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hi all first post here :) re tesco grocery shopping hell

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ilovebeingamum26 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:32:08

hi well yesterday i did a food shop online checked the bank and the exact ammount had come out of my bank i no this because its all i had in there bar about £4 pounds anyway shopping booked between 10am and 11am ,fast forward to this morning five to 11 i get a call of tesco telling me they couldnt get the money so my orders cancelled the thing is they have got the money the bank said they cant see it on the system yet but that ammount it pending to go out and will clear tommorow so spoke to tesco customer service who told me my shopping was a lot more than my order confirmation says it is and he also said my coupon they only take the value of that of after ive paid .
Im now left with no food at all and no money to feed me and my son im so angry !!! ive just started a new job and have no money coming in bar child benefit every tuesday which i use to pay dinner money .my paydday from work is the middle of october i dont no how im going to manage any body else had this im litterally left with nothing tesco are saying it could take 14 days plus to be 'investigated' xx

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 22-Sep-13 12:04:55

If they've cancelled the order the money hasn't left your account. I know when I place an online order the pending transaction is only completed once I've signed for the delivery. In your shoes I would check my account balance again in the morning and then go grocery shopping in person.

youarewinning Sun 22-Sep-13 12:10:06

why was your shopping more than the order confirmation? Are Tesco trying to substitute a load of goods for more expensive ones? If they are ring again and say you could afford the shop you did and they should deliver that minus any substitutions and then the money will be payable.
I've read a lot of threads on here about people having problems with online shopping and it has put me right off the idea.

I agree money should go back in tomorrow though as it hasn't actually left your account to go to Tesco. Give them 14 days to investigate - but they can't keep your money whilst they do. I'm sure that would come under theft? Taking money money without your consent as you haven't signed anything yet.

ilovebeingamum26 Sun 22-Sep-13 12:11:24

The money had definately left the account yesterday i have been repeatedly checking this morning since tesco rang.The man said on the phone when i rang back it can happen but not often where they take the money apparantly it cant take 3 days to leave my account to get to tesco and that could be the confusion as the banks holding it but the moneys definately left .I use asda all the time never used tesco only reason i did was for the £17 off first shop wont ever shop with them again .Never had a problem with asda .will check my bank again tommorow hoping the money is back definately going in person tommorow if the moneys there for now i have nothing in and theres no compassion from tesco wouldnt mind i no the money was there i checked and double checked before i placed the order !! .just got to hope for the best i think now and wait for morning x

ilovebeingamum26 Sun 22-Sep-13 12:14:31

I Have absolutely no idea my order subtotal was £102 exactly with the vouchers i got it down to £85.66 then when the man rang he said my order was £117 including the voucher i have the order confirmation in my emails so its completely different .The man was so rude i gave up with him in the end .
Im hoping it does go back in tommorow as im desperately in need of it there was enough money in to cover it i checked and re checked he also said the ammount before vouchers has to be in the account at the time of order dont get that but there was its not my fault my shopping seems to have gone up a lot its disgusting and from now on i wont be using them again ever xx

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 22-Sep-13 15:03:58

Banks don't process many debit card transactions at the weekend. If the order has been cancelled, the money will be back on your account

piratecat Sun 22-Sep-13 16:00:10

yes i don't think you are going to 'see' any difference on your bank account until the morning, there's no update until then.

Sounds like they have done replacements that cost way more too.

ilovebeingamum26 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:39:10

Tesco have replied to my email asking if i received my shopping in the end i havent so looks like they dont have a clue they said once ive confirmed wether or not ive received it they will start the refund process .
i thought if they substituted items they had to give you the replacement at the same price as the other items .
hopefully its sorted for tommorow xx

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 09:02:47

hi all well the money is not back in my account !! had another email stating the refund process and how it works apparantly it can take upto 14 days dependant on bank

I have no food in surely they cant get away with this ive no food and no money to buy none !! thats was my last for 4 weeks as im waiitng for payment from my job only started last week .i have no luck

SaltySeaBird Mon 23-Sep-13 09:29:37

I used Tesco's once but never again after the shop they delivered was about £10 more expensive than the shop I ordered due to fruit, vegetables and meat all being more expensive than the predicted cost and several considerably more expensive substitutions. There were also some rather stupid substitutions like caffeinated coffee instead of decaff and biological powder over non-bio.

