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DeliveredByKiki Fri 23-Sep-16 01:07:28

We've been in LA for nearly 5 years and a job has come up in NYC I'd like to apply for so with the following criteria would love anyone's opinion:

Have current 2DC currently in 2nd grade and TK so a good public school is a must (we know from experience in LA the importance of living in the home school district)

DH works in software engineering, is now an architect working for a top games company so his skills are pretty good but ok not sure about the industry there compared to CA. Also the job I want is very very time heavy, he would have to pick up the bulk of home and child care, which will be interesting after me being at home for 3 years and now working my freelance work around the kids so he's free to do whatever he wants. We both have green cards.

He hates apartment living so that takes us out of Manhattan. Where else could we look (he doesn't want to be sandwiched in on all sides, I might be able to sell a conversion or small complex) considering I'd be commuting to between midtown and UES often late nights and weekends

We'd prob have a combined household income of $250K before tax (fully clued up on healthcare 401K etc etc)

I feel like I'm talking myself out of applying for a job I desperately want....

stopgap Fri 23-Sep-16 12:48:51

I think you need to look outside the city. Brooklyn has good public schools, but they tend to be in areas with expensive rent (I assume you're looking to rent and not buy?).

If you want a laid-back Brooklyn feel without Brooklyn rent, check out Hastings on Hudson and the nearby Hudson River towns, or Montclair NJ.

DeliveredByKiki Fri 23-Sep-16 17:35:05

Thanks - that's really helpful

I think commuting wise we're looking at Brooklyn, LI and maybe some western parts of Queens? Any specific areas anyone can recommend particularly with good schools (elementary and middle), those are our priorities and budget

We own a home in LA but literally just bought it so if we moved to NYC we wouldn't be selling and buying again straight away. We manage right now on mortgage/rent costs of $3,500/month. My wage if I got this job could prob push it up to $4K/month on rent, but having spent some time in NYC I feel like other costs would also escalate?

Where would your job be in the city? If it's on the west side, then NJ would be your best bet. East Side then Westchester or CT. If you're considering Queens then maybe look into Astoria or Forest Hills? Both on the Subway system and very family friendly.

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