Letting Agents in Bristol

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username2012 Wed 06-Aug-14 06:05:56

I'm trying to find a good lettings agent in Bristol who can manage my property for me while I'm overseas. All the advice is to use one which is recommended... but I don't know anyone who has used an agent recently. Does anyone have any experience, particularly a good experience, with lettings agents in Bristol?? Otherwise, I'm thinking of selling the property so I'd also be glad to hear from anyone who can recommend a decent estate agent. Thank you!

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 16-Aug-14 23:05:13

Hi, bumping for you, and also wondering if it might be an idea for you to post on the MN local for Bristol?

username2012 Sun 17-Aug-14 14:08:27

Good idea - I'll do that, thank you smile

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