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 09:41:35

There a disgrace im reading more and more about people having issues
My shop was £102 but with a voucher it came to £85.66 .The man on the phone said the total was £117.96 so thats an extra £35.00 come from no where thats been added on .They just dont seem bothered just wish they would reply i need that money today or something of them i was relying on that shop .I cant lend any money and i shouldnt have to this is there issue not mine .
Total nightmare .

georgeannaskala Mon 23-Sep-13 10:01:55

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noisytoys Mon 23-Sep-13 10:08:05

I've used tesco online and have never been charged more for substitutions only the original price. Hope it is sorted for you soon OP

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 10:16:03

yes thats whats i assumed they substitue but charge the same doesnt make any sense does it plus its a big difference ,thanks me to x

piratecat Mon 23-Sep-13 11:14:55

this is bloody awful you've no money and no food????

VivaLeThrustBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 11:24:06

I've seen threads about this subject on MN before.....though previously its been asda not tesco. Get tweeting them to sort it out. That's what the MNer did to asda last time and it was sorted quicker.

NatashaBee Mon 23-Sep-13 11:24:10

I would tweet them a link to this thread, maybe shame them into doing something!

tombliboouun Mon 23-Sep-13 11:30:15

I was going to put an order through for groceries on this morning. Think I'll do my online shop at Sainsbury's rather.

Shame on you Tesco!!!

Hope you get your money back OP. Keep us posted.

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:34:08

They have just rung me now they have offered me 2 ten pound of vouchers i wont say where ive told them to stick them and said its being investigated and then they will refund as atm the moneys not showing up on there side so now need to ring the bank back
no piratecat i havent i was on benefits but have a job now but have a 4 week wait as its monthly pay and i didnt qualify for a back to work grant as wasnt on benefits long enough apparantly so they money i had from my last payment i got gas and elec ,and then did a bigger shop than i usually do so it would last obv its not going to last because i havent got it but that was my thinking behind it .
ive emailed them again just bt going to ring the bank back now as tesco claim not to have the money on there side either
but its still held in the account !! total nightmare just been crying on the phone i have no food in this house except bread milk butter and thats it i should have had this shop on sunday morning xx

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:35:19

they have just emailed me 20 coupons for tesco laughable really would be good if i could use them but no printer and u have to spend 25 before they deliver and thanks to them no money in my account idiots x

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:37:32

i mean a £20 ecoupon not 20 coupons lol x
and tombliboounn i definately would avoid tesco x

SavoyCabbage Mon 23-Sep-13 11:41:52

How awful. And you could totally do without extra stress when you are starting a new job.

I'm sure I've seen a thread on here before when the op complained through Facebook and it seemed to speed the process up...

piratecat Mon 23-Sep-13 11:47:25

yes how could op or anyone help via twitter, i don't know anything about it. Yet it seems to be a good place to gain support.

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:49:29

Its awfull just rang the numbers on the email and got through to the person who has been emailing me who has promised they will have it sorted asap.i have sent a message on facebook to them but i dont think ill get a reply and now theyve sent the coupons they probbably think there in the right .
I started my job last week mondays are my days off thank god so i can sort this mess out .
just asked family for a little borrow but they all only get paid around the 27th .my working tax should kick in shortly think the lady said around 2 weeks so thats not to bad .wouldnt mind using the coupons now but i hve no printer and it says there for online only have nothing in the bank to put to them aqnd u have to spend 25 pound just to get it deliverd there not thick are they even if used the daft coupons they would just be making more money out of me
sorry for the rant but i feel better writing it down
tesco are useless there trying to blame the bank now

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:50:11

im going to try and access my twitter now and tweet them thanks for the idea smile x

Rockchick1984 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:17:59

If the coupons are to be used online, you don't need to print them, they have a code that you type in when on the payments screen. I'd ring them and demand that they at least increase the vouchers to £25 otherwise how are you going to be able to use them?

