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Scotland - grant of confirmation questions

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lostinyonkers Sun 31-Jul-16 17:41:19

My lovely Dad died a month ago. We are in Scotland and the probate process, or grant of confirmation, is driving me demented. Ddad wasn't Rockefeller, but the estate is classed as large (over £36K hmm ) so we have to obtain confirmation.

He had a will, DMum is his sole beneficiary, and the assets are mainly their home (jointly owned with DMum), ISA, current bank account, a couple of small savings accounts, premium bonds and some shares (worth about tuppence ha'penny).

I completed the C1 and C5 forms, took them to the Sheriff's Court, and they were rejected because they weren't completed correctly. Now, I haven't been able to find anything online which shows exactly what wording to use - have used guidance forms off Scottish courts and websites, but there appears to be a lot of archaic legal language which has to be used, including on the doquetting of the will. I can't find examples of how to complete the forms anywhere.

I am reasonably bright, but this is doing my head in. Does anyone know if there are any websites that actually show examples of the completed forms.

Failing that, how much would a solicitor charge for doing the work?

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