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Beauty School drop out....!

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Lindie67 Thu 24-Jan-13 09:47:23

My DD has just turned 17 and at college doing a Beauty Therapy diploma. Thing is she really hates it and would like to drop it. She has applied for a different course in Criminology that starts in September, something that she?s always been interested in so hopefully, she?ll be much happier. She has also just managed to get a weekend job working Saturday and Sunday which is great. The thing is I?m a working single parent and I really depend on tax credits as my wages just about cover my bills etc. My ex is a plonker and barely gives me anything towards my girls as his work is very erratic. Can anyone tell me how tax credits work in this situation ? do I lose them from when she leaves college but get them back in September when she starts college again? I will call the Tax Credit helpline later but just wanted any advice from anyone that has been in this situation as am a bit worried

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