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GP has disclosed medical information to employer without consent

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PerfectlyUnhappy Tue 27-Aug-13 21:26:13

Thank you all for your advice, all very useful.

Blazin you raise some good and valid points, and I did tick the box to see the report from the GP before it was submitted to the employer, but never saw anything until work called me in to discuss it.

I have since found out that my gps administrator had been on leave and my employer were nagging them for the report so I am unsure who authorized what and I am getting suspicious as to what my employer asked for to warrant the information given. Its a huge mess and the GP is at least admitting fault and willing to meet me to discuss further so I am happy to keep talking to see where it all leads.
Thank you again for all the information.

BlazinStoke Tue 27-Aug-13 06:46:30

Sorry, it's early and I'm being stupid. Even if the GP had felt that your consent was so limited that he/she would be painting an inaccurate picture the correct thing to do would have been to discuss with you first, not to go ahead and disclose anyway

BlazinStoke Tue 27-Aug-13 06:42:37

One possibility - you say you were specific about what the GP could release to the employer with your permission but that the extra info he/she released opened a can of worms with your employer. There is a possibility therefore that you were being somewhat economical with the truth, putting your GP in a difficult position, and potentially misleading your employee as to your capacity to do the job?
Please note I am NOT saying this is definitely what happened, and I realise there are matters your employer need not know about you - just raising this as a possibility.
On the third (!) hand, if the employer is making life difficult for you on the basis of info gleaned wrongly from the GP - and that info is about factors that are irrelevant to your ability to do the job - there is always the possibility that your employer is being discriminatory.

BlazinStoke Tue 27-Aug-13 06:31:02

Re the breach of the Data Protection Act, you could also take your complaint to the Information Commissioners Office.

PolterGoose Thu 22-Aug-13 08:56:02

Your GP has quite probably breached the Data Protection Act which is a criminal offence. See here for a recent case

Kundry Thu 22-Aug-13 08:38:22

Unfortunately the error has been made now and nothing your GP surgery can do will wipe the information from your employer's memory.

What do you want from a complaint? All complaints will be first dealt with locally by the practice - the CCG will simply hand it to the practice in the first instance. It only goes further if you haven't resolved it.

Usual outcomes would be an apology and some evidence about how they have taken steps to ensure this won't happen to someone else.

If they have already done this, a complaint, although 'official' won't achieve much more.

tribpot Wed 21-Aug-13 21:37:32

Assuming you're in England, your CCG should have a complaints procedure similar to this one on my CCG's website. If you're not sure which CCG is yours, you should be able to find out from here. (If I put my home postcode in, this correct shows that I live in one CCG area but my practice is in another, so you might want to consult your practice's website if need be).

Your GP should have reported him/herself to the practice's Caldicott guardian - usually the senior partner or practice manager. However, I would start with the CCG - if you're on Twitter, you could ask your CCG on there how to make a complaint about a breach of confidentiality. I guarantee this will get you a rapid response!

Absolutely not on in any way, OP - you are right to be fuming.

sooperdooper Wed 21-Aug-13 21:21:32

God how awful, I agree you need to make a formal complaint via your PCT

somersethouse Wed 21-Aug-13 21:19:50

shocking. very sorry OP

Timeforabiscuit Wed 21-Aug-13 21:17:27

An apology is not enough - this sounds like a massive breach in confidentiality, please make a complaint

WhoWhatWhereWhen Wed 21-Aug-13 17:55:27
Mogz Wed 21-Aug-13 17:46:46

If you contact your local health authority or primary care trust (a google search should help you find them) they will have details on how to submit a formal complaint.

PerfectlyUnhappy Wed 21-Aug-13 15:01:06

What can I do more than cry? I signed a consent form specifying which information was to be released and this has been completly ignored by GP. The information released, is of a completly different nature to what I agreed to, it is not in any way criminal or terrible, but for my current employer it has opened a can of worms and im fuming!

I have spoken to the GP and they are deeply apologetic and agree its their fault but what else can I do? Is there a way to issue a formal complaint?
Any advice appreciated.

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