Salt Lake City Schools - anyone?!

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Packingupandshippingout Mon 04-Apr-16 17:19:53

My not-so DH has sprung a relocation on me, and we're heading to Salt Lake City at the end of next month. Despite the short time scales we're all very excited, and plan to spend between 12-18 months there.

My only real concern is around schools. We have two daughters (who will be aged 4 and 6 in September), so one will be in Kindergarten, the other in Elementary. Ideally I want to find a school that both could attend, close to Cottonwood Heights where we will be based. They currently attend a TINY village primary/preschool and I'm slightly terrified at the thought of them having to cope with a huge school as well as the move.

I'm in touch with a couple of local mums, but their children are younger. So ANY local insight/recommendations would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

AgathaMystery Mon 11-Apr-16 22:17:07

I would tweet @cjanekendrick - she seems mostly sane & has a billion siblings so could advise re: schools.

MadamDeathstare Mon 11-Apr-16 22:56:34

If nobody shows up who lives in Salt Lake City you can check the schooldigger and greatschools websites for general information on schools - such as size, test scores, and some reviews. The school district website will probably also give you school news like 'X Elementary got a prize for robotics' or 'Y Elementary just completed installing this nature garden'.

My DC went from a pre-school where there were usually only about 50 DC at a time in the whole school to an elementary school with 1,200 pupils. I was worried, but the school was organized so each grade had their own hallway, they had separate recess times on the playground and separate lunchtimes. They barely saw the children in the other grades. The class size was a maximum of 25 children to one teacher with 8 classes per grade.

I would check on the age cut offs in Utah. Your four year old might be in pre-K instead of Kindergarten. In California Kindergarten was for those who turned five before the end of the year. In Alabama I think it's for those who have turned five before September. Also check when the Fall semester starts as ours starts the first week of August and we finish the year at the end of May.

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