Hello everyone

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Maryz Fri 23-May-14 13:05:18

This is especially for Honeydragon.

FidelineandFumblin Sun 25-May-14 23:19:58

HQ made a couple of half hearted appearances on Honey's thread but seemed unable to handle the smegma eggs.

shock confused

Has my drink been spiked?

EmpressOfJurisfiction Mon 26-May-14 09:32:55

Sorry, Fideline, smegma eggs, of course I'm talking utter nonsense, there's no such thing.

It was smegma oats.

FidelineandFumblin Mon 26-May-14 10:17:37

Of course it was. Thanks for clearing that up Empress hmm

EmpressOfJurisfiction Mon 26-May-14 11:23:02

You're welcome grin

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