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AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 00:58:37

Arrgh,had to start a new thread!

Yes,you can get more land in Tauranga. Well,somewhere like Omokoroa or somewhere.Wouldn't want to live much closer than that. And I woulkdn't want to live at he Mount. Lovely as it is. Too touristy,imo.
We would like enough land for a pool (eventually) maybe a sleepout and still enough for a veggie patch and garden for kids. Don't neeed acres +. Wouldn't say no though,if we could afford it! Be nice to have a few sheep or something/

I think Mum would have to fly to Tauranga. So that would be
Manchester-London,London-Singapore, Singapore-Aukland,Aukland- Tauranga

justa howws the back? Hope physio was a help,we may have driven past you!
Your house sounds great.
My mums friend lives in Silverdale.She has about an acre with some sheep etc
Wasn't overly impressed at but didn't give it a proper look I suppose,just stopped to buy flowers for Mums friend! Always worth another look

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 01:25:25

So is your dh more keen on Tauranga area and you're more keen on Auckland?

Have you done a pros and cons list of both? I did that recently with primary schools as I was feeling very indecisive.

Sibble Sat 11-Aug-12 01:28:05

I agree about the feel of a place as well as making the list of pros and cons - a very sweeping statement but I don't like North or West (please don't shoot me down!). Although I have specific reasons it is mostly they don't feel right to me. I love the South/East. I love Otara market, the cultural diversity of the area, proximity to East coast beaches, West coast beaches, Botany and Sylvia Park for shopping and town if I'm feeling brave and so many other things. I love my boys playing league for a South Auckland team, the fact they have a very diverse multicultural group of friends (especially ds1 who goes to private school). I love that ds1 seems able to spend the weekend at one of his friend's aunties in Otara and be comfortable but be equally comfortable staying at the bach of a school friend in Pauanui, travelling back in the private helicopter because 'it was quicker!".

I did raise an eyebrow this week though, ds2 seems to have embraced South Auckland culture a bit to the extreme, when I picked him up from school and he raised an eyebrow in my direction and said 'sup'. To which I replied - 'if you mean how are you Mummy and did you have a good day' I'm good and yes I did have a good day grin.

You will only really get a feel for the area IMO by hanging out at the park, visiting the shops, seeing whats on (pools, sports, etc...) and for each of us our needs will be different. Most people seem to run from Sth Auckland but I love it (even though one of the parents at ds2s team training this week was talking about his 'home D' and when his bracelet gets removed. I tried not to do the shocked English white person face!

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 02:08:04

This is completely irrelevant to the topic, but dh went outside a little while ago to fill in 2 holes in the driveway that were drilled in the wrong place by builders. They were mostly filled in again by the builders, just need a few shovelfuls of earth on top so we can drive over them again. It's a 10 minute job.

He has been out there for 90 minutes talking to our neighbour. He has not even picked up a spade yet. Give me strength!

vvviola Sat 11-Aug-12 02:48:50

I've nothing constructive to contribute but just wanted to mark the thread or else I'll be wondering where everyone is gone grin

Good luck with decisions AB! When you haven't a particular tie to a specific area it's so hard to narrow it down...

thelittlestkiwi Sat 11-Aug-12 03:11:18

Whatshesaid- I am jealous that your OH is willing to pick up a shovel even if it takes a lifetime. Mine doesn't get his hands dirty.

AB- One pro to go on the Auckland list is the variety of jobs here. My impression (although I have yet to enter a proper workplace here) is that it can be rather 'political'. Which means that if a job goes tits up it can be good to have some other options out there. I guess not many of us will stay in a job for the next 20 years anyway.

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:24:46

s'up winksibble you have to tell me what Home D and Braclet removing means!!! (And I will do my shocked white person face!
(My friend's husband was called a "white bastard" the other day shock)

Ooh,it really is hard. I think dh <would> prefer Tauranga. But I have to cosider my Mum.
Also, I feel like we would be even further away from "civilisation" if you see what I mean. Everything is in Aukland.
I really didn't like Torbay,Browns Bay etc the first time we drove throught them. Only because all the houses seemd to just be on top of each other.
But I suppose it's like that here.
Our neighbours on either side,are far too close for my liking (infact dd is playing tennis over the fence with the little boy from next door!Well,they are trying t play tennis but she is a bit little!) I really like my privacy and hate being overlooked. God knows what they hear from this house blush
They are creating a ferry service to Beach Haven at the end of the year.And have just been looking at the wharf area,which looks lovely. We must have totally missed the "centre" as apparantly there are 2 main streets lined with shops?!
If only we could find a bit of space,I think I'd consider there

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:25:10

whatshesaid go and hit him with the shovel wink

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 03:27:22

Job prospects definitely better in Aukland. And chance of climbing the career ladder,which would never have happened in Uk unless moved to London,which we didn't want to do

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 03:35:45

AB Home D is home detention and the "bracelet" is the electronic tag they have to wear to ensure they stay where they're meant to.

If you want somewhere with bigger garden/more land in Auckland (that doesn't cost mega $$$) you'd prob have to go a bit further out which means a bigger commute in.

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 04:21:41

shock I would have done this face smile whilst nodding and side stepping away!! sibble, you've not strengthened the case for the South there!!

I know whatshesaid as a friend here said to me,"So,you want a big house with a pool and lots of land,near the beach? Join the queue love!!"

shelscrape Sat 11-Aug-12 06:17:43

Ah yes, Home Detention - you only get home detention in NZ if the offence you committed warranted a term of imprisonment in the first place .....

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 09:19:50

That begs the question,why don't they just put them in prison then?!

lollystix Sat 11-Aug-12 09:31:46

Evening ladies - bookmarking my spot. I think you show pay a wee trip out east - Howick way in Auckland - I don't know it well at all but may suit you with commute issues and space and land. Sibble - what do u think?

WhatSheSaid Sat 11-Aug-12 19:28:55

AB - it's cheaper to put people on home detention rather than in prison

AngryBeaver Sat 11-Aug-12 21:17:03

Think howick might be a bit far out.
Speaking of putting people in prison.] Has anyone seen those police programmes that are on here? I can't believe how much the ey're allowed to get away with ! The police seem so soft on them. The "baddies" call them all sorts,totally disrepect them"yeee you're a fuckin' wanker eh bro?!"..one woman even spat at them and then drove off giving the finger!!! And they did nothing. I thought they'd be really tough on them here for some reason.
Then you watch the UK programme "Coppers"? complete opposite
I've just done something silly. Posted on the p&c parking spaces thread,uh oh

Sibble Sat 11-Aug-12 21:46:51

I love Howick, parts of it are not cheap though. It'd be no further into town, especially if you lived near Half Moon Bay and caught the ferry, than from the North Shore. Properties I think might be cheaper as well closer to the ferry as a short car ride rather than walk to shops, cafes etc....

Try renting first, it's only when you live in an area you get a real feel for it. We lived in Whitford for 10 years, very expensive, very nice but no community feel, found it very hard to make friends and meet people. Live closer to Clevedon now and in 3 months have made more friends than 10 years in Whitford. Friends count for alot when you don't have family.

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 00:53:34

That's true Sibble, I know what you mean.
I just worry about uprooting the kids every few months if the area doesn't suit!

thelittlestkiwi Sun 12-Aug-12 01:00:47

I've just started a thread about internet shopping sites. Would love your word of wisdom ladies!

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 02:13:31

Someone just compared aparthied to p&c spaces and called me subservient!!Ahhh,dh wishes!

AngryBeaver Sun 12-Aug-12 02:14:03

Will look for your thread littlest where is it,chat?

thelittlestkiwi Sun 12-Aug-12 03:13:45

Living overseas. Am hoping for some good US sites. I often see shoes on US sites really cheap but then they don't deliver. Grrr.

justaboutiswarm Mon 13-Aug-12 10:51:54

hi guys have broken my hand. too sore to type much
yes torbay/browns bay v bunched up together

AngryBeaver Mon 13-Aug-12 21:26:33

Is it the right one? (as opposed to the wrong one,ha ha) how did you do it?! Hope not too sore x

justaboutiswarm Mon 13-Aug-12 22:52:43

it's me left hand but i am lefthanded.
fell on kitchen floor.

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 07:27:01

That's no good justabout, can you drive? Total PITA with young kids if you can't drive.

thelittlestkiwi Tue 14-Aug-12 07:38:57

Ah, justabout, that sucks. Can you get some more help till it is better?

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 08:04:59

going to have to ask for more help. no cant drive at moment.

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 08:15:34

Can ACC help? Friend of mine just broke her wrist and I think she got some help to pay for cleaner/home help? She was going a bit nuts staring at the same 4 walls for 3 wks though, she couldnt really leave the house as they have steep driveway so she couldn't push pram up or down it. Can we help,at all? I could deliver groceries to you or something if that would help. PM me if you need anything (if you can type that much!)

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 09:10:36

thank you, yes ACC are the people to ask. have to ring them tomorrow again, claim number not through yet.

vvviola Tue 14-Aug-12 09:27:49

justabout the feared D&V doesn't appear to have materialised (phew!), so I can't rain more chaos down on you. I'm at Uni for the rest of the week, but home by 3:30 every day, so if there's anything at all I can do, please please just shout!

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 09:51:30

thank you both, lots. is there any chance either of wyou could give me a hand at home next mon pm? have help tues-fri but mon currently a blank. it is just helping me keep an eye on the kids, you are welcome to bring your own

WhatSheSaid Tue 14-Aug-12 09:56:34

I have to pick dd1 up from kindy at 2.30 Mon pm but could come after that - is that too late?

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 10:04:28

no that's perfect! Let me PM you our address

vvviola Tue 14-Aug-12 15:05:02

justabout do you need help before *WhatShe" gets there on Monday?

I have to be back to collect DD1 at 3, but can certainly be there for a while before...

xMinerva Tue 14-Aug-12 18:11:05


Can't remember who asked me on the other thread but yes we've got some areas to check out when we get there. The lovely justabout gave me a starting point.

Sorry to hear about your hand justabout I'd love to offer to help but will be a bit difficult from the UK. Hope you are better soon.

DP just got home from work so only 3 days left for him. The dc and I had our medicals today, jut gotta wait for paperwork to come back and we an lodge our visa applications, (DP has his already). grin

justaboutiswarm Tue 14-Aug-12 21:43:56

yes please vviola if you don't mind
as you can see i am quite desperate

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 00:07:48

Got the PMs, justabout, also do you know about Parent Port?www.parentport.co.nz/index.htm.

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 00:13:00

Also, if it's a struggle to cook meals (chopping things up etc), Bellyful www.bellyful.org.nz/index.php are fab, I know a few people involved with the west Auckland branch, they have branches all over. They are partly for parents with new babies but also for families with illness/injuries.

justaboutiswarm Wed 15-Aug-12 01:06:00

oh really? thank you might givethem a call cos i can't cook at all

parentport helped earlier this year so i could take ds1 to his marinoto appts wasnt sure i could ask again

WhatSheSaid Wed 15-Aug-12 01:14:53

Bellyful are great, mostly run by mums, they just get together, cook up huge batches of stuff like lasagne and deliver it to anybody who needs it.

justaboutiswarm Wed 15-Aug-12 06:37:56

thank you have left a message
i had heard of them but you never think of them for yourself do you?

vvviola Wed 15-Aug-12 22:48:45

No problem at all justabout, will pm you re arrangements.

Do call Parentport again too - just because you had cause to need them earlier in the year doesn't mean you should be excluded from help now.

Hope you are, at least, not in too much pain.

xMinerva Fri 17-Aug-12 11:32:14

Hey, how are you now justabout? Glad you have offers of help.

I'm waiting for the dc and my medical reports to arrive. I'm hoping nice Mr Postman will have them today. If so I can lodge the application for our visas on Monday. Eeekkkkkk.

Dp's got less than 2 weeks now until he flys. How scary.

vvviola Fri 17-Aug-12 21:00:01

Are all the Aucklanders ok after that storm last night? I swear at one stage it was directly over our house. Have never known anything like it.

And would you believe that the incredible non-sleeping baby slept through it all?! (just did her hourly wake-ups either side of it instead!)

I usually love storms but that one was a bit too intense for me!

WhatSheSaid Fri 17-Aug-12 21:23:55

I didn't hear a storm at all. What time was it?

vvviola Fri 17-Aug-12 21:33:52

Must have been around midnight I guess.

Our house was actually shaking with the thunder!

WhatSheSaid Fri 17-Aug-12 21:41:13

Ok, either we didn't get it where I am or I slept through it.

justaboutiswarm Fri 17-Aug-12 22:32:15

gosh i slept through it too.

vvviola Sat 18-Aug-12 01:10:27

Maybe it was our own personal thunderstorm grin Felt very Old Testament wrath of God...

Do you think I should go to Mass tomorrow just in case it means I'm in the bad books. wink

HermioneHatesHoovering Sat 18-Aug-12 02:55:31

I didn't hear a thing and apparently it was on top of our house too. I must be near you vvviola!

lollystix Sat 18-Aug-12 09:05:09

I was at a work do and drank lots. Had to stay over and was sharing room with colleague and I remember saying I thought it was fireworks and she said it was thunder. Got home this am and DH said the whole bedroom was lit up with the lightening and it was directly above our house (and he was scared). I'm annoyed at being to drunk to take it in.

AngryBeaver Sat 18-Aug-12 10:10:55

You can take the girl out of Scotland...wink

justaboutiswarm Sat 18-Aug-12 10:22:58

Thank you for the suggestion of Bellyful, Whatshesaid. I called them yesterday and today they showed up with not one but FOUR meals. In our freezer now. I am very touched.

WhatSheSaid Sat 18-Aug-12 10:36:43

Aw fantastic, they are a great organisation.

lollystix Sat 18-Aug-12 10:59:52

I just spent $440 at pak n save and $35 at nosh. Ok that did include a tin opener, 2 packs of nappies, a tin of formula and 30 bananas to get us thru the week but OMGG?! Once again we risk not being able to pay nanny and will be accessing the Halifax account again. sadsad. Is this normal? Can u imagine if I'd done that shop at New World?

justaboutiswarm Sat 18-Aug-12 11:59:30

oh dear. poor you. is that for a week or a fortnight?
would it be worth going elsewhere for fruit and veg? we found our bills dropped when we did that.
also - we bulk buy meat during MeatWeek or go to a butcher.
Lentil-based dishes, at least twice a week too...
sorry you probably wanted a moan not a todo list.

