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chocochoc Tue 07-May-13 17:39:43

Hi ladies , I'm chocochoc , I'm 35 and starting ivf for the first time . I'm due to go for a consult In June .
How long does everything take from that meeting ?

chocochoc Tue 07-May-13 17:50:34

Hi ladies , I new to all this .
I'm going for a consult to start ivf , I'm very nervous about the whole thing as I've heard the success rates are low sad for people of a certain age ( I'm not far of 35 ) . Has anyone got any success stories they fancy sharing being in the same age bracket as myself ( all stories welcome ) , including how long things take from the first appointment .

piprabbit Tue 07-May-13 17:55:23

I was 37 when I had IVF, we were very lucky and it worked first time, DS has just had his 5th birthday.
Once we'd been referred and had our initial consultation, the doctor left it with us to contact them one the first day of my next period, once I was sure we wanted to go ahead. I was pregnant within 3 months of the initial consultation. However, this was at a private clinic. I get the feeling NHS treatment moves more slowly.
Good luck with your consultation and treatment.

chocochoc Wed 08-May-13 07:56:27

Thanks piprabbit , that's great that thing worked out for you smile and it's good to hear that things move quickly smile

Isabeller Wed 08-May-13 08:04:02

Hi, good luck with your treatment. I had unsuccessful treatment in my 30s with exH (male factor) now having donor egg treatment with DP in late 40s.

I think there is a really good chance of it working fairly quickly these days but if you do have disappointments make sure you find good support. Have you looked at the fertility friends website? It's probably not entirely healthy to obsess but I find it difficult to avoid when in the middle of treatment blush xx

Devilforasideboard Wed 08-May-13 11:37:38

I found my first appointment card a few days ago and realised the date of our first clinic appointment last year is the due date for our baby this year. Good luck!

chocochoc Thu 09-May-13 16:24:46

Isabeller , thank you . I'm so sorry to hear that your treatment didn't work sad I hope and pray that egg donation is successful for you smile I've suffered 6 m/c's and one of which I had was very recently and my heart brakes everytime I have af or even if I see a bfp ( fear of m/c again ) Support is definitely something everyone needs in these situations . Ive not heard of the fertility friends but i'll definitely be having a look Thank you for sharing your story with me x

chocochoc Thu 09-May-13 16:30:56

Devilforasideboard . Aww that's brilliant , congratulations smile . I hope someday in the near future i'll be sharing news like that , Wishing everyone the best of luck with bfps smile

chocochoc Thu 09-May-13 16:38:46

I should add I have 2 children from a previous relationship and suffered
Two m/c's in that relationship . I've a new partner and we've had 4 m/c's

Isabeller Thu 09-May-13 19:14:15

Thank you chocochoc, lining scan tomorrow and frozen embryo transfer next week if all well. I have an adult DD from a previous relationship and failed treatment with exH. Good luck with everything smile

EuroShaggleton Thu 09-May-13 21:52:32

choc have you had miscarriage investigations?

I had my first IVF cycle at 37. I went for natural IVF, so only got one mature egg (the one I produced naturally). To my astonishment, I got pregnant first time. I miscarried, but it worked! We're starting again as soon as my period arrives (any time now).

Fertility friends has great info and lots of knowledgeable posters, so it is well worth checking out.

BTW, there is a thread over in Conception (excellent egg buddies) for people doing IVF in April/May/June if you would like to meet some people going through it at the same time.

Good luck for your FET, isabeller.

chocochoc Thu 09-May-13 22:52:32


Hi , yeh i've had tests done and everything seems to be normal so far . I went for a progestrone test last week and i feel that it should have been done sooner as progestrone is a big factor in staying pregnant . I'm terrified of going through ivf and then to loose another pregnancy as its getting harder to deal with sad.I was told today that it could take up to a year from first consult to getting the treatment started .Where i live you only get one chance on the NHS . It could come to us paying for the treatment which we don't mind doing if we thought it would be successful ,but if it failed thr first time there's eveery chance it could fail again . Sorry for sounding negative . I must have a look at Fertility Friends . I'm sorry to hear that the treatment hasn't worked the first time for you , i really hope you get lucky and have some good news to tell on here smile

BadBuddha Thu 09-May-13 23:05:37

Hi Choco
I had my first IVF baby (DS) three years ago when I was 39. I'm now 42 and our second IVF baby (DD) was born just two weeks ago :D. We've been very lucky - we too only had one attempt on the NHS but that one attempt was all it took. Going to try to get some sleep now but i'll check the thread in the morning and feel free to message me if there's anything you want to ask. Good luck!

chocochoc Thu 09-May-13 23:45:11

Thanks BadBuddha . That's fantastic to hear that ivf worked for you , congratulations on your DD smile . I'd be over the moon of ivf worked for us , the more success stories i hear give me hope that something good might just happen

BadBuddha Fri 10-May-13 07:58:30

Thanks Choco! Realised that I didn't answer all your question last night. Once all the paperwork was done we didn't have to wait long at all - told to phone up on the first day of next period and given a date to start on the drugs 21 days later. Was the same for the FET - called to request treatment and treatment went ahead that cycle. It probably depends on your NHS Trust though - whereabouts are you?

