Welsh Learners Chat and Support Thread

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alexpolismum Sat 03-Mar-12 14:50:38

Diolch cardibach for the idea!

I'm just getting started as a learner so that's my limit in Welsh so far!

This is where we can chat, use our Welsh as we are learning and give each other help/ advice/ encouragement, etc. smile

mamas12 Sat 03-Mar-12 14:58:00

wel helo pawb
croeso i Cymru ac yr Iaeth!

welcome to Wales and the Language

mamas12 Sat 03-Mar-12 14:59:30

My spoken welsh is good, people are surprised when they find out I'm a learner but my written welsh is not, so I will be getting things wrong so please correct me if you see anything ok.

alexpolismum Sat 03-Mar-12 15:11:48

helo mamas12! My Welsh whether written or spoken is nonexistant so far. Somehow I don't think my vocabulary knowledge of other languages is going to be so helpful this time, so I'm quite looking forward to the challenge of Welsh.

I'm currently in Gwlad Groeg but coming to the UK soon, and I hope to find a course with other speakers. I'll be starting on the Internet for now, though.

alexpolismum Sat 03-Mar-12 15:17:46

Having listened to my first lesson on Say Something in Welsh, I can now say:

dw i'n hoffi Cymraeg.


mamas12 Sat 03-Mar-12 15:36:25

Wait till you get to
Vicar Port Talbot ydw i
Capten tim rugby ydw i
They're gret

alexpolismum Sat 03-Mar-12 15:53:59

I don't need a lesson for that! I can see what they must mean - I'm the vicar of Port Talbot and I'm the rugby team captain. smile

I'm quite pleased with Say Something in Welsh, it seems like a good course to get you started. I'm using some other materials too to see how to spell things.

TwllBach Sat 03-Mar-12 18:03:05

P'nawn da! Ga i join hefyd?

I'm in north Wales and need to be fluent to teach here really grin dwi'n caru Cymraeg, a dwi'n trio i dysgu, ond dwi'n meddwl a thread like this could really help!

I followed the link from your other thread OP, and heard you mention treigladau (mutations) I've just had two two hour lessons on them so can lend a hand (a bit) if you like? And the more I talk about them, the more they will stick in my head, so it could be mutually beneficial smile

Oh im excited by this thread grin grin

Panadbois Sat 03-Mar-12 18:37:57

Diolch i chi gyda am ddangos diddordeb yn fy iaith, dwi'n barod i helpu unrhyw adeg! Dwi'n prowd ohono chi!

Thank you for showing an interest in learning my language, I'm happy to help. I'm proud of you! Feel free to PM grin

eatyourveg Sat 03-Mar-12 18:59:55

Panadbois diolch am eich helpu. Rydw i'n gallu siarad tipyn bach ond dydw i ddim yn gallu ysgrifennu da iawn. Rydw i'n dweud hefo, fel TwllBach paid gyda . Gobeithio rydych i'n deall hwn a dydy i ddim llawer o gamgermeiriadau.

Hopefully that says Panadbois, thanks for the help. I can speak a little but I can't write very well. I say north wales "with" like TwllBach not south wales "with". I hope you can understand this and there aren't lots of mistakes

TwllBach Sat 03-Mar-12 19:26:40

Ia, dwi'n wedi meddwl 'hefo/efo' is Gogledd Cymraeg a 'gyda' is south walian. Or at least that's what I was told grin

Dwisio dysgu i siarad efo confidence achos pan people siarad i fi, dwi'n teimlo'n too scared i trio i ateb yn Gymraeg grin

Panadbois Sat 03-Mar-12 19:45:41

Yes, I agree Twllbach. Yr unig amser dwi'n iwshio/ defnyddio 'gyda' ydi i 'sgwennu, ond mae'r ddau yn iawn.
I use gyda when writing sometimes, but use hefo, otherwise. Both are fine though.

I'm all for teaching Welsh learners words that we use, for example iwshio instead of defnyddio, or licio instead of hoffi. Although not correct, it is what we say ourselves, verbally, with friends and family. My Welsh improves massivly when I'm talking to my boss or the headteacher grin

TwllBach Sat 03-Mar-12 20:17:25

Ooh I knew licio could be used for hoffi, but I've never heard defnyddio before <takes notes>

I find that I can understand and speak welsh much better than reading or writing it. I think that actually, it's not the hardest language to learn - I am finding it easier than German for example. It's just that the alphabet is different.

Cymraes arall fan hyn yn barod i helpu os oes ishe! Dwi'n dod o Gaerdydd felly dwi'n siarad cymraeg y de.

Another Welshwoman here ready to help if needed! I'm from Cardiff so I speak south walian Welsh.

LingDiLong Sat 03-Mar-12 21:32:16

Noswaith da! Dysgwyr arall fan hyn. Dw i wedi dysgu Cymraeg ers amser hir ond mae'n rhaid i fi trio siarad ac ymarfer mwy, felly diolch iawn am dechrau y 'thread' hyn (hon? hwn??).

Evening! Another learner here. I've been learning Welsh for a long time but I must try and speak and practice more, so thanks for starting this thread!

I've never heard a Welsh speaker use the word 'iwshio' before - I always feel like I'm cheating when I use Wenglish words like that!

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 07:04:27

Bore da pawb! (See, I'm learning already! OK, I admit it, I got that ready from somewhere grin)

Do you not really use 'hoffi' then? That was the word on the south welsh Say Something in Welsh lesson I listened to yesterday. Should I use 'licio' instead?

I've just made some notes from your posts, to help me to learn some vocab and word order.

As I said on the other thread, as to which language is harder to learn, having learnt demotic (modern) Greek, with a completely different alphabet, cases, extra conjugations only for certain circumstances, loads of adjectival suffixes, etc etc, I would be surprised if Welsh is harder!

TwllBach Sun 04-Mar-12 07:34:26

Bore da OP grin sut dach chi bore ma?
How are you this morning? At least I think that's what bore ma means. I was going to see heddiw, so it would have been how are you today?

Also, if I knew you well, I would have said sut wyt ti instead. I've been told that 'ti' is the informal 'you' and 'chi' is the formal and also the one to use when addressing more than one.

Back in the day, though, as a sign of respect, children would address their parents as 'chi' and apparently, wives would also use 'chi' for their husbands!

I hear hoffi more than I hear licio, but every now and then I do hear it. I still use hoffi though.

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 08:23:59

Bore da TwllBach! dw i'n da heddiw, diolch. Sut dach chi?

You can call me 'ti' if you like, TwllBach. I'm assuming it works much like the 2 'yous' in other languages, like French, Greek, etc.

I've found loads of materials to learn with online. Plus, my dad has sent me an email with some bbc lessons called Catchphrase that he recorded some years ago "just in case". I had no idea he had it!

Bore da. North east walian here, one year into a Bangor University Wlpan course.

We tend to use hoffi here, ble instead of lle and llaeth instead of llefrith grin.

I haven't got the confidence yet to try and write any Welsh sentences on the thread, so marking my place for lurking and trying to translate other people's stuff blush.

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 12:24:52

A massive diolch yn fawr to whoever it was who first suggested the Say Something in Welsh website. I've only just started and I already feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Let's try a sentence or two. Dw i'n gwneud y cwrs Say Something in Welsh. Dw i'n yfed paned o de (also). Dw i'n trio siarad Cymraeg. Dw i'n trio (write) Cymraeg.

Funtimewincies don't worry about how correct you are, just try writing anyway. The more you use the language, the better it gets and the more natural it seems to you. Look at what I am writing in Welsh - hardly anything, and very simple stuff, but so what. I have to start somewhere!

I just typed Learn Welsh in on youtube and there's loads of stuff, some of it is bound to be for beginners, so I'm off to investigate!

TwllBach Sun 04-Mar-12 14:52:15

Be' ydy gwneud, OP? Is it 'do'?

Hefyd means too/as well so you could use that for also. Ysgrifennu is 'write' I think.

A few sentences:

TwllBach enw i. Dwi'n 24 oed a dwi'n byw yn Nghaergybi efo fy mhartner. Dwi'n gweithio yn y swyddfa yn y gwesty. Mae gen i un ci a un cath.

My name is TwllBach. I'm 24 years old and I live in Holyhead with my partner. I work in an office in a hotel. I have one dog and one cat.

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 14:59:32

Has anyone tried these podcast lessons ? I found them via youtube.

I've had a very productive day, looking through various links that were posted on the other thread, searching for materials.

I've also got my dd (3yo) and ds1 (4yo) running round the house shouting "dw i'n hoffi" and funny mixtures of Welsh, English and Greek (dh is Greek and they are bilingual). DD has just told me "dw i'n moyn mynd to Granny's house". Ds1 keeps asking me to "play the funny Cymraeg words again!"

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 15:03:30

gwneud is do. At least, I hope it is!

Alex enw i. Dw i'n 34 oed a dw i'n byw yn Alexandroupoli yn Wlad Groeg efo fy (family). Dw i'n gweithio yn y (translation office). Mae gen i (three children).

I just used your sentences to write something too, Twllbach, I hope you don't mind.

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 15:05:23

Can anybody tell me whether 'dw i' should be all one word or two? I see some people writing it one way and some the other, does it matter? Is it a bit like writing 'can't' and 'cannot' or something?

mamas12 Sun 04-Mar-12 15:11:20

Prynhawn da Alex mamas ydw i, dwi'n lot henach d'ach chi!
Mae ferch a bachgen 'da fi, yr ddau yn (teenagers).
Mae rhaid i im fynd i sipa nawr so byddau'n dod yn ol wedyn ok
I have go shopping now so I will pop back later ok

mamas12 Sun 04-Mar-12 15:12:04

siopa dim sipa!!

alexpolismum Sun 04-Mar-12 15:53:33

Prynhawn da mamas!

Is 'mae 'da fi' the same as 'mae gen i'?

mae rhaid i= I have to?

Dw i'n trio ysgrifennu - mae un ferch 'da fi, mae dau bachgen 'da fi.

eatyourveg Sun 04-Mar-12 18:11:34

Whats the difference between trio and ceisio, Is trio south walian?

<takes very deep breath>

Funtime ydw i. Dw i'n 37 oed a dwi'n byw un Wrecsam efo fy (g?)wr. Dw i'n gweithio un y ty a mae gen i ddau bachgen ac un cath. Dw i'n hoffi dawnsio, nofio a gweithio ar y cyfran.

I'm Funtime. I'm 37 and I live in Wrexham with my husband. I work in the hom/housewife and I have two boys and one cat. I like dancing, swimming and working on the allotment.

TwllBach Sun 04-Mar-12 20:49:57

Da iawn Funtime grin

Is bachgen south walian? I've never heard it before.

EatYourVeg dwi'n yn y Gogledd Cymru a dwi'n say trio, I don't think I've heard ceisio, but that doesn't mean much at all grin

Be' ydy enw dy anifeiliad di?
Fy nghath ydy enw Millie.

What are your animals names? My cats name is Millie.

For some reason, I really struggle to remember the sequences of some sentences - patterns like mae gen i, dwi'n gallu and ga i seem to stick much more in my head <sigh>

LingDiLong Sun 04-Mar-12 21:11:51

Bachgen is South Walian yes. And we say merch for girl. Is it hogan in north wales?

TwllBach Sun 04-Mar-12 21:21:31

I know we say hogyn/hogan but I can't remember if that is boy and girl, girl and boy or even son and daughter :s I think merch is lady up here as I recall seeing merched on female toilets in the pub smile

Panadbois Sun 04-Mar-12 22:49:15

Enw fy nghath i ydi Pwsi Meri Mew smile

Hogyn/ hogan yma. (Gogledd/north)

Wrexham sometimes has south walian touches because of the coal mining communities I think.

Hogyn da / Hogan dda

Funtime, erioed wedi clywed "cyfran o'r blaen. Beryg buaswn i'n defnyddio 'alotment'!
Never heard cyfran before, I'd most likely use allotment with a Welsh spelling!

Panadbois Sun 04-Mar-12 22:50:04

mab - son

merch - daughter/ girl

Panadbois Sun 04-Mar-12 22:53:39

Mae da fi/ mae gen i (S/N) r'un fath , the same, da iawn alex

trio/ceisio (n/s) I would only use 'ceisio' in writen Welsh, more proper grin

Mae gen i un mab, un merch a dwy gath.

Nos da bawb!

TwllBach Mon 05-Mar-12 06:44:27

Bore da pawb grin sut dach chi heddiw?

Mae gen i mynd i gwaith am hanner awr wedi wyth bore ma, ond dwi'n wedi blino iawn achos fy mhartner is sal sad Mae o'n wedi snore all night!

I have to go to work for half past eight this morning, but Im tired because my partner is sick/ill. He has snored all night!

alexpolismum Mon 05-Mar-12 07:52:40

Bore da pawb grin

You poor thing, Twllbach! grin Dw i ddim yn hoffi (snoring) hefyd. Dw i'n gobeithio y gwaith (is not too tiring).

Dw i ddim yn gwneud dim byd Dw i'n gweithio yn y ty heddiw. Mae fy mab (younger) 'da fi. Mae'n moyn clywed (music) a dawnsio!

This is great! I'm learning loads and making lots of notes from all your posts! I just hope I don't forget it all!

LingDiLong Mon 05-Mar-12 13:51:09

Prynhawn da! (afternoon)

A diolch Panadbois, neis i cael rhywun sy'n siarad yn rhygl i helpu ni!

(nice to have someone who speaks fluently to help us).

Alex, ti'n 'neud yn dda iawn! Do you always pick languages up so quickly? I'm very jealous! Oh you might find www.geiriadur.net useful - it's an online welsh/english dictionary.

Younger = ifanca and music - cerddoriaeth. Listen is 'gwrando' and hear is 'clywed' so I think it would be 'gwrando i'r cerddoriaeth'.

CakeMixture Mon 05-Mar-12 14:01:51

P'nawn da pawn!

Dw i'n Cakemixture ar hyn o bryd. Dw i'n hoffi dysgu cymraeg ond does dim (time) - I need to make time!
Threads like this will really help!

ar hyn o bryd - at the moment

CakeMixture Mon 05-Mar-12 14:03:17

Saesneg spellchecker!

alexpolismum Mon 05-Mar-12 14:41:54

LingDiLong "Alex, ti'n 'neud yn dda iawn! Do you always pick languages up so quickly? I'm very jealous!"

The short answer is yes. grin Sorry, I don't mean to boast. I've always had a knack for languages, it just seems to make sense to me. smile But don't forget that this is not the first foreign language I have learnt, and I work as a professional translator. I know the process, if you know what I mean.

Besides, if you look at my posts, I have mostly taken things from other people's posts and just used them myself. You have all been providing me with vocab and structures - all I've done is accepted your generosity and used them! For example, having read TwllBach's post above, I can easily work out how to say "half past X o'clock". Several of you have used 'wedi + verb' in a past context. It doesn't take a lot to realise it must be something like "I have done". The trick is to pay attention and then to use it yourself as much as possible.

This is what I have done so far:
Listened to 3 lessons from Say Something in Welsh
Read all of your posts and made notes
Put Radio Cymru on in the background to get a feel for the language and pronunciation
Entered all vocab into a glossary, with the equivalent in Greek next to each word (I did say I was a translator!grin) I find it's a useful language exercise, and it might be useful for my dh if I manage to persuade him to learn Welsh.

Thanks for the dictionary link.

Diolch Panadbois grin.

NE Wales is often different to the NW. We don't tend to use hogan and hogyn.

Hope you're feeling a bit better Twll.

alexpolismum Mon 05-Mar-12 19:44:50

P'nawn da pawb!

Dw i wedi blino y prynhawn 'ma. Dw i wedi mynd efo fy mab ifanca i'r ffisiotherapydd a mae blinedig iawn. (He cried the whole time!) Dw i ddim yn gallu gwneud dim byd (arall?) y noswaith 'ma.

I hope some of that made sense. I've taken the language patterns from other people's posts, so I hope I am using them correctly.

I'm amazed at the number of regional differences there seem to be in Welsh.

I hope you manage to get some rest tonight, Twll.

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 06:40:53

Sut mae pawb!

dw i'n yfed paned o de efo teisen siocled. (I hope that's right, I had to look the words up in the dictionary separately).

mae fy merch yn y ysgol meithrin a mae fy mab henach yn y ysgol junior. Mae fy mab ifanc 'da fi yn y ty (2 oed). Mae rhaid i mynd i'r meddyg heddiw (paperwork, we're not ill!).

Has anyone done the Trinity St David Welsh online course? It looks like an interesting approach.

eatyourveg Tue 06-Mar-12 07:47:55

dwi'n hoffi yfed siocled bob amser.

LLawer o gamgermeiriadau hwn ond here goes. Mae fy mab cyntaf (gyntaf? - ds1) hoffi mynd i prifysgol yng nghymru am mis medi. Mae rhaid iddo? penderfynnu cyn bo hir os mi fydd o'n mynd i Bangor neu Aberystwyth. Dw'in meddwl mae o'n dewis wythnos nesa

Panadbois Tue 06-Mar-12 08:22:01

Dwi wedi dychryn pa mor gyflym mae alex yn dysgu'r iaith, anhygoel!

eatyourveg mae well gen i siocled poeth na veg, unrhyw amser hefyd!

Bangor neu Aberystwyth, am gyffroes!! (sp- cyffrous?) exciting!

Bore da bawb arall hefyd, gobeithio cewch chi ddiwrnod braf. Hope you have a nice day.

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 11:18:55

Panadbois I just looked up dychryn in the dictionary and it said "terrify, horrify". If I understand your sentence correctly, it says "I'm horrified at how quickly alex is learning the language, incredible"?

I suppose it does seem that way, but really, all I am doing is using what the rest of you are using in your posts, plus a few words I've either learned from Say Something in Welsh or looked up in the dictionary. I don't even know the personal pronouns like he and she and they yet, all I've got so far is i/fi, ti, chi. All the seemingly advanced structures I've used are from other people's posts on here. As I said before, I make notes from what I read and then try to use it myself. (for example, from one post yesterday I wrote "blino=tired. blinedig=tiring. -edig=adjectival ending? I shall keep an eye out for -edig and try to apply it myself when I've seen how it works.)

This means, of course, that I will be copying any mistakes too, but I hope to work it out as I learn more. From my previous language learning experience, I've found the best thing to do is use it as much as possible. There's no point in me writing down "mae rhaid i= I have to" and then leaving it there and forgetting about it, I have to use it in order for it to stay in the mind.

It may seem incredible, but really it's just careful observation, a willingness to try (I don't worry about making mistakes) and a lot of dedication and enthusiasm smile

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 11:24:34

To make my point, Panadbois, from your previous post, I have written down gobeithio cewch chi - cewch possibly linked to ces. ddiwrnod possibly like journee as opposed to jour. pa mor+ mutation cyflym - g. pa mor probably how much.

daringdoris Tue 06-Mar-12 11:38:49

Helo pawb, dwi'n Cymraes yn byw yn Llydaw ac yn angen ymarfer! Fel chi, 'dw i byth yn sgwennu, felly bydd o'n ymarfer dda!
Hello, I'm Welsh, living in Brittany, don't get a chance to practice much, and never need to write, so this should be a good opportunity!