WhatSheSaid Sat 18-Aug-12 20:37:54

I use the fruit and veg shops too, rarely buy them from supermarket. Think last week I spent $23 at the f&v shop and for that got apples, mandarins, bananas, onions, carrots, eggplant, leek, mushrooms. Buy very seasonally - we're not having many tomatoes at mo but mandarins are $2 a big bag so lots of them. Mind you, our nearest shop is a f&v one, don't know if you have many where you are.

I buy nappies online, cheaper than even the own brand supermarket ones, works Out about $7 a week ( only one child in nappies).

I shop online from Countdown, means I stop impulse purchases, can see what's on special etc (and means I don't have to trail round supermarket with kids in tow, which I hate).

I don't eat much meat, don't like it much,,dh loves it though, go to a butchers for that.

Spend about $200 a week but you have more dcs than me.

AngryBeaver Sat 18-Aug-12 21:10:52

Definitely agree with the veggie shop. Cucumbers were $3 dollars more in Countdown. Cherry tomotoes were nearly $8 in NW and $4 in the veggie shop shock We eat loads of fruit and veg,but have to have to buy seasonaly.
We only buy meat on special. We had $20 to last us til Tue and have had to move some accross from the hcbc acc. sad
Mum is coming again in NOV and has bought us tickets to see Mary Poppins on 1st Dec,so that's something to look forward to. Ok,it's not Fiji,but it's something!smile

AngryBeaver Sat 18-Aug-12 21:11:50

Don't know why I shouted November,must be excited!

lollystix Sat 18-Aug-12 21:29:19

Smiling at Fiji - everyone is going to bloody Fiji - I can't imagine ever getting to Fiji sad one day maybe when I don't spend most of my salary on my lovely nanny.

Online nappies - where do I start to look?

Ds3 is wearing nothing now whilst eating his porridge - I am thinking we have to start the training soon especially motivated by budgetary issues. If it gets hotter I will get the old cloth ones put for ds4 so I can manage the washing. 2 more months and the formula stops so that's $80 a month saved.

Issue I have with the shopping about is time just now. And nanny cooks for boys so we don't walk eat together. And I can't cook. I could cook on a night and freeze but after day I'm never motivated enough. And now I'm all out of excuses. grin

justaboutiswarm Sat 18-Aug-12 21:39:15

can you send nanny to do educational fruit shop?
can nanny cook you something simple of an evening?

AngryBeaver Sat 18-Aug-12 22:11:21

I'm really crap at being organised with food too. I'm sure if I had a meal planner and shopping list to match,I'd save loads. i'm always so full of good intentions!
I hate thinking of nutritional food everyday for the dc's. I make meat and veg everyday. They moan and hardly ever eat it.Youngest scrunchest it up in his fist and lobs it round the room.Last night I just thought,I can't be chuffed and gave them spag hoops on toast. They ate every bloody bite! Why do we bother??

WhatSheSaid Sat 18-Aug-12 22:29:52

I can't cook either, we have extremely quick and easy stuff like steak and salad/bacon butties/omelettes/pasta & veg/roast chicken wraps. I hate spending loads of time cooking.

I get nappies from this site. I get the DryUps. You can get sample packs to try them out. Delivery of boxes is free in Auckland and I usually get them the next day (even the same day I ordered once!). My only tip would be to go up to the next size slightly before the recommended weight limit.

WhatSheSaid Sat 18-Aug-12 22:35:45

Oh mine have beans/ spag on toast at least once a week! Nowt wrong with that. Carbs and, er, more carbs. Protein in the beans. Mine eat tons of fruit so I'm not really that fussed if they leave their veg.

justaboutiswarm Sat 18-Aug-12 23:04:13

oh gosh yes I swear I nearly gave up on life the day my eldest decided baked beans were off the menu.

my standby quick child dinner in a crisis is baked beans and spaghetti hoops mixed together. Horribly orange but it has protein veg and carbs.

AngryBeaver Sun 19-Aug-12 09:24:36

Oh I do do that sometimes, but it's just frustrating that most days I tie myslef to the kitchen for an hour plus, peeling,preparing etc and all you get is moaning,or if you are my ds1 who is 4 you say "I don't want this dump tea,it looks yukky and dump!" hmm.And then you just open a can and stick some bread in the toaster,and you get murmurs of mmmmmm,"you are such a good baker mummy!" infuriating.
And the menu is getting smaller and smaller, as you say one day they love beans, the next day "eyw beans?" Ds 1's absoloute favourite was fish pie (baulk) and rice pudding (baulk) and I loved seeing them eat it as it was full of goodies (well,not the rice pud!) now, he wouldn't even put it in his mouth

justaboutiswarm Sun 19-Aug-12 12:04:17

they all still eat scrambled eggs

for today

that is probably it smile

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 07:02:41

Well, drip feed of shit luck continues...we have been served notice of eviction. Just keep shaking my head

WhatSheSaid Mon 20-Aug-12 07:24:31

Aaaargh, when do you have to be out? Is it 42 days notice they have to give?

Justabout, nice to meet you today smile

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 07:32:47

Not sure. The estate agent came to do 3month check and we showed her the mold on the curtains. The owner came round today and tried to blame us, because,well, you know how we are capable of cultivating mold and do so regularly hmm
Estate agent came round later saying she had rung her and told her to get us out as "she couldnt be bothered with it"
I just feel so dejected, how many more moves for the kids. More fees, more removal costs...more fucking problems

vvviola Mon 20-Aug-12 07:32:49

Oh you're kidding me AB?! Hadn't you just moved in? You poor thing. Is there nothing you can do?

(Does it make the possible Auckland move decision any easier? Or just complicate things even more?)

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 07:34:19

oh lordy AB, I can't believe it.

so so sorry (again)

feel quite guilty for having felt depressed about sore arm today now, in comparison it aint much to moan about.

WhatSheSaid Mon 20-Aug-12 07:44:12

They have to give you a certain amount of notice AB. I'm pretty sure it's 42 days.

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 08:22:47

Eh? The owners sound utterly insane.

But how hard for you, that is horrible, I am so sorry.

42 days if property is to be sold, or landlord or immediate family need to move in, otherwise 90 days I think.

We put up new curtains when we moved in and there is already mold on the one in the youngest's room. Surely this is normal??? Or are we just mould-developers?

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 09:05:29

VViola and WhatSheSaid, thank you both so much for coming today. I am really, really grateful. It made such a difference!
My plan was to bribe DS3 into bed again after you had gone WSS - it didn't work at all, he stayed up until his dad came in!
Thank you also for making toast quickly, that averted a meltdown I think. And vviola, it was so kind of you to be there to back me up during ACC meeting.

lollystix Mon 20-Aug-12 09:32:32

AB - that's f***ing shit. Totally shit. I can't believe it. It's so unfair.

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 09:50:05

I'm sorry for your sore arm,justabout. Perfectly understandable to feel down about having a broken arm and two kids to look after.
I just really really really cannot fucking believe this is happening to us.
Owner was bolshy Spanish woman mid 50's. Dh said she was very accusatory and dismissive of him. Said she drove past here and the curtains in that room were always drawn. Dh explained that we kept them closed as it was a big patio door/window that was visable from the road and initially they were closed because it was our bedroom,and we felt too exposed having them open. (could see bed, and all personal belongings etc from pavement walking past)
And when the mold got too bad we had to move all our stuff into the back room. Mold had grown over all our drawers and all over the curtains and it stinks in there.
We open windows,have dehumidifiers,and wipe down windows everyday.
What more can you do?
Estate agent said she had tried to reason with her, that we were young family, had had bad luck, no money etc she said she didn't care,wants us out. Bitch.
I think we have 90 days.
Estate agent feels partly responsible as she was the one who alerted the owner to the mold after the inspection...it wasn't even as if we were complaining!
I feel completely wrung out.
I just slumped on the floor in the hall when I got the call. DD came paast and said "what are you doing mummy?"
I said "just having a think darling"...I feel so bad for the kids. Another move so soon.
And I don't think I have any tears left

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 09:57:53

Honestly, AB, I want to cry when I think about it.

I know it doesn't help right now, but you are such an inspiration to me. You deal with so much, so stoically.

Bitch is indeed the right word for woman.

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 10:01:55

If estate agent feels partially responsible then maybe estate agent can find you new house with sane and reasonable landlord pronto. Or maybe estate agent can let you move into her own house until you find somewhere else?

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 10:07:57

It's not a conscious decision...there is just no choice!
Dh asked if I wanted to go home. But I really want to make a go of it here.
The reasons that we came here are still the same.
I just wish the bad luck would stop.
( I think a better name for the owner,actually,is total.fucking.whore-bitch...yes,definitely better)

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 10:10:45

oh yes that has a lovely ring to it.

perhaps you could write it in animal blood on the walls just before leaving? since she sounds like she will try to take deposit back anyway.

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 10:13:42

I don't think the estate agent feels bad enough to let a family of 5 strangers move in with her!...but she did say that she would start looking for somewhere now and drop the finders fee charge.
Still, have to find the movers fee,the first month (or more) rent, and we think we are going to lose the bond here. ds2 ripped a piece of the wallpaper (newly decorated) and bashed his ride on into the wall (made a dent) also a spark flew out of the fire and burnt the fecking carpet (new)...and estate agent reckons owner will try and claim the bond because of the mold! She hasn't even seen any of the other stuff yet!!
No idea where we are going to get the money from

justaboutiswarm Mon 20-Aug-12 10:18:30

I think we've discussed the relative merits of prostitution versus drug dealing, no?
does mad landlady have any relatives you could kidnap for ransom?
Seriously, i am being facetious, but i have nothing sensible to say except that it is dire, and i hope you sleep tonight.

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 10:27:05

I like your thinking, I am busy cutting letters from The Waikato Times,for my randsom note as we speak!

AngryBeaver Mon 20-Aug-12 20:33:21

Sorry,vviola*,*wss*,*justa andlolly ..thanks for sympathy,advice.
Took a sleeping pill last night to block it all out.So at least I had a decent sleep. Up with the kids now...reality sets in again!

WhatSheSaid Tue 21-Aug-12 00:00:17

Not sure I have any good advice really AB, renting is just a PITA sometimes.

justaboutiswarm Tue 21-Aug-12 08:14:53

small piece of good news here....ACC will fund some extra childcare because of my arm.

AngryBeaver Tue 21-Aug-12 09:30:20

Justabout just pmd me. To anyone who was a part of that kind gesture...I am very touched,thank you xxx

justaboutiswarm Tue 21-Aug-12 20:27:35

Really really sore arm last night. I took it out of its sling yesterday. Not sure I shall do that again!

vvviola Tue 21-Aug-12 23:20:15

Poor you justabout. Hope things start to improve soon.

I forgot to say I was very impressed with your lovely heat pump. grin

Am currently hyperventilating. Presentation due in an hour & I'm still not 100% sure I actually make sense. grin and someone decided to sleep beautifully until midnight when I was ready to go to bed & wake every half hour after that! angry

justaboutiswarm Wed 22-Aug-12 00:06:19

Yes, we genuflect to it every night. smile

oh no! to presentation.

i am trying to work on my thesis and i am long past the point when i can read my thesis objectively. I keep adding random bits and then wondering if i am making it better or worse. really difficult. trying to keep going though as know hand will be too sore to type later.

justaboutiswarm Wed 22-Aug-12 09:17:47

wow. just wow. our PTA have just sent me a get-well hamper. i have three kinds of chocolate, wine, bath stuff and a pot plant. would never happen in the UK.

AngryBeaver Wed 22-Aug-12 09:55:46

How nice is that??! Need to know varieties of chocolate?!

justaboutiswarm Wed 22-Aug-12 10:09:55

almond, berry, and 70% dark ghana.

vvviola Wed 22-Aug-12 10:34:55

Ooh justabout how lovely! Enjoy. grin

The presentation passed without me falling over or the lecturer telling me I didn't make sense. So I'll call that a success whatever the grade!

AngryBeaver Wed 22-Aug-12 11:27:15

All Whittakers,I assume?
Well done vviola ,sounds like a success to me!
<pats back>

justaboutiswarm Wed 22-Aug-12 21:29:01

aargh. it was 5 am when they all got up today


AngryBeaver Thu 23-Aug-12 04:36:25

yuk. 6 here...but you win

justaboutiswarm Thu 23-Aug-12 07:35:17

yes I really wanted to work on my thesis tonight, but not sure it's going to happen

AngryBeaver Thu 23-Aug-12 09:10:23

How gorgeous was today? My shoulders are pink.
What is your thesis on?

justaboutiswarm Thu 23-Aug-12 21:16:45

underhill, an early twentieth cent. woman theologian . feel free to glaze over.

AngryBeaver Thu 23-Aug-12 23:33:59

<snore>...sorry what was that?!..wink just kidding, that sounds really interesting. I wanted to take Theology A level but dropped it as the teacher was a B-iatch! Hope your hand improved enough to let you concentrate on it for a while. How's the other break-ee in the house?

the post has just arrived, thank you everyone, very kind gesture <humbled>

justaboutiswarm Fri 24-Aug-12 05:53:22

the other breakee is doing very well

actually today has been a good day so far I have only needed one lot of paracetemol, is it possible it's improving????

AngryBeaver Fri 24-Aug-12 10:28:27

Fingers crossed...'scuse the pun!

AngryBeaver Sat 25-Aug-12 10:50:17

lolly How long did it take you to get from Aukland to Tauranga?
We went again today and dh is leaning more toward there,than Aukland. But I really worry about the extra travel from the airport,for mum. I fit were more than 2 hours she'd prob have to get aolane..that woulod be 4 planes! How many years could she keep doing that?
Hows the arm justa?
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
I did a shop at pak n save yesterday wink x

lollystix Sat 25-Aug-12 20:05:21

AB - we went to waihi not T but our friends live in T. It's nice but they feel it's too quiet and sedentary. They have 2 yo and are looking to move out. What will DH do there?

