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Budgeting loan

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beautybox2 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:02:24

Has anyone applied for a budgeting loan recently?how long does it take till money is in account? I sent off form on Monday do u think I could possibly ring to c if they have received it or is it to early?Also how much do u think I would get I applied for 1500 because I was told they always give less, thanks a lot!

Biboo Fri 11-Jul-14 11:29:04

Declined my application so looks like a mum with disabled child goes without

Biboo Fri 11-Jul-14 11:20:09

I agree I have applied for a budgeting loan for a specialist mattress for my Autistic child and a new bed for her

I won't be happy if its refused as its a must and specialist mattress dont come cheap...

And this is a genuine need

willing121 Fri 04-Jul-14 03:04:33

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ZavviAL Sun 22-Jun-14 22:05:05

Here's a little tip to geting a bugeting loan with better chances of being accepted!!! I noticed in my previous applications found apply either just after the start of a new working year or sometimes near the end of!! Due to just receiving the social fund or they need to use up any they have left toward the end of the financial year quite common sense when you think about it then there is don't put in for more than the 1500as you will have it sent back also when putting down how much is out going always leave enough so they can see you have moneys left over to pay back the loan it's little things like these that help your chances getting a BL hope they helped some?!!!

ZavviAL Sun 22-Jun-14 21:54:21

I hope to god that money is not towards a holiday shame on you If it is as, personally I recon that's certainly NOT what it's for!!!!

ZavviAL Sun 22-Jun-14 21:53:53

I hope to god that money is not towards a holiday shame on you If it is as, personally I recon that's certainly NOT what it's for!!!!

vickyod7 Thu 05-Jun-14 18:21:18

Hi I applied for a budgeting loan and sent it off Tuesday I applied for 1500 how long did it take for a reply thankyou hope you don't mind me asking how much did they offer you thanks

Vickyb2206 Mon 14-Apr-14 18:25:57

Hi all I sent my acceptance letter back last Thursday for budgeting loan does anyone think the money will be in this week? Only asking because it's easter bank holiday so thinking it may not be processed till next week? Thanks in advance x

anonymox Mon 07-Apr-14 02:38:06

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anonymox Mon 07-Apr-14 01:19:37

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MrsDeanAmbrose Sat 05-Apr-14 07:30:07

Cheerios have you had your surestart maternity grant? Also look at free cycle and Facebook for free and cheap baby stuff.

MarvellousMabel Fri 04-Apr-14 19:34:50

cheerios09 - might be helpful to start your own thread for advice/help specific to you?

The situation Sounds horrid

cheerios09 Fri 04-Apr-14 09:52:45

I'm 17, pregnant, Been living alone since I was 16 and I still haven't furnished my home which I got in November, Sleeping on an airbed, have one wardrobe and a uncomfortable couch, I did get £100 from fusion which just about got me my curtains...

It seems so unfair, with baby soon on its way, I have £300 quarterly bills to pay... an additional £90 rent to pay and need to buy a firm bed, as my back has begun aching...

I feel like I'm being turned down by everyone... :'(

xohelenox Thu 27-Mar-14 23:30:06

After reading some of the comments on here Im absolutely disgusted.
1st of all, she pays it back.
2nd. Just because people are on benefits does not make them less of a person, scroungers or scum.
Im on benefits and im far from it!!!
The ones who have posted said comments should be ashamed.

kaydee1981 Tue 25-Mar-14 09:26:57


I just read your comments.

I would far rather have pennies in my pocket and be a nice person to others than have money and put people down.
There was no need for your comments, people on and off benifits want to try and live a normal life for their families sake and do it any (legal and non hurting) way they can. We may not all be equal with money but we can all be equal with loving all our neighbours.
I hope everyone has health food and shelter xxx

kaydee1981 Tue 25-Mar-14 09:17:23

They are still doing them. I heard only via phone but i went in to jobcentre and got a form (March 2014), took about a week to get a letter saying how much and repayment plan. I posted it 3 days ago, the money is usually in your bank in a few days. Its not a long prosess and never has been where i am (luton/hatfield). Yes a bank can be instant and quicker so if you compare it to that then a couple weeks can seem like ages. Hope that helps x

Living Fri 21-Mar-14 19:52:40


Living Fri 21-Mar-14 19:51:59

I'm not jealous (I earn far more than I would get on benefits). I also don't care about 'benefit scroungers' as I'm an expat and don't pay UK tax. I still think that its not sensible to take out credit when you actually have the savings to cover your costs. It's effectively taking a loan to pay for a holiday. If you're on benefits you're already on the breadline. Having to repay a budgeting loan just makes your life harder.

