Swine Flu. Are we in big trouble with this then?

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Meglet Sat 25-Apr-09 21:20:34

This sounds worse than the bird flu that thankfully never really happened.


Sky news have a press conference on now about possible cases in new york. When do we start panic buying wink.

Lukilu Tue 05-May-09 13:27:48

Sorry to hear your dd has been so ill. Hope she's a lot better by now.

OhYouBadBadPig Sun 03-May-09 16:33:21

Ugh that you had to take her into that mix of bugs! Its fab that her lungs are clear though. Fingers crossed for you that she gets better quickly.

sarah293 Sun 03-May-09 15:49:57

she has a viral respiratory infection according to the doctor we saw. Still poorly and we have to go back if she gets worse. Best thing is her lungs are clear.
But the waiting room was full of coughing and sneezing sick poeple! We stood outside.

frasersmummy Sun 03-May-09 14:24:08

Riven .. are you back from the walk in clinic??

how is your dd?? and how are you holding up ??

sarah293 Sun 03-May-09 12:24:16

nice quote from the Daily Mash here...

'"But really, the best way to stop pork flu is to get it, takes some pills and watch the telly until you don't have it anymore."'


sarah293 Sun 03-May-09 10:42:32

bit mad though that they want us to come there. Not for one minute do I think she has this flu but sh has identical sysmptoms in an area where there are 2 cases and yet they want us to come to a clinic.
If she did have flu half the city would be infected with this slap dash approach. Hope to god the UK doesn't get a real pandemic killer. We'd be all doomed!

sarah293 Sun 03-May-09 10:40:28

she's still pretty poorly and is now couhging. Called the on-call and explained that she is life limited etc and I wanted her chest listnened too. Most unsympathetic doc on the planet and he's inisting we come down to the walk-in clinic.
O'm hoping it goes away as she is meant to be having surgery on wednesday!

how's your DD riven?

I hope you both had a "good" night.

Certainly puts things into perspective doesn't it?


pearlsbeforeswine Sun 03-May-09 01:20:01

Thinking of you riven.

slackrunner Sun 03-May-09 00:08:57

Riven - hope your dd (and you) have an OK night.

walkingonthemoon Sat 02-May-09 22:33:20

Riven - thinking of you, sounds like you have a tough night ahead. xxx

Apart from the Tesco lorry bit I haven't said anything that hasn't been reported in our local paper. I'd imagine if its in the local rag then other papers are also running similar stories.

flymetothemoon Sat 02-May-09 22:23:35

Riven, hope she's ok.
Have you called again to chase them up?

p.s. sod the Ocado and M&S van, please can I have the one for Fortnum and Mason's food hall??

sarah293 Sat 02-May-09 22:17:25

waiting for the on-call doctor to call me back as dd vomited her meds. Its been over an hour and a half now.

expatinscotland Sat 02-May-09 22:14:43

Riven, wishing your DD and your family the best tonight.

frasersmummy Sat 02-May-09 21:56:25

oh riven

I hope your daughter gets better by morning

You sound like a sensible leveh headed parent..just remember to call for backup if you need it..

You are in my thoughts and prayers .. sending you strength to get you through the night

OhYouBadBadPig Sat 02-May-09 20:57:53


sarah293 Sat 02-May-09 19:55:58

am not strong. dd has just had a seizure because she is so ill with this cold. Am facinga sleepless night and feeling weary.

peppapighastakenovermylife Sat 02-May-09 19:43:17

Slackrunner - pmsl. I want M & S myself. Was wondering if the nhs were getting mass clubcard points or something.

Seriously though, I know you must be shocked by what you heard Stripey, but really that is worst worst case scenario and sounds 'sensible' in that case (in a very cold hearted way - don't get me wrong I wouldnt think that was fair). Putting it on an internet forum where people who are scared in the first place may read it, and when others have been working so hard to reassure and calm people down, will frighten people needlessly.

Riven - my heart goes out to you it really does. It must be scary for you but we all think you are so strong - and you put the end of the world meeja people to shame.

slackrunner Sat 02-May-09 18:57:32

Tesco lorries shock? How do you get an upgrade to an Ocado lorry?

sarah293 Sat 02-May-09 18:47:43

true coochie, specially as the WHO are now revising their earlier 'we're all gonnnnnaaa dddiiieeee' meassages.
If it was serious I cant imagine the pupils at the local school where swine flu has been found would be wondering around the High St today. They'd all be inside their houses with guards n stuff.

coochicoo Sat 02-May-09 18:45:37

Sorry Riven, I wasn't trivialising your concerns. Your worries regarding your dd catching the virus are, of course, completely valid. It's all the normally healthy people stockpiling food and voicing tales of doom that I think need to get a little perspective.

corblimeymadam Sat 02-May-09 12:14:51

Joy - due to give birth in November - in prime flu season. May be time to win the lottery and go private!

I am glad you said that, I did not want to look too scared but disaster movies etc freak me out and leave me scared for weeks! Really, I avoid them! The post by Stripey was seriously freaking me out, until the but about Tesco refrigeration lorries, that just sounded silly.

I am being quite rational about this though, I hope, in thinking that ffs, it is like normal flu in symptoms, so...it is ok really...?

sarah293 Sat 02-May-09 10:49:09

What stripey posted is pretty much 'the plan' for anything whether it be flu/ebola. chemical attack/nuclear attack etc etc
Treat those who can be treated, use refrigerated lorries for the bodies, curfew (eventually) etc etc
Personally if it was 'we're all gonna diiiiieee' flu, then Mexico would be on its last legs by now instead of reporting that some of the deaths werenb't down to flu after all. There's 22 million people in Mexico city alone and its polluted, full of slums and health care is not free. Any truly killer virus would have ripped through the city by now I would imagine.
Most winters I don't want to catch flu/colds cos I hate being sick and if dd gets even a severe cold she will die. I feel the same about this. I don't want it even if it appears milder than most flu and I don't want dd catching it but I do think the meeja is hyping it up. They are bored of the recession cos its all money-speak. A flu virus is true media fodder!

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