BelleEnd Tue 06-Mar-12 11:48:43

Bore da, bawb!
Mae'r edefyn yma wedi dod a deigryn i fy llygad, wir i chi! Rydach chi'n bobol dda am fynd i'r drafferth i ddysgu fy iaith annwyl. Diolch smile

Good Morning, all!
This thread has brought a tear to my eye, honestly! You are good people for going to the trouble of learning my dear language. Thank you smile

I am first language Welsh, living in mid-Wales, but come originally from NW. Any help you need, just ask.

daringdoris Mae fy chwaer yn Gymraes sy'n byw yn Llydaw...

daringdoris Tue 06-Mar-12 11:49:36

Mae gen i bachgen sy'n mynd i fod yn 5 yr wythnos nesaf, dw'in 34 oed a wedi bod yn Ffrainc/Llydaw ers 10 flwyddyn. Dw'i ddim yn gweithio heddiw ond fel arfer dw'in dysgu Saesneg i oedolion ac yn gwneud ambell i cyfieithiad (fel ti alexpolismum!) Dw'in mynd i cael cinio fi rwan!

Canolbarth Cymru/Mid Wales here - I'd always thought our words were more North Walian, but perhaps not... bachgen, llaeth etc

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 12:14:33

Croeso, daringdoris

wyt ti'n cyfieithu (I needed this word, thanks!) Ffrainc-Saesneg? Dw i'n gwneud Groeg-Saesneg, (I love it, it's my dream job!). Dw i wedi bod yn Groeg ers llawer amser.

Is rwan NW and nawr SW? (how funny, just noticed that if you read one backwards, you get the other!grin)

I assume sy'n mynd i fod means 'is going to be'?

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 12:19:04

Actually, I have a pronunciation question. I can write all these down, because it is easy to copy things out, but I am wondering about the 'y'. I have heard the Say Something in Welsh audio files, plus a couple others from youtube, and I can hear that sometimes it is pronounced 'i' (mynd) and sometimes 'u' (Cymru). Is there a way for me to work out when I see a word how to pronounce the 'y'? I've written down a lot of vocab, and I'm not sure of all the pronunciation.

daringdoris Tue 06-Mar-12 13:02:26

Is this going to turn into one of those threads where everyone realises they know someone's sister/cousin/auntie Gwen/Mr Jones next door?? smile

Bellend, nes I cwrdd a Gymraes efo chwaer yn byw yn agos i lle dw'in dod o, falle hi/ti ydy o!

alexpolismum Dwi ddim yn gwneud llawer iawn o cyfieithu, ond ie, Ffrangeg-Saesneg. Yes, French-English translating, though I mostly teach. I really enjoy translating too, but I'd miss teaching/people too much if I did more of it!

Yep, sy'n mynd i fod=is going to be

Am applying my mind to the 'y' question...I can't see a particular logic for the 2 pronunciations, I think it's a case of learning as you go along (like 'i' in English). 'Ydy' is pronounced 'udi', so both in one word! But I'm no expert, I'm just searching the dusty recesses of my brain, I'm sure someone will know better than me!

BelleEnd Tue 06-Mar-12 14:12:53

I'm racking my brain for a 'y' rule, too, and cannot think of one. There's a difference in pronounciation of u, i and y between north and south too (south tend to be more of an "i" sound for all three, and people like me from the frozen north make more of a difference between the three...)

Mae'n siwr dy fod yn iawn doris! smile

Yes alex nawr=south and rwan=north.

alexpolismum Tue 06-Mar-12 14:43:14

Thanks to our kind native speakers, I do appreciate all this help, and it's very good of you to give up all this time to help us.

Re 'y' - it's ok if I hear a word, obviously. But my problem is that I am learning by myself at the moment, and reading a lot of new vocab in other people's posts, without hearing them said. So here I am wondering whether to say 'dysgu' and 'cyfieithu' as 'uh' or 'i'.

daringdoris Tue 06-Mar-12 15:11:55

Ok, alex, mae geiriau efo 'u' ar y diwedd yn gwneud swn 'ee'.
Words with 'u' at the end make an 'ee' sound (waits for someone to pop up with loads of exceptions!).

belle, ydy dy chwaer di'n canu?

Sut mae pawb arall prynhawn 'ma? How's everyone else this afternoon?? smile

LingDiLong Tue 06-Mar-12 17:02:37

Alex, byddai'n mynd i fy nhosbarth Cymraeg heno, byddai'n gofyn wrth y tiwtor oes mae fe'n rheol am 'y'.

(I will be going to my Welsh class tonight, I'll ask the teacher if there is a rule for 'y')

Ond dw i'n meddwl bod y ateb yw 'na'!

(But I think the answer is no!)

S'mae. Mi es i fy dosbarth Cymraeg bore 'ma, a roeddwm i'n meddwl am pawb grin.
(Hello. I went to my Welsh class this morning and I was thinking of you all grin)

Also not sure whether that are fixed rules about 'y'. If there are 2 in a word, the first is often 'uh' and the second 'ee/i' but I don't that it's consistent to be called a 'rule' confused.

Diolch yn fawr am helpu Bellend smile.

eatyourveg Tue 06-Mar-12 20:28:05

what I want to know is whats the difference between oes/nagoes, ie/dim, ydy/nagydy and do/naddo? How do you know which to use?

BelleEnd Tue 06-Mar-12 20:40:58

Have PMed you doris smile

Mae arna i ofn nad ydw i'n mynd i fod yn fawr o gymorth ar yr edefyn yma- Tydw i'n gwybod dim am reolau'r iaith am 'mod i wedi ei siarad o'r crud!

I'm afraid that I'm not going to be a lot of help on this thread- I know nothing of the rules of the language because I've spoken it from the cradle!

daringdoris Tue 06-Mar-12 21:10:03

Yep, I learnt Welsh at a very young age, so you're not aware of the rules in the same way as you are when you learn as a teenager/adult - which is why alex is doing so well I suppose - she's used to the 'tools' of language learning.

However I teach English, so I'm going to attempt an answer:

In English, when we answer a question, we use the same auxiliary, eg
Do you like cooking? Yes, I do (like cooking.)

In Welsh, it's the 'yes' which does this, so
Oes gen ti plant? Oes (mae gen i blant.)

So the 'yes' is conjugated with/agrees with the person and the tense, like a verb would be.

My word, I hope that makes some sense!

LingDiLong Tue 06-Mar-12 22:11:56

Reit, yn ol i fy nhiwtor, yr unig rheol gyda 'y' yw oes y gair yn cael mwy na un 'y', yr 'y' cyntaf yw 'uh' ac yr ail 'y' yw 'ee'.

So according to my tutor the only rule she knows of regarding the 'y' is that if the word has more than one 'y' the first sound is usually an 'uh' and the second an 'ee'.

Eatyourveg, daringdoris is right generally you have to listen to the start of the sentence to work out which 'yes' to use as we answer in full 'I will, I am, I was' etc. Do/Naddo are used for all answers regarding the past. Ie/Nage are emphatic yes and no - so sentences which don't start with a verb ie 'Wyt ti'n nyrs?' Answer = Ydw/Nac ydw. 'Nyrs wyt ti?' answer Ie /nage

eatyourveg Tue 06-Mar-12 22:14:19

oes it makes sense, ydy it makes sense, do it makes sense or just ie makes sense but not a clue which one to use in answering! grin

dw'i mynd i llety rwan achos dwi'n (teimlo??) blino. Hwyl pawb

alexpolismum Wed 07-Mar-12 08:00:06

Bore da pawb!

Diolch am y helpu efo 'y'. It seems I'll just have to listen carefully to the radio to hear the pronunciation of words that are not in my audio lessons, if they don't have 2 'y' sounds.

BelleEnd You don't need to know the rules to be of help, all you need to do is model normal, native speaker Welsh for us, and that will be a great help.

I noticed you used cymorth and not helpu that other people have been using. More common in your area? (And is it pronounced "cumorth" or "ceemorth"?)

Heddiw dw i ddim yn gallu gwneud llawer o Gymraeg achos dw i'n (busy).

To the people who are going to Welsh classes - are you using a particular course book? Do you think it's particularly good/ helpful? I'm not sure whether or not to get one.

LingDiLong Wed 07-Mar-12 09:41:52

Bore da! Mae ederfyn hyn wedi dod ymlaen (come along?) ar yr amser perffaith I fi. Roedd e'n noson rhieni ddoe ac dweudodd y athrawes bod fy mab (yn y dderbyn) ddim yn siarad lot o gymraeg, felly mae'n rhaid I fi siarad mwy o gymraeg yn y ty. AC mae arholiadau cymraeg da fi yn mis mai. Ysgrifennu fan hyn yw ymarfer dda I fi.

Sorry to be a pain, would it be possible for people to include translations for those of us still getting to grips with longer sentence structures blush, so that I know if I'm on the right track.

LingDiLong Wed 07-Mar-12 11:31:50

Rwy'n flin Funtime (I'm sorry!).

I wrote 'Morning! This thread has come along at the perfect time for me. It was parents evening yesterday and the teacher said that my son (in reception) isn't speaking a lot of Welsh (he's in a Welsh school, I didn't explain that in the Welsh bit but should have done!), so I must speak more Welsh at home. AND I have Welsh exams in May. Writing here is good practice for me'.

At least that's what I hope I wrote grin

Thanks grin.

CakeMixture Wed 07-Mar-12 18:40:43

Shw mae pawb! Mae hi'n heulog heddiw ond gwyntog. Hello everyone. It is (should be 'was' but Ive forgotten) sunny today but windy.

Lindilong pa arholiadau cymraeg? (just for comparisons sake with my own rusty welsh! I did the mynediad exam a couple of years ago - then got a good way through sylfaen level but had to stop sad

Alexpolis - AFAIK all courses now use the same book - you start with the orangey coloured one "mynediad" which means "entry". My laptop is being slow and annoying or I would link to it. I think its published by CBAC?

daringdoris Wed 07-Mar-12 20:34:52

Helo pawb!

alex cymorth=cumorth
There's also the question of register, like trio/ceisio upthread, I'd say this is another example - although it's more than likely that it's used in some parts of Wales and not in others.

cake It was sunny=roedd hi'n heulog.

CakeMixture Wed 07-Mar-12 20:56:29

Obviously (shows how much I have forgotten blush )
Diolch Doris

LingDiLong Wed 07-Mar-12 21:36:12

Cake, arholiadau canolradd! First Welsh exams I've done since my GCSE many years ago. Gulp!

CakeMixture Wed 07-Mar-12 22:39:18

Llongyfarchiadau! Straight in at Canolradd............ envy

alexpolismum Thu 08-Mar-12 08:02:55

Sut mae pawb!

I'm just going to try to use some of the vocab from yesterday.

Roedd hi'n heulog ddoe yma hefyd ond heddiw mae hi'n gwyntog ac yn (bwrw glaw?). Felly mae rhaid i fi ymbrelo.

(I hope that says: It was sunny here yesterday too, but today it is windy and (raining?). So I need an umbrella.)

Dw i'n yfed paned o de nawr, ac yn (ddarllen hanes?) i fy mab bach.

(I'm drinking a cup of tea now, and reading a story to my little son). I'm not quite sure about this, though, I looked up the parts in the dictionary, but that just gives you a word, it doesn't tell you how to use it.

Heddiw dw i'n mynd i gwrando gwers Cymraeg (when ds2 has his nap!)
Today I'm going to listen to a Welsh lesson (thanks daringdoris for that language structure!)

eatyourveg Thu 08-Mar-12 08:14:47

Mae hi'in oer y bore yma ond mae hi'n sych felly dw'in hapus. heddiw dw'in mynd i gweld athrowes (teahers??) a'r ysgol fy plentyn. Bydda cyfarfod i siarad am ein progress. Roedd rhaid i mi ysgrifennu llythr i dweud popeth sut dw'in meddwl rydyn nhw gwneud

Blimey that was hard - bound to be loads of mistakes. I think/hope it says

Its cold here this morning but its dry so I'm happy. Today I am going to see the teachers at my childrens school. There will be a meeting to talk about their progress. I had to write a letter (wanted to say report but didn't know the word) to tell everyone how I think they are doing

BelleEnd Thu 08-Mar-12 09:11:13

Bore da, bawb!
Sut ydych chi i gyd? Heddiw, 'dwi'n mynd i drio gwneud caws! Mae gen i Vegeren a 2 litr o laeth yn barod. Ond mae'n rhaid aros o leiaf mis i'w flasu, felly bydda i ddim yn gwybod os ydi o wedi gweithio am amser hir!
Hefyd, bydda i'n gwneud cawl ffa a thatws melys, achos 'mod i'n trio bwyta'n iach. Mwynhewch eich diwrnod!

Good morning, everyone!
How are you? Today, I'm going to try to make cheese! I have Vegeren and 2 litres of milk already. But I'll have to wait at least a month to taste it, so I won't know if it's worked for a long time!
Also, I'll be making a bean and sweet potato soup, because I'm trying to eat healthily. Enjoy your day!

alexpolismum Thu 08-Mar-12 09:35:12

Sut mae BelleEnd!

Dw i'n gwneud llawer o gawl, achos dw i'n hoffi fe. Heddiw dw i'n mynd i gwneud cawl madarchen.

I make a lot of soup, because I like it. Today I'm going to make mushroom soup.

Your soup sounds yummy! What kind of beans are you using?

I haven't been learning Welsh for very long, but I'm already starting to get the impression that if I just learn the verb "bod" in its various tenses and forms, I will be able to say an awful lot! All these tenses, relative clauses, etc.

I do have one more small pronunciation question. It might sound a little silly, but bear with me. Is rh pronounced any differently from plain r? Is the rh more rolled or is it aspirate? I'm asking because I notice that rh mutates to r, and it just seems logical that this would happen in writing only if there were a difference in sound. I could be talking nonsense though, feel free to tell me if so!

BelleEnd Thu 08-Mar-12 09:48:39

Exactly right alex, 'rh' is more rolled, esp in North Wales. (You explained it far better than I could!) smile

Rydw i'n defnyddio ffa borlotti. Rydw i'n hoffi defnyddio ffa mewn cawl, achos maen nhw'n isel mewn braster ac maen nhw'n gwneud i'r cawl flasu'n hufennog!

I'm using borlotti beans. I like using beans in soup, because they're low in fat and they make the soup taste creamy!

alexpolismum Thu 08-Mar-12 09:56:26

Ooh, I love borlotti beans! I made a lovely risotto with them just last week!

cauliflower soup is a nice, tasty and healthy option too, and it can be quite creamy.

Diolch am y cymorth efo 'rh'.

Dw i'n mynd yr ysgol nawr, achos mae'n cwpla am hanner awr wedi 12 (GMT+2 yma) a mae rhaid i fi (pick up) fy plant.

I'm going to the school now, because it finishes at half past 12 (GMT+2 here) and I have to pick up my children.

TwllBach Thu 08-Mar-12 13:30:50

P'nawn da pawb!

Mae'n ddrug gen i, mae gen i ddim yn bod yma achos dwi'n ddim yn hoffi i gwneud mistakes!

That should say - I apologise, I have not been here because I don't like to make mistakes!

Dwi'n yma heddiw achos dwi'n angen i dysgu Cymraeg. Dw i yn athrawes ac yma, yn Gogledd Cymru, ysgolion gofyn am pawb i siarad rhugl Cymraeg.

I'm here today because I need to learn welsh. I am a teacher and here, in North Wales, schools ask for everyone to speak fluent welsh.

Felly, mae gen i stop being such a twit and get stuck in! Please correct away smile

Mae hi'n oer yma heddiw, fy nghi, fy nghath a fi yn ddim yn hapus, ond dwi'n ddim yn isio i troi y heating on yn y Mawrth!

It's very cold here today, my dog, my cat and me are not happy, but I don't want to the heating on in march!

Alex mae gen i folder Cwrs Wlpan wrth Prifysgol Bangor. Dw i ddim yn wedi mynd ar y cwrs, fy ffrind wedi rhoi i fi.

Alex I have the 'Cwrs Wlpan' folder from Bangor university. I didn't go on the course, my friend gave it to me.

With the past tense, is it always 'wedi'? I'm sure I remember having a lesson that said you could change the verb as well, so 'dwi'n wedi mynd' could also be 'myndais (sp?) i' or 'dwi'n wedi cerdded' could also be 'cerddais i' does that sound right?

LingDiLong Thu 08-Mar-12 13:55:07

Twllback, it would be 'dw i wedi mynd' but mynd is an irregular verb so the past tense without the wedi would be 'Es i'. Cerddais i is correct though as it's regular.

Dw i wedi dechrau 'Siart Ser' gyda fy mhlant i calanogi (?? encourage??) nhw i siarad rhagor o'r Cymraeg yn y ty. Mae'n gweithio - am nawr. Byddyn nhw'n cael 'treat' ar y penwythnos oes mae'n nhw cael seren bob dydd. Dw i'n hoff iawn clywed nhw siarad cymraeg. Ond dw i wedi sylweddoli bod fy merch yn deffnyddio llawer o'r geiriau gogledd, hyd yn oed ni'n byw yn y de?! Oes rhywun arall yn cael plant mewn ysgol Cymraeg yn y de sy wedi cael y un profiad?

I have started a Star Chart with my children to encourage them to speak more Welsh in the house. It's working - for now. They will have a treat on the weekend if they have a star every day. I really like hearing them speak Welsh. But I've notcied that my daughter uses lots of words from the north, even though we live in the south. Has anyone else with children in Welsh schools in the south had the same experience??

TwllBach Thu 08-Mar-12 14:05:18

Diolch Ling. Meddwlais i 'es' was 'had'!

eatyourveg Thu 08-Mar-12 19:43:10

dw'in meddwl had = roedd + wedi or is that has been?

TwllBach Fri 09-Mar-12 13:11:09

To be = bod
been = wedi bod?

I don't knoooooow <sob>

LingDiLong Fri 09-Mar-12 13:51:16

TwllBach, had = ces, from the verb cael 'to have' - another irregular!

Bod is a wierd one. I think we may need professional help grin. You can use 'Dw i wedi' (I have)for the prefect tense or Ro'n i (I was) for the past tense.

alexpolismum Fri 09-Mar-12 14:14:38

Sut mae pawb!

Sut roedd y cawl, BelleEnd?

LingdiLong good idea to use a star chart with your children. Good luck with that. smile

I'm going to stay out of the tenses debate, because I am just copying what everyone else is using, so I am not sure when to use which one yet.

Heddiw mae hi'n oer ac bwrw glaw yma sad. Ble mae ein haul?? Yn Cymru?? grin

Today it's cold and raining here sad. Where is our sun?? In Wales?? grin

BelleEnd Fri 09-Mar-12 16:45:16

Roedd y cawl yn llawer rhy iach, alex. Heddiw, rydw i wedi gwneud bisgedi siocled, ac rydw i'n teimlo braidd yn sal ar ol bwyta cymaint! Ar y llaw arall, mae'r caws yn dod yn ei flaen yn wych, ac rydw i'n gwneud mwy heno. Tydi o ddim wedi aeddfedu eto, ond ar hyn o bryd, mae'n blasu fel caws Swydd Caerhirfryn. Mmmm!

The soup was far too healthy Alex. Today, I have made chocolate biscuits, and I feel a bit sick after eating so much! On the other hand, the cheese is coming along brilliantly, and I'm making more tonight. It hasn't matured yet, but at this moment, it tastes like Lancashire cheese.
(NB I have never heard 'Swydd Caerhirfryn' before- I had to look it up on Cysgair!) grin

alexpolismum Fri 09-Mar-12 19:48:33

Mmmm, dw i'n moyn bisgedi siocled hefyd!

Dw i ddim wedi bwyta caws Swydd Caerhirfryn (lovely name!) ers llawer o flwyddyn envy, ond ar y llaw arall, dw i'n byw yn agos i (traditional Greek dairy) sy'n gwneud caws blasus iawn.

