Anyone at City Fertility - London?

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Luckystarfour Tue 16-Jul-13 07:58:02

Just a quick shout out to see if anyone is having treatment at City Fertility near Farringdon tube station London????

My best friend had her treatment there, she is now 20 weeks pregnant and speaks very highly of the whole team there.

Luckystarfour Tue 16-Jul-13 21:55:45

akissisnotacontact I wonder if you could do me a big big favour and put me in touch - they have this offer at the minute where a friend can pass on the 10% discount to a friend and any cycles they need themselves. we can get it ourselves on future rounds, but we need someone to introduce us for the first round. we'd need to be really quick though as we might even have contact with the clinic tomorrow. Could you possibly put us in contact or if she would mind us referring to her??

We;d be soooooo grateful!

Luckystarfour Tue 16-Jul-13 21:57:52

Here's the link!

I'll pm you

amazonka Wed 27-Nov-13 21:14:34

I had FET there. I had my 5 day old embryo transfered there just to have FET.

I had 5 ivfs - 4 at LWC - got 2 times pregnant there, however no children born. 1 ivf was abroad and got pregnant and have a baby.

Now I wanted 2nd one - had 1 frozen from the clinic abroad but thought that it would be easier to have it done here rather than going travelling... Took it to city-fertility - NEGATIVE!!!!

I do not believe that they have the experience necessary , doctor did not respect my wishes, he wanted just to have "things" done his way. I did not want male embryologist at the transfer - he (the embryologist ) ignored that, he was still coming to the room and looked to me like he wanted to get a peek... Pervert!

Also the doctor had some silly comments to it.

Otherwise - their equipment is very new, the chairs are very comfortable, receptionist extremely nice, nurses nice and very helpful. My verdict - I will not go back there.

I will go back abroad where we seemed to be more lucky.

DontCallMeDaughter Thu 28-Nov-13 20:47:58

I donated eggs there, thought they were very knowledgable and supportive. I chose not to find out the outcome of my donation so can't comment on their success rates!

amazonka Thu 28-Nov-13 21:05:17

These 2 clinics got me pregnant, this clinic not( city-fertility)! In my head is going a lot at the moment and I cannot stop crying. I even thought ( I know that it is crazy ) whether the embryo was really alive when they put it in me... I was pregnant 3 times in raw, I had very nice embryo frozen - I cannot still believe that I am not pregnant. I do not know how long it takes me to get over it. DonCallMeDaughter - how do you feel about other people having your children? I could not do that... I am sure that quite few parents will be very greatful to you...

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