That said doesn't effect me so feel free to buy the flat screen tv and goat with a budgeting loan if you want.

Princessjojo Fri 21-Mar-14 00:06:50

Those asking if you can get a new budgeting loan after geting one you can apply for as many as u like depending on how much you ow the dwp they will give you the amount what will take you up to the max u can ow them those of u arguing and trying to be little this lady she will be paying it back she can spend it on what the hell she likes and those asking how long it takes to prosses I sent mine off within a few days received a text saying they received it and would get a dession within 10 working days I got my letter back in 8 days sent it the same day but missed the post man so on the 9th day it would of been sent I then received a text sYing I had been paid and would be in within 3 working days don't let any one try make u feel bad about geting a budgeting loan or being on benifits ther just JELOUS they work for a living and are worse off not our fault it's the goverment !!!!!

IvorSmallFaucet Sat 15-Mar-14 23:23:41

I asked for �1000 to get me (move, transport, living expenses, �350 advance rent - until I get my wages etc.) to the part of the country my new job starts.
I was offered �348 (which I had to accept) - repayment is �8.50 per week.
Question: how soon can I apply for another budget loan to help me finance the initial month of rent that I have to pay in order to take the job on ?? �348 will transport me to the South, keep me alive, warm and fed but I need to find �350 for the advance rent !
I dont have any previous budgeting loans. But I do need some help to get me to my new job and to survive until I get my first salary.

Smootchypoo Wed 12-Mar-14 19:50:27

From phoning up to ask for the forms till the money going in my bank it took exactly 3 weeks. I rang on a Wednesday and received the forms on the Saturday and posted them the same day. I received the offer of a loan 10 days later and sent the acceptance the same day (Tuesday) and the money was in my bank the following Wednesday. Hope this helps.

sweetestkitty Wed 12-Mar-14 13:48:08

I sent off an application for a budgeting loan by post yesterday (11/03/2014). What exactly is the process?

Snettyb Thu 06-Mar-14 23:19:57

Wow, can't believe the amout of stuck up trolls on here! I dread to think how any of these posh snooty bitches would cope if their fella walked out on them and their 2 young kids leaving them with no choice but to claim benefits and god forbid one day need a disgusting budgeting loan. I'd like to point out a clue in the title. BUDGETing LOAN!! It's a loan (meaning it needs to be paid back ergo it's not a hand out persè) and budget as in something that doesn't normally fall into your weekly/fortnightly/monthly budget has arisen and you need assistence. Those who are not on 'scabby' benefits may apply to banks or other reputable landers in such circumstances, but as an unfortunate unemployed lesser person we are forced to apply for budgeting loans and in essence making ourselves appear more scabby and disgusting. I apologise for ........nothing, I just pity the small minded, stuck up, sad, deluded beings that assume they will never be in this position and frown upon those who are.

In reply to the person enquiring about getting another loan......if your first loan wasn't your maximum entitlement and/or you've paid some off, you can top up to what your maximum entitlement is. This is calculated as a new loan. So if you pay £10.50 a week on your existing loan, another loan will be a further £10.50 a week to pay x

tealcette Mon 10-Feb-14 13:28:42

saybleme89 I applied for a budgeting loan a couple of weeks ago. I've had the letter back to accept the amount to pay back. I posted it off around 7 days ago and I'm still waiting for the confirmation letter to tell me when it will be paid in to my account. It takes around 3 or 4 weeks from start to finish.

Scavving? Wow. What a lovely person you are!

This thread is well old. Did you purposely search out a thread just to try and start a row?

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