who has got family stranded by the volcanic ash?

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MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:03:37

me ! easy jet have cancelled return flight

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:05:31

anyone else?

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 09:08:29

Anyone got family stranded in Geneva?

If so, let me know and they can come around here for coffee.

dizzydixies Thu 15-Apr-10 09:10:26

MmeLindt - I soooooooooooo wish I was envygrin but alas no! I had almost booked flights to Spain for the weekend for a family christening, thank feck I didn't as I could ill afford them in the first place AND no way ryanair would have been refunded hmm

hope nobody in a really sticky situation

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:10:58

mine staying another day i think .

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:07

We have MIL supposedly leaving tomorrow. I am watching with bated breath.

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:45



is dh BLOWING it away outside?

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:46

am hoping Dh is stranded in UK (where I am also)

When was your flight MrsShu?

Are they cancelling late afternoon ones yet?

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:13:26

shit yes - was late afternoon one

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 09:14:29

Hope your MIL gets away tomorrow.

The chaos is going to be huuuuge.

And no one to blame, what will the DM do?

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:14:55

Dh of course thinks he will unaffected!

(He also thinks that he does not need to factor in time for travel between home and airport - he may have a tardis rather than a car!)

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:16:47

i think its casued by immigrants and i can see diana s face in it

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 15-Apr-10 09:17:13

Dm will blame Iceland. After all, its their stupid volcano that is causing the problem! We could bill them for it too.

Add it onto the bill for our banking failures!

I am due to fly out on a long- awaited weekend trip with my best friend tomorrow. I soooo hope the flights begin again <fingers crossed>.

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:18:27

Karma for not paying debts wink

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:18:49

they wont as it will affect all their positioning.

TheShriekingHarpy Thu 15-Apr-10 09:20:26

My MIL is meant to be arriving tomorrow so I'm really hoping that this will not impact too greatly on her flight. (however probably wishful thinking) Apparently the European safety body, Eurocontrol, has reported that the cloud of ash has ascended to 55,000 ft and its predicted that it will move through Scotland and (I think) northern England by 1300h. Its suspected that the ash will have dissipated by the time it reaches the Netherlands and Belgium...so heres hoping.

M32song Thu 15-Apr-10 09:21:49

eek - Sister's wedding on Sat and parents are supposed to be flying in from Scotland. Bugger.

startagain Thu 15-Apr-10 09:22:37

sister's flight from manchester to london cancelled, she is now on a train trying to get to heathrow for flight at 3pm to US

M32song Thu 15-Apr-10 09:22:54

grin 'Diana's face in it'

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 09:23:22

Can't see this clearing up for at least a few days. I mean, that cloud can't dissipate just like that. And the knock-on effects will be massive - all the planes in the wrong places.

We have friends due home today from Prague who are due to be collecting their son and my DS from a PGL centre. Better make arrangements for me to go instead...

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 09:24:43

Oops, just x-posted with harpie. Hope you're right and I'm wrong.

Fliight Thu 15-Apr-10 09:24:52

I have a friend in Rejkjavik

Hope she is Ok.

LIZS Thu 15-Apr-10 09:29:42

dh due to fly this am for a day trip and got up early all for nothing ! Has had to go into the office instead.

RunawayWife Thu 15-Apr-10 09:37:26

Mum and sister are flying to Turkey today from Gatwick sad it is madness.
I really hope they get to go.

smallorange Thu 15-Apr-10 09:41:59

We are stranded in London supposed to be flying back to Glasgow this morning. Got kids up at 4.10am, got to Gatwick at 6.30am only to bectols nothing will be flying today. Gov only allowing 30 flights to leave from the whole of the UK.

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 10:01:35

Just checked the airport arrivals and departures boards, and there are a fair few that still seem to be intending to fly. Not internal flights or to Scandinavia, but long-haul. More than 30, anyway. Unless they're just being optimistic.

Dh is stranded in Dusseldorf - he's booked into a hotel for tonight, and will be making his way home by rail tomorrow. This is a mixed blessing - it means dh will not be home tonight, but it does mean I will get the bed all to myself tonight. Yippee!

Luckily the family ds1 was staying with in Essex spotted the news early, and kicked him out of the house to get a train into London, and he's on the train back to Glasgow now.

I gather from the news that Glasgow airport is one of the ones closed by the ash cloud, but we live only 10 minutes drive from Glasgow airport, and it is bright and sunny here - very few clouds at all, let alone ash clouds. Most perplexing.

I hope people manage to get their travel plans sorted out.

smallorange Thu 15-Apr-10 10:04:51

Easyjet just told us to go home, nothing doing today. It may be that airlines are hedging bets on situation changing this afternoon. They said nothing would be landing at gatwick today.

We rebooked tomorrow morning.

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 10:06:46

I used to live in Düsseldorf. FAB city. Tell him to go to the Medienhafen if he has not been already.

And have lunch in Vapiano in the town.

Poledra Thu 15-Apr-10 10:08:22

SDTG - the ash cloud is between 6 and 12 km up in the atmosphere, so you can't see it. Still buggers up the planes' engines though.

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 10:12:44

All London airports closed from midday, according to NATS (Sky News)

dizzydixies Thu 15-Apr-10 10:16:56

more to the point, how do we order one of these clouds?? my PIL are due to visit next month and I could really do without the hassle blush

Thankyou Poledra and MmeLindt. Dh is in Dusseldorf for work, so he's gone and organised some more work to do today - madness, when the Medienhafen and Vapiano sound so much better, but that's dh for you.

I did wonder if the ash cloud would cause any odd colouration in the sky, but it appears not.

As dh said when I spoke to him, the UK appears to be closed today. Sad for people whose travel plans are getting mucked up. sad

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 10:30:45

Silly man, SDTG. Vapiano is in the centre of town, very delicious fast food. So won't take him long. He MUST go for me. I miss it so much. Just saw on their website that they are in Switzerland and UK now too.

wannaBe Thu 15-Apr-10 10:36:54

no flights out of the UK from 12:00 this afternoon until at least 6 pm.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 15-Apr-10 10:41:54

DH is due to return from paris to manchester this evening. Is this cloud moving and clearing or what? But even if its clear by then doubtless things will all be buggered up.

herbietea Thu 15-Apr-10 10:48:27

PIL were supposed to go to Lanarote this afternoon.

Never mind, MIL always moans she hates the sun/heat when she gets back, so she's been saved from a horrible time!grin

Hassled Thu 15-Apr-10 10:50:26

Yes - DH has been in Paris - was due home this evening. Might manage the Erurostar but that's going to be v.busy.

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 12:03:38

The Eurostar is bound to be packed all day.

Jacaqueen Thu 15-Apr-10 12:30:21

I think this is going to cause huge disruption for several days. Apparently the cloud is getting bigger the further south it travels and the original source in Iceland is still pumping out ash so it could all go on for some time.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 15-Apr-10 13:19:59

I just managed to book DH a eurostar ticket...for saturday morning. All the earlier times which came up as not sold out turned out to be unavailable once you got further through the online booking.
Fortunately the hotel he stayed in still had rooms. Hassled, you'd better see if your DH has a contingency plan...

ihearttc Thu 15-Apr-10 13:25:31

DH is in Kenya with work and is supposed to be coming home early hours tomorrow morning but am presuming the plane that he is supposed to be getting on won't actually be leaving Heathrow tonight...if that makes any sense at all?

He's managed to book into his hotel for another night just in case but am not holding out much hope of him gettig back tomorrow!

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 14:02:06

Just realised that our friend is supposed to be coming over for the weekend from Dublin tomorrow and the airport there is closed too, until 8pm tonight. Will have to wait and see if she gets out tomorrow.

Bum, really been looking forward to seeing her.

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 15:54:56

My friend's son is stuck in Lanzarote on a school trip. Who'd swap places with those teachers, trying to sort that one out?

RunawayWife Thu 15-Apr-10 16:18:22

mum and sis have not been able to go on their holiday sad Thomas Cook seem to be in turmoil.

Feel so so sorry for everyone unable to have their holiday and for everyone stranded

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 15-Apr-10 16:24:02

Any teachers stuck overseas with a large number of annoying teenagers win the sympathy sweepstakes handsdown,

RunawayWife Thu 15-Apr-10 17:13:58

Now TC rang mum and said DO NOT GO TO THE AIRPORT, but the Gatwick site says flight is going out at 7.30pm but EVERYTHING else says it is not. AAArrrgggghhhh

thereistheball Thu 15-Apr-10 17:14:46

I am devastated about this. Me and four friends, who have been close for 15+ years but who live in Chicago, Paris and the south of France so hardly ever see each other, were planning to leave husbands and children at home while we convened in London for a weekend of catching up over long lunches, shopping, and late nights drinking cocktails. sad sad sad

Batteryhuman Thu 15-Apr-10 17:17:00

My Mum is due back from visiting my brother in Melbourne tomorrow morning. Her flight is delayed by 12 hours and is scheduled to land at 5.30pm. She is 80 and stuck in Singapore airport. I hope they are looking after her.

pigleychez Thu 15-Apr-10 17:17:08

Took my parents to the airport at 6am this morning for thier holiday, only to be told it was cancelled. They were transfered to another flight at 4 this afternoon, but managed to squeeze on with a different carrier and left at 8.50am. Good job too as the 4pm one would be going nowhere!

Mum said that Gatwick was crazy manic this morning!

Seems nothing will be flying till at least 7.00 am tomorow now. If then.

for anyone with family stuck anywhere.

rosieposey Thu 15-Apr-10 17:30:39

My sister who lives in Germany got on the very last flight that left Dusseldorf this morning and touched down in the UK just after 11am, she said the airports are nuts both ends. Sorry for anyone who has family stuck

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Thu 15-Apr-10 17:47:58

I am stuck in Singapore (Brisbane to London). No hotels left in the city. Am here for at least another 14 hours. Have been here for 4 already. Oh joy!

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Thu 15-Apr-10 17:51:09

batteryhuman - if you know where your mum is I can go find her and say hi. I have hours to kill.

CaurnieBred Thu 15-Apr-10 17:53:25

Friends stuck in Portugal - can't get flight back until Tuesday! Could be worse places to be stuck I suppose! I wonder if insurance will cover them??

Mytholmroyd Thu 15-Apr-10 17:53:27

BIL stuck in the States trying to get back to UK for MIL's funeral on Monday flight cancelled sad Hope the backlog clears okay for everyone. Fingers crossed it doesnt erupt again.

wannaBe Thu 15-Apr-10 17:58:16

NATS are saying that they cannot see this changing in the foreseeable future.


It's a nightmare for anyone stranded anywhere - we flew back from Dubai on Tuesday and had made friends out there who were due to fly home tomorrow - God knows how long they'll be stranded out there and where they'll end up staying while it's sorted out.

But as horrendous as it is, if I was due to fly I'd far rather be stranded than risk flying on an aeroplane being stalled by ash.

pranma Thu 15-Apr-10 18:08:15

I am supposed to fly from Manchester to Turkey on Saturday morning.My ds lives there and it is a special trip to celebrate his 40th birthday on Saturday.It is still 36 hours so I am hoping for the best.

ClaireOB Thu 15-Apr-10 18:08:48

DH stuck in Munich tonight, has managed to get place on trains Munich-Brussels then Eurostar from Brussels tomorrow night.

ihearttc Thu 15-Apr-10 18:10:28

crikey your poor mum batteryhuman-I really hope she is ok.

The irony of this whole thing for my DH is as I said he's in Kenya for work...he works for Aviation Insurance. He doesn't deal with big companies such as BA etc but smaller corparate jets but the rest of his company does.

He's managed to get the hotel for another night (he was supposed to be leaving early hours in the morning) but have just e-mailed him and told him to try another night as well cause can't see this clearing at any point soon. He's in a hotel in the middle of Nairobi and all he has got with him are several suits and shirts because he's been in meetings all week...have a feeling he might need to go and get some shorts!

I completely agree wannabe-I really want him home but would much rather him be stranded than fly. Having seen Aircrash Investigation I know what Volcano Ash can do to an engine...very scary and you can't see it on any radar.

DP stuck in Egypt sad He's been away all week and the dc were really excited that they were going to see him tomorrow.

Am sticking my fingers in my ears and saying "lalalala I can't hear you" when it comes to all these predictions of it lasting for days.

Littlefish Thu 15-Apr-10 18:15:00

DH is stuck in Shanghai. He was due home about now sad.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 15-Apr-10 18:24:38

Dh in Paris. He thinks he's got a seat on Eurostar but says he won't believe it until he's sitting down on it and the train goes. Airport, Gare du Nord, and public transport between all very chaotic apparently.

cecinestpasunepipe Thu 15-Apr-10 18:33:17

my daughter and boyfriend stranded in Italy -she has just phoned me to tell me she has had her handbag pinched too!! Also DH's nephew nad young family stranded at Gatwick en route from home in Serbia to Canada.

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 18:44:45

My friends have managed to get on a coach back from Prague. Lucky in a way, but they face an 18 hour trip! Don't envy them that.

RunawayWife Thu 15-Apr-10 18:50:35

My 9 year old DS was begging my mum not to go if they let the flights go he was so worried about it poor love sad

Wordsonascreen Thu 15-Apr-10 18:53:08

dh is in Dubai and due back this afternoon

Hopes to be back tomorrow but hes now on a impromptu Jolly boys brunch outing so it may take a few weeks.

2shoes Thu 15-Apr-10 18:56:21

i think MABS is stuk somewhere

Sympathies to those held up but this will all be okay tomorrow I'm sure.

I blame Sportacus from Lazy Town! angry


I don't know if it will all be okay tomorrow- the authority responsible for British airspace has said it's extremely unlikely that things will reopen at 7am and that unlikely that things will clear up "in the foreseeable future" on the BBC just now sad

Yes. Sportacus. Pah grin

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 19:54:16

parents didnt take a credit card fgs

brother incandescent

feedthegoat Thu 15-Apr-10 19:58:50

I don't know yet.

My brothers dsd (10) has gone back to Poland to stay with her grandparents. Her Grandad is meant to be flying back with her on sunday ready for school restarting on monday. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

PestoMonster Thu 15-Apr-10 19:59:46

Yeah, MABS is stuck sunbathing for an extra 3 days in the Middle East.

kid Thu 15-Apr-10 20:00:08

A friend of mine is stuck in the Canary Islands, she was due to fly home tonight. They have told offered her an alternative flight, on the 29th April! What a joke. She has to pay for accommadation as apparently, its not covered on the insurance.

Anyone with any advice? Think she is going to try and get to Mainland Spain and find an alternative route home from there.

mrsfred Thu 15-Apr-10 20:08:26

DH is due back from Hong Kong tomorrow night and has already been told his flight won't be leaving. DD's will be very disappointed - he's been away over a week sad

Carameli Thu 15-Apr-10 20:29:32

Just to add to all this, my sister is there on honeymoon! So as you can imagine jokes about the 'earth moving' are flying around Facebook;)

My little sis stuck in Geneva (ha! Mme Lindt) Does have accom though.

jenster1976 Thu 15-Apr-10 20:40:30

DH stuck in Europe, was in Luxembourg but has got as far as Brussels tonight and decided to stick there as isn't able to get on a ferry from Calais until Saturday, bang goes our weekend plan

My husband is stranded in Las Vegas. He was due home on Saturday after a week away on business and I don't know when he'll be able to get back. I am so upset I've been desperate for him to come home!

SoMuchToBits Thu 15-Apr-10 21:46:52

My sister is stuck in Madrid. She had been over for a few days working in Zaragoza, and was due to fly back from Madrid today. Fortunately she has found some accommodation, and has spare clothes, a laptop, internet access and a mobile phone.

I also have friends who are currently on holiday in Iceland. They went out there on Sunday for a week. Expect they are having an exciting time!