WhatSheSaid Sat 25-Aug-12 20:10:58

Auckland airport to Tauranga is about 2.5 hours I think. Would one of you be able to drive up to Auckland to pick her up from flights? I guess another factor is if you get more for your money house-wise in Tauranga. Don't know what house prices are like there.

AngryBeaver Sat 25-Aug-12 20:28:33


We could almost afford this!!
Apparantly that is a really nice area with lowest crime rate in the bay of plenty. Schools decile 9/10 etc...sounds nice

lolly Sedentary suits me,I am quite dull smile
The job will be an issue. Could be ayear before one comes up that would be suitable...and then there's the issue of actually getting the fecker!

thelittlestkiwi Sun 26-Aug-12 08:27:34

Crikey, I've been away for a week and so much has happened!

Justabout- hope the pain gets better and you get to study to your hearts content.

AB- I can't believe your landlady is being such a cow. I have other words for her but am trying to improve my language these days as DD is picking up some terrible words when I'm driving :-) I've ranted on here a few times about kiwi landlords so won't do it again. I guess you have a couple of months before you can do anything so all I can suggest it putting it out of your mind as much as possible. How do you feel about Cambridge other than DH's job? We went past Hillsborough on the way home and I thought it looked nice. You can buy there for under 700:


Anyone know anything about it?

Lolly- I think it is normal to struggle for the 1st year. It's a combination of setting up home, finding the cheap places to buy stuff and adjusting your tastes. That said, we still get down to a couple of hundred $ each fortnight. I'm determined to try and save a cushion this year.

WhatSheSaid Sun 26-Aug-12 08:42:44

I know Hillsborough and the suburbs next to it (Lynfield, Blockhouse Bay) pretty well, they are all nice, especially the bits close to the sea. We go to lots of little parks and beaches round there. They are on the Manukau Harbour so beaches are quite small, with black sand/rocks, they are fab for exploring little rockpools etc. Blockhouse Bay has a nice yellow-sand beach (the sand was imported to it, same as Pt Chev and various other city beaches).

AB have you started looking for another rental yet?

kiwidreamer Sun 26-Aug-12 21:00:41

((pssst littlestkiwi I'm pretty sure AB's land-lady is Spanish))

AB, as someone who's family was based in Tauranga all my life it was pretty much a given that you would pick up your rellies from AKL airport however last year we arrived in at midnight which is a very anti-social time and my parents went straight to the airport hotel, a very nice Ibis I understand, they arranged for a shuttle bus to pick tem up at 10am the next day and it took them right to the door step of their friends who live in rural Rotorua and it was a very reasonable cost. Pretty civilised I thought! Do you think your Mum would be ok with that?? Google airport transfers, the company wasn't affiliated with the airport.

thelittlestkiwi Mon 27-Aug-12 01:41:02

You've raised an interesting point kiwidreamer. When does one become a kiwi? We used to tell people we were from the UK but live in New Zealand. Now we say we are from New Zealand.

What about the rest of you? Are you British or kiwi (or something else?). Which rugby team did you support?

I suspect a high proportion of people living here have an affiliation to another country.

WhatSheSaid Mon 27-Aug-12 04:30:55

Ah now I was thinking about this when there were posts on here about following the British team at the Olympics. I didnt really have a clue how the British team were doing - I was following the Kiwis.

I'm not really bothered about rugby so started supporting NZ in that quite early on. I'm a big football fan though and I still supported England for quite a while but at the last World Cup I was so proud of the All Whites -partly cos they all seemed really passionate and were earning about $2 each whereas the England team on their zillion quid a game seemed to be hardly trying. I was much more excited about the New Zealand games than the England ones.

I suppose I'll never be fully Kiwi not having grown up here but I don't really feel British anymore either. I'm quite happy with this state of affairs though and I feel quite sort of protective of NZ.

vvviola Mon 27-Aug-12 04:38:51

I'm not here long enough to be anything but Irish. But I often wonder how the DC will feel. DD1 has lived the longest time in Belgium, but certainly doesn't feel Belgian. I think at the moment she's not quite anything, which makes me feel a little sad.

We sorted out the rugby issue very early. When Ireland play we both support Ireland, when the All Blacks play we both support the All Blacks. When they play each other all bets are off grin (although DH did catch himself briefly cheering for Ireland during that very close game recently). DD1 has been sufficiently brainwashed to cheer for "the greens" for the moment grin

thelittlestkiwi Mon 27-Aug-12 05:01:16

I think I will always have a connection to NZ now and be from both places. I will never be Tangata whenua, as I would have been if I was born here. I have that connection to the place I grew up but I don't have a longing for it or see it as home any more. And I'm good with that.

For me, now, this is the place.

I don't really do sport but support NZ and the Toon Army.

Sibble Mon 27-Aug-12 08:43:17

On that note here is an interesting one ds2 is playing in a rugby league tournament next weekend. It is meant to be a Maori tournament but he is part of an Oceania team and qualifies as he was born here. DS1 does not qualify as he was born in England. Now as much as DH hopes otherwise, the chances of either qualifying for national teams when they are older are slim, but I wonder what happens when your birth dictates your eligibility and siblings are born in different countries.

Sibble Mon 27-Aug-12 08:44:34

BTW both my boys are staunch kiwis and will never support England (to wind me up I'm sure). I swap allegiances depending on sport and the estimated odds of backing the winning team wink

shelscrape Mon 27-Aug-12 11:56:54

sporting alleigance is an odd one. DS is very preoud to wear his all blacks t-shirt and black caps cricket cap, but still likes to wear his england rubgy shirt too. however, he doesn't know a single word of god save the queen yet he sings god defend new zealand in both maori and english very very loudly. We've only been in NZ for 18 months and i feel less and less english although I am nowhere near kiwi enough for my NZ mates. Kind of stuck in the middle and I suppose I always will be.

bit of a crap few days for me though, my dear old Nan died at the weekend and I can't get enough time off work to go to funeral Kind of reminds you that being on the other side of the planet can be an utter pain at times

shelscrape Mon 27-Aug-12 11:57:28

please excuse crap typing, large glasses of wine have been had ....

kiwidreamer Mon 27-Aug-12 13:20:59

Very interesting to hear what your thoughts are with regards to ethnicity, I've been in the UK ten yrs now and would never class myself as British, even tho my grandparents were Brits and several Uncles, Dad was first of 2 sons born in NZ in the 1950s. I struggle with the idea that my children could be called British, I guess they are but I think of all of us as the same, as Kiwi smile

Tickets home for Christmas booked yesterday, £4300 GULP but we won't have to spend anything when we get there, stay at in laws / drive spare car etc and I've checked the expiry date on the drowsy antihystimine for kids - we are all good ;)

justaboutiswarm Mon 27-Aug-12 20:27:02

To those who worry about your children's allegiance - trust me, they need to be brought up as citizens of the country in which they reside, and unproblematically so. My mother tried to do the opposite to us (she was from SA): it is very unhealthy and unhappy-making to have a parent constantly harking to somewhere else and telling you how rubbish the place where you live is.
I'm sure no one on this thread would be that idiotic but what I mean is, there are worse things than seeing your kids as little foreigners!

vvviola Mon 27-Aug-12 21:13:32

But justabout what about wanderers like me? We've lived in 3 countries since DD1 was born. She'd get very confused if we changed each time grin

And it's not entirely out of the bounds of possibility that there might be a 4th (or even 5th!grin) country in our future. (after every move I say, this is the last one... wink)

I suppose we need to raise the girls as joint Kiwi and Irish so at least they'll fit in in the two most likely countries for us to live grin

Sibble Mon 27-Aug-12 21:13:35

BTW did you see there's a lion loose in Essex. I reckon it's a bloke in a suit, my mum reckons it's from a circus, my Nan (bless her) reckons it's the one she saw recently out her window - er no Nan, you weren't well which is why they took you to hospital for a week until the animals went away......

On that note so sorry to hear about your Nan, it truly is the hardest thing about being so far away. I'm heading back in October to see 2 new nephews and grandparents who are 97 and 89. A mixed trip. Each time I come back I think is that the last time I will see them. I also didn't get to my Gran's funeral. Thinking of you.

justaboutiswarm Mon 27-Aug-12 21:15:13

don't think at 5 it's too much of a problem TBH, vvviola.
But at some point you will have a country of longterm residence, and that's when it's important to let hte kids be where they are i think.

AngryBeaver Tue 28-Aug-12 03:00:53

shels so sorry about your Nan, thinking of you xx
We haven't started looking for a house yet. Dh is carrying on looking for communications wrk in Tauranga area,if there is nothing oin about a mointh, we will start looking for a house here. Which even thinking of it,bums me right out.
Not that it takes much at the moment.
I will raise the kids as proud Kiwi's, but Dddy may have other ideas if Ireland are playing!
sibble i think they have decided that the "lion" is actually a large domestic cat. Which does make me chuckle as the report I read said " a guy came running toward us shouting,"It's a fucking LION!" grin

AngryBeaver Tue 28-Aug-12 03:01:32

and yes,landlady isn't a kiwi...dh said she was spanish,but now thinks she was german hmm

lollystix Tue 28-Aug-12 06:21:20

Maybe it's a kiwi cat - they're big. Our rental cat brought me 3 gardening gloves, a size 7 shoe and a pair of grey granny knickers this weekend.

AngryBeaver Tue 28-Aug-12 23:27:00

See what you mean lolly I just shooed one away from our rabbit,big mofo it was!

justaboutiswarm Wed 29-Aug-12 02:11:01

oh the cats around our house are scary scary, can't stand em.

xMinerva Thu 30-Aug-12 07:58:52

Evening all.

Well it's here, the day that DP leaves. He's on a flight just after 3pm. It's all a bit sad and exciting at the same time. We won't see him for 4 ish weeks now but we're nearly there.

He's only been promoted with a pay rise already and he hasn't even started yet. He'll be in Auckland the first week, Wellington the 2nd and then back to Auckland to try and find somewhere to live. It'll fly past for him, us not so much.

The dc and I haven't even got our visas back yet but it has been bank holiday and they have taken the money so not going to worry yet.

Hope all the kiwi cats are leaving you alone. grin

AngryBeaver Thu 30-Aug-12 10:59:15

Lucky dh,being promoted already! here's hoping the time goes quickly and your reunited soon. It's lovely weather here at the moment...my kids got burnt faces today!oopsie

lollystix Thu 30-Aug-12 11:21:39

Boxer shorts and another sports sock today.

thelittlestkiwi Thu 30-Aug-12 11:30:52

You should start selling them on trademe lolly.

Good luck xMin.

vvviola Thu 30-Aug-12 23:25:00

I'm sitting in a cafe waiting while some blokes fiddle around with my car and pondering... what is it about car seats and tethers & anchor points here?? We had to buy a new car seat for DD2 because our old one arrived minus a few pieces, and now we're having to drill holes in the car and all sorts of stuff.

Do seat belts not work properly here or something? grin

DH is unimpressed that we shall also have to drill holes in his car if we want to use it with the car seats (and he refuses to drive my mum-mobile further than local trips )

justaboutiswarm Thu 30-Aug-12 23:29:25

where is that place that does it vvviola? we need tether strap fitted.

vvviola Thu 30-Aug-12 23:37:19

Silverfield place in Wairau Valley. Plunket recommended them. I think in most cases it takes a couple of minutes & doesn't cost a lot, but I have a difficult car hmm so it's taking an hour & 130 dollars.

(There's also a kids play cafe next door, but in my child free state today I'm having a quiet coffee in a cafe a little further on while I struggle with the theories of economics of education funding grin)

thelittlestkiwi Fri 31-Aug-12 02:29:36

Car seats are such an arse. We've got one that is isofix and is brilliant but the seatbeat one is the biggest pain to fit. It usually leads to swearing and tantrums from OH.

I'm planning on buying a cheap one in the UK for our trip as ours both weigh 12kg+ and I can't face taking them on the trip back. Any UK people any suggestions where I should look?

The 'littlest' is about 13kg at 3 1/4 and I figure it would be good to have one for travelling for the next few years.

lollystix Fri 31-Aug-12 06:33:24

Graco do good high back booster but think its 15kg + and she is maybe a bit short for it yet. Mother care, Argos or Tesco are always selling one half price for $25.

justaboutiswarm Sat 01-Sep-12 21:25:33

Yes and Halfords do cheapy ones too.

We have just had a whole day off! Kids at respite, we went and had drinks in central Auckland with old friends of DH's, they were having birthday party, then went on to a restaurant for dinner (courtesy of GrabOne vouchers)
Was fab. Didn't make me nostalgic for the days when that was all we did, but did make me think "gosh, we are leading a different lifestyle today"

thelittlestkiwi Sun 02-Sep-12 07:17:06

Thanks guys. Have checked out a few places so I know where to go when we land.

Justabout- so glad to hear you have had a day off. You certainly deserve it!

We've had a guest staying this weekend. She is single and doesn't have kids. She asked me if 'my world seemed much smaller' since DD. sad

lollystix Sun 02-Sep-12 09:00:51

Smaller!!!!! Bless her....wink

justaboutiswarm Sun 02-Sep-12 09:14:47

Ha! What did you say? I tend to look at single childless people and wonder what they do with their time.

thelittlestkiwi Sun 02-Sep-12 09:26:37

I said I knew what she mean't, and in some ways yes. But in other ways no.

But I do feel a bit sad this evening.

lollystix Sun 02-Sep-12 09:32:49

Why do you feel sad? Sad that she was a friend and said something that (I) would find hurtful?

lollystix Sun 02-Sep-12 09:36:30

Xminerva - I've been to the supermarket and I thought I should tell you before you ship your stuff. You need to go buy as much Cheap foil, cling film, batteries, cloths, scourers, light bulbs as you can. And go to M&S and stock up on millions of cards for £1 and as much cheap wrapping paper. Stuff your drawers with it all. Stuff like that is not cheap here. Pants too, shoes, shoes, shoes...you will not believe the shoes...(and I mean that in a not good way).

thelittlestkiwi Sun 02-Sep-12 09:36:31

I think I feel a bit hurt that she thinks my life is less now than it was! Dunno really.

lollystix Sun 02-Sep-12 09:38:12

I can understand that. I think it's one of those things about having kids-with some people it creates a bit of a rift. It's ignorance on her part but sadsad

justaboutiswarm Sun 02-Sep-12 10:04:35


She's a bit silly isn't she?
It's not smaller it's a different perspective.

