Ivf anyone starting stimms next week?

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naty1 Wed 29-Jan-14 21:35:49

Im starting stimns next week for icsi(dependent on blood test)?
Anyone at the same time want to join.

naty1 Thu 21-Aug-14 10:40:22

Looking back i had 17 at this stage so about the same.
I hope they dont push for tues ec again
Think my lining may have been a bit thin at only 6mm.
Y not sure my OH would go with diy but it is a bit silly as it is only what clinic do.
Would be better if i started with the 23 and it dropped to the 16 then i could collect that many, with more joining they want to trigger too soon

Shellster52 Thu 21-Aug-14 00:58:14

Wow, to me 16 sounds fantastic because I am such a poor responder.
But I get that from your experience, a large number won't be mature and some won't fertilize, so numbers don't mean to much at this stage.

What day of you cycle will Wednesday be? Are you wanting to stim for longer to reduce the number of immature eggs?

I am making sure we have try a few times before ovulation... or at least I used to. Given up a bit lately.
The problem now is that my ovulation date seems less obvious.
Today is CD 14 and still no positive OPKs and no positive saliva ferning pattern.
I think the IVF's and the Aspirin are affecting things.

Yes, I saw that post about success after DIY IUI.
My son is a night owl and my hubby is usually asleep before him.
Makes DTD an effort in the lead up to ovulation.
This syringe idea sounds great.
I just feel a bit awkward asking hubby for his contribution!

naty1 Wed 20-Aug-14 11:42:06

About 16 eggs at this 1st scan. But not really that interested as it will then go up and whatever ill be left with a couple if im lucky. So at this pt as long as some are growing all good.
Nurse said they will do ops on monday and scans over weekend.
I have next scan on fri.
Hopefully i wont have op on tues and they let me go over to the wed at least

naty1 Tue 19-Aug-14 17:33:09

Did you see the post where someone had success after diy iui (not really but using a syringe)
If sperm can survive 5 days though are you trying enough before O and ensuring the sperm is fresh enough

Shellster52 Tue 19-Aug-14 15:39:24

You seemed to get very lucky first time nat.
Of 17 eggs, I can only imagine how deflated you must have been the following day when you got a call to say 2 were viable!
Seems like your cycle is co-operating with day 14 being a Tue, so no chance the weekend and clinic closure will delay things for you.

Nothing new at my end.
Wanted to give the natural method one last hurrah before going through the IVF madness next cycle again.
But I have no idea what my body is doing.
Today is day 12 and no positive OPK yest or today.
Also my saliva microscope shows absolutely no ferning pattern tonight as though my estrogen levels aren't even remotely high and I'm not even close to ovulating.
Will do it again tomorrow to compare.
But after 3 years of failure with the natural method, I am absolutely sure I will be following in your footsteps and back on the IVF wagon next cycle.

naty1 Mon 18-Aug-14 13:40:10

Ive been reading and it seems tsh can go up during down reg, and stims and then when you get the hcg it will go up because that is the pg hormone and that stimulates the thyroid, and lasts for several days.
I also saw that levels can affect fert rates.
But i felt hyper after Ec not hypo so i dont know but that was mainly due to the diarrheoa and starting bleeding early would be hypo, i was hypo when tested after ivf (4.0).

naty1 Sat 16-Aug-14 11:00:14

I think ive had ec on day 14 9 collected 4 mature 2 fert +1 abnormal
And 17 10 collected 7 mature 2 fert (1 is DD)

Its odd because the day 14 must have grown a lot quicker despite same dose
It doesnt look like it matters too much when i trigger as i will either get immature or not fertilised. Im wondering if the 17 day was like yours a bit overmature.
I think they should do sundays ops (though so far that wouldnt have made a diff to me but surely around 1 in 7 people are being shifted around to accommodate this.
But also people may be being moved earlier or doses changed if it looks like they will fall like this.
Day 14 is 26/8 so i have till day 17 29/08.
But hopefully that is lucky as 25th is a BH here.
Though not sure about having scans during BH weekend.
Its likely i would have scan on sunday day 13 to trigger that evening to EC tues day 15 (though guess they could be very busy that day but i guess it depends how it looks and i dont know of they would scan on the BH mon for ec on the wed. Also i think they like leaving 2 days between scans as too close together and and will cost them more

Shellster52 Sat 16-Aug-14 01:51:48

Don't know the size of the two biggest on trigger day.
They were 22mm and 17mm on day 12. That was the last scan I had.
Triggered two days later so for sure the 22mm would have been over mature.

