Help ! dd is having a shit time trying to find a flat in Bordeaux.

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ggirl Wed 07-Aug-13 19:44:36

She's there this week, flys back on friday , so tomorrow last day.
She is having trouble finding a furnished flat cos they want a french guarantor..which she doesn't have.
So unfurnished there a decent second hand market , anyone know the area.
Such a pita.
She should have done all this a month or so ago I know but hey ho she's there now .
And she's had to pay money to estate agent to get list of flats to view!!!
Most student furnished are all taken.
ANy advice??

ggirl Fri 30-Aug-13 20:00:24

In hindsight dd should have gone to find a place in July rather than go travelling hmm...she regrets that choice now.

fussychica Fri 30-Aug-13 14:12:52

Glad to hear it's sorted - what a relief!

DS is off to Bordeaux region for his year abroad - he is teaching through the British Council - been placed in the middle of nowhere! He has been offered accommodation at the school (it's boarding) - after hearing your DDs experience I sincerely hope it works out.

I'm sure they will both be fine along with the hundreds of other doing similar but I'll be worrying with yougrin

So pleased she's found somewhere to live. I doubt you'll ever stop worrying but she'll have the time of her life.

ggirl Thu 29-Aug-13 10:35:53

Oh Master -thanks for not telling me your horror stories.
I'm now worrying how safe she is and how long she'll be without phone internet etc.
She's adamant she wants to do this alone , meeting up with another girl today from same uni so at least she'll have a friend.
You never stop worrying about your kids do you?!

MasterOfTheYoniverse Thu 29-Aug-13 01:35:15

Been lurking as i can remember myself in her shoes 20 years ago! Had no positive feedback so thought i'd bite my tongue!
Glad its sorted. Hope its all smooth sailing now!

ggirl Wed 28-Aug-13 09:38:16

Update , dd has finally found a flat . It's a studio flat and furnished in student area . Shes so relieved. Cleaning it up today and sorting all the other stuff out like Internet ,phone electricity . Thanks for all your help.

ggirl Thu 15-Aug-13 17:01:05

She's not hoping for a flat ...she'll take anything...flatshares , studios etc and she has already been there with all the paperwork , going back again with dh cos they seem to want a parent physically with her as guarantor .

Personally I wouldn't pin my hopes on a flat for the reasons riverboat has pointed out. I didn't have my own place until after graduating and having a decent income - even then it was 20 m2, one room on the fifth floor with no lift.

For reasons of friendship, social life, security and cost I would personally go for a flat share or student accommodation / foyer etc. and would not live on my own.....

Best of luck to her and keep us posted!

riverboat Wed 14-Aug-13 23:13:54

It is a nightmare finding a flat to rent in France if you are French, and a HUGE nightmare if you are foreign!

It seems impossible when you're in the thick of ithe search, but I'm sure she'll get there.

She may be better with a house share or sublet as it won't require all the guarantor stuff. Look at: (has a housing section)

When you go out there, take originals and copies of all the paperwork you might possibly need should you be called upon as guarantor - bank statements, tax return, work contract with stated salary...

I know a couple of Brits here in Paris who have clinched an apartment by throwing in English lessons to landlor or landlord's kids as a sweetener! Could be worth a try...but the dossier is the most important thing.

ggirl Wed 14-Aug-13 20:26:33

butterflies, thanks for your advice, meant to post earlier , gave dd the website info this am.She's going back to Bordeaux on the 26th and taking dh this time to try and find and confirm a place.

Btw I wouldn't go through estate agents as they often ask for money just to look at their properties. Stick with the small ads in local papers, notice boards etc. very few of these will be as picky and a landlord will never ask for your tax information.

It's really tricky finding apartments when you are a student so she has my sympathies. I did a couple of internships for the French government in Paris and Lyon when I was a student and even their payslips didn't always help us with landlords. I remember turning up to one grotty place and we were number 20 in line to view that day ... Everyone had their guarantors lined up too! Remember that I furnished often means no white goods (ie fridge, cooker) and sometimes not even a kitchen sink......

I did stay in a catholic hostel in Lyon for a while, it was great and they didn't mind the English girls rolling in at 3am on a Sunday morning, as long as we were quiet.

For your dd, I just found loads of furnished student accommodation on the national website Adele. Is she not eligible for any of these? There are studios and flats, city centre or outskirts, Internet, launderette. Any good?

ggirl Tue 13-Aug-13 18:19:08

ok so she has found nothing
french landlords want french tenants
she's home now so will have to go back in week or so with a parent this time ....aaargh!!

ggirl Thu 08-Aug-13 19:41:17

Hi update ,as dd is due to leave Bordeaux tomorrow at 10am she has been frantically trying to sort something out today.
She has been asked for 2 mos deposit hmm but also I or dh have to sign a form and give send tax return proof from year before last (last yrs not enough hmm)
So provisionally she has found somewhere but it is all subjective to landlord getting this proof and speaking to us on the phone tomorrow...and as dd is flying back tomorrow , if this falls through she's buggered!
Poor girl was in tears calling me form estate agents but I think they have taken pity on her and thus allowing us till tomorrow to get these forms to them.

Impomea Thu 08-Aug-13 17:21:52

Has your daughter looked at the CROUS site for Bordeaux ? They have student accom .(logement etudiant)

ggirl Thu 08-Aug-13 14:50:08

she hates asking for money from us so is stressing majorly about that as well

ggirl Thu 08-Aug-13 14:49:07

oh castles I wish i had seen your post this am
she's been on the ph in tears
was 5min too late for one she saw at 1pm
some are asking 2mos deposit and she's fretting about the money
I just told her to get the one she likes and we'll worry about the deposit

bloody stressful !!!!!!!!

castlesintheair Thu 08-Aug-13 10:09:47

My French friend's DD is starting in Bordeaux. I can ask her for advice if you want. Just pm me. We live in France.

ggirl Wed 07-Aug-13 22:38:50

great idea about inflatable mattress
will see what tomorrow brings
thanks for your suport smile

Impomea Wed 07-Aug-13 22:30:11

Lots of student studio appartments come with very basic furniture usually a bed and a desk.She could get one of those inflatable mattresses to tide her over .They often sell them in french supermarkets.

Once she starts uni I am sure she will find everybody to be really friendly and helpful.

ggirl Wed 07-Aug-13 21:35:12

thanks your right..she will be proud of herself
she's got more balls than me for sure

Bluestocking Wed 07-Aug-13 21:31:31

OP, I'm sure you do wish you had gone, but truthfully, what support could you have provided by being there that you aren't already offering?
Your DD will find herself somewhere to live and will feel so proud and capable for having sorted out this big thing for herself. Your role is to keep reminding her that she can do this, because (to quote Sugar Pie De Santo via Mr T) her momma didn't raise no fools.

skylerwhite Wed 07-Aug-13 21:30:44

Also, perhaps get her to look for a Facebook page for Bordeaux international students, or something like that - she might get advice or find someone with a room going spare there.

ggirl Wed 07-Aug-13 21:29:40

hahah yes she's said she's suddenly turned religious..praying for a flat

ggirl Wed 07-Aug-13 21:28:43

oh the car boot is a good idea
she'll have to find a way to get a mattress delivered, can't see her carrying that
I know she's technically an adult but she's still my baby and I hate to hear her stress ...all a good experience I suppose
thanks for all your help

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