WhatSheSaid Sun 02-Sep-12 10:08:58

But you think like that before you have kids don't you. You think it's limiting and restricts your life and you have no idea of what it actually opens up in a good way, how amazing it is.

On another note, the Warehouse sells perfectly decent kids birthday cards for 99 cents smile

thelittlestkiwi Sun 02-Sep-12 10:13:37

Wrapping paper is stupidly expensive. I actually considered buying fabric in the spotlight sale instead.

Friend is living a very different life in a big Asian city. Works till 8pm every night and says her colleagues with kids all have two or three live in maids. Has been a slightly stressful weekend. I'm starting to wish I could ban guests all together. The expat curse I reckon.

WhatSheSaid Sun 02-Sep-12 10:16:59

How much are you all paying for wrapping paper??? I reckon I pay between $2-4 a roll depending where I get it.

I just watched One Born Every Minute, I always cry when the baby arrives <wuss>

lollystix Sun 02-Sep-12 10:39:51

I always cry too. DH wont let me watch it anymore.

justaboutiswarm Sun 02-Sep-12 11:14:22

WSS, in the UK you get cheap wrapping paper for 50p a roll.

I have discovered a new pleasure: shopping on 1daysale.

We have bought a balance bike and a toddler bed. REALLY cheaply.

Anyone else addicted to this?

xMinerva Sun 02-Sep-12 22:09:50

lollystix Thank-you. I'm making a list.

We're not actually shipping very much at all. Our furniture was all cheap 2nd hand stuff that we bought to keep us going until we were in a better position. It just so happens that our better position is half way across the world. grin

We have enough saved to furnish a house with the basics but am shipping a few boxes of personal belongings so will add a couple of extra boxes to the list.

Dp started his first day at his new job today, he was like an excited kid starting school for the first time.

lollystix Mon 03-Sep-12 01:44:29

Which city is DH in xminerva?- I forgot.

vvviola Mon 03-Sep-12 02:38:10

So, do you all remember that the people who bought our house were landlords who were going to let us stay...

... well apparently not sad they want to move in themselves.

So we're meeting them sometime this week to talk about it.

Here we go again....

WhatSheSaid Mon 03-Sep-12 02:41:03

More rental woes! Would you be looking for another rental or are you thinking of buying vvviola? May have asked you that before ...

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 02:43:35

oh CRAP vviola!

vvviola Mon 03-Sep-12 02:59:43

WSS in an ideal world DH would prefer to buy - he hates paying rent. But we're not planning to be here indefinitely, and I think for the area we're looking (especially now DD1 is settled in school) the mortgage payments would be a lot more than the rent.

So renting it is sad and the risk of all this happening again...

In silver linings... we have recently realised that the bedroom set up just isn't working for us here, so we may be able to find something that works a little better...

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 03:03:35

Silver lining 2 - you have kept that house in excellent condition, you will surely get all your deposit back
Silver lining 3 - you can dump your gorgeous children with us whilst you unpack, I owe you a childminding favour!

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 03:03:58

pack and/or unpack, that should read. I don't want to suggest that only one is worthy of support!

thelittlestkiwi Mon 03-Sep-12 03:12:47

Ah vvviola, that sucks. Any idea what the time frame is?

Justabout- how is your hand/arm?

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 03:17:26

boringly sore. not terrible, just achy. if i take out of splint for more than a few min it hurts.

AngryBeaver Mon 03-Sep-12 03:37:45

I made the very big mistake of watching One Born Every Minute the other night...sad sad
I think you can get cheap wrapping paper from the big red shed..no?
vviola...balls!..but,like you say, maybe you can find a better place?
I think we have decided to jobsearch in Tauranga and live in Matua. Chances of job coming up there soon = slim,so we will have to find a new place here.

justa...sorry your arm is still sore, what about ds's leg? Am going to check out 1daysale now,never heard of it.

apparantly pak n save do cheap deals on tue, did we know this?
sorry for crap typing, lo asleep in my arms

AngryBeaver Mon 03-Sep-12 03:38:36

xminerva...hope dh enjoys his first day! How exciting smile x

AngryBeaver Mon 03-Sep-12 03:43:19

justa...am assuming it's online?

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 03:45:05

No I didn't, will get me to PakNSave tomorrow.

Yes it's online. There are several but that seems the best.

justaboutiswarm Mon 03-Sep-12 05:32:03

DS2's leg is doing brilliantly. We are going to hospital tomorrow and hopefully theywill take it off - the plaster, obviously.

vvviola Mon 03-Sep-12 07:44:54

No idea of timeframe yet littlest but I guess in theory the lease still runs til February. But I think DH and I have decided that if they are very keen to get in before then we'll be happy to negotiate provided we are given a bit of flexibility re dates etc.

I just want to be gone now, I hate not knowing what's happening. sad

xMinerva Mon 03-Sep-12 09:16:29

vvv it's awful not knowing if you're coming or going isn't it? I suppose that's one of the downsides to renting. We've had our fair share of hassle renting in the uk. Hope you find something really nice.

Lolly His "Main" office is in Auckland CBD but he was told today that he's going to be working at an office in Albany for a Bank so he'll start there next Monday. (he's a test manager working for a consultancy so he will be here there and everywhere really, Still staying in and around Auckland though)

Justabout Sorry to hear your arm is still hurting. Good news about ds's leg though.

AB. He had a good day, apparently they are doing Curry Night for him on Thursday grin. Hope you are ok?

Royal mail van came onto the street this morning, that only means one thing, Special Deliveries. I jumped of the sofa thinking it might be our visas but no such luck yet. Think I might be just a little too eager to get out there.

xMinerva Mon 03-Sep-12 09:17:07

Off* the sofa.

xMinerva Mon 03-Sep-12 09:19:14

I included nearly everyone in that post except WhatSheSaid

Hope you are well.

(is that everyone? grin )

AngryBeaver Mon 03-Sep-12 10:25:18

You missed out littlestwink...and scroobious and a few others who have been quiet of late!
Hope your visa's arrive soon,it's exciting isn't it?
I am ok,but just spent over 2 hours getting the lo off. My back is wrecked from hanging over the cot shushing him. He got himself into such a state,hyperventilating and the like...I hate it when they get like that sad

justa glad it's just the plaster they're taking off,that would be a little extreme otherwise!

vviola I know just how you feel,I want to be out of here now too. Don't want to stay where I'm not bloody wanted!

xMinerva Mon 03-Sep-12 10:58:36

Ah it had to happen. Sorry to everyone I missed out. smile

How old is LO AB? Took me ages to sort out ds2 at night. Eventually I just gave in and he started sleeping through at 16months when I was least expecting it. I did have to do gradual withdrawal to get him to fall asleep without boob though and that took a good 3/4 weeks.

Thankfully he very rarely wakes up now. Not sure how many more 2hourly night feeds I could have taken.

Can you get a chair and put it next to his cot and shhh/settle him that way? Give your back a break.

WhatSheSaid Mon 03-Sep-12 18:30:50

AB I used to lie on the floor next to the cot, in a sleeping bag for comfort/warmth and put my hand through the bars of the cot and shush dd2 that way. Then I just got sick of it and just started leaving her for longer and she stopped waking harsh mum, me

AngryBeaver Tue 04-Sep-12 02:07:22

He is 2.3...we are having a regression. "I not like my cot,I want 'leep in bed wid YOU!" It is of my own making I'm afraid. When I was pregnant, I felt too tired and ill to be doing with the getting up,so I just whipped him out of his sleeping bag and put him next to me. He puts his fingers in my mouth to get to sleep blush or sucks my bottome lip blush blush
So anyway, he was fine sleeping until me moved here. But he had always been in his own room and cot,never anywhere else or in a travel cot. So when we moved and were in and out of motels etc he found it a bit of a shock and I settled him with me.
My fault and I'm paying for it now!
I am narked I missed Grimm last night because I was in his room for so long!!!

vvviola Tue 04-Sep-12 02:30:57

AB, I think it's fair to say you've had rather a lot going on, I think you get a pass on making life easier for yourself with regard to sleeping!

That said, we did gradual withdrawal with DD1 at a similar age, as we used to have to lie on the floor of the bedroom, holding her hand and pretending to be asleep. Used to take about 2 hours! Took about 2 weeks to progress to being able to put her in cot and potter about within earshot for a while.

DD2 has a cold (plus possible ear infection) again. Poor mite. Can't wait for spring to kick in properly and maybe give us a break from all these illnesses.

justaboutiswarm Tue 04-Sep-12 02:57:29

Aw no!

Poor little DS2. We went to hospital to have cast off, they decided that it needed another cast for a month because although bone has healed, it isn't strong enough yet to walk on. sad
It is only below the knee now but still, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for him.

thelittlestkiwi Tue 04-Sep-12 02:57:43

AB- have you come across this website?


I found it very useful at a lot of different stages- sometime just a tiny tweek made all the difference for DD.

But agree you should not give yourself a hard time about this!

DD and I are also sick again Vvviola. I am so fed up of three months of illness every year. Next year I may go to Fiji for the duration. dreams.

justaboutiswarm Tue 04-Sep-12 03:13:56

We used to have 7 months of sickness in the UK. It would start in October and finish in April/May.

WhatSheSaid Tue 04-Sep-12 04:08:46

AB I agree with Vvviola, you've had a lot going on and I wouldn't beat yourself up about the sleep thing. Sometimes you just do what you have to.

I was reading a thread last night on one of the expat forums. It was a comparison of the cost of a Tesco online shop vs Countdown, for the same products. The Countdown one was only $20 dearer which suprised me a bit (I don't really know what stuff costs in the UK anymore). It was this thread britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=770198

AngryBeaver Tue 04-Sep-12 05:48:28

Thanks, I know that really, but still. And also,I'm feeling guilty now because I think hehe is coming down with what dd has been off school with.(She was off last week with different thing! So totally agree with Spring coming for the break!) And ds1 has very croaky voice and temp...and I am defo getting it!
A frienf told me her dr had said that if there's 3 or more kids in a family the 1st one can get it,and by the time the 3rd has had it,the 1st gets it again! I think that has happened here!Joy!
littlest I will check out the sleep website,thank you. And please may I come with you to Winter in Fiji wink

justa uch! What a pita for you all...extra scoop of ice cream tonight after tea?...and sprinkles...and sauce smile (but what are you going to give ds?!!grin)

Anyone want to know a free activity that will keep kids entertained for ages?whilst you mn
Nailbrush or 2, cloth and towel. Bowl of soapy water. Breast feeding chair and foot stool/any leather chair....set them to work!! They are flipping loving it and have been busy for 30 mins,bliss! Mind you, I am too scared to go in and see how wet the carpet is...and them! 2, 4 and 6 year olds not very good at wringing out are they?!

AngryBeaver Tue 04-Sep-12 07:09:54

Have found a new recruit! There was an mner on another thread (so today I met an MNer) asking if anyone was in nz,hoping for a meet up. I have directed her over here smile

Iteotwawki Tue 04-Sep-12 07:35:38


I think I might have been here before using my "first" username before I changed to this one - however it's good to know there are a few people over here!

Anyone else near the Top of the South?

Iteotwawki Tue 04-Sep-12 07:38:46

Hmmm. The first "here" related to the thread, the second "here" related to NZ. I am MNing using iPad & phone tether at work so not really concentrating.

First user name was TechnoKitten but I changed - technodad was around and nothing to do with me, plus my husband started reading end-of-the-world forums so I took my username from them. It was meant to be a joke but I like it now smile

lollystix Tue 04-Sep-12 08:07:52

I also off work sick .... And so is lovely nanny.... So I get to be sick and look after the kids. Not been too bad to be fair. Nice to spend some time pottering about with them. Long day though and DH out again with work. sad

justaboutiswarm Tue 04-Sep-12 08:08:28

Oh shame, lollystix. Hello Iteotwawki.

vvviola Wed 05-Sep-12 07:19:01

/start whiny self pitying post blush

Another ear infection confirmed for DD2. I was supposed to be using this week to study, but so far I've managed a grand total of two hours. And the new owners of the house are coming around tomorrow. And DD1 & I have a playdate tomorrow. The other Mum is lovely, but I really struggle in situations like this so I'm dreading it.

I really just want to crawl under a rock somewhere and cry sad

Oh, and Auckland Hospital Immunology declined DD2's referral. Not complex enough. hmm So now we're waiting for a referral to the general paediatric team.

Can someone send virtual gin & chocolate seeing as the real things are off the menu at the moment...

/end whiny self pitying post blush

justaboutiswarm Wed 05-Sep-12 07:23:22

at DD2's referral. Can you not invent a sudden and mysterious allergy to oxygen or something?

vvviola Wed 05-Sep-12 08:43:54

I'm guessing they only see children who are allergic to lots of things at a high level.

I suppose if time & funds are limited they can only see the worst cases.

When I think about it, it may work in our favour - shorter wait to see paeds at north shore, and could get referral to dietician etc from there. Also I think if paed refers to immunology it's rarely refused.

But I think I'm going to search out the support groups that are meant to be around. I'm struggling a bit with the responsibility of not accidentally poisoning my baby by forgetting to read a label blush

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Sep-12 08:47:41

vvviola this forum may be useful for allergy info? Sorry about dd2 s referral.

thelittlestkiwi Wed 05-Sep-12 09:13:07

Vvviola - a pal of mine uses the facebook group Allergy New Zealand a lot. She get info and support from it. Defo worth a look.

I cracked and went to see my Dr this morning. I love that I can see someone within a few hours of calling. I'm now on 3 new drugs so surely I will recover soon?......

vvviola Wed 05-Sep-12 23:31:06

Thanks littlest and WSS, great places to have a look!

Hope some of the drugs kick in soon littlest.

DD2 perked up incredibly overnight. Crèche said they were happy to take her as she's on antibiotics and had no fever. So I'm actually getting study done.grin

DD1's playdate has been cancelled as her little friend has head lice. Poor thing. But I'll be spending the afternoon & evening combing & checking I guess... confused

vvviola Thu 06-Sep-12 07:51:53

New owner is lovely. We came to an agreement that we'd look for a new place now, but no pressure to find one immediately, and no penalties for breaking the lease. And we can just let them know when we've found somewhere.

