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I urge you all to look at PPI and any claim you can make.

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You don't need one of these so called specialist firms to do it.

I have received an offer of £4221 from M&S in the post this morning.

All it took was a letter asking for my original signed application and then a claim form.

I started the process on 30th October and received my offer today for the cost of some paper and a couple of recorded delivery envelopes.

I am still waiting to hear from a couple of other lenders but what a fantastic start to the weekend.

Do they tell you if you should get the refund or do you have to work it out for yourself? Did they just offer the money before you even sent in the claim form?!

peggyblackett Sat 14-Jan-12 09:28:50

Did you just write to them? I'm sure my bank mis-sold me PPI on my credit card, but I have no idea of how to initiate the process. Where do you get a claim form from?

mejon Sat 14-Jan-12 09:29:11

Hooray! Definitely worth doing - DH did it right at the beginning of the mis-selling scandal with the help of templates we found on the moneysavingexpert website. The bank refused originally but when we referred it to the Financial Ombudsman, their intervention meant the bank agreed to it and he got back around £4k too.


I wrote for my original application form and they sent just that which was wrong as the PPI had been front loaded. I then downloaded the claim form and filled it in and sent a copy of my original application back to them. I got a letter to say they had received it and would respond within 12 weeks.

Next was the letter this morning with the offer and the calculation of how they arrived at their figure which is basically the PPI refunded and intrerest. I have to write back and accept their offer and they will transfer it to my account.

I do know some lenders will take the refund and offset it against any outstanding debt first.

MustControlFistOfDeath Sat 14-Jan-12 09:31:59
JollySergeantJackrum Sat 14-Jan-12 09:32:44

Peggy I'm with RBS and I just called them and said that I thought I had been missold PPI on my credit card. They asked me a couple of questions then said they'd look into it. I got a couple of update letters then about 12 weeks after my original call I got a letter offering me £450 - which looked about right to me, I didn't have all that much debt.

does anyone know if there is a central database as am not sure which of the various credit cards I've had in the past had PPI on them? hmm <<disorganized>>

My RBS credit card is one I am waiting to hear about so fingers crossed that one is a positive result.

YouOldSlag Sat 14-Jan-12 09:54:06

I agree OP, it's important to claim and you can do so back as far as six years and sometimes earlier. The rule of thumb is for example: say, you settled an account and closed it in 2007, you can still claim PPI.

I got PPI back by just writing a letter with as much information in it as possible. I found RBS very slow and incompetent but they did cough up in the end. MBNA were pretty good.

Try and include dates, account numbers, amounts paid in or off etc.

YouOldSlag Sat 14-Jan-12 09:54:51

PS as the OP says don't use a claim company as they take up to 25% off the final amount for doing something you can easily do yourself.

AttillaTheMum Sat 14-Jan-12 09:54:54

I called Halifax in June and in July I received 1400!

cornastasiaski Sat 14-Jan-12 10:02:28

you get interest!!
we've just realised that we had paid PPI on our mortgage for the first 3 years of it.

and I just want to add, if in doubt claim. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a stamp.

The Money Saving Expert guide - link up thread - will talk you through what to do step by step. I wrote one letter, copied from the site, and got £600 back from egg. It's very simple - please do it.

ilovemydog in your case I would write to all of them!! They will let you know if you didn't pay it.

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 10:45:02

We did this too with Lloyds TSB

I got a claim form from their own website, it was easy to fill in and if you didn't have all the original paperwork it didn't matter. Even my dates probably weren't accurate.

They are requred by law to make the process straightforward and you do not need the ambulance-chasing types of PPI claim companies

we got an offer of £1800...lovely smile

FriggFRIGG Sat 14-Jan-12 10:48:21

But,here's he thing....I'm an idiot.

I don't understand.

How do I know if I had PPI?

I've had a top shop card <idiot>

And Lloyds TSB credit card.

Both around 1k (student idiocy)

What's the likelihood? What documents would I need? I'm queen of the disorganised....

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 10:50:56

frigg...look on your credit card bills

it will be itemised there

if you pay it, it is a percentage of your monthly payment

we never had large credit card bills, but we still got £1800

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 10:51:36

and if you can find no documents at all, ring the company and simply ask

FriggFRIGG Sat 14-Jan-12 10:53:49 account is closed,I'm just paying off what I owe now,will it still show up?

FriggFRIGG Sat 14-Jan-12 10:54:13

Ooh,thanks,I might just do thatsmile

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 10:57:51

do you still get monthly statements of what you owe ?

you can still claim from closed accounts

I only have experience of the Lloyd's TSB site, but it was very clear and helpful

have a look here

RubyLovesMayMay Sat 14-Jan-12 10:58:06

AnyFucker DH did his with Lloyds TSB as well.

He went into the branch to sort out something else and they told him that he was paying PPI on his loan that he didnt even know about.

They told him to call a number and the claim went through, this was in November, he got a letter last week saying he'll be getting £900 including interest.

I'm not sure about other banks but the lady that we saw said that they have set money aside for claims like these and rarely dispute it, (mainly because they know how badly it was mis sold in the first place)

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 11:00:39

Yep, it was very simple and straightforward for us too

They have been told they have to pay it by the Govt

If by any chance they do dispute, the Financial Ombudsman website is very helpful too

But on the FO site it says to go through your lender first and they step in if your claim is refused (which seems rare)

lisad123 Sat 14-Jan-12 11:01:32

We had a first plus loan for the building work on the house. I made 1 call and got £13,000!!
I have just called mint and barclaycard this week and they are looking into it. I have a form for black horse here too!
Glad to see people are still getting money back.
The reason I believe I was missold was because they never asked a health question.

FriggFRIGG Sat 14-Jan-12 11:01:47


Must be one around here somewhere...

Will it actually say PPI or is it disguised?

tiredemma Sat 14-Jan-12 11:02:37

I am owed £3.5k by Lloyds. Just waiting to receive payment.

frasersmummy Sat 14-Jan-12 11:03:25

it cost me the cost of one phone calll to the halifax.. I called them and said i know I have a cc which I havent used in a couple of years

They located the acct and confirmed there was ppi on it .. she gave me all the reasons I could use to claim it back and asked which one applied the best
I gave her the reason and she did the rest

12 weeks later (a month before xmas ) I got 2.5k back ... its well worth doing . You get the ppi you paid back plus the interest on the ppi plus the interest accrued on the acct because of the ppi

I have heard soo many horror stories of these claim companies.. just contact your lender direct

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 11:05:06

ours was called "payment protection insurance" yes

they are not allowed to disguise it

if you see anything you are not sure of though, call them

they are not trying to stop people claiming, honestly (as strange as that sounds...)

Flisspaps Sat 14-Jan-12 11:05:45

I had a loan with Welcome Finance, but unfortunately they are no longer in existence and the FSCS are unable to process any claim for mis-sold PPI against them sad

Arseholes, PPI wasn't optional with them.

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 11:06:48

fliss, have you contacted the Financial Ombudsman for advice about that ?

FriggFRIGG Sat 14-Jan-12 11:14:22

Hmm,well it doesn't say PPI= ££'s

But at the side there is some blah about what % of your account balance you should be paying monthly it says 'or,if more,an amount equal to the total of interest ,late payment,over limit, or returned payment charges,the PPI premium on your statement and 0.5% of your statement balance.'

Anyone understand that?
Does that mean there IS PPI,or are they saying IF you have PPI you have to pay it confused

WinterIsComing Sat 14-Jan-12 11:27:46

I sold my house in 2002 and had a mortgage with Cheltenham and Gloucester. Pretty sure PPI was on that. I'm not sure if I'm beyond the time limit but they are not answering the phone.

It's definitely worth looking into - thanks OP.

Flisspaps Sat 14-Jan-12 11:28:56

AnyFucker I haven't, but further delving into it (ie Google) says that as my loan was before Jan 2005 I can still contact Welcome directly with a claim...worth a pop. The loan was tiny (less than £1000) but any PPI back would be handy!

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 11:36:26

frigg, ring them and find out for sure

fliss...worth a pop, yes

TwllBach Sat 14-Jan-12 11:39:05

I've been hearing about this recently and didnt think it applied to me but I have an account with a catalogue and I took out a loan in August this year - Are either of these things that I could claim on?

AnyFucker Sat 14-Jan-12 11:45:13

I dunno about the catalogue, don't reckon so

who was your loan with ?

if one of the big banks or building societies (and not a payDay thingy), then check with them if you are paying, or have ever paid, PPI

DilysPrice Sat 14-Jan-12 11:45:48

If you took out a loan in August last year it's extremely unlikely you were missold PPI because everyone would have tightened up their procedures long before then. The catalogue is possible - look at your statements.

Fliss, I claimed my PPI back from Welcome, although it was about a year ago.

All it took was 1 letter and I received a cheque back within 4weeks!

TwllBach Sat 14-Jan-12 11:56:12

I thought it was unlikely regarding the loan, but it was Barclays and you do hear so many horror stories about them!

ShineYourButtonsWithBrasso Sat 14-Jan-12 11:56:58

Thank you for this thread.

<crosses fingers>

Fliss my friend claimed back from Welcome about 3 months ago. I think she said the loan was 6 years old but they still paid out.

I got 2.5k back from HSBC last year using the template letter from MSE.

Even if your accounts are closed and you have no paperwork and your lender is being difficult about giving you account numbers etc then you can write a subject access letter - SAR letter which is again on the MSE forums.

It will cost you £10 per lender but they must, by law give you a print out of everything you have with them. I did it with Clydesdale bank also but I think I may well be outwith the 6 years. Even so it is only £10 to be sure.

I have a CC with M&S - would I be able to claim from them? ANd on e from HSBC - sadly I had a loan from them and got a letter from one of those PPI companies and they say I will hear in a couple of weeks.

Overtiredmum Sat 14-Jan-12 15:15:40

I have made 4 separate claims using the template on MSE forum.

We got £4k just before Christmas from Santander, we have just been offered £6.5k from First Plus, and they have reworked our outstanding, so will be saving another £150 per month.

We have two claims outstanding with Lloyds, should hear in the next few weeks hopefully, but a great start to the year, clearing nearly £10k worth of debt and repayments down a month.

Most definitely worth doing yourself. My sister used a claims company, she got back £6k, but also got a bill for nearly £2k!

BrightnessFalls Sat 14-Jan-12 15:22:38

I had a loan from Welcome about five years ago. How do I find out more about the loan and, how will I know if Im entitled to claim? I have no paperwork.

KinkyDorito Sat 14-Jan-12 15:30:21

I was missold PPI in 2002. I've read it has to be in the last 6 years, does anyone know why this is?

Brightness, firstly I would write a letter to Welcome and send it recorded delivery with £1 and ask them to send you your original documents, ie the ones you signed/application form.

That should have your account details on it and if you signed for PPI.

