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Worried sick about change in circumstances.

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textfan Fri 20-Jun-14 03:00:16

Hi all

I'm a single mum with a mental health condition. I currently receive ESA, Dla (care and mobility lower rates).

My psychologist recently said that he will be letting me go. I am not completely 'well' I am still on medication and still have really bad days sometimes. But I know that I have to report any 'change in circumstances'. I think psychologist letting me go partly due to funding and partly it's unlikely I'll ever be better than I am at present.

My worry is in the past whenever I've reported a change to Dwp etc they've left me really stuck till they've sorted the change.

I'd mainly like to hear of people's experience of Dwp disability advisers. Are they sympathetic or will they put tons of pressure on me to get a job? Will they put me on jsa straight away?

I just don't feel ready to jobhunt. I had a breakdown several years ago went back to work less than 6 months later n nearly made myself v ill again. I don't want to do that this time.

I'm scared of being rushed into job hunting and potentially losing £300-400 a month with a change in benefits as I barely make ends meet now. (Before anyone says along these lines, I don't drink, smoke, take drugs, have nights out, false nails or hair or any other extravagances).

Anyone else been in a similar position?

catsofa Fri 20-Jun-14 03:10:17

Sounds like you could do with a mental health support worker to help advocate for you. Would you know how to get one? If not then maybe start here Mind Helpline

Best of luck x

textfan Fri 20-Jun-14 03:31:52

No 'mind' in Scotland, it's another organisation which I'm not naming as they're pretty rubbish n I don't wanna get in trouble for slating them. However we do have an advocacy service in town so I will give them a call thanks.

Fizzypinkdrink Fri 27-Jun-14 22:40:49

I'm sorry to hear you've been so worried about this on top of dealing with the health condition.

Change in Circumstances as far as I know refers to income and money. I don't think you need to inform DWP of completing/finishing with a psychologist. You are still taking tablets and have a GP.

Please get some advice (even post on a more trafficked part of this w/site?). Chat? I wouldn't contact DWP without getting some clarification
and advice first. With best wishes,

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