Goodbye Dubya, here come the Barack and Michelle show...

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mrsbaldwin Tue 20-Jan-09 16:43:18

... and straight to the important stuff - she is wearing a dress by a Cuban American designer.

Switch on the telly right now and have a look at it all if you can

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:45:14

I'm watching and already teary

mrsbaldwin Tue 20-Jan-09 16:46:08

Well I am feeling a bit weepy but thought it might be the pregnancy hormones - hehe!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:47:34

I'm stunned there is only this thread about it, it's a huge deal!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 16:47:35

He (Obama) couldn't keep the smile off his face, he looked so proud!

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 16:48:25

its fantastic!

DaddyJ Tue 20-Jan-09 16:49:57

Great show so far..

I started crying as soon as I saw all the people and haven't stopped yet blush
It's so emotional isn't it!

NorkyButNice Tue 20-Jan-09 16:50:50

This religious fella is a bit cringe-worthy though. I keep expecting him to say "dude"

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:51:10

The old lady in the hat. I do hope he can right all those wrongs

Poledra Tue 20-Jan-09 16:51:37

I've got goosebumps watching this - how must he be feeling??

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 16:51:49

Get to the good part! I want the speech!

sarah293 Tue 20-Jan-09 16:52:00

that religious guy is going on a bit

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:53:22

All those people out in -1 temps, amazing. For all it's faults americans surely have spirit

mrsbaldwin Tue 20-Jan-09 16:53:40

I am liking his little daughters sat behind him - the younger one looks very proud and important

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:53:53

Yeah, don't sweat the god stuff

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:54:16

I will cry now I know. Bless her.

Lio Tue 20-Jan-09 16:54:43

woo hoo, we are so excited here (am at work), have video streaming on ONE computer, 15 people ready to swoop when The Man appear...

I seem to have lost all control of my emotions now!

noonki Tue 20-Jan-09 16:55:26

It may be a stupid question

but why is it god ave the queen with different words?

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 16:55:28

They put us too shame with their ceremonies! Love how patriotic they are, we need a bit of that.

charitygirl Tue 20-Jan-09 16:55:32

Well I'm tearing up for Aretha!

sarah293 Tue 20-Jan-09 16:55:56

why oh why oh why the singing?

noonki Tue 20-Jan-09 16:56:06


Lucycat Tue 20-Jan-09 16:56:16

Aretha is amazing.

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 16:56:34

I hate to be a pedant (oh no I don't!), but religious guy made a mistake: he said it was the 44th peaceful transition of power. As Obama is the 44th president, it's the 43rd transition.

Yes, I know, I know, there are more important things going on....

Look at that hat! smile

Earthymama Tue 20-Jan-09 16:56:57

Why choose that Religious Guy who is anti-everything?

Aretha's hat is wonderful, Queen of soul!!

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 16:57:04

stupid question, what song is she singing?

LOL CrushaGrape Love it that we're picking holes already and the poor guy hasn't even said a word!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:57:58

Bit of a blopper for the poor reporter though.

choosyfloosy Tue 20-Jan-09 16:58:15

the panting posers on radio 4 have just been laughing at how monarchical it all feels - no it DOESN'T you poo poo heads, spot the difference he's been ELECTED

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 16:58:19


Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 16:58:46

Happy Happy Day!!! DD on her way home, and wants to watch ITNG, apparently. Do you think I can convince her this is more important? She's 2...

sarah293 Tue 20-Jan-09 16:58:55

Surrounded by Americans here. dh was born in the US so his boys are citizens.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 16:59:44

DS is asking for 'Beebies'... not a chance.

kayzr Tue 20-Jan-09 16:59:49

I am really looking forward to his speech.

DS1 keeps turning the sky box off though.

eandz Tue 20-Jan-09 17:00:58

not fair! i wish i was watching. i even voted this year!

i'm soo happy about it. i'm soo glad Obama won. i didn't think it would happen. but i am soo friggin ridiculously happy.

before he won, i didn't think there were enough Americans out there who would vote for Obama considering the racial climate following the bush administration. but boy was i wrong. (and thank goodness for being wrong!!)

akhems Tue 20-Jan-09 17:01:02

who was the bloke who was introducing the people as they came out..... that voice...