BabyGiraffes Thu 15-Apr-10 22:04:58

Yah, my mum is stranded with me... ;-) Went all the way to Stansted early this morning and found out on arrival that all flights had been cancelled.
Well, could be worse.
Rebooked for Saturday, fingers crossed (not that I want to get rid of her but my dad has been all on his own for two weeks and is desperate to have her back)

everythingiseverything Thu 15-Apr-10 22:56:02

My DH is stranded in Las Vegas with work so they are funding extra expenses. I am therefore stranded alone with a toddler for another 24 hours at least!

everythingiseverything Thu 15-Apr-10 22:56:38

Hey, DaydreamDolly Does your DH work in TV?

andiem Thu 15-Apr-10 23:03:18

my dh is stranded in vegas as well at the big broadcast exhibition. I am royally f**ked as I am working saturday night and he has told me he probably won't get on a flight till tuesday now

everythingiseverything Thu 15-Apr-10 23:07:53

That's where my DH is andiem shock at Tuesday shock. Ericsson have booked the hotels for Saturday night, so 2 nights extra.

andiem Thu 15-Apr-10 23:14:56

well the guys who should have flown today have been told monday dh was due to fly tomorrow so that equates to tuesday
I am a bit peed off with him as well as he said oh we've been looking at the snow reports and we might go skiing. Meanwhile I am at home trying to organise my mum to look after dcs on sat night and sunday and a sitter for sunday evening as I have to go into work on sunday evening.
I know it's not his fault but I have been on my own with the dcs for nearly 2 weeks now and trying to balance it all is taking its toll grin

wannaBe Thu 15-Apr-10 23:16:50

imo it's worse if you're stuck abroad. At least if you're stuck here you can go home, if you're stuck abroad you're left looking for accommodation which is probably few and far between as you'll be competing with the other hundreds of thousands of europeans doing the same and with probably no insurance to pay for it.

There will be no flights in or out until at least 13:00 tomorrow and according to the news the eruption is intensifying so no let-up in sight.

Quattrocento Thu 15-Apr-10 23:23:18

Am in Frankfurt. I don't know quite how long I am going to be in Frankfurt. I was going to fly back today. Think I'll be able to get back tomorrow though.

andiem Thu 15-Apr-10 23:23:57

you could go skiing quattro grin

everythingiseverything Thu 15-Apr-10 23:25:23

Can you get the train Quattro?

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Thu 15-Apr-10 23:27:44

Quattro - I sympathise. Frankfurt is the most boring airport ever!

GrimmaTheNome Thu 15-Apr-10 23:30:41

DH reported after having dinner in Paris that he'd never seen so many lone diners before.

Not sure if you'll be in luck tomorrow Quattro - think theres lots of cancellations already on the boards and AFAIK eurostar is full.

Am in Dublin and due to fly back to Budapest tomorrow. May well be here for a few more days though. Need to do some washing tomorrow if we are stuck. Or more shopping. That could work too.

chipmonkey Thu 15-Apr-10 23:39:43

I would go with the shopping Buda! You could pop over to me in Blanch!grin

ladylush Thu 15-Apr-10 23:40:24

Sorry for everyone who is stranded sad

But did anyone see the stupid man on tv who said he couldn't understand why the volcano was affecting flights since it's ground level grin

brockyg Thu 15-Apr-10 23:42:53

DH stuck in the states, bang goes my night out tomorrow (only school auction so will save all that money would have spent on things don't need), bang goes our night out on sat at the theatre (my valentine's gift to him). He can't get another flight until tuesday, unless his secretary pulls her finger out and finds something better tomoz.

brockyg Thu 15-Apr-10 23:44:30

BTW anyone catch Mr Volcano on the One Show, with his home made volcano? The most bizarre thing I've seen on tv for a while, he even had a special T-shirt with "Mr Volcano" on it. Where do these people come from and what would they be doing otherwise?

maggotts Thu 15-Apr-10 23:46:07

DD1 (13) stuck in Rome on school trip. Ironic really as purpose of trip was to see Pompeii etc. Really really want her back home now. V. upset at news that it may go on for days yet. V. worried at the flight itself.

Just want her here safe with me!

I know this is the most awful pita and will be distressing and expensive and all round annoying BUT it is just travel plans that are being wrecked. I know that means people are missing really important things BUT all our loved ones are safe. Nobody is in danger, nobody has died - and if it wasn't for the effective observation and tracking that we now have the benefit of - well that wouldn't be the case. Volcanic ash destroys plane engines. I know lots of you are having a nightmare with this - but lets all try and be a tiny bit grateful that we're inconvenienced not harmed.

I hope everybody gets home soon.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 15-Apr-10 23:55:31

True enough - heard the pilot on the radio who'd been through undetected ash some years ago and had all 4 engines conk. Glided a heck of a long way before fortunately managed to restart.

Chrissierm Fri 16-Apr-10 00:01:11

Dh stuck in Norway and will miss son's 9th birthday party. sad

Runoutofideas Fri 16-Apr-10 04:14:50

We're supposed to be flying back from Thailand to Stansted on Monday - any more news on how long this is going to affect things for? We have limited access to news out here in remote Krabi.... I suppose there are worse places to be stuck!

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Fri 16-Apr-10 04:22:49

Well we had an update. No flights out of Singapore for at least 36 hours. I presume that is the same for everyone heading to the UK.

GuardianMummy Fri 16-Apr-10 05:03:17

Well, my sister and her children are stuck here with us in Dubai. Luckily, they are staying with us as the flight offered by Virgin for today's cancelled one was originally on Saturday 24th - yes, 8 days later and no obligation to offer accommodation help etc! Anyway - have managed to get booked onto Tuesday's flight (fingers crossed!) which is an improvement on the following Saturday!

Still - not certain that Tuesday will even happen but hopeful for their sake as boys missing their daddy now I think

canella Fri 16-Apr-10 06:46:10

my dh very rarely goes away but he had to pick these few days to go to a conference in Athens! we dont even live in the UK (we're in Germany) but i've just looked on the airport website and the first flight of the day from athens is cancelled!! and he's on the last flight of the day!!

fingers crossed his flight goes everyone - i'm home alone with 3 kids!!

Yes my DH is in broadcasting sales, looks like there's a few of us Vegas widows on here!

TheShriekingHarpy Fri 16-Apr-10 07:14:26

No flights from Edinburgh until 7pm at the earliest. Although given its been suggested that it will take between 24-36 hours for the ash to drift over the UK, I'm skeptical.

Will have to break it to DD that Gran isn't coming today. sad

Fingers crossed for everyone affected.

macdoodle Fri 16-Apr-10 07:29:02

Bugger, XH due home sat night supposed to have the DD's sunday, was so desperately looking forward to a break, seems unlikely now

I know that it is better that people are stranded rather than flying in dangerous conditions.

I know that we are lucky as everyone is safe, even if they're not where they should be.

I know there are people in worse situations in millions of different ways.

But you know what, I still feel sorry for my dc and for myself and for my DP who is stuck in Cairo having been away all week. I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling sad, disappointed (for all of us) and upset for us all and our situation. Especially now I'm hearing about people waiting til Tuesday shock. I've never looked after the dc by myself for so long!

wrinklyraisin Fri 16-Apr-10 07:51:42

My boss is stranded in the USA so I'm left literally holding her baby til she can come home she is devastated as she's already been away a week and misses her little muffin soooo much and there's nothing she can do to get home til at least Monday. Although now they are saying to her that she might not get on a flight til Thursday as there's so many people waiting to leave nyc. I'm so sad for her and definitely not charging my proxy parenting rates this weekend. Its bad enough she can't get home to her baby.

TheShriekingHarpy Fri 16-Apr-10 07:56:45

Tis human nature and therefore perfectly understandable Norkily. Don't feel guilty.

We're in Switzerland and my MIL had a flight scheduled for this morning. She was coming over here for DD birthday on the 20th....

The airlines are inundated with calls. My MIL commented that she's unable to get through to a representative to re-schedule her flight.

Norkily I feel sorry for us all too

wrinkly raison

That's darn nice of you. Presume you are childminder - have a good weekend

clam Fri 16-Apr-10 08:15:17

Every cloud, eh? So, are there any silver linings out there?
Who is secretly relieved that they or a -_mil-- loved one is unable to fly?

wrinklyraisin Fri 16-Apr-10 08:15:38

Am a nanny mumble. Was looking forward to this weekend off as I get so little time off generally. But at least I am "home" and in my own bed etc. My poor boss is so upset she was in tears last night

TheShriekingHarpy Fri 16-Apr-10 08:19:04

Clam, I'm in the minority, in that I <whispers> get on relatively well with my MIL. wink Tis odd I know.

M78 Fri 16-Apr-10 08:31:37

I am in Italy with DD1 and DD2, DH was supposed to fly out today from London, I was looking forward to seeing him so much after 10 long days, especially as he normally gets up with DD2 at 5.30am and lets me sleep!!!

CaveMum Fri 16-Apr-10 08:32:02

They've just announced that the restrictions will be extended till 1am tomorrow at the earliest.

My thoughts are with those troops who are due to come home for their R&R (rest & relaxation) over the next few days. They only get 1 or 2 weeks break at home and the military cannot extend their leave to allow for this sort of thing. If they spend 2 or 3 days stuck in Kandahar airport it still counts as part of their leave.

MrsShu Fri 16-Apr-10 08:36:47

parents and brother still in rome.
dad need to have this op next week

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 08:42:23

Friend's flight from Dublin cancelled. She will probably not make it over at all this weekend.

And I had gone to the bother or arranging a sleepover for the DC so we could go out tonight with her and other friends.

Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.

Are they going to drive home? I hope your Dad gets home in time for his op.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 16-Apr-10 08:43:00

MIl is returning by train tomorrow as FIL can't be left by himself for extended periods of time.

No idea what to do. Flight still showing as departing on time on website. Not announcing any updates here till 11. Sunday's flight now full. Think i will just change till Monday anyway so we at least know what we are doing.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 09:00:06

You are flying from Dublin aren't you? Friend should be on the 12pm flight and has been told not to go to the airport, even thought they are goign to make an announcement at 11am.


it was my fault for arranging a sleepover for the DC. I jinxed Iceland

MmeLindt - can't believe you jinxed Iceland. For goodness sake wink

Sigh, is so rubbish for everyone affected isn't it. Girls are very tearful this morning because daddy should have been home and I'm finding it hard to jolly along as I'm just thinking "gah another few days by myself... eek..." <pathetic wimp>

rubyrubyruby Fri 16-Apr-10 09:04:22

Iceland have got a lot to answer for recently ..................

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 09:07:24

Just noticed that I turned MrsShu into a German MrsSchu.

Or should that be FrauSchu?

Yes MMeLindt - am in Dublin.

Your fault is it??? Fine by me!

There are 2 Vapianos in Budapest btw!

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 09:21:02

Oh, I have always wanted to visit Budapest. Now I know they have Vapianos...

Whose sis was stranded in Geneva? I have forgotten. Give me a shout if she needs anything, have nothing to do this weekend. <sob>

Annnnd. They have closed several German airports, might be that Munich will be next. Which means that DH might not get there on Sunday.

Norkily - I wasn't saying you shouldn't feel sad about it. It is dreadful - just not the worst thing that could ever happen.

Anyway - you alone with those bairns - what ages are they? Any particular flashpoints in the day you need strategies to cope with?

Miggsie Fri 16-Apr-10 09:39:29

DH is stuck in the USA.
DD is inconsolable she wanted him home at the time specified...

Right - all those of you with upset children - how about making your own volcano? That should distract and inform them grin

Lol at own volcano - I can imagine they would love it but they are 23 months and 3.2 so I'm not willing to brave the mess! I'm just a wimp at parenting alone (with all necessary caveats that obviously I realise some people have more children/no partner/etc) and was so proud to have managed 5 days grin

I don't think anyone was saying that it's the worst thing that could ever happen, were they? I think we do all have it in perspective but it doesn't mean we're not disappointed, that's all I was trying to say smile

DD1 is fascinated with volcanos now and has been looking at picture out of one of our books and looking at pictures on the BBC site grin She's happier now she realises DP isn't anywhere near the actual volcano too.

Oh bless her - I suppose 'Daddy can't come home because of a volcano' does sound jolly scary!

Respect to you with 2 toddlers on your hands as well grin

If you haven't done this already how about a trip to a farm/fields to look at lambs - lots of cute ones around at the moment. I think the key to managing is to get out of the house as much as possible! Have you got any mates you can rope in for a bit of support - you must be exhausted!

delilahbelle Fri 16-Apr-10 10:12:44

Smugness here - I was in Paris yesterday with DH.

We met a very nice person in an information queque, got talking, and ended up sharing a hire car to Calais. Just made the 15.25 ferry, picked up a another hire car the other end and got home by 10pm. Very smooth journey with hardly any problems, even the traffic round the M25 was OK.

On the negative side, we were about 6 hours late and it cost us around £500 between the three of us... there goes my birthday party next month

Has anyone heard anything about the likelyhood of getting refunds?

BlauerEngel Fri 16-Apr-10 10:24:52

All the airports in northern Germany are closed, so my flight to Mannheim has been zapped. Not a disaster, grand total lost is 65 euros for a non-refundable hotel room, but still massively annoying. It must be so much worse for those people who can't make it to life-saving operations or to see dying relatives one last time (to take some extreme examples).

What did peeve me was the lack of coordination with the airport hotline and website. On the radio this morning we heard the press spokesman saying the airport was definitely shut until midday (looking likely to be all day now), but when we phoned the airport info - because our airline wasn't answering the phone - we were told the flight hadn't officially been cancelled and we had to turn up anyway. What a waste of time that was. No option of going by train - the news from the station was 'don't even try turning up if you don't have a ticket already'

I suggest a group action against Iceland for failing to keep its natural catastrophe under control within national borders. Now that would really bankrupt them...

Thinking of all of you who have relatives stranded in weird places, hoping they all get home soon.

Just a thought, but we paid for that non-refundable hotel room by Visa. Is there any chance the Visa insurance will kick in, or are acts of god excluded?

GrimmaTheNome Fri 16-Apr-10 10:30:08

Well done Delilah! I rather suspect that the hire cars etc will be harder to get hold of now people know they're not just going to hop on another flight today.

taffetacat Fri 16-Apr-10 10:32:06

Norkily - if you have a sandpit, some sand, water and a bowl you can make a volcano in that. No mess indoors then.

Do either of them have any toy planes? Maybe make an airport.

I called Eurostar and although the automated line says all trains booked, I spoke to someone and managed to get tickets from Lille to London this afternoon if that helps anyone?

prettybird Fri 16-Apr-10 10:51:30

Spooky picture of the craters.

But no-one can seriously blame the Icelanders for a natural phenomenom like this. I am hoping that those that have are just joking.

Well prettybird we have to blame someone! (Yes of COURSE they were joking!)

Flight def cancelled now and have rebooked for Monday. DS very happy to be missing school!

Have out a load of washing on and made plans with my sister to take children to park this afternoon.

Bumba Fri 16-Apr-10 10:57:53

Hello There

I'm a journalist at Rock FM in the Northwest. We are trying to get hold of anyone who is stranded abroad or at home due to the volcanic ash situation.

Please call me for a quick phone interview.

mobile 07960 003844


rubyrubyruby Fri 16-Apr-10 10:58:18

prettybird - yes, ofcourse I was joking.

.......... but the bank crisis hmm grin

wannaBe Fri 16-Apr-10 10:58:52

someone emailed in to five live yesterday saying "Iceland, we said send cash, not ash." I had to grin at that.

There's been very little mention of whether insurance companies etc will cover this, probably because this is so unprecedented, but also because I imagine none of the companies wants to be the first to publically say that they won't.

Amapoleon Fri 16-Apr-10 10:59:38

I have a locum stranded who was flying out from UK to do a biopsy on my breast on Sunday!

rubyrubyruby Fri 16-Apr-10 11:01:01

My DS is stuck in Rome - hotel wants to charge 200euros a night shock. I don't know what to tell him really.

... can't get through to any helplines.

duchesse Fri 16-Apr-10 11:05:58

My friend's 14 yo is stuck in the Gambia with her classmates! Supposed to fly back today but looking v unlikely that they'll make it back before Sunday at the earliest...

I have our au pair's parents and sister staying with us me for at least a week as they can't get back to Germany today. The B&B they were in is fully booked out.
<RTL repeats mantra...It will be fine...It will be fine..>

Oblomov Fri 16-Apr-10 11:26:02

My brother is stuck in France. Was supposed to be taking both ds's to visit him in Brighton today. But has had to be re-arranged. Hope he gets home o.k. Got a text to say he is still there !!

FakePlasticTrees Fri 16-Apr-10 11:34:43

oh, DS's godmother is stuck in Moscow airport on her way back from china - it was only supposed to be a transfer so she doesn't have a visa for Russia and so can't even leave air side of the airport. sad

Looks like she's going to have to stay another night...

felicityFlick Fri 16-Apr-10 11:35:33

My Parents in law are stuck here in HK with me and dh. I was so looking forward to them leaving today- they've been with us for 2 and a half weeks already and I've had enough. sad

canella Fri 16-Apr-10 11:53:14

yip my dh is stuck in athens cause frankfurt airport is closed now!! i'm sure he's not really complaining - a nice weekend in athens!! its me thats complaining - i'm home alone with 3 kids!! (grrr!!)

