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Niagra Therapy........scam?

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triplets Wed 14-Mar-12 20:49:18

very concerned as my 84yr old mum has just phoned me and has been visited today by a rep from this company. She now tells me they have been phoning her alot over the past few weeks. They sent an 80 yr old woman today who said they could help her to get mobile again, no charge!!! She agreed that they could call tomorrow, the lady bringing a man with her and some equipment for her to try! Have google them and have read really bad reports of them preying on the elderly and getting them to sign in their own homes for chairs/ beds etc. Has anyone else come across them? Thank you.

Helane Fri 01-May-15 04:58:35

Thats great you are getting relief no doubt But the issue Is they Rip people off for the same product that costs $4,390 for 200 Aus dollars with heat 25 different settings pads to put else where! A total rip off One should not have to be ripped off to get help !!!!

Helane Fri 01-May-15 04:48:52

My 82 year old Mother also was totally conned by a very aggressive seller and she ended up paying 4,390 for a foot massager Thermo Cylco pads and a hand held massager.They do prey on the elderly and I am investigating this company and I shall getmy Mum a refund.It is both disgusting and shameful , one can buy a simlar product for 200.Just Disgusted!!!!

kasper46 Wed 01-Apr-15 14:20:00

I had a demonstration in my home yesterday 31/03/2015 with the Niagra Therapy and I never had any issues. The machine in question did work for me, but due to my circumstances I will be unable to purchase them.

I felt like a new person and to be pain free was absolutely outstanding. I have chronic back pain and osteo - athritis to both knees which now affects my hand and left foot. If though you're not sure arrange an appointment with yourself there.

Patton4 Thu 08-Jan-15 17:49:20

Just another to add to this scam. My father is 84 years old and parted with £400 for a massaging device to help relieve the pain in his knees. It didn't work. After requesting his money back by letter he was told that the fourteen days return policy had expired but made no allowance for the Christmas and New Year period, so there would be no refund. These people need to be made to feel ashamed for preying on elderly and vulnerable people. I had already told them we did not want a visit but they cold-called anyway without consent. Of great concern is the fact that they were aware of my father's problem. Where do they get this information from if not from his GP?

Millie2015 Fri 02-Jan-15 21:07:49

My Father-in-law (86 years old and suffering from a terminal brain tumour) was sold a chair by Niagara in December 2014 that he neither wants nor needs for £3,770. The contract that he was asked to sign does not comply with current consumer legislation in that it does not give proper notice of cancellation rights and is, therefore, technically unenforceable. However, the Niagara Rep took a cheque for the full amount before he left so there's not much chance of getting that back.
I've written to the company asking for a refund and pointing out that failing to provided cancellation rights is a criminal offence but what chance they will reply?
A company search shows that the company has a value of minus £1m but, amazingly (!) a parent company with lots of (protected) money.
I will sue, just to make their life bit more uncomfortable.

Happy6 Tue 09-Sep-14 04:25:24

I bought a Niagra chair secondhand 30 years ago and it is still working beautifully. It has the rollers in the back too. I am so thankful to have it. While it has been beneficial on a day to day basis, it rescued me when I was in bed and had severe muscle spasms while undergoing Chemotherapy. I am on my own and was in excruciating pain, finding it impossible to move. I struggled in great pain to get from my bed to the Niagra chair. After about an hour the action of the chair settled my body down and I was able to move again without the excruciating pain. On another occasion, years before, when my body was in great pain, using the chair settled my body down ao that I was able to sleep. The Niagra is hugely expensive and that is scary, but for me it has been a huge blessing. I think it is better to have the chair rather than the pad, as it will be used. The seat of my chair is now torn from age and use. I am trying to decide whether to recover it or buy a new one. The cost to recover from the local upholsterer will be close to three thousand because of the work involved. I have been in contact with the company to find the cost of a new chair. I was disappointed and annoyed that the cost was not displayed on their web site, but apparently this is because the cost scares a lot of people off before they try the product. I can understand this, as the chair is very expensive. The price depends on the model selected, but it is a quality product that I have found works and it will last. I have tried other massage chairs and even bought another chair of a different brand, but have found that they also are expensive and are not of the quality of the Niagra. It is good that you can try it before you buy it, but if you are really interested, then be prepared that it is expensive, and it would be helpful if you have an idea of the price before you accept it for a free home trial, as that way you won't feel so pressured about buying it, if you find it is not for you. ( Having an idea of the cost beforehand will also let you decide whether you can manage the cost and if you think it will be worth it for your health, which is a very personal decision).). I have just found out the price of a new one, so now have to decide whether to recover or purchase. I have time as I will be moving house in a couple of months and will make a decision when I move, but I wouldn't be without my Niagra!