You may get the info and you may not. Some lenders can be difficult. If they say no, google SAR letter and fill it in and send it off. This will cost your £10 but Welcome must, by law provide you details of everything they have on you so account numbers etc.

Once you have that you can then complete the claim form if you think you have been mis-sold.

madame, yes if your M&S had PPI and you think you were mis-sold then yes you can submit a claim.

Mine went in on 29 October and I got my offer today so not too long to wait.

Excellent - I have had a CC with them forever - since they changed from a charge card - I was a SAHM at the time - so if they were charging me it pointless!

Will print off forms on Monday and get them in the post - they have alink on their website abnd seem to be very transparent about it all!

Thank you - a couple of K's would come in very handy right now!! (Here's me hoping!)

Dalrymps Sat 14-Jan-12 15:43:42

Someone said you have to state the 'reason' you want to claim. What are the available reasons??

Yes dalrymps you do have to state a reason. PPI is a valid insurance so you have to tell them the reasons you think you didn't need it so it could be

you were self employed,
the tick to accept was front loaded
you were told to take it or you wouldn't get the loan etc

Lots of reasons.

The MSE forum has an entire section and is very useful.

Dalrymps Sat 14-Jan-12 16:21:47

Ah I see, thankssmile

Flisspaps Sat 14-Jan-12 17:39:50

bright I've emailed them with my personal details as I have no info on the loan, and roughly when I took it out and how much for and the office I signed the forms at, I'd theres no joy I'll ask for a SAR - there must be loads of people who've claimed money back without having the loan details any more so will see what they say.

My loan was taken out 10 years ago but Welcome put by £20m to pay out PPI claims from BEFORE Jan 2005 so they clearly expect a large number of claims on old/closed accounts!

balia Sat 14-Jan-12 18:03:30

So - how do I work out if I was even paying PPI on Credit cards, mortgage etc? Where would it say - on statements and stuff?

yes, as part of your balance so it should be something like

b/f £blah
interest £blah
PPI or whatever terminology the call it as different lenders call it different things
total balance.

mumatron Sat 14-Jan-12 18:16:42

fliss I'm in the process of claiming money back from Welcome finance. Have you been on their website?

There is a link to the fcsc website. I emailed them with my name and address and they emailed me back my loan info. They sent me a claim form and I'm now waiting to hear back.

I sent the form off the week before christmas so hoipefully should hear from them soon.

MaureenMLove Sat 14-Jan-12 19:21:40

Thank you OP, for starting this thread. smile

I haven't bothered trying to check mine in the past, as once my debts were paid, I got rid of the paperwork. (Kinda cleansing, when you can see the light, iykwim!)

I will now though, as I can see it's worth a go, even without account details.

I've nothing to lose.

Thanks again. smile

Hi, i have the template letter ready to send to my mortgage comp requesting my account details.

Please could you tell me how i can get a template letter to send after that? im sure i have ppi charges, not sure how this works?


AngryFeet Sun 15-Jan-12 09:45:05

I put a claim through in ealry Nov then received a letter at the end of Nov asking for a copy of my marriage cert within 7 days which I sent off immediately. Haven't heard from them since then (Egg Banking), should I chase them?

Flisspaps Sun 15-Jan-12 09:47:57

mumatron FSCS are only dealing with post-Jan 2005 claims from Welcome, for anything before that you have to contact Welcome directly (as per the info on the FSCS site) smile

Portofino Sun 15-Jan-12 09:51:27

i am going to have a look at this. We moved abroad 5 years ago and I still pay PPI on my UK credit card - it never occurred to me until recently that the insurance is invalid as I am not a UK resident. Not sure if I have a case - but at least I can stop paying it.

mumatron Sun 15-Jan-12 10:09:37

Sorry fliss missed the dates part of your post. WF are a massive pita to deal with at the best of times.

mumatron Sun 15-Jan-12 10:09:37

Sorry fliss missed the dates part of your post. WF are a massive pita to deal with at the best of times.

DarklyDreaming Sun 15-Jan-12 11:16:17

I've had quite a few loans and credit cards over the last few years but can't see any listing for PPI on any of my statements, just general interest. Is it possible that I've been paying it anyway?

I'm pretty sure that the loans and mortgage didn't include any - I remember being asked if I wanted it when I took these out but said no - but I don't remember the subject ever coming up with credit cards.

Hathall Sun 15-Jan-12 11:23:10

My dh was mis sold ppi. He has all the paperwork but this was in around 2000. It would be for quite a lot and was with Direct Line who don't do loans any more.

I wonder if its worth trying? Any suggestions?

If you are sure it was mis sold then yes give it a try.

luckylavender Sun 15-Jan-12 11:33:12

Well I had no idea whether I was eligible or not so I used the Money Savings Template and sent it to my bank. They sent me a form and I filled it in and I got £131. Not a fortune but money I would not otherwise have had. I urge you all to try.

Hathall Sun 15-Jan-12 12:06:52

He was definitely mis sold it as he was told that he wouldn't qualify for the loan otherwise and was made to take it up. Not sure who to send the claim to as Direct Line say to contact RBS on their website for loans.

BrightnessFalls Sun 15-Jan-12 15:47:14

I just wish I could remember when my load with Welcome was!! I know there were two. This is a great thread. Im off to check my credit card statements now smile

marmiteandjam Sun 15-Jan-12 16:00:18

Did it for ex-husband and got over £3000 from HSBC. Took a couple of months and about 6 letters.

ginmakesitallok Sun 15-Jan-12 16:09:17

I've been considering complaining about our PPI which we had with our mortgage for years (I cancelled it last year) I think we were told it was compulsory (but no evidence to prove this), DP was on a fixed term contract so I don't think he would have been covered by it and I work in public sector - so have good redundancy/sickness cover. Anyone know if I'd have a case? Can you claim for repaid mortgages?

BrightnessFalls Sun 15-Jan-12 16:23:28

I reckon it must be hard to prove that it was missold?

mumatron Sun 15-Jan-12 18:03:09

brightmess call or email them. I wasn't sure of my details and they replied to my email the next day.

Brightness, I had 2 loans with Welcome and didn't have account numbers or anything.

When filling the claim form in, I just gave them all of my details - d.o.b, address at time of loan etc and they found the details for me and processed the claim!

It was so easy, and I was actually told when taking the loans out that if I didn't take the PPI too, the loan wouldn't be authorized. It seems that this was standard practice for them.

BrightnessFalls Sun 15-Jan-12 19:29:40

where did you get the claim form from? Mine were in the past ten years. I assume I took PPI if thats what they told me to. In those days I would sign anything without reading it.

I downloaded it from moneysavingexpert website. There's heaps of useful info on there.

I'd link but I'm on my phone.

BrightnessFalls Sun 15-Jan-12 19:50:49

Thanks, who did you send the form to? Back to Welcome or, the company that is dealing with their affairs?

Tomorrow I will ring the office up where I got the loans from and see if they will give me information over the phone. I know theres at least two.

I sent it to their head office, by recorded delivery.

Good luck, let me know if you need links or other info, I'll be on laptop tomorrow so can send stuff then smile

mumatron Sun 15-Jan-12 20:47:20

tequila that's exactly what I was told. They also told me it didn't matter if I only worked part time (less than 16 hours)

Iirc the forms came with a return envelope.

lostboysfallin Mon 16-Jan-12 10:31:12

You don't need to prove they mis-sold it. They have money put aside for these are not losing anything by sending the form off.
You will get the refund plus interest.
Also, you can reclaim any charges, late £12 fees, or overlimit charges, again plus interest

BrightnessFalls Mon 16-Jan-12 11:55:09

I have just spoke to Welcome and, they cant give any details over the phone but they have told me to send a letter to their head office and they will beable to give me the details of my old accounts.

Lostboysfallin, how do you claim the late fees etc?

Brightness, good luck

lostboysfallin Mon 16-Jan-12 12:14:23

tequila, I'm not 100% sure, we used a company to do ours, and paid the fee, which is not really recommended now. I'm sure there must be a form for that too. Maybe on that moneyexpert site?

BrightnessFalls Mon 16-Jan-12 12:31:24

Well, I just called another number and they were very nice. They are sending me a claim form. I have had 4 small loans with them, only coming to about £6,000. Im sure I wont get much back but, it all counts.

AngryFeet Mon 16-Jan-12 13:02:07

I just called Egg and apparently there is a 12 week resolution period that they need to reply to you in. They did not receive the copy of my marriage cert that I sent though hmm (damn I knew I should have sent it by recorded delivery) so I have to send that again but the 12 week resolution period ends next Weds so hopefully I will have an answer soon. I am not expecting to receive anything to be honest but will go to the Ombudsman next.

I'll have a look lostboys, thank you.

Brightness, I think mine was for about the same and I got £2k back!

mumatron Mon 16-Jan-12 13:13:08

brightness good luck!

tequila shock that is a lovely amount of money.

my loan was only about £2000 so i'm not expecting much but it all helps.

BrightnessFalls Mon 16-Jan-12 13:17:24

goodness me!! What did you say on the form? that they told you it wouldnt go through unless you bought insurance?

Yes exactly that Brightness, and it wasn't a lie either!

I'm not sure whether all companies do this but, Welcome charged interest on top of the insurance premiums, so you get that back as well as a further 8% interest.

In actual fact, they first gave me £1k back (which I accepted), and then wrote to me out of the blue 6 months later saying they'd reviewed it and found they'd underpaid me so would I accept a further £1k? Erm, well, go on then grin

mumatron Mon 16-Jan-12 14:16:36

I've just called them to check what's going on with my claim and they said it's just being reviews and that I should hear from them within a week or two.

I still have an outstanding loan with them so I'm just hoping for enough to clear that off.

mumatron Mon 16-Jan-12 14:16:37

I've just called them to check what's going on with my claim and they said it's just being reviews and that I should hear from them within a week or two.

I still have an outstanding loan with them so I'm just hoping for enough to clear that off.

WhiteTrash Mon 16-Jan-12 14:24:32

Does it include ovdrdraft protection fee?

A Barclays get got me all confused once which ended up in my unecesarrily paying a protection fee on my over draft for years.

Or is this JUST loans?

lostboysfallin Mon 16-Jan-12 14:26:35

Whitetrash, I would say that's included too. Don't know for certain though

Whitetrash, if it's overdraft protection insurance, then yes.

I am currently just starting the process of claiming this back from Barclays after finding it on DH's account. It's been there since 1998 and he's never noticed it before hmm

Please could anyone advise me, i have got a letter ready to send to my mortgage company requesting a copy of my credit agreement? would that be the correct way, i was made to pay a one off PPI in order to get the mortgage.

How would i go about asking for this back after they have sent this? could anyone link me to a template letter?
Thank you.

Jackie, the template I used is under section 3 here

Thank you Tequilamockinbird

doblet Mon 16-Jan-12 16:50:05

I claimed on my PPI. Gutted, as the amount I would have got back is mire than I claimed:-(

You can still make a complaint even if you've claimed on the insurance! The complaint is about being 'missold' the insurance so doesn't matter if you've claimed.