Madascheese Fri 16-Apr-10 12:05:04

My DS (4 on Tuesday) is on a contact visit with his Dad in Holland. Was due to be back on Saturday for his birthday party on Sunday. Been away a week.
Am sad sad sad

ex isn't thoughtful enough to contact me with details of revised travel plans

Romanarama Fri 16-Apr-10 12:28:37

Well, I'm not stuck in an airport, but was supposed to be visiting friends in NYC tomorrow, and DH is already in North America and meeting me and kids there. It's starting to look like he'll be there without us. I and kids will be very disappointed, I don't much want to go for less than a week, considering the fatigue of travelling and jet lag with 3 dcs, but they're back at school on 26th, and dh back at work too. May have to rebook for later in the year or something. Also miss my dh!

MaureenMLove Fri 16-Apr-10 12:34:13

My DB & SIL and DH's DB and SIL are stuck in Florida.

DB's flight is supposed to depart at 9pm tonight, so he's might just be delayed, but DH's DB was supposed to be home yesterday.

I'm particularly pissed off that DB is stranded. It means potentially, I've got to do mothers birthday without him on Sunday! He's like a pig in shit, for that reason alone! grin

angel886 Fri 16-Apr-10 12:38:17

I was supposed to be flying to France today. I've had to re-book for next week instead.

MaureenMLove Fri 16-Apr-10 12:46:34

Ho hum. DB defo there for another 24hrs, he's just posted on Facebook that his flight is cancelled.

Horton Fri 16-Apr-10 12:47:00

Just heard my dad is stuck in the UK. He was meant to be going back to Guernsey yesterday.

My DH stuck in Miami on his way back from Venezula. He says he might not make it back till Sun night at the earliest. sad The kids know he was supposed to be home tonight and they'll be gutted.

for all of you affected.

MrsShu Fri 16-Apr-10 12:58:03


all now on overnight trains to paris on sat
can get ferry on sunday

Yes, Dp attempting to get to somewhere (anywhere) in mainland Europe and come overland but he says there are tales of hire cars running out, trains booked up and ferries are apparently hopeless too.


Thanks to all with suggestions for the kids. It's not that bad, we've been fine up to now but the weekend will be a bit of a drag without daddy and just with tired old, same old mum (at least they've actually been sleeping through the last couple of nights so could def be worse grin).

MrsShu Fri 16-Apr-10 13:15:18

on the p and o website it only seems tot ake bookings for mondy but if you do that then try earlier it takes you back

this is costinga fortune

have sister doing hotels
me doing ferry
them in the middle in party of 8

ok, so how about other ferries -


will post as get links up

in fact that brittany link gives several options

for those in southern europe could look at
p&o bilbao

Madascheese Fri 16-Apr-10 13:27:10

Hook of Holland - harwich is not happening. I tried last night thinking I could offer to go and fetch DS but there was nothing, even for a single foot passenger

In theory you can get all european booking from the Stena site (used to use it a lot to travel back and forwards to holland)

Sorry for everyone struggling , I hope you get sorted, I'm just sitting tight and waiting for my ex to get in touch, am trying hard to remember that this won't be stressfull for DS because he's with his Dad etc. Can't help feeling [very blue emoticon] though.

back later, hope that helps someone.

wrinklyraisin Fri 16-Apr-10 13:37:00

My boss has managed to get on a flight from NYC to Spain on Sunday I think, God knows how she'll get from there to here though!!!! What a bloomin nightmare...

DadInsteadofMum Fri 16-Apr-10 14:20:49

14 hours to get home yesterday from Northern Ireland: hire car; taxi; ferry; hire car; train; train; car.

<sneaky hug> for Madascheese.

p&o saying no bookings for foot passengers until monday.

posieparker Fri 16-Apr-10 14:26:43

My DH is flying to KL tomorrow and my mother is visting flying from HK....I don't hold out too much hope.

brittany ferry availability

sorry about garbled links earlier was waiting for emergency dentist appt and was feeling addled.

Madascheese Fri 16-Apr-10 14:39:33

Oh Feck according bbc likely to carry on through tomorrow.

*puts away birthday cake baking stuff

is sad

wants DS home*

Thanks Ohyoubadbadkitten

inveteratenamechanger Fri 16-Apr-10 14:40:07

Aw madascheese, feel very sorry for you. I know that feeling well when you can't wait to see DC again. Hope he'll get home soon.

Which ferry is that docks up in Scotland? Any good with that?

Or Hull?

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 14:51:16

Norlolkline is the one that goes to Rosyth near Edinburgh.

But I have to warn you that it is mega expensive.

We checked for summer and it was going to cost almost 1000eu for the return trip.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 14:52:14

We are sailing with DFDS from Amsterdam to Newcastle.

Madascheese Fri 16-Apr-10 14:52:19

I tried Hull first as it's closer to Derbyshire and that was even worse than Stena - this was last night so may have changed.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 14:53:47

DFDS say no delays, and have a number to call for info. Try them perhaps.

Amsterdam to Newcastle

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 14:55:35

Belgium to Scotland but they only sail three times a week so would imagine they are pretty full.

Zebrugge - Edinburgh

Madascheese Fri 16-Apr-10 14:58:47

Thank you for that, Just got to wait to see what my ex says he thinks is happening. Can't afford to book it and then cancel.

RunawayWife Fri 16-Apr-10 15:00:20

My mum and sister have managed to re-book for next week so hopefully it will be all clear by then

Ivykaty44 Fri 16-Apr-10 15:08:33


Wottknott Fri 16-Apr-10 15:18:39

I've posted (long) on this thread about what to do + flight refunds
HERE > Travel Insurance and Volcanic Ash

Pollyanna Fri 16-Apr-10 15:18:48

I am in Switzerland (with dh and dcs), supposed to be flying back on Monday, so hoping everything will be ok. We are worried the ash is heading south towards us.

All the other guests in the hotel were hoping to fly out tomorrow and they are in varying degrees of panic.

Dh has just rung to say he is back in the UK - he got a train to Brussels and managed to get a seat on a Eurostar. Now we have to wait and see if he can get on a train back to Glasgow tonight, or whether he'll come up on the sleeper or tomorrow depending on availability.

At least I've had my friend staying here with her son, so the dses have been entertained - and being older, they aren't too much of a problem anyway. My friend has just headed off southwards in her car, so I hope that the roads aren't hectic with traffic as people take to the roads instead of flying.

I do feel for all those who are stranded or whose arrangements or special occasions are being spoiled by all this.

thats good news DT

prettybird Fri 16-Apr-10 15:59:09

Three flights are due in from Kevlavik (Iceland grin) into Glasgow later this afternoon. People who were due to fly to London have been put on to these flights (as they are not normally full). They usually fly via Manchester (it's a trinagular route: Glasgow-Kevlavik-Manchester-Glasgow). it's a bit of a drastic way to get direct Kevlavik-Glasgow flights going again! wink

So transatlantic flights could start up again - going via, of all places, Iceland shock

LEMneedsaholiday Fri 16-Apr-10 16:01:19

Someone has told me that flights are likely to be grounded til NEXT saturday? Surely that can't be right??? My DD will be stuck in Malaga - im sure she will think that is a great lark!!!

LEM, the weather models do show a similar set up for the next week. however, small shifts in upper air wind patterns could keep us out of it for a bit (bit like in scotland at moment)
of course it also depends on the volcano.

I hope Iceland airport has plenty of good shopping grin

LEMneedsaholiday Fri 16-Apr-10 16:09:28

Thanks for that kitten - i'm bracing my bank balance for emergency cash bail out!

prettybird Fri 16-Apr-10 16:09:38

It does grin

Or if you have a longer wait, you could go to the Blue Lagoon, only 20 minutes from the airport, with plenty of shuttle buses to take you

rubyrubyruby Fri 16-Apr-10 16:10:35

DS was mesnt to fly home tonight.

BA have just re-booked him for Weds evening!

andiem Fri 16-Apr-10 16:18:06

dh was due to fly today and virgin have told him thursday is the earliest they can get him on a flight
he is then due to fly to cape town the following monday confused

Wottknott Fri 16-Apr-10 16:46:13

andiem, you could see if there is an alternative earlier flight (ie BA etc) that he can go on Virgin will give a full refund as the flight was cancelled and he chooses not to take their alternative. Will take 6 weeks to get refund.

Wottknott Fri 16-Apr-10 16:50:29

andiem - He would have to pay for the alternative himself and book it himself, but at least get the refund from Virgin later. New flight has two be purchased for both ways (ie as a return), if he only buys the outbound he won't be able to use the return section on the Virgin flight. Virgin will cancel both outbound and inbound. A no show on the outbound, automatically cancels the inbound. Does that make sense?

Littlefish Fri 16-Apr-10 17:00:20

DH is still stranded in Shanghai sad. He is hoping his flight will leave tomorrow morning, but he won't know for a few hours.

ClaireOB Fri 16-Apr-10 17:00:45

latest from DH is he won't now make the eurostar tonight from Brussels as German rail system completely overloaded, has been stuck in Cologne for 2 hours. No idea when he's going to make it back. They're thinking about trying to get a train to Calais...

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 17:04:53

if you are anywhere near Geneva, let me know if you need help in any way

Munich airport is apparently closed. No news yet on Switzerland

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 17:11:40
MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 17:14:45

DH probably driving to Munich with a colleague tomorrow.

What a nightmare.

DSs 1-3 and DH all stranded in Germany, ment to come home today, Ryanair will offer alternative flight in the next 30 days....hmm - useful, NOT!

They have booked a ferry to Newcastle tomorrow night, home (in Scotland) by Sunday lunchtime.

And there I was congratulating myself how well I had planned their flights to come back a couple of days before school started again to allow them to calm down get ready in plenty of time.


I find myself really frustrated that I cannot reasonably be angry with Ryanair as I am sure it was not them who made that vulcano go off, I don't think wink.

canella Fri 16-Apr-10 17:20:44

oh no - hope dh doesnt have to wait till next week for a flight back from athens - i'll be demented by then!! and he'll stink - he's only got clothes for 2 days with him!! nice excuse to buy himself some new stuff!

Pollyanna Fri 16-Apr-10 17:32:21

thanks Mmelindt - we are in saas fee but are flying out from Geneva on Monday. Really hoping things get back to normal by then!

dinasaw Fri 16-Apr-10 17:33:52

I've just seen on Twitter that Ryanair have said no flights until Monday 1pm. Ryanair website confirms this.


"Ryanair, today (Fri 16th April) confirmed that based on current meteorological forecasts, and the continuing emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere over Iceland, it has decided to cancel all scheduled flights to/from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Northern France, Northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic States until 1300hrs on Mon 19 April."

prettybird Fri 16-Apr-10 17:39:30

Green Light for Scottish flights

... confirming what I said earlier when I wrote about the 3 flights coming in to Glasgow from Iceland (whose internaitonal airport has styed open thorugh this!)

Portofino Fri 16-Apr-10 17:45:34

I'm 10 mins from Brussels airport and have a spare room if anyone is stuck.

Hassled Fri 16-Apr-10 17:48:13

DH managed to get a very late Eurostar from Paris last night - we still don't really understand how. He said the Gare du Nord was insane with the queues of people trying for a ticket. Anyway, he's back - sounds like he was very lucky.

Hassled Fri 16-Apr-10 17:49:49

PacificDogwood - I have no issue with blaming Michael O'Leary for the volcano . Somehow, he has to be behind it.

grin @ Hassled.

I was trying to be reasonable... but Michael O'Leary is a vulcano-exploding twunt - there you go! wink

I am trapped alone at home with 5 week old DS4; I need them to come back so somebody will speak to me, wail!
I. Am. Bored. Looking after new(ish) babies is so overrated...

Portofino Fri 16-Apr-10 17:57:53

If anyone is missing a Scottish dh, who had a meeting in Brussels yesterday, and is now on the over night ferry from Zeebrugge, and won't get home til tomorrow afternoon - I am very sorry for inconsiderately calling that meeting! I wasn't even very nice to him. blush I am feeling mean today......

Thanks for links to ferries. I am sat here trying to co-ordinate DH's return from Granada. I was meant to be joining him yesterday for first break away from DS since he was born 2 years ago. sad On the plus side, it's been raining a lot in Granada. <cackles>

So what does DH do? I suggested he take bus to Madrid (cheaper than train and a bit faster!) adn express train to Paris (big bucks, cheapest is Euros 166 for shared sleeper) and then train to ferry ports or maybe queue up in paree for a eurostar. But they're all booked up until monday. And if he doesn't book for monday now, I reckon he'll find them booked ahead for days when he gets there. confused

He and some other UK people at conference thuoght they might 'charter a coach' to drive to French ferry port. hmm Sounds a bit Italian Job to me.

Hassled Fri 16-Apr-10 18:51:57

Ferry from Bilbao? Sounds less hassle, and possibly cheaper.

lol reshape thats desperation at its most creative! perhaps they could hire a fishing boat instead grin

Is bilbao or santander not a useful option?

I think him setting off for Paris is a good aim, don't book further trains while you book him onto one of the ferries or eurostar for monday. That would give him Sunday to get from paris to the ferry port

jeananddolly Fri 16-Apr-10 18:53:21

I managed to get the last train to Paris last night and despite being told they were all booked up by SNCF, my travel agency etc, my husband managed to buy me a ticket yesterday afternoon to get a Eurostar to St. Pancras this morning.

Anyway, the carriage I was in had at least 6 spare seats in it, despite being told at Gare du Nord that all services were full. I suspect that some companies / parties were block buying and people found alternatives and not turning up but shocking that they were telling everyone all sold out - they could have at least had some sort of policy to use the spaces. Though to be fair not sure how this would be executed.

I really really feel for everybody affected. Two things though:

1) Clearly MN rocks at times like these with everyone pulling together.

2) I have an insane urge to whistle Colonel Bogey at the thought of everyone creatively making their way across Europe to return home.

OYBK - there is something quite gripping about it - and it's great for the ferry companies!

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 19:26:18

Thank God for my mum fretting, and calling me at 8 am this morning to find out if my DH was going to be affected (we live in Geneva, he's in Vienna). At that time, he wasn't, but i made him call the travel agency just in case and book a train ticket.

Now both Geneva and Vienna airports are closed, and although he faces a long and uncomfortable trip, he will hopefully be home tomorrow.

The travel agency told him that seats were being booked out before their very eyes, and he was lucky to get a seat at all.

Friend's DH is driving from Stockholm to London atm!

wrinklyraisin Fri 16-Apr-10 19:31:25

Just found out my boss has got a seat on a private jet with A listers tonight hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She won't tell me who though envy

Waswondering Fri 16-Apr-10 19:47:30

Chat in the office today - someone stuck in Norway needed to get back to Aberdeen - what to do: book a berth on a container ship!!! Will apparently get in at 4am tomorrow.

So that's another option!

ClaireOB Fri 16-Apr-10 20:07:47

DH now reached Brussels but too late for eurostar he was booked on and everything else gone. managed to get him a hotel room (no easy feat), now booked on coach/ferry Sunday night. Told he was lucky to get it 'so soon' as Eurolines & other companies now saying nothing until midweek. At least he's not having to do this trek with exhausted children in tow. I feel so sorry for families trying to get back from Easter break.

clam Fri 16-Apr-10 20:21:05

We've got a few members of (school) staff stuck in various parts of the globe. Plus kids. They're not the problem, but the teachers are!
Be prepared for some shuffling about once schools go back this week.

onebyoneNOTfourbyfour Fri 16-Apr-10 20:23:38

DP in RAF and stuck in Cyprus, me at home and 38+2 pregnant and really really wanting him home, NOW!!!

MaureenMLove Fri 16-Apr-10 20:26:42

I was just about to post a similar thing Clam! I'm the cover manager at a secondary school and so far I have had 3 calls today, from staff that won't be in on Monday.

Anyone know if the Italian airports are likely to close soon?