It worked out that day 15 of my last cycle was a Sunday - the one day they don't do EC.
When I get day one of my next period, the first thing I will do is calculate if days 14 and 15 will be mid week so I don't have to worry about EC being delayed until day 16 again.
You have a good memory.
I did want EC earlier this time.
But when only two were mature at day 12, the decision was made to wait for the smaller ones to catch up.
Hoping the higher dose will get more growing so a few more are mature at the same time and it doesn't happen again.

Nat, when is your next scan to see how many follicles are growing?

naty1 Fri 15-Aug-14 12:20:37

How big were those 2 on trigger day?
Were they unusually large?
I had 1 abnormal (out of 4) and 1 i think not fertilise but i guess it could be a similar situation.

Will you stim for a day less this time.
I seem to remember you only wanted to stim for a day less this time
Looking back you had ec on day 16 this time and are now going to aim for day 14 in sep?

naty1 Fri 15-Aug-14 12:09:19

How big were those 2 on trigger day?
Were they unusually large?
I had 1 abnormal (out of 4) and 1 i think not fertilise but i guess it could be a similar situation.

Will you stim for a day less this time.
I seem to remember you only wanted to stim for a day less this time
Looking back you had ec on day 16 this time and are now going to aim for day 14 in sep?

Shellster52 Fri 15-Aug-14 02:50:47

Wow Suzy. Suddenly it's all happening for you!
I wish I was doing IVF this cycle too so I could be doing it with you.
Would be nice to IVF along side people I know and have been chatting on here with.
My EC will be 18th Sept, assuming this cycle is a text book 28 days and I have EC on day 14.
My nurse said the day after last EC that 1 in 5 fertilized. Turns out that's not true.
Only one didn't fertilize
A second fertilized abnormally.
A third and fourth fragmented with ICSI, which she said happens to over mature eggs, and guessed those two would have been the two larger ones at my last scan on day 12 that would have over matured by EC on day 16.
A fifth egg was my lone sole surviving embryo.

So that blew my Menopur causing low fertilization theory out the window.
She agreed that after starting with 19 follicles on day 3, 5 mature eggs was a low response.
I was on 300 Puregon and 150 Menopur.
So upping the Menopur to 300 next round, keeping everything else the same and trying again.
Have very little faith it will work and feeling fed up with it all.
After 7 failed IVF's, it just feels impossible for me to produce a pregnancy.

naty1 Thu 14-Aug-14 12:04:24

5-6 eggs would be really good.
Yes it looks like it will be a week apart or so.

suzylee73 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:48:51

I'm assuming the donor is on the short protocol. I have to be there on the 19th to sign the paperwork if egg collection is delayed a dew days we will have to hang around in Poland which isn't ideal but that's the downside of saving money.
It's egg share, we couldn't afford the extra grand they wanted for exclusivity sad we are guaranteed 5-6 eggs though so I'm not worried.
Looks like we will only be a week apart in our treatment smile

naty1 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:03:05

Gosh that is suddenly very quick.
Im thinking sometime from 27th so only a week later.
Do they fix dates as its donor and you have to get there?
Is it like an egg share or do you get them all?

naty1 Wed 13-Aug-14 22:03:44

Gosh that is suddenly very quick.
Im thinking sometime from 27th so only a week later.
Do they fix dates as its donor and you have to get there?
Is it like an egg share or do you get them all?

suzylee73 Wed 13-Aug-14 13:21:40

I hope you get to start your next round soon Shellster, it's nice that we will be doing it at similar times. Your research makes for interesting reading and I think you will be educating the doctor :D

Where are you at Naty? My doctor thinks egg collection might be on the 20th! Can't believe how quick things have started moving.

naty1 Tue 12-Aug-14 16:51:20

No call so i start injections tomorrow smile

Shellster52 Mon 11-Aug-14 06:57:40

Yep. Will definitely put my theory of 4/5 fertilization rate on Puregon and 2/8 on Menopur/Puregon combination to her. Makes perfect sense as I type those figures here, but I don't think I will be completely at ease until I am told for sure after next EC!