Worth a try, nothing ventured and all that wink

doblet Mon 16-Jan-12 17:04:57

You are right Tequila - will give it a go

Good luck doblet, please let us know what happens smile

tequilla, if you have the account number just complete the claim form and send it don't need your credit agreement.

I think you mean Jackie gregs grin

But yeah, I agree, you don't need the agreement, I didn't have mine or the account number! I filled the claim form in the best I could and they did the rest

BrightnessFalls Wed 18-Jan-12 16:00:23

Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm waiting for my form to come through.

what form brightness?

ENormaSnob Wed 18-Jan-12 16:34:11

I think I had ppi on the first mortgage I had in 2002, would it be worth looking or am I too late?

Only problem is it was a joint mortgage with ex so would we have to claim jointly?

Also sure that dh had it on a car loan years ago but can't find any details of which company the loan was with, any idea how we can find out?

Thanks for any replies.

Knowing my luck, we will owe them money!

BrightnessFalls Wed 18-Jan-12 16:41:04

I guess if you were paying it on standing order your bank would beable to tell you?

Im waiting for the form from Welcome Finance, they were very helpful but, Im impatient to get it off by the weekend!! Which is ironic as, before this thread, I would never have thought about claiming.

Just download the form from the mse forum. It is the same for every lender.

Just remembered today that I had Car Finance in 2006 and not sure if there was any PPI on it or not, so I've sent a letter off to them asking for a copy of the agreement smile

Oh, and brightness, the form they send you will more than likely be the same one that's on MSE. Just download it, fill it in and send it off.

I'm sure Welcome won't be in too much of a hurry to send you the form out wink

BrightnessFalls Wed 18-Jan-12 19:33:57

You know those companies that call and send texts saying you are entitled to claim for PPI? They keep texting £2,750. Is this just a random number? How do they know that?

It's random, I get them too.

Ignore them and do it yourself, it really is so easy - not worth paying them to do it.

MaureenMLove Thu 19-Jan-12 18:01:29

Thanks to you OP, I put two letters in the post today. I may get nothing, but hey, as lots of people have said, it's worth a go!


BrightnessFalls Thu 19-Jan-12 19:23:43

I have tomorrow off and I'm going to get my paperwork done and posted

chipmunksex Thu 19-Jan-12 20:10:01

We're still waiting with our fingers crossed for ppi refund from Northern rock.

I keep telling dh to not think about about it and stop fretting, but secretly I'm dreaming of ways to spend it. hmm blush

Can someone explain this in child-terms for me?

we have PPI on our mortgage. how would I know if it was mis-sold?
does it only count if they slipped it in without you knowing? or could we potentially have taken out PPI but paid too mcuh or something?

BrightShinySun Thu 19-Jan-12 20:33:52

Hi, does anyone know what address I should be using to write to Welcome Finance? I had a loan that started in 2003, I'm not convinced I'll get anything but it can't hurt to write and find out. Has anyone written to one of their addresses and got a reply? Has anyone managed to successfully claim back anything pre 2005?

Thanks in advance smile

watfordmummy Thu 19-Jan-12 20:51:24

what i don't understand is that if you had PPI and knew it, which most people do. How can you claim the money back?

WinterIsComing Thu 19-Jan-12 20:57:41

My claim form has arrived. The person on the phone claimed not to be able to trace it until I suggested that the information must be held somewhere on their accounts. HMRC must have records etc Then lo and behold it was found hmm

I had an interest-only mortgage in the nineties which I obviously had to have a fully-comp endowment with to pay off the balance. I'm going to say that if PPI was included it was unnecessary for that reason. Nor did I ask for it. Hope that's a valid reason.

DonkeyTeapot Thu 19-Jan-12 21:03:16

Watford even if you knew they were charging you PPI, you can still claim if, for example, they told you it was colmpulsory, or that your application would be rejected if you didn't take it.

I'm going to put in an application to Egg as I'm sure they told me I had to have it.

Shame my Barclaycard was too long ago, I'd love to claw some back from those thieving bastards!

watfordmummy Thu 19-Jan-12 21:13:08

ah, I had loans but they were way back ie 14ish years ago, only have M&S card now and I don't think they do it, but I would need to look. Does anyone know if they do?

Brightshinysun, I think you need to send the claim to FSCS. See here

Watford, yes mands run ppi. I have just received over £4k from them.

BrightnessFalls Fri 20-Jan-12 14:52:38

Ive just received my form from Welcome. I hope I dont make a mess of it!!

mumatron Tue 24-Jan-12 08:09:32

I've just had a payment of £1400+ from Welcome Finance.

the whole process has taken about 6 weeks but would have been quicker if they hadn't needed some proof of my ID. My signature on the forms didnt match what was on their records.

BrightnessFalls Tue 24-Jan-12 12:28:01

How much was your loan for? Congratulations smile

Ive sent off the form they send me, Im hoping it will be abit quicker as they have already put my loan details onto it.

chipmunksex Tue 24-Jan-12 12:29:44

Oh congratulations mumatron smile was it as much as you hoped?

Still waiting with baited breath here.

AngryFeet Tue 24-Jan-12 12:33:00

Congrats mumatron. I am still waiting but I know tomorrow is the cut off date for them to have dealt with the query so hopefully I will get a letter with a decision soon. Does anyone know what you do next if they say no?

Flisspaps Tue 24-Jan-12 12:59:55

mumatron Welcome have returned my copy of my marriage certificate within a week, so fingers crossed they'll be sending me a nice cheque next. It won't be lots as the loan was only about £700 in total, but even a few pounds in my account is better than a few pounds in theirs.

I emailed them with my personal details but no account details (other than where and roughly when I took out my loan) and asked them to send me a form to claim with and they told me to send in proof of my new address and married name, so I did. No form sent back with the certificate so fingers crossed they have enough information to process the claim without their official claim form...

mumatron Tue 24-Jan-12 16:03:10

Well, I'm not sure how they came up with that fugure as my loan was only £2300. It's a fair bit more than I was expecting.

I haven't had anything in writing from them yet, just a payment direct into my account.

I still had an outstanding balance with welcome so they cleared that and sent the rest to me.

I'm just trying to stop Dp being all sensible and using it to clear off debt and buying a new tv I think it should be spent on me treating ourselves grin

AnyFucker Tue 24-Jan-12 16:06:33

Angry if they refuse you appeal to the Financial Ombudsman (they have a website)

BrightnessFalls Tue 24-Jan-12 23:13:18

I dont know anyone in rl that has gone for a refund. Im telling everyone after reading this! smile

AnyFucker Tue 24-Jan-12 23:20:05

I don't know anyone else in RL either

it's really odd

have told loads of people and some of them look at me like I'm trying to cod them or something grin

(we got £1700)

BrightnessFalls Tue 24-Jan-12 23:22:54

I know, they look at me as if I must have had loads of dodgy loans in the past!

AnyFucker Tue 24-Jan-12 23:24:42

ours wasn't even for a loan

it was for one credit card, in joint names, with one card each

that is it grin

BrightnessFalls Tue 24-Jan-12 23:28:11

I had a loan for £10,000 with TSB and the guy did say I needed the insurance. I wouldnt dare apply for that one though. Id be scared that they started getting funny with my overdrafts. They just seem too big to mess with.

AnyFucker Tue 24-Jan-12 23:30:28

hey, our claim was with TSB !

they paid up, no question

mumatron you payment will be PPI but 2 lots of insurance. Well done.

Brightness, make a claim. The only thing they can do is use any refund due to clear your overdraft before giving you any balance.

mumatron Wed 25-Jan-12 08:51:21

af I read that as we got £17000, I nearly fell off my chair!

I'm hoping they will have sent me a letter saying exactly what they have paid.

I've got everyone doing it, my mum has just put in 2 claims and my friend has put in 4, all with tsb.

AnnieBody Wed 25-Jan-12 08:59:30

Thank you for this thread, I finally got my finger out and wrote to all of mine and DP's. Forgot one thought and will be trying Santander for my Dorothy Perkins card from a few years ago.

chipmunksex Wed 25-Jan-12 12:54:22

dh has called northern rock today and was told they had finally made a descision, no info on what if anything we'll get.

At the moment dh is planning a holiday with it and a new dishwasher, he'll be gutted when we only £50. hmm He's so excited grin

BrightnessFalls Wed 25-Jan-12 13:05:58

Let us know!

AnyFucker Wed 25-Jan-12 16:26:41

I wish !

17 grand !

nah, but 17 hundred will do nicely, ta

summer holiday here we come...

lisad123 Wed 25-Jan-12 18:00:57

Had a letter from black horse, which are run by llyods tsb, and said they are looking into it and be in touch within 5 weeks. I'm hoping they pay out we had 4 loans with them over time.

AnyFucker Wed 25-Jan-12 18:12:21

exciting !

BrightnessFalls Wed 25-Jan-12 18:13:19

how can you find out details of store cards that youve had in the past? I know Ive had Dorothy Perkins and Debhenams, along time ago. How would i check?

AnyFucker Wed 25-Jan-12 18:21:56

dunno, sorry

AngryFeet Thu 26-Jan-12 15:38:15


Letter came through today from Egg. My claim is being upheld. Original loan taken in 2004 was for £8000 and the PPI charged was £1201.20. They have given me the full PPI plus interest on the premium of £222.26 and 8% interest on the whole sum so a total of £2087.72 back!!!

So happy smile Definitely the most worthwhile letter ever written smile

AnnieBody Thu 26-Jan-12 15:49:58

Nice one smile

How long did it all take?

mumatron Thu 26-Jan-12 15:52:36

That's great Angry feet.

Well done angry feet, well done!

Brightness, just write to ge capital bank with a claim form. They may be owned by Santander now so check first but send it off.

AngryFeet Thu 26-Jan-12 16:16:33

I sent the letter on 2nd November and heard back today. Egg do have a 12 week resolution period and they seemed to use every last day of it as mine ended yesterday. So it is probably quicker with other companies. The cheque will be here in the next 2 weeks.

AnyFucker Thu 26-Jan-12 16:18:30

the beer's on you, Angryfeet grin

Well done angryfeet!

Brightness I don't think they can use the refund against your overdraft. It's to do with the laws of offset, I could be wrong. Definitely fill in the form and send it to TSB.

Re finding out store cards etc. I had car finance back in 2005, emailed Santander asking them for a copy of the agreement as I wanted to know if there was PPI on there. I received a letter this morning with my agreement number on and confirmation that I didn't take PPI out on it sad (I couldn't remember if I had or not)

Send emails and ask the question, you've nothing to lose

Received a letter from Barclays this morning to say that they're looking into the overdraft PPI claim on DH's account and will be in touch soon smile

lynlynnicebutdim Fri 27-Jan-12 13:06:14

for those with old closed credit card accounts, the easiest way to get the details is to get a copy of your credit report from somewhere like Experian or Equifax (you can do it online). THey will have a listing of all applications for credit you have applied for in about the last 10 years whether or not it is an open or closed account along with the account numbers ect.

