who has got family stranded by the volcanic ash?

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MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:03:37

me ! easy jet have cancelled return flight

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:05:31

anyone else?

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 09:08:29

Anyone got family stranded in Geneva?

If so, let me know and they can come around here for coffee.

dizzydixies Thu 15-Apr-10 09:10:26

MmeLindt - I soooooooooooo wish I was envygrin but alas no! I had almost booked flights to Spain for the weekend for a family christening, thank feck I didn't as I could ill afford them in the first place AND no way ryanair would have been refunded hmm

hope nobody in a really sticky situation

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:10:58

mine staying another day i think .

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:07

Message withdrawn

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:45



is dh BLOWING it away outside?

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:12:46

am hoping Dh is stranded in UK (where I am also)

When was your flight MrsShu?

Are they cancelling late afternoon ones yet?

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:13:26

shit yes - was late afternoon one

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 09:14:29

Hope your MIL gets away tomorrow.

The chaos is going to be huuuuge.

And no one to blame, what will the DM do?

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:14:55

Dh of course thinks he will unaffected!

(He also thinks that he does not need to factor in time for travel between home and airport - he may have a tardis rather than a car!)

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:16:47

i think its casued by immigrants and i can see diana s face in it

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 15-Apr-10 09:17:13

Message withdrawn

cupofteaplease Thu 15-Apr-10 09:17:45

I am due to fly out on a long- awaited weekend trip with my best friend tomorrow. I soooo hope the flights begin again <fingers crossed>.

RubysReturn Thu 15-Apr-10 09:18:27

Karma for not paying debts wink

MrsShu Thu 15-Apr-10 09:18:49

they wont as it will affect all their positioning.

TheShriekingHarpy Thu 15-Apr-10 09:20:26

Message withdrawn

M32song Thu 15-Apr-10 09:21:49

eek - Sister's wedding on Sat and parents are supposed to be flying in from Scotland. Bugger.

startagain Thu 15-Apr-10 09:22:37

sister's flight from manchester to london cancelled, she is now on a train trying to get to heathrow for flight at 3pm to US

M32song Thu 15-Apr-10 09:22:54

grin 'Diana's face in it'

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 09:23:22

Can't see this clearing up for at least a few days. I mean, that cloud can't dissipate just like that. And the knock-on effects will be massive - all the planes in the wrong places.

We have friends due home today from Prague who are due to be collecting their son and my DS from a PGL centre. Better make arrangements for me to go instead...

clam Thu 15-Apr-10 09:24:43

Oops, just x-posted with harpie. Hope you're right and I'm wrong.

Fliight Thu 15-Apr-10 09:24:52

I have a friend in Rejkjavik

Hope she is Ok.

LIZS Thu 15-Apr-10 09:29:42

dh due to fly this am for a day trip and got up early all for nothing ! Has had to go into the office instead.

RunawayWife Thu 15-Apr-10 09:37:26

Mum and sister are flying to Turkey today from Gatwick sad it is madness.
I really hope they get to go.

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