FionaM123 Mon 01-Sep-14 17:56:06

Hi Triplets, the same thing happened to my mother in law today. They prey on old people by ringing and pretending they are connected to the NHS my mother in law thought it was someone from the health service. He tried to sell her a massage machine costing £1500 before I arrived. I have reported them to trading standards as it is a disgrace that they target old people who are the most vulnerable. Of course someone who works for them will defend them as that is how they make a living. them defending it doesn't make it right.

Nazsta Tue 05-Aug-14 13:24:15

Yep, be warned, and warn all those you love and respect; this company Niagara Therapy is a total SCAM; they pray on the elderly and have zero knowledge on what they sell. They TARGET the elderly, disabled and are so low they even target the most vulnerable of individuals! This is a company run by Nigerians who only go in to give their country and culture a bad reputation! Stay away from these thieves, protect your love ones; and if I have said something defamatory, let Niagara Therapy sue me; in fact I challenge them; at least I can expose them in court! Bless

coogan2027 Sun 20-Jul-14 21:19:24

I used to work for Niagara Therapy and whilst the therapy does work and has helped thousands of people the real winners are the salesmen who earn a fortune off extremely overpriced products. A massage pad costing £995 earns a salesman £180 and a chair costing £6000 earns them a commission of £1200....these are just a couple of the products....they have packages costing and eye watering £21000!!! I would love to know the real cost of these items to pay such huge commissions off them. They hold a massive summer ball and Christmas party every year costing a reported £800000 a time and take the elite of their staff away on all expenses paid luxury holidays every year. With regards to their calling methods they insist that details are obtained from people filling in market research surveys but nobody I went to see had ever filled one in. They are a hugely immoral company which is a shame because the therapy does work so my advice is this....if you do get a call from them, go ahead and have the appointment and the free therapy to see if it works for you and if it does go on Ebay where you will find plenty of Niagara Therapy pads on sale at a fraction of the price.

una123 Sat 05-Jul-14 18:39:56

Niagra Therapy have cold called my elderly and infirmed mother under the pretence of offering her a free service. This company buys details of vulnerable people's names, addresses and telephone numbers in order to mislead and prey on their painful medical conditions. This company is not in any way ethical and does not adhere to the TPS (telephone preference service). When I tried to complain - they appeared to think it was fair game and amusing to deploy such unethical practices on vulnerable elderly people - I hope Watch Dog follow up on their practices!

joester77 Tue 29-Apr-14 16:13:00

I want a manual for a niagara rolla 767 massage chair

joester77 Tue 29-Apr-14 16:10:58

How do i get ra manual for a niagara rolla 767 chair

Icimoi Sat 26-Apr-14 13:02:15

And ... another interesting first post from roxicross there.

roxicross Fri 25-Apr-14 08:01:39

I just read this thread about Niagra Therapy and would like to share my experience of their products. I am a diabetic with few other problems, I suffer very bad cramps at night for years and when I get these cramps, it disturbs my sleep and that of my husband as he has to massage my legs constantly. I have had fantastic results with Niagra cyclod pad which is portable. I just lay on it or stand on it when I get cramps, and within 5-10 minutes, I get immediate relief. I do not believe in popping pills,so this alternative therapy helps me to get on with my life. I never leave home without my pad. If I am going overseas, I take with me the hand held unit because it is slightly smaller and lighter. But nothing can replace Niagra pad for me. I do not know how I would have coped without it. My advice to anyone is, do not slag the products or the company. There are not everyone out there fleecing the elderly. I think if you really care for them, you would purchase at least the pad for every elderly person you know, It would give them a good lease on life without pain like it has given me. Thank you

fibromite Tue 22-Apr-14 10:00:46

I've just had a call from Niagra therapy and when I asked if this does work this free trial hoe much does it cost to have more. "You can't have more she said, it's a trial."
Seems weird if they can't offer you more help or are they using us as guinea pigs. She knew my full address,my name and phone number.
I think I will be out when the bloke called Mark comes.She did say do you want a family member with you, but I don't have anyone
wish I'd put the phone down now.

no1deckie Mon 03-Mar-14 07:05:53

What a coincidence, I was shopping in Safeway's today in Moama nsw when I was asked if I had back pain. I don't but found myself telling the lady that I have had 2 total knee replacements and a plate and screws in my foot all due to arthritis. I am in my 60's, still work and thought I had all my faculties hah! - Next thing I have given my address & phone number to the lady - she wasn't really pushy and was polite. Someone is now going to phone me for an appointment to demonstrate. Again like the others, price would not be given. I am going to see my dr. tomorrow & will ask him re Niagara. I am glad I googled niagara and read these messages. What an eye opener. Please advise your elderly family & friends to be buyer aware.