Once you have that info you can contact the individual financial institutions and request they investigate any PPI on the accounts.

Good point Lyn. You can get a 30 day free trial with (just remember to cancel before the 30 days are up), and if you go through Quidco you get £5 for taking the trial smile

haggisaggis Fri 27-Jan-12 13:18:05

Need to get dh to look into this - I know he was paying PPI with MBNA even though he didn't ask for it - and several time he asked them to take it off and they didn't.

did an application over the phone with Santander yesterday, but have to send in the application for the mortgage hard copy as they didn't recognize the account.

The one piece of information that others may find useful is that Santander have an archive department.

Flisspaps Mon 30-Jan-12 11:11:04

Bloody Welcome Finance hmm

They've sent me a letter today saying they can't trace me on their system, can I send them details of previous names/addresses?

What, like they had in my first contact with them, and have had the proof of via certified copies of documents, which they have returned to me by recorded delivery (separately, costing them twice as much)?

Fortunately I have trawled my bank statements and have traced them on my system, complete with start date of the loan, the amount paid per month and the length of the loan.

The letter has no letterhead or anything on it, doesn't mention the company name at all apart from in the return email address tight at the bottom of the letter. Wonder how many people give up after getting one of these, thinking they must be mistaken, or can't work out who the letter is from?

Give me my money back, you thieving arses!

Fliss, I too had a letter like that from Welcome.

I simply rang them up and explained I'd sent everything in to them - I waited on the phone while they 'found' my details wink

Flisspaps Mon 30-Jan-12 14:07:50

I've sent them a rather shitty curt email back pointing out that they've already had what they're asking for. Perhaps I should have reminded them that if they don't sort it out to my satisfaction within 8 weeks then I can contact the Ombudsman, and they're two weeks in already grin

MamaMaiasaura Mon 30-Jan-12 14:11:05

I had mortgage back in 1995/6 and paid it off in 2001. I paid poi then, am I able to claim despite no longer having mortgage?

Flisspaps Mon 30-Jan-12 15:49:37

I don't see why not - you've got nothing to lose by trying. The Welcome loan I'm talking about above is paid off and was opened before 2005.

adamschic Mon 30-Jan-12 15:56:12

I'm wondering if I have a claim on my mortgage ins. Was told I had to take it out 25 years ago as the DSS weren't paying mortgage interest until a certain length of time.

Have claimed on it twice when I was made redundant and they hounded me back to work within a couple of months threatening to not pay me unless I could prove I was actively seeking work.

I was a single parent and the DSS deemed me eligible for income support. therefore a carer. wouldn't need to work confused. Without it I would have been able to stay home and eventually get my interest paid. Thought it was a damn cheek considering they would have only covered me for 12 months. Anyone know if I have a claim? Sorry to barge in but it's been bugging me for a while.

Flisspaps Mon 30-Jan-12 16:06:45

Ask - AFAIK if you didn't want, need or ask for PPI or you were told you HAD to take it out, then it was missold. Not sure how much joy you'd have with a 25 year old policy, but again it doesn't hurt to ask. It doesn't matter if you claimed on it either - the mis-selling is the issue, and that would have taken place before you claimed.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 30-Jan-12 16:11:14

I was told I couldn't have morrgage without it

adamschic Mon 30-Jan-12 16:43:04

I'm going to give it a go. They told me I had to have it and it was the cause of stress when I had to make a claim.

adamschic Tue 31-Jan-12 11:45:04

From what I've read the claims are only likely to be settled if you took it out within the last 6 months so I'm not sure I can do anything about mine sad

adamschic Tue 31-Jan-12 11:45:51

I meant 6 years not 6 months.

AngryFeet Tue 31-Jan-12 11:50:32

Actually that isn't true adamschic. If you were still making payments in the last 6 years you can claim. The loan I took was in Jan 2004 but as I was still making payments up until 2008 they processed my claim.

adamschic Tue 31-Jan-12 12:17:21

Oh OK thanks. I have filled in the forms and will try and dig out the original agreements (think they said you needed to find them if it was an older loan) I am still paying. Just worried as I will be trying to claim off my current mortgage provider. Oh well was thinking about reviewing my mortgage so might prompt me.

Not sure where the 6 year criteria comes from? Have looked on the Financial Ombudsman site and there isn't any mention of a time deadline, although if a loan is older, then it may be more difficult to find documents in evidence if you don't have the original agreement...

adamschic Tue 31-Jan-12 12:37:26

Thanks, will keep digging. It's not so much the money, more realising how much I was done over by them after being made redundant. I was frightened into taking lower paid jobs and struggled to pay child care as my little one was 2 then 5. Not sure if this is legally an issue but morally it is grin.

lisad123 Tue 31-Jan-12 13:26:38

Beware of barclay card!!!
I rang on 11th jan to complain about ppi.
I rang today for update, and was told it was being looked into and I didn't need to worry. I insisted on speaking to someone in the right department as I had received nothing in writing.
He put me on hold for 7 mins and finally spoke to someone. He said sorry but it seems me complaint was closed on the same day I rang it though!! angry
He has now reopened it and they will be touch and dealt with within 40 days hmm

I made it clear that if it's not dealt with by then I will take it further. I am so mad that they lied to me angryangry

chipmunksex Tue 31-Jan-12 13:29:28

We have had an offer, it's over a grand so we're all happy chipmunks today.

It really is worth a try.

DonkeyTeapot Tue 31-Jan-12 15:12:49

I think the six year deadline is becuase businesses legally have to keep records of all of their accounts for six years, so presumably any claims on agreements over six years old cannot be investigated.

Well done chipmunk! That's brilliant grin

adamschic Tue 31-Jan-12 15:26:24

Well done on the claim. I'm going to see if I can find some paperwork.

Any successes yet?

MaureenMLove Sat 11-Feb-12 15:08:06

Glad thread has come up again, saves me searching for it! grin

I've got a letter from a company, with my entire account history and the covering letter from the initial agreement. It says on it, 'as you have opted for PPI'. I've looked everywhere on the form that I filled in, which they also sent me and I can't find anywhere, where I have said yes or no to it, so for the sake of a letter and the cost of the stamp, I might as well give it a go.

What do I have to do next though. Anyone got any idea?

FriggFRIGG Sat 11-Feb-12 15:15:27

I really should do this,I have had a CC with LLoyds,and a store card from top shop,I'll bet those bastards sold me PPI,
I am an idiot,and tired and I dot get how to do it


I think I might go with one of those awful company's...

Frigg NOOOOO don't pay someone to do it, it really is so easy!

Look at step 3 here

There is a PPI reclaim questionnaire. Fill it in, print it out and send recorded delivery to the lender.

It really is that simple! I didn't even have account numbers but mentioned this on the form and they found the accounts from name, address etc.

Claims people will only do exactly the same BUT they will take 25% of your refund!

lisad123 Sun 12-Feb-12 17:26:09

Barclay card are driving me mad! angry

Kayzr Sun 12-Feb-12 17:29:37

Can you still claim if you were told about the ppi when you got the loan?

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 17:30:27

contact your lender directly, or do what tequila says

you do not need a bastard ambulance-chasing company to do it for you

if you are not sure, ask for a claim form direct from the lender, they are obliged to investigate

go to the Lloyd's TSB homepage, for example, and there are links to follow

and I have a success story from Lloyds, I got a cheque for 1800 a few weeks ago

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 17:31:40

yes, kay, it would be worth a try

in the box on the form it asks "was it fully explained why you might need PPI"

just say no, it wasn't

storytopper Sun 12-Feb-12 17:35:43

One of my colleagues got £17,500 back! Apparently she has been taking out loans for 35 years and at one point was paying £45 a month in PPI.

She applied herself - didn't go through a company - so got it all back.

She is treating all of her family to a nice holiday now.

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 17:39:36

wow !

Kayzr Sun 12-Feb-12 17:54:47

Wow that is amazing.

Wow that's a phenomenal amount!

Well done on yours too AF, will you be treating yourself?

As AF said, yes you can claim even if you knew about it. The fact is that it was missold, and you didn't get the full information about what you were signing for

lostboysfallin Sun 12-Feb-12 18:01:03

Dh and I got about £20k back in total.
Can claim the overlimit £12 charges too.
And the late payment charges + interest

Brilliant lostboys!

Didn't they stop the bank charges claiming a couple of years back though? AFAIK you can only claim those if you're suffering financial hardship?

magicOC Sun 12-Feb-12 18:22:49

I called M&S last wk and cancelled my PPI that I noticed was on the bottom of every statement, never really thought about it as assumed it was interest I was paying on the balance.

Told them I wasn't aware that's what I had been paying for and could they pls cancel it and how do I go about claiming it back. She said she could see from my account I had been paying it since 2004. Said they would get a claim procedure started and I would hear from them. Got letter in post the next day saying they are looking into it and I would hear back within 8wks.

Worth a try.

lostboysfallin Sun 12-Feb-12 18:23:59

Oh, not sure
We did do ours about two years ago.
do you mean bank overdraft charges?
That was a bit different, yes that was a different process and had to go for further investigation, and we didn't get it, even though it was the charges that caused the overdraft in the first place.
The £12 charges I mean were for credit card late fees, and overlimit fees.
I never really understood why these were deemed unlawful, but wasn't going to complain.

magicOC Sun 12-Feb-12 18:26:24

Just wanted to add thanks gregs, it was seeing this thread that gave me the courage to start the process.

I should hear from RBS this week as it is the deadline they gave me so fingers crossed on a good outcome.

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 18:47:17

thanks, tequila, it is going towards our summer holiday grin

the thing is, we only ever had a couple of credit cards that never had more than a few hundred on them

but when you are a paying a couple of quid a month, for many years, it adds up grin

I was very chuffed with 1800

mumatron Sun 12-Feb-12 18:47:38

I think I had a few late payment fees on my claim as well. That's why I got back more than I expected.

I have been telling everyone that listens to get a claim in asap.

lisad123 Sun 12-Feb-12 18:53:51

We got £13000 back from first plus a few years back, I think £9k went back to them and £4k to us. We also got £3k from
Barclays years back too.

ahhhhhpushit Sun 12-Feb-12 19:02:16

The six year thing is the legal limitation period for contract claims.

Selks Sun 12-Feb-12 19:05:11

Good thread this.

I have had PPI on my Co-op bank loan, and on my Halifax credit card, both of which are still in use. I'd like to have a go at claiming it back from both.

I had a look at the Moneysaving expert's guide which says that the Ombudsman's form should be used, but that form asks for loads of information which I just don't know.