EuroShaggleton Fri 10-May-13 12:22:50

choc you can't feel that because IVF hasn't worked once, it will never work. Depending on age and other factors, each cycle has maybe a 30% chance of working. Some people will get lucky quicker than others. NICE recommends 3 cycles be given on the NHS, but my area like yours only offers one.

Pocket1 Fri 10-May-13 18:24:28

Chocochoc please join us on the assisted conception thread. It's such an amazing place for support and advice from women in exactly the same boat. I found it a lifeline and I'm still hanging around on the thread even though I'm pregnant. I can't quite let go!

We had three cycles if donor ivf. Got a bfp round 1 then mc. Got a bfn round 2. And got a bfp with round 3 and I'm 32 weeks today. Our little girl is due on 5 July. Im in my 40s. So please stay positive. It's a tough journey but you'll get there smile

See you on the AC thread?

chocochoc Fri 10-May-13 22:07:32

hi BadBuddha i'm from Northern Ireland and all the women here get one chance on the NHS after that you've to pay for the treatment .

chocochoc Fri 10-May-13 22:24:03

hi EuroShaggleton , i just dread the thought of having another m/c . I know i could get lucky and the first round of IVF might work but still in the back of my mind that doubt is there and it will be niggling away at me.

chocochoc Fri 10-May-13 22:26:59

aww congrats to you Pocket1 that's brilliant news . I'll take a wee look on the AC thread surely

EuroShaggleton Fri 10-May-13 22:28:02

I completely understand. I've asked Mr euro if he can get them to continue the sedation from egg collection to BFN or 12 weeks! Next time is going to be really, really tough. I'd sleep through it if I could.

whiskymiller Wed 15-May-13 16:28:48

Great to read success stories on here!

I have my co ordination appointment in July for my first cycle of IVF and reading positive stories on here really gives me faith.

MayMiracle Thu 16-May-13 18:24:15

Hi chocochoc,

Just to say that I also have had IVF success. It was our second cycle, first FET that produced our DD. We are now expecting our 2nd child after another successful FET.

Like the others, I found that once the initial consultation is done (and providing there are no more tests to be done) that things moved quickly. We were private both times though, so cannot comment on NHS timings.

However, my best friend has a DS from successful NHS IVF.

I know of lots of IVF babies, so keep the faith. Fingers crossed it happens for you first time.


millimax Tue 21-May-13 11:55:50

I too am starting IVF in a couple of weeks -our first appointment was a month ago and things have moved really quickly. We are private as I have a DS from a previous relationship already. 37 now so worried age is a greater factor along with the PCOS. We are with the London women's Clinic anyone else had experience with them? I will look over on the assisted conception thread, would be great to link with ladies going through this roller-coaster at the same time!

crazyhorse28 Mon 03-Jun-13 08:33:33

Hi, I'm due to start my Buserelin injections tomorrow. Generally have been feeling ok about everything but today feel really scared and keep crying. Not scared about doing the injections, I know I'll just get used to that but scared of what they will do to me, scared it won't work. Also feel quite lonely, no one to talk to about it, who would understand or care people have there own lives. Need to snap out of this I know, positive thinking is important. Maybe I am thinking about it to much, someone said to me today that most people going through this don't give it that much thought. I've never posted on something before, suppose I just wanted to feel like I wasn't alone.

BrainLikeASeive Fri 07-Jun-13 05:50:11

Aw. Good old buserelin. I remember those days.

Choc.. I had ivf on the nhs at 33. We first went to see our GP in june 2009. Just to say we'd been trying for 6 months but no joy & could we have some tests done please.

Things flew from there. We were swept along by the system & before we knew it we were referred for ivf.

Almost exactly 1 year from seeing the gp... the first round worked & I was pregnant with twins.

OHSS nearly killed me so watch out for that btw.

And.. beware the TTC baby trap. Even though the twins are really hard work, at 1.5 years I couldn't resist doing the do with DH & then lying on my side. Idiot!
Im currently holding our 6 week old baby.

Yeah... now everyone says they know someone who had ivf & then fell naturally. Gah.

So good luck with it. Hope its quick... and i

Beamae Fri 07-Jun-13 06:47:01

We went for our NHS booking appointment in October 2010 when I was 37 and due to very my poor ovarian reserve results, was put on the next available cycle instead of going on the waiting list, which at our hospital was 11 months long. We did the down reg phase in December which was very exciting because we certainly hadn't anticipated things moving so quickly and had already taken a month off work to backpack around Colombia. I had to learn pretty quickly how to explain my bag of syringes to airport officials in my broken holiday Spanish and was injecting myself in the most unlikely of places!

Phase 2 started early January and was supposed to take 12 days but I didn't respond to the drugs so stayed on for double that time. This phase was very stressful and physically painful. The threat of abandoning the cycle due to lack of viable follicles was constant. Every two days I went for a scan and our hopes would be dashed. I didn't realise before starting how the roller coaster would be daily and how emotionally exhausting that would be. The added pressure of limited free rounds was constantly on our minds. Egg retrieval was in February 2011, we got 10 in the end! 6 fertilised, 2 grew, and they are currently tangled up in bed next to me. Twin girls, born September 2011, nearly a a year after starting.