Jack8008 Tue 07-Jan-14 09:32:45

Hi there, just thought I would pass on my mother in laws experience. Age 88 now, her story is from some 3 or 4 years ago. A salesman, apparently visiting from Perth WA visited her in her home here in Hobart Tasmania. He stayed in her home from before lunch until tea time, around 6 hours or so . Finally selling her a low tech, old fashioned looking heat / massage pad. She paid $1700.00 !!!!!!! The pad looks like it was made in the 1950's... And basically just heats up and you put it behind your back.I have googled the product and they appear on ebay for $150/ $200 2nd hand. My mother in law said the salesman just would not leave. This pressure selling is obviously illegal and it is very nasty in my view to target the elderly. I found the company web site and a phone number but to no avail.... No answer. I am sure it is to late to do anything about these circumstances but I am very pleased to be able to post this. Maybe it will help somebody somehow. jack8008

ozziekiwi Fri 22-Nov-13 20:22:54

Hi Lollylover
I have had a massage unit from Niagara for one day......but after searching on Google.............. the used price for the unit is exorbitant compared to a new price disclosed in a newspaper survey.
Can we talk by phone?

Bourbon33 Wed 06-Nov-13 07:31:02

Niagara Therapy has some very dodgy practices. They have sold my grandmother a 14000 dollar chair and all it does is vibrate. Basically a wayy overpriced recliner and it's not even something special to look at. The managers and sales people i have had words with are not helpful at all. Numerous times i have called and get zero response. When my grandmother complained they basically told her oh well you signed.

I too take a very serious issue with the fact they don't supply pricings anywhere. According to their catalogue they only have a range of 2 chairs yet one salesman/manager stated they have over 30 different chairs and that is the reason they do not list prices. If you ever get to speak to one you can clearly tell they have a specific target audience in mind, the Elderly.

I also find it shocking that a manager can lie to me over the phone and basically blame everything on my grandmother and state that everything my grandmother said was a lie.

Please watch your parents/granparents and any elderly you can. Make sure they do not sign anything with this company until you know for sure that they fully understand what they are getting into because as soon as they have signed the dotted line and have taken the money they are of no help what so ever. My experience with this company.

fuzzywussy123 Sun 27-Oct-13 12:08:46

The comment above was directed at knowwhatyouaretalkingabout. Also as an employee of Niagara myself I am very aware of the overpricing of the massage equipment. Although beneficial it is hardly something I would recommend for my own mother purely based on price and the marketing strategies and techniques of the company as a whole.

fuzzywussy123 Sun 27-Oct-13 12:00:40

You endorse the product quite well however your response tends to be vague and doesn't answer the questions of price. But considering you work for the company in question any endorsement you make is not overly credible

Oldboneshaker Fri 18-Oct-13 16:58:57

All very interesting ! About an hour ago I had an unsolicited call from Niagara Therapy. They said I filled in a questionaire that gave them my number. I have a policy not to do questionaires, and I certainly don't need Therapy of any description.

When challenged the young lady apologised and hung up very quickly.

I can only assume the company (Niagara Therapy) bought a batch of numbers from somewhere. They certainly didn't get it from me.

Now I need to challenge my phone company (vodafone - oh yes it was my mobile they phoned) as to how they got my number, and ditch them too.

Lollylover Fri 11-Oct-13 03:57:01

I would be very very dubious of this company they sell the majority of their equipment to the elderly for a reason! The elderly are vulnerable and easy targets for these unscrupulous sales people to make a quick buck
I have first hand knowledge of this company and am willing to share with anyone that might need it

Xenia Tue 14-May-13 09:20:47

Never ever buy a single thing or give to a charity at the door or over the phone, ever. It's a simple rule. I get elderly neighbours sometimes calling me saying tell everyone else around about this wonderful XYZ product a salesman told me about who called at the door... lots of the time it is not something they need and wastes their money.

If you want to buy something do your research and buy it through other means.

carer92 Tue 14-May-13 08:59:17

I am concerned about the ethics of the sales people for this product also. My 92 year old Mum was sold the cyclo massager by a lady rep. She was a captive audience as the lady was staying in her home. When I discovered she had been signed up to a finance contract of over $2,000 over a period of 2 years for a product she is not able to use because it makes her ill I was horrified. I phoned the sales person and asked her to take it back but she refused because it was more than 30 days since the purchase. She suggested I try to onsell the product. I see that most of these products are selling on the Internet second hand for less than $400. The Company website does not advertise prices so how would a person know if they were paying the right price. My main concern is that it appears the sales people prey on the elderly.

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