I'm not sure how to proceed now....anyone got any suggestions? Thanks

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 19:09:18

the Financial Ombudsman route is where you go if you get no joy from the original lender

contact Co-op and Halifax directly

LackaDAISYcal Sun 12-Feb-12 19:34:03

Thanks greggs for this thread, which I've just seen and well done everyone on the successful claims grin I've had PPI on loans and credit cards over the years and have always taken the lender's policy as I wad under the impression that it was a case of take their insurance or not be covered. Is this a good enough reason for being mis-sold? I've never claimed it because I thought it didn't apply to me.
I am reeling with the thought of how much we could get back between us, especially as we are seriously in danger of going under sad
Unfortunately my previous mortgage was an endowment policy so I don't think PPI would have been applied. Most of my credit has been with Lloyd's TSB though, so that should make reclaiming it a lot simpler. I'm off to download the forms now!!

Eclairwaldorf Sun 12-Feb-12 19:40:07

Marking my place on here to remind me to do this too! Can you get it back from mortgages too or just credit cards/ loans?

AnyFucker Sun 12-Feb-12 19:45:25

good luck ,daisy, sounds like yu have a good claim

btw, we claimed back for a mis-sold endowment policy a few years ago, but I think the statute on that has passed now

we got 8k and ploughed it straight back into the mortgage which brought us to exactly where we should have been had we had a repayment mortgage

does anyone know if endowment claims are now out of time?

Eclairwaldorf Sun 12-Feb-12 19:47:25

Haven't read the whole thread do apologies if this has already been asked but if I don't know if I was sold ppi can I still write to my former lenders etc
. Also what sort of info have you been providing where you dont have the original paperwork, as I usually destroy paperwork once a loan etc. had been paid off?

Yes eclair you can write a letter to the lender and ask for a copy of your agreement. You will need to enclose a cheque or postal order for £1 to cover their costs of doing this.

Provide all your info in the letter - d.o.b address at the time of borrowing etc.

Selks the form on step 3 of the MSE guide is the 1 I used but I don't think you have to use that one.

I filled in the bits I wasn't sure of as 'not sure' or 'can't remember' and sent off to the lender.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 12-Feb-12 20:40:43

The endowment mortgage itself wasn't a problem, as I knew what I was doing with that and had to sign a disclaimer to say I was aware there might be a shortfall. I was just wondering whether I took out PPI to cover my payments incase of unemployment or illness. I think I still have the paperwork for that.

I've had a look on MSE and a few of my policies were pre 2005 and one of those was with a (probably) non FSA regulated company, so it's a case of forget it or use a claims handler...

Either way I'll be digging through my paperwork tomorrow and locking the children out in the garden so that I can call the bank in peace, lol.

If we can clear our existing credit life will be a lot more manageable!

Only kidding about locking the kids out in the garden btw wink

Selks Sun 12-Feb-12 21:01:13

Thanks Tequila

bobkate Sun 12-Feb-12 21:41:34

This thread is really making my mind boggle...makes me really cross with myself for my poor filing of past bank details/ccards/loans etc....shows it pays to be diligent with things like this. Can anyone tell me when I apply for a credit rating from say Equifax or Experian, as suggested by MSE, how far back into your credit history they go? I've done the noddle one that was instant and totally free but it said that we had no CC at the moment, which we don't, but we have had in the last 7 years. And previously to that I've had several others but I can't remember for sure which companies they were with and when I had them. And a couple of loans, stupid stupid me for not keeping better records!

I'm positive I was miss sold PPI as mortgage cover and can quite clearly remember the guy telling me I wouldn't get my mortgage if I didn't take the Rbs mortgage cover. Can I claim on this do you think? I still pay it though and I know I need it but I'm guessing the whole point is I didn't need to take the Rbs one?

Bobkate- I got the experian one last month and it had everything I have ever had since 18 (9 years) was really good.

bobkate Sun 12-Feb-12 22:12:55

smile that's fab boringnamechange! ( don't feel right shortening it to boring! ), I'm going to do that right now. So pleased to hear that! I'm soooo hoping I was mis sold some along the way as we could really do with a little windfall at the moment. Would cheer me up no end!!! Thanks smile

LackaDAISYcal Sun 12-Feb-12 23:52:32

Selks, the form on the TSB website is the same one as the MSE site so I assume it's the standard one.

Boringnamechange, from what I understand from MSE, claiming will automatically cancel the policy, but that other non tied policies are cheaper and with better payouts so you would be winning anyway!

muminthecity Mon 13-Feb-12 00:30:51

I am so going to do this tomorrow. I took out a loan with Alliance and Leicester (now Santander) in 2008 and was told I had to have PPI otherwise they would not give me the loan. Mind you, the loan was only £1000 so presumably the amount of PPI I paid wouldn't have been very much?

I also have an Evans store card, no idea if I have PPI on that though.

YNK Mon 13-Feb-12 01:09:13

I have just recieved the form from Barclays. My mortgage with them was between 2002-2005 so I don't know if I will get anything.

I was called by a claims firm who told me I had a ppi. I thanked them and told them if I did I would apply myself. I had no idea I did but happened to have my house documents to hand so I rang the bank and was able to give them all the relative policy number and dates. They were very helpful.

BTW I had the documents to hand as my house is coming up to it's 100th birthday on 24/02 and I wanted to check the date so I can send a card to the 4 other houses that were built at the same time. Happy 100th birthday, neighbours houses!

LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-Feb-12 11:42:07

I've spoken to the Lloyds TSB PPI claim line this morning. I've been a customer of theirs for as long as I can remember and have had a mortgage, two separate credit card accounts, and at least two loans that I know of. They have logged the account numbers that I had a papertrail for and said they will also look at my account history to see if there are any other products for which I had PPI. The reason I gave was that I was under the impression that I had to take their product if I wanted to protect the loan. On the basis of the paperwork I can find, I paid around £2500 PPI on the 2 loans alone, before any accrued interest is added.
I feel quite giddy by the amount we may get back now grin

Interestingly I was on the Barclaycard website earlier and can't find any obvious link for help with mis-sold PPI claims hmm

how do they calculate the interest etc? especially on a credit card where, by its nature, the amount paid each month varies?

Eclairwaldorf Mon 13-Feb-12 12:49:18

Have you just been calling customer services at your current lenders/mortgage lender and asking for the original agreement? What do you ask for ?

[Faffing around all day and not well emoticon}

YNK Mon 13-Feb-12 13:30:00

The barclays number I used was just the normal telephone banking number.

Bucharest Mon 13-Feb-12 13:35:07

Marking place as I need to sort this out too.

Daisy- there is a bit on a page on the Barclays website about them promising to look into claims very quickly- I have had cc and overlimit charges with them since about 1990 (IIRC) I definitely had the payment protection thing still on even once I had left the UK and was no longer working fulltime.

Yes Eclair, you can do that. They may ask you to put the request in writing but it's a good place to start.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-Feb-12 14:36:29

Thanks Bucharest, I've found all the info now. I stupidly didn't realise that Barclaycard and Barclay's were the same institution blush

I've had a stalling letter this morning from 1 of my credit cards saying that my signature doesn't match the one on their files hmm

So, just been and posted a photocopy of my passport so that they know I'm definitely me!

Flisspaps Fri 17-Feb-12 20:59:32

Had a lovely letter from Santander today (re my Cahoot loan) offering me a refund of £198.75 for my PPI plus interest. That's going to pay for some furniture for the baby's room smile

Fabulous grin - I only remembered my loan with them because of this thread, and even then only sent off the form on the off chance that I'd been mis-sold PPI!

Sent my shitty letter off to Welcome today seeing as they've been fartarsing me about telling me to contact this department, that department and send this and that in, and even now I reckon that THIS department will tell me to send in proof of my name change and address (which Santander didn't send back) even though the other arsing office have seen it.

LackaDAISYcal Fri 17-Feb-12 21:07:35

Excellent news Flisspaps grin
There's some advice on MSE re dealing with welcome, or whoever owns them now. Might be worth checking it out over there?

Flisspaps Fri 17-Feb-12 21:45:58

Thanks for that - I've already been over there and sadly I have to deal with them direct rather than through FSCS as my claim is for a pre-2005 loan sad

I think they are just using delay tactics to put me off claiming, I reckon they must get a lot of people who get so far down the line and then give up, thinking what they'll get back isn't worth it. I don't care if I end up out of pocket chasing them, it's the principle!

morecoffeepleaseholdthecake Fri 17-Feb-12 22:11:07

Hi all. I've just come across this thread. I have wondered whether Dh and I could claim back any ppi. Trouble is, the credit cards, loans and store cards we would be able to claim it on, we no longer have any paper work. All accounts are closed. I could contact the companies with only my personal details (name, address etc),approx years I held the loan/card and that's about it. Is this enough?


morecoffeepleaseholdthecake Fri 17-Feb-12 22:12:12

...... oh, and how far back can I claim?

WhiteTrash Fri 17-Feb-12 22:14:06

6 years.

Im waiting for mine at the moment. Its peanuts, only £213. I really hope I get the full amount its not much! Got to wait a month yet though.

TwoNoisyBoys Fri 17-Feb-12 22:18:49

I can't remember what policies DH and I have had over the years - I went through a stage of changing credit cards all the time to take advantage of interest free periods etc.........Don't know how I'd even begin to sort it out? I've got some records going back a couple of years, but wouldn't have a clue! sad

Flisspaps Fri 17-Feb-12 22:23:18

morecoffeeplease I had no paperwork for the cahoot loan I mentioned earlier smile

I think some people have made successful claims on products over 6 years old and the Welcome loan I am pursuing is from 2004. Write to the lender using the PPI claim form on the moneysavingexpert site and see what you get - at worst you lose the cost of a stamp!

LackaDAISYcal Fri 17-Feb-12 23:47:09

If you know the lender you can request all the financial information they hold on you. That costs £10 though, so if you had a few lenders it could mean being temporarily out of pocket.
Check out the websites of the lenders involved and of course the PPI threads on moneysavingexpert!
One of the ones I'm pursuing was a mortgage I had from 95 to 03 and my bank said they would search for all products I've had over the years that may have had PPI attached. It seems that some are better than others at being helpful!

LackaDAISYcal Fri 17-Feb-12 23:52:30

Whitetrash, was that the amount of PPI paid by you? If do, as well as getting it all back you should get interest at 8% (which is applied to each payment if paid monthly) plus a minimum of £200 compensation for the inconvenience; the compensation depends on whether it was a loan or credit card iirc

Sanesometimes1 Sat 18-Feb-12 00:53:37

just marking my place here - too late to have a proper read will do in the morning ! very interesting.