So we're looking and aiming for within the next 6 weeks or so, but not the end of the world if it takes a bit longer.

Phew grin

justaboutiswarm Thu 06-Sep-12 10:43:31

Oh that's good, at least the pressure is off.

xMinerva Fri 07-Sep-12 16:00:20

Good news about the new owners vvv Takes the pressure off a bit.

Boys and my visas came today, flights booked for 3rd October.

Dp found a fully furnished house for us and as the landlord is from the uk and is coming back for 6months, he's also going to give us full use of his car too.

It's all come together, better than we hoped.

26 sleeps to go. grin

WhatSheSaid Fri 07-Sep-12 18:47:39

Fully furnished house is quite a rarity and car to go with it is definitely rare! Fabulous news.

xMinerva Fri 07-Sep-12 19:51:49

Thank-you. First house he saw too.

Think it helped that Dp and landlord are from the same area here in the uk. grin

The car is a unexpected but very welcome bonus.

frikonastick Sat 08-Sep-12 16:45:32

We have our last interview with NZIS on Friday, can't believe we will soon have our residency. And then we will have to actually plan the move!

WhatSheSaid Sun 09-Sep-12 05:09:33

Where in NZ are you moving to frik?

frikonastick Sun 09-Sep-12 10:40:39

Tauranga. we have friends there and basically, just quite fancy it!

We are taking a 6 month sabattical when we get there, so have time to decide if it is for us (Tauranga, not NZ) and move accordingly.

of course, as you can tell, we havent really nailed down the fine details yet grin

AngryBeaver Mon 10-Sep-12 06:54:00

ooh, we are wanting to move to Tauranga frick
Well, has anyone else been dying this week with the proper flu??! We have had it,it was deeply unpleasant and has lasted a good while. Still suffering actually, but can just about lift my limp, weakened wrist to tap pathetically on the keybpard wink

vvviola Mon 10-Sep-12 07:21:21

Oh AB that doesn't sound nice at all sad poor you.

I don't know how I haven't got sick with all the bugs DD2 has had, but thankfully no flu in this house.

Speaking of houses, keep your fingers crossed for us - we think we've found a new place. It's lovely, even has a nice deck. But no view of the sea ~sob~ we'll miss our view. We should know tomorrow evening if we have it.

AngryBeaver Mon 10-Sep-12 08:57:19

fingers crossed vviola!
We rang the estate agent today and asked her to ring the owner and ask her if she would reconsider kicking us out. Bet she'll say no the bitch but worth a shot. If we can stay here 'til dh gets a new job in Tauranga/Auckland, that would be sooo much easier on us

frikonastick Mon 10-Sep-12 11:29:04

Maybe we will be neighbors angrybeaver :-) can anyone shed some light on school going ages for me? Have been googling, but there seems to be more than one 'start' age? Sorry to hear of those with flu, hope you all feel better soon

vvviola Mon 10-Sep-12 11:37:51

They start at 5. In the middle of a term, whenever grin. In DD1's school it's the first Monday after their 5th birthday.

I quite like it, her school has a foundation class to get the new entrants up to speed with everything. And then a group 'move up' the year 1 together when they are ready,

frikonastick Mon 10-Sep-12 18:31:42

Thanks vvviola, your DDs school sounds sensible. Have just spent a happy half hour perusing trademe looking for rentals by the beach :-)

AngryBeaver Mon 10-Sep-12 23:07:03

That would be nice frick smile
We have 1st time buyers having a 2nd look around our UK home..oh please oh please!buy the fucker
If we could sell that, ad the owner lets us stay here for a while...then all we need is a new job and we can move and buy...then things may finally fall into place for us. fingers crossed

thelittlestkiwi Tue 11-Sep-12 02:15:32

Fingers crossed AB. Has your OH tried approaching any likely employers? People here seem more likely to 'make' a job for people.

I'm finally recovering from my cold. Next year I may go into hibernation or solitary confinement.

vvviola Tue 11-Sep-12 05:58:29

We have a house!! gringringrin

DH signs the contracts tomorrow & we move in about a month.

It has bedrooms upstairs from the lounge which I am inordinately pleased about at it means I won't have to tiptoe around after the girls are in bed.

And we have a garden and a deck grin

There will be massive decluttering & sorting happening here over the next few weeks (you'd swear we hadn't done all that when we moved last...)

xMinerva Tue 11-Sep-12 07:49:24

Fingers crossed for you AB

Great news about the house vvv

I seem to be getting rid of bags of stuff from the house here in the UK every day and it still feels like we have too much. Got just over 3 weeks until we fly out, not sure if I'm going to get it all done in time. shock

AngryBeaver Tue 11-Sep-12 09:40:07

hooray vviola, sounds great.
ok,they made and offer....40 k below asking price! cheeky feckers. I got excited for a minute

WhatSheSaid Tue 11-Sep-12 09:44:29

Can you go back to them with another offer and see if you can get them to go higher? <watching Phil Spencer as I type smile>. Are houses in that area generally going for below/about/above asking price?

WhatSheSaid Tue 11-Sep-12 09:45:08

Oh and great news on the house Vvviola.

AngryBeaver Tue 11-Sep-12 10:37:40

I just looked at moving works and I was amazed to see the prices of the houses in the area. It's like they were 10 years ago.
It is a "posh" village, very small semi-rural, very quiet great schools. It's shocking.
We have already put it on the market for 20k less than we paid for it 4.5 years ago!
Yes, told the agent we couldn't possibly sell for that price.
They are at work so we probably won't hear back until tomorrow.
She reckons they will go up, but not by enough

frikonastick Wed 12-Sep-12 15:35:52

Ok, this is one of those how long is a piece of string questions, but is 550 a week for rent a decent amount or not? We are doing budgets........ Mostly, I want to be warm grin that's about it on my list of demands!

WhatSheSaid Wed 12-Sep-12 18:16:24

Tbh I have no idea what Tauranga rents are like. In Auckland rents where I am are about 450-500 for a 3 bed but closer to the city/ fancier areas would be higher. If you look on Trade Me, is there quite a lot available for 550 or under? Seems like quite a large amount for a non-big-city place.

WhatSheSaid Wed 12-Sep-12 18:25:07

Oh and re being warm, put "heat pump" in the search box when on the rentals page and see what properties come up

frikonastick Wed 12-Sep-12 19:16:58

Thanks whatshesaid, looks like heat pumps are few and far between in rentals..... Oh well, never mind will just buy loads of electric blankets and those weird Slanket things

WhatSheSaid Wed 12-Sep-12 20:13:48

Houses with lots of north facing windows are good too, more sun. Hard to tell on the Internet though!

longwhitecloud Wed 12-Sep-12 23:19:23

Hi ladies,

Lurking with interest and keeping up with you all (from afar). We have been busy moving from London (sold flat and ready to move to NZ in Jan).

Sorry to be rude but quick question for you all. We will be ready to upgrade our carseats for two DDs by the time we leave in Jan. We could buy here and ship in November (and use our current ones until we leave) or should we wait until we get there and buy? What do you think? Could probably get a better price here in UK but not sure all UK seats fit NZ cars or would it just be easier to buy when we get there. Happy to rent from plunket until we find some.
DD1 will be four and will be in a booster seat, DD2 just over 1 year and will I guess be going into forward facing seat.

Any advice much appreciated!

thelittlestkiwi Wed 12-Sep-12 23:29:51

Car seats are really expensive here. Check out kiwibaby.co.nz for prices. A lot of them here use isofix- I'm not sure if this exists in the UK?

We paid $500 for DD's as I wanted to rear face her as long as possible. I know John Lewis will ship them so that is an alternative which can work out cheaper. If your order is under a certain amount you don't pay duty/GST etc so it may be better to order them individually.

Where are you headed LWC?

We went out for dinner last night and I've got food poisoning today. I seem to get it every few months here. Does anyone else have the same problem?

xMinerva Wed 12-Sep-12 23:46:54

Can I ask what car seat you have TheLittlest?

I need new ones for both 3 1/2 year old and 2yr old and was looking at the Radian XRT. Not sure if it will go in the car we are using though. Think I'll need it to be able to be fitted with belt only.

thelittlestkiwi Thu 13-Sep-12 00:15:58

Ours is the older version of this one:


It rear faces till 18kg. DD is only 13 ATM!

The isofix is brilliant on it. I reckon it takes the user error out and it makes it easy to move between cars.

vvviola Thu 13-Sep-12 05:08:01

Those of you who are working etc - what do you do about the holidays? Typically the university holidays and school holidays don't match up, so I have to sort something out for DD1. I've looked at a few holiday programmes but even though they say suitable for 5 year olds some of the activities seem a bit advanced...

lollystix Thu 13-Sep-12 06:23:05

Vviola - what about the afterschool clubs as they cover the holidays I think and may be less activity specific (ie more babysitting) if u see what I mean.

Car seats - we hired from plunket and they were so helpful - all arranged for us and our car hire company picked them up in advance when we landed. They also gave us voucher to buy high back booster they recommend for $50 and it's fine.

Sibble Thu 13-Sep-12 08:12:13

VVViola - maybe find out where her friends are going (if they are) . Mine are always more willing to go if their friends are going. IMO the programme is to entice people to register, the activities are not usually compulsory but an option for older kids who need occupying. If none of her friends are going I would ring, speak to them and go on gut instinct. From experience they recycle the same programmes each holiday so you will need to rotate anyway or they get bored and start moaning about going if they are not with friends (my experience anyway). Good luck.

justaboutiswarm Thu 13-Sep-12 10:54:46

Yes I think the OSCAR programmes are what you need vviola, the afterschool clubs do lowkey holiday programmes, they wouldn't be too much.

I am a bit mizz tonight, my hand seemed to be improving and I was in a splint. Went to hand therapy and lo and behold, she diagnosed a serious thumb ligament sprain which needs to be completely immobilised for a month. sad So back in a fucking cast again. Although a small and waterproof one which helps.

justaboutiswarm Thu 13-Sep-12 10:57:23

- oh - and forgot to say - congrats on the house.

vvviola Thu 13-Sep-12 22:48:23

Oh justabout sad that's no good. You poor thing. Just when things were looking up a bit (I hope the ACC stuff will keep going to help you out. If not, just yell!)

Thanks all for the recommendation of the after school programmes. Never occurred to me. She's signed up for a few days in the first week at the one at her school. They don't do the second week, but it's a bit of pressure off as now I only need to sort out 2 days the following week grin

AngryBeaver Sat 15-Sep-12 10:59:33

Sorry, justa what a pita. You deserve a big glass of something alcholic and a foot rub.
I have tonsilitus AGAIN . It is my birthday today though, so it has been nice. Even though I had to make my own cake! The kids loved opening my prezzies and I enjoyed seeing them happy and excited.
We went to Tauranga yesterday. I think we have decided that's where we want to head for.
We didn't get an offer we could work with on our UK house,and the bitch owner here, rejected our request to stay.
She said she'd think about it, made us wait four days, drove past slowly several times...and then said no! Seriously!

WhatSheSaid Sat 15-Sep-12 20:59:49

Happy birthday yesterday AB.

Do you like the look of Tauranga more than Cambridge then?

angry to the mean landlady

AngryBeaver Sat 15-Sep-12 22:24:04

Yes, definitely like Tauranga more than Hamilton...which is our nearest city, it's dire imo.
Seems fresh and new and lots of shops. The veiws of the water and the Mount etc. No crowds or traffic, land available,low crime rate....but the only drawback is it's even further to the Airport

justaboutiswarm Sun 16-Sep-12 07:13:43

Happy birthday AB!
am feeling a LOT happier (and fairly spoilt)

Had weekend away (SN respite weekend, arranged by a charity). Posh hotel, fancy restaurants, harbour cruise with champagne, a movie morning with popcorn and then high tea at the WAITAKERE ESTATE to finish off. With goodie bags and presents.
Still shock and blush about how nice it was.

AngryBeaver Sun 16-Sep-12 07:40:29

Wow...that sounds fantastic! Lucky old you....you do deserve it though so no need to feel blush x

WhatSheSaid Sun 16-Sep-12 07:54:51

Oh, Waitakere estate has fab views, we had dinner there once with the in-laws (who spent most of the meal complaining about how twisty the roads up there were, ho hum, no pleasing some folk grin )

thelittlestkiwi Sun 16-Sep-12 10:40:01

Happy Belated Birthday AB.

Justabout- so glad you had a rest and a treat.

I've discovered the secret to a decent cup of tea. Two tea bags per mug.

AngryBeaver Thu 20-Sep-12 23:49:01

Thank you littlest. Has it taken you this long to discover that?! I could have told you you need two bags on day 2!! I'm sure we've talked about it on this thread.."peely waly tea" I just buy tetley now,it's fine,only 1 bag needed!
whatshesaid was it you that started the delivery to NZ thread?

Beautiful day! smile

WhatSheSaid Thu 20-Sep-12 23:52:07

No I think it was littlest who started the international delivery thread.

Beautiful day here too, we're going to have picnic lunch in the garden, then my eldest has her second school visit smile

On the downside, I'm booked in for a root canal in 10 days time sad

vvviola Fri 21-Sep-12 07:48:43

I have to say I'm having a real day of respect for the NZ education system - or at least DD1's lovely school. We had the book parade this morning, all the kids and every single staff member dressed up, real enthusiasm & a lovely event. May have nearly shed a tear or two at them all singing the anthem (my own anthem has never done that to me, except at rugby/football matches! grin).

Then all the year 1 parents were invited to the classroom to have morning tea & look at the work the kids have been doing (and I got adopted by a couple of extra kids whose parents couldn't make it).

And NOW they are all down at the school disco (I dropped DD1 off, and had to come back to settle DD2, and 2 lovely Mums are keeping an eye on DD1 til DH can get down to collect her).

I've just got a lovely warm feeling about the whole school today. Thought I'd share seeing as I've been doing rather a lot of moaning recently grin

I may also have got pretty good marks in my assignments so that helps my mood

vvviola Fri 21-Sep-12 07:52:24

Oh, and as for the 2 bags per cup for the tea, we found even that didn't quite cut it. 5 in a pot worked, but that just felt excessive!

