Remind me what I loved about London

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lamii Thu 15-Sep-16 13:52:45

;) This is a friendly wink to the thread 'remind me what I hate about UK'.
I miss London and I do not remember the mess, the dirt and the overcrowd...I am seriously amnesic!
I start with Pret-a-Manger! So convenient.

wherewhere Thu 15-Sep-16 14:17:18

The South Bank.

Free entrance to world class museums and galleries

The parks

HateSummer Thu 15-Sep-16 14:21:31


EssentialHummus Thu 15-Sep-16 14:22:27

There's something new and interesting to do/see every day if you want.

Food from all over the world on your doorstep.

Broadly, it's safe to wander around on your own.

Quasi free & constang immediate access to arts and culture


Reasonnably priced, safe, local & seasonal wholefood.

Daily banter

Sunday papers

It depends where you are as well. I missed different things about London when I lived in Italy than Canada. I always miss Pret though...

I miss everyone's driving. People here can't drive.

lamii Thu 15-Sep-16 20:49:32

I'm in Stockholm, Sweden.

'Quasi free & constang immediate access to arts and culture'-->>what I miss the most.

Open-minded and interested people.

ifink Fri 16-Sep-16 08:59:20

I miss the people! I found our london area one of the most welcoming places I have lived in - met so many interesting people many of whom became proper friends even though we only lived there a short 2 years.

lamii Sat 17-Sep-16 22:28:33

I feel guilty for that (and this more uk than London) but...I miss Primark !

JudyCoolibar Sat 17-Sep-16 22:35:03

The view from Waterloo Bridge, in both directions: St Paul's one way, Parliament the other. I used to commute over it and never tired of that view.

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