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Care Home Fees, Savings, Personal Allowance and Disregard, please explain!

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arrrghhhhwaiting Tue 27-Aug-13 08:36:37


I'm really hoping someone can explain the rules to me about savings and care home fees.

My relative currently has between £14250 and £23250.
She gets a personal allowance of £26.50 per week (I think, don't have the exact figure to hand).
The rest of her benefits have to go towards her fees.

The bit I don't understand is: is that £26.50 the total she can spend every week? Or can she spend some of her savings (as long as she's not excessive)?

I can find lots of info online where it says, once her savings are down to £14250, she can spend that as she wishes. But what about before then? How will her savings get down to that figure, if they have calculated her contribution and allowance exactly based on her income?

I have a LPA, and really don't want to get her (or me!) into trouble!


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