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t moblie contract

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dubbada Wed 14-Nov-12 08:28:20

Signed a 2 yr contract, have had it for under a month havent even paid first bill and now theres hardly ever coverage, been told computer says no! that apparently there is coverage and that every time i want to uses it i should turn it off and on.

Is there any legal thing i can uses to get out of the contract without paying the next 23 month rental ie:£864?

Sneezecakesmama Thu 15-Nov-12 12:48:38

Have they given you a different or replacement phone? They seem very unhelpful and should at least ensure that you have coverage. If other people's mobiles get a signal then yours should too soI would ask for a replacement phone. These contracts are a nightmare to get out of but I would have thought a new phone is the starting point. My son had to pay to the end of his contract even though he couldn't get a signal in his house but he could outside!

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