I'm a snivelling wreck here blush

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:01:06

Heartwarming story from the BBC there.

sarah293 Tue 20-Jan-09 17:01:14

dd has just puked down herself. Thank gawd she wasn't invited to the inaugeration. Wou;dn't that be funny grin

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:01:47

Ah, nice music. yay! Joe Biden is in. Au revoir Cheney, you gun toting nutter.

I want the speech now!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:02:26

Why was he in a wheelchair?

Poledra Tue 20-Jan-09 17:02:37

Bugger - need to go pick up the DCs. Ask Obama to wait for me, will you wink?

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:02:43

I heard on the World Service this morning that there's something like an 80% approval rating for Obama atm - amazing!

Now, obv he cannot keep that up - but it shouldn't take the joy away from it, either.

Hurt himself moving boxes to his new house or something they said <evil snigger>

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 17:03:11

lovely music im crying

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:03:52

I've never seen Yo-Yo Ma play before. How cool. DH plays cello, so I think it's v. sexy.

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:04:54

The poor musicians are in suit jackets; I guess a coats would encumber them too much. They must be absolutely freezing.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:05:18

oooow here we go.

Drum Tue 20-Jan-09 17:05:50

I am listening on Radio Four. He's in!!!!!

YAY grin grin grin

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:06:18

Aww his wife looked sooo proud smile

The commentator said it was the National Anthem! hmm

Don't like his wifes rug!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:06:32


Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:06:39

Oh, I'm teary now HURRRAAAYYY!!!

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 17:06:41

look how proud michelle is, what love!!

Drum Tue 20-Jan-09 17:07:12

Yes, we can! grin

NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 17:07:14

Oh bless him!

The best always fluff their lines.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:08:05

Fuck me that long shot to the white house was incredible

kayzr Tue 20-Jan-09 17:08:06

Bless, He looked really nervous!!

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:08:40

Polite claps for Dubya!

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:09:19

George W looks like he would rather be watching CBeebies too grin

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:09:46

You can see his breath, he must be freezing.

ah that was fab - I got teary - Yo Yo Ma looked as though he was enjoying himself !

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:10:09


Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:12:11

Isn't it great that this speech is happening the day after MLK day? How fucking brilliant.

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 17:12:50

i thought they said it was the national anthem too hmm

i wonder how many people are there?

Rindercella Tue 20-Jan-09 17:13:34

It is fucking brilliant So pleased I am not the only one blubbing away here! grin

SaltireOShanter Tue 20-Jan-09 17:13:45

DS2 said "Oh my god look at all the people going all the way back to "that" (his word) monument, you don't get them all going down downing street like that". he's just turned 9!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:14:10

they said there are 600,000 residents of DC and they estimated that there was 7x that number in the crowd!

oh I am so glad I am not the only one weeping.
what a day

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:14:35

They did penelope

I'm still teary

Okay, - so where are they all staying tonight?

DD is bewildered as to why I am making her sit down and watch this, and wtf I am blubbing grin

kayzr Tue 20-Jan-09 17:15:40

Despite the fact he is paying no attention I am really glad DS1 is kinda watching this.

Yurtgirl Tue 20-Jan-09 17:15:58

Im listening too - Its soooooooooo cool

My ds is failing to appreciate this fact and is reading about musical instruments
Dd is playing bunny rabbits

Oh well at least Im impressed

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:16:12

Travel lodge round the corner

DaddyJ Tue 20-Jan-09 17:16:14

You tell'em Mr. President!

I do like listening to him.

McDreamy Tue 20-Jan-09 17:16:23

Oh thank goodeess - I blubbed too!

GivePeasAChance Tue 20-Jan-09 17:16:59

You know when he keeps saying "you stand here before me?"

Does it remind anyone else of America's Next Top Model and Tyra Banks??

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:17:06

I called mil to make sure she will watch it with the DC, they are preschoolers so will probably just pick their noses and ask for stuff throughout. I want them to see it.

SaltireOShanter Tue 20-Jan-09 17:17:45

My friend, her Dh and her sons are in that crowd, she is a die-hard Republican, but said she wasn't missing "the most important day in the history of my country"

Rindercella Tue 20-Jan-09 17:17:55

I heart Barack.

I think I have made my feelings for him quite plain on previous threads <ahem> blush

sat and watched it with ds - very important I think - have the speech on to listen too,but ds has to do homework...