DP hoping to get to Milan tomorrow (though with all this talk of full trains/ferries, I'm not sure how long it will take him to cross Europe over land)

Sorry, just to be clear, he's hoping to get from Cairo to Milan (since it will be about a week before he can get to the UK from Cairo by plane apparently)

everythingiseverything Fri 16-Apr-10 20:37:34

Update from DH's travel office re flights back from Vegas is that they will be going Sunday, but frankly I'm not holding out much hope. So, another solo weekend with a toddler. I just hope he is back fro Wednesday, as we are travelling to Cornwall for a wedding. The bigger issue is that the GROOM for the wedding a week tomorrow is currently stuck in Los Angeles shock
A car pulled in to the drive today, and DS raced to the window shouting "Dada Dada!" sad

orienteerer Fri 16-Apr-10 20:37:56

DH's "delayed" flight (BA) just been changed to "cancelled"...heyho

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 20:40:51

Norkilychallenged, i just checked the italian press and they are saying that a closure of Milan's airport is "probable".


sophiaverloren Fri 16-Apr-10 20:46:14

Norkily - I am stranded in Milan. I'm unlikely to get anywhere on my booked flights tomorrow and can't imagine I'll get anything else quickly. I've been trying trains but they're all coming up full. Would your DP be interested in trying to get a car and drive up? i'm seriously considering it.


Thanks for checking MM. I've let DP know. Not sure what other options he has now. He narrowly missed out on a flight to Rome that would have been leaving around now so he's gutted.


TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 21:03:40

I am so, so sorry Norkily and Sophia.

There;s a couple of MNetters in Milan and Rome- if you guys need help, please shout on Little Italy

MaureenMLove Fri 16-Apr-10 21:08:04

Suspension in place until at least 1pm tomorrow now. Scotland and Northern Ireland is OK and some Manchester flights for a few hours at least, but NATS are advising it could be all out again at the next update. sad

li33i Fri 16-Apr-10 21:08:36

my husband and daddy to our baby son is stranded in Italy after visiting his parents :-( :-( when wil we see him again?? x

sophiaverloren Fri 16-Apr-10 21:10:24

Thanks MM. It could be far, far worse for me. I am on business so have access to loads of italioan speaking people who have been looking into options for me. Our London based travel agent and office travel coordinator are on my case (and others - I'm the only one here, but we are all over Europe), I've got a hotel...But if this continues I will take all the help I can get - I am feeling quite isolated and lonely and have shed a few tears today. Ridiculous I know!

Sophia - if DP even makes it to Milan I'll give him your email. He's travelling with 2 colleagues so they might be thinking of getting a car, but it's looking unlikely that they'll even manage to get to Milan.

So sorry you're stuck sad

MaureenMLove Fri 16-Apr-10 21:13:47

Aw Sophia, I can understand your tears. It's one thing being in another country, but quite another when you just can't get home from it. sad

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 21:15:37

Sophia, I am so sorry to hear this. Perhaps tomorrow morning you can cheer yourself up with a bit of shopping?

Sometimes desperate times call for, well, shallow measures. Good luck!

Sophia, it really is awful. I think DP is glad he's not by himself on this trip, as I'm sure it's very lonely for you. I'm feeling qutie tearful tonight myself I must say.

Let me know what's happening with Milan airport, his flight is unfortunatley not til the afternoon but if it looks like he will be getting there tomorrow I will give him your email (though hopefully you will manage to get a flight back before then - hopelessly optimistic but I do hope so)

sophia, I'm in Milan. Good think you have a hotel, as everything seems to be booked up for the salone del mobile.
Are you in central milan?

Portofino Fri 16-Apr-10 21:24:25

Just reposting that I am in Brussels and have a spare room. Just in case I can be of any practical use. ClairOB if your dh wants company/curry/beer tomorrow let me know!

I'm sorry Sophia. It sounds like you have a good team looking out for you. You'll get home soon I'm sure.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 21:31:59

I am just outside Geneva, if anyone needs a room for the night please let me know.

Lufthansa has a cooperation with German railways, Deutsche Bahn. You can exchange your plane ticket for a train ticket if your flight was cancelled. The trains are packed though.

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 21:43:12

Another one in Geneva, with a spare room

Dh stuck in Vienna, so if anyone fancies a swap... (BAD, BAD joke I know.. sorry).

Actually he's just texted me, he's on the train... next to about 30 teenagers on a school trip. He sounded suicidal, even by text. Still, i know he is among the lucky ones.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 21:45:54

Oh, your poor DH, MM but I am glad that he is on his way home.

prettybird Fri 16-Apr-10 21:48:03

I wonder if even the airports that have re-opened (like Glasgow) will stay open: live video.

BTW - 'cos it is live, if you are looking at this in a couple of hours it will be black and you won't see anything. At the moment, you can see spectacular billowing clouds of ash.

Apparently, at about 5pm (6pm our time) the Icelandic coastguard monitored ash clouds at 30,000 feet.

Littlefish Fri 16-Apr-10 21:50:42

Anyone in Shanghai? My poor dh is stuck in a hotel near the airport, slowly going mad. he's only got BBC news on the TV and they repeat the same thing every half an hour!

sophiaverloren Fri 16-Apr-10 21:55:41

Franca I'm in San Siro, and had strings pulled to stay in heavily booked Hotel Brun on thurs. I'm banking on the fact that they will not have an influx of people this weekend and therefore I am pretty much settling in!
I think I will most probably have to go shopping tomorrow, but alas my budget is more H&M than Armani - and I'm not thinking I can get away with this on expenses!!
Oh, and DH has just phoned to say that the French trains are on strike - anyone heard about this? So even working on the train idea seems fated.
Good thing I am learning Italian anyway - I should treat this weekend as total immersion!

DeirdreB Fri 16-Apr-10 22:12:57

MmeLindt My DH was stranded in Geneva - should have sent him round and you could have given him the lowdown on the place!! He's making herculean effort to get home, driven to Caen, long ferry to Portsmouth then train to Yorkshire and when he gets here he'll be handed three kids as have been on my own all week!!

Lindax Fri 16-Apr-10 22:24:19

mum and dad were in london for mum's annual checkup and scans at the Royal Free in Hammersmith and flight back was cancelled.

They got train from Euston to Glasgow today instead. They are in their mid 70's and the train was mobbed and not one person offered them a seat, dad ended up sitting on the floor in the aisle as he couldnt stand anymore angryangryangry (at able bodied people on train not ash clouds!)

So sorry for everyone set adrift by all of this, especially parents separated from young children. sad

DH just rang me from conference dinner in Granada to say that everyone is bored stupid about it as it's the only topic of conversation, full stop, but there is no new information so all discussions are circular. Think he's given up on the 'charter a coach' idea but is still thinking of hiring a car with some colleagues and hoping ferries available by the time they get there. I've suggested small fishing boat from Dunkirk/ grin Actually, given that we can cope here, I think he should stay 2 extra nights in hotel and then see if flights are back on.

merlin Fri 16-Apr-10 22:54:45

My sister, DP and DS are stuck in Portugal (worse places to be stranded I know!).

They were due to fly back to Heathrow tom. She has heard on the news out there that BA are putting people up in hotels. Anyone heard this?

Can't get through on various telephone numbers. No further info on their website either.

They are in a apartment and the owners have offered them another night for free but after that .... not sure. Hopefully the next occupants are unable to fly too so they can stay on for a bit!

elastamum Fri 16-Apr-10 22:56:17

My friend has just sent me a text to say they are stuck in St Lucia and wont be flown back until the middle of next week grin

Elastamum - aw, damn! grin

I know it's been asked before, but anyone heard anything about who you should apply to for compensation or refund? I have an unclaimed ticket to Spain and wonder if I should try Iberia Airlines for refund, or my direct line insurance.

Sophia, yes I'm told the French trains are on strike too.

There's plenty of things to do in Milan. I can suggest:
- a visit to villa necchi which is in via Mozart 12 (nr san babila tube station). It's stunning and the area is beautiful.
- a stroll in zona tortona (tube stop stazione di porta genova), which is very trendy and probably quite busy due to the salone del mobile
- Palazzo reale (by the Duomo) always has good exhibitions
- a stroll in the Brera area, the Pinacoteca (built by Napoleon) www.brera.beniculturali.it/ has several treasures.

Mondadori international in corso vittorio emanuele has lots of (overpriced) british newspapers/magazines and books.

There is also a very good zara in corso vittorio emanuele (and the rinascente is there too, but horribly expensive!)

BCBG Fri 16-Apr-10 23:07:42

sad DH is stuck in Antigua (sounds funny but its grey and raining) and the next flight isn't until Wednesday, but he's due in the States for a meeting next Friday so is now going to go straight there sad making over a fortnight away and youngest dc is missing him a lot....

I know others are in much more difficulty but I confess to being Fed Up

Au Pair's family have booked ferry from HArwich (5 hr drive) then onto Amsterdam, then hiring a car to their home in Germany, then back to airport to collect their car. God knows when they're going to get home.

Is anyone stuck in Glasgow, in need of tea, sympathy and a hot shower? All reasonable bribes accepted! grin

frumpygrumpy Fri 16-Apr-10 23:22:49

BCBG, similar here.......

Keep going x.

wrinklyraisin Sat 17-Apr-10 06:51:02

It seems even the rich and famous have yo listen to air traffic control. No flight. No mb home to her baby

And she lost her spot on tomorrows flight so Tuesday it is.

Am Fed Up too.

Joining the ranks of Officially Fed Up.

Sophia - sorry that DP won't be able to help you as his flight to Milan was cancelled (he and his colleagues were planning to hire a car and drive up to Brussels where they had booked a Eurostar seat for Monday so you could have joined them). It's a shame it's really too long a drive for one person sad

He has no idea now when he's going to get back. It could be a week, from what they are saying to him in Cairo sad

MamaGlee Sat 17-Apr-10 07:17:20

my poor mate is stuck in Mexico city

she's a teacher with 2 dc and a bastard ex

she got the chance to do a swap for 2 weeks and agonised over it, leaving the kids

she agreed, loved it and has been told that she can't get home until thursday, was supposed to be yesterday

so she's having THREE weeks asway from her girls and she's devastated

MamaGlee Sat 17-Apr-10 07:18:15

(teaching swap I mean)

Portofino Sat 17-Apr-10 07:28:44

My email is johallmn@gmail.com if anyone needs any Belgian assistance.

sophiaverloren Sat 17-Apr-10 07:34:01

Norkily - bad news. I'm not really sure what to do, to be honest. on Thursday I was all keen to try and see how far I got. Now I'm getting more resigned to staying - because as I mentioned, I am in a comfortable position. It seems a bit daft to start travelling across Europe with no knowledge of where I can get to or stay!

Franca (thank you!!) has given me a guide of what to do in Milan centre, I need to at the very least buy some pants today and I'm staying opposite the Harbour Club which I can access. I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for myself even at the moment!

HOWEVER - still up for overland route if anyone else lands up in northern Italy!!

Pavlov Sat 17-Apr-10 07:43:37

Not sure if mentioned yet - but last time this type of thing happened the dust cloud last for...20..years shock that would bugger up a few plans.

Hope people are finding some solutions to their immediate travel problems.

Pavlov - go and stand in the corner for saying that out loud on this thread angry shock wink

Sophia - I know what you mean, especially if it meant travelling by yourself. It's hard to know what to do for the best.

Pavlov Sat 17-Apr-10 07:53:36


<stands in corner with flannel to wipe away food being thrown>

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 07:54:03

update Switzerland

according to the geneva airport website:

Situation at 8:00 am, April 17, 2010 --- The Airport informs passengers that following a decision of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation, Swiss Airspace will be closed today April 17 until 08:00 pm. This closure is likely to be extended depending on the development of the volcanic ash.
Passengers should contact their airline and check flight status information for all destinations.

Next update on 17 April 5:00 pm.

My email is

mmelindt at g mail dot com

if anyone is stuck, or fancies a MN meetup to pass the time.

AnnDaloozier Sat 17-Apr-10 07:55:16

right db tkaing parents and ILs and his kids from ROme to paris
he arrives at station

they havent brought any food for train.


MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 07:56:27

<throws Swiss cheese - really smelly stuff - at Pavlov>

I normally chuck Swiss chocolate on MN bit you don't deserve that.

so for those in the know...
will my parents be able to fly back from Perth via KL due to arrive heathrow tuesday??

They've been away 6 wks and I'm missing them

Pavlov Sat 17-Apr-10 08:01:51

<eats cheese for breakfast>

Whispers - would it help if i have just read amended info that only say 1 year? wink.

Sorry, i do care. I do. In particular for those stranded away from their little ones, or with partners away from their little ones.

girls - tbh, looking at the weather pattern I have strong doubts. I'm sorry

Pollyanna Sat 17-Apr-10 08:07:02

hi there MmeL - we may be contacting you!

So, anyone know when the ash is likely to disperse? We have a flight booked on Monday evening from Geneva. I know this is a million dollar question but we are wondering when we need to think about booking the train home - there are (I think) spaces on Monday still but they won't be there for long.

To add to the pressure my boss has texted me and asked me to be in early on Tuesday. Not sure how much chance of that there is...

Pollyanna Sat 17-Apr-10 08:08:05

(other people in my hotel are leaving today on the coach - a mere 24hour journey - no way I am doing that with a 2 year old and 4 other dcs!!)

I would book the train home tbh
I would also stick my fingers up at your boss.

I have to say it doesn't look promising, girlsyearapart sad

Pavlov - keep improving those stats grin

I've decided that DP is going to have to effect a Round the World in 80 Days style cross-continent dash to get home using various types of transport. He's been talking about getting to Casablanca and then working his way up.

I'm fairly confident that even if he needs to walk it, he should be back in a year then. Just in time for the ash to clear wink

Right, get your thinking caps on everyone - what to do at the weekend when you have two bored toddlers to yourself and are used to relying on DP to keep them amused at weekends?

shock at your boss Pollyanna

I agree, book the train so you know you have the option, I think.

SherratonGirl Sat 17-Apr-10 08:12:34

We are stuck in Kuwait City, but Kuwait Airways have put us into the Sheraton with all the other stranded passengers, so at least we aren't stck in an airport. And it is a lovely hotel, but our bags are in transit still and we only have the clothes we came in AND I HAVE NO MAKE-UPsad

no I didn't think it looked too good either..

At least it gives dh more time to go get their car valeted.

Don't know what they're saying on the Oz news about it - Mum rang me yesterday in a tizz asking if we could all breathe ok and was everything covered in black ash hmm

Still better than most people's situations so I can't complain. (much)

pranma Sat 17-Apr-10 08:17:17

At least I am at home-still fretting about not getting to Turkey for son's 40th maybe I'll make his 50th instead

Wow, so many affected!
Not so D H stuck in Bucharest. Was supposed to be back tomorrow.
I'm in two minds, upset because he's ALWAYS away with work and I've been so down with managing the 2 dc (one a baby) completely on my own for weeks on end sad. No family nearby. On the other hand I don't care because I'm annoyed with him anyway.

flightradar24 shows which areas have planes still flying. bit slow to load.

roundthebend4 Sat 17-Apr-10 08:48:17

Not as bad as you on here but my landlord is stranded in USA and my boilers broke no hot water no heating and no money even to call someone it's industrial sort so limited who can fix .and ds 3is only just out of hospital ( and ds1 ds2 have raynuardd so there freezing

On the postive side it's quiet here no planes overhead

But if anyone is stranded at Stansted I'm only 5 miles if need floor space or not far from heaththrow either ,just follow your nose

SherratonGirl Sat 17-Apr-10 08:52:13

Just tried the flightradar thing - it looks very quiet in the air!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 17-Apr-10 09:03:37

For anyone going via KL, don't. DH is there with work and was due home this time yesterday. They are saying no flights out westbound until next Saturday!

He and a couple of collegues are getting on a plane later to Tokyo and then to Washington. He's hoping to be home maybe Wednesday.....

Really missing him, feeling all weepy <pathetic>

I think all the uncertainty makes it feel worse actually, the fact that it's hard to even see options of how to get home in some cases. If we all knew, "no flights til Wednesday but then services resume" then having a timeline would make it feel a bit better I think (well it would for me)

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 17-Apr-10 09:14:51

Norkily I completely agree. I am trying to think in my mind ' DH will be back on Friday', which means that at least I'm not going to be hoping every hour that he will ring and say he's on his way home which is what I've been doing for the last 48 hours.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 09:18:20

That sounds awful. Can your landlord not do something, call someone from the US? You cannot live indefinitely without heating or hot water with young children.

DH is leaving today for Munich. 3 female colleagues are driving up after hiring a car for CHF 1600 shock - that is about £900 shock.

It was the only car available. I am sure that the hire companies are doubling their prices. What kind of a car could possible cost that much money for ONE DAY.