BrightnessFalls Sat 18-Feb-12 01:07:40

Welcome were fab at responding to me. I don't think it's a strict six year claim period either

Flisspaps Sat 18-Feb-12 13:05:07

Brightness They're good at responding to me, just not with the information that they should be giving me - they're very quick to email back but so far it's led nowhere. PITA.

morecoffeepleaseholdthecake Sat 18-Feb-12 15:34:50

Thanks white fliss and lack

Will get onto it next week when the dc's are back at school. I am pretty sure there are a few lenders that I took it out with.

Will update with progress next week smile

edinburghrock Wed 22-Feb-12 15:35:40

Let us know how you are getting on smile

lisad123 Wed 22-Feb-12 16:36:17

All of mine have given me the date of 7th of march. March hopefully might be a good month grin

lisad123 Wed 22-Feb-12 16:37:38

My cousin got his back £7.5k and they are getting married on the money grin

LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Feb-12 00:16:15

I've had confirmation letters from Lloyd TSB. As well as the two loans, two credit cards & my mortgage, they have unearthed a further four products where I had PPI! I need to query the reason they have put on the claim though, as it seems a bit ambiguous to me, and not the reason I gave over the phone hmm

Woohoo for your cousin's payout LisaD grin
I need to fill out the form for my Barclaycard as well.

There wss an article on Radio4 yesterday in which they said that only a small percentage of possible claims had actually been made (can't remember the exact figure). I've been telling everyone I know to claim!

Flisspaps Fri 24-Feb-12 07:10:12

Still waiting on Welcome and Lloyds.,,will be chasing via phone next week if fingers aren't pulled out...

lisad123 Fri 24-Feb-12 08:10:31

Dh told me that the news this morning said Lloyds tsb have reported bad results de to amount of ppi payouts!! Maybe they shouldn't have got so greedy in the first place hmm

EdinburghRocks Fri 24-Feb-12 11:18:36

You do have to wonder though, how many claims are genuine? It has crossed my mind with all those claim companies out there encouraging people.

glittershoes Fri 24-Feb-12 11:49:03

Hello, really interesting thread.

It has never come into my head as I have only just recently taken out a credit card but I do remember having three payments taken from my account - one in November 2002, one November 2005 and one November 2008 from a company called CPP Limited for some insurance (although I forget what it was for). I was definitely unaware I had it and cancelled it after the Nov 2008 payment.

Anyone have any idea if this falls under PPI and what my next step would be?

Many thanks x

Voidka Fri 24-Feb-12 11:50:13

Great thread.

I am 7 weeks into a claim from Welcome for a loan we had in 2002. I am hoping to hear from them within the next week.

Flisspaps Fri 24-Feb-12 12:55:15

glittershoes Sounds like it could be PPI if it's for insurance. You need to download this consumer questionnaire, complete it with as much detail as you can, and then send it in to whoever you had the credit card with.

thank you OP, have submitted a claim and am waiting to hear back smile

lisad123 Fri 24-Feb-12 13:40:49

Barclaycard have turned me down! angry they said that there is no evidence to say they didn't discuss ppi with me, I asked if they could prove it did! They said they don't have to prove it angry
Will take it further. I was 18 with loads of health problems they didn't ask about ect.

Voidka Fri 24-Feb-12 13:52:36

Have spoken to Welcome this morning - they need my marriage certificate which I have faxed over so I am hoping our claim is nearly processed.

Voidka Fri 24-Feb-12 13:55:12

flisspaps - my Welcome loan is from 2002 - I contacted Welcome Customer Complaints department and they processed my claim.

Flisspaps Fri 24-Feb-12 14:17:19

Voidka I've been shifted from department to department by Welcome, each one as unhelpful as the last hmm I am now waiting to hear from the Customer Complaints Department.

I originally emailed them to tell them my loan was pre 2005 and details of when and where it was taken out and the reference number I had for it, they asked for copies of my marriage certificate and change of address as I had married and moved since the loan was taken out, then them wrote to say they had no record of me and could I send them details of when the loan was taken out and any proof of name change and change of address, I replied to tell them they'd already had that info and then they emailed me to say 'Oh, loans from before 2005 were taken over by another department, you need to contact them'. Which I have done, but I've also told them that if they don't sort it out within 8 weeks of my original email then I'll be in touch with the Ombudsman as they should have told me straight away that pre-2005 loans were dealt with by another office instead of arsing me about for weeks first.


LackaDAISYcal Fri 24-Feb-12 20:17:02

Lisa, there is a standard letter to the Financial Ombudsman Service for rejected claims on MSE. I'd link but am on rubbish phone.

well, DH just had the shock of his life... opened the mail and got an offer from Santander for........ £7,000 shock shock grin grin

EdinburghRocks Sat 25-Feb-12 16:23:52

What was that from?

ENormaSnob Sat 25-Feb-12 16:33:26

Has anyone claimed from ppi from a mortgage?

Almost certain me and ex were told we couldn't have mortgage without it. This was in 02 but remortgaged and cleared in early 06. Was with bank of Scotland.

Is this worth pursuing?

yup, ours was a mortgage. It was Santander

LackaDAISYcal Sat 25-Feb-12 16:54:45

grin ilovemydog. Result!

ENormaSnob Sat 25-Feb-12 16:58:44

Thanks Ilove.

How does a joint claim work if you are no longer together?

Ex is happy for me to pursue it but how will they refund etc?

I don't know, but most banks have a dedicated PPI team and am sure that you're not alone in claiming for a mortgage under joint names but not together anymore.

Im sure we were told the same about our mortgage. Keep meaning to check suppose got nothing to loose if they say no.

Do it! Am thinking of it as my own banker's bonus wink

shewhowines Sat 25-Feb-12 17:19:08

A few years back, we got loads of money back for our endowment policy being mis- sold(not PPI) by pursuing it ourselves rather than through a "claim agency".
Not sure if it is too late to do it now but if you have an old endowment policy it might be worth looking into

mumatron Sat 25-Feb-12 17:23:57

shock ilove that is amazing. What are you going to do with it? <Nosey>

A nice treat I hope?

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Sat 25-Feb-12 17:25:03

That's interesting shew - My parents had an endowment mortgage and are being asked to pay a lump sum next year.

Also, marking place though don't think we've ever had PPI on anything

shewhowines Sat 25-Feb-12 17:42:55

Money saving expert gave advice out a few years ago. Worth checking. We got £5000 and friends also got a lot.
They had letters to virtually copy, basically saying that the mortgage lender didn't advise you that the investments could go down as well as up and that the endowment might not be enough to fully pay off the mortgage when it ended. i had already changed it to a repayment mortgage so that wasn't an obstacle.
I have a feeling there might have been a time limit to claim though.

lisad123 Sat 25-Feb-12 17:48:09

We didn't have ppi but were told we couldn't have mortgage without life cover, is that the same??

Nice letter from MINT!! £1280!!!! That included all I paid plus intrest plus the fact it took me over my limit so many times, plus intrest on that!! It's only a £500 cc grin

jade80 Sat 25-Feb-12 17:59:11

So if I had a mortgage with HSBC from 1994 to last year, there is a possibility I was charged for PPI? In which case, can someone tell me what documents I need to find to check whether I did pay for it? Is it something that they added on for pretty much everyone, or would I probably have known about it if they did?

lisad123 Sat 25-Feb-12 18:04:49

I would just ring and ask, they can't lie to you.

shewhowines Sat 25-Feb-12 18:05:59

The mis sold endowment policy claims were totally separate to the ppi claims that this thread is talking about. I think you may have missed the boat if your endowment wasn't enough to fully pay off your mortgage. This was the big thing a few years ago. I think you legally had to be informed if there was going to possibly be a shortfall and then you could claim that you hadn't been told that this may have been a possibility and that you had been guaranteed it would cover your mortgage. Not sure but I think there was a time limit from them informing you.

I seem to have muddied the waters as it is different to PPI. Worth checking though JUGGLING.

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Sat 25-Feb-12 18:10:32

Similar though isn't it shew - and if there's any chance of getting money back for bad practice ...

Enorma was just looking at the acceptance form and looks as if it was a joint account, both parties have to sign, so if your ex is in agreement, he would just sign the initial claim form and the acceptance form.

ENormaSnob Sun 26-Feb-12 14:12:15

Oh that's good then. Seems straightforward.


Hope they will send a cheque in my name only then as obviously we don't have a joint account.

Just called RBS about my mis sold mortgage ppi and they have started the complaint. He said will take 8-9 weeks but very happy as it only took 10 minutes on the phone! He has to send a letter out at it is a joint mortgage so DH has to sign but so glad I have finally started the ball rolling!

iseenodust Mon 27-Feb-12 11:30:03

Fliss thanks for great link. Will start the process.

Voidka Mon 27-Feb-12 12:41:41

Fliss - we have the same. They have had my paperwork for 8 weeks this Thursday. First of all they said they couldnt find me because I had moved address and got married. Once I pointed out I had my account number on the paperwork they flapped around. 2 weeks ago I got a letter saying they had only just received my paperwork which is a lie and they admitted it was a mistake. This morning I get a letter saying they need my passport and marriage certificate which I have faxed over, but they tried to claim it will be another 8 weeks.

I told them this morning over the phone if it goes over 8 weeks I will be calling the ombudsman.

Yay, got an offer from Barclays this morning for 'overdraft protection' on DH's account. He was only paying about £1.60 a month so we weren't expecting much.

Offer is for £292 grin

Now just waiting on 2 credit cards

Flisspaps Tue 28-Feb-12 21:30:32

Voidka I shall ring them up tomorrow then, and when they play silly buggers with me I shall let them know that I know that this is the game that they play, and that they are sailing very close to the 8 week deadline with me now.


I reckon I'd be able to pay for my birth pool in a box with a payout from them, they want to hurry up as I'm 35w tomorrow, having an angry pregnant woman on the phone wanting her money is not going to be pleasant!

Good luck Fliss, let us know what happens.

You are right, the 8 weeks starts from when they receive the first letter. Give them hell wink

ninah Tue 28-Feb-12 21:38:23

I have been getting cold calls about ppi refunds, had no idea what they were on about and put phone down. Should I have listened? going to check mortgage info asap

Ninah, if you have had PPI on loans, credit cards, mortgage, overdraft etc then yes, you can claim.

Please please please do not speak to those PPI refund companies though, they take about 25-30% of your refund. It's so easy to do it yourself - 1 letter or phone call in most cases!

Loads of people on here can give you advice, or have a look at moneysavingexpert

notahappycamper Tue 28-Feb-12 22:27:15

Can anyone help me pls?
I have had some successes with PPI as I have a pre-existing medical condition which nobody ever asked about but would have made any claim void.

Anyway, I had a credit card from A&L in 1998 and MBNA took over ownership of the debt in 2003. They paid out from 2003 and told me to ask A&L for the money from the time before. So I have written to A&L several times and keep getting letters back from MBNA saying it isnt their problem.