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:16:19

yes they have emailed me 2 codes to use online
i have emailed them back and explained considering its over £25 to get the shopping delivered i feel they should increase the vouchers and/or free delivery .im hoping to hear back asap x

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Sep-13 14:48:02

Hi there,

Thanks for your reports.

As per our usual procedure, we do advise all our members to be aware that not everyone on t'internet is who they say they are, and that, although we're awed daily by the astonishing support our members give each other through life's trickier twists and turns, we'd always caution anyone never to give more of themselves to another poster, emotionally or financially, than they can afford to spare.

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 16:24:19

why has this been reported ? x

Viviennemary Mon 23-Sep-13 16:27:48

I loathe and despise Tesco's. With their every ambiguous offers and money off promotions. I have not set foot in the place for weeks. Tried customer services got fobbed off.

Viviennemary Mon 23-Sep-13 16:28:59

Didn't read whole thread as usual. Sorry. blush

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 16:30:10

i also now loathe tescos lol
wont be using there online or store ever again
money has now left the bank and guess what tescos have got it !! now awaiting refund i knew they had there pathetic xx

youarewinning Mon 23-Sep-13 17:43:42

Ilove threads where posters are having money troubles always have a message from MNHQ about lending etc. It's not personal but they do it as a duty to protect their users - and rightly so.

Your situation sounds a nightmare. Definatly worthwhile pointing out the vouchers don't cover enough for an online order.

I understand why your upset too - having been on benefits temporally and then gone into employment that transition time is tight. Are you getting everything your entitled to? Housing benefit, council tax benefit, working and child tax credits?

chickydoo Mon 23-Sep-13 18:51:28

Gosh Op this sounds very odd.
I use Tesco online every week.
Place order, use any coupon codes, key in card details.
Shopping arrives.
If I am not happy with anything, including cost, the man in the van would return it.
I sign for shopping when happy. Approx 48 hrs later my money leaves my account.
I have never paid for shopping before it is my fridge. If my shopping arrives on a Friday, the money doesn't leave my account until the Tuesday.
I hope you get it sorted.

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:06:39

yeah completely understand that .ive emailed them about the vouchers but no reply on the subject
yes thats right im currently in the middle of working tax going through and child tax apparantly is paid together now that should kick in around 10 -14 days and hb and ct not sure if ill be entitled to help but have apllied just incase ,i get child benefit i have used that 2 pay dinners last week but going to speak to school about catching up when tesco refund or my wtax kicks in so at least i will have cben to get some bits with xx

ilovebeingamum26 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:08:24

It is strange ive used asda before never had an issue my freind has used tesco weekly for years and never had a problem with them this was my first and last time for tesco though never again.
im sure it will get sorted just takes time i guess x

Could you either ask your new employer for an advance on your wages - some might be able to do something, or ask cab or other agency for foodbank voucher? You could donate back once you have money.

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 01:31:41

hi im going to speak to my boss tommorow hopefully they can help with an advance .have spoke to the dwp hoping for help they told me the food bank vouchers wont be given to me as you can only get the if u have no money coming in i have my child ben £20 did try and explain i have school dinners and snack money to pay but they didnt listen .speaking to school tommorow so hopefully they will let me catch up with dinners when this is sorted
at least then i can get some bits xx

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 08:56:48

morning still no flippin refund why cant they hurry up
was planning to use my cben but thats been swallowed in a bank charge !!
only hope now is my boss helping x

catonlap Tue 24-Sep-13 09:39:07

Can you speak to bank and ask them to refund the charge. Explain your current financial difficulty. I think sometimes the bank will refund the charge.

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:47:35

yeah going to ring them now i have had charges refunded in the past because i was on benefits at the time and they said they cant take it from that im due in work at 11.30 until 2-30 today so hoping to sort it before i have to go feel embarrased asking my boss only been there a week lol x

catonlap Tue 24-Sep-13 10:37:02

Have you checked if you're entitled to free school meals for your child?

Is there internet access at your job, with a printer that you could use for your tesco ecoupons? Perhaps your boss wouldn't mind if you explained the Tesco cock up just for you use a computer at work/their computer to print them off for you?