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:18:48

I'm admiring the dimple in his tie too, a good look.

ja9 Tue 20-Jan-09 17:20:17

am watching and enjoying....

(but wondering where jed bartlet is? and cj cregg for that matter?!)

Drum Tue 20-Jan-09 17:20:26

What a great speech so far. He is such a brilliant orator - I could listen to his voice all day.

I have to go and pick my daughter up from gymnastics soon. I'll probably miss the bit where he pledges $50,000 tax free to every member of Mumsnet... smile

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:20:57

I have my 18 month old DS parked in front of the TV watching it eating his dinner, he appears to be watching wink

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:21:13

It's a fucking good speech.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:21:15

I have to say I don't find him that charismatic - his style is so PREACHER BOY

I still think Nick Clegg is better at the oratory

Easy on the eye though

Am loving the speech, he is a V good orator isn't he

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:22:24

'preacher boy' !!!??? jesus morningpaper you have surpassed yourself.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:22:32

How old is he?

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:22:42

Nick Clegg??? NICK CLEGG?? What are you ON, mp? You've slipped a cog, scrapbook/cries at Dr Who/loves Nick Clegg lady.

Greatsweetkittyothepuddingrace Tue 20-Jan-09 17:22:57

He is very good at public speaking isn't he, so much better than Dubya.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:08

I think he is about the same age as Boy George, but wearing a bit better

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:24


Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:26

In fairness, Nick Clegg is better than Dubya.

Nick Clegg , a better orator ?? wtf ?

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:40

and of course Obama really IS a man without convinction

<falls about laughing at own joke>

christiana Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:42

Message withdrawn

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:23:57

He apparently writes a lot of his own speeches.

Yeah, a little bit preachy, but good speech.

How long has he been practising do you think?

Google says he is 47

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS Tue 20-Jan-09 17:24:28

My five month old DD is loving it!

(probably because i never let her watch tv, but still...)

let's guess which will be the key line

artichokes Tue 20-Jan-09 17:24:49

I am loving all the references to foreign aid and climate change.

Very refreshing coming from a US President.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:24:51

Dubya made up words though didn't he, half the stuff he said made no sense.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:24:51

His style is TOTALLY preacher-boy

I may get down on my knees in a mo and pledge my life to his service

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:03

again only mp could get away with such a comment. I'm stunned. You are quite the bitch

(don't bitchslap me at the book launch)

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:07

"without convinction"?

Weren't you supposed to say lol at that point? I think mp may be frothing at the mouth.

Agree, christiana

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:31

My 5 month old will not watch, she's just lying in the baby gym dribbling, she has no sense of occasion grin

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:50

47? You're right MP, he is wearing better.

choosyfloosy Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:53

'the enemy was at the gates' - hey, that's US! [SMILE] [cheers]

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:25:55

Get away with? DWP, I do believe I told her she'd slipped a cog.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:26:06

conviction doh I missed an N

why is it insulting to say he has a preacher style? he does <baffled>

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:26:52

Brilliant speech, so far so good.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:26:56

Ah yes Habb sorry love.

Well it was short but sweet.

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:27:01

preacher boy is surely derogatory

iamaLeafontheWind Tue 20-Jan-09 17:27:46

Bush is sucking lemons!

poem now

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:28:12

PReacher because he sounds like a preacher

Boy because he looks about 12

Rindercella Tue 20-Jan-09 17:28:20

Ah well MP, I am sure you have lived up to your potential too. smile

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:28:21

Thank you, DWP. I thought I was positively cutting. Unfortunately tardis-glue-lady is oblivious.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:28:43

He is slouching in his chair, his wife needs to elbow him.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:29:04

oh yes I have lived up to my potential

I live in Somerset

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:29:06

Oh yes sweet little mamas preacher boy.

I bet you are a conservative mp (and secretly read/write for the daily mail)

artichokes Tue 20-Jan-09 17:29:17

Surely they should end on the high of his speech. Who'd want to be the poet having to follow that?

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:14

I can't believe you suggested I might be a Tory

I am going to have to have the entire thread deleted

onebatmother Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:22

I was crying at all the extending the hand of freindship if you will unclench your fist stuff.

All the no more defense of narrow interests stuff was great.