The woman who phoned was one of those strident, hysterical types who talked and talked and talked. Hope the others are quieter.

Told DH to take his iPod

Or earplugs

DP told me that all the hire cars are in Paris.

Basically when airspace started closing on Thursday, everyone in European airports started hiring cars and making for Paris (mostly) or Brussels to try to get the Eurostar.

Hiring the cars one-way and leaving them in Paris. So apparently Paris has all the hire cars.

Not sure if this is totally true, surely it would be good for business if the hire companies started getting staff to return these hire cars to other locations where there is likely to be continued demand. But apparently there is a European hire car shortage, which would explain the outrageous prices!

Alibaba - yes I'm assuming we won't see him all week. If I prepare mentally for that then hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised by him getting back sooner.


LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Sat 17-Apr-10 09:36:07

Finally got some internet access.
I am still in Singapore. Going to be here for at least another day.
Luckily the airline is providing accommodation otherwise I would still be sleeping at the airport.
Hope everyone else is ok.

Looks like Hubby won't be coming home today eithersad. I feel awful I just yelled at him on the phone for something thats not even his fault. I have had no break from the kids since Sun. and I'm at my wits end.

sophiaverloren Sat 17-Apr-10 10:10:03

I am ridiculously excited as I now have a plan! I've got train tickets for Tuesday - Milan - Paris and then Eurostar to London. So I may be home Tuesday night!

I feel better just knowing. It's the day by day can I can't I that's really annoying as you can't get on with things. So I'm off to enjoy a weekend by myself in Milan. Now come on, that has to be a silver lining no?

Good luck to everyone else.

AnnDaloozier Sat 17-Apr-10 10:11:30

aha! parents are doing milan to paris atm

well done soph

fatzak Sat 17-Apr-10 10:21:16

Friends of mine are on honeymoon in Italy and have just posted on Facebook that all the Brits who are stranded with them are looking in to hiring a coach to get home grinshock Can't imagine how much that would cost!!

Ripeberry Sat 17-Apr-10 10:43:54

The coach could work out quite cheap if they have enough people. Was thinking last night, won't drivers in Europe be hanging around Airports trying to sell their services as a 'taxi'.
Bet a lot of that is going on hmm

SherratonGirl Sat 17-Apr-10 10:46:28

Glad to hear some people are getting home. I feel very much in limbo here, though at least the children are enjoying it!

ClaireOB Sat 17-Apr-10 10:52:23

Thanks for the kind offer Portofino - have passed on email in case cabin fever sets in! Sounds like DH bearing up fine, on emergency clothes buying expedition in Brussels as we speak. He's also going to call by the Brussels Midi station to see what state of chaos is prevailing re eurostar tickets. Eurostar site driving me mad as keeps showing availability for some trains from Brussels today and tomorrow but then when you try to book says tickets no longer available angry. Have been trying since early this morning, giving up now. Have phoned 2 other travel agencies who say no eurostar availability until Tuesday,so looks like it'll be coach and ferry tomorrow night. At least he has a definite booking, which makes him luckier than a lot of stranded people.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 17-Apr-10 10:54:49

sophia that's very intrepid of you! I am jealous of you being in Milan, we spent part of our honeymoon there and loved it. envy

Madascheese Sat 17-Apr-10 11:34:46

DS now definately not going to get home. Ex is going re-book when he can

No idea when I'll see my DS or if he'll be home for his 4th Birthday.

Feeling a bit heartbroken (realise this is pathetic and self indulgent, but if I whinge a bit on here I can keep up the gung ho spirit in RL where everyone is telling me worse thing happen at seas etc. I just want my DS home, I miss him.)

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 11:38:15

Bit of a Dunkirk feeling at the moment aa people band together to help each other get home.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 11:41:47

poor you. Feel free to vent here

Of course worse things could happen but it does notake the longing to see your son any easier to bear.

Try to see it as an adventure for him. He will never forget his 4th birthday anyway. And He can celebrate twice - just like the queen

Madascheese Sat 17-Apr-10 11:46:33

Ahh thanks mmeLindt, I know it will be exciting for him (he's a bit of a science nut) so we've got those experiments planned for when he gets home to make volcanoes and so on and my Dad is a geologist so lots of potnetial there.

He is with his Dad and he's safe and fed, I know it's my sadness not really his if you know what I mean, but it's a horrid situation with my ex (not good terms) so little communication and I don't know if we can do extra webcamming and things because ex isn't dreafully co-operative. This could be the making of him I guess.

Just miss his big giggle and hugs too much at the moment and I was keyed up to miss him for a week, this feels like torture as I've no idea when I will see him

I won't keep venting, is too depressing and sad.

Thanks though

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 12:14:28

My dh got home an hour ago, looking (and smelling) a bit worse for wear but otherwise fine. I feel incredibly lukcy reading how many of you are stranded/waiting for loved ones.

it is insane. I have heard of people driving from Denmark to Geneva, and from Hungary to Spain- just to get home.

The repercussions for businesses worldwide are going to be insane- if this goes on for another week there are going to be billions lost across all sectors.

I am supposed to leave next saturday for India for training/volunteering, and MIL suposed to fly here on friday to look after dds. Now I am wondering whether this is even going to happen at all.

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 12:28:43

Sophia, I know youa re sorted but one of my friends just posted on FB that he is stuck in Milan but he has a car and is looking for someone to carpool with him back to London.

are you interested?

everythingiseverything Sat 17-Apr-10 12:33:22

My DH is still stuck, may fly back Thursday at earliest. So we are not going to make our Devon / Cornwall trip by the looks of things (planned to leave on Weds). Haven't heard any news of friend stuck in Los Angeles who is getting married (in Cornwall) next Saturday. Think if I was him I'd currently be trying to re-route via Spain or something.

MunchkinsMumof2 Sat 17-Apr-10 12:36:49

My dh is stuck in India. Has anyone either travelled West from there before by train or have any knowledge about how you would set about getting back to the UK overland? Really miss him and am feeling tearful.

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 12:41:28

Munchkin, that would be the hippy trail that was very popular in the 70s. Not sure how safe it is these days

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 12:42:04

If you are stranded or are trying to help people get back, and can't get on a train or coach, you might want to try this site:


It is a UK liftsharing website, you can find journeys across Europe on there.


SeaGreen Sat 17-Apr-10 12:47:58

flight from continent got cancelled- had to take trains all day and return in a bus overnight via calais and dover.
worst of it is that i was wearing my suit all through as couldn't change or get my spectacles out as i had lost my key for my case.
so glad to be home!

SeaGreen Sat 17-Apr-10 12:51:33

MunchkinsMumof2- i know people stranded there too- doubt any overland routes work in terms of time and trouble (and safety!)
don't know if flight to dubai / direct to southern europe works? then train to brussels and eurostar?

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 12:52:28

Munchkin, I just checked and www.liftshare.com can cope with starts and finishes all over teh world, so you might try posting there. But surely there are flights out of India to somewhere nearer?

SeaGreen Sat 17-Apr-10 13:02:19

Munchkin- did a little research online- I see that BA has flights from Mumbai to Madrid starting from £178- earliest date Mon 19th April- then train + Eurostar should work right? other cities like Mumbai should have flights as well to madrid. i also see flights to rome.
Delhi to Frankfurt or delhi to geneva- the first date is 24th- so i guess frankfurt and genev airports are closed for now- or really busy.

SeaGreen Sat 17-Apr-10 13:03:51

sorry that should have been "other cities like Mumbai Delhi or Bangalore should have flights as well to madrid. "

Pollyanna Sat 17-Apr-10 13:27:12

MmeLindt, some people here have paid CHF4000 [£2800] to get a minibus to calais shock

lots of stranded people in town who can't spend that sort of money.

andiem Sat 17-Apr-10 13:42:11

my dh is still stuck in vegas. Has a ba ticket for tomorrow night as virgin said thursday was the earliest they could offer him a flight. I am working tonight so thank god my mum is coming to look after the dcs don't know what I would have done without her as I am in charge and there was no one else to take my place.
I am fed up as have been on my own with dcs for nearly 2 weeks now and as soon as he gets back he is due to go away again sad

tootyflooty Sat 17-Apr-10 13:42:12

my uncle and aunt are stuck in madrid should have come back on Thursday, but staying with family so not too much of a problem, although not sure when they were due back at work. A friend had to cancel her girlie short break to portugal as the dates were fixed, but she us able to get a refund, so while disappointing not out of pocket.

MunchkinsMumof2 Sat 17-Apr-10 13:54:52

Thank you SeaGreen, I've just chatted to him and he doesn't think that BA would be willing for them to leave Bangalore as they will need the pilots there when the airspace reopens. I'm not a quivering wreck but I would just like to know iyswim. I was feeling ok until Prof of met forecasting came on Breakfast saying this could take weeks rather than days to blow over. My 4yo ds is a daddy's boy and finds it hard to understand as he's already been away for 6 days. Thanks again for your help, I thought that if there was a way it would be good for him to know. Sorry for everyone in the same or worse boat.

loulou77 Sat 17-Apr-10 13:57:20

Am sorry for all those who've ended up stranded. I have a positive story...my folks managed to get as far as Munich on their way back from NZ where Singapore Airlines put the entire flight up in a hotel and have been arranging coaches and ferries as quickly as possible back to Manchester and London. My folks are now on a coach due back in Manchester tomorrow. They haven't paid for the coach, ferry or a meal since they got stranded and there were snack bags on their seats when they got on the coach. Now that's customer service. They were flyind economy btw. I just hope that some of the other companies can treat their passengers as well. Best of luck to everyone

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 13:57:51

That is incredible. I suppose if you are desperate to get home, and can afford it you do anything.

Anyone looking for a lift can also check out the Mitfahrgelegenheit website. This guy is offering Salzburg via Zurich to London for €600 including ferry and food.

Have a feeling that there are some people who are ferrying folk back and forth around Europe to earn a bit of cash.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 13:59:16
piprabbit Sat 17-Apr-10 14:03:08

Found out my BIL is stuck in Hong Kong. Virgin Atlantic seem to be treating him very well and have put him in a nice hotel. He can afford to lose a couple of days but will start stressing if he is stuck beyond the middle of next week.

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 14:17:58

Mme Lindt,
Let's hope more people offer lifts accommodation etc and drive the prices down to something reasonable.

Gracie123 Sat 17-Apr-10 14:27:33

DH's GM has been staying with MiL for nearly month and now can't get back home.

MiL is none too happy - there has been a vague mention of her staying with us for a bit (again) but unfortunately we live so far from the airport it would be incredibly difficult for her if flights suddenly became available... grin

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:28:23

just saw this thread (haven't read through the whole thing, just last page). Not sure if we're stranded yet or not, we're due to travel back to the UK monday; we're in Greece now, our 20 month DS with us. Any idea how things are looking for monday?

DaisymooSteiner Sat 17-Apr-10 14:31:33

We've got a few friends stuck abroad. One lot are pretty lucky as their holiday accommodation was due to be let out to more Britons next, so they can just stay in their hotel having a lovely time.

The other lot are not so fortunate and are stuck in an airport - 6 adults, 2 teenagers, 8 kids and a baby. If I had my own personal hell a la Dante's Inferno, that's what it would look like...

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 14:33:47

Maria, at present the BBC say UK airspace is closed until 0100 BST Monday. After that it's unclear what will happen. All airports etc will be very crowded when they do open up again though. Good luck.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:36:41

Thanks Ridgeway. So it's not looking too hopeful is it At least we're staying at my mother so we have no problem with accomodation here. But we do need to get back home for work... my DP is thinking of travelling back by bus/train, not sure if it's a good idea. They're saying now that Greek airports also may have to close, so it's not just the issue of the UK airports but the greek ones too...

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:40:55

(I certainly will not be going back with bus with 20 month DS!!! Can't think of anything worse actually than being on bus with toddler for 2 days or so!!)

Where did you hear that about Greek airports Maria?

DP's current plan involves getting to Athens sad [jinxed]

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 14:47:55

Maria, I've just found the right page on the BBC news. They are saying that when the airspace is open, the planes will be in the wrong places, the crews will be in the wrong places, and the planes will be queued up like cars in a giant carpark. The airports are packed with people who have been camped out waiting for flights, basically it's don't go to the airport until you know what you are going to.

My DH is sharing a car hire to Germany from Scandinavia having whizzed out for a two-day business trip. He just has a vague plan to head South and West and stay where he has to. But at least he can put the costs on expenses. It's pretty tough for people who were visiting family or taking a holiday.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:49:40

At the moment Norky greek airports are basically open (although obviously not flying to many countries). What I'm saying is what I've heard as a possibility from greek news, this is because already Belgrade & Sofia are closed, as well as large parts of Italy. But don't take my word for it, my DP said he heard it on news as a possibility, so he may be wrong!! At the moment I know for a fact that Athens & Thessaloniki airports are open.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:51:46

So ridgeway probably the best thing to do might be for my DP to get back to the UK by bus/train & for me & DS to stay here indefinitely, until things clear up? I'm definitely not taking DS on a trek around Europe by train/bus... As I said, at least we're at my mum's but it's all a bloody nightmare really.

Belgrade is closed already?

DP's 2 options where Athens or Belgrade so we'll just have to hope Athens stays open until tomorrow

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 14:56:21

Oh Norky please don't take my word for it, that's what I was told by my dad, that Belgrade closed just a few hours ago, but obviously as you can imagine lots of rumours are going around (particularly when it comes to greek society which is known for gossip/rumours) so please check it out. That's what I heard about Belgrade, I may be wrong...really sorry if I've made you anxious. Athens is definitely open atm, friend of mine travelled within Greece (to Athens) this morning.

Wottknott Sat 17-Apr-10 14:57:28

If you have friends or family abroad, some hotels will have rooms booked out to other guests who many not be affected. It really depends, some other countries are not effected. Europe and UK worse off or course.

The hotels all have their own T&C's and some will be more considerate and offer a reduce rate to help out and some will rip you off. Negotiate.

This following information is for people who have booked a holiday and are in the hotel and now can't get home as their return flight's cancelled. This is hot of the press.

I have had some news (I hope) for those stuck abroad. If you are stuck in the hotel you originally booked into before the disruption, now some airline's are paying for the extra accommodation costs including meals and one three minute phone all (excludes taking advantage like alcoholic drinks etc). This is because of the intensity of the problem with the volcano still erupting and ash still flowing across UK controlled airspace will remain in place until at least 0100 (UK time) tomorrow, Sunday 18 April.

If you are still in the resort/that you checked into before the disruption, and can't get home, passengers should contact their airline, tour operator or agent directly before checking out of the hotel and going to the airport. Some advice is don't go to the airport if your flight is cancelled as the airline can not assist you at the airport. Pointless.

If the hotel require you to pay (and do not accept that the airline will cover costs) use your credit card to make any additional costs in the hotel, and keep the receipts, to get a refund from the airline, insurance company or credit card company.

RidgewayLass Sat 17-Apr-10 14:59:41

Try this page for airspace closures:


Merrylegs Sat 17-Apr-10 15:02:15

Am in South Carolina. Have fab weather and a pool so all good for the moment, but as this thing drags into next week it's looking tedious - kids are due back at school (and some early gcses next week!), we at work and the dog has been in the kennels forever! Does anyone know how they prioritise the passengers? Will those stranded since Thursday be first to fly?

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 15:03:15

Ridgeway, thanks for that. So according to that webpage, Serbia is affected (obviously that includes Belgrade). But it says Serbia is partially closed, so depends what that means. Greece, Spain, Bulgaria & Turkey remain open.

Quick check and Belgrade still open but may close today which will probably mean no flight for DP (not sure of the timings)

So now waiting for Athens

This is so ridiculous isn't it?

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 15:04:42

Good question Merrylegs, I wonder the same, probably they won't cancel new flights (those scheduled for next week or whenever flights start), they'll probably add extra flights or put waiting passengers on existing flights. Otherwise it'll cause chaos.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 15:06:03

Norkily, its very very ridiculous, its bloody awful...I want to go hooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!!! (But I probably shouldn't moan as my flight is scheduled for monday so maybe I can still hope? confused) Or is my head in the sand?

annh Sat 17-Apr-10 15:13:39

I am wondering about people stuck at Heathrow? We are not too far away and could offer accommodation to someone who is not checked into a hotel on business expenses. There must be loads of people like that who really don't have the money for hotels and food and lots of people like me who would be happy to offer a room, but not idea of how to get us all together?