I get the feeling they are just passing the buck but are they? Not come across any situation like this when people talk about their experiences. Should I call the ombudsman for advice? I did call one of those companies to claim the money back today and they seemed very eager -like it was going to be easy. I havent signed with them yet so not obliged to go with them


Flisspaps Tue 28-Feb-12 22:33:52

Yes to contacting the ombudsman, no to getting one of those companies to do it for you smile

notahappycamper Tue 28-Feb-12 22:40:00

Thanks Flisspaps- will do!
(Btw Your name always makes me smile)

theodorakis Wed 29-Feb-12 07:07:50

Yes me too, I heard something on Jeremy Vine, went to a free website downloaded a letter template, sent it and got £3k back from Egg. This after being told by their advisor that I had ticked a box, had no claim and that taking action may affect my credit rating.
It feels good to have won, just once.

Well done everyone. I have received a £900 offer letter from RBS on my credit card. Still waiting ot hear from 2 old mortgages with RBS and Northern Rock.

ENormaSnob Wed 29-Feb-12 08:26:11

I have sorted the joint mortgage issue with the ex.

They will process the complaint then send us 50/50 each of the offer.

Wonderful helpful staff from bank of Scotland.

Now onto Barclays partner finance who are not nearly so helpful.

lisad123 Wed 29-Feb-12 10:24:16

ANyone seen this ?

MSE are saying that banks are still refusing claims even if they have mis sold but then if you look further up to 99% of people who went to the ombesman got their claims back!

I had a call from black horse today asking about my work and how long i have worked for local governement and whats my benifits packages, hmm like im going to know that off the top of my head in middle of asda. I have worked for LA for 12 years, but that shouldnt matter, its either missold or not, no matter what my job!

notahappy our mortgage originally was with National Provincial which was taken over by Abbey and then Santander. We claimed from Santander, as when a company takes over a business, they take on all liabilities.

Lisad did you claim the over limit fees back from Mint or did they just add them on to the PPI claim?

Flisspaps Wed 29-Feb-12 11:34:45

notsohappy my successful claim was for a product taken out with a company that was taken over too - my loan was with Cahoot, and Santander took them over and dealt with my claim as they are now responsible. I sent the form off about 3 weeks ago, money went into my bank yesterday!

Just out of curiosity, has anyone made a successful claim via the telephone? We made a claim on the phone and haven't heard anything, but the claim in writing, that was made later, has gone through hmm

LackaDAISYcal Wed 29-Feb-12 12:54:21

Did you get a letter from the lender detailing the claim ilmd?
I did my TSB claim by phone and they sent me a letter detailing all the relevant account numbers, the reason for my claim, and the timescale for their response.

I'd chase it up with the lender.

3teenhell Wed 29-Feb-12 13:09:13

I have just called Santander about my cahoot loan and they have registered complaint. Should hear something within 14 days!!!

Does anyone know how good santander are at settling?


Just spoken to Capital One to check that they received the photocopy of my passport. They didn't, apparently hmm

They asked me to send a brand new claim in with the correct signature on but I declined as I don't want to hold the process up anymore. So I'm off to send another photocopy of my passport, by recorded delivery this time!

LittleBarnOwl Wed 29-Feb-12 13:35:29

God, thanks so much for this thread! After reading it I phoned RBS PPI claim line and 3 weeks later they have put £8300 in my account faints

Wow, excellent Littlebarnowl!

Happy spending grin

Flisspaps Wed 29-Feb-12 14:11:31

3teenhell As I said in my earlier post, I sent the form off to Santander (re Cahoot) about 3 weeks ago, I had an offer within a week and the money hit my bank account yesterday grin

nagynolonger Wed 29-Feb-12 14:22:03

Can PPI have been mis-sold if it was taken out willingly and the ccompany paid up (eventually!) when DH was out of work?

Flisspaps Wed 29-Feb-12 14:23:56

Were you told you HAD to have it (or else you couldn't have the loan/CC)?

3teenhell Wed 29-Feb-12 14:41:46

Thanks Flisspaps
How do you know how much you might be due? I no longer have paperwork for this loan so can't look it up. Is there any way of working it out?

nagynolonger Wed 29-Feb-12 14:45:14

I'm not sure! Will ask DH. DH was self employed at the time and he had real trouble getting the company to pay up when he was ill. We keep getting phone calls and I just hang up are these claims companies phoning everyone?

Flisspaps Wed 29-Feb-12 14:58:55

3teenhell They write to you with an offer, then you reply to say 'yes please' or 'no thanks, I think I'm owed more' smile

nagy I think they'll be cold callers ringing on the off chance that someone somewhere might have a claim they can deal with. You don't need them though - honestly, why shell out 30% of what you're owed when you only need to fill in a form or two yourself? Even if you're not successful, you've only paid out for a stamp anyway grin

Littlebarnowl - was it mortgage or credit card? And did you have a joint claim and need a letter signed? I have just called the number on Monday 3 weeks sounds brill though!

3teenhell Wed 29-Feb-12 15:54:52

ok will wait and see what they say.

Have now also called HSBC about a credit card that has 10,000 on it at one point so hoping that that had PPI!!

lisad123 Wed 29-Feb-12 15:57:30

I didn't apply for the fees they just added them in grin
They didn't admit admitt to mid selling but as a good will given the time passed since complaint lol

lisad123 Wed 29-Feb-12 15:57:58

I made ppi claim over phone to first plus many years ago. All went well smile

Bucharest Wed 29-Feb-12 16:00:59

3teenhell, I am (thanks to this thread which has got me motivated!) d/l the form for an HSBC card similar to yours. Fingers and toeses crossed!

3teenhell Wed 29-Feb-12 16:03:22

oh yes Bucharest everything is crossed here!!

LittleBarnOwl Wed 29-Feb-12 21:42:01

Hi boring it was a loan, there was a loan chain over a few years so I got the £8000 in 4 separate payments plus the interest was separate. I was shocked how quick and easy it all was!

orangina Mon 05-Mar-12 11:18:41

Am so excited to have discovered this thread. I have no idea if I was mis-sold PPI but I guess I might have been, as I had an Egg loan and am self-employed.

Have just been on the Egg website to try and find out who to write to (I think I efficitnely shredded all my loan paperwork 3 years after I paid it off in full....) for information about my loan.... but I can't really find what I'm looking for. Has anyone here successfully got a refund from Egg?

Thanks smile

orangina Mon 05-Mar-12 12:32:17

Ok, found EGG Freefone customer services number through another forum and they were SUPER helpful (0800 7834393 if anyone needs it). Have discovered that I took out not one but TWO loans (how could I forget blush?) and they have basically given me all the information to submit my claim. Have written my letter, filled in the Ombudsman questionnaire form and should receive recipt of my complaint within 5 working days.

Fingers crossed! smile

Well done, orangina. Fingers crossed for you! Do let us know what happens, it's great hearing so many people getting refunds, and spurs others on to get their claims in smile

orangina Tue 06-Mar-12 22:54:34

I am VERY excited about it! I'll let you know...... smile

FayKnights Tue 06-Mar-12 23:03:26

Great thread! You all spurred me on to claim on PPI on a Halifax mortgage which was taken out in 1994 and finished in 2010, fingers crossed we get a little something. Keep the outcomes coming!

Shakey1500 Tue 06-Mar-12 23:44:36

Great thread, what a thrill! Ok some questions, apologies that similar have been asked...

I had an overdraft and loans with Barclays in the early 90's, I know I definitely paid PPI on them (on the basis that they'd be refused otherwise), too long ago to claim you reckon? Worth a go?

DH and I had a mortgage that would have started year 2000 BUT being as we chopped and changed lenders a bit I cant remember who we originally took it out with (I know! <old fogey emoticon>) what to do? How to trace? The credit file you think?

I've had a Barclaycard Visa for YEARS but not sure if I pay PPI on it. Would it be "in" with the interest or listed separately?


Definitely worth a try shakey!

I think credit files only go back 6 years, could you get a copy of bank statement from the time you took out your mortgage?

PPI is usually listed separately but isn't always called PPI - DH had it on his overdraft with Barclays but it was called overdraft protection payment

3teenhell Wed 07-Mar-12 11:52:38

Got a letter this morning offering me £1021 from santander!!

Well done 3teenhell smile

lisad123 Thu 08-Mar-12 22:46:10

Got an offer of £1823 from black horse this morning grin
Taking barclaycard to ombesmen though confused

I've just had an offer from Bank of Scotland but think it may be wrong - can anyone help?

Refund of premiums £69.68
Refund of interest applied to the account because of PPI £24.20
Interest at 8% £0.63

I thought the 8% interest was per year or something? 63p isn't 8% of £93 last time I checked!

Does anyone understand?

Shakey1500 Fri 09-Mar-12 19:08:59

Have lodged two complaints with Barclays today but they were for a loan and overdraft from eons ago so not sure if I'll get anywhere? But the lady on the phone said they had records of PPI having been paid on them both so that's hopeful right?? She gave me the 2 policy numbers anyhow and a phone number to chase up if not heard anything in 2 weeks.

It sounded like they had already collated a list of people who had paid PPI (and possibly would complain) so I'm keeping everything crossed. Spent almost an hour trying to trace my old mortgage only to find we hadn't had PPI on it in the first place. Can't win 'em all eh?

Tequila yes, I understand what you're saying ref calculating the interest, doesn't add up does it?? Perhaps another phone call?

Shakey1500 Fri 09-Mar-12 19:24:58

Tequila just noticed on previous page that your DH got a settlement from Barclays for overdraft protection fee. Do you mind me asking if it was for an account he currently holds? Or one from years ago? Thanks

HarryRedknappsDog Fri 09-Mar-12 19:26:38

I got an offer of £2500 from Mint last week. grin

Letter from Rbs today to fill in and sign with DH as its a joint claim. Will send it tomorrow and fingers crossed that it hurries up!

I am hopeful and if i get what I think we will then our holiday in may is sorted. But if not we have our savings and it's not all lost iyswim.

Has anyone had any success from stuff that was further back than 6 years?

happydotcom Fri 09-Mar-12 19:45:07

Congrats Greggs I did the same as you £3340. grin

Shakey, yes it was the account he currently holds. It was paid into his account today, and another PPI payment taken out at the same time angry so will have to ring them tomorrow.

I rang BoS and asked about the 8%, the guy on the phone agreed with me that it didn't look right and is going to get somebody to look into and get back to me.

Just waiting on Capital One now!

Shakey1500 Fri 09-Mar-12 23:09:34

Ahh right thanks. Was hoping it was a closed account, as is the one I'm claiming for. One thing that puzzled me, she said that the overdraft one was closed in 2011. Now, I haven't had a bank account with Barclays since 2004 so that's confused me a bit confused Hence me asking grin

A waiting game now. But I distinctly remember them saying I wouldn't get the loan/overdraft facility if I didn't take the insurance, which I relayed to them today when she asked why I thought I was misold. Explained that this was pre-internet, agreements over the phone and you trusted what they said etc.