I hope that says: I haven't eaten Lancashire cheese in years, but on the other hand I live near a traditional Greek dairy that makes very tasty cheese!

Y noswaith 'ma dw i'n moyn mynd i cysgu (early) achos dw i wedi blino. Mae fy mab bach wedi mynd i ffisiotherapydd a roedd yn blinedig iawn heddiw.

I really want to say: this evening I want to have an early night (this is my best shot at it!) because I am tired. My little son went to the physiotherapist and it was very tiring today.

alexpolismum Fri 09-Mar-12 20:55:12

Dw i'm hoffi dysgu Cymraeg! Mae'r iaith diddorol ac yn amgen o'r ieithoedd arall dw i'n gwybod. Dw i'n i mwynhau fe.

I like learning Welsh. The language is interesting and different from the other languages I know. I'm enjoying it!

TwllBach Sat 10-Mar-12 07:07:28

Bore da pawb grin

Dwi'n wedi blino heddiw <yawn.> Mae gen i dechrau gweithio am chwarter awr wedi wyth a dwi'm isio i mynd!

I'm tired today. I have to start work at quarter past eight and I don't want to go! (I think I read that dwi ddim yn isio can be shortened to dwi'm isio)

Dwi'n bod yn hwyr rwan, felly hwyl fawr pawb!

I wanted to say I'm going to be late now, but dwi'n mynd i bod yn hwyr didn't feel right...

eatyourveg Sat 10-Mar-12 07:46:50

Bore da am Caint

Penwythnos yma rydyn ni mynd ar lan y môr (you get the accent by pressing ALT + 0244) ble mae rhieni fy dh yn bwy. (does d become nh after fy?)

Hello from Kent
This weekend we are going to the seaside where my dh's parents live

TwllBach Sat 10-Mar-12 13:14:59

O neis, eatyourveg, dwi'n cenfigennus! (jealous)

'D' troi i 'n' a dwi'n meddwl 'husband' ydy 'gwyr'

Dwi'n teimlo'n mwy ffyddiog yn ddiweddar ond dwi ddim yn gwybod pam... dwi'n wedi trio i siarad llawer Cymraeg a wedi cyferthnu!

I'm feeling more confident recently but I don't know why... I'm trying to speak more Welsh which has helped!

alexpolismum Sun 11-Mar-12 11:11:16

Sut mae pawb!

eatyourveg dw i'n gobeithio rwyt ti wedi mwynhau yr penwythnos ar lan y môr. Dw i'n byw ar lan y môr a dw i'n hoffi cerdded ar y traeth.

eatyourveg I hope you have enjoyed the weekend at the seaside. I live at the seaside and I like walking along the seafront.

Heddiw dw i'n gwneud cyw gyda tatws (for) ein cinio, a dw i wedi gwneud salad bach gyda moroni, bresychen a pupur coch.

Today I'm making chicken with potatoes for our dinner and I have made a little salad with carrots, cabbage and red peppers.

TwllBach Sun 11-Mar-12 16:50:59

Helo pawb grin

Mae hi'n oer iawn yma yn Gogledd Cymru sad
Dwi'n wedi prynu llawer o blodyn detholiadau a llysiau detholiadau arlein bore ma. Mae gen i ddim yn garddio anad, a dwi'n llawn cyffro!

It's very cold here in North Wales.
I bought lots of flower seeds and vegetables seeds online this morning. I have not gardened before, and I'm excited!

Da ni'n cael pitsa am cinio heddiw - da ni ddim yn iach ymdebygu Alex!

We are having pizza for dinner today - we are not healthy like Alex.

I tried to find a translation for 'like' in the context of the sentence, and the only one I could find was "to grow like" - "ymdebygu" so I guessed that the 'grow' part was just an example...

eatyourveg Sun 11-Mar-12 19:49:55

hello - (how do you write shoomai?)

dw'in wedi dod gartre rwan a rydw i wedi mwynhau'r penwythnos.

I have come home now and I enjoyed the weekend (hope thats right)

Twllbach would you use "am" for like and translate it literally as "not healthy as Alex is" ?

TwllBach Sun 11-Mar-12 20:10:08

I've been using 'am' as 'for' like "be' ydy am cinio?" is that not right?
<thinks of how many times she has blithely used sentences like that>

BelleEnd Sun 11-Mar-12 20:41:53

It would be "beth sydd i ginio?" Also, seeds are "hadau"- detholiadau means selections. You're doing brilliantly, TwllBach, and good luck with the garden You can come and weed the jungle in my backyard if you want

Rydw i wedi cael penwythnos hyfryd. Wedi bod yn siopa yng Nghaer ddoe, ac wedi cael siwmper streipiog dlws. Heddiw, es i a fy mhlant am dro wrth yr afon, ac roedd hi'n ddigon cynnes i fod allan o'r ty heb got! Rydw i'n gwylio Crufts rwan, ac wedyn bydda i'n gwylio Teulu ar S4C.

I have had a lovely weekend. I went shopping to Chester yesterday, and got a beautiful stripy jumper. Today, I took my children for a walk by the river, and it was warm enough to be out of the house without a coat! I am watching Crufts now, and then I will watch Teulu on s4c.

mamas12 Mon 12-Mar-12 23:50:24

Helo, ydy pawb yn gwilio HWB?
The new rhaglen/programme for learners.
So far it's oce. Although Nia Parry is excruitiatingly infantile, if you can get past that, the programme content and structure is quite new to me as a veteran of programmes aimed at learners.
Gobeithio bod e'n wella/hopefully it will get better but worth a look/werth iw weld. I'll probably tune in for the next one.

alexpolismum Tue 13-Mar-12 14:14:18

Sut mae pawb!

Beth ydy pawb yn gwneud? Heddiw, dw i wedi mynd i'r dre i siopa. Dw i wedi prynu llyfr a het bach goch i fy merch. Nawr, dw i'n ymlacio gartre gyda paned o de a bisgedi a MN! smile. mamas12 diolch am y (link).

What's everyone doing? Today I've been to town to the shops. I bought a book and a little red hat for my daughter. Now I'm relaxing at home with a cup of tea and biscuits and MN! smile. mamas12 thanks for the link.

eatyourveg Tue 13-Mar-12 19:33:35

Dw'in wedi mynd i gwaith y bore yma, dw'in athrowes yn yr coleg. Mae'r myfyrwyr yn 16-19 oed. Llawer o hwn yn cael anawsterau hefo dysgu. Dw'in hoffi iawn fy swyd. Dw'in mynd yno dim ond dydd mawrth a dydd gwener

I went (there is a short form but I can't remember it) to work this morning. I am a teacher in a college. The students are 16-19 years old. Lots of them have learning difficulties. I like my job a lot. I go there (is there such a word as alla to mean there? I seem to have it at the back of my mind but there again that might be a spanish word- aaagh!) only on a tuesday and friday

LingDiLong Wed 14-Mar-12 20:59:24

Swtmae pawb!

Edrychais i 'Hwb' heddiw, mae'n eithaf da heblaw yr 'rapper' - beth yw 'excrutiating' yn Gymraeg??! Roedd e'n neis i edrych ar rhaglen Cymraeg sydd yn eithaf hawdd i deall.

I watched 'Hwb' today, it was quite good except for the rapper - what is 'excrutiating' in Welsh?! It was nice to watch a Welsh program that's quite easy to understand.

eatyourveg - dy swydd di'n synau (sounds?!) ddiddoral iawn ac yn heriol (challenging??!) iawn hefyd. I think there in Welsh is 'yno' as you've written (or 'yna').

alexpolismum Sat 17-Mar-12 10:27:00

Bore da pawb!

Dw i wedi cwpla wythnos prysur ac (I didn't have) amser i astudio Cymraeg. Dw i'n gobeithio bod yn well nawr.

I've just finished a busy week and I didn't have time to study Welsh. I hope it will be better now.

Heddiw dw i'n gwneud moussaka am cinio achos mae 'da fi llawer wylys ac mae rhaid i gwpla fe. Mae fy merch yn gwneud bisgedi hefyd.

Today I'm making moussaka for dinner because I've got a lot of aubergine and I need to finish it. My daughter is making biscuits as well.

eatyourveg your job does sound interesting. Mine is finishing soon sad.

alexpolismum Sun 18-Mar-12 08:03:40

Sut mae pawb!

Dydd Mamau hapus i bawb!

I hope that's right, I just made a guess at it!

LingDiLong Sun 18-Mar-12 20:13:03

Diolch Alex!

It's 'Sul y Mamau Hapus'.

What are you hoping to do next when your job finishes?

alexpolismum Mon 19-Mar-12 18:01:54

Sut mae LingDiLong!

Dw i'n gobeithio ffeindio gwaith arall smile Dw i'n trio meddwl yn (positive and optimistic). Efallai dw i'n gallu addysgu iaith?

eatyourveg Sun 25-Mar-12 20:06:46

helo pawb -

fydd penwythnos nesa sul y blodau pan llawer o bobl Cymraeg yn rhoi'r blodau a'r feddau perthnasau.
Dydd gwener dw'in mynd i orffen am y gwiliau Pasg. Hwre!

hello everyone
(very rusty but hopefully it says) - next Sunday is Flower Sunday when lots of Welsh people put flowers on the graves of relatives. On Friday I break up for the Easter holidays. Hooray! (cheated on the hooray - got it from google so no idea if its right or not)

alexpolismum Mon 26-Mar-12 07:42:26

Helo eatyourveg

Roedd i wedi meddwl bod pawb yn anghofio am yr edefyn 'ma! Dw i ddim yn gwybod Sul y Blodau, ond dw i'n meddwl (it sounds rather nice. I wish I were in Wales now to lay flowers for my grandmother.)

I thought everypone had forgotten this thread! I don't know (I wanted to say I haven't heard of) about Flower Sunday, but I think it sounds rather nice. I wish I were in Wales now to lay flowers for my grandmother.

Mae'r gwiliau Pasg yn dechrau ddydd gwener? Roedd i wedi anghofio bod y Pasg yn cynnarach yn Brydain. Mae'r Pasg un wythnos nes ymlaen yma.

Are Easter holidays starting on Friday? I had forgotten that Easter was earlier in Britain. Easter is one week later here.

eatyourveg Mon 26-Mar-12 08:12:37

Bore da alexpolismum

Mae Sul y Blodau yn bob amser y dydd Sul cyn Pasg. Dw'in gwiethio yn coleg felly dw'in cael pyfethnos am y gwiliau. Mae Sul y Pasg yn Ebril 8 yma.

Morning alexpolismum
Flower Sunday is always the Sunday before Easter. (Not sure if there is any link to it being Palm Sunday or not) I work in a college so I have a fortnight's holiday. Easter Sunday is April 8 here.

alexpolismum Mon 26-Mar-12 13:11:18

a Palm Sunday link seems likely.

Mae Sul y Pasg yn Ebril 15 yma. Dw i'n gobeithio gwneud wyau coch gyda fy mhlant i ddydd Iau cyn Pasg, Athrawes wyt ti yn coleg, eatyourveg?

Easter Sunday is April 15 here. I'm hoping to make red eggs with my children on the Thursday before Easter. Are you a teacher in college, eatyourveg?

eatyourveg Mon 26-Mar-12 13:55:54

Ie, athrawes ydw i - neu - ydw, dw i'n athrawes. Dw'in gweithio dim ond dydd mawrth a dydd gwener

Beth gwlad ydych'in bwy? Dydw i ddim yn clywed am wyau cogh cyn rwan

yes I'm a teacher or yes I'm a teacher (not sure I'll ever get the hang of which variant of yes is the right one) I work only on Tuesdays and Fridays

What country do you live in? I have not heard of red eggs before now

alexpolismum Mon 26-Mar-12 14:13:23

Dw i'n byw yn Wlad Groeg. Mae'r wyau coch traddodiad yma, a dw i'n hoffi fe, gyda'r plant. Maen nhw'n e fwynhau fe. Hefyd, dw i'n mynd addurno(?) cannwyl Basg gyda fy mhlant.

I live in Greece. Red eggs are a tradition here and I like it, with the children. They enjoy it. Also, I'm going to decorate an Easter candle with my children. It's a lot of fun for them (no idea how to say that in Welsh!) and they make a lot of mess!

alexpolismum Tue 27-Mar-12 07:18:04

Bore da Ddysgwyr!

Sut mae pawb? Heddiw mae hi'n heulog yma a felly dw i'n mynd i'r parc gyda fy machgen bach. Diweddarach, mae rhaid i fi mynd i siopa prynu rhywbeth i bwyta ar ein cinio. Dw i ddim yn rhy brysur heddiw!

eatyourveg I am by no means an expert, I'm still a beginner, but I would think that your different forms of 'yes' replies might depend on the emphasis you want to give.

alexpolismum Sun 01-Apr-12 10:11:47

Sul y Blodau hapus i pawb!

Yankeecandlequeen Tue 03-Apr-12 16:44:54

Helo! Fellow fluent welshwoman here! I live in Gwynedd & fluent the lingo & understand the Cofi dialect!

Feel free to ask any questions & I'll help x


alexpolismum Tue 03-Apr-12 19:35:05

Helo Yankeecandlequeen

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n hapus iawn i weld dy bost. Wnes i meddwl bod pawb yn anghofio am yr edefyn 'ma, a dw i'n trio yn galed i ddysgu Cymraeg! Dw i'n moyn siarad yr iaith, dw i'n mwynhau i ddysgu fe.

Mae cwestiwn bach gyda fi.

I have found 2 constructions using eisiau.

1. Dw i eisiau gwneud rhywbeth - with the meaning given as "I want to do something"

2. Mae eisiau gyda fi wneud rhywbeth - with the meaning "I need to do something".

So, does eisiau mean both 'need' and 'want'? And is moyn a synonym?

diolch yn fawr!

mejon Wed 04-Apr-12 12:39:17

Bore da alexpolismum. Another fluent Cymraes here. I'll try and answer for you.

Depending on the context then yes eisiau can mean want and need but the word 'angen' is more often used for 'need' I think.

Mae angen i mi wneud rhywbeth rather than Mae eisiau i mi wneud rhywbeth but both are correct.

Moyn is a South-Walian word for eisiau and North Walians would often say isho as in Dwi isho hwnna/Dwi moyn hwnna (I want that).

Hoping the weather is a little mor spring-like with you - mae'n bwrw eira yma. Brrrr!

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 15:18:02

Diolch yn fawr, mejon.

It does get confusing sometimes with the North/ South divide, as it is not always made clear (in learning materials, I mean).

Ydy hi'n bwrw eira yn Cymru?! Dw i ddim yn gallu i gredu fe! Mae'n heulog yma, mae'n hyfryd! Dw i newydd mynd i dro i'r parc gyda fy mhlant. Bwrw eira?! Yn Ebrill?! Dw i'n gobeithio bod yn well yfory!

Just another question. Is rhaid the same as angen? It seems to be used in the same way in the examples I've seen so far.

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 15:20:09

Ooops, I think that's supposed to be "yn Gymru". These mutations take some getting used to!

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 15:33:12

Wow. I just googled it, still slightly unable to believe all the snow you've been having. I had no idea. I saw a 'snow thread' in Chat, but I thought people were just messing around.

eatyourveg Wed 04-Apr-12 16:45:54

Mejon - where are you in Wales? Is it snowing in Merioneth?

Alexpolismum is it yng Nghymru? I wish there was an easy way to learn when something mutates and what sort of mutation it takes. Its by far the hardest part of learning the language don't you think?

Should have put all that in Welsh (Mae'n ddrwg gen i) but I'm on day 3 of having 3 teenage boys (2 ASD and the other supposedly revising for A levels) at home all day, just rung dh to say please come home early and call into the shop to buy a sticky toffee pudding. I'm a total wreck and need comfort food

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 17:49:24

eatyourveg it could well be "yng Nghymru". Please don't take my lead on grammar! I only thought it might be "yn Gymru" because I know that "caled" becomes "yn galed".

I haven't been learning long enough yet to decide what I think the hardest part is yet, but yes, the mutations have certainly complicated matters so far!

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 17:51:44

I have learnt "mae'n ddrwg gyda fi". I'm going to assume "mae'n ddrwg gen i" is the same thing. More of the North/ South differences?

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 18:01:46

eatyourveg it is entirely your fault and I am holding you responsible. I am sitting here thinking "Mmm, yummy! Sticky toffee pudding! I wish I had one!" I haven't had one for years, not since I was last over in the UK. And I've come over all nostalgic now!

eatyourveg Wed 04-Apr-12 19:32:58

So sorry for the stick toffee pudding nostalgia alexpolismum dh couldn't find one and we ended up with rhubarb crumble. Do you get Rhubarb in Greece?

I think the S Wales of mae'n ddrwg gen i is mae'n flin da fi but I wait to be corrected by the experts. My family are from the North so I'm learning the Gog dialect. (Just checked in my welsh grammar book and it says Gyda instead of Gan is used in S Wales. Gen i therefore is the N welsh first person singular - oo er! aren't I clever!)

I think the mutations differ when you are talking about yn meaning "in" as in a place its a nasal ie C to Ngh. Yn with caled relates to the bod bit of the sentence when you are talking about the present tense rather than meaning "in" and for some reason caled takes a soft mutation and becomes a G. Can't find any of this in my book though so it may well be a load of rubbish so don't take it as gospel until someone else tell you.

Please can someone come on and tell us the rules for mutations, when to use which one and when you don;t have to use any?

alexpolismum Wed 04-Apr-12 20:36:02

sob I'd love some rhubarb! A lovely, tasty crumble, with custard!

thanks ofr all the explanations. I have noted it down with a question mark, just in case someone else comes along and tells us something else about mutations.

<goes off to dream pleasant dreams of rhubarb and sticky toffee>

mejon Wed 04-Apr-12 20:44:14

It is yng Nghymru. eatyourveg - dwi yng Ngheredigion (see what I did with my treiglo there?!) Quite a bit of snow up in Gwynedd and Powys I think but thankfully it hasn't stuck here in our little bit.

I have to admit I could no sooner explain mutations than fly to the moon. I must have learnt them in school but that was an age ago. I couldn't tell you why something mutates and when tbh. I just go by sound - if it sounds right then it must be ok. Not much help if you're learning the language though, sorry!

Re. 'gyda' and 'gen' - now to me 'maen't ddrwg gyda fi' sounds clunky and awkward though it is correct. I'd use 'gen' and your grammar book explaination eat makes sense as my mother is North Walian (although I was born and raised in the south, I use a lot of NW words).

alexpolismum Thu 05-Apr-12 14:46:51

Diolch mejon

well, I don't want to sound clunky and awkward. I want to learn Welsh that's actually spoken. I don't want it to be correct but odd, like the proverbial "the pen of my aunt" sounds in English.

Just a pronunciation question here: Is yfed pronounced "ee-ved" or "uh-ved"?

mejon Thu 05-Apr-12 21:06:20

Oh I hope you don't think I was being critcal alexpolismum - not my intention at all and blummin heck you've done spectacularly well to learn so much in such a short length of time.

The phrase only sounds awkward as I would tend to say 'gen' instead of 'gyda' but I think it is what DD would be taught in school and what most south-Walians (Hwntws) would say I think. I'll stop now incase I dig myself a bigger hole!

Yfed is prn. uhved grin.

alexpolismum Fri 06-Apr-12 09:58:33

Not to worry, mejon, I'm taking it in a constructive way. I have noted down that "gen i" is more northern and "gyda fi" more southern.

Does your dd speak Welsh at school? My children only have me to speak English to them, everyone else around them, and of course at school, it's Greek. I try really hard to get them to hear as much English as possible, to give them a really good base with their English, as just speaking to me might leave them with a limited vocabulary.

