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Forex transfer company?

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lazydog Wed 21-Aug-13 06:44:08

I've used xe.com for several small (<$10,000) transfers with no problems at all, and back in 2005 we used www.sterlingexchange.co.uk/ for a much higher amount when we were purchasing property in Canada, from the UK. They were excellent, too, but that was a long time ago and a one off experience so I'd be nervous to say I'd still recommend them smile

We always use Forex.com Never had a problem at all. And it is free! Exchange rates have always been competitive. No complaints at all.

I've used Xe for smaller amounts under $10,000 and was very pleased. For larger amounts I've done a bank transfer cost a small amount on each end, but when I checked after I'd done as well as using Xe (rate wise) and it was done in a day instead of 4 days.

Thanks I'll take a look at them

Sconset Tue 20-Aug-13 20:24:25

we previously used caxton- they were very good, and offered decent rates (and they had a facility wjere your money could sit there until it hit the rate youwanted, then they'd exchange it IYSWIM)
Thiswas a few years ago now, but I'm sure they're still good.

Can anyone recommend a reputable company to transfer our funds from UK to USA? I've had a google and contacted Xe.com but obviously don't want to entrust our money to just anyone.

Are they really a lot cheaper than using the bank? Will be moving about 40k


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