So now I have a couple of friends and family members who send out occasional care packages of Irish tea & otherwise we make do with Yorkshire tea grin

justaboutiswarm Fri 21-Sep-12 11:03:19

Oh dear to root canal and hooray to the NZ school system.

I've been very impressed this week with how school has dealt with several teething issues with my boys too.
Glad assignments went well vvviola, too.

thelittlestkiwi Fri 21-Sep-12 23:47:58

Sod international delivery and two tea bags! We fly to the UK in 12 days!

It seems to have crept up on us. Now I'm worrying about how to entertain a 3 year old on the flight and where to shop in the UK. It's 3 years since I've been back!

WhatSheSaid Fri 21-Sep-12 23:55:55

Littlest Do you have an iPad or portable DVD player for the flight? Mind you, they all have screens in the back of the seats now, they must have a kids/cartoon channel on there.

thelittlestkiwi Sat 22-Sep-12 00:15:57

Yes, we have the ipad which DD loves. And colouring books. It's the first time I'm flying straight through so I'm a bit nervous. Last time was when DD was 4 months and we stopped in both directions which just doubled her jet lag. She is generally good apart from when she is over tired which can lead to pretty impressive tantrums.

I'm getting a little excited!

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 00:35:03

(shameless desperation for a particular brand of strawberry children's toothpaste) I don't suppose you are going to be visiting a Morrisons supermarket whilst you are there?
I know they're not everywhere in England...

WhatSheSaid Sat 22-Sep-12 01:00:36

justabout, it's not called Punch and Judy strawberry toothpaste is it?

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 01:50:51

empathy re root canal...can I suggest you get a 2 nd opinion as to whether you REALLY need it? I had it done,and then found out the dentists I had gone to, were suggesting lots of patients had root canal surgery...they were benefitting from it £££! I met a girl I knew who had gone and got a 2nd opinion and next dentist told her the tooth was fine angry
Just a suggestion!
littlest I'm soooo jealous you're going home! I am at a point where I am reeeeally missing everyone. Would love to see my friends and my brother and sil and nephew.
And just go to asda and buy loads of crap!
Hope you have a lovely time.
ds1 was3 when we came over...he didn't sleep at.all! But he did watch the kids channel and Cars 2/3 a million times over. It wasn.t half as horrendous as I thought it was oing to be. The worst part was LA airport...and the airline we flew with was pretty poor service wise.

WhatSheSaid Sat 22-Sep-12 02:11:21

Well the irritating thing is that since I went to the dentist the tooth has not hurt one little bit and it's very tempting to put it off. BUT the tooth has been hurting on and off for about a year and I get that shooting "nerve" pain sometimes in it, it's very sensitive to hot and cold and he Xrayed it and showed me the inflammation in the root. I read up about dental abscesses in untreated teeth and it sounds horrendous, I can't risk that sort of pain with 2 kids to look after.

So I think I'll just be putting off the inevitable sad I've been seeing this dentist about 6 years and he's very good and he knows I hate dental treatment so hopefully will numb me up to the point of unconsciousness...

WhatSheSaid Sat 22-Sep-12 02:13:10

Ooh, just as I typed that the bloody thing started hurting again! Have to get it sorted out, will only get worse...

thelittlestkiwi Sat 22-Sep-12 03:21:40

Root canal sounds hideous WSS. And in NZ the dental bills are almost as bad as having the work done.

Justabout - I'm mainly going to be in the North East and Scotland and I don't think they have Morrison's there. I'm not sure if Scotmid is the same chain- or if it still exists even. But tell me the brand and I will keep an eye out.

WhatSheSaid Sat 22-Sep-12 04:06:03

Root canal's not a whole load of fun, I've had one before. They numb you up to avoid pain but the procedure takes ages and is a bit uncomfortable. Only other option though is losing the tooth and I don't want to join the dentures club yet.

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 05:03:26

It's Morrison's Own Brand Berry toothpaste. It has a pink/red tube with stars on it. DS2 will use nothing else. Sigh. I will reimburse you, obviously, if you find it.

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 05:10:37

Oh, and it's a children's toothpaste, often kept in the children's section, away from the other adult toothpastes <desperate>

lollystix Sat 22-Sep-12 10:15:42

Morrisons in Berwick just off the A1.

I actually properly welled up in a coffee shop on Friday am whilst getting my 8.30 coffee. Gorgeous day and I was looking at all the sky scrapers and how modern it all was and although it's great it just felt so alien. I wanted my grey sky and Georgian architecture back. Just felt a long way from home. Had to have a word with myself before I went into work.

I've never had dental issues but my mum has had it all go wrong in her mouth and says the pain is agonising.

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 10:18:38

wss yep, my mum has had a few abscesses, and says there's no pain like it. Root canal seems preferable given the alternative. Can I ask how much you pay? I haven't been to the dentist yet, but apparantly it is crazy 'spensive.
When I had mine done in the UK, they gassed me up (not sure if they still do it) and then sent me off into the street...alone! I was 18 and at Uni,and remember,vaguely, weaving about the street feeling like my brain was melting!!
Hope it is a better experience for you smile

frikonastick Sat 22-Sep-12 18:42:19

yes dont leave it. i did and ended up with all sorts of much worse problems and the end result is that i lost the tooth. which is awful and makes me feel like a hillbilly (no offence to actual hillbillys)

have been having an off day today, we have been moving to nz for so long, now that its actually happening, im feeling a bit weird about it.

not so much of the what if i hate it variety, more that, it just seems alot of hard work suddenly and im not sure im up for it.

sorry, sorry. i have the flu which probably doesnt help. ive just thought all day today, im going to get flu in new zealand and have no one to help me!

WhatSheSaid Sat 22-Sep-12 19:17:48

Yep I read on MN various people describing dental abscess pain as "worse than childbirth" and I'm not keen for that!
With root canal there is a chances that eventually you lose the tooth anyway, years down the line, as the tooth is dead so more prone to breaking etc. but I have to have a go at keeping it as long as poss.

Ab all up, the treatment is going to cost $1100 < eek>, so you can see why some people choose extraction instead. Fillings are about $130 at my dentists and a clean with the hygienist about $80.

frikonastick, yep not fun being sick with small dcs with no help!

thelittlestkiwi Sat 22-Sep-12 20:55:03

I think there may be an old Scotmid near our holiday let in Edinburgh so if it has changed and I get a chance I will pop in.

frik - Moving overseas is bloody hard work. And the packing up bit was the worst IMHO. It's hard work, dull and emotionally draining saying goodbye to everyone. At least when you get here it's sort of exciting and you are making a home which feels nicer. But being on your own with sick kids does suck. My OH has been ill for a month and I'm still a bit sick so I feel your pain.

But, you have picked an ace time to move. It is sunny today and my word, it is beautiful here.

Lolly- we all have days like that. Being out of your comfort zone all the time is a bit tiring. Especially on Fridays.

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 21:32:04

Frik - I agree, leaving England was the absolute worst.

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 22:55:31

Aw lolly (((())))...I have been feeling the same recently.x

frick tooth implant? Mum lost one of hers and she was so self conscious about it that she opted for this. Looks great. I lost half my tooth after the root canal and I have a crown,am always paranoid that it will come out as we haven't got the cash to get it fixed here.
Yes, packing and saying goodbye are the worst bits. You'll be ok when you're on the plane,and then the first few weeks feels like a holiday

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 22:59:00

I have been online ALL morning trying to get this shampoo and conditioner,but no one will ship to NZ. It's soo irritating it's $19 on amazon.com (which I thought was nz) but about $40 in my salon (per bottle) I put about 6 things (cleansers etc) in my basket and then went to pay, they ALL said they didnt ship to NZ. Why do they forsake us so!

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 23:14:44

shock Oh dear, I didn't know they didn't. I use vitacost.com and they do. But not for shampoo, obv.

we all have a bug here. DS1 in my bed with his DS. DS2 in Bunnings with father. Me drinking strong coffee and hoping I feel better soon before friend arrives for coffee (coffee theme today)

Anyone ever want to meet at the zoo? We have been gifted annual passes by a disability charity thingie. I am smile. If your children are 4 or under (or look it or can be bribed to look that way) you can come for free because I have a spare adult pass.

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 23:22:55

I will def meet you there one day. We have annual tickets to Hamilton zoo which is nice but kids are a boit bored of it now as it's pretty small.
I will look at vitacost.
Hope you feel better soon...everyone seems to be ill at the moment. DD is currently at my side saying "Muuuuummmyyyyyyyy?I don't feel well" roughly every 90 seconds

AngryBeaver Sat 22-Sep-12 23:30:05

Ah,ok vita=vitamins and not anything exciting!

justaboutiswarm Sat 22-Sep-12 23:31:29

Yes. We use it for melatonin which you can get on prescription here but it is non-subsidised so fearfully expensive.

WhatSheSaid Sun 23-Sep-12 01:03:48

Which shampoo is it AB?

frikonastick Sun 23-Sep-12 04:50:55

thanks everyone :-) drugged myself up last night and got a bit of sleep so am feeling much more postive this morning. we are actually currently overseas, not in the uk. so i have done the move before. maybe thats why i am feeling so tired just at the thought of it! i know how hard it is.

i didnt realise there was an issue getting stuff delivered to NZ. is there a reposting service? we used aramex in the middle east, which allows you to buy stuff online and they ship right to your door. am off to google!

frikonastick Sun 23-Sep-12 04:57:16

ha! yes, there is. try www.shopandship.com

its a really brilliant service


AngryBeaver Sun 23-Sep-12 06:06:57

ooh thanks frick,shall look.
WSS It is MELU (davines)...tis dreamlike smile

AngryBeaver Sun 23-Sep-12 06:09:07

Has anyone found a decent radio station to listen to??The one's I have come accross are all TERRIBLE!

justaboutiswarm Sun 23-Sep-12 06:24:12

I think NZ Post has just launched a shop and ship service from the US too.

I have just had the happy experience of reading the Sunday Star Times. More like a quality English paper than anything else I've found here. Think it could be a weekly treat.

vvviola Sun 23-Sep-12 06:33:45

Oh yes to the Sunday Star Times. I don't buy it often but have had a glance on occasion in the library. It's very good.

DD2's "not complex enough" allergies strike again. Random hives that we can't figure out cause for, eczema is back & she spent last night vomiting up mucous. sad I need shares in Shorecare at this rate! Luckily we have an appointment with paediatrician on the 2nd.

AngryBeaver Sun 23-Sep-12 06:35:11

Yep standard of journalism here, both broadcast and print, is, erm....shit!

BBQWidow Sun 23-Sep-12 07:14:21

There are NO decent radio stations. They are all pure dross. I use the internet and listen that way.

I'd love to figure out how to set this place up so that it goes to the point where I've last read rather than having to scroll through each time. I'm a bit of a technophuckwit to be fair.

All the best with the packing!

The weather really has been much nicer, hasn't it.

thelittlestkiwi Sun 23-Sep-12 07:36:44

I quite like the edge on 94.6. Or 96.4. Not sure which. But then I have a rather silly sense of humour and also listen to Radio 1. I love Scot Mills.

BBQ- If you click on the 'I'm watching' button at the top then click on the last post in the thread it should bring you straight here.

MacyGracy Sun 23-Sep-12 08:12:23

I haven't read the whole thread but regarding tea, try the Kenyan Gold (Bell brand I think??). Closest to decent UK tea I've found.

(From kiwi living in UK but visit regularly)

WhatSheSaid Sun 23-Sep-12 08:26:36

For music I listen to George Fm (dancey) and Bfm (student radio) but I think they're both Auckland-only. I listen to the World Service for news and also National radio which I don't think is shit at all - it has some very good programmes (a bit Radio 4-y). I sometimes listen to Radios 4 and 5 on the iPad too.

justaboutiswarm Sun 23-Sep-12 08:34:16

Yes I wsa going to say National Radio, on the few times that I've caught it, has been excellent. But I don't listen enough to really "know."

shelscrape Sun 23-Sep-12 11:08:28

Oh don't get me started on the state of NZ media ..... DH keeps retuning the radio to sodding Classic Hits, while I like national Radio (oh how I miss Radio 4) and I can just about put up with More FM. Newspapers are crap too - I have a real urge to take a red pen to the New Zealand Herald every day and amend punctuation and grammar gggggrrrrrr.

Had fun this weekend. Ds has signed up for cricket again this summer, as he is playing C grade this year he needed a cricket box. His poor wee face while he tried to figure out what this odd shaped thing was and what to do with it!

AngryBeaver Sun 23-Sep-12 11:23:37

Right, will have listen to National radio. I had it tuned to The Coast for a few days,it was completely ridiculous! The host was like something off Kath and Kim,and they played the same bloody songs every few hours! I listened to it for 2 days and heard "You picked A fine time to leave me,Lucille" about 8 times!!
vviola sorry to hear about the hives. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon

frikonastick Sun 23-Sep-12 12:11:03

grin at rubbish radios and newspapers. Luckily DH and I have just been living in syria, so basically, anything at all in English shall be viewed with nothing less than joy and unbridled enthusiasm. It looks like we have some time to go before we take up our residency though, after the initial excitement of getting through the process, we sat down and worked out the logistics. Damn you logistics!

xMinerva Sun 23-Sep-12 21:34:05

Hey you lot.

We have 10 days until we fly out. shock

Obviously I can't bring masses of stuff for other people but I can get a few things for you if there's something you really want/need.

Just PM me and I'll get what I can.

justaboutiswarm Sun 23-Sep-12 22:18:07

Oh gosh Minerva, are you flying into Auckland?

I will PM you more details about the (sodding, sodding) toothpaste.

AngryBeaver Mon 24-Sep-12 02:07:56

Was wondering where you were up to Minerva,not long now!
The Herald do not sub edit their own paper,it is sent elsewhere..and they pay peanuts to the workers so,it's of a low standard <in the know>
But, my step dad who is An Intellectual Type, was swinging between hysterical laughter and banging his head on the table when he came to visit and read the papers!