Yesterday, my dd said to me "Mummy, I'm mynd-ing. Are you aros-ing?" it was very funny. She's obviously been listening to me saying things, and listening to the audio Welsh lessons I have downloaded, and has picked up a few words.

More pronunciation queries, I'm afraid! I know you say yn araf and yn ifanc with the stress on the first syllable of the adjective, but does the stress change to the second syllable in yn arafach or yn ifancach (arAfach and ifAncach)?

It may seem I have learned a lot, but I haven't actually tried to speak to anyone yet, it's all just written. In a speaking situation I might get stuck and not remember all these things!

mejon Fri 06-Apr-12 14:35:06

Prynhawn da!

grin at your DD's mynd-ing and aros-ing! Apparently when I was very little and thought I thought I was being very posh I once said to my mum 'I'm going to the dre' (tref-town) with the 'dre' prn by me as dray rather than dreh. I think you had to be there.... wink.

Yes, DD1 goes to a Welsh school - strangely although she spent her early years with me at home speaking only Welsh to her (speaking English just felt wrong), she is very reluctant to speak it with me now though she will automatically switch to Welsh with my parents. I try to stick to speaking Welsh to regardless of how she answers me. She's only 5.5 so there's plenty of time for her to change.

I think you're right about the stress changing in araf and arafach / ifanc and ifancach. No idea why though!

alexpolismum Fri 06-Apr-12 19:16:57

Noswaith dda!

Yes, do stick with speaking Welsh to your dd. I speak only in English to my dc, wherever we are, no matter who might be able to overhear. If they speak to me in Greek, I "refuse to understand", if you know what I mean, and insist they speak English. It's working, and they very rarely try to speak to me in Greek, and if they do, generally they laugh and immediately switch languages before I have a chance to say anything.

Thanks once again. I don't need to know why the stress changes, only that it does. The chances are that if the stress changes in these adjectives, it does in others too, so I will try that out. A lot of the time there is no "why" in languages, or the "why" doesn't matter, sometimes it's just part of the music and harmony of a language, and if I can get a feel for that, it will make the language come alive for me and I will be able to learn it better. That takes time, though!

What I really want is to be able to speak to someone. Perhaps I should put up an advert "Welsh learner looking for someone to talk to in Welsh on occasion. You don't need to teach, just talk!" smile

Pasg da i bawb! (although here it's not Easter for another week yet!)

eatyourveg Sun 08-Apr-12 08:17:49

Pasg hapus i chi hefyd

alexpolismum Mon 09-Apr-12 14:15:42

Sut mae!

Mae hi'n heulog yma heddiw a nes i goginio gyda fy mhlant, sydd ddim wedi mynd yr ysgol heddiw. (We made) teisen Pasg a mae fy merch yn awyddus i fwyta fe. Mae hi'n i dweud e pob dwy funud!

I hope that made some sense! What's the 'we did' form of nes i ? I have learnt nes i and nes ti but I realise I only know how to say it for those 2 persons. I haven't heard the others yet. I don't even know if that's how it is written - I am going by what it sounds like!

eatyourveg Mon 09-Apr-12 16:12:15

Wn i ddim ond dwi'n meddwl effallai "rydyn i'n wedi gwneud?"

Dunno but I think perhaps "we made"

alexpolismum Mon 09-Apr-12 17:54:44

diolch eatyourveg. Is this the dyn ni I have heard on radio Cymru? I have been trying to work it out. Is dw i wedi gwneud the same as nes i neud then?

mejon Mon 09-Apr-12 20:27:33

Noswaith dda. Bwrw glaw yma drwy'r dydd. Ych a fi!

(Ry)dw i wedi gwneud and mi (w)nes i neud are the same. For 'we made' you could say mi (or 'fe') wnaethom ni gacen/teisen or rydym wedi gwneud cacen/teisen

If memory serves me right
wnes i / I did
wnes ti / he did
wnaeth hi / she did
wnaeth e / he did
wnaethom ni / we did
wnaethon nhw / they did

saying 'nes' etc. is fine I'd probably write 'wnes' if I was writing something official or proper but verbally or writing something more casual I'd say 'nes' etc.

alexpolismum Tue 10-Apr-12 06:25:47

Bore da!

Dw i'n gwybod bod y glaw ddim yn hyfryd, ond wyt ti'n i rhoi e i fi?? Mae hi'n bwrw glaw yma heddiw!

Diolch yn fawr mejon. I really appreciate it.

Heddiw bydda i'n astudio Cymraeg. Mae fy ngwr ddim yn mynd i weithio heddiw, felly mae fe'n gallu chwarae gyda'r plant a bydda i'n gallu darllen.

This probably means I'll have hundreds more questions by this evening!

katster06 Thu 12-Apr-12 16:33:40

If you’re on facebook
wondered if you might be interested in this new page / group ;

Bilingual Babies - Welsh / English Promoting Bilingualism from birth 
forum to meet other parents trying to learn welsh / teach it to their children

Links to information / advice / tools etc 

groups for parents learning welsh / with bilingual babies etc &#8232;&#8232;

Best Wishes 

eatyourveg Sun 15-Apr-12 08:27:08

Pasg Hapus i chi alexpolismum yn Groeg

alexpolismum Mon 16-Apr-12 20:02:00

Diolch yn fawr, eatyourveg. I was away staying with the inlaws for Easter, and had no internet, so it was very nice to come back and see your message. smile

r3dh3d Tue 24-Apr-12 21:14:45

Sorry to butt in <waves vaguely @ twllbach> but does anybody have any links (or books, even, I'm desperate) for a beginner, which are entirely North Walian? This is going to be hard enough as it is. confused

cardibach Tue 24-Apr-12 21:24:02

Noswaith da, alex ! Dw i'n dysgwr a dw i'n angen mwy o ymarfer. Dwi'n hoffi'r thread. Sut wyt ti'n dysgu Cymraeg yn Groeg? Ac, hefyd, pam? Rwy'n credu ei bod yn wych! Mae en galed enough yn Cymru!

alexpolismum Tue 24-Apr-12 21:26:28

Hello r3dh3d

try the northen course from here

I've been doing the southern one and it's quite good. I assume the northern one is too!

r3dh3d Tue 24-Apr-12 21:31:16

DYF alexpolismum.

Will have to get some headphones, I think. Our Mothers' Help is from Anglesey and she will DIE laughing if she hears me, poor girl! grin

alexpolismum Tue 24-Apr-12 21:32:10

Sut mae, cardi !

Dw i'n gwneud cwrs Say Something in Welsh, a hefyd dw i'n darllen beth mae pobl arall yn ysgrifennu. Nes i ddysgu llawer o pethau fel hynny.

Pam ydw i yn dysgu Cymraeg? Hmm. Dw i'n i hoffi fe, wrth cwrs! Roedd fy nhad yn dod o Gymru a dw i'n teimlo bod a sort of link with my roots.

A dw i'n hoffi dysgu ieithodd!

cardibach Tue 24-Apr-12 21:41:32

Dw i'n casau dysgu ieithoed! Ond dw'i eisiau siarad Cymraeg oherwydd dw i'n teimlo Cymraeg. Mae fy nhad a fy mam yn Cymraeg ac mae fy nhad ynsairad Cymraeg. Dw i'n byw yn ardal cymraeg iawn, felly mae rhaid i fi yn siarad Cymraeg. Mae fy merch yn dwyieithog, dw i'n falch iawn!

As to your pronunciation query - the stress in WElsh is alwys on the penultimate syllable, which is why it moves in the examples you give. THis gives Welsh its 'sing song' quality and if you do it in English makes you sound a bit as though you have a Welsh accent. Buggers up iambic pentameter, I can tell you! (English teacher in Wales).

alexpolismum Wed 25-Apr-12 06:10:27

grin @ iambic pentameter! Thanks for the tip, cardi. Now, if there were a tip for the pronunciation of y...

dw i'n teimlo Cymraeg hefyd. Dw i ddim yn gallu i esbonio fe, dw i ddim yn byw yng Nghymru, ond dw i'n teimlo (a strong bond). Mae fy mhlant yn dwyiethog hefyd, dw i'n hoffi gwrando! Ambell waith, maen nhw'n defnyddio hanner gair Saesneg, hanner gair Groeg, mae'n doniol iawn!

I have learnt several foreign languages, so here's my tip to you - the best thing to do is close your books and just get out there and start using the language. Don't worry about whether you are using the right tense/ mutation/ whatever. It doesn't matter. Those things come with practice. Whether by typing on a forum or by speaking (and actual speech is by far the best way to learn), you need to be producing your own sentences. That is how it will stick in your mind. Put Welsh radio/ tv on in the background to listen to. And when other people speak to you, listen to their turn of phrase. I have made loads of notes from other people's posts on here, and although I don't have a lot of vocab yet, it's helping me to get a feel for the structures of the language.

When I first started learning Greek I used to say things to myself in Greek like "Now I'm brushing my teeth/ time to put my shoes on/ what shall I have for dinner" anything really. Just trying to use the language.

cardibach Wed 25-Apr-12 21:48:17

Good tip, alex. I just lack a bit of courage, I think... DD tells me to get on with it, she says I know it so I should say it!
For y, I believe it is an uh sound unless it is in the last syllable when it is more of an i sound (like Aberystwyth - Aber -uh- stw-i-th alhtough most people not from round here make both those an i sound, so possibly not the best example!).
Dw i'n mynd i'r Eisteddfod Rhydlewis dydd Sadwrn, felly bydd rhaid i fi defnyddio fy Cymraeg. Mae fy merch yn cystadlu - bydd hi'n canu. Wish me luck!

alexpolismum Thu 26-Apr-12 12:51:52

pob lwc, cardibach ! smile

A pob lwc i dy ferch di hefyd.

Efallai un diwrnod bydda i'n gallu mynd i'r Eisteddfod hefyd!

r3dh3d Fri 27-Apr-12 09:18:19

Quickie - welsh for Sorry? We're coming up with Sori here, but we're not sure if it's a bit Wenglish. blush

alexpolismum Fri 27-Apr-12 12:32:42

I have learnt "mae'n flin gyda fi" and "mae'n ddrwg gen i" as sorry.

I think the first one is more southern and the second more northern, but don't quote me on that!

eatyourveg Fri 27-Apr-12 15:40:28

ydy wir alexpolisman dw'in wedi dysgu mae'n ddrwg gen i am yr iath Gogleddol

cardibach Fri 27-Apr-12 18:10:31

You are correct, alex - but most first langauge speaker sround here would say 'Sori'.
Diolch byth mae'n ddyd Gwener!

alexpolismum Fri 27-Apr-12 19:54:47

that's what I need to learn cardi, the days of the week. I'll have to write them down and learn them, perhaps the months too.

Heno dw i'n hapus, achos mae fy mab ifancach wedi (climb up) un gris, roedd yn anodd iddo fe ond wnaeth e i wneud e. Dw i'n falch!

cardibach Fri 27-Apr-12 22:19:59

Da iawn i mab alex (presumably called alex...).
Dw i'n wedi blino heno. Dw i'n brysur iawn ar hyn o bryd yn gweithio.

cardibach Fri 27-Apr-12 22:20:22

Or even Gweith. In work, not working. You get my drift.

alexpolismum Sat 28-Apr-12 11:14:26

bore da pawb!

gobeithio nes ti'n gallu cysgu yn dda ac yn ymlacio, cardi.

I need some help! I have been trying to work out how to say "I would do" and so far I have found
byddwn i
taswn i
buaswn i
can anyone tell me the difference between these?

also, can anyone help me with some forms of bod? I have got rhaid ei fod e and rhaid dy fod di. How is it for the first person?

alexpolismum Sat 28-Apr-12 13:12:15

Another question.

I've seen dydy tydi and dyw used all pretty similarly. Are these really the same thing?

eatyourveg Sat 28-Apr-12 21:56:17

alexpolisman this is what I wrote in my vocab book some 25 yrs ago so it may well now be considered old fashioned speak

Baswn i
Baset ti
Basai hi/o
Basen ni
Basech chi
Basen nhw

Then it says all these are preceeded by mi causing a soft mutation eg Mi faswn i'n mynd i'r ysgol

re the bod question I think its rhaid fy mod i (after that I have written "NB like the subjunctive and follows conjunctions such as
cyhyd â,
rhag ofn
and nes")

cardibach Sat 28-Apr-12 22:52:45

Dw'i wedi bod yn yr Eisteddfod Rhydlewis i chwech awr. Dw'i wedi blino ac hefyd have lost the will to live. Mae fy merch yn cystadlu. Roedd hi yn trydydd ac enill £6. Yay!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 07:50:49

Diolch, eatyourveg. I've made a note of those forms, but I admit I am still slightly confused. Do you mean I should say, for example efallai rhaid fy mod i'n ymarferol?

That's great cardi! Efallai bydda i'n mynd i'r Eisteddfod un diwrnod hefyd!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 10:46:22

I have just found the sentence

mae'r drws wedi cael ei agor

I am assuming it is a form of passive voice "the door has been opened". Does this mean I can say things like:

mae'r llyfr wedi cael ei ddarllen
mae'r ty wedi cael ei adeiladu
mae'r caws wedi cael ei fwyta

and perhaps dw i wedi cael fy nihuno

If a native speaker happens to see these, please let me know if they are correct!

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 11:39:37

I did this on my course! Not sure about your examples, but you're right, it is passive voice. It is used for being born as well - I was born = Ces i fy ngeni. And for some kinds of food, e.g Boiled eggs = eggs wedi'u berwi.

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 12:57:40

Thanks, cardi. I've just made a note of ces i fy ngeni. How funny, the verb "genno" means "to give birth to" in Greek as well. How interesting.

I suppose ces must be the past tense of cael, I haven't seen it before, but it reminded me of wnes i, it's the same sort of pattern.

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 13:11:52

Yes, alex - past tense of cael
Ces i - I had
Cest ti - You had
Cafodd / hi - He/ she had
Cawson ni - We had
Cawsoch chi - You had
Cawson nhw - They had

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 13:17:05

ooh, thanks, cardi! cardibach, cymorthmawr!

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 13:20:38

smile Diolch, alex

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 13:29:07

wyt ti yn byw yng Ngheredigion, cardi? (Rhydlewis is in Ceredigion).

dw i ddim erioed wedi mynd yna, ond dw i wedi gweld ar Google, a mae'n debyg hyfrid.

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 14:33:01

Ydw, dw i'n byw yn Ngheredigion! Dw i'n byw yn pentref bach ar bwys y mor. Dw i'n gallu weld y mor pan dw i'n eistedd ar fy balcony. Dw i'n hoffi fy nhy!

alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 14:41:13

it sounds hyfrid yn wir cardi. smile

Dw i'n byw yn agos i'r mor hefyd, dw i'n hoffi cerdded ymalen y ffordd ar bwys y mor (the seafront path??) ac yn gwylio ar y mor. Mae hi'n llaciol.

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 14:48:19

Mae e'n hyryd, alex . Dw i'n hoffi Gwlad Groeg hefyd. Nes i teithio yna sawl gwaith - in the islands mostly (Cyclades) ac hefyd Evia.

cardibach Sun 29-Apr-12 14:48:39


alexpolismum Sun 29-Apr-12 21:28:19

Noswaith dda pawb!

Heddiw dw i wedi dysgu llawer o Cymraeg. Dw i'n gobeithio fydda i ddim yn anghofio fe yn gyflym! Dw i'n teimlo bod fy Nghymraeg yn dod yn ei flaen a dw i'n hapus. smile

Nawr, mae eisiau i fi siarad gyda rhywun i ymarfer ac i ddysgu yn well!

alexpolismum Mon 30-Apr-12 08:41:34

Dyma ddiwrnod hyfryd heddiw! Mae hi'n heulog ac yn boeth yn wir!

Yfory, bydd yn 1 mai ac bydd gwyliau (bank holiday) yma, felly byddwn ni'n mynd yr plant allan i bicnic, efallai yn y fforest, sydd yn agos i'r mor. smile

Panadbois Mon 30-Apr-12 12:22:30

Alexpolismum - Mae dy Gymraeg di yn wych, rwyt ti wedi dysgu yn anhygoel o sydyn!

Y drwg hefo bod yn Gymraes iaith cyntaf ydi, nad ydwi'n gwybod/cofio y rheolau gramadeg - mae'n digwydd yn naturiol (rhan fwyaf o'r amser o leiaf!)

Mae'r pethau rwyt wedi eu hysgrifennu uchod i weld yn berffaith gywir i mi.

Sori nad ydwi wedi bod yn ôl yn ddiweddar, braidd yn brysur yma ar hyn o bryd.

Da iawn merch Cardibach am lwyddo yn yr Eisteddfod smile

Dwi'n meddwl dylai Alexpolismum geisio am "Dysgwr y Flwyddyn" yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol grin

alexpolismum Mon 30-Apr-12 13:08:41

Panadbois - diolch yn fawr, rwyt ti wedi bod yn garedig iawn.

Does dim eisiau i fi ddysgur rheolau gramadeg ohonot ti. Mae eisiau i fi wybod os mae fy iaith yn dda, yn wir. Os dw i'n i wybod e, dw i'n gallu gweld a deall y rheolau.

"Dysgwr y Flwyddyn"?? Dw i ddim yn gwybod am hynny! heblaw mae llawer o arian wink

Panadbois Tue 01-May-12 11:01:30

Efallai bod dyddiad cau wedi bod eleni. Rhaid i ti gysidro flwyddyn nesaf!

Mi faswn i'n hoffi petawn ni gyd yn cael y cyfle i ddysgu llawer o ieithoedd, er, nid yw fy mhlant i yn mwynhau gwersi Ffrangeg yn yr ysgol. Mi wnes i fynd am wersi Sbaeneg sbel yn ôl, ond nid oedd gen i gyfle i ymarfer, ac un waith erioed dwi wedi bod yn Sbaen.

alexpolismum Tue 01-May-12 18:55:44

Panad dw i ddim yn gallu dychmygu bod heb ddysgu ieithoedd. Pan dw i ddim yn dysgu, dw i'n meddwl am ieithoedd, am y gwraidd geiriau, am eirdarddiad smile.

Efallai yn y dyfodol byddi di yn cael y cyfle i fynd yn Sbaen. Dw i'n siwr dy fod di'n cofio'r iaith un waith yn y lle. smile

un cwestion - to say "I saw you/him" do I say *wnes i dy weld di/ nes i ei weld e"?
I'm trying to work out how to fit pronouns into sentences.

alexpolismum Wed 02-May-12 08:55:39

heddiw dw i'n hapus! Bydd ambell lyfrau yn dod o Gymru i fi! Dw i wedi cynhyrfu i ddechrau i ddefnyddio nhw!

Incidentally, can anyone tell me how you make the accents appear over the letters?

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 15:55:19

Haia! Ydy ma rheina yn gywir. Mi faswn i hefyd yn dwed, ' Welis i chdi' a 'Welis i o' ( o/fo - gogleddol/ north Walian version of fe) Ond ma beth wyt ti wedi ysgrifennu yn iawn hefyd.

I gael to bach ar yr ipad, dwi'n dal fy mys ar y llythyren a mae'n cynnig symbolau. Ar y cyfrifiadur, alli di wthio Alt 131 (keyboard ar yr ochr dde rather than those along the top) i gael â, Alt 130 i gael ô, Alt 140 i gael ê, ac Alt 147 o gael î ( these might be jumbled up as I'm not on the computer to check!)

Rhaid i ti fynd i insert symbols i gael &#373; ac &#375;.

