English speakers living abroad... Teaching your children to read and write in English?

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justwondering72 Fri 30-May-14 14:47:00

Hi all

My Anglo DH and I are living in France. We have two ds, aged 3 and 6. They are in the local French schools, and doing really well. Both are excellent English speakers ( it's our only language at home, they spend lots of time with grandparents, and we have a lot of Anglo friends here). I am a bit more concerned about teaching them to read and write in English though. It's something I really want to do, as I'd like them to have to option to go to uni in the UK or another Anglo country when they are older. We do have a bilingual option here for collège but their English needs to be of a high enough standard for them to join the anglophone classes without extra support. So that's what we are aiming towards.

So is anyone else out there teaching their bilingual children to read and write English at home? What methods are you using? How do you fit it in around schoolwork and activities? Any books / schemes / websites / apps you would recommend?


mousmous Fri 30-May-14 14:50:19

we are the other way round.
we started teaching reading and writing when dc's reading in english was getting to the 'free reading' stage (half way through year 1).
they do a couple of workbook pages each week and we read age appropriate books in our language (one page we, one page them...)

schlafenfreude Sun 01-Jun-14 23:45:51

Most people I know have waited until CE1 for reading and writing in French to be well established. The skills are fairly transferable and by that state if they get a crash course in phonics they can decode using their knowledge of the language. Encourage reading aloud together to check they are doing it confidently - chapter stories like Harry Potter or Swallowd and Amazons are good. Free writing, letters to family, creative writing, keeping a diary etc will all help. It needs a lot of input and gentle correction but the skills are transferable and where their spoken English is good the reading/writing should follow. Frequency is your friend, just make it routine.

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