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:41:06

yes the lady said if i get help with housing benefit then i would be elegible but was also told if get working tax im not elegible lol would be a help if i was as thats £10.50 per week .there not coupons there just 2 codes with the value of ten pound that they wrote at the bottom of the email its says for online use as it was an online problem i could email them though and ask for them to email me coupons for store rather than the online ones .i ididnt think of that .

piratecat Tue 24-Sep-13 10:49:41

that's not true about the WTC, you can get free school meals if your income is still lower than about £16000, and you get childtax credit.

piratecat Tue 24-Sep-13 10:55:55

saying that have googled and i can't quite work out if what i was told is correct on that one. grrr.

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:57:50

is it not sounds promising then so if im elegible for hben i should get free school meals shouldnt i .

I too have never had them take the money first
Also they substitute for the same price and if you don't want something they take it back
In fact I did a shop on the 21st they took the money yesterday but did the refund on the 22nd.
I do take a screenshot of my payment screen every time though just in case though they have never messed me around.

It all sounds very confusing.
Have you gone into your order online to check against what they're saying you have because even if you allow for the voucher there's a huge discrepancy and I would want to work out why.

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:03:33

Its strange but they have done it the man from customer service said sometimes it happens but its more the bank if the bank see a payment ready to go out they will hold it and then send it am not sure i kind of think now its the banks fault aswell .
It was the homedelivery guys who told me £117 and my shop should have been in fact £85 however the customer service guy said they hadnt took the cost of the £17 off my shop of my bill and a few offers had gone through at full price .even though the bill on my customer confirmation reflected the voucher and offers coming off .its wierd .spoke to a few people now who use tesco who have never had this problem and a few who have had issues etc think its just one of them things im mad over it just glad its sorted they have the money and its not lost in cyber space some where .

ilovebeingamum26 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:07:17

I might ring the number for free school meals when i get home from work later dont think id get through now have to leave shortly x

catonlap Tue 24-Sep-13 19:10:04

How did you get on? Did Tesco sort it out yet?

skyeskyeskye Tue 24-Sep-13 19:15:58

sorry, but you were right initially, if you receive working tax credit, then you won't get free school meals. It is on the government website if you want to check it.

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 00:05:03

hi im awaiting a refund its apparantly down to the bank how fast its processed .tesco did get the money in the end knew they would as there the only people i had used my card with .
they havent emailed me back about changing the vouchers to ones i can use in store though guess they wont now

yes ive had a look had a feeling you wasnt elegible if getting working tax never mind x

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 09:56:17

Still no refund !!! just rang the bank who told me tesco havent sent anything to them as of yet that there aware of !! just rang tesco some one is ringing me back
ive no food in the house and there sitting back doing nothing !!! what a joke so angry today cant even take any dinner to work or anything .
begining to really annoy me now .
i just want my money back

catonlap Wed 25-Sep-13 13:40:11

Oh dear. Did the bank refund the charge which took up your CB at least?

Can you explore the food bank option again? I know you said you asked DWP about it but there are other places that give out vouchers and do not always have the same criteria. Citizens advice are worth a try - they are involved with a food bank in my local area so maybe in your area too.

The local church also, or Salvation army. They sometimes run their own food bank and will help people who approach them. (You do not have to be religious at all to approach them).

LazyMonkeyButler Wed 25-Sep-13 13:49:54

Has anyone got an e-mail address for the CEO at Tesco? I had a similar issue with Asda this time last year (in that case it was the delivery driver saying that "no-one was home" when I had been in the front garden all morning!)

I ended up with a refund of my money plus an extra £100 refunded. The customer services people & the store manager I tried first didn't give a shit & said pretty much the same as people seem to have been telling you.

Camwombat Wed 25-Sep-13 14:05:15

Try looking on used it to contact Vodafone CEO to get something sorted.

I use Tesco online alot and never had any issues with them sorting out any problems quickly.

ilovebeingamum26 Wed 25-Sep-13 14:26:19

hi yes they refunded in the end but used it to pay dinner money was worried school wouldnt give him dinner .
some one is loaning me some money for some shopping so will be ok for food.
thanks for the link i will have a look now tesco have agreed there in the wrong and refunding its the bank taking there time well there saying they havent received refund from tesco yet

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