Wottknott Sat 17-Apr-10 15:21:28

Merrylegs I have no idea. I expect the government may have to step in with repatriation. Heard that there was a TV interview this morning, with folk in the know saying that with the north westerly winds and the fact that is is still erupting, it could go on for not only days, but weeks, closing airspace over the UK and Europe. Its not looking good.

Add your mobile and contact details onto the airline's website. The airline have a responsibility to get you home, they can't just leave you there. If there is a limited number of seats and you are with children, don't wait for all the seats, if they can get you two seats home on one flight, and the others have to wait for another day, (ie each child travels with at least one adult), then I'd take the seats offered. Let them know that. Some planes will only have 2 or 3 seats left.

AnnDaloozier Sat 17-Apr-10 15:21:57

brothers and parents trip back getting funnier ( from here)
he is so cross

annh Sat 17-Apr-10 15:29:06

AnnD, spill the beans!

AnnDaloozier Sat 17-Apr-10 15:30:19

well they all turn up to train
6 adults
only 2 of them have brought food and drink

then almost miss a train as one adlt (ahem related to me) wants to buy the grandkids an ice cream
he says he will FROG march them to the station in paris tomorrow

roundthebend4 Sat 17-Apr-10 15:30:44

Annah I wondered about that I'm only few miles from stansted though thinking more if someones stuck with kids at airport

Wottknott Sat 17-Apr-10 15:36:46

Latest update from (NATS) website:
"The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland is moving around and changing shape. Based on the latest information from the Met Office, NATS advises that the restrictions currently in place across UK controlled airspace will remain in place until at least 0700 (UK time) tomorrow, Sunday 18 April.

Why not start a thread "Get Me Home" for those that can offer other MNrs help. Offering a bed for one night is a good idea if you are up for it. Or a tent in the garden.

Wottknott Sat 17-Apr-10 15:42:42

FWIW twitter is using hashtags (a way of grouping/searching for similar topics by using posts with #getmehome and #ashtag in them.

you could try the following if you clear it with MN HQ....

How about #MNrooms (if you are offering)
and #MNgetmehome (if you are stuck and need a room)

just a random thought....

maggotts Sat 17-Apr-10 15:45:45

My 13 year old DD is stuck in Rome on a school trip. (Pity the poor teachers trying to keep 40 girls out of trouble). Due back last night on BA but told earliest route home will be on Tues night flying to Scotland then coach back down to Norfolk.

Am so desperate to have her back home again despite logic of knowing that she is perfectly safe and cared for where she is. Am also rather worried about the prospect of flying anytime soon.

Wish they could come home by coach but BA will apparently only foot the bill for hotel etc if they continue with the flight option.

Does anyone know of airlines proving slightly more helpful with alternative forms of transport?

Finally, if forecast still crap by end of tomorrow, am strongly considering driving to Rome to get her!!!! (Not as mad as it sounds - have done lots of long distance driving in the past and would prefer to take matters into my own hands than have another 5 days of angst.)

roundthebend4 Sat 17-Apr-10 15:53:49

Hm I'm on mobile web do can't but if someone can I'll happily sign up have started thread in chat sorry can't link but if someone else can

Ok Carrying on from thread in the news section where couple of us was discussing about people stuck at airports etc and mumsnetters near by

Idea was start thread of us that near enough and enough space for some folks

so I'll go first I'm within 6 miles or so from Stansted do able from Heathrow to and have spare room if anyones really stuck Mind I do have 4 kids so you might think airport beter lol

Ivykaty44 Sat 17-Apr-10 15:57:30

does anyone know if the different ports in france have different avilability? Cherbourg or caen _what are they like do they have spaces?

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 16:01:44

Started a thread here for MNetters stranded abroad.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 16:03:18

oops, sorry, roundthebend. You were a bit quicker than I was.

DeirdreB Sat 17-Apr-10 16:09:26

ivykaty44 My husband drove to Caen rather than Calais and got on a boat last night - might be worth a try..

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 17-Apr-10 16:16:07

Got MIL on train to London. Trains were chaos but only because dopey people were showing up 10 minutes before the scheduled leaving expecting to get on trains.

They are sold out. Not gonna happen. Cue hysterical people.

MIL, who is partially disabled, is laying it on with a trowel and going first class. Managed to find a large number of public school boys also travelling who have been forced into running her errands on the 6 hour train journey.

Jacaqueen Sat 17-Apr-10 16:18:13

Just heard from my sister who was supposed to fly home from Malaga yesterday.

They are going to Madrid then on a coach from there to Paris (17 hours). Making their way to Calais and hoping to get on a ferry to Dover. Have managed to book a hire car from Dover to drive home to Falkirk.

sophiaverloren Sat 17-Apr-10 16:26:52

TheMysticMasseuse - sorry, just seen your message as I thought I was all sorted so went off for a tourist afternoon!
Not sure if offer still open - I would of course like to get back before Tuesday night if that were possible.
Please contact me: strandedinitaly@yahoo.co.uk if it's still option.

MunchkinsMumof2 Sat 17-Apr-10 16:34:27

Just had a message from my dh saying that BA have cancelled all long and shorthaul flights tomorrow as well and will decide about Monday's schedule tomorrow.

Ivykaty44 Sat 17-Apr-10 16:37:19

deirdreb - was it easy to get on the ferry at caen?

FakePlasticTrees Sat 17-Apr-10 16:47:39

had a message from DS's godmother, who was suck in Moscow airport on route back from China, with no Russian visa as she was on supposed to be transferring for a couple of hours and so wasn't allowed to leave "air" side of the airport....

It seems the Russian authorities have taken pity on the visa-less souls in their airport, they have been moved to a hotel but she's not allowed to leave that floor, and there are guards by the lifts to stop them leaving. She was escorted by armed guards down to the restaurant for dinner! shock

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 16:52:00

Sophia, have emailed my friend. Told him you're a friend of friends- I don't really like to disclose my MNettish ways blush. Please don't turn out to be an axe murderer, or I'll be in trouble grin

good luck!

Jacaqueen Sat 17-Apr-10 17:01:16

FakePlastic I've just been reading about some poor sods who were en route from Dubai and diverted to Moscow. Same situation no Visa so they have to stay airside. British Consol can't intervene either.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 17:30:46

FakePlastic that's unbelievable!!! and outrageous.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sat 17-Apr-10 17:33:57

The irony: Airports in Iceland are open grin.

DaddyMonty Sat 17-Apr-10 17:36:20

I wish i was stranded.. anywhere hot and by the beach would be fine! lol

prettybird Sat 17-Apr-10 17:38:45

But the only direction they can fly at the moment is west to America.

But it does mean that if there is a window of opportunity, espcially in Scotland, some transatlantic flights can operate (there were 3 Icelandair flights that landed yesterday in Glasgow).

Anybody offering to take my children for a few hours wink

Could do with a break.

DP on flight to Athens last time I heard anything. Hope it manages to land before airport closed <knocks on wood, crosses fingers, etc>

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 17:42:44

Dubious humour, DaddyMonty hmm

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 17:43:28

Oh Good luck Norkily!!! At least he'll be on the Continent... the wrong side of it, but still... ferry to Italy and then drive from there?

Think they are planning to drive it MM shock

There's 3 to share the drive I suppose. Sounds awful but better than being stuck I think.

Assuming they can get to Athens and get a hire car <finds lucky rabbit foot, annoys lucky rabbit, abandons lucky rabbit foot>

Sorry yes, obviously, ferry to Italy first and then drive it MM

So exactly what you said in fact... blush Please ignore me.

tatt Sat 17-Apr-10 17:54:14

have the twitter messages about boats going to Calais to collect people been posted yet?

Dan Snow calais recue?

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 17:54:48


Situation at 6:00 pm, April 17, 2010 --- The Airport informs passengers that following a decision of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation, Swiss Airspace will be closed until April 18, 02:00 pm. This closure is likely to be extended depending on the development of the volcanic ash.
Passengers should contact their airline and check flight status information for all destinations.

Next update on 17 April 10:00 pm.

JunoWatt Sat 17-Apr-10 17:55:04

i bla\rdy tweeted that days ago
he is SUCH a johhny come lately.
mine are ferrying form caen tomorrow

DH has a colleague stranded in Moscow airport too. Was in Moscow for meeting, went to airport as flight showing as going. Flight cancelled after he went through immigration. Visa expired. No hard currency to pay for new visa and price trebled. ATMs not working. I just called him to tell him about people being moved to hotel - they have an office 'fixer' going to airport with 1,000 US dollars in cash to sort visa and get the guy back to Moscow. If hotels full he will stay with the managing partner at his house!

DH already moaning about his week being buggered up next week. I pointed out that in the great scheme of things it wasn't too bad! After all he has a free weekend without me!

My Dad is referring to DS and I as the 'volcano immigrants' and threatening to charge us rent! I THINK he was joking!

JunoWatt Sat 17-Apr-10 17:56:44

db says trains RAMMED with brits

Pollyanna Sat 17-Apr-10 18:00:08

are there any trains running in France now does anyone know? What is the website to go to to try to book trains? (we want to go from Geneva to London really).

it is looking like our only option is a 24 hour coach ride and ferry trip, and I really don't fancy that with a 2 year old and 4 other children. (one who is severely travel sick).

it is the end of the season here (skiing) and most hotels close on Thursday - ours closes tomorrow and we are being thrown out then.

JunoWatt Sat 17-Apr-10 18:00:36

db has done that today
went to station

lazymumofteenagesons Sat 17-Apr-10 18:10:02

My blardy 15 year old son is stranded in Jamaica with a friend and his mum! She booked the whole package with virgin and they are paying for the extra accomodation which is all inclusive grin. So since there are only ever 2 virgin flights a week out of Montego Bay I think he will be there for the duration. So you pay for 1 weeks holiday and get at least 2 and miss the beginning of school. What a life, why the hell didn't I go with.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 18:12:58

no idea if trains are running from geneva to Paris. But if you are stuck, my spare room is free

Would the hotel not stay open another couple of days when the have captive guests? Surely worth thei while not to mention being rhe decent thing to do

lol at russian office fixer being sent with wads of cash. Amusing to hear that things have not changes since dh used to travel in Russia 10 years ago

kickassangel Sat 17-Apr-10 18:16:25

so, just how many UK teachers are abroad, unable to return & will it affect schools opening?

my friend is a headteacher, but can't get home from india. next week is going to be chaos beyond belief across Europe, isn't it?

according to dd her teacher is 'abroad'. monday will be v. interesting.

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 18:36:03

Pollyanna, extra spare room available in Gva if you get stranded- just let me know. Kids are not exactly welcome, but will be accepted... just kidding, of course grin

Seriously, offer is standing

RedLentil Sat 17-Apr-10 18:50:36

David Miliband just tweeted about a Foreign Office contact number: 'FCO 24 hour consular helpline now up and running for people stuck abroad re ash. 020 7008 0000.'

It might be helpful.

SIL stranded in Miami. I know it is all a bit rubbish but I do wish it was me!

JunoWatt Sat 17-Apr-10 19:22:07

but there is an SNCF srike
luckily he on tgv

JunoWatt Sat 17-Apr-10 19:22:49

2 so far at ours
pay em too much imo

Had a nightmare few days trying to figure out how to get dd and ds back from France. They flew out as UMs 10days ago to spend hols with their father and were ment to return yesterday pm but obviosly could'ntsad. Xh no help at all hes being realy hmm about it all im sooooangry with him. Me and dh were not happy about sending the dcs over as UM in the first place as usualy we drive over drop the dcs off with xh and then go off and spend a week holidaying ourselves but im 8 months pg and so ob couldnt manage it this time. We went out of our way to arrange it so dcs could spent time with their father theses hols as otherwise they wouldnt see him till aug. I asked him to drive them back and even offerd to put him up in our annex for a few days but he insists he has to be at work at 7am mon or boss will be angry!!! TBH id rather an angry boss than 'abandon' my dcs but being who he is he only thinks of himself!!
Luckily a neighbour of ours came to the rescue this morning. Her parents are driving back from France tomorow and have offerd to collect dcs and bring them back with them grin!! It means an extra 2 hr driving for them but they were more than willing to help out in what could have turned into a messy situation!! Im just glad to know my dcs will be able to come home and will be well looked after on their journey back by a LOVELY couple who will spoil them rotten and have come to the rescue of a mum and sd who was seriosly considering swimming the channel to get to their dcsshock Im off to order the wicker chairs neighbour has said her parents are currently saving for, for their conservitory as a way of a HUGE thank you for what they are doing......good samaritans still exsist in the form of Mr and Mrs Herbert. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH grin

Aw myboots that's a lovely ending to your story!

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 21:02:55

Well done to Mr and Mr Herbert. So glad that you found a way to get your DC home

And a purple willy pox on your ex.

Lets just hope everyone else gets a happy ending!!
I spoke to DCs just before they went to bed and they are Sooooooooooooooooooo excited about comming home tomorow. Ds was terribly upset yesterday and i couldnt get an ounce of sense out from him for all the tears. It was breaking my heart to hear him like that as hes usualy full of fun and laughter. Dont think xhs attitude has helped. This was the first (and last) time they went as UM and im devistated that their 'little adventure' resulted in them being so upset that they have both said they 'never want to go to France again, never, never, never and a million times never'.grin. Im not sure what im going to do about XH yetangryangryangry but hes going to find out the hard way that u NEVER piss a mother off especaly one whos liable to give birth anyday!!!

FourArms Sat 17-Apr-10 21:34:46

That's so lovely myboots

Just caught up with the thread and thinking of all of you stranded or waiting - especially madascheese, maggots and myboots (was it a rule you had to have a name satrting with M if your kids are abroad without you? grin)

Norkily - great to hear that dh was on his way to mainland Europe smile

Angela82 Sat 17-Apr-10 22:26:28

I'm stranded... just in my own country !

Had a week booked in Lanzarote with our children and friends and their children - was due to fly out Thursday at 1.30pm but woke up and saw the news...

Luckily we saw the flights were cancelled before we were due to leave the house but still a bummer!

Now we've got to try and get our flights money back and claim travel insurance money for the accommodation (if they will actually pay out!).

Off to centerparcs for 4 nights on Monday now with our friends. Felt sorry for the kids - they were so excited about the holiday!

Tbh though, things could of been a lot worse for us - feel sorry for people stranded abroad, trying to get home and people trying to go to weddings etc

Great story, MyBoots. Good to hear some good news on here, anyway.

I am near tears now. I just can't figure out how DH is getting back from sodding Spain. sad

There are no hire cars (internet rumour, but sounds plausible. DH needs to get finger out and CHECK). There are no trains (I was trying to book him onto Madrid-Paris train but he tells me the word on street is there are no free sleeper berths and you have to have one). There are no buses (Eurolines completely clogged). According to online booking sites, there are no ferry spaces from Bilbao or Santander for at least a week, although I've seen differently on other sites.

His latest plan is to join a large group of UK people on a hired coach to Le Havre. I have no idea how long he'll have to wait there for a ferry. He is over-tired and stressed, and being very passive about it all. Driving me crazy.

merlin Sat 17-Apr-10 22:43:21

My sis and family stuck in Portugal are now rebooked on a flight home on Thursday. Waiting to see if that will happen!

But the lovely owners of the apartment they are in have let them have 2 free nights and then 2 at just 20 euros a night! And apparently the incoming people who are meant to be arriving on Monday have even offered to share with them til Thursday (although I don't think they will be arriving on Mon!).

Nice to know there are some good people out there.

On the other hand my Swiss student now has to face a 20 hr trip home overland starting at 5.30am Mon morning.

frumpygrumpy Sat 17-Apr-10 22:46:23

myboots, that is lovely!!!! grin Would they drive to Vancouver and get my DP please? I'll buy them a conservatory for their conservatory............

reshape, that sounds like a reasonable plan of your dh. get as close as he can and then with a bit of patience he'll be home.

not easy for you I know. <hugs>

brockyg Sat 17-Apr-10 23:27:42

My DH in new york since last monday, his flight on thursday night didn't leave. He's now booked three flights home in the hope of getting on one at least - to dublin on mon, to heathrow on tue and to madrid on thurs although clearly that is worst option.

DS is only 4 and worried about his dad and the volcano, have tried to explain he's not in or near the volcano, just stuck behind it.

DD doing a project on volcanoes at school this month, highly topical now, spent friday afternoon at a friends baking volcano cupcakes. Is missing her dad.

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 23:32:10

Sorry to hear that your DH is finding it difficult to get his finger out get back home.

