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Child Contact Dispute

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dancinmum Wed 13-Feb-13 22:47:20

I am a victim of domestic abuse and just been through a finding of facts hearing where i was forced to come face to face with my abuser and relive and talk about the allegations i made against him to prevent access with my 11month old baby which he initially took me to court over. The findings went against me and now i am being forced to agree to contact immediately without any safe guarding in place my x has not seen the baby for almost a year how is this in the baby's best interest to start contact with a stranger to him. Also if i am currently on legal aid at what point does it run out with the new rules being enforced in april will it be when i am ordered to grant access??? any information anyone has i will be truly grateful.

STIDW Thu 14-Feb-13 03:00:06

I would imagine though that contact would be for fairly short periods so that your child has the opportunity to bond with your ex.

Your current legal aid will continue, it's just new certificates won't be issued after the beginning of April apart from when there is DV.

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