Would also be really nice if the Dr has an answer and can tell me for certain what to correct for next time so I can walk out of that appointment with a certainty of hope for the next round instead of dread that it will happen again. But there is no exact science in all this and I don't think she will have an answer, so glad I have at least stumbled across my own theory as a back up plan.

Will update after my appt Thursday.

naty1 Sun 10-Aug-14 09:51:01

I think they do different things to different people. I would def go with the one which has worked best.

Shellster52 Fri 08-Aug-14 04:30:37

Yes, it does seem as though your FSH rose through your last IVF.
When will you hear what the Dr thinks.
Hope he is willing to do something if that puts your mind at ease.
You don't need anything extra to stress about now!

Just looked at my notes and Menopur ones didn't grow any quicker.
Interesting that you had a big change in fert rate with no change in protocol.
Kinda blows my hope out of the water that trying Puregon only next time will fix it for me.

My period arrived today as a nice reminder that this IVF failed.
Want to start next cycle if my Dr will allow it.
You start in a weeks time so I will be 3 weeks behind you.
Will see my Dr on 14th August and see what answers I get and if I'm allowed to start next cycle.

naty1 Thu 07-Aug-14 12:05:07

That certainly is interesting.
(Though i did have a big difference in fertilisation with no change in protocol)
Did menopur ones grow more quickly?
Im wondering if it makes eggs seem like they are ready but they arent.

Im still only on spray... Just another week till stims.

I retested tsh on mon... It came out at 2.4 (needs to be under 2.5) so good and bad.
Nurse said its fine but will check with dr.
Im not fine with it though.
It has been
Sep >3 put on 25 alt days
< 2.5 oct so continued dose
Mar 4.0 after failed ivf jan/feb
Apr 1.8 after increase to 25 every day
Aug 2.4 no change since apr except starting ivf

So im worried its rising due to the meds

Shellster52 Thu 07-Aug-14 10:36:14

Oops, that didn't post as I'd typed it. I will type it differently:
Cycle 1: 1 mature egg retrieved. 1 egg fertilized.
Cycle 2: 4 mature eggs retrieved. 3 eggs fertilized.
Cycle 3: 3 mature eggs retrieved. 1 egg fertilized.
Cycle 4: 5 mature eggs retrieved. 1 egg fertilized.

Shellster52 Thu 07-Aug-14 10:32:53

How is everything Nat. Where are you at with your cycle?

Thanks for thinking of me and trying to come up with solutions for me. I have recently realized what MIGHT be the cause:

First two cycles:
Mature Eggs Retrieved Eggs Fertilized
1 1
4 3

Second two cycles:
Mature Eggs Retrieved Eggs Fertilized
3 1
5 1

So the first two, I had 4 of 5 fertilize and the second two, only 2 of 8. The one difference being that I took Puregon only the first two cycles and a Menopur and Puregon combination the second two. So it seems logical that this could be the reason. Will see my IVF Dr next week and hoping she is happy to put me on Puregon alone next IVF. At least it will give me some hope of improvement next cycle. My period is due any day so by the time I see my Dr, I will be in to next cycle. Hopefully I can start IVF again the following cycle as I am not getting any younger!

naty1 Thu 07-Aug-14 09:43:36

Are you on a high dose of stims? Could that affect quality?
Also you said ideally you didnt want to go to the monday for EC because of something dropping do you think that made a difference.
I hope you get some explanations

Shellster52 Tue 05-Aug-14 22:47:13

Can't imagine the devastation of miscarriage after it taking so long to conceive. Keep me posted on your IUI. Today is day 25 of my failed IVF cycle. I would like to have a one cycle break and then try IVF again. I have just turned 37 and have seen the stats on how quickly fertility declines between 35 and 40 so don't want to waste any time. Will see if the Dr agrees. We too have been trying for 3 years.

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