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RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Fri 26-Jul-13 21:18:42

Hi there - I've got a DD who is 1 next week, so I'll PM you my email and maybe we can have a play date when you arrive- I live in Wan Chai.

Your housing budget is HK$30k per month. You could find something in mid-levels but you need to manage your expectations because HK housing is, frankly, outrageously overpriced and quite crap/outdated (landlords seem to be holding out for avocado bathroom suites to become trendy again). I've got friends who have a lovely 2 bed apartment on Caine Road right by the escalator and are paying less than 30k. However, they have no facilities (no pool, no car park, no helper room etc) which suits them, but might not suit you- if you're going to work, you'll need a helper (only form of childcare available - no day care except for low income families) so you need somewhere for them to live (or risk live-out which is illegal). You could consider Kowloon (aka the dark side). It used to be "the wrong side of town" and expats shunned it, but in the last few years it's become increasingly popular. You get a lot more for your money and there are some nice, new, very family-friendly developments and increasing numbers of good malls, restaurants etc. It's definitely worth a look. MTR joins Kowloon to the island and is fast, clean and cheap. Tonnes of buses and taxis are also cheap.

If you do go back to your current employer, where would you be working? Where will your DH be working?

Also, are you on FB? If so, find a group called HK Moms and request to join. It's a nest of vipers but can be quite useful on occasion- ask on there about Kowloon as there are a lot of people who live that side and can recommend developments . Finally, a mumsnetter has a great relocation website called The HK Hub which has lots of info on areas. The other good one for tips on kids stuff is sassymama.


PennieLane Thu 25-Jul-13 19:46:00

Hello everyone!

I've searched for threads on this, but can't find anything recent, if anyone can direct me I'd be v grateful!

I'm moving to HK in Sept with DH's work and 10 month old DD. I'm on maternity until Jan and hoping for internal transfer with my work (though worried about working hours...another thread!). DH's work will pay £30k for our accommodation for the year and from research I quite fancy central/mid-levels over Discovery Bay (currently live in central London and love it). Is this completely crazy to consider with this budget? (Please don't flame me I'm just starting research as all quite sudden, figure MN knows best!)

Any must do/see/recommendations you wish you'd known at start?! I may SAH if work doesn't work out, any tips for meeting other mums/baby groups or failing that, how have people found childcare?

Thank you so much in advance!

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