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Really confused about WTC and claiming for child care costs

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Caramelbutthorn Wed 16-Oct-13 00:38:43

Hi all,

Apologies for asking what I am sure is a stupid question...

I am a lone parent with no financial support from the ex, trying to work out what is best for me to do financially but am confused about childcare costs.

I've read that I can claim up to £175 per week in child care costs.
I also know that I can claim WTC if / when I go back to work.

My questions are:-

How do I claim for child care costs
Do I have to go to a particular provider for this?
and the £175/week for childcare, is this in addition to the WTC or instead of it?

Thank you all for your help,

C xx

debtcamel Wed 16-Oct-13 08:16:44

1) on your Tax Credits claim

2) yes, the childcare must be registered or approved, see page 3 of this useful leaflet

3) WTC provides help with childcare costs AND additional money if your wages are low - these are calculated and shown as different elements

Caramelbutthorn Wed 16-Oct-13 12:18:40

Thank you x

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