'Career women make bad mothers' ad to run on side of buses

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mrsbaldwin Mon 04-Jan-10 15:48:03

Brand Republic the advertising industry trade mag and the Independent media section are reporting that the Outdoor Advertising Association are to run ads featuring the slogan 'Career Women Make Bad Mothers' on the side of buses and elsewhere. This is to promote the power of outdoor advertising - gets people talking innit. Here is the link - bit.ly/4VQ1Z8 - to the Inde item, which itself links through to the Brand Republic item. No doubt the person who thought this catchy campaign up (an 80s adman, one Garry Lace) will even as I type be wetting his pants in glee that someone has posted about it on Mumsnet. But does he really think the mass of the population will suddenly be moved to ruminate on the utility of outdoors advertising when they see the ad ... or will they just think 'ha! career women are bad mothers, I always thought so - it says so on that bus!'. Click here to find out more about Garry Lace and his firm www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/apr/09/garry-lace-campbell-beta I must say I'm tempted to take a few dirty nappies down to Garry's offices which are at 36-38 Carnaby Street www.betalondon.com (0) 207 734 2949 Nappies - symbolic, as in ... Garry, your ads are a load of s*

McAli Thu 21-Jan-10 21:25:53

I dislike this type of 'controversy' buzz marketing because it causes upset between Mums (stay at home and working mums). Apart from the fact that I am now aware of it (grrrrr) I think it will backfire. So many women are not career women, they simply have to go to work to pay their mortgages.

Anyway, as a marketing professional on maternity leave... outdoor advertising is over priced for the return on investment. The power of the internet and contextual advertising is far more effective as demonstrated by this post.

SamanthaFox Tue 04-May-10 07:35:14

I've only just realised I'm on the list. That's very worrying.

I was pretty rude about the troll type posts but I don't remember swearing or attacking anyone personally...certainly not anything worthy of deletion.

That's really strange. I would never have said anything about the size of someone's dick, either. it isn't my style at all.


ViVas Thu 02-Feb-12 17:43:24

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

kelly2000 Thu 02-Feb-12 18:41:43

all it shows that this guy cannot actually advertise unless he uses something that is semi illegal, and controversial. If he was so good at advertising he would be able to advertise outdoor advertising without resorting to this behaviour.

i wonder if he would dare to say anything nasty about people on the basis of thei race or religion, or if he just says it for women.

kelly2000 Thu 02-Feb-12 18:45:01

pah - just saw this was an old thread updated with spam

mrsbaldwin Fri 03-Feb-12 19:23:42

Old thread, but you're very welcome (I'm still watching grin)

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