Maybe post on the other thread to see if there is a MNetter in Grenada who can go and kick his arse help him evaluate the alternatives?

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Sat 17-Apr-10 23:45:45

Still in Singapore. Latest rumour is that Qantas is going to fly everyone back to Australia and we wait it out there. I feel stuck in limbo. Running out of money. I am enjoying my enforced holiday but am panicking about work now.

K75 Sun 18-Apr-10 05:04:26

Stuck in NY and missing my 2.8 and 7 month olds terribly. Hoping for a weather change...

Lou - are you out there on business?

Nymphadora Sun 18-Apr-10 07:18:42

Just seen on the news people have started^ buying^ cars as they can't hire them!

Pollyanna Sun 18-Apr-10 07:36:15

we are going to book the first available train journey today i think (don't know when that will be) and then try to speak to Easyjet about them paying for this....

dh might take the older children home by bus leaving me with ds2 (2yo) and very travel sick dd1. Thanks to mmeLindt and MysticMasseuse for your kind offers - will investigate whether it is even slightly possible that we can get home and then get back to you.

Pollyanna Sun 18-Apr-10 07:46:06

but first we're going skiing and going to forget about this for a few hours....

canella Sun 18-Apr-10 08:11:27

myboots - what a great story! so glad for you that ur dc are coming home!

my dh is starting his epic journey home today! he's been in athens for a meeting so thankfully the company are sorting it out (so he gets no sympathy up to a point!). But he's now on a 3 hour bus journey to the ferry, 18 hours on a ferry to italy, all day tomorrow on a bus to austria, overnight in austria then however long to get to frankfurt. very grateful to be living in germany at the moment!

so feel a wee bit sorry for him cause that sounds like a crap journey to make! but glad he's finally on his way!

hope the rest of you get something sorted soon - fingers crossed!

skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 08:15:26

Just checked www.dfdsseaways.co.uk - they have spaces for TOMORROW Amsterdam-Newcastle - not everyone lives in the south-east - if you're in the north/scotland this might be an option and it's only a few more hours than Calais.

pollyanna - check www.snowheads.com forums - they are offering lots of advice on how to get back from the Alps, incl. rideshares.

myboots that is so lovely- nice to know there are some decent people out there- esp people who will voluntarily spend a car journey with children grin

My parents are stuck in Kuala Lumpur at the moment though they weren't due to fly home until tomorrow.Not looking at all likely that they'll be back on time.

Was also wondering about schools- have friends on fb who are teachers and are stranded. It's going to be fun tomorrow hmm

MABS Sun 18-Apr-10 08:17:17

Pollyanna - how are you doing hun? only just seen this thread, we have been stuck in Abu Dhsbi since Thuras, any one else here? xx

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 18-Apr-10 09:08:39

Pollyanna, just to reiterate. I hope you make it out, but if not- have house stuffed full of toys and spare room for you and dcs.

you can email me at themysticmasseuse at gmail dot com.

enjoy the skiing!

sophiaverloren Sun 18-Apr-10 09:22:42

It's nice to see so many lovely stories of helpful people (thnking especially of myboots - but also of offers of rooms and MMs offer to link me up with her friend driving north).

Whilst I've always appreciated that my situation is pretty cushy, I've now accepted my fate as it were and have settled in for a weekend on my own in Milan. Once I'd managed to get a train booking yesterday it was as if a weight had lifted - I slept for 10 hours last night!

I am going to make the best of my unexpected weekend alone: I am following Franca's recommendations for tourist sights, I am fully using the spa here, and am rationing my books so that I can somehow get through the journey on Tuesday without going crazy with boredom!!

Wishing everyone else, at home and abroad, the best of luck.

scrappydappydoo Sun 18-Apr-10 09:23:57

Really feeling for anyone stranded by this. Not sure if this has been posted yet but you may find this information helpful

RedLentil Sun 18-Apr-10 09:32:49

Apparently, Eurostar have seats available on Lille to London trains this evening if that is of any use to any of you.

Wooo! DH has just rung from Granada and apparently has gone from limp and passive to assertive grin. I think he got more sleep last night.

Anyway, he and 63 other people wanting to get back to the UK have successfully chartered a coach (and minibus, because they wouldn't all fit grin) leaving monday, and have ferry reservations from Le Havre to Portsmouth on tuesday afternoon. He's getting a lift back here tuesday night with another friend.

I am SO glad I don't have to spend any more time working out travel routes and ringing ferries! And he'll be home in a couple of days.

Hurray Reshape, glad he got something sorted out.

ihearttc Sun 18-Apr-10 10:03:49

Aww what a lovely ending to your story myboots-there really are some lovely people in the world aren't there.

Well update from my DH is that he is currently in Dubai (he was in Kenya) but only had a 7 day visa so managed to get out before it ran out and is much happier in Dubai which he knows very well. He's in the Meridian Hotel near Dubai airport so if anyone else DH is stuck there then tell them to go and say hello to him!

Me on the other hand have spent most of the weekend in tears. We've got a 5 year old DS who hasn't seen daddy for most of his easter holiday and is missing him very much and we're ttc and typically its seriously the wrong week for this to happen. I know that sounds awful but its how I feel at the moment.

Reshape - great news!

iheartttc - I would be disappointed too.

My 8 year old DS is quite happy to be stuck in Dublin as he is missing school in Budapest. Little does he know I have plans to get him to do some work while we are here!!! We are just ging to stay put till we can fly back as other than school we have nothing major to rush back for. Missing DH obviously but he was due to be away a lot this week anyway.

SherratonGirl Sun 18-Apr-10 10:14:15

We've just heard that we will definitely be here till Tuesday at the earliest sad

Only DS is happy to be missing school, the rest of us want to get back, but at least we are in a very nice hotel.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 10:38:17

Fab news. Must have been my virtual arse kick

Glad to see that others are getting sorted or at least have plans in place to get home.

I do think that this is going to go on the rest of the week and if you have an alternative to waiting it out, go for it.

As MM said, we are here if you need us. She is closer to Geneva than we are but you are welcome to come here. Do you have transport? I can pick you up when the kids are in school if need be.

thirtyfivepence Sun 18-Apr-10 11:02:40

I'm not even technically stranded or delayed yet - but have a ticket to get back to NZ on Wednesday. Don't fancy my chances. Luckily I have ds with me and so we can continue our holiday, and luckily can stay with my parents as long as we need to.

I am self employed so missing work will have a financial hit and we both really miss dh!

Do you actually have to have had your flight cancelled to get rebooked? And if by some chance there is a flight on Wednesday who gets to go on - the people who have been waiting a week or the people with a ticket with that date on?

Thanks, MmnLindt! It worked. grin

iheart - what a bummer. I really feel your pain. I hope he gets back soon.

Buda, crack that whip! grin

Looks like DH won't be getting home today either. Maybe is should just start swimming.

bellissima Sun 18-Apr-10 11:21:37

thirtyfive - I'm fairly sure (but don't sue me!) that if you have the booked seat on Wednesday and the flight goes on Wednesday then you get on it - certainly that is what tends to happen eg if strikes/other reasons for cancellations. That does mean of course that, if the flight on Wednesday is cancelled that you then join a queue of people trying to be rebooked for available seats. BA currently rebooking people on transatlantic flights cancelled for today (ie cancelled yesterday afternoon) on Wednesday (we have American friends stuck here) so I hope the Wednesday flights all go - indeed I hope that everyone can get on a flight as soon as it's safe. Good luck.

feedthegoat Sun 18-Apr-10 11:45:43

My brother has said now that they have been told his dsd won't get a flight before friday at the earliest now.

Obviously we know she is safe as she is with her grandparents in Poland but understandably they are worried now. Ds is going to be really upset as he has been desperate to see her all holidays. We are all missing her as she is such a big part of our family now.

She has only been in the uk since last June so her grandad has been to her old school and they are happy for her to attend next week so at least she won't miss school. They have said the other children will be excited to hear about her new life in England and i'm sure she will love (another!) chance to take centre stage. smile

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Sun 18-Apr-10 11:50:36

BadKitten - No I am heading back to London after spending Easter with my family in Australia. I am a nanny for 4 kids. The parents have no idea of the kids day to day schedule. I run a very tight ship and I can tell that they will be going to school without things, missing classes, brownies etc

Still no movement but we are all being moved oout of the hotel tomorrow as the booked guests are arriving. There is a big convention happening so we have to go.

thirtyfivepence Sun 18-Apr-10 12:04:44

Lou that's terrible, I mean we all factor in a day or so after a long haul flight to recover etc and in case of delay - but this just can't be predicted. I hope they find somewhere else to move you to - onto a plane hopefully.

oh gosh Lou. a few days of chaos wont harm the kids though. hope you get moved to somwhere decent.

clam Sun 18-Apr-10 12:22:51

Slightly off-topic, LouIsOnAHighwayToHell but am a bit shock that your bosses have no idea of their kids' schedules.

My boys have arrived as I am typing!!!


Well just heard from a VERRY excited ds and dd. They have been 'on the road' with 'GG and John' for 3 hours now and apparantly 'GG has a magic handbag! Everytime she opens it there is a treat inside!! so far its produced sweets, colouring stuff, and 2 magnetic board games'!!grin. According to GG and John dcs have 'inhaled' a giant baguette and a masive fruit salad for lunch and havent stoped talking since they collected them (poor them)wink. they dont mind a bit though and are realy enjoying the dcs company, said it takes them back to when their dd (my neighbour) was that age and having no GC yet they dont get to do the doting gp bit!! Ive told them that me and dh are making then 'honorary' GPs as what they are doing is truley fantastic woderfull amazing i just cant put into words that are nice enough to describe how we feel about what they are doing for us! Dcs are excited about having 'new Gps' and have decided that they are now to be know as 'granny GG and Grandpa John' grin and GG and John are delighted about it.
Anyway just thought we'd give an update. Counting down the hours now till they arrive home [verry excited face]!! I just know today is going to drag on and on but at least we know the dcs are safe, happy and ON THEIR WAY!!!!!

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 12:41:12

<sob> at Myboots's post.

How lovely. Granny GG and Grandpa John.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 12:59:26

What do you think of this then?

About whether the grounding of the planes has been a massive overreaction.

"The blanket ban under clear blue skies and glorious sunshine is making some wonder whether this ‘one-size-fits-all’ regulation is appropriate to a situation that the regulations did not foresee.

And there will be many among the 200,000 Britons currently stranded abroad, who would be quite happy to take the risk.

In the final analysis, despite the scares, no one has actually been killed in a volcano incident – something which cannot be said for the much more hazardous drive to the airport."

Would you have been happy to take the risk, or have your families take the risk? I would not.

Jacaqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 13:05:02

No I would not want to take the risk no matter how desperate I was to get home. I wouldn't want my DH or any loved one to either.

What about the pilots and crew if they don't feel comfortable flying either.

DH says he is going to try to fly east today. Maybe go to LA to see if he can get a flight to the middle east and then go to Spain. He could get a ferry from there to England then drive to Wales to get the ferry to Ireland then drive up.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 13:07:11

Tell you something, it is good for our geography knowledge. Finding routes for our loved ones to travel - oh, look. There is Casablanca, I always wondered where it was.

I would not take the risk until it had been properly assessed.

v. easy for amateurs on the ground to judge.

Also, even though planes may well come through ok, ash will still degrade the engine, shortening its life in an unpredictable way. It takes a lot of time and specialised equipment to thoroughly check engines over. Aircraft engines generally are designed to have a lifespan of years and are expensive and time consuming to replace.

grin at Mmelint. I expect that google maps has been working overtime!!

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 13:16:00

images of f18 engine that accidentally flew through at the beginning of this.

very cool MmeLindt

april162010 Sun 18-Apr-10 13:22:52

Awww at Myboot's kids.
That is so lovely - imagine the bond they're going to have with this lovely sounding couple.

Pollyanna Sun 18-Apr-10 13:27:45

thanks for that link Skihorse. I think we can get a train on Tuesday which goes via germany (the ticket man has told us that the French trains are still on strike - is that correct?).

Our first available flight is a week on Monday at the earliest.

The thing we are worried about is that we just can't afford to shell out £1000 to get home if we aren't going to get reimbursed. It is mad that our insurance can exclude this eventuality. We can't afford to spend hundreds on a hotel room to wait for the next flight. Presumably others are in the same situation - what is everyone doing - claiming under that EU regulation? Claiming under insurance? It is just too confusing. [rant over]

Hi MABS! Hope you get home soon. Like us, i suppose there are worst places to be stranded!

everythingiseverything Sun 18-Apr-10 13:30:32

Looks like the wind has changed, but might just be different low-level cloud.

Change of plan. He is going to go from Miami to Chicogo then to Tokyo. He is then going to try to get to Spain from there.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 13:32:28

No idea about the insurance situation but if you do go via Germany be warned that the situation there on the trains is quite manic. Make sure you have enough food and water bought before you get on the train to do you. Might be ok by Tuesday and this is overreacting but you really don't want to get stuck on a train with no food and water for your family.

If your insurance won't pay out you are welcome to stay a couple of days here, even doing a day or two with us and a couple of days with MM?

Then you could get the flight on Monday.

everythingiseverything Sun 18-Apr-10 13:32:41

Don't think we are going to get on our planned Cornwall holiday sad. No idea at all when DH will be back.

Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Apr-10 13:38:04

Can you not go on your own to cornwall and let dh follw on later if and when he gets back?

Pollyanna Sun 18-Apr-10 13:38:32

thanks Mme L - we may take you up on your (and MMs) offers. Dh is very stressed about work now though (workaholic at the best of times, but post-holidays is always a even more stressed) and is all for just setting off tomorrow morning and seeing how far we get hmm

Thanks for info about german trains too - will bear that in mind. Our plane hasn't been cancelled yet - we are meant to be flying tomorrow evenging and airspace is only officially closed until 2pm so far. Not holding out much hope though...

Good luck to PPP's DH and to Pollyanna and family - to everyone trying to get somewhere. It's so stressful.

MmeLindt - thanks for the tip off on trains in Germany, how about in Switzerland, is it the same? DP hoping to travel from Italy to Zurich tomorrow by train - he has places booked but should I be warning him to get food/water ahead of time?

In general, are the trains still insanely busy in Switzerland? I know after Zurich, he needs to get to Brussels so there's still potential for something to go wrong.

Blu Sun 18-Apr-10 14:12:58

Oh, good grief! Trust the DM to turn it into a 'nanny state' issue. "but part of the rationale that is keeping us grounded is an economic equation rather than simple personal safety.

To fly beneath the cloud until clear of it would mean burning more fuel. But not flying at all is surely burning money more swiftly."

Well then why would anyone make that decision on financial grounds? And i'm glad the DM believes that there are thousands of stranded people who would take the risk but sonce the flightpath of H'row is over the most densley populated area of the country (thanks to prevailing winds and a bad planning decision when it was located there) I guess the 15 million peope who live on London may have a view about planes crashing down on their heads. It isn't kust risk to the DM reading traveller!

But I have huge sympathy with those enduring separation and hardship because of this.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 14:20:10

Not sure, Norkily. Will have a look at the local press.

The DM are idiots, so we can safely ignore them I feel wink

Thanks MmeLindt

Clarissimo Sun 18-Apr-10 14:26:43

PPP should your Dh neede a rest en route we are in Wales, just off the m way as you enter the country; feel free to CAT me, meal / bed or whatever

Clarissimo Sun 18-Apr-10 14:28:50

Am peachy btw- not a random netter trying to grab your DH LOL wink

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 14:32:20

According to the Zuricher Zeitung, the Swiss trains have been doubled and because they have a strict booking system that you only get a ticket when you book a seat, there is no overcrowding in the trains.

The TGV to Paris is also doubled up, so twice the amount of spaces as normal. Just checked their website here. First trains available on Tuesday.

Not quite so good with the German trains here. They do not have the same rules as the Swiss and have said that travellers today must reckon with having to stand for the duration of the journey if there are no seats free.

If you can book a train ticket, make sure you pay the extra for a seat reservation.

SofiaAmes Sun 18-Apr-10 14:35:42

My dh has been stranded in Frankfurt airport since thursday. Lufthansa have only just (half an hour ago) put on a coach to take all the brits to London Heathrow. I would guess that some of the other airlines will be doing the same as it has to be cheaper than putting up all those people in hotels. Also, for those of you stranded in Europe, look on the Gumtree rideshare boards for London and the city you are in....there are lots of people driving with extra space in their cars.

