woke me a couple fo times. His BP was just a bit high when he went for his over 35 check up so he's to go back on Weds to see how it was over 24 hours.

But I'm glad he didnt have it monitoring yesterday evening - ds1 had a maths test and was marked down for having the right answer - twice confused. The question said do the sum and write your Lösungsweg. The sume was 9+4 so ds1 wrote 13 but the Lösunsweg didnt make any sense (he wrote 9+5-1) but rather than give him 1 point from 2 she gave him zero confused. The same on the next sum. But then further down the page the question said "Schreibe, wie du rechnest" and there was a little bubble with 9,3 and 9 in it. So ds1 wrote 9+3+9=21 and this was wrong. He should have written 9+9+3=21!! angry. In the previous 2 parts of the question there was the possibility to add the number up to 10 first (eg 8+2+4+3) but with 9,9 & 3 it doesnt matter how you get there. So dh ahs written her a note and attached it to the test. Am kind of dreading the reply.

Ploom that is beyond annoying about the way your SA's maths test was marked! Ridiculous! I keep reading examples of things like that on here, its as if the tests are marked by computer not a thinking human being, dreading our turn for something like that, but so far DD's teacher seems pretty reasonable and human, despite also being quite strict and old school!

Linzer do you know sometimes I feel the need to stealth boast to remember I once had a brain, as I feel completely useless and incompetent most of the time, what with the combination of baby brain, 3 small kids and ensuing chaos, sleep deprivation which has basically been ongoing for 7 years, and living in a country in which I am not fluent in the language and only get to make face to face conversation in my mother tongue with my own family most days/ weeks... I can hardly reconcile myself with the bright student I allegedly once was sad

This morning has been a catalogue of (very minor but slightly soul destroying) disasters, hoping the afternoon and weekend go better...

DS not SA confused

LinzerTorte Fri 12-Oct-12 11:31:39

Ploom DD1 has had the same kind of problem in maths tests before; it's so frustrating, isn't it? Even though she's got part of the calculation right, because she started out with the wrong number she automatically loses all the points; the marking system just doesn't seem to make sense. Have you heard anything back from the teacher? Glad to hear that your DS is better, and well done for staying firm!

English Nothing wrong with a bit of boasting - stealth or otherwise - from time to time! (I hope you didn't think my comment was aimed at anyone on this thread; I was going to write more about DH's grades and then thought it would just end up looking like I was boasting, which is where my comment came from.) And there's no way you're either useless or incompetent; bringing up three children (with no time for yourself) is an achievement to start with, let alone in a foreign country or on the little amount of sleep you seem to get. It's only since DS started going to nursery and then KiGa in the mornings that I've started to feel a little more human but even now I still have days when it all feels relentless - I don't know how you've managed on so little sleep for so long. I also miss not having regular contact with native speakers, which is why I spend far too much time on this thread this thread is a lifeline for me.

LinzerTorte Fri 12-Oct-12 11:44:50

Having said that, if you start posting on Facebook that your DC have got lauter Einser and so you're obviously doing something right, I may feel inclined to kill you. wink

Thanks Linzer smile

DD's only had one actual grade so far, the first piece of graded work was a Diktat last week - she got a 3 because she forgot to capitalise 5 nouns - so I'm not an Einser Mama or whatever the correct phrase was, I assume that means I can still post?? smile

LinzerTorte Fri 12-Oct-12 12:05:55

No, no, feel free to mention your DD's grades on here, English - it's just this posting to all and sundry on FB combined with the smug assumption that your DC's grades are all down to you that annoys me immensely slightly. I've just googled Ein ser-Ma ma and, rather worryingly, my old post is on the first page of hits (of only two pages); it appears to be a made-up term. I'm consoling myself with the fact that the mother concerned is unlikely to be either on MN or googling the word. grin

Ploom Fri 12-Oct-12 12:13:59

Just a really quick update - no written reply from ds's teacher - when he gave her the note from dh she said to ds "Haben deine Eltern dich gelobt?" WTF has that got to do with whether she unfairly marked tests. Thankfully ds quite rightly said that we had praised him. Will be very glad when the 2nd class is over and he gets a new teacher.

cheaspicks Fri 12-Oct-12 12:58:16

Short post from phone here - have a rehearsal in an hour and am waiting to spot a fellow musician going into the building before I get out of the car.

I suspect my survey may be flawed, since it's not giving me the results I want grin.