WhatSheSaid Mon 24-Sep-12 04:54:18

I have just got tickets to see Morrissey smile I know this will probably mean nothing to any of you you are all probably far too young but I was obsessed with The Smiths in my teenage years and I am VERY excited.

justaboutiswarm Mon 24-Sep-12 04:58:27

Oh that is super I would be thrilled to bits if I were you

we have got an hour's sea kayaking voucher is that as exciting?

WhatSheSaid Mon 24-Sep-12 05:08:02

Many people would probably consider it MORE exciting grin

moreyear Mon 24-Sep-12 05:16:16

@Whatshesaid - where?!! I thought they wern't on sale till Wednesday? (Also plans on reliving my youth and he better be playing old stuff and not any recently recorded rubbish new material.)

Iteotwawki Mon 24-Sep-12 05:24:12

Have just skimmed through to catch up!

Tea - quite like the dilmah Ceylon teabags, one per cup is fine but you need to leave it decently submerged for 4-5 mins to get a good flavour. Twinings NZ breakfast tea is fab but too pricey on a day to day basis (I do get it for treats now & then).

Root canals are the work of the devil. Had one in the uk before we came over, have been happily dentist free for 3 years. Sadly had to go a week ago with pain on and off in the same place for a few months - dead tooth, recurring abcesses, need root canal! Except there are a few other "problem areas" which need seeing to first so having not been to a dentist for over 3 years I now have to go every month for the next 4! Not looking forward to any of that...

Getting shampoo etc - has anyone mentioned strawberrynet yet? Most of the nurses here use them to get toiletries delivered. They're supposed to be cheap & reliable; given I get herbal essences from pak'n'save every month or so I've not tried them personally though.

Tauranga ... Lovely bagel shop next to the hospital and a flying burrito brothers in town is all I remember smile was only there for 2 days though, liked the look of what I saw!

Radio - DH has worked out how to stream radio 4 :-) great when the time difference is right, we get the comedy half hour with breakfast :-) have no clue how he does it. It's National in the car.

Morrissey ... Drool. envy I still love the Smiths! My sister got one of his daffodils at a gig, was vvvv jealous.

Nice to see such good weather again! Managed to go fishing with my boys over the weekend, had a fab time (and now have a freezer full of salmon).

I remember when we'd first arrived looking at the number plates, the housing, the electric blue sky and just wanting to see something familiar. In the end going for a car drive and seeing very unfamiliar things - mountains! - made me feel better :-) now its the uk plates that look odd, how quickly here has become my "norm".

Sibble Mon 24-Sep-12 05:41:02


We may cross in the sky. I fly back for 2 weeks on the 4th. Hideous flight - 00.50am departure but will be child free so am hoping to get some sleep on the flight. Hate flying since I've had children - hate having them with me on the place as have horrible thoughts about which would you save in an emergency and hate going on my own - what if something happens to the plane and they grow up without me. Spend about the month before flying having nightmares, all the time I'm there worrying about flying back and hopefully when I get off the plane go 'that wasn't too bad. wish I'd relaxed and enjoyed it more'. Bloody children, used to love flying...

WhatSheSaid Mon 24-Sep-12 06:12:16

moreyear there is a presale for Morrissey tickets from today if you registered with the company promoting it (Frontier Promotions), it was free to register with them. The details are here www.ticketmaster.co.nz/event/2400492BAC452466?artistid=770791&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60, under "On sale dates and times).

Please everyone stop telling me how awful root canal is! I've psyched myself up to go the the dentist after a year of needing to go and now I'm on the verge of cancelling. I'm such a wuss...

lollystix Mon 24-Sep-12 06:14:12

LOVE the smiths - my favourite of all time.

frikonastick Mon 24-Sep-12 06:51:10

no no no no, dont cancel! honestly, the root canal is the lesser evil. i didnt go, and ended up with such a terrible infection they thought they might have to remove a section of my jaw!!!!!! luckily it didnt come to that, but goodness, it scared me straight. now i would sign up for a root canal in a second if i needed to. good luck :-)

WhatSheSaid Mon 24-Sep-12 06:56:16

Ok frik you've convinced me, I'm quite keen on keeping my jaw.

My top 3 "bands I never saw but wish I had" list was the Pixies, New Order and the Smiths and now I have seen/will see them all in Auckland (well, Morrissey, not the Smiths, but still).

Am quite jealous of your child free flights Sibble, all the films you can watch!

thelittlestkiwi Mon 24-Sep-12 07:29:12

Sibble- we fly on the 4th too. But not child free. And mid afternoon. Which way you going?

BBQWidow Mon 24-Sep-12 09:51:31

Thanks for the tip for enabling me not to trawl so much. Guess posting regularly will help the 'threads I'm on' section to stay...

Flying childfree is lovely. I only manage to do that on domestic flights these days, when doing clinics in other parts of the country. The consultant we travel with is a Koru member so we get smuggled into the lounge, which is like another world!

Sibble Mon 24-Sep-12 19:49:29

thelittlest I'm going through Singapore. Have about a 12 hour stopover (through choice). Will stay in the transit hotel, sleep, eat and hopefully swim. Can't go all the way through.

whatshesaid I've been following the root canal chat. I have had 3 fillings over the past week, another one due on Thursday. I'd had tooth ache for about a year but thought it was sinus pain as it was intermittent!!! Turns out one of the teeth is cracked in 3 and although they've filled it I may need root canal. Am petrified. Won't know until he fills the one this week and we see if the pain goes away. Problem is I still have sinus pain as I've hayfever..... NOt good, I sympathise with you.

BBQWidow Love Korru club as well. A colleague also gets me in when we travel.

AngryBeaver Mon 24-Sep-12 21:08:00

just a quickie bbq...do you know you can bookmark your place on the thread?

WhatSheSaid Tue 25-Sep-12 02:43:57

Aaaaaargh, hot water cylinder has been leaking out of the bottom, plumber been this morning and reckons its buggered and we need new one. There goes 2K. What with new car battery, root canal and now this, it's turning out to be an expensive month...

thelittlestkiwi Tue 25-Sep-12 05:18:17

2K for the cylinder? Is it lined with gold?

Our local bank was held up today about 10 mins after we passed it. St Heliers FFS. I wonder where they parked the get away car cos it always takes an age to get past all the old dears who just park on the main road and pop into the post office/library/drs.

WhatSheSaid Tue 25-Sep-12 05:41:00

$1500 plus GST, approx, includes all labour costs. I checked on nocowboys.co.nz (it gives you rough estimates of how much work should cost) and it matches the figures on there.

St Heliers, blimey. The little supermarket near us has started having a security guard on the door in the evening as they got robbed a few weeks ago. It's such a shame, it's the friendliest supermarket I've ever known - I know all the cashiers and the manager packs the bags for you.

I am looking up all the free school holiday stuff at the mo as we'll be tightening our belts with the cylinder to pay for. Have found our three nearest libraries, all within about 5 mins drive, all have story/craft sessions on different days so will be going to those...

thelittlestkiwi Tue 25-Sep-12 05:58:11

Have a look at Whitcolls too. They have kids events sand craft sessions. I also saw something on FB about ports of Auckland doing free boat tours for rate payers every Tuesday morning- you need to book in advance though.

justaboutiswarm Tue 25-Sep-12 07:21:56

Yes Whitcolls stuff is good. There's a big dinosaur in the one in Albany - makes for quite an exciting outing. Also a coffee shop which helps <caffeine addict>

justaboutiswarm Tue 25-Sep-12 07:26:31

Not quite free but there is an advert in the North Shore Times this week for a make-your-own-lollipop workshop. It's only four dollars per child. The Old Lollyshop, Takapuna. I'm thinking of giving it a go.

WhatSheSaid Tue 25-Sep-12 08:18:21

If the weather is good in the holidays I'll be doing all the usual free stuff with them - beaches and parks - they are still young enough to be more than happy with a beach and a bucket and spade smile. I'm thinking of contingency plans for if it's raining though. Haven't been to the Museum for ages, that's another one.

vvviola Tue 25-Sep-12 08:55:42

WSS just a heads up - we were at the museum a couple of weeks ago and the hands-on part (Discovery centre??) was closed. Not sure when it said it would reopen, November maybe. DD1 was not impressed, but I managed to distract her with the dinosaur bonesgrin

BBQWidow Wed 26-Sep-12 09:57:50

When you say bookmark this thread...do you mean in my browser, or is there a capacity to do it via the site? Other sites I use it takes me straight to the bit that I haven't read, but I don't do anything other than be logged in.

Is anyone (Aucklanders) going to try to go to the free ice skating on Queens Wharf?

justaboutiswarm Wed 26-Sep-12 11:21:11

Been thinking about it, BBQWidow. I might try to persuade DH along.

justaboutiswarm Thu 27-Sep-12 09:18:26

Just to let those of you who are interested in free indoor holiday activities know, Glenfield Westfield Mall has circus shows followed by cookie-decorating, 11am and 1 pm next week - and a free drop and leave facility the weekend after.


I think that might be good for a wet day or two.

AngryBeaver Thu 27-Sep-12 10:11:27

bbq widow you go to Customise (at top of page) then scroll down into Other Options...you ahve to turn on the Bookmark option. Then you can Bookmark up to where you have read to! Voila! No more skimming

frikonastick Fri 28-Sep-12 07:17:41

right. it looks like tauranga really definately is where we are headed. so, now i need to narrow down suburb. i really really really like the idea of being as close to the beach as possible, but having never actually lived withing walking distance of the sea am not sure if its as wonderful as i think it would be? the area i like the look of is papamoa, but i dont know if thats a good idea for schools? angrybeaver, did you find out any no go areas in your research? thanks ladies, it feels so frikken wonderful to finally be able to ask questions and be properly planning! its not just a pipe dream anymore :-)

justaboutiswarm Fri 28-Sep-12 08:06:44

ooh, congratulations!

AngryBeaver Fri 28-Sep-12 10:10:13

Ohh, congrats! I'm jealous!...We like the look of Matua. It's close to the beach and has lowest crime rate in Bay of Plenty. The schools in Tauranga all have really good reps from what I hear. There is a boys' college that is "the best in nz". Papamoa seems a pretty area. Tauranga is a really nice city. Really good feel about it. I wouldn't live near Mount Manganui,personally. It is absoloutely stunning -BUT - gets really busy at holiday seasons and shopping area is a bit touristy.
I can't say I am an expert. We are exploring bit by bit and get over to Taurana when we can. We are under an hour away so it's a do-able trip with the 3 little ones. We just about get into Tauranga before dd starts saying she is carsick!
Anyway, rambled a bit,in a nutshell...Tauranga= fab,imo

frikonastick Sat 29-Sep-12 14:34:36

matua does look lovely :-) originally i was very into the idea of a lifestyle property, but i think maybe in the beginning its a better idea to be in town rather, so we arent immediately isolated and get a chance to make friends for DD. we can always move again later <brave>

although DH just got an email about a job in aukland........... i was like, really? really really DH? dont mess with the plans!!!

AngryBeaver Sat 29-Sep-12 20:51:49

Nice to be wanted!! What does he do? (if you can say) How old is your dd?
We want a lifestyle block too, but can't without selling house in the UK.
I really want a decent back garden and hate the way the houses are all subdivided, so you have neighbours from every bloody angle (to see you naked when you get out the shower and forget to close all the interior doors)
Would love a bit of privacy. Have a few friends here with fabulous houses and land envy

justaboutiswarm Mon 01-Oct-12 01:35:20

Ooh no that would be horrid. This house is tucked away in the middle of the bush which is easier.

AngryBeaver Mon 01-Oct-12 04:42:37

Yes, poor neighbours with their bleeding eyes!
Would love love love a house where no one could see in...not gonna happen for a while so no point getting het up about it I suppose.
Lucky you justa that must be unusual so close to the city

WhatSheSaid Mon 01-Oct-12 05:28:45

We only have one room (a bedroom) that is overlooked - on two sides we have trees and the houses are quite far away too. At the front we are up a steep slope from the house in front of us so their roof is below us. There are quite a lot of houses tucked away in the more bush-y areas of Auckland where you aren't overlooked.

Gorgeous day yesterday - we spent the whole day in the garden, did some weeding, planted new plants, paddling pool out for the dcs, picnic lunch out there.

thelittlestkiwi Mon 01-Oct-12 06:14:02

We're the same- only one bedroom that people can see into. I see it as a small price to pay for being walking distance to a croissant and the pub.

vvviola Mon 01-Oct-12 11:04:16

The joy of our new place is I don't think it's really overlooked at all despite neighbours being close. It's all about the angles grin Even the garden seems relatively private.

Off to experience the next stage of the NZ health system. Paediatric outpatients with DD2. Have been writing timelines and questions all evening. Wish me luck (and good traffic!)

justaboutiswarm Mon 01-Oct-12 11:22:38

Oh, are you going to be there tomorrow morning? We shall be too. Ortho clinic though. Text me, we may end up meeting in the cafe...

frikonastick Mon 01-Oct-12 14:24:05

lol at the neighbors seeing you in the nick :-D

you see, this is why i need to read this thread, i hadnt thought about things like being overlooked. hhmmm. maybe time to re asess the whole lifestyle block thing.

DD is 4, and a proper monkey at the moment. she told me today, very authoritively, that 'school is only for a short time mommy, then im going to be a laydeeeee' so i go, but DD what will you do when you are a lady? and she says, 'i am going to have lots of children, but we will need a bigger house mommy'

AngryBeaver Mon 01-Oct-12 22:19:02

It is a very informative thread,isn't it?! The amount of knowledge I have gleaned from here!
Dd sounds like she would have lots to talk about with my dd, she is a monkey too! Where are you from originally frick? I am assuming from the "mommy", that it's the States?