Barclays have been the easiest so far that we have dealt with. I don't think they even asked why he thought it was mis-sold!

I'm sure it'll be ok and you'll get a nice fat cheque back soon.

I just can't understand why they are still taking it out of his account when they've settled the complaint about it? Most bizarre, I'll be after interest on this months payment too grin

BrightnessFalls Fri 09-Mar-12 23:29:49

Im waiting to hear from TSB. Ive heard they are the worst to deal with sad

Received a cheque this morning for £94.51 from BoS so they obviously sent that before I queried the 8%.

Not sure whether to cash it or hang into it until they come back to me. They didn't ask if I wanted to accept their offer so I'm guessing that by cashing the cheque I will be accepting by default?

ENormaSnob Sat 10-Mar-12 10:37:16

I would hold off tequila until you know whether the amount is correct.

I am claiming from bos too but not heard yet.

Would you mind posting back when you get an answer re the interest?

I have found some details from a loan with Barclays partner finance, how will I know if ppi was on it?

Of course I will Norma.

Re Barclays, just ring them up and ask them, or write a letter asking for a copy of the agreement. You'll need to enclose a cheque or PO for £1 though if you write to them

orangina Tue 13-Mar-12 22:21:10

I received an acknowledgement of my complaint from Egg today, and have 8 weeks to have an official response or else I can take them to the Ombudsman.

Getting slowly closer I hope..... (fingers crossed......!)

Dh got the right runaround from TSB today, tge branch manager told him it wasn't worth dhs time and then hung up on him.

lostboysfallin Fri 16-Mar-12 15:50:53

I claimed loads back through a company, but this thread made me rethink it and I remembered some old loans and credit cards. I've done a lot of refinancing over the years, balance transfers, consolidation loans

I have today been given the runaround by Santander, Halifax, and Lloyds. All the banks have been bought or merged.

But I have just phoned MBNA, literally on the off chance and I had a £15k loan that I can claim on! I don't even remember it. I'm so excited now.

MBNA were by far the most helpful, they just found the details, everyone else wanted me to find the details first

Lost boys how far back have you been able to. Lain?


lostboysfallin Sat 17-Mar-12 12:30:45

I had cahoot tell me yesterday that 6 years was the limit, I think that's because most financial institutions only keep 6 years before they go to archive, but I believe it's anything from 2004. I've had success from before then, but I claimed nearly 2 years ago now.

our was 1992 - 2004, however we had all the paperwork to show that PPI was not optional.

Flisspaps Mon 19-Mar-12 11:32:43

Sweet Jesus.

Letter from Welcome Finance this morning.

Original loan was about £800, which was taken out prior to the 2005 date most people claim from.

PPI + compensation being offered is £530.


I could cry.

I was hoping for about £100 so that I could buy a birth pool from ebay second hand, last week we found out it is very likely that DH is going to be made redundant.

£530. I've already kitted out the nursery with the £200 compensation from Santander.

I can't believe it.

Bucharest Mon 19-Mar-12 11:44:24

Brilliant Fliss! smile

orangina Mon 19-Mar-12 11:46:51

Wow Fliss!!!!!!

<gets utterly insane hopes up now, as original loan was a great deal more than £800.......>

Such good news, am v happy for you!

Excellent news Fliss grin

lostboysfallin Mon 19-Mar-12 13:56:57

that's fantastic news Fliss!

DonkeyTeapot Tue 20-Mar-12 16:36:50

Woo Hoo, RESULT!

I got a letter from Egg yesterday telling me my claim is being upheld, and that a cheque for £4,841.26 will be here in 10 - 15 days! I honestly expected to get a "tough titty, you don't get anything" letter - even if I did get anything I thought it might be £2000 maximum.

It was a £10,000 loan which I took out to clear all the debts my ex-h left me with. When he left me in the shit, I made a decision to be out of debt by the time I was 30. That meant paying off £400 every month for four years. Let me tell you, they were four very frugal years!

Is it childish of me to want to stick two fingers up at him, blow a massive raspberry, and shout "IN YOUR FACE, DICKHEAD!" at him?

Massive thanks to Gregssausageroll for starting the thread, as I would never have bothered if it weren't for this.

lisad123 Tue 20-Mar-12 17:02:06

Woo hoo teapot!

lostboysfallin Tue 20-Mar-12 17:33:58

Excellent news donkey!

orangina Wed 21-Mar-12 14:04:47

Fantastic Donkey!

(Eagerly awaits letter from Egg with cheque attached...... fingers crossed!)

WhiteTrash Wed 21-Mar-12 14:14:24

I got my letter offering £309.

Mine was a v.small over draft so the PPI was peanuts but its buying us a little camping holiday this year so we're happy. grin

orangina Wed 21-Mar-12 14:21:18

As a matter of interest Donkey, how long did it take Egg to get back to you from when they first acknowledged receipt of your complaint?

NotMostPeople Wed 21-Mar-12 14:38:15

Does anyone know what happens if you went through a broker? We took out a second mortgage/loan a few years ago when DH was self employed it included PPI which we were told we had to have. We paid it off three years later. However it was done via a broker so who do we claim from?

DonkeyTeapot Wed 21-Mar-12 16:22:47

Orangina The eight weeks would have been up today - the offer letter arrived Monday just gone. I was gearing up for a fight, waiting for the eight week mark - I was going to go all Ombudsman on their asses!

I got their letter confirming receipt of my claim on 23rd January.

orangina Wed 21-Mar-12 16:41:49

Thanks for that DOnkey.... will just have to wait the full 8 weeks then I guess...... smile

GodisaDj Wed 21-Mar-12 17:00:36

I never woop but I got £960 put in the bank today! Woop fuckin woop! grin grin

Mine was a graduate loan from HSBC. I specifically recall her telling me I couldn't have the rate with PPI. The PPI about £500 odd so have had a lot of interest added.

happy smile happy smile happy smile

Is it better to log your complaint by phone or fill the form in?

I've got a few loans and a credit card to complain about with the same lender. Numpty emoticon.

I've got all my statements going back to 2000 so can prove I had the loans and PPI but don't have copies of agreements. Not sure if that matters?

I'm complaining on the grounds that I was told it was compulsory, it was front loaded onto the loans and that my employment benefits as a civil servant means that I just didn't need it - generous sick and redundancy pay. Anyone else used the same grounds?

OhCobblers Wed 21-Mar-12 21:46:32

Stupidly started a thread earlier without doing a search first, however, one kindly MNetter replied suggesting i contact the bank first.

So i logged my complaint with Lloyds and will have to wait up to 8 wks, however, if my mortgage was from 2000 - 2006 does anyone know if i'll have a luck as i'm reading about some claims prior to 06 not being successful?


FayKnights Wed 21-Mar-12 21:51:00

Busters, I used very similar reasons to you, fingers crossed we get a good result.
Well done Donkey and GodisaDJ really chuffed for you.
I got my acknowledgement about a week ago from the Halifax, so just a waiting game now.

FayKnights Wed 21-Mar-12 21:53:44

Did anyone see the piece in MSE today about the man who got over £80k back but ended up losing £25K to one of those PPI claim firms who 'helped' him out? Definitely worth doing it yourself!

Thanks Fay fingers crossed for both of us!

Definitely worth doing yourself. The form isn't that hard to fill in! Those companies are just leeches!!

NotMostPeople, you need to claim from the lender.

Well done to those who've been successful, it's a great feeling when that cheque comes through your door isn't it grin

I'm still waiting for 1 from Capital One. It won't be much as there was only about £200 on the credit card, but whatever it is, it's better in my pocket than theirs!

DonkeyTeapot Thu 22-Mar-12 08:38:55

Busters I'd do the form - if you try to to it by phone I'm pretty sure they'd ask you to do the form as well, and it's good to have a copy yourself anyway, in case your claim is lost, or you need to contact the ombudsman.

Don't worry about not having copies of the agreements - I didn't. I didn't even have the account numbers, I shredded all the paperwork when the loan was paid off. The lender should be able to supply a copy of the agreement(s) anyway. I think I just put the years that the loan was taken out & was paid off.

Your grounds also sound fine. I was told PPI was compulsory, so quoted that on the forms. Good luck!

Thanks for that Donkey. I shall crack on with the forms tonight!

Tigerbomb Thu 22-Mar-12 18:01:30

I read this thread and thought I would try my luck with my own loan

I have today received an offer of 1133.20 , whoo hoo.

This was paid out even though I claimed on the PPI back in 2005 grin

queenrollo Thu 22-Mar-12 18:33:21

Dh got a letter from Northern Rock in October and he filled in the form and sent it back. They then sent another form and a letter asking him to fill it in if he wanted to proceed with a claim. Then we got another letter asking if he was really sure he didn't want to claim, so we sent a recorded delivery letter. Then we got another letter from them hmm sent another recorded letter back asking for confirmation they had received our correspondence.
We didn't hear from them so DH phoned to be told their system acknowledged receipt of his claim form from the first one we sent in....

They told him in Feb that his claim was 'active' so they couldn't discuss it with him and we haven't heard a thing.....

Any advice on where to go from here? I can't phone them as the loan was in DH's name and before we met. DH might need a bit of a nudge to take further steps but what?

ENormaSnob Thu 22-Mar-12 18:59:07

Think they have time limits to how long they get to deal with claims.

Ombudsman if they are taking the piss.

Shakey1500 Thu 22-Mar-12 19:57:26

I agree, ring them once more, outline the runaround you've had and tell them if it's not resolved by <insert date> you're heading straight to the ombudsman. If you can get in a "and he'll probably tell you to add more compensation for your incompetency" they may up their speed.

ENormaSnob whenever I saw your name on this thread I envisaged you as someone called Norma, possibly 50+, twinset and pearls etc. Then I read your username properly grin Not to say you're not called Norma etc

<digs bigger hole>

Anyhow, I'm still awaiting a letter from Barclays. I'll give them till end of next week then give them a ring. I've only made one call to lodge claim thus far.

lostboysfallin Fri 23-Mar-12 12:39:45

Had letter from mbna saying they will respond within 28 days, fingers crossed

busters I'd do the form. I did a form for the mortgage and a phone call for the loan. The form was sent recorded and they responded in about a week to having received it. The phone call apparently was never made hmm so ended up doing the form. Some people however have had good luck with phoning.

Re: Ombudsman They are so completely back logged, and the financial sector knows this, so it isn't really a huge threat. Let's put it this way. When DS was 2 years old, we put in a complaint (not PPI) and it's only just been resolved. He just celebrated his 4th birthday grin

LackaDAISYcal Fri 23-Mar-12 13:17:27

I'm still waiting for the TSB, but they have another week or so yet before the eight week deadline runs out.

and I'm reminded, by seeing this in active convos, that I still need to fill out the form for Barclay's.....

I'm sure people have claimed against them - have you read the whole thread? I think people had trouble but managed to get a claim in the end.