Wyt ti'n gwybod bo posib cael microsoft word yn Gymraeg? Mae'n cynnwys spell check. I gyd am ddim!! Mae hefyd rhaglenni fel Cysill a Cysair alli di brynu. Mae rhaglen arall yn arbennig i gael to bach, 'draig' dwi meddwl, ond tydwi erioed wedi ddefnyddio fo.

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 15:57:39

Pa lyfrau wyt ti wedi gael, a lle wyt ti'n byw? Mae rhai llyfrau Cymraeg i'w cael ar Kindle hefyd! Iaith fodern ydi'r Gymraeg!

Rydw i wedi prynu nofel Gymraeg heddiw hefyd (Never buy usually, shame on me) Min y Môr, mae 'r awdures/ author yn ffrind i mi. (Show off grin)

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 15:59:21

w ag y ydi rhifzu rhyfedd na!!
&#373; &#375;

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 15:59:53

sori, dim yn gweithio!

alexpolismum Wed 02-May-12 19:26:38

diolch Panadbois Er, yn anffodus tydi alt+[rhif] ddim yn gweithio efo fy keyboard confused Efallai achos mae yn keyboard Groeg. Dw i'n gallu gwneud copy-paste, ond mae yn nuisance!

Dw i'n byw yn Alexandroupoli yng Ngroeg a mae Kindle 'da fi hefyd! smile bydda i'n chwilio llyfrau Cymraeg ar Kindle.

Dw i ddim yn gwybod pa lyfrau! Mae rhywun yn roi nhw i fi! smile Bydda i'n dweud pan maen nhw wedi cyrhaedd.

Pa fath o nofel ydy Min y Môr?

cardibach Wed 02-May-12 20:16:50

alex - mae rhaid i ti prynu 'BYWYD BLODWEN JONES' gan Bethan Gwanas. Mae'n Gymraeg Bridget Jones. Mae'n ysgrifenedig ar gyfer dysgwyr. Mae'n ddoniol iawn.

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 20:20:16

Wel unrhyw amser wyt ti isho i mi biciad draw (pop over) am baned, i ti cael ymarfer, mi ddo'i!!!

Dydwi ddim yn gwybod am y nofel eto, mi wnai adael i ti wybod. Y 'Lolfa' dwi'n meddwl yw'r argraffwyr (publishers) sydd yn gwerthu ar Kindle.

Fy hoff awdures yw Bethan Gwanas, mae hi'n ysgrifennu fel rydw i yn siarad. Hawdd i'w ddarllen, iaith llafar pob dydd.

Tease me - pa mor braf ydi acw ar hyn o bryd? tydw i erioed wedi bod yng Ngroeg, ond mae fy rhieni yn mlynd i Kos pob blwyddyn envy

Panadbois Wed 02-May-12 20:20:56

Cardibach a finna yn hoffi Bethan Gwanas felly!

alexpolismum Wed 02-May-12 20:58:26

Thanks to you both for the book suggestion (or author suggestion, I should say!)

Mae hi'n heulog ac yn boeth yma ar hyn o bryd. Dw i'n dechrau tebyg yn [tanned]. Ddoe wnes i fynd allan i'r fforest yn agos i'r mor i fwyta picnic gyda fy mhlant a ffrindiau. tydw i erioed wedi bod yn Kos, ond wnes i fynd i ynysoedd arall, mae'r ynys Samothraki (opposite) Alexandroupoli. Os wyt ti yn y dre, biciada draw, I'll put the kettle on!

cardibach Wed 02-May-12 21:41:55

Bydda i yn dod given half a chance!

alexpolismum Thu 03-May-12 09:55:08

[puts kettle on] wyt ti'n moyn llaeth a siwgr, cardibach?

Please can somebody write some sentences using amser, tro, gwaith, pryd. so I can see how they are used differently. They all seem to translate as "time" in English!

DogEared Thu 03-May-12 10:05:54

Rydw i'n hoffi Bethan Gwanas hefyd- a 'dwi wedi clywed bod Min y Mor yn dda, ac mi wnes i fwynhau Maison du Soleil, nofel cyntaf yr awdur.

Mae hi'n amser mynd i'r gwely!
Wnes i ddim mynd i'r caffi yna tro diwethaf.
Rydw i wedi bod i MacDonalds dwy waith.
Pryd wyt ti'n mynd i brynu gin i mi?


alexpolismum Thu 03-May-12 12:06:19

hmmm. let's try this then.

mae hi'n amser gwneud tipyn bach o ddarllen
dw i ddim yn moyn bwyta sglodion y tro 'ma!
Mae hi'r tair waith ti wedi dweud hynny!
Mae'n ddrwg 'da fi. Does dim amser 'da fi i fynd i brynu gin, achos dw i'n rhy brysur. Pryd wyt ti'n dechrau i yfed rhywbeth yn iachach? grin

have I got those right?

Panadbois Thu 03-May-12 15:32:09

da iawn!

Mae'n amser panad.

Diet coke ges i tro diwethaf.

Dwi wedi cael paned o de ddwy waith yn barod.

Pryd ma hi'n amser gwin? Mi agora i botel pryd (neu pan) fydd y plant wedi mynd i gwely.

DogEared Thu 03-May-12 20:19:07

Excellent alex! We would say "Mae hi'r trydydd gwaith i ti ddweud hynny!"

Ac ynglyn a'r gin... Dwi byth yn mynd i yfed unrhywbeth iachach!

alexpolismum Fri 04-May-12 08:41:43

I have a question concerning numbers.

I have found different versions of the same number -

un deg dau/ deuddeg
un deg tri/ tri ar ddeg
un deg pedwar/ pedwar ar ddeg
un deg pump/ pymtheg
un deg chwech/ un ar bymtheg
un deg saith/ dau ar bymtheg
un deg wyth/ deunaw
un deg naw/ pedwar ar bymtheg
dauddeg/ ugain

Are both equally acceptable? Or is one system more usual? I must say, I like the idea of counting in base 15! It certainly means you won't forget your basic arithmetic in a hurry!

alexpolismum Fri 04-May-12 08:47:52

Ooops, I'm not sure what happened to eleven there, but you get the picture.

Nawr mae hi'n amser paned. Efallai y tro nesaf bydda i'n cael coffi!
Panadbois gwin coch ydy e? Dw i wrth fy modd efo fo. Bydda i'n dod yn y noswaith! Pryd wyt ti'n agor y botel?

r3dh3d Fri 04-May-12 09:10:32

Quick help please from Cardibach - how would you say to someone in your locality (well, Amlwch, but I don't think even Welsh is quite that regional, lol...) "love you" when it is a message from two small children to an adult. Equivalent of "caru ti" but is it different if it's we love you rather than I love you? Need to get something engraved in a hurry.

DogEared Fri 04-May-12 09:15:43

Yes alex both versions are acceptable and are widely used.
r3dh3d Caru ti could come from more than one person- It means "love you!" "We love you" would be "Rydan ni'n dy garu di" or, less formal "'Da ni'n dy garu di."
I like Amlwch! smile

alexpolismum Fri 04-May-12 12:41:31

Diolch DogEared. I had wondered whether it was another north/ south thing.

Is beth bynnag used something like "in any case"?

DogEared Fri 04-May-12 19:36:08

Yes! Or "what ever"- "Mi ga'i beth bynnag rwyt ti'n gael" "I'll have whatever you're having"

Panadbois Sat 05-May-12 07:55:58

Bora da! Gwin coch ar gadw tan heno rwan, croeso i ti yma Alex.

Yn ôl pob sôn, mae plant Cymraeg yn ffeindio hi'n haws cyfri oherwydd y sustem o ddweud yr unedau (units) un deg a dau, tri deg a phump ac yn y blaen.

Mae'r ddau yn gywir. Efallai bod unarddeg , deuddeg, ugain yn fersiwn mwy grown up a chywir. ond mae'r ddau yn gywir.

Pan wyt yn dweud yr amser ma "hanner awr wedi unarddeg" yn swnio'n well na hanner awr wedi undeg un. R'un peth gyda dyddiad y flwyddyn. Mae fy mab yn cael ei benblwydd ar yr ail ar hugain o Awst, ond debyg y byddai fo'n dweud Awst dauddeg dau! Yn ysgrifenedig cei rhoi 22ain yn lle 'sgwennu'r cwbwl.

R3dh, do these children refer to the person as 'chi' or 'chdi' - depending on age usually. My children call me chdi, but I encourage them to call nain a taid Chi.

Caru ti sounds good to me. Dwi'n byw yn ynys môn hefyd!! (((codi llaw))))

DogEared Sat 05-May-12 08:22:10

I have probably seen panadbois in the soft play in Bodffordd at one point as I used to practically live there <<codi llaw ar Panad dros y Fenai>>

Panadbois Sat 05-May-12 08:33:31

(((codi llaw yn ôl)))))

Wyt ti mynd i soft play mawr ym Mangor rwan?? Ma fy mhlant i rhy hen a rhy cool i neud petha felna rwan!

alexpolismum Sat 05-May-12 12:23:29

P'nawn da pawb!

Mi fydda i'n dod heno, Panadbois! Fydda i ddim yn hwyr!

Diolch am y helpu. Dw i wedi sgwennu am y rhifau. Mae'r Cymraeg iaith yn wahanol iawn.

alexpolismum Sat 05-May-12 14:32:47

One thing I have noticed is the 'mi' that's often put in front of the verb - mi fydda i or mi fedrai e and so on.

does this actually add anything to the meaning, or does it just sound more natural, or more complete or something like that?

DogEared Sat 05-May-12 16:49:18

Yes alex it's just more natural.

Panad dwi ddim yn yr ardal yna bellach (dwi yn y canolbarth rwan) ond ro'n i'n byw yn Nyffryn Ogwen tan tua pedair mlynedd yn ol. Ma' gen i deulu ym Mhorthaethwy, a chysylltiada' efo Penmon a Llangefni. Mae gen i hiraeth am gacennau Oriel Mon! smile

alexpolismum Tue 08-May-12 08:52:57

Bore da pawb!

Yn anffodus, wnes i ddim gallu gwneud llawer o Gymraeg y dyddiau diweddar, ond heddiw bydda i'n trio i ffeindio amser!

Dw i'n moyn holi rhywbeth.

Pronunciation of 'y' in these words (like 'ee' or like 'uh')


A hefyd, beth ydy pengliniau? Dyw e ddim yn y geiriadur!

alexpolismum Tue 08-May-12 09:37:48

Can I also ask for some clarification about using 'we' in Welsh? In the audio files I have downloaded, it sounds like they are saying in ni'n gwneud and dyn ni ddim Does this sound right to you?

eatyourveg Tue 08-May-12 15:48:43

pengliniau is knees according to google translate. My dictionary has the singular as glin, pen-lin, pen-glin

Panadbois Tue 08-May-12 16:10:34

Y in dychmygu and dylai, sound like in duh, and the first y in cyflym sounds like you find in duh, but the last one sounds like yuck. I wonder, am I really helping hmm

we = ni, both examples you give are right, in Southwalian Welsh.

Rydw i wedi blino, pnd dwi wedi blino o . Angen gwylia yn ynysoedd Groeg! House swap Alex? grin

alexpolismum Tue 08-May-12 18:48:55

Helo eatyourveg! Sut wyt ti? A diolch.

Panadbois I hate to say it, you've been so helpful, but I'm a bit confused now. I would say 'duh' and 'yuck' with the same sort of 'u'! Do you mean cyflym is pronounced something like "cuhvleem"?

Just out of interest, what would you use in North Walian Welsh for 'we'?

Mae'n ddrwg 'da fi, dw i ddim yn byw yn yr ynysoedd, ond mae un ynys gyferbyn a Alexandroupoli, dim ond un! grin Sut ydy dy dre? Ydy hi'n bwrw glaw yn aml?

Bydd rhaid i ti osgoi'r pentwr o degannau a un filiwn llun fy plant os wyt ti eisiau house swap gyda fi! grin

eatyourveg Wed 09-May-12 07:52:56

Helo alex croeso

Dwi'n mwy brysur (brysur iawn?) achos mae fy mhlant yn cael arholiadau hefyd pawb y myfyrwyr ble dwi'n gweithio

Mae newyddion am Groeg yn ar y teledy bob dydd rwan. Gobeithio eich teulu yn iawn yn y cyfnod anodd yno. Ydych 'chi'n priodi i'r dyn am Groeg?

Your Welsh is getting really good and some of it is beyond my comprehension now and I am having to look things up. Da iawn i chi! smile

alexpolismum Wed 09-May-12 10:04:47

Pob lwc i'r plant gyda'r arholiadau, eatyourveg!

Dw i'n gwybod bod y newyddion am Groeg yn ofnadwy. sad Wnes i obeithio am pethau gwell o'r etholiadau, yn anffodus sad. Ond in ni'n byw yn Alexandroupoli, dim Athens, does dim trafferth yma, diolch byth. Mae popeth yn iawn gyda fy nheulu smile

Mae fy ngwr yn Groegwr (is that correct?). Wnes i gyfarfod e yma yn ei wlad e! Mae e'n siarad Saesneg, ond dyw e ddim wedi byw erioed yn Brydain, dim ond yma!

It might seem that my Welsh is getting good, but actually I'm lacking in some really basic things, like how to use 'ni' and I'm still not quite sure of the 'bod' relative clause or conjunction use! I just try to use it anyway and don't worry about mistakes. I'm sure if it is really incomprehensible someone will let me know! grin

I'll tell you what I do - perhaps it will work for you or someone else too. I just use the self study lessons to give me a basic outline, some structures, if you like, and then I read what other people are using and try to learn from their usage. I have started reading a novel: "Hunllef" by Manon Steffan Ros in the Stori Sydyn series, (a good choice for a learner, I feel) and I am trying to learn from the use of language. I don't want to read lengthy lists of grammatical explanation - I just try to learn from examples of the language in use. I don't pretend it's easy, and there are lots of words I've had to look up, but once I've looked something up, I try to use it. Sometimes I will say a few sentences, sometimes I will try and write down a few sentences using the vocab or structure.

For example, what seems like hundreds of posts back, somone wrote "mae'r caws yn dod yn ei flaen"
From this I got:
"dod yn ei flaen" come along, progress
ei + blaen - mutation to f, therefore ei causes mutation
use of possessive pronouns with adjectives? look for further examples

Mind you, you do need to be quite dedicated to work like this!

eatyourveg Wed 09-May-12 13:01:22

Blimey! you are dedicated.

I have bought a few novels from the translation series. One page is in welsh and the facing side is in English. All well known welsh authors I find it very interesting to see how much I can get from just reading the welsh side.

At the moment I am reading Si Hei Lwli/Twighlight Song by Angharad Tomos. See here

alexpolismum Wed 09-May-12 14:45:55

Thankyou for introducing me to this series, I shall certainly have a look at them!

Panadbois Wed 09-May-12 19:37:46

Dwi'n anobeithiol yn egluro petha!! sori!! Mae cuhvleem yn swnio'n iawn i mi.

Mae pobl gogledd Cymru yn dweud ni am we hefyd. Rydym ni yn eistedd yn gwylio'r teledu. Pan fyddwn ni'n cysgu, mae'r t&#375; yn dawel iawn.

Rydw i'n byw mewn lle braf iawn ond yn wyntog. Mae gen i hefyd d&#375; sy'n llawn tegannau yn ogystal â sannau, esgidiau, dillad budron a dwy gath sy'n mynd o dan draed. (house full of toys, as well as socks, shoes, dirty clothes and two cats - did you notice the â there which can be used instead of gyda. Oh, I've remembered another rule about gyda!!!
when you write gyda before a word with a vowel, you write gydag.
tyrd gyda mam
tyrd gydag Anne
Gobeithio nad ydw i'n ail ddweud pethau!

eatyourveg Wed 09-May-12 21:27:57

Beth sy'n y rhifau - ydy cod gyfrinach? wink

Panadbois Thu 10-May-12 10:08:42

sori, ipad yn dangos to bach ar y, ond yn dod drwodd gel gobldigwc!

Panadbois Thu 10-May-12 21:07:37

Waw! Newydd cael sgwrs yn Gymraeg gydag Alex ar Skype! Ma hi yn wych! Anhygoel! Ac yn codi cywilydd ar lot fawr o bobl Cymraeg wir! (she puts a lot of Welsh people to shame!) Dwi mewn "awe" ohoni! Da iawn Alexpolismum.

Llaw fawr iddi! (a big hand for her) grin

Mewn dau fis yn unig!!! OMG! Gwych, dal ati Alex! sgwrs eto yfory! Nos da x

alexpolismum Fri 11-May-12 06:45:38

Diolch yn fawr, Panadbois!

Roedd yn cyffrous i fi, yn wir! Roeddwn i'n nerfus, fel arfer dw i'n darllen ac yn ysgrifennu. (I didn't recognise some words that I know when I see, but it was different hearing them spoken! Ymarfer, ymarfer, ymarfer!)

dw i'n edrych ymlaen i'r sgwrs nesaf!

Panadbois Fri 11-May-12 20:26:03

Hi Alex! sut wyt ti heno? A phawb arall wrth gwrs!

Rydw i am ddechrau yfed gwin a gwylio box set Private Practice rwan (ar bt vision on demand - handi!)

Nos yfory, mae gen i barti priodas a dwi'n edrych ymlaen i gael amser ar ben fy hun gyda fy ngwr grin. ( a chael mwy o win, o chwerthin a dawnsio)

Dydd Sul, rydwi'n edrych ymlaen i gael cinio dydd Sul wedi ei goginio gan fy mam, mmmmmmm.

Beth ydy eich planiau chi?

alexpolismum Sat 12-May-12 06:41:08

Helo Panadbois!

Wel, dw i'n mwynhau paned o de nawr wink Dw i wedi dihuno (dw i wedi cael fy dihuno?) yn gynnar achos dyw fy mab ifancach (2 oed) ddim yn ddeall beth ydy Dydd Sadwrn!

Heddiw mae rhaid glanhau'r ty, ac wedyn, heno, bydda i'n mynd gyda'r teulu i'r ty fy ffrind. Bydd hi'n coginio i bawb! Bydda i'n pobi cacen siocled i hi yn y prynhawn.

Yfory, does dym byd o blaniau gyda fi! Efallai bydda i'n mynd am dro gyda'r plant yn agos i'r mor, mae'n hyfryd yna.

Dydd Llun bydd yn gwyliau (it's a bank holiday). In ni'n hoffi mynd i'r dre i edrych y parade.

Llongyfarchiadau i chi i dy barti priodas!

alexpolismum Mon 14-May-12 09:50:05

Bore da pawb!

Heddiw mae hi'n boeth wedyn y storm ddoe. Dw i newydd coginio cinio ardderchog! Ffa borlotti gydag wnionodd, moroni a selsig (wedi toriad in small pieces), mixed with rice.

Mae fy ngwr yn chwarae gyda'r plant, felly nawr dw i'n gallu ymlacio tipyn bach wedyn fy ngwaith yn y gegin, gyda paned... smile

alexpolismum Tue 15-May-12 08:54:41

Bore da!

dw i'n moyn dechrau'diwrnod gyda cwestiwn bach.

How do you pronounce "yng ngh"? For eg "yng nghymru" Is it nasal? Does the g get absorbed, a bit like -ing in English?

Panadbois Tue 15-May-12 13:24:48

Helo Alex, yes yng ngh is very nasal, almost in the back of your throat.

Sorry I haven't been around, prysur, prysur.