Sibble Tue 02-Oct-12 02:52:37

One sleep to go then Blighty here I come. No school run, shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing for 2 whole weeks. Just lunch and proper shopping, Lakeside and Bluewater here I come. DH you have no idea what lies ahead!!! grin

WhatSheSaid Tue 02-Oct-12 05:30:22

Nice, Sibble, enjoy the shopping.

thelittlestkiwi Tue 02-Oct-12 06:13:56

Hhm, two sleeps for us but I'm doing two weeks solo while staying with my folks. Who are not terrible keen on children. Gulp. I wonder if the two solo weeks is grounds for making DH look after DD for the whole journey before he heads elsewhere.....

frikonastick Tue 02-Oct-12 08:34:11

lol, no not american, but DDs last teacher was so i guess she picked it up. DDs class has 11 nationalities in it, and DH and I have lived in 7 countries so far so i imagine our own accents and speech are a real mish mash now. oh no, 8 actually, just did a quick count. we are so looking forawrd to NZ being our 'real' home. bloody hell, no pressure right. what if we hate it confused

lol, nah itll be ok :-)

AngryBeaver Tue 02-Oct-12 10:07:15

good luck sibble and littelest...I'm totally jealous of your shopping opportunities! And the chance to reconnect with the friends and family. Wish I could!
Sorry frick obviously guessed wrongly! You have obviously done your fair share of globe trotting, and I don't blame you for wanting to "settle". I doubt you'll hate it here. If your situation is right (& by that I mainly mean job and house) you will love it smile

vvviola Tue 02-Oct-12 10:40:59

Oh I'm so jealous of the shopping opportunities. And the solo long haul flight (I used to travel a lot in a previous job & used to adore long haul flights by myself)

Summary of paediatrician appt: she was lovely, thorough and reassuring. But game plan seems to be to give up breastfeeding slowly to rule it out as a source of the mystery allergies. I'm not against it in theory - but the practicalities might be tricky, madam knows what she likes grin

(And North Shore hospital shone in relation to timekeeping again. I was actually walking into the consultation room at my appointment time. grin)

xMinerva Tue 02-Oct-12 20:04:04

It‘s tomorrow.

OMG it‘s tomorrow.

Now if I could only get ds2 to go to bloody sleep, I can run around like a headless chicken remembering things I need to pack.

Got 6 tubes of toothpaste though so thats all good. wink

thelittlestkiwi Tue 02-Oct-12 20:17:07

How exciting Minerva! We'll wave as we pass in the skys!

I've managed to get bloody food poisoning overnight. Stoopid takeaways are always poisoning me here. Grrr.

justaboutiswarm Tue 02-Oct-12 20:39:28

Hooray for toothpaste! Thank you.
Oh no to foodpoisoning.

Sibble Wed 03-Oct-12 02:24:36

There will be 3 of us in the sky possibly crossing paths tomorrow. How weird. I'll be in Singapore if anybody is going that route. 7 hours until I leave for the airport. DS2 keeps crying. Feel very guilty leaving the boys. Although thought trip might be off, ended up in emergency last night with DS2 he had an allergic reaction to something and was covered in hives. Seems OK to day.....

frikonastick Wed 03-Oct-12 06:36:16

good luck to everyone travelling :-)

vvviola Wed 03-Oct-12 21:50:10

The move has commenced. confused

DH & I may be divorced by the end of the day!

justaboutiswarm Wed 03-Oct-12 22:02:08

Oh my goodness I hadn't realised it was today!

AngryBeaver Thu 04-Oct-12 08:55:54

ugh, I feel your pain vviola ,hope you get through it. Very stressful time isn't it. We still haven't found anywhere and have to be out in 5 weeks.
Good luck to all in the air, either coming or going, may all your travels be delay and drama free xx

frikonastick Thu 04-Oct-12 09:09:45

vvviola, you have my full sympathies

vvviola Thu 04-Oct-12 10:00:33

It was all going fine until the crèche called to say DD2 wasn't well. Coughing her poor little lungs out. She won't be able to go in tomorrow, so instead of me going in to uni to finish my assignment & get out of DH, MIL & BIL's way, I'll be wrangling a poorly DD2. probably on no sleep if the evening so far is anything to go by hmm

On the positive side, we did get loads done today & discovered we have a lemon tree and a kiwi fruit tree grin

vvviola Fri 05-Oct-12 00:09:40

MIL just packed up all the baby food and can't remember which box she put it in. What on earth did she expect the poor child to eat - and could she have not checked with me first?

I know she means well, but she's driving me loopy. Not helped by the fact that she talks to DH like he's a teenager just moved out of home. angry

Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths. And reminding myself she's actually trying to help grin

AngryBeaver Fri 05-Oct-12 08:30:05

Ah fucking hell,that's no help!! But, it's hard for me to imagine helpful MIL'S,tbh.
Mine is shocking...like- you've just given birth and they sit on the sofa reading the papers asking what is for lunch and could they have a cup of tea-shocking!
I hope you are able to overcome it, she probably has just gone into Packing Mode. Deep breaths!x

AngryBeaver Fri 05-Oct-12 08:31:58

Oh,why do they change the tv schedule and not tell you?! Where the chuff is Kath and Kim and Miranda,please and thank you??!!

WhatSheSaid Fri 05-Oct-12 08:58:47

I was wondering where Kath and Kim was too. We're watching Scarface on 4 instead.

frikonastick Fri 05-Oct-12 08:59:03

oooohh, TV. now thats a question. is there like, cable type tv? like sky or OSN or similar?

WhatSheSaid Fri 05-Oct-12 09:03:35

Yes, there's Sky, about 50(?) channels, with Movies, Sports, etc. channels I watch most on it are documentary ones, news, Soho (lots of good mainly US dramas, stuff like The Killing etc). I think you can find enough good programmes if you trawl through them all. 5 kids channels too.

AngryBeaver Fri 05-Oct-12 09:14:54

I youtubed Kath n Kim and am watching the Xmas Spesh "look at moy please, look at moooooy!" tee hee
They have Sky but it is about $100 per month as opposed to £20 in UK for a similar package. Everyone says NZ tv is shite, but I manage to find things to watch each night (on my own every night due to Dh's hours)

WhatSheSaid Fri 05-Oct-12 09:17:16

I think last week's Kath and Kim was the last in that series - wasn't it the one where Sharon marries Shane Warne? Classic.

We pay $70/month for Sky.

AngryBeaver Fri 05-Oct-12 09:44:30

Yep, that was last week,so funny! But they don't say it's the last one do they? No announcement at all, same as Aukland Daze, was wa1!iting for that last night and Kath and Kim was on!!Communication ployse,people

vvviola Fri 05-Oct-12 11:22:46

I'm feeling very forgiving today AB she did stellar working packing up the kitchen while I pretty much paced around with DD2 who has doubled her limpet-ness this weekend. When I can't find anything for next month the forgiveness may wear off grin

xMinerva Sat 06-Oct-12 02:57:07

Well I'm here.

Landed yesterday morning. Flights dealt free and as drama free as you can get with a 2 and a 3 yr old.

Spent the first night cleaning up the contents of the 3yr olds stomach and he's now on the sofa watching Nick jnr burning up like a fire, poor sod. Sent dp, mother and ds2 put for medicine and a few other bits.

House is lovely. Bit messy as landlord left in a rush but that can be sorted. We have a lemon tree too. grin

Not keen on all this wind, making internal garage and front doors bang and rattle around and it's freaky at night.

My god, isn't the sun strong though.

xMinerva Sat 06-Oct-12 02:57:53

Flights were delay free not dealt free. hmm

WhatSheSaid Sat 06-Oct-12 04:01:45

Welcome to NZ, xMinerva smile, I can't remember, have you visited before or is it your first time here?

The sun is getting pretty strong, I have put sunscreen on my shopping list for this week. It'll be way way stronger in summer though.

vvviola Sat 06-Oct-12 04:06:30

Well, we're in. Kind of. Lots of boxes & stuff everywhere, but we have a place to sit and a place to sit & the kettle.

MIL has again been doing incredible work. But she also sighed and told DH "ooh, that shower will need regular cleaning" (because our previous one didn't?hmm), tutted at the storage in the kitchen & said she'd hate to have a house with stairs hmm.

I'm practicing not hearing half of it grin

vvviola Sat 06-Oct-12 04:07:24

Obviously I meant a place to sit and a place to sleep. grin must be an indication of how much I'd just like to sit down!

xMinerva Sat 06-Oct-12 07:51:19

Nope, never been before.

So far so good though. Had to go back to the airport today to collect 2 bags I left behind blush The view coming into the city was amazing.

Glad you're all in vvv hope your dd is better soon.

lollystix Sat 06-Oct-12 11:02:44

Xminerva - welcome to NZ. Where in Auckland are you? You get used to the wind and the rain making the house shake. The housing is dreadful as you may have discovered by now.

We've been on a roadtrip for the last week down to nelson. A very long roadtrip with no roofbox and 4 kids and all their crap including travel cots and buggies. Knees round my ears in the front seat all the way up the road from Welly. Good to see some proper NZ and I waved at Cambridge as I passed through AB. My god Welly was windy! Nelson was lovely though but glad to be home to high density living - all those fields scare me a bit.

I feel very jealous of UK shopping trips....have been browsing the web.

Oh and I resigned just before I went. Have a new job which I think may suit me a bit better. Start in 2 weeks. Not sure I'm very popular at old place as I'd only been there 4 months. Have to back next week and not sure of reception I will get.

AngryBeaver Sat 06-Oct-12 22:09:41

Welcome minerva!
aaargh lolly! you kept that quiet! What is your new job? Same kind of thing I'm assuming.
(Dh is looking for a career change)
I think you'll just have to brazen it out at work until you leave!
Dh is still worried about pissing people off if it comes out he is looking for other work.
What was Welly like apart from windy? You could have called in to see scrooboius and had a ride on her cable car!!
Speaking of which,scroobious how are things with your parents? x

vvviola Sat 06-Oct-12 22:40:04

Welcome minerva!

I am officially a very happy bunny. Nice quiet bedroom(big change from all the boy racers around our old place), a fantastic shower & a lovely cosy feeling sitting room. grin

AngryBeaver Sat 06-Oct-12 23:59:21

Great vviola, so pleased for you,all's well that ends well!
Hope the same will be said for us!

justaboutiswarm Sun 07-Oct-12 01:14:09

Good work lollystix, I remember you saying the other job wasn't ideal.

Welcome minerva (not desperate for toothpaste at all, get some sleep first)

Hooray to vvviola's new house and angling for an invite.

Have been quiet this week as crap time with DS1's hip and joint problem. He's recovered, though, and glorious kayaking trip yesterday.

justaboutiswarm Sun 07-Oct-12 01:15:20

I am the opposite of you lolly, I have realised I really NEED to see some fields and pasture soon. I love bush and sea but I really want MORE land!
We are going camping in Shakespear Reserve next weekend which will hopefully give me a taste of green.

WhatSheSaid Sun 07-Oct-12 02:26:39

Shakespear is a nice regional park. Further up that coast, Mahurangi, Scandrett and Tawaharanui Regional Parks are also really lovely.

justaboutiswarm Sun 07-Oct-12 06:52:32

Yes, I bet they are. Shakespear was just close and the only one left with camping space (makes me wonder why? Hopefully not that it is a famously dire campingground)

This may be a tad ambitious, but I wondered about a MNNZ picnic meet-up now the weather is getting better, one weekend?

AngryBeaver Sun 07-Oct-12 08:20:53

I would love that!...logistics may scupper me though, I will try my bestest!

vvviola Sun 07-Oct-12 08:58:47

Oh yes, count me in for a picnic grin

(and that invite will be forthcoming justabout, just as soon as I figure out which box the mugs are in grin)

lollystix Sun 07-Oct-12 09:05:21

Picnic would be great.

Job is a bit different to the old one but more like what I did in the UK - a new venture with a couple of big companies. Should be exciting but I do feel bad about leaving the other one - not ideal but an opportunity I couldn't miss.

Old job not going so well in that nanny who was sick a week ago on Friday (so I had to leave work in the morning to cover) has called to say she is still sick and needs to see Dr tomorrow. So I have had to call my boss to say I can't go in tomorrow and will have to pull another day of holiday to cover which means my one day of shopping and lunching with DH before I start new job is now out the window. I feel dreadful as it makes me look so unprofessional. Nanny is usually amazing and she did sound crap on the phone but a bit frustrated that she didn't see a Dr last week whilst we were all on holiday. AIBU?

Glas new house working out vviola. AB - what's your current housing situation with evil spanish landlady?

AngryBeaver Sun 07-Oct-12 10:10:55

Ah,that sucks lolly. Can't be easy juggling everything. And your shopping,lunching day sounded lovely, sorry that you'll miss out on that.
yup, we're a bit fooked with the housing situ at the moment, to quote the estate agent "rentals in cambridge are like hen's teeth" soooo,as I say, fooked. We arte still looking for a relocation, either Tauranga or Aukland. But the chances of landing a job in 5 weeks are slim to non existant I would've thought

justaboutiswarm Sun 07-Oct-12 10:29:15

Well, on the plus side you don't need boss' approval, lolly!

WhatSheSaid Sun 07-Oct-12 20:14:33

Crap about the house situation, AB. I guess there's not a lot on Trade Me then?

Road trip sounds great lolly.

We'd be up for a picnic sometime, once all this spring rain buggers off.

justaboutiswarm Mon 08-Oct-12 00:40:16

yes, would be fun.

DS1 got his ADHD diagnosis today. Very relieved as it seemed that they were going to mess us around with it again.

AngryBeaver Mon 08-Oct-12 00:53:58

Oh that's good justa hope you get swift access to some help

justaboutiswarm Mon 08-Oct-12 05:13:07

Yes I feel very relieved.

thelittlestkiwi Mon 08-Oct-12 06:00:12

We have arrived in Amsterdam and are staying with my kiwi bf. it's so lovely to be back with old friends. DD and her DS are having a ball and I will be so sad to leave. DD did quite well on the flight but has been up at 2am two days in a row.

The food is amazing and so cheap. Haven't done much shopping yet.

Shells Mon 08-Oct-12 06:13:00

Hi everyone,
Have lurked for ages and thought I'd briefly pop back. We are bailing out of NZ and heading back to UK (been here 6 years). There will be lots and lots to miss (not least my parents) and living by the sea in Wellington. But a good job for DH awaits and we have failed to make any progress financially here. Lots of bad calls in the distant past from us re. property and we are sick of living in cold, expensive houses. Job is in London, but hopefully moving to Cambridge. SO much to do.

Hope all you new settlers go well.

WhatSheSaid Mon 08-Oct-12 06:37:15

Good luck Shells, when are you heading back? Will you have two winters in a row? (though the second one will at least be in a house with central heating!)