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whats a section 7 report

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kittycat68 Sat 15-May-10 20:36:02

i have been advised to ask for a section 7 report on abusive xp can anyone explain what it actually is soilcitor im using is usless and can never get hold of her to ask.

mehdismummy Sat 15-May-10 20:43:29

is it not a report that the court can order regarding the welfare of the child?

LowLevelWhinging Sat 15-May-10 20:53:20

It is explained here.

kittycat68 Sat 15-May-10 20:54:21

i think its something on those lines but not sure and i think it may be socail services that do it but not sure if i need to get barrister at court to ask next ime we go or its something i can do before then

kittycat68 Sat 15-May-10 21:55:34

thanks lowlevelwhinging a big help

kittycat68 Sat 15-May-10 21:58:24

just read this link is this the same as a cafcass report as we have had five of them in the last 12 months!

STIDW Sat 15-May-10 23:21:42

When there are child welfare concerns the court can appoint someone, normally a Court Welfare Officer (CAFCASS) but it could be a social worker or an independent social worker, to investigate the circumstances. There are lots of different kinds of reports. A s7 is the most common produced during the course of a residence/contact dispute.

These reports contain lots of bits and pieces and there is no standard format. It is customary for criminal records checks to be carried out and for the children's school or health visitor to be contacted. If the social services have been involved before they may also asked to write a short report.

The reporter will interview both parents and document what is said. Other bits document the reporter's interaction with the child(ren). Finally, some bits document the reporter's conclusions and the reasoning behind those conclusions.

kittycat68 Sat 15-May-10 23:59:31

our cafcas reports state children do not want contact for reasons of violence by xp but when it goes back to court xp claims pas and gets another one ordered as some one suggested a section 7 i thought it may be someting else but it seems to be be we are already getting it with cafcas i would like to know why they dont check medical records or with the GP!

STIDW Sun 16-May-10 01:15:28

Because CAFCASS and the court aren't qualified to interpret medical information.

If there is any reason why medical information is relevant then the court would usually appoint an independent expert medical witness to do a report.

mumoverseas Sun 16-May-10 07:46:50

Agree with STIDW but would also add that if you don't have any confidence in your solicitor (which is the impression you give from your OP) then you should consider changing solicitors.

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