Gen i noson rieni fy merch heno, ond rydwi i wedi bod yn drefnus ac wedi paratoi lobsgows i de (fel beef stew)

Wedi bod mewn car boot sale bore ma ac wedi cael lot o fargeinion! Sleid bychan i'r ardd a berfa bach. (wheelbarrow - tegan) Retail therapy on the cheap!

alexpolismum Wed 16-May-12 13:30:53

Helo Panadbois!

I hope your noson rieni went well. (and that you enjoyed your beef stew! smile)

I have been glued to the news, to see whether we have a government and are in or out of the euro, for a couple of days, so haven't been doing much Welsh, I'm afraid. Time to get stuck back in again!

I'm going to spend the afternoon reading a Welsh novel (and probably making notes!), so I should soon get back on form!

alexpolismum Wed 16-May-12 19:40:24

erm, one thing I need to ask. I'm not sure exactly how it is, I've only heard it, not seen it, but what is "ondife"?

cardibach Wed 16-May-12 20:18:30

Hi alex! You are certainly living in interesting times in Greece! I have no idea what 'ondife' is, sorry. However, in trying to find out for you I used this dictionary . Have you come across it before?

mejon Wed 16-May-12 21:33:04

'Ondife' - isn't it - it's South Walian and not a proper word iyswim. NWs would say something like 'yn te'. I'm trying to think of a sentence in which you'd use it but can't and I'm not sure what the original words would be either grin. I'm sure it's quite a regular word on 'Pobol y Cwm' (daily soap opera based in SW).

alexpolismum Thu 17-May-12 12:23:34

Thanks to you both.

cardi I have that dictionary bookmarked!

mejon I thought it must be a tag like that, tucked onto the end of a sentence. It seems the more I learn, the more differences I discover between north and south! Does it matter if I mix them up? I mean, as a learner, it's not easy to keep track of what's used where! So if I say tydi e ddim yn hoffi rather than dyw e does it matter? Or if I use medru in a southern construction rather than gallu, is it going to sound really odd?

mejon Thu 17-May-12 14:16:14

No that's perfectly fine. I'm a mongrel with a NW mother and SW/Cardiganshire father so I use a mixture and only very rarely will you get a word that one or the other won't understand.

alexpolismum Fri 18-May-12 09:20:28

diolch mejon.

I have another question, I'm afraid! I want to be able to say "let's" as in "let's go out" or "let's eat chicken today" or whatever. What should I use?

mejon Fri 18-May-12 13:53:45

Hmmm - gadewch i ni fynd allan / gadewch i ni fwyta cyw iar heddiw. Gadewch > gadael.

Reenypip Mon 21-May-12 00:06:05

Hello! Shwmae!
Sut wyt ti? It's my first time posting in this topic.
I only know a few words in welsh.
I'm thinking of sending my boy to a welsh school and if I do, I'm going to start an adult education class to learn Welsh. So I can talk to him and help with his homework, as well as it benefiting me.
I'm from Cardiff by the way :-)

alexpolismum Mon 21-May-12 12:49:47

Helo Reenypip! Croeso!

I think it's a great idea to send your son to a Welsh language school. He will grow up bilingual.

If you want to make a start at home before you go to a class, then try this website you can get a whole set of free lessons and various resources if you click on the forum. There are audio files you can download, I have found them incredibly helpful.

eatyourveg Mon 21-May-12 19:27:22

Helo pawb

This is going to be a tricky one so bear with me and mae'n ddrwg gen i am y gamgymeriadau

Heddiw mae penblwyd fy mab. Does dim parti neu dathliadau. Awstistiaeth (had to get that one from google translate) ydy o, a dydy o ddim yn hoffi popeth am y dydd.

Mae'n galed iawn i mi achos dw'in eisau gwneud cacan a canu penblwyd hapus ond os rhywyn yn dweud rhybeth am y dydd arbennig mae o'n mynd i (meltdown) mawr. Dydw i ddim hyd yn oed yn wedi ysgrifennu cerdyn. (Mae ofn arna??) llawer o blant hefo'r awtistiaeth am penblwyddiau. Pan mae'r plant arall yn wedi ifanc, dydn nhw ddim yn deall pam dydy ein frawd ddim yn eisau cael llawer o caderiau. Rwan maen nhw da iawn yn wir hefo fo. Bob blwyddyn (er) am y dyyd hwn dw'in teimlo ychydig yn drist

This is meant to say the following

Today is my son's birthday. There isn't a party or celebrations. He is autistic and he hates everything about the day.

Its very hard for me because I want to make a cake and sing happy birthday but if anyone mentions something about the special day he goes into meltdown big time. I didn't even write a card. Lots of autistic children are frightened of birthdays. When my other children were small they didn't understand why their brother didn't want lots of presents. Now they are absolutely brilliant with him. Every year on this day though I feel a bit sad.

mejon Mon 21-May-12 20:44:17

Oh eatyourveg - cymer ((((cwtch)))).

alexpolismum Tue 22-May-12 08:36:56

eatyourveg so sorry to hear about that sad [hugs]

It can be so hard with the other children too. My children don't understand why my younger son gets "special treatment" either. I'm hoping it will smooth out as they grow up.

eatyourveg Wed 23-May-12 15:52:50

diloch i chi (both) - llawer gwell rwan. mae'n ddwrg gen i am y blip. mae hi'n heulog iawn yma heddiw a dw'n eisau (get) allan y pwll (paddling) yn yr ardd ond rydyn ni'n cael drought order yng Nghaint. Alex rych chi'n hoffi'r poeth yn Groeg?

please can someone tell me what get out is in nw? is it bring out (dod â allan) or take out (cymryd allan) or something else entirely. diolch

alexpolismum Wed 23-May-12 18:46:45

ydw! dw i'n hoffi y tywydd yng Ngroeg fel arfer. Ambell waith mae hi'n rhy boeth, a mae rhaid aros yn y (shade), ond dw i'n hoffi'r haul!

Heddiw, dw i wedi mynd i'r mor (the seafront area) gyda fy mab ifancach. Mae rhaid iddo fe gerdded, a mae'n hyfryd yna, dw i'n hoff iawn o'r mor. Wnes i brynu hufen ia i fy mab, a wnaeth e gerdded iawn heddiw, dw i'n falch ohono fe.

eatyourveg dw i ddim yn gwybod sut i ddweud "get out", ond efallai ti'n gallu defnyddio "mynd a" neu "rhoi"? "dw i eisiau mynd a'r pwll i'r ardd"? (I think my children would love a paddling pool, but it wouldn't be very practical on a balcony! I do wish I had a garden!)

Heno dw i'n trio dysgu llysiau yn Cymraeg. Dw i wedi ffeindio "wylys" - sut wyt ti'n i ddweud e? Ydy'r y fel "ee" neu "uh"?

eatyourveg Wed 23-May-12 18:59:20

My guess would be wylus = oow/ uh / l / uh / s say it quickly and I think you'll get willus - it looks similar to eglwys, church so perhaps the y pronunciation is similar?

Someone who knows what they are talking about will be along before too long

mejon Wed 23-May-12 20:55:33

Beth ar y ddaear yw 'wylys'??!!! Never heard the word before I must admit. I guess you'd prn. it as wy-lis with the 'wy' as in egg - but North Walian wy which is more of a 'ooo-ee' than the SW prn. which is 'wee'. Clear as mud? Though so!

eatyourveg for 'I want to get the pool out' I'd say dwi isho/eisiau cael y pwll allan or dod a'r pwll allan or mynd a'r pwll allan.

alexpolismum Thu 24-May-12 11:21:43

mejon I found wylys listed as "aubergine". What would you call an aubergine in Welsh?

Gadewch i ni chwarae rhywbeth. Pob dydd, gadewch i ni bostio un gair/ un (phrase) newydd, and try to put it in a sentence.

Let's play a little learning game. Every day, let's try and post one new word or phrase and try to put it in a sentence.

alexpolismum Thu 24-May-12 11:23:59

Today's word: grawnwin = grapes

Dw i'n hoffi gwin coch, sydd wedi gwneud efo grawnwin!

eatyourveg Thu 24-May-12 13:40:56

Pan mae teulu yn dathlu dydd arbennig dw'in gwneud Zita Jones pudding (long story how it got its name) Its our favourite dish

Mae rhaid i chi rhoi grawnwin gwin mewn (dish), nesa mae rhaid i chi gnweud haen o mefus
Ar ol mae rhaid i ei gynnwys hefo rataffia
yna mae rhaid i chi rhoi y hufen sur ar y brig
Thaenelledwch hefo sigwr tywyll
Gadaelwch yn y (fridge) am y nos neu 4-5 awrau

Scrummy yummy! Bit more than a sentence or phrase though but a good lesson in cooking ingredients. Had to use the dictionary for most of it

Not too hot on the imperative form of verbs wch and a I think are the endings but not sure if thats universal for all verbs

mejon Thu 24-May-12 13:45:09

alex - I'd probably just call it an aubergine since we don't eat them that often (only when I'm making moussaka!). I'm guilty of using the english words for lots of things really - carrots instead of moron, sausages not selsig, chips not sgoldion.

Grawnwin - blasus iawn!
Gwin - ok (I can take it or leave it)!

alexpolismum Thu 24-May-12 16:16:21

eatyourveg mae'n debyg yn flasus iawn!

mejon we eat loads of aubergines, because my PILs grow them in their garden!

I was just talking to a (Greek) friend, and she asked me what "I'm about to start" meant. It occurred to me that there is no such expression in Greek. You might say "I will start soon/ in a minute/ now" or "I'm ready to start" but there is no direct equivalent of "about to". So how about in Welsh?

mejon Thu 24-May-12 20:49:46

I'm about to start = Dwi ar fin dechrau or dwi bron a dechrau. Bron is more of a nearly than an about though.
I will start soon/in a minute/now = mi wnai ddechrau cyn hir/mewn munud/nawr
I'm ready to start = Dwi'n barod i ddechrau

My keyboard is playing up since DH tipped his tea over it earlier in the week so I'm taking ages to type even the simplest thing so apoloies for the brevity.

Tywydd hyfryd yma heddiw - ychydig yn rhy boeth i fi efallai!

alexpolismum Fri 25-May-12 12:47:41

Diolch, mejon. Ydy "cyn hir" fel "yn fuan"?

Today's word: penderfynu = decide

Ddoe wnes i benderfynu ddechrau i sgwennu geirfa bach Cymraeg-Groeg i fy ngwr!

mejon Fri 25-May-12 14:03:36

Ydyn mwy neu lai.
Cyn hir = before long
Yn fuan = soon

Dwi wedi penderfynu gwisgo ffrog heddiw gan ei bod hi mor boeth!

alexpolismum Fri 25-May-12 18:28:26

ooo, ydy hi'n dali bod yn boeth? Hyfryd! Mae hi'n bwrw glaw yma heddiw! sad Ti wedi cymryd ein haul ni! grin Mwynheua fe!

mae eisiau i fi holi rhywbeth. Beth ydy "cwbwl" yn golygu? Ac "fel petai"?

Dw i wedi sylwi'r (phrase) "mwy neu lai", wnes i ddim i wybod e.

mejon Fri 25-May-12 20:32:12

Ydy - mae'n boeth iawn yma - rhy boeth i fi i ddweud y gwir. Efallai petawn i ar bwys y mor neu bwll nofio byddai tipyn yn well! Dwi'n siwr na fydd hi'n glawio yna yn hir.

Cwbwl = all (wedi'r cwbwl = after all)
Fel petai = as though/as if
Mwy neu lai = more or less

alexpolismum Sat 26-May-12 13:36:03

diolch, mejon, ti'n helpful iawn!

dw i wedi blino rwan! dw i newydd gwneud 12 pastai! Wnes i neud y (pastry) ar fy hunan (gyda "helpu" plant! grin) ac wedyn wnes i rolio allan (?), wnes i dorri fe, ac wedyn wnes i neud y basteiod! Maen nhw'n edrych yn flasus iawn!

Dw i'n hapus i ti ei fod hi'n heulog yna. Mae'r haul wedi dod yn ol yma, felly mae pawb yn hapus.

Gair i heddiw: fel petai

Dw i'n teimlo fel petai fy mod i'n 25 oed, dw i ddim yn deall pam mae'n rhaid heneiddio! grin

mejon Sat 26-May-12 14:55:02

Croeso smile.

Mmmm - pastai. Pa fath? Roeddwn i'n hoffi'r pastai caws gyda mint ynddyn nhw pan oeddwn i yn Groeg. (odd combination but lovely!).

Mae'n flynyddoedd maith ers oeddwn i yn 25! Dwi'n teimlo'n fwy fel 60 dyddiau yma.

[methu meddwl am frawddeg addas]!!!

alexpolismum Mon 28-May-12 06:31:43

Bore da! Sut mae pawb heddiw?

dw i'n adnabod y pastai caws gyda mint! Dw i'n i hoffi fe hefyd. Wnes i bobi pastai gyda caws ffeta, pupur coch a tipyn bach o gwyrdd, a (bacon). Roedd yn flasus yn wir!

I ddweud y gwir, dw i'n mwy agos i 40, dim 25, ond beth bynnag!

Ddoe, wnaethom ni fynd i weld MIL. Wnaeth y plant arlunio lluniau iddi hi. Mae hi wedi rhoi llysiau a ffrwythau o ei ardd hi i ni. Bocs mawr gyda fefus!

*gair i heddiw*: tybed (I understand it to mean "I wonder", sometimes like a kind of "if perhaps". Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!)

Tybed fyddon i'n bwyta'r mefus yn llwyr heddiw? Mae'r plant yn hoff iawn o nhw!

alexpolismum Mon 28-May-12 07:36:49

I just want to ask clarification on one word. When you use "mewn" is it really "in" in the sense of "inside" rather than a more general "in"? Would you say "dw i'n mynd mewn" (in the house) "dw i'n aros mewn" or use one of the other prepositions?

mejon Mon 28-May-12 12:35:26

Oh blimey alex you've got me there.

Mewn can mean 'in' and 'inside' i mewn i'r ty (into the house) or mewn poen (in pain) - is that what you mean?

Hopefully someone a bit more knowledgable will be along soon.

Tywydd braf eto heddiw. Tybed pryd ddaw y glaw yn ol?

alexpolismum Mon 28-May-12 14:10:02

That makes sense, mejon. And yes, that's what I meant. Thanks for the examples. I learn chiefly from examples (and from not being afraid to ask questions!) so that is exactly what I need!

Mwynheua'r haul! Mae hi'n bwrw glaw eto yma. Bydd y glaw yn dod yn ol i ti wedi bod yn cwpla gyda ni, dw i'n meddwl! Tybed bydd yr haul yn dod yn ol yma wedi Prydain??

alexpolismum Tue 29-May-12 09:21:20

Hwre! Mae'r haul wedi dod yn ol! Ie, mae hi'n heulog heddiw!

Ddoe nes i ddarllen am y geirdarddiad. Mae'n ddiddorol iawn. Dw i wedi ffeindio rhyw geiriau sydd yn dod o'r unrhyw gwraidd yn Cymraeg ac yn Groeg.

Gair i heddiw: haf

Mae hi'n rhy boeth yn yr haf yma yng Ngroeg, a dw i'n moyn mynd rhywle arall yn mis Gorffennaf, pryd mae'n 40+C!

mejon Tue 29-May-12 20:48:15

Mae'r haul dal yma hefyd ond ddim mor boeth diolch byth. Buasen i byth yn gallu ymdopi (cope) gyda 40c+. Bues y Rhodes unwaith pan oedd hi mor boeth a hynna a doedd hynny ddim yn bleserus.

Haf yw enw canol fy merch hynaf (DD1).

alexpolismum Wed 30-May-12 08:58:12

Helo mejon! Sut wyt ti heddiw?

Ydy "buasen i" fel "taswn i"?

dw i'n brysur heddiw, ond mae pum munud gyda fi i sgwennu rhywbeth yn Gymraeg!

ffrawddeg i heddiw: isel mewn braster

dw i'n trio gwneud cinio sydd yn isel mewn braster, achos mae rhaid i fi ddysgu'r plant i fwyta yn iach, ond dw i'n hoffi llawer o gacen!

mejon Wed 30-May-12 14:30:07

S'mae Alex.

Ydy mae 'taswn i' a 'buasen i' yr un peth (dwi'n meddwl!!)

Dwi wedi bod yn bwyta lot o fwyd sy'n isel mewn carboheidradau felly tydw i ddim wedi bod yn dilyn deiet sy'n isel mewn braster hefyd.

alexpolismum Wed 30-May-12 20:04:46

Byddwn i wedi hoffi gweld pobl arall sydd yn moyn dysgu Cymraeg hefyd sad Dw i wrth fy modd yn dysgu ieithoedd, dw i'n teimlo mor angerddol am y Gymraeg, ond yn anffodus dw i'n teimlo hefyd bod gan nemor ddiddordeb sad

Panadbois Wed 30-May-12 20:10:41

Mae bwyd isel mewn braster yn gwneud i mi deimlo'n euog. Gawson ni sglodion cartref, fish fingers, bîns (ffa pôb - beans) ac wy wedi ffrio blush

Taswn i wedi meddwl yn mwy fel mam dda mi fyddwn i wedi neud tatws trwy'i crwyn.

Alex - beth yw nemor? ydio'n golygu neb'mor (no one has)?
Dwi'n teimlo'n angerddol am Alexpolismum ar hyn o bryd. I bow before thee!

alexpolismum Wed 30-May-12 20:26:46

Panad blush probably neb'mor! Roedd i ddim wedi i weld e, dim ond i glwyed e. Wnes i feddwl bod "nemor"!

LingDiLong Wed 30-May-12 20:28:30

Helo pawb! Rwy'n flin am bod yn absennol am amser hir, anghofiais i am y thread yma. Ces i fy arholiad cymraeg heddiw am fy nghwrs canolradd felly dw i wedi bod yn brysur iawn yn adolygu hefyd.

(Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being absent for a long time, I forgot about this thread. I had my welsh exams for my intermediate course today so I've been busy revising as well). Alex wyt ti dal yn eisiau cyfieithiaid? Ti'n bron yn rhygl yn barod!!

Ydy rhywun yn edrych a cariad@iaith? Dw i yn, a dw i'n eisiau cymryd rhan hefyd, mae'n edrych fel lllawer o hwyl ac fford arderchog i dysgu yr iaith yn gyflym.

Panadbois Wed 30-May-12 20:39:11


Roeddwn i jest yn mynd i sôn am y rhaglen yna rwan Ling!

Panadbois Wed 30-May-12 20:41:15
Panadbois Wed 30-May-12 20:48:19

Mae'r gwersi ar youtube ganddynt.

LingDiLong Wed 30-May-12 22:53:50

Oh diolch Panadbois, bydda i'n edrych ar gwersi yfory.

alexpolismum Thu 31-May-12 13:03:17

Croeso yn ol, LingDiLong!

Does dim eisiau i ti gyfieithu i fi! Os dw i'n gweld rhywbeth yn anodd i ddeall, does dim ofn arnai i ofyn!

ffrawddeg i heddiw: wrth fy modd

Ar ol diwrnod yn flinedig yn wir, dw i wrth fy modd yn eistedd i ddarllen tipyn bach gyda fy mhaned!

alexpolismum Thu 31-May-12 13:08:45

tatws trwy'i crwyn = jacket potatoes??

alexpolismum Thu 31-May-12 13:15:26

Sut roedd dy arholiad, LingDiLong? Dw i'n gobeithio bod y canlyniadau yn dda.

Dw i'n mynd i weld cariad@iaith nawr, mae'n debyg yn ddiddorol!

LingDiLong Thu 31-May-12 13:24:48

Roedd yr arholiad yn mynd iawn dw i'n meddwl...ond dim canlyniadau tan mis Awst!