And the whence comes power stuff was fantastic

Impressed by lack of obvious security!

SaltireOShanter Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:32

Well at least with Obama we won't get websites like this. I hope grin

kayzr Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:35

I was thinking the same Arti.

NorkyButNice Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:37

I thought the "without conviction" was a (poor) Boy George joke?


chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:43

What a shit poem.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:30:43

lol yes @ poet

how annoying

oops and she's forgotten it

bundle Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:13

couldn't they afford pam ayres?

SaltireOShanter Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:17

MP is so not a Tory. She is secretly a Scottish Nationalist.grin

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:20

Oh, yes, obm <hello, btw!> - "This means YOU, Mr Mugabe"

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:34

Lol bundle!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:49

Is that the Bushims link Saltire? I'm not clicking, i was on there for hours the other week when you linked it.

dreary and not very well read

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:57

This poem is bollocks. I missed who she is - is she someone notable? I am ignorant about modern poetry.

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:31:58

Nah. MP's in UKIP.

What's this poem about? Is it just to give people a reason to be silent and reflect on the speech. Surely no-one is actually listening!

But I am quite fik!

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:32:19

Or possibly Veritas.

onebatmother Tue 20-Jan-09 17:32:39

no idea wha thtis poem is about. None whatsoever.

Couldn't they find any Kipling? grin

Or better yet, Pam Ayres.

noddyholder Tue 20-Jan-09 17:33:09

It is very preachy

Habbibu Tue 20-Jan-09 17:33:10

or Maya Angelou, surely?

onebatmother Tue 20-Jan-09 17:33:38

damn x post bundle got there first grin

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:33:47

The applause for her was quite muted in comparison with what went before. People must have been a bit baffled by it.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 17:33:49

even the first lady looks bored.

I'm quite liking this guy smile. He is straightforward!

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:34:10

yes the Withiout conviction was a boy George joke

because Boy George is no longer a man without conviction

see, it's funny


TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:34:46

Who are these people?

onebatmother Tue 20-Jan-09 17:34:48

God is that a fab Louisiana accent? stabili-ty..

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:35:26

Why is Boy George relevant?

merlin Tue 20-Jan-09 17:35:46

Am sat with my 8 and nearly 4 year old - they are mesmerised by it. Although they thought 'the man was a bit of a chatterbox'. grin

NorkyButNice Tue 20-Jan-09 17:36:24

I was obviously the only one who got it.

Don't give up the day job grin

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:36:28

Because I said he was the same age as Boy George, but wearing a bit better

and unlike Boy George, Obama really was a man without conviction

(as in, a criminal conviction - do you see what I did there? it's a sort of pun)

OhBling Tue 20-Jan-09 17:36:37

I'm sitting far from the tv - he's so short I thought he was crying with his fists knuckling his eyes!

Did you see Obama girl Number 2 videoing? Adorable.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:37:31

Okay forgive me for not even reading the boy george comment.

pity the fool

Rindercella Tue 20-Jan-09 17:37:47

Err, I think when you have to go to great lengths to explain a joke, it probably means the joke wasn't very funny!

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:37:49

ha! this is what i called poetry. Amen! LOL

But he's going on for too loong!

When a black man can get ahead man! hmm

Which National Anthem is this then?

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:39:05

It makes the world seem more optimistic.

Do they do their first dance at this bit too?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:39:10

Do you think mrs bush changed the bed sheets for them, or just couldn't be arsed as she was busy on momsnet?

onebatmother Tue 20-Jan-09 17:39:35

They should have got Five Poofs and a Piano, they've dropped their rates dramatically recently I hear.

Buda Tue 20-Jan-09 17:40:01

Well I was watching - couldn't get DS to - and I was judging. I had my MN judgy-judgy hat on.

Did you notice the gum chewing??? Was watching on Sky as people were coming in and notice a girl chewing gum - teen so not unusual. Then I noticed a 3/4 year old girl being carried by her Mum also chewing and then a boy who looked a bit younger and was being held by his dad resumably - just behind Michelle Obama - also chewing gum. He was about 3!!!!!

