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annaeyarly Fri 12-Jun-15 14:51:55

Dear Ladies

I am new to this forum - decided to create an account so I could share my story about IVF process so far and, hopefully, help someone in choosing a clinic.
The clinic I was with and currently is leaving is called CRGH (http://www.crgh.co.uk/). Whilst I cannot say anything bad about the quality of doctors and nurses there, I would really like to advise against this clinic to anyone who is going privately - the level of service is just appalling.
To elaborate: average time spent there for each appointment is 2.5 hours (mind that the time of having the actual scan/blood test or meeting a nurse is 10-30 min tops); constant mistakes made in ordering medicine; lack of personal attitude, eg when I called them to tell that my FET didn't work, they offered to see me in 25 days, because my doctor was busy with other patients (I repeat - we were paying privately).

But to top it up, whilst researching for a new clinic in London, I had a chance to compare the prices (CRRH do not publish them openly on their website, unlike other clinics) and see what I found:
cost of FET in CRGH (from my own bill) - 2,250£
cost of FET in Lister Chelsea (available on website) -1,150£
cost of FET in City Fertility (confirmed with them personally) - 950£
cost of FET in Createhealth (confirmed with them personally) - 950£

Cost of other procedures are similarly inflated by CRGH. When I enquired them about it - their answer was "this is just what we charge". Mind that HFEA authority doesn't control financial side of IVF treatments - they confirmed it to me via email - so clinics could inflate them as they want.

So I decided that the route of spreading the word in social media would be the most efficient way to deliver the message: "If you are going private and work hard during the process to support the cost of IVF, AVOID CRGH at all cost!"


Tootsiepops Sat 13-Jun-15 18:14:13

I'm sorry you had a bad experience at CRGH. I used them earlier this year for my first round of ivf and I thought they were good.

The longest I was kept waiting was an hour - it only happened once and they were very apologetic about it.

CRGH's prices are higher because their results are better. The hfea stats speak for themselves.



ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Sat 13-Jun-15 18:17:26

I had an exceptional experience as a private patient with Mr Khalaf at Guys ACU. Appointments at convenient times (usually before/after work), his personal mobile number and email address so he was contactable at all times, state of the art facilities and wonderful DC after 2x ICSI and 1xFET.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Sat 13-Jun-15 18:20:31

It's worth bearing in mind that the HEFA results don't give the full picture. Some private clinics manipulate their success rates by only taking on cases which are likely to be successful whereas the NHS clinics treat everyone.

inamaymaybewrong Sun 14-Jun-15 20:50:49

Kings ACU were fantastic with us. Our treatment was NHS but they do self-funded too.

worriedmum100 Mon 15-Jun-15 17:28:12

I had treatment at CRGH last year. I've previously commented on another thread about the service but I'm not sure how to link to it on my phone. I did get pregnant after one IUI but miscarried. I agree that the prices are not transparent. I didn't experience long waiting times and on the whole found the doctors and nurses to be fine. I did have some issues with having unecessary swabs which I was refunded for and my second IUI was not well handled. They weren't great administratively.

Turns out I had an underlying medical issue (endo). They didn't pick up on it (but nor did the NHS).

BadgerFace Wed 17-Jun-15 15:58:24

Another positive review for Kings ACU. I had a successful fresh NHS cycle there in March 2012. I also self-funded a (failed) FET cycle there earlier this year. The FET cost £800 plus £135 initial consultation and then I bought my drugs from Sainsbury's.

I would happily use them again, although I did have to wait about a month for my follow up appointment after the failed FET. Frustrating at the time but it was good to get off the IVF crazy train for a bit and somehow I ended up miraculously pregnant naturally so a lucky break for us overall!

WildflowerMarmalade Wed 17-Jun-15 17:28:35

I'm sorry your FET was unsuccessful Anna.

I am currently undergoing a FET cycle at CRGH myself and it is certainly pricey. As a previous poster highlighted fertility clinics charge what the market will bear. Somewhere such as CRGH has excellent results as confirmed by the HFEA website. They can charge accordingly.

City Fertility - which you quote a price for - has not yet had time to build up a track record of results and so patients choosing to go there have no way to compare it with other clinics. It's cheaper, but without knowing how good or bad its results are you are taking a shot in the dark. Create seems to have average results.

Private healthcare is about choice and cost.

Personally I would rather pay more and get the best possible clinical treatment. Flawless admin is a very minor consideration for me. I'm also not fussed about my consultant holding my hand through the whole process. But that is just me, others need different things and should prioritise those.

It is true that some clinics do not treat the toughest cases and that helps keep their success rates high. CRGH is not in that category as far as I am aware - in fact they seem to treat more complex cases if anything eg. where genetic testing is needed or immune disorders are suspected. They do also accept eligible NHS patients.

It is not correct to say that the NHS treats everyone. NHS clinics also have cut off points for FSH and/or AMH levels - although the parameters vary depending on the clinic.

It is difficult to choose a fertility clinic. Private treatment is expensive and there is conflicting information about success rates and which treatments are effective. The best we can do is inform ourselves and decide on our own priorities before making a choice and hoping for the very best outcome. What suits one person will not at all be the right choice for someone else.

I wish you well in your search for the right fertility clinic for you Anna and I hope you find the one which gets you your baby.

sparechange Tue 23-Jun-15 18:04:36

I'm so sorry about your experience. It sounds horrible.
Having been with Create for (too) many rounds, that isn't their FET cost. That is the cost of shooting th embryo up on the day but not th blood tests and drugs beforehand. Let alone the scratches or intralipids if that's what you need as well.

Sadly clinics are a business and that doesn't always sit with the expectations of patients but having seen 3 clinics prior to ours, I can't complain about the way in which they price their services.
Even more sadly, after 3+ years on the ivf boards here, I haven't heard of anywhere that isn't a shambles. The admin side for all clinics seems to be terrible. Create is as bad as they get...

JessieMcJessie Sat 27-Jun-15 13:48:07

Anna, sorry about your bad experience but thanks for this thread, it's very helpful. We've just contacted Guy's for a first appointment, will be a first step into IVF/ICSI for us; glad to see them recommended by Imnotchanging upthread. CRGH were also on the shortlist but will be bumping them down now I think.

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