Bydda i wrth fy modd oes dw i'n cael dynodiant (distinction?). Alla i mynd i eisteddfod i cael tystysgrif!

Mwynha cariad@iaith, dw i'n findo fe rhaglen neis i edrych fel dysgwr achos mae'n tipyn bach o saesneg - mae'n hawdd i dilyn.

Panadbois Thu 31-May-12 14:51:58

Mis Awst LIng? Torture!!

Ia, Alex, jacket potato. Ond, ga'i dy gywiro ti hefo rhywbeth? Mi fyswn i yn dweud " mae'n edrych yn ddiddorol" yn hytrach na "debyg".

Dwi wrth fy modd cael pum munud tawel ar MN smile

alexpolismum Thu 31-May-12 16:38:33

Mis Awst?! Roeddwn i wedi anghofio sut mae aros ar canlyniadau arholiad!

Diolch, Panad. Pan ti'n gweld camgymeriadau, cywira nhw heb becso! Dw i'n ddiolchgar i wybod sut mae'n iawn.

Dw i'n darllen llyfr (nofel) Cymraeg ar hyn o bryd, ac yn sgwennu lot o nodiadau. Ymarfer yn dda iawn i fi.

Panadbois Thu 31-May-12 20:27:34

Rwyt ti'n swot Alex!!!!! grin

alexpolismum Fri 01-Jun-12 08:06:10

Bore da pawb!

[takes a bow]

I admit it! grin

gair i heddiw: hunllef

Wnaeth fy mab hynaf ddihuno yn y nos, achos roedd yn cael hunllef. Roedd yn chwysu ac yn crio sad Heddiw bore, mae e'n dda iawn, mae e wedi cofio yn barod!

LingDiLong Fri 01-Jun-12 11:16:43

Aw, druan o dy mab! Dw i'n mynd ar wyliau i Ffrainc yfory ac pacio popeth yw hunllef mawr. Dim ysgol am fy mhlant heddiw ac maen nhw mor cyffrous, dw i'n acennu (stressed?? Is that right?!).

alexpolismum Fri 01-Jun-12 12:57:00

Ooo! Hyfyrd, Ling! Mwynheua dy wyliau! smile Ble yn Ffrainc wyt ti'n mynd? Wnes i fynd i Saint-Servais Quimper yn Llydaw ambell flwyddyn yn ôl, wnes i fwynhau fe yn ddirfawr!

Panadbois Fri 01-Jun-12 13:31:00

Helo bawb! Am braf arnat yn cael mynd i ffwrdd Lingdilong, ond dwi'n cytuno bod paratoi i fynd yn boen mawr (pain in the ass) Mae acennu yn golgu rhoi pwyslais/ stress ar rhan o air. Mae cywilydd gen i ddweud, y baswn i'n dweud dwi'n stressed! Dwi dan bwysau ddim cweit (quite) yn gweithio tro hyn.

Ma hunllef yn air da Alex. Mae llenwi ffurflenni trethi (tax forms) yn hunllefus i mi - nightmarish.

alexpolismum Fri 01-Jun-12 14:16:33

Mae'r dreth yn hunllefus i bawb, Panad! Wyt ti'n adnabod rhywun sydd yn i hoffi fe?? grin

Dw i'n gwneud tipyn bach o waith (cyfieithiad groeg - saesneg) ar hyn o bryd, ond dw i'n cael brec paned, efo 5 munud ar MN!

mejon Fri 01-Jun-12 14:17:08

Dwi'n cytuno gyda ti Panadbois (dwi dal isho dy alw di'n Pandabois!) - byswn i'n dweud 'stressed' hefyd.

Mwynha dy wyliau Ling. Cenfigenus iawn.

Mae hi'n wyliau hanner tymor wythnos nesaf - dwi'n gobeithio na fydd hi'n rhy hunllefus gyda dwy ferch fach adre trwy'r amser!

eatyourveg Fri 01-Jun-12 19:38:45

Mae fy plant yn cael wyliau hanner tymor ond ar fy nholeg ble dwi'n gweithio, mae rhaid i mi gweithio wythnos nesa. Hunllef iawn! Mae'r plant yn mynd i mynd i'r rhieni (in law) ond fy mab hynaf yn aros yma i (revise) am ei (A levels). Mae'n nhw'n dechrau mewn pythefnos.

alexpolismum Sat 02-Jun-12 19:39:03

sad eatyourveg! Tydi hynny ddim yn rhy deg, dw i'n meddwl. Pob lwc i dy fab gyda'r arholiadau!

Does dim gwyliau hanner tymor gyda ni yma yng Ngroeg, ond bydd y plant yn cwpla i'r haf mewn pythefnos.

Mae fy mrawd yn dod i ni weld yfory, bydd yn aros 2 wythnos. Bydd yn dod a anrhegion i'r plant, a felly mae'n rhy gyffrous i gysgu heno! Maen nhw'n codi pob 2 munud...

eatyourveg Sat 02-Jun-12 19:55:57

Does dim wyliau hanner tymor ar y coleg achos mae'r tymor yn gorffen ar 22 mehefin hyd nes i mis medi! Just a pain with the childcare aspect.

Dw'in gobeithio eich brawd yn mwynhau ei ymweliad yn Groeg.

alexpolismum Sat 02-Jun-12 20:01:48

Aha! Dim yn rhy ddrwg, felly! smile

Mae fy mrawd yn dod pob flwyddyn, mae e'n i hoffi fe yma! Bydd e'n mynd a fy mhlant i'r traeth (o leiaf, dw i'n gobeithio!) grin

alexpolismum Sun 03-Jun-12 05:35:33

Dydd Sul a dw i wedi cael fy nihuno yn barod. "Ydy ewythr wedi dod eto, mam?" Rhy gyffrous!

Panadbois Mon 04-Jun-12 14:35:45

Eisteddfod yr Urdd wedi dechrau heddiw. Gwledd o dalentau Cymru. Dwi mor falch o fod yn Gymraes grin

Wrth fy modd bod yr Eisteddfod ar y teledu wythnos yma, wedi laru yn llwyr (totally fed up) ar y jiwbili.

alexpolismum Mon 04-Jun-12 20:45:20

grin @Panad! Lles o fyw yng Ngroeg: dim jiwbili yma!

Mi faswn i'n hoffi mynd i'r Eisteddfod un diwrnod. Mi faswn i'n hoffi i ddangos e ar fy mhlant. Efallai, un diwrnod!

Mae fy mrawd wedi dod, a dyn ni wedi mynd allan trwy'r dydd. Dw i wedi blino yn llwyr! Bydda i'n meddwl am eiriau i neud brawddegau yfory.

eatyourveg Tue 05-Jun-12 09:44:45

Mi faswn i'n hoffi mynd i'r Eisteddfod un diwrnod hefyd. Flynyddoedd lawer yn ôl brawd fy nain yn wedi enlli y gadair. Mae o'n ysgrifennodd bardonnaieth.

alexpolismum Tue 05-Jun-12 13:12:23

Waw, eatyourveg! Nawr mae'n rhaid i ti drio hefyd, efallai bydd y genes yn rhedeg yn y teulu (?)!!

gair i heddiw: mynd am dro

Yn y bore, wnaethom ni fynd am dro yn agos i'r mor, lle wnaeth fy mrawd brynu hufen ia i fy mab ifancach (roedd y plant arall yn yr ysgol). Roedd yn hyfryd yn wir. Yn y prynhawn, byddon i'n mynd i lle archeolegol allan o'r dre.

alexpolismum Wed 06-Jun-12 09:35:34

Bore da pawb!

Mae hi'n heulog ac yn boeth yma heddiw, sut mae yn Gymru?

Mae fy mrawd wedi mynd i'r parc gyda fy mad ifancach, felly dw i'n gallu mwynhau tipyn bach o dawel.

brawddeg i heddiw: ar ei ben ei hun

dw i'n edrych ymlaen ar weld fy mab ifancach yn gwneud mwy o bethau ar ei ben ei hun. Pob dydd mae e'n dod ymlaen, yn well ac yn well.

mejon Wed 06-Jun-12 14:05:16

Helo alex.

Mae hi'n pistyllo bwrw yma ond mae hi'n braf yn y gogledd yn yr Eisteddfod.

Es i i'r 'gym' bore yma i fy nosbarth arferol ond roedd wedi ei ganslo felly mi es a'r plant i 'soft play' am awr i'w blino nhw allan.

Mae fy ngwr yn hoffi treulio amser ar ei ben ei hun yn y shed yn chwarae ar yr X-box!

Panadbois Wed 06-Jun-12 14:51:07

mejon mi fasa fy ngwr i wrth ei fodd cael sied i chwarae x box!

Cawodydd sydd yma. Rydym newydd fod am bicnic mewn parc arfordirol (coastal) ond roedd hi'n dechrau pigo bwrw. Rydwi wedi gorfod tynnu'r dillad oddi ar y lein erbyn hyn.

Dwi'n gobeithio cael mynd i'r Eisteddfod yr Urdd ddydd Gwener, dibynnu ar y tywydd. (depends)

Rydwi wedi blino, fel arfer. Faswn i'n licio gwyliau ar ben fy hun :-D

eatyourveg Wed 06-Jun-12 17:00:06

Ydych chi'n bwy yn yr ardal yr Eisteddfod panadbois? Dwi'n wedi gweld llawer o draffig o'r newyddion gymraeg ddydd llun

dw'in wedi bod ar fy mhen fy hun heddiw achos mae fy mab hynaf wedi bod yn yr ysgol am (revision class) ac y plant arral yn wedi mynd hefo fy ngwr i aros hefo'r rhieni yng nghyfraith ar lan y môr am y wythnos. Dwi'n wedi bod yn diflasu

alexpolismum Wed 06-Jun-12 18:56:21

Noswaith dda pawb!

Dim llawer i ddweud heddiw! Mae fy mrawd wedi dod, wnaethom ni fynd i'r traeth, ac wnaeth e chwarae gyda'r plant. Tipyn bach o dawel i fi!

eatyourveg pan mae'r plant yn y ty, ti'n moyn tipyn bach o dawel, pan maen nhw allan, mae'n ddiflas! Sut ydyn ni'n gallu gwneud?! smile Pob lwc i dy mab gyda'r adolygu!

Tydi fy ngwr ddim yn hoffi chwarae gemau electroneg, mae e'n (prefer) edrych pel-droed ar y teledu! Diflas iawn, dw i'n meddwl! grin. Hefyd, mae'n gwrando ar y radio a mae e'n canu ymlaen.

Panadbois Thu 07-Jun-12 09:00:43

Rydw i'n byw awr i ffwrdd o'r Eisteddfod ond ma fy ffrindiau wedi bod yn styc mewn traffig am dair awr i fynd i mewn i'r maes!

Mae hi'n bwrw'n ofnadwy heddiw, diflas iawn. Bydd rhaid i mi smwddio sad, efallai y gwnai gacen grin

Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen i fynd i'r pictiwrs dydd Sadwrn (cinema)

alexpolismum Thu 07-Jun-12 12:47:07

Beth fyddi di'n gweld, Panad? Yr waith diwethaf dw i wedi mynd, roedd ffilm plant! Dw i ddim wedi mynd am amser hir.

Yn gyflym heddiw! brawddeg i heddiw: mae arna i ofn

Dw i ddim yn gallu gwneud llawer o Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd, mae arna i ofn, achos mae fy mrawd yn aros yma i ni gweld, a dyn ni'n mynd allan.

Panadbois Thu 07-Jun-12 15:46:28

Rydym yn cael mynd i weld Dynion mewn Du mewn 3D! Does dim llawer ers pan rydym ni'n cael gweld ffiliau hefo pobl go-iawn (real) yn hytrach na animeiddiad.

Rydwi'n edrych ymlaen yn fawr.

Mae arnai ofn nad ydwi wedi gorffen y smwddio. Dwi wedi gwneud hen ddigon am heddiw! (plenty, don't know why we say old plenty!)

alexpolismum Mon 11-Jun-12 20:36:46

Helo pawb!

Dyma fi wedi brec bach. Arhosodd fy mrawd gyda ni, a methiais i a ffeindio amser i fy nghymraeg!

Heddiw roedd hi'n rhy boeth i feddwl, rhy boeth i bopeth! Yfory bydda i'n dod yn ol i sgwennu rhywbeth, ambell frawddeg.

alexpolismum Tue 12-Jun-12 07:04:58

Bore da bawb!

Mae hi'n bron 9 o'r gloch yma ac yn barod mae hi'n rhy boeth. Mae popol yn meddwl am Groeg gyda'r haul, y mor, y traeth, ond maen nhw'n anghofio'r mosquitoes!

brawddeg i heddiw: dddtre

alexpolismum Tue 12-Jun-12 07:11:23

oops! mae fy mab bach wedi sgwennu y brawddeg!

brawddeg i heddiw: tro fy llygaid

Ddoe wnathom ni fynd i'r parc, a wnes i roi fy mab ifancach ar yr ysglent. Trodd ei lygaid ar y siglen, lle roedd yn barod 3 neu 4 plant yn aros. Wnaethom ni fynd am dro bach i weld y blodau, fel distraction!

alexpolismum Tue 12-Jun-12 07:18:28

I meant to add - I've been looking at the past tense - arhosodd, edrychodd, cysgodd, etc

I just want to ask - can you use it for "I used to wait/ watch/ sleep" as well as "I waited", etc? Or is there something else for "used to"?

alexpolismum Tue 12-Jun-12 09:15:16

cwestiwn arall:

sut wyt ti'n dweud "anhygoel"? dw i wedi sgwennu'r air llawer o weithiau, ond dw i ddim yn gwybod sut i ddweud e! Mae'r y fel "ee" neu "uh"?

mejon Tue 12-Jun-12 11:06:43

Bore da Alex - falch dy fod wedi cael tipyn bach o seibiant o'r dysgu ond yn teimlo drostat yn y tywydd poeth. Mae wedi glawio lot yma ac roedd llawer o lifogydd (floods) gerllaw.

For 'used to' I'd say 'arfer' so

Roeddwn i'n arfer aros
Roeddwn i'n arfer edrych
Roeddwn i'n arfer cysgu

anhygoel - mae'r 'y' fel 'uh' ann-hug-oil (Eng. prn)

alexpolismum Tue 12-Jun-12 19:19:09

Helo mejon a diolch!

roeddwn i wedi clwyed ar y newyddion am lifogydd yn Gymru sad Dw i'n gobeithio dy fod ti'n iawn. Tydyn nhw ddim wedi dweud lle (exactly) roedd y lifogydd!

I should have guessed about arfer! Having learnt dw i newydd gwneud and dw i ar fin gwneud, etc!

Next time, I shall just give it a go and see if I strike it lucky! grin Actually I think it's done me good to have taken a few days break. I feel all fired up and ready to get stuck in again! A quick refresher and on to something new.

Time to learn about illnesses, I think. My ds1 got up this morning and said he had "a very bad headache, too ill to go to school". It struck me that I didn't know how to say that sort of thing in Welsh yet. (My son made a miraculous recovery as soon as I said he would have to spend the day at home tidying up his bedroom instead, nothing wrong, as usual!)

More Welsh tomorrow!


mejon Tue 12-Jun-12 20:32:22

Ha ha - yes DD1 is an old hand at such dramatics too - 'oo I'm tired' - you'll have to go to bed then - 'no I'm fine now'!

Headache - pen tost (SW) or cur pen (NW)
Mae gen i ben tost/cur pen a dwi'n rhy sal i fynd i'r ysgol.

The floods were in and around Aberystwyth which is my nearest town at around 12 miles away. Unfortunately all the rain we had up in the mountains made its way downstream to the coast and that's where most of the problems were.

Nos da.

alexpolismum Wed 13-Jun-12 07:30:45

Bore da!

brawddeg i heddiw: cyn pen dim

Does dim gen i cur pen, dw i'n hapus i ddweud! A mae'r plant wedi mynd i'r ysgol yn iach ac yn hapus heddiw. Bydd taniwr yn dod i siarad i'r plant dosbarth fy mab hynaf. Pan atgofiais i fe, cododd cyn pen dim o'r gwely! Dyma gyffrous! grin

Panadbois Wed 13-Jun-12 16:04:26

Helo Alex a Mejon.
Mae hi'n braf yn sir Fôn heddiw. Tydwi ddim isho gweld glaw, toes gen i ddim to yn yr ystafell haul. Mi fydd llifogydd yn t&#375; ni cyn pen dim dwi'n ofni, petai'r tywydd yn troi.

Wyt ti'n golygu Dyn Tân yn ymweld â'r ysgol Alex? Mae taniwr yn gweithio ar drenau dwi'n credu, yn ôl cân adnabyddus (well known song), yn rhoi glo i wneud i drên stêm fynd.

alexpolismum Wed 13-Jun-12 17:18:29

helo Panad!

ydw, dw i'n moyn dweud dyn tan. Ond mae taniwr yn y geiriadur! Geiriadur yn henffasiwn, efallai!

Wnaeth y dyn tan ddod i weld y plant, a gofynodd fy mab "Ydych chi'n cysgu mewn gorsaf tan?". Plentyn bach arall: "Ydy eich gwraig chi dynes tan hefyd?"

All the children wanted to look in the fire engine and ask if he flew the fire helicopter as well!

Mae'n flin 'da fi, clywed am lifogydd sad Dw i'n gobeithio bod y tywydd yn well yn fuan. Ond dim fel yma - mae hi'n rhy boeth! 27 C nawr am saith o'r gloch!

eatyourveg Wed 13-Jun-12 20:27:22

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw bob dydd yma ond officially my water company yn dweud rydyn ni'n mewn sychder!!

Fedra i ddim yn defnyddio pibell ddwr (anyone know which numbers give the hat accent on a w?)

Panadbois Thu 14-Jun-12 07:00:16

Eatyourveg, tydwi ddim yn gwybod pa rhifau i neud to bach ar w nac y, ddrwg gen i. Pan rydwi ar yr iPad, mae'n opsiwn wrth dal fy mys i lawr ar y lythyren, ar y cyfrifiadur t&#375;, mae o yn insert, symbol.

Y with to bach doesn't seem to be working from the IPad......in sympathy with me as I have no to bach on my sun room. We have an openair, indoor lake this morning shock

alexpolismum Thu 14-Jun-12 09:32:57

Panad sad wyt ti wedi cael dy affeithio ti o'r lifogydd? Mae'n swnio yn ofnadwy.

eatyourveg I can't get any Welsh accents at all! I have a Greek keyboard, and when I tried Panad's suggestion from a few pages back in the thread, it came out with Greek characters! A couple of times I've copy/ pasted to get them, but it's a bit fiddly to do that all the time. Rydyn ni mewn sychder hefyd, ond mae yn mwy credadwy yma!

geiriau i heddiw: o blaid

Fel arfer, dw i o blaid y ddemocratiaeth yn llwyr, ond dw i wedi clywed pob dydd ers 5 Mai am yr etholiadau Groeg ac mae'n ddiflas (how would I say "it's boring me rigid/ I'm sick to the teeth of it" or something along those lines??) Dw i'n edrych ymlaen a'r dydd Llun, achos bydd y ddiwrnod wedi'r etholiadau...

mejon Thu 14-Jun-12 13:36:35

Prynhawn da bawb.

Ddrwg gen i glywed am yr ystafell haul Panad - rydyn ni'n lwcus byw ar ochr bryn ac uwchben nant felly petai'n gorlifo byddai'n mynd y ffordd arall (croesi bysedd). Os yna lawer o ddifrod neu just aros iddo fo sychu allan?