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS Tue 20-Jan-09 17:40:09

Momsnet grin tdwp

mayorquimby Tue 20-Jan-09 17:40:36

great speach by the rev joseph lowery. although the end left a slight sour taste in my mouth. for a time when people are trying to say that race should no longer matter and how brilliant it is to finally have a president who is of a different race to finish with "and the white will do right" seemed tasteless to me. am i being really over-sensitive, it jus seemed like he was saying racism is only a white issue when anyone who's been to america will know that isn't true.

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 17:40:39

oh gosh the anthem sent me off again wow

noonki Tue 20-Jan-09 17:41:19

Buda but that is what made the USA great!

Buda Tue 20-Jan-09 17:46:46

noonki - they were so little for gum!!!!

tiredsville Tue 20-Jan-09 17:47:23

Loved Rev's speech and obviously Obama's. Wow, what a glam event!

And in the UK, what would we get at an event like this? Gordon Brown with Girls Allowed singing, Dizzy Rascal the poet sad

HerIllustriousEminenceOnebat Tue 20-Jan-09 17:48:17

Buda - there was a woman saying the lord's prayer - had to stop to chew!

'and the white will do right'

I get your point, but I think it was a reference to a specific piece of history.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:48:58

I lolled at the Lord's Prayer Lady - she basically stopped praying to hack up a bit of gum and chomp away - how embarassing

kayzr Tue 20-Jan-09 17:49:16

I have really enjoyed watching this. I will remember it. forever

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:50:15

Oh Dubya is leaving for the last time, awww I hope the door doesn't smack him on the way out.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 17:50:32


HerIllustriousEminenceOnebat Tue 20-Jan-09 17:50:34

The end of the real words to that poem were originally racist: 'if you're white, you're all right', MQ.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:50:47

It is a bit like a wedding now, everyone's standing around thinking what now and when do we get the buffet.

jenk1 Tue 20-Jan-09 17:51:11

ta-ta dubya, get on your helicopter

HerIllustriousEminenceOnebat Tue 20-Jan-09 17:51:15

I mean that it was a subversion of an existing racist chant 'If you're brown, get out of town' etc.

the woman chewing gum looked as though she was saying the prayer, but I think it was just her jaws going - the camera turned away from her sharpish grin !

Dubya might try to leave by the wrong door

PenelopePitstops Tue 20-Jan-09 17:52:49

another ignorant question

what is the flag flying that is like the american flag but the stars are in a circle instead of dotted around

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:54:59

Bye Bye Bush, it makes me think about that woman on the news a few years ago saying 'The only Bush I trust is my own' LOL

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 17:55:49

Off goes the helicopter. Ding dong, the witch is dead!

mayorquimby Tue 20-Jan-09 17:56:03

"I get your point, but I think it was a reference to a specific piece of history."

yes and i can see it's relevance in realtion to that chapter of history.i suppose it was the beginning of the rhymes where he said "we can look forward to a future" and then painted all the other races as dynamic and progressive and white peole as oppressive and archaic. as i said i may well be over-sensitive it just seems that for a presidency which is supposed to be all about inclusion and hope, it sounded to me like a quick way to alienate a lot of people and also giving ammo to people who vehemently oppose his presidency. i.e. it could lend to the kind of argument you hear all the time from a certain kind of people "can you imagine a white president starting his term under a prayer saying they hoped that in the future black people would "act right"?

That song again! ?

Wot is it for?

mayorquimby Tue 20-Jan-09 17:57:47

"The end of the real words to that poem were originally racist: 'if you're white, you're all right', MQ"

thanks did not know that.
surely the revised one is still racist although maybe not as abhorrent as the original.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 20-Jan-09 17:58:47

the helicopter made me cry laughing.

IwishIwasamermaid Tue 20-Jan-09 17:59:32

Apparently now the Obama's have 10 balls to attend, held in their honour, in 1 night grin

I'm so glad Cheney hurt himself yesterday

<bitch emoticon>

MissAnthrope Tue 20-Jan-09 17:59:49

Did anybody watch the CNN feed?

When dubya was due to come down the steps before Obama was sworn in the camera panned onto him backstage. He reached out to shake the hand of a lady in a red jumper wearing a headset.

Cue watching him walking down the steps, and pan back to the lady in the red jumper wiping her hand down her skirt grin

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 18:01:22

LOL i saw George shake her hand, missed her wiping it though. HAHA

jenk1 Tue 20-Jan-09 18:04:13

yes i