And I am also a case of be careful what you wish for, because after all those years of desperately trying and failing to get or stay pregnant, I am now 25 weeks pregnant with a little oopsy!

I managed the terror you are feeling by taking control of as many things as I could. A lot of it is out of your control. I balanced that with very controlled nutrition and a very strict eating plan from a nutritionist, who also prescribed a load of zeta west style supplements to balance my mood and deal with the stress. I also did acupuncture weekly and had sessions immediately before and after egg transfer. Also had meditation CDs for each stage of the process. I can't say that these things 100% made our first round successful, but they did give me a feeling of control, as if I was contributing rather than just relying on luck. It made sense to me that healthy body and healthy mind would give the process a better chance of working. I think it's a good idea to find something like this for yourself, so that you can focus on something other than the fear. I hope it goes well for you!

zozee Sat 22-Jun-13 17:31:41

Hi, my husband and I will be having ivf /icsi in the next few months, please can anyway tell me how long the whole process takes, I'm not too worried about the injections, its the egg collection that scares me, I know it will be worth it if it works, we have been TTC for five years.sad

bushbabyblues Fri 28-Jun-13 11:17:31

Egg collection no worse than a dental filling.

Injections are easy and you soon get into the swing of them.

I had almost no side effects and think that was due to acupuncture but obviously we'll never know.

I had 2 IVFs, successful on round 2; natural surprise less than 2 years later.

Just don't waste time, as I did, cocking about with diets and herbs and manuka honey and positive thinking and self-styled fertility gurus on Harley Street. Cold hard science offers much better odds wink.

anuroopakamti Mon 01-Jul-13 11:26:44

Hi, m going through IVF, had a egg pick up 2 days back, wanted to check with you guys if anyone have had experience of discomfort after the pick up?? is it normal..?? somewhat relieved seeing all your messages.. m not alone..

zozee Mon 01-Jul-13 19:40:34

Hi thanks for the advice, it really does help, I'm glad that you had success 2nd time around :-) I am waiting on a clinical update, ovaries might need moving down as hard to reach, I'm really keeping everything cross as this will be our only chance, family have funded us due to me having a daughter from a previous relationship, it s so expensive we could not afford another go, but hey ho will try to stay positive, a long road ahead yet :-) thanks again x

zozee Tue 02-Jul-13 06:47:16

I was told that I would be in a little pain after told to take at least a week off from work, so I imagine a bit of discomfort is normal?

pearce01 Thu 04-Jul-13 07:59:20

hello, we went to fertility clinic on monday and was told the only chance we have of conceiving is IVF sad. It was our first appointment so it was a huge shock that there was no other options.

i've got POS and my OH has a very low sperm count. We have another 2 years to wait for our free cycles but we are in the dilemma of whether to pay now as we don't know what will happen in the next 2 years as OH sperm count is so low.

we are both obviously so gutted as we have been given a single diget % that we will even conceive through IVF.

we are thinking of just paying and going for the first round of IVF but i'd like some advice what to expect. Do you get quite ill from it? how does it make you feel?

i feel we are still lucky as i'm only 23 so at least we have time on ourselves and also we've been told at least if we go ahead now the eggs that are frozen will still be at the age of a 23 year old.

thanks a lot x

eurozammo Thu 04-Jul-13 11:28:04

anur I've had two rounds. The first time I had zero pain. The second time I had a lot of pain but only on the day of EC itself. I know other people on the board have been in pain for longer though.

zozee Fri 05-Jul-13 08:00:29

My husband and I were told the same said only IVF with icsi would work due to only 2% morphology, we weren't entitled to anything free as I have a daughter, its so expensive, two years is a long time to wait, you are young at 23 but its so stressful waiting we have been TTC for five years and now I'm 30, I guess its a huge decision to make financially and emotionally, we are going for it but can only do one round.

Jules2809 Sat 06-Jul-13 18:25:56

I started the buserelin injection on 25/6, just started my period and due to have the baseline scan on 15/7. This is the second time I have done the injection. I got pregnant naturally the first time before I had the scan but had mc after 12 weeks. Recently I have been feeling very low. I think it is the pressure of trying to get pregnant, wanting to get pregnant and the fear of not getting pregnant that it all got on top of me. I will try to be positive but it is hard. Reading about other women's experiences have really helped. Thank you all x

Boygirl5 Wed 10-Jul-13 00:28:17

I have had 3 full rounds of IVF, from them I have 5 children and two of them were frozen embryos.

Good luck

zozee Wed 10-Jul-13 01:21:37

Wow thanks its so nice to hear success stories, gives us more confidence what a lovely outcome thank you :-)

DuelingFanjo Wed 10-Jul-13 01:29:22

Hi there, my IVF was done quickly - within a few months of being approved. However there was a lot of waiting to get to that point including a course of clomid. In the meantime you could try starting acupuncture. I was a bit wary of alternative medicines but I honestly believe that. It helped to sort my head and body out after months of anxiety over my infertility. It also kick started a more healthy diet.

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