Thank you so much MmeLindt - hurrah for the Swiss grin Will forward that info to him. I know he's booked as far as Zurich but then how he's planning to move from there to Brussels I'm not sure but think it might be through Germany

QuintessentialShadow Sun 18-Apr-10 14:44:33

Anyone knows how to get a dad and his two kids out of the north of Norway?

Romanarama Sun 18-Apr-10 14:50:48

Crash one of those fjord cruise ships Quint?

Anyone's loved ones managed to get back? DH stuck in Romania still. No idea when back, maybe Wednesday.

strandedatsea Sun 18-Apr-10 14:57:48

Paulaplumpbottom - can't your DH fly from Miami to San Juan or DR? They will certainly have flights to Spain? Apologies if he's already tried this.....

skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 15:00:35

quint Drive/train/bus to Oslo, ferry to Copenhagen, ferry to Harwich.

Honneybunny Sun 18-Apr-10 15:08:23

QS where in Norway?
He might be able to catch Hurtigruta to Bergen, then Bergen Hirtshals (Denmark) ferry, then Hirtshals Esbjerg (not sure if there might be bus, it is ca.3 hrs by road), and Esbjerg-Harwich.

Alternatively Tromsø has bus+train connection with Oslo, but it takes more than a day to get down.

Apparently limited airports in Northern Norway are having limited flights, but I guess with nowhere in (Northern) Europe to fly to that is not an option...

Clarissimo that is very kind! Thank you so much. We will see how he gets on and I'll let you know.

Strandedatsea my DH did try that but he says there are hardly any flights to Spain from the Americas.

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Sun 18-Apr-10 15:53:13

clam - the parents work a lot and rarely see the kids. I run the household.

Well we have a new destination. At 1030am we are being bussed to Malaysia. That is the nearest hotel with vacancies {confused] grin.

They are really pushing people to go back to Australia but if you do there is no guarantee you will get to London before May 1st.

clam Sun 18-Apr-10 16:05:07

Well I kind of guessed that! Sad.
But even so, plenty of us work a lot but still know our kids' routines.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 18-Apr-10 16:08:08

Lou - my DH is just leaving Malaysia for Washington DC via Tokyo, he has a flight booked from Washington to Madrid on the 24th April which was the earliest flight to Europe that they could get.

I'm guessing that if you are already mid-flight so to speak that they can maybe prioritise you though?

Earlybird Sun 18-Apr-10 16:16:08

lou - this could really work in your favour though, as the parents (and dc) will see you as indispensable once they experience the chaos without you! wink

orienteerer Sun 18-Apr-10 16:55:59

This pilots forum makes interesting reading.

Pollyanna Sun 18-Apr-10 17:12:21

norkily I think we are going to come back the same route as your dh. We couldn't see much availability on the tgv to Paris (and eurostar from there) but there seems to be more to Brussels. Mme L Thanks for the tip about seat reservations - we will remember to arrange that too. that's probably why there seems to be more availability on that route.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 17:54:28

Just spoke to friends of neighbours, they were stuck here in Geneva and could not get TGV tickets online. They went into the train station booking office this morning and got seats on the TGV tomorrow.

So that is the top tip for today. Go to the local ticket office, stand in line and you might get tickets earlier. I checked this afternoon and earliest available ticket was Tuesday.

Jacaqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 18:10:07

Those of you who are stuck. Have you made any interesting aquintances. Any friendships developing?

My sister and her husband are travelling home from Costa del Sol to Scotland with another couple they met a few days ago whilst trying to get some info at an internet cafe.

I think they are treating it like some mid- life adventure. Travelling by train, bus, ferry and hire car. Staying at gites. My sister is used to travelling first class and 5 star all the way. Should be an interesting change for her.

Sounds a bit like Planes Trains and Auotomobiles without the planes obviously.

blueshoes Sun 18-Apr-10 18:11:14

My aupair is unable to fly back from Austria. Dd goes back to school tomorrow and dh and I go back to work with no childcare!

<Switches into state of emergency mode>

DeirdreB Sun 18-Apr-10 18:16:02

I would also suggest turning up at ports / train stations to see what's available at the last minute as there may be lots of no shows, people with contingency bookings or choosing not to travel and being unable to cancel reservations due to the phone lines being busy or simply unable to get to the port/train in time.

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 18:24:29

Hello again.

An update.
My ex refuses to discuss even making plans to return DS - think he's using it as an excuse to keep him there (been a longstanding abduction threat)
I'm booked on the Eurostar on Tuesday to collect him.
At the moment I've no idea how/when we'll get home, but at least I'll have DS so we can have an adventure. If anyone has advice for getting back from Brussels, I'll be pleased to hear it.
Thanks nice MN ladies

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 18:27:57

Oh, how awful for you. There are a good few Belgian MNetters, give them a shout if you need them. I think we have a few folk in or around Brussels.

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 18:36:27

Thanks, It wold be amazing to hear from anyone who thinks they might be able to help. At the moment I've got a reservation for thursday to come back.
Am in bits.
Is my worst nightmare about what my ex threatned.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 18:48:20
skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 18:50:05

Portofino has already offered to help anyone stuck in Brussels.

JunoWatt Sun 18-Apr-10 18:51:27

parents left rome yest am
are now on FERRY!

Madas - so sorry to read the latest. I think you are doing absolutely the right thing. Have you told ex you are coming - is there any risk of him doing a bunk before you get there? (At least he can't fly)

Tellhimhesdreaming Sun 18-Apr-10 19:00:44

Hi Madascheese, my DH got back from Brussels on Friday. He took the train from Bruge to Ostend, then took the ferry to Ramsgate, then cab back to London. The ferry only takes car passengers but he and his boss got in the car with a guy who was driving - he said plenty of people were willing to do this. Or local cabs were driving people on - going across, then coming back. It took about four hours. Sorry, I can't do links well but here is the ferry site.


The cab from Ramsgate was around 140 quid. I know that isn't cheap but this was at 4am Saturday morning so might be cheaper different times.

Very best of luck, what a crap situation for you.

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 19:01:32

Thanks Northern, i sat around being all 'reasonable' until my DP and Dad went, Ok but what do you want to DO, I said get on the train and fetch him and they went, OK, let's make that happen. I have a marvellous family. Now likely to have 2 nights in Brussels as have managed to get tickets back for Thursday AM.

I'll tell him tomorrow, you're right at least he can't fly and if he does flit with DS it will be the last time he gets unsupervised access.


Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 19:09:09

I've emailed portafino, thanks again.

*loving mumsnet at the moment*

really, thanks

Will keep my fingers crossed for your trip madas - two nights in Brussels with mum will be a pretty good birthday present for ds don't you think grin

forwardmotion1 Sun 18-Apr-10 19:12:50

If your outhere stranded anywhere we can supply a Bentley to pick you up and drive you home from most Continental areas to Uk within 27 hours pick up returned home within 56 hours one chap just paid nine thousand pounds for this by taxi but we are a lot cheaper than that send a message if needed to this site for a reply and contact best of luck Regards Ray

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 19:13:07

Northern, that's what we're thinking and all that travelling on 'Chuggers' will delight the boy!

Also he will be delighted that Mummy has turned up on his birthday with his presents. At the moment he said he was sad yesterday because he didn't know when he would see Mummy again.

If this ends up as his best birthday ever I might think it was worthwhile.

It's certainly going to be memorable! grin

Yay Juno! Now, have they got sarnies for the ferry? wink

Madascheese - are you going out there on your own or with DP? Do you think things will be easier if you have 'back-up'? What a horrible situation for you - really hope it all works out and that you and DS have a great time on the way home.

frakkinnuts Sun 18-Apr-10 19:20:48

My ex bosses' nanny is stuck in America and they're in much the same situation as your bosses, Lou! Some people's work schedules are so hectic that they know the broad outlines but not the minutiae - times, where things are kept, how long things take etc. The nanny is the person who does that week in, week out.

In other news we're slowly slipping into chaos in the Indian Ocean. The planes being in the wrong places are clearly having a knock on effect. And DH has to deal with a very pissed off senior at work who doesn't quite get that private planes are also subject to the rules!

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 19:22:07

Are you advertising on here?

Not sure really, as your post is not very clear.

Perhaps you have misunderstood. This is a support thread for MNetters to share experiences and tips on getting their loved ones back. Not a place to advertise a Bentley (Bentley, FFS!)

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 19:23:18

Reshape, I'm going with DP - he's the one least likely to cause bloodshed over this as the rest of my family are not happy at all.

DP is a total rock and has taken charge of many of the organisation at the moment.

exotictraveller Sun 18-Apr-10 19:26:12

Hi all, we're stranded in Greece. We had a flight from Athens to Heathrow on the 15th which was cancelled. We thought about flying to Rome and then getting the train to Paris and then Eurostar but then thought Heathrow might open up again. We are currently booked to fly to Rome on 21st and are then planning on getting a train to Paris and then the Eurostar

Is anyone in Rome? What are our chances if we turn up at the train station and try and get tickets? Online is impossible to book and we have very limited internet access where we are.

Are there any other options once (if) we get to Rome?

DH and the 2 kids are going to miss at least a week off work and school and it is costing us a fortune. But we are on a lovely Greek island so it's not all bad.

Any hints, tips advice would be very gratefully appreciated!

exotictraveller Sun 18-Apr-10 19:28:10

Btw, i chose my MN name long before all this happened!

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 18-Apr-10 19:28:46

Exotic, i would think a local travel agent should be able to book you rail tickets for italy. have you tried asking them?

blueberrysorbet Sun 18-Apr-10 19:38:48

my mum is stranded with us in the middle east and is devastated. she is in her late 70's and is taking it personally. she has taken to her bed and says she is too ill to get up and just wants to go and sit at the airport.. she thinks if she goes to the airport and sits there (its closed)/ is as unpleasant as possible somehow a plane will take off for her.

feel v sorry for her, but at least she gets more time with the grandchildren. think she has had enough of them, mind- babies crying etc.
have got her on priority list

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 19:38:53

Try posting on the other thread too

rubyrubyruby Sun 18-Apr-10 19:52:47

exotic - My DS is stuck in Rome and was given a flight home for Weds last Friday. Not sure that will happen.

He hasn't tried trains - I think he is enjoying himself too much going round the local bars watching the Italian Football league!! grin but I can ask him if other people have tried and how they got on? There is great camaraderie amongst those stranded I think.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 20:05:54

Watching the news conference in front of 10 Downing Street on BBC news now.

I wish someone would tell them that they look really daft when they stand there nodding their heads as Mandy talks.

Jacaqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 20:15:19

I saw that news conference earlier and must say I was quite impressed by what the gov are doing (as they bloody well should).

Imagine if they do send a couple of war ships over to france to bring the Brits home!

Brilliant pre election PR for GB.

DastardlyandSmugly Sun 18-Apr-10 20:15:24

We have a US colleague of DH's staying with us as she's stranded. She was supposed to go back on Sat.

missed the conference! anything interesting said? was beginning to wonder whether the government had abandoned us to our fate while they all go about campaigning.

Mutt Sun 18-Apr-10 20:19:55

cynical lol at Ray and his farkin Bentley.

You're all heart Ray hmm

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 20:24:42

I thought about reporting good old Ray but could not be bothered, and thought that you all might need a laff.

everythingiseverything Sun 18-Apr-10 20:27:08

I could head to Cornwall, but can't put up tent on my own with DS, and don't drive anyway! Plus, reason for trip is a wedding, and the groom is also stranded (currently trying to get back from LA via NY and Madrid), so it may be that wedding doesn't happen anyway. sad

Hi, again, sorry, I did not mean to post and run earlier, but my family were literally just rolling up the drive as I started typing so I pressed 'send' anyway!

My sympathies to everybody still stranded/with stranded loved ones wherever they may be in the world.

DH came from Germany via Amsterdam to Newcastle with DFDS with 3 DSs with my mum's car which we will have to get back to her at some point of course.
Apparently ferries in Amsterdam were busy but not booked out and in particular walk-on passangers were still taken. Maybe this info helps somebody.

And thanks for that link to the pilots forum, orienteerer! V interesting...

I have dipped in and out of this thread and the amount of help. information and moral support offered by lots of MNers (MmeLindt et al, you know who you are...) has once again warmed the cockles of my heart smile. Nest of vipers hmm - pah! Lovely lovely people!

Really hope everybody gets to were they want to be soon.

rubyrubyruby Sun 18-Apr-10 20:27:15

Oh don't report Ray - no-ones going to use him anyway!! grin

rubyrubyruby Sun 18-Apr-10 20:28:23

......... I wonder if Rays got a Renault Clio option too? hmm

OmicronPersei8 Sun 18-Apr-10 20:31:03

MmeLindt and MM, very impressed with both your generosity and hard work to help others on this thread. Makes me wish I had space to offer and was somewhere other than London. Good luck to all travellers trying to get home (and their families).

Jacaqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 20:33:22

The gov are looking at sending ships over to France and Spain to collect British people.
There was also talk of commandearing civilian boats/ships to help with this.

They are liaising with the Spannish gov to use Spain as a Hub to get people from America and Asia to Spain then on to Britain by sea.

Milliband was going on about Embassies and Consulutes doing everything possible to help with visas and getting medicine to stranded Britons.

Jacaqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 20:35:53

Loads of typos in there sorry.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 20:42:49

MNetters are benefiting from my DH being on a business trip to Germany at that moment so not moaning when I MN in the evening.

thanks Jaca

scaryteacher Sun 18-Apr-10 20:53:30

For everyone with a car going back to UK from the continent - try Norfolk Lines from Dunkirk to Dover; prices about £85 but that is car + 5 people, so not bad considering. They don't do foot passengers.

Madascheese - if no joy from Porto, post on here again and I'll give you my email - if I tidy it up we have a double bedroom, and are 20 mins from the centre of Brussels.

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 20:56:14

scary you're so kind, thank you. I haven't heard back from portofino yet, but am happy to email you as well as I'm looking for reasonably priced B&B doesn't need to be fancy. Wouldn't want to inflict my gorgeous but 5.30am waking DS on a household.

Am also up for ideas for what we should do for the day in Brussels on Wednesday.

Thanks again

(only not posting my email as it's actually my full name!)

Sophia are you still in Milan? If you need anything give me a shout!

gringringringrin DCs are safley back on uk soil YAY!!!! The only sad point is i will have to wait till 2morow 2 see them!! Having been traveling since 8am thismorning they and 'granny gg and granpa John' are undistandably KNACKERD and dont think they could cope with the extra 4hrs to get home!!! Luckily dhs sister lives in Dover and is putting them up for the night. So hopfully should be here by lunch timegrin. Although there could be another spanner in the works yet as ive been feeling prettyhmm for the last few hours and although not due untill 28 may i have sneekning suspision that dc 3 wants out 'in' on all the excitment!!. Dangry xh and his [bleep][bleep] attittude im sure its all the stress thats started me off!! Im going to keep my legs crossed till ive held my 2 little big adventures and given Mr and Mrs Herbert the bigest kiss ever!!
Good luck to all those still trying to make it home were thinking of u all xx

HandbagAddiction Sun 18-Apr-10 21:03:49

Alibabaandthe40nappies! WOW - I think your DH is on the same flight as mine, given hat my dh is as we speak on a flight to Tokoyo out of Malaysia and en route to Washington!! He also has onward tickets booked to Madrid?! I'm starting to wonder if they were at the same sales conference in KL recently?!

Anyway,, if not, then maybe they'll meet and compare travel notes on the plane!!

DH has been aware since last Saturday night 10th)...was due home Friday morning but clearly there was no chance and now - well - we've no idea. He feels better that he's making some progress and seems to think it'll be easier to get back home via the US rather than trying to cross the middle easy and Europe. Only time will tell.

DDs are missing him loads - as am I!!


That's great news myboots - and good luck with dc3 whenever they decide to turn up!

Madascheese Sun 18-Apr-10 21:05:39

Myboots - that is great news, but do try to hold on til they get right back to you!

I'm stunned by how kind and supportive people are, it really restores your faith.

(Thanks esp Porto)

scaryteacher Sun 18-Apr-10 21:05:51

Madascheese, it's scary.teacher@yahoo.co.uk , then I'll give you my real email address as opposed to the one for MN purposes.

Dh up at 0600 anyway and I'm up at 0700 to do packed lunch and roust ds. Am invigilating Wednesday am and have bookgroup Thursday am, so have to be up and at 'em anyhow. If you need a bed and feeding for a couple of nights yell.