Allai ddim cael unrhyw acenion ar y cyfrifiadur heblaw am mewn 'Word'. Tywalltodd (not so) DH paned o de ar y keyboard ychydig o wythnosau yn ol ac nawr dyw'r shift key ddim yn gweithio ar rhai llythrennau gyda'r bys iawn na'r 'to-bach' o gwbl - ac fel touch-typist mae hynna'n annoying iawn!

Alex - boring me rigid etc. - Wedi syrffedu / wedi laru / wedi cael llond bol (had a gut's full). Can't think of any others at the mo - unrhyw un arall?

alexpolismum Thu 14-Jun-12 17:59:17

diolch, mejon dw i'n hoffi "wedi cael llond bol", bydda i'n i ddefnyddio fe yn siwr!

This is going to sound a little weird, but I have a word I remember hearing. It may not actually be Welsh, it's not in www.geiriadur.net, but I just have a little feeling that it's Welsh. It sounds sort of Welsh. Does anyone recognise this:

chwaigr or chwegr or perhaps even chwegyr, or something like this?

Panadbois Thu 14-Jun-12 19:49:41

Dwi wedi laru ac wedi cael llond bol o'r glaw! Rydym yn cael to newydd yn yr ystafell haul oherwydd bod y llall wedi bod yn gollwng ers i ni symud i mewn yma. Mae'r pobl Dbl glazing wedi gorfod tynnu'r hen do er mwyn mesur, a tydi'r to newydd ddim yn cyrraedd tan wsos nesa sad. Mae toiled lawr grisiau yn yr ystafell hefyd. Dwi'n meddwl bydd rhaid ail blastro hefyd [trist iawn]

Chwaig? Chwanneg? (mwy/ more)
chwaith? (either)
chwil (dizzy/ drunk)
Chwedl (fable)
chwegr (mother in law ) chwegrwn (father in law) both new to me, found them in the new welsh dictionary! mam yng nghyfrath a tad yng nghyfrath fyddwn i'n dweud.

mejon, gwr blêr gen ti!!
alex, mae arnai ofn bod gwleidyddiaeth yn fy niflasu i, ond mi fyddai o hyd yn defnyddio fy mhleidlais mewn diolch i'r merched fu'n brwydro (fighting) i mi gael yr hawl.

Rydw i o blaid cael merched yn rhedeg y wlad, rhedeg y byd. Rydw i o blaid cael gwin heno yn lle valium am fy mod yn stressed ofnadwy!

alexpolismum Thu 14-Jun-12 20:16:54

Panad dw i'n cytuno wrth gwrs, dw i ddim o blaid osgoi'r etholiadau, dim ond wedi cael llond bol o glwyed yr un peth pob dydd ers 5 Mai! (5 Mai= etholiadau cyntaf) Mae arna i ofn bod dim llawer o ddychymyg gyda'r gwleidyddion! Pob dydd, cant gwaith pob dydd: "Mae Groeg yn barod i adael y euro" "Does dim gobaith i renegotiations" "bankruptcy bankruptcy bankruptcy" etc etc etc. Wrth gwrs dw i'm mynd i ddefnyddio fy mhleidlais!

efallai chwaig, dw i'n meddwl. Dim "chwegr" fel MIL, beth bynnag!

Ac nawr dw i o blaid cael paned gyda bisgedi siocled! smile

alexpolismum Fri 15-Jun-12 08:55:14

bore da, pawb!

Mae hi'n heulog ac yn boeth unwaith eto! grin Ond dw i ddim yn gallu canolbwyntio gyda'r gwres, ac yn anffoddus does dim syniad gyda i beth i sgwennu heddiw. sad Dim geiriau i heddiw. Oes syniad gyda rhywun?

Panadbois Fri 15-Jun-12 18:37:56

Dwi am ddewis dywediad y dydd felly : ymlacio a diogi

Dyna yw fy mwriad i henogrin

Mwynhewch y penwythnos genod x

alexpolismum Mon 18-Jun-12 20:01:51

Noswaith dda, bawb!

Dw i wedi bod yn sal drwy'r penwythnos, yn anffoddus. sad Roedd pen tost gyda fi achos y gwres. Roeddwn i ddim yn gallu ymlacio, ond dw i wedi cysgu! Mae fy ngwr yn hyfryd, wnaeth e fynd a'r plant allan ddoe, a mi wnes i ddiogi trwy'r dydd smile

Dw i'n well nawr, mae dim ond 25 C am ddeg o'r gloch, diolch byth!

alexpolismum Mon 18-Jun-12 20:06:38

Mae rhywbeth i ofynn da fi (unwaith eto grin)

Yr air "poeni". In my dictionary it says it means "complain" and also "pain", but I have seen it being used in a way that to me seems more like "worry"? Am I reading too much into it, or is this the case? If so, is it another North/ South Walian thing?

Also, I have noticed several usages of "codi" with feelings or states of being eg codi cywilydd, codi ofn. Is this quite common? And does it go with "ar" eg codi ofn arnat ti?

mejon Mon 18-Jun-12 20:59:05

Helo Alex. Falch dy fod yn teimlo'n well - 'dim ond 25 am ddeg o'r gloch'!? Mae hynny'n ddigon poeth i mi!

Re 'poeni' - I use it more to mean 'worry' - paid a poeni = don't worry
I'd use 'cwyno' for complain and 'poen' for pain. 'poenydio' = to inflict pain

I'm not quite sure what you are asking with regards to 'codi' but it is quite usual to say codi cywilydd etc. and you would say arnat ti/arno ef etc. too.

alexpolismum Tue 19-Jun-12 07:14:15


9 o'r gloch ac yn barod 27 C! Dyn ni'n disgwyl 34-35 C heddiw sad

mejon os wyt ti eisiau dod yng Ngroeg am wyliau, dw i'n meddwl bod yr amser gwell i ti yr wythnos hanner tramor yn Mis Hydref. Mae hi'n ddigon poeth i ti, dw i'n credu.

gair i heddiw: synhwyro

Heddiw wnaeth fy mab hynaf ddweud na bod e'n moyn bod dyn tan nawr. Mae e'n moyn bod helfarch deinosors. Dw i'n synhwyro mai bydd e'n cael ei siomi!

alexpolismum Tue 19-Jun-12 16:00:21

I need a little bit of help. There are some verbs which are extremely likely to be irregular, and I just want to know how to form their imperative forms.


I know in general terms to take the verb stem and add -a (cysga, edrycha, etc) but I'm pretty sure that these verbs will be different.

eatyourveg Tue 19-Jun-12 20:05:18

My grammar book lists them as the following

Bod - bydda byddwch
mynd - dos/cer ewch/cerwch
dod - tyrd/dere dowch/dewch
gwneud - gwna gwnewch
cael - cymera cymerwch

The regular verbs are stem then add a for singular and wch for plural

alexpolismum Tue 19-Jun-12 20:13:15

diolch eatyourveg!

Interesting to see bydda as the imperative as well the first person singular future.

I must confess I had made a guess (having seen cymera somewhere) and got it wrong. I assumed it was from cymryd!

I assume all these variations are a north/ south thing?

eatyourveg Wed 20-Jun-12 20:43:15

Does anyone know if "Gan Bwyll A Daliwch Ati" is the same as Keep calm and carry on?

mejon Wed 20-Jun-12 21:17:08

Yes it is smile.

TwllBach Mon 25-Jun-12 13:26:19


P'nawn da pawb!

Do you mind if I sneak back in? I have been learning in fits and starts and have been really lax recently...only to find out I have an interview in a school on Wednesday grin but also hmm

I am busy revising and doing SSiW lessons, as the headteacher is very muhc on my side and basically told me the questions that I would be asked in Welsh, so I have been trying to formulate answers, but it is slow going!

TwllBach Mon 25-Jun-12 13:44:07

I have been told that I will be asked about what extra curricular clubs I will be involved in, and so far I have this...

Hoffwn ddechrau clwb llyfrau i anog plant i fwynhau'r darllen, oherwydd dwi'n meddwl bod llythrenedd yn bwysig iawn.

What I think that should say is:

I would like to start a book club to encourage children to enjoy reading, because I believe being literate is very important.

Hoffwn ddechrau cor ysgol hefyd, oherwydd dwi'n meddwl canu brings everyone at ei gilydd.

I would like to start a school choir as well, because I think singing brings everyone together.

Is that ok? I am having major wobbles in my hunan hyder hmm

mejon Mon 25-Jun-12 14:23:44

Llongyfarchiadau ar y cyfweliad Twll a phob lwc dydd Mercher!

Your answers sound great to me - brings everyone - dod a pawb at eu gilydd. Paid a chael wobbles!

TwllBach Mon 25-Jun-12 15:15:16

Diolch yn fawr mejon! Dwi'n ffindio fo anodd achos dwi isio deud llawer i'r ateb y cwestiwn, ond fy Nghymraeg ddim yn good enough!

I have had a quick look at the rest of the thread and Alex is putting me to shame considering dwi'n byw yn Gogledd Cymru blush

eatyourveg Tue 26-Jun-12 07:20:28

Pob lwc Twll

alexpolismum Tue 26-Jun-12 10:22:06

Helo pawb!

Croeso nol, Twll, a phob lwc yfory! smile

Dw i wedi cael wythnos o ymlacio. Roedd fy ngwr yn cael (time off), ac wnaethom ni fynd a'r plant i'r draeth i chwarae, i nofio...

Actually, now I think about it, it wasn't all that relaxing chasing about after the children, but they enjoyed it! And we had lots of icecreams and stuff.

Time to learn some beach vocab, like "build sandcastles", "play with bucket and spade" "splash in the water" "swimming suit" "sunbathe" collapse in a heap at the end of the day

You might think it's great living near a nice warm beach, but actually what it means is the children want to go there all the time, and your house fills up with all the sand they manage to bring back with them.

Mae'r nofio'n helpu fy mab ifancach i gadarnhau ei gyhyrau, felly dw i ddim eisiau achwyn. Mae'r ffisiotherapydd wedi rhoi i ni rhaglen o ymarferiadau i wneud i mewn y mor a dw i'n meddwl bod fy mab yn gwellhau. smile Mae'n edrych yn mwy naturiol gyda ei symudiadau nawr.

TwllBach Tue 26-Jun-12 11:17:41

Bore da pawb grin

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw yma heddiw, fel dwi'n jealous iawn of your sunshine Alex! We have sideways rain at the moment <glum>

Be' ydy 'ymarferiadau? Practices?

If I said to you "Dwi'n meddwl bod cyson yn bwysig iawn" would you hear 'I think being consistent is very important' ?

My friend has just told me that it should be 'dwi'n meddwl fod bod yn gyson yn bwysig iawn' but I don't understand why there is a 'fod'!

alexpolismum Tue 26-Jun-12 13:40:25

grin Twll! I would gladly send you some of the heat, I'm getting fed up with it!

I hope ymarferiadau means "exercises". I mean "physical exercises", based around swimming.

I would have said in your sentence: Dw i'm meddwl bod y cysondeb yn bwysig iawn

I don't get the "fod bod" thing either.

If I got stuck I might rephrase mae'n rhaid i ni fod yn gyson, mae peth yn bwysig iawn

If you do find yourself getting tied up in a phrase, just relax, don't worry too much about it, and if you can rephrase, then do it as naturally as possible - we have all lost our thread in a sentence in English at one time or another, or if you can't rephrase, then let it go. Don't freeze and turn it into a major problem.

When I had my first job interview in Greek, no option at all to fall back on English, I found the best thing to do was relax, and not be afraid to admit your limits. If they use a word you don't know, don't agonise over it. Ask them to repeat/ rephrase and remember they don't expect you to be like a native speaker, you are not applying for a translation position!

Best of luck! Pob lwc!

mejon Tue 26-Jun-12 14:55:31

Hello Twll, Alex ag eatyour veg.

Bydden i yn dweud 'dwi'n meddwl/credu fod cysondeb yn bwysig iawn' neu

'dwi'n meddwl fod bod yn gyson yn bwysig iawn' -
the first 'fod' = that
the 2nd 'bod' = being don't ask me why though grin.

Braf arnat ti'n cael tywydd braf Alex

Building sandcastles = adeiladu cestyll tywod
Sunbathe = torheulo
Swimming costume = gwisg nofio
Play with bucket and spade = chwarae gyda/hefo bwced a rhaw
Splashing in the water = sblasio yn y dwr (I'm sure there is a proper word for splashing but can't think what at the mo)

Got to fly, rhaid casglu DD1 o'r ysgol.

alexpolismum Wed 27-Jun-12 10:46:56


Diolch, mejon. Yn y prynhawn byddon ni'n mynd i'r traeth eto, ac dw i'n siwr bydd y plant yn adeiladu cestyll tywod, yn chwarae mewn y tywod ac yn y dwr. Mae fy merch yn hapus iawn, achos mae gwisg nofio Peppa Pig gyda hi!

Dw i'n gobeithio dy fod ti yn iawn, TwllBach. Sut aeth popeth?

eatyourveg Thu 28-Jun-12 07:49:25

Dw'in mynd i Gymru! grin grin
12 awr o yrru i fod yno am lai na 24 awr yn llawer, ond can't be helped, no way around it - I don't mind - just grateful to get the chance to go

alexpolismum Thu 28-Jun-12 18:11:46

Wow, that's great, eatyourveg! I'm very jealous. I must admit I thought you were in Wales anyway. It's hard to keep track of who is where, really.

That does sound like a horrendous drive, though. I can barely cope with 5 hours!

eatyourveg Thu 28-Jun-12 22:09:42

6 hours there and 6 hours back - I'm in Kent and the family are in Meirionnydd in Snowdonia. I won't even get time to walk across the fields of the farm. I'm literally only there for a few hours to meet some official people and then heading home in the morning. Looking forward to it even so.

Mi fydda yn iawn iawn blino gan nos mawrth!

TwllBach Fri 29-Jun-12 10:19:47

Bore da pawb!

Diolch am ei pob lwc (???) nes i fwynhau'r fy nghyfweliad a mae gen i rownd nesa ar y Dydd Mercher!

Nes i ddim yn ateb dim byd (?) yn Gymraeg though hmm a nes i isio siarad Cymraeg oherwydd nes i gwybod there was llawer o competition, fel when they asked a question that I knew I could answer in welsh, I said "ga i ateb yn Gymraeg, od gwelwch yn dda?"

They said they were impressed and that I was the first to offer (and I was the last to be interviewed) but I am horribly aware that I more than likely came across as a poncey smart arse blush

eatyourveg when are you in Snowdonia? I will stand and wave grin

eatyourveg Fri 29-Jun-12 13:01:37

llongyfarchiadau Twll for getting through the first round a pob lwc am yr ail. Mi fydda yn Meirionydd dydd llun yn y prynhawn hyd nes dydd mawrth y bore. Mae cyfarfod pwysig bod mae rhaid i fi mynd i.

Ydych chi yn y de, gogledd, ddwyrain neu orllewin o eryri. Efallai fy mod i wedi cerdded heibio i chi yn tesco!

Yankeecandlequeen Mon 16-Jul-12 09:41:53

Bore da bawb!

I'm a fluent Welsh speaker from Snowdonia & you're all doing brilliantly.

Da iawn chi a cariwch ymlaen!

alexpolismum Wed 18-Jul-12 20:02:42

Helo bawb!

Yma dw i yn ol! smile

Helo Yankee a diolch.

Twllbach dw i'n gobeithio dy fod di wedi cael y swydd...

Mae hi'n rhy boeth i ganolbwyntio yma ar hyn o bryd a dw i ddim wedi gallu gwneud llawer o Gymraeg. Dw i'n dal i glwyed Radio Cymru ond dw i ddim yn astudio fel arfer achos y gwres. Roedd 40C ddoe! Mae'n anodd i astudio gyda'r gwyliau ysgol, hefyd!

Dw i'n hapus heddiw, achos mae fy mab ifancach yn dechrau (ergotherapy) ac heddiw wnaeth e fwynhau fe, a felly dw i'n meddwl bod yn mynd i ddysgu llawer o bethau, mae e'n mynd i neud yn dda. (I have a good feeling about it!)

bessyboop Wed 18-Jul-12 20:11:41

Helo bawb, dw i'n siarad Cymraeg hefyd, yn dod o'r de smile Heb gael cyfle i ddarllen y sgwrs i gyd, ond mi wna i ddal lan cyn hir. Braf gweld cymaint yn siarad ac yn dysgu smile

Hi everyone, I speak Welsh, I live in South Wales. Haven't had a chance to read the thread yet, but I'll catch up soon. Lovely to see so much speaking and learning the language smile

alexpolismum Wed 18-Jul-12 20:22:16

Helo bessy!

dw i'n meddwl dy fod di yn lleiafrif! grin Mae mwyaf o'r siaradwyr iaith gyntaf yn yr edefyn 'ma yn siaradwyr o Gog, mae'n debyg! grin

Yn aml, dw i ddim yn siwr beth mae o lle! No one has complained so far!

bessyboop Wed 18-Jul-12 21:11:45

Ha ha! Dim ots, mae Gogs yn gret (ond pobl y De yw y gorau!) Joc! ;p

Os alla i helpu gydag unrhyw beth, gofynnwch smile

Panadbois Wed 18-Jul-12 21:21:20

Glywis i hynna Bessy boob!

bessyboop Wed 18-Jul-12 21:32:42

Haha. Tynnu coes / pulling your leg smile

Pawb wedi cael diwrnod da? Gwyliau haf bron a dechrau. Unrhyw gynlluniau am beth i wneud dros y chwech wythnos nesaf?

Summer hols nearly here. Any plans for the next six weeks?

Panadbois Wed 18-Jul-12 21:58:06

Oes. Dwi am ddwyn peth o haul Alex, mwahhaaaaaaaaa grin

bessyboop Wed 18-Jul-12 22:09:19

Amdani Panda! Wna i help ti i ddwyn peth!! Mae'n glawio'n drwm fan hyn ar hyn o bryd. Bwwww!

alexpolismum Thu 19-Jul-12 20:46:53

Does dim rhaid i chi ddwyn y haul, dw i'n barod i anfon e i chi! [takes the fun out of it]

Fydda i ddim yn dweud dim byd o'r tywydd heddiw, dw i ddim yn moyn eich bod chi yn genfigennus!

mae hi'n heulog ac yn boeth eto heddiw grin

bessyboop Thu 19-Jul-12 21:42:59

Mae wedi bod yn heulog fan hyn hefyd, hwre!! Neis i weld yr haul mas. Change!

alexpolismum Sat 21-Jul-12 11:45:00

Helo bawb!

yfory dyn ni'n mynd i weld MIL, tua 1 awr i ffordd mewn car. Mae gardd fawr gyda hi, ac mae hi wedi plannu llawer o lysiau. Bydd hi'n rhoi amryw llysiau i ni - ffa runner, wylys, tatws, courgettes, pupur, tomatos, a pethau arall. Does dim rhaid i ni mynd i siopa! Dyw MIL ddim yn siarad Saesneg, dim un air, felly bydd rhaid i fi siarad yng ngroeg gyda hi. Dw i'n siarad Saesneg gyda'r plant ac mae MIL yn gofyn pob gair!

alexpolismum Sat 21-Jul-12 20:19:10

Mae cwestiwn bach gyda fi!

Dw i'n gwybod sut i ddweud "traeth" a "mor" ac "yn agos i'r mor", ond dw i'n moyn dweud "along the seafront/ the seafront road" eg "I went for a walk along the seafront" ?? Hefyd, sut mae "pier" yn Gymraeg? Tydi e ddim yn y geiriadur.