Pressure to raise trilingual kids, ugh!

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donutlunch Wed 04-Jun-14 19:31:50

Hi everyone, I'm a bit new here but hope to get this right. I'd love some advice with a conundrum:

My DH and I were born overseas and speak French and Spanish, but only use English at home. Ever since DS1 was born people gawp at the fact I don't speak anything other than English to him because I love the English language (I used to be a lecturer in my old, pre-mum life) and, more importantly, don't feel very linked to my country of origin.

DH has caved in and tries to speak French to DS1 and DS2, even though he has few links to the country. His line, like many people's, is that it will be hugely advantageous when kids grow up.

I speak four languages and I can categorically state it has never really meant the difference between getting a job or not, at the most you get to be the patronising person who speaks to foreigners 'in their own language' to the embarassment of all concerned!

I'm 98% sure I'm doing the right thing, but the world tells me I'm a a) freak for not being all excited about my not-very-rich-heritage and b) shortchanging my kids out of being in line for UN leadership or thereabouts.

Oh, and I'm quite at ease with the stimuli/developmental groundwork I do by staying home to raise our boys to fret over the big claims people make about multilingual brain development, btw.

Any thoughts welcome, thanks in advance!

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