a car with room for 3 children in carseats

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cuppateaandasliceofcake Sun 22-Jul-12 15:54:06

Hi, we've got a citroen picasso but its on its last legs and costs a fortune to run. We want a car that will fit 2 forward facing seats and a booster seat. Any recommendations. Has it got to be a people carrier? Thanks for any replies, we havent got a huge budget so cheap but decent (if that's possible confused ) thanks

fivegomadindorset Sun 22-Jul-12 15:55:45

I drive a Fiat Multipla which is great, cheap to run, it is a diesel, two rows of 3 seats.

frustratedpants Sun 22-Jul-12 16:08:49

Have you considered a bubblebum it fits in the middle seat between 2 forward facing seats in our Honda.

cuppateaandasliceofcake Sun 22-Jul-12 16:13:56

Thanks, my dd likes a window seat as she can get a bit travel sick, I need a car with 3 full seats but thanks for the suggestion. I like the fiat multipla but is it much wider than a Picasso, our drive is quite narrow.

frustratedpants Sun 22-Jul-12 16:24:29

Nissan serena? Ours just went on and on. They look huge but handle well and have a Surprisingly small turning circle.

I had this problem when mine were younger 4. Years ago. Very hard to find car wide enough to fit 3 car seats in one row. I found my Citroen c8 people carrier unreliable & expensive to run, repairs were awful. If you do get mpv, totally recommend vauxhall zafira. (can't do 3 child seats in row but is 7 seater, good size boot). Very reliable, cheap to run and repair and you can usually pick up older models for a bargain.

VW Touran. That or the S-max (but we couldn't afford an S-max).

All individual seats. Britax ones were wide, but still fitted.

PerryCombover Tue 24-Jul-12 01:29:27

We have an smax. Fits three full car seats in the middle.
Lovely car to drive also

I've had 2 car seats on the middle row (but could fit 3), and another 2 on boosters on the back row.

Notgrownupinmyhead Fri 27-Jul-12 22:36:58

Does the car insurance go up with a 7 seater? We need a car with 3 rear anchor points too.

Ours went down!

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 28-Jul-12 06:47:09

Yay! Always a good thing!

Jareth as in paravoodoowhodoyoudo?

Try a Toyota verso, they do a 5 and 7 seater with 3 full seats across the back

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 28-Jul-12 08:29:10

Thanks. Ill get DH to have a look. He thinks the insurance will go up if we get a 7 seater. hmm

Ours definitely went down (from almost
£300 to under £250).

We did swap from a Golf though. The insurance company probably think families in 7 seaters don't drive very fast - they're not exactly boy racer cars :p

wyorksmum Sat 28-Jul-12 09:05:03

Vauxhall Vectra, nice and wide in back, enough room for 3 car seats, have had 3 in, and HUGE boot.

FiAt Multipla, size of a normal car but seats 6 with bootspace, we have 4 cars was in ours as we often car share. Once you get over how ugly it is, it's cheap to buy relatively young, good mpg and it's the most reliable car we've had since we grew out of a micra. Any of the back 3 seats can come out completely and boot opening is flat so it's like a van.

4 car seats (bloody iPhone)

Some cars can fit 3 car seas in the back but it can still be a right bugger to strap/unstrap them in. Not so the Multipla, loads of room to reach the buttons.

Notgrownupinmyhead Sat 28-Jul-12 21:47:38

Grr to iphone keypad. Mines the same. Ill show DH all of the ones youve all talked about. Weve got a Mondeo now and thats nacked. Were nit fussed if the cars pleasing on the eye grin

StuntNun Sat 28-Jul-12 21:52:08

I have to recommend the S-Max, easy to fit three car seats in the middle row, each has a full size seatbelt. Isofix points are only on the two outer seats, not the middle one. There's also the advantage of either having a humongous boot or having an extra two seats if you're taking a bunch of kiddies out somewhere.

And they're great to drive. I drove a brand new VW Golf Estate on holiday and a brand new Ford Fiesta as a courtesy car recently and they driving experiences were so poor compared to the S-Max. I really expected more from the Golf but it goes to show that the S-Max is good.

My childminder has a Renault Grand Espace and it just about fits three seats in the back but it's a bit of a squeeze.

We had an Espace and it was horrible, was not sorry when DH wrote it off!blush
I LOVED my Toyota Estima Japanes import but it was ancient and falling to pieces, but still a high spec car. If we won the lottery I would import a newer one from Japan.

CharlotteWasBoth Sat 28-Jul-12 22:20:57

We had an audi a6 when we had 3 in carseats. Lovely car, loads of boot space, and I could actually park it ( unlike our 7 seater...)

shushpenfold Sat 28-Jul-12 22:23:16

Word of warning on 3 car seats and audi A6....depends on the ages of children as we couldn't fit 3 in with ours as the wrong one would always grown out of the car seat before the next had left the previous (IYSWIM)

AhsokaTano Thu 09-Aug-12 22:53:51

We've just bought a VW Touran; it fits 2 HBBs and a stage 0+ across the 2nd row of seats but also has 2 seats that pop up from the boot if you need extra room.

We have had our multipla for years, can't bear to get rid! So much room for 3 DC, shopping, pushchairs, suitcases etc. All at the same time sometimes over the years!
They are wide tho, no two ways about it. You do have to be careful about your wing mirrors and parking. Our drive is narrow too and we do struggle past the car with shopping etc.
That said, I love, love it & life would have been difficult without it these last 8 years.

Lexus 400h - we have two maxi cosi tobis (which are big!) and a proper booster with head support.
Halfords laughed when we said what we needed but we managed!

And I love our Lexus..... But we have to get a 7 seater now as are expecting dc4!
Easy to drive, easy to park and not nearly as big as some similar cars

mrsmarzipan Thu 06-Sep-12 20:03:52

I can second a vauxhall vectra estate. I have a maxi cosi cabrio fix with the isofix base a booster seat in middle and a high back booster at the other side. I did have a recaro forward facing seat instead of high back booster for a while too when two year old needed five point harness tho was a squeeze. The boot is massive and I have a pushchair plus a medium size dog crate for our Labrador in the boot. Petrol consumption is ok and cost to buy is very reasonable. Hope this helps! grin

LadyofWinterfell Thu 06-Sep-12 20:10:29

I have a renault grand scenic 1.9l diesel and have a recaro young sport and 2 boosters in the back. Plenty of room to do up belts and you can stagger the seats for a bit more room if needed.

Only cost me £5 more a year in insurance than my Nissan Almera Tino, and is a far nicer drive!

If i bought a new car i'd go for the same again, or an s-max or galaxy. (Galaxy purely because DH wants DC4!)

1234Travellingmum Wed 12-Sep-12 20:57:12

We have a S max. New ones do have three Isofix in the middle. This is what we use and you can fit your hand down the middle to do up seat belts without skinning yourself. It is expensive though.

mooliebear Wed 12-Sep-12 21:02:58

We have an Nissan Almera Tino, sits three car seats comfortably in the back and has great boot space too, it is not huge looking either, I love my carsmile

beingginger Sat 15-Sep-12 22:00:27

fiat multipla here, i have 2 maxicosi isofix and a hbb in the back. and can put 2 more in the front when we have friends in the car.
it is wide though and i have to remember to pull in the wind mirrors when i park.

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