English I know how you feel. I think I said to Linzer in a pm that I was rather excited by the prospect of studying and taking an exam in translation simply because it would mean exerting my brain a bit (apologies if I've repeated myself there).

ploom am speechless at that marking, plus I think writing 9+5-1=13 to explain how you worked out 9+4 shows a sense of humour!

linzer can't believe you cut and pasted ñ grin!

Had better go and see if I'm in the right place!

platanos Fri 12-Oct-12 14:09:18

hello again,

I am a lapsed poster from austria with 5 mins to herself before the weekend begins. But I miss the chat on here.

Typing Alt 164 will give you an "ñ". in case you need it for more piñata discussions. Loved them as a kid, though someone always got bashed with the broom stick.

have a good weekend all!

LinzerTorte Fri 12-Oct-12 14:27:43

Ooh, that's clever platanos (good to see you back again btw!). I can never remember all the Alt key combinations, although I normally only use the German characters and they're on the keyboard anyway. I had to cut and paste an o with a line through it the other day, but can't remember why!

Flawed, cheas? Surely not. grin Hope the rehearsal goes well.

Have just dropped off DS at a friend's; it's only the second time he's wanted to go to a friend's house in a month or more and he almost changed his mind at the last minute, but I went in with him and had a coffee and he virtually pushed me out of the door afterwards! Now need to print out a Probeschulearbeit for DD1, who has her first Schularbeit (in maths) next week.

Only three hours till our Heurigenabend, but it's so cold outside that I'm really not looking forward to walking there. Maybe I could drive and not drink. shock (But probably not.)

Flippityjig Fri 12-Oct-12 16:05:12

Admylin, I think that's the course my daughter is looking at now. She has her German passport back so we're not sure how that will affect her taking the course. She'd prefer of course to have her British qualifications recognised and not waste more time retaking years of study and exams. Fingers crossed. First of all she goes to Kur at the end of this month, she needs to recover fully before doing anything I think - she is a frail creature, has been since having whooping cough at the age of four, and gets everything going and takes ages to recover. This time it was quite a personal problem but she is becoming withdrawn and I am worried about her and hope the Kur will do her some good.

admylin Sat 13-Oct-12 12:17:23

Oh flippity that must be really worrying especially when it's not so easy or affordable to just go and visit when you feel like it.

Hope the Kur helps and the course works out. Dh had a similar problem when he applied to study here in Germany. He was told his German wasn't good enough but the course to prove it was for foreign students and he'd just got his German passport! That was down in south Germany though and over 12 years ago so I'd hope Berlin would be abit less bureaucratic.

Hi platanos where have you been?!
Linzer how did the evening go? Did you try the wine?
ploom well done for sending in the note. Wonder if the teacher was just too embarrassed to answer!

Dd's party was the best and easiest birthday I've ever hosted! They just got on with it and entertained themselves. Apart from getting the food ready and providing the cocktail stuff I didn't have to do anything! Must say, I did have zombies sitting at the breakfast table which was worrying but they perked up after an hour and are now in the city shopping!

Flippityjig Sat 13-Oct-12 13:34:40

Admylin, it is really worrying. Luckily she has just been to visit for my parents wedding anniversary. I do think she'll be better looked after with the German health system than here in the uk.

As she spent the first 12 years of her life in Germany and frequently visited afterwards, her German is fluent, as if it was her first language - which it was for the first 12 years of her life. The only thing standing in her way is getting them to recognise her British qualifications.

How old are your children? Was the party a sleepover?

It's a beautiful day here in the uk, sunny but very cold.

admylin Sat 13-Oct-12 13:51:12

Yes you could be right there, atleast waiting times are alot shorter over here so it's quicker and easier to get seen by a specialist.

My dc are 14 and just turned 13. It was a very civilized sleepover. Dh and I went to bed at 11pm and didn't notice a thing although ds's bedroom adjoins dd's room so he told me it was like having a barn full of hens next door until the early hours!

It's lovely over here today too (Hanover) despite the weather forcasts saying it'd be wet and miserable until Tuesday!

LinzerTorte Sat 13-Oct-12 14:05:52

Flippity Yes, I'm sure your DD is better off in the German healthcare system, but it must be hard when you're so far away from her.

admylin The party sounded really good, especially the bit about it being easy to host! I can't wait until parties start getting easier; I found the two we had in July really hard work.

The Heurigenabend went really well in the end, although I was surprised at how little wine was drunk considering how good and cheap it was (mine cost €1.20 a glass). I think everyone stuck to one glass of alcohol apart from one couple who pushed the boat out and daringly had a second (that may have been DH and me). But I couldn't believe it when the children came back in from running around outside, some of them quite wet, and said that one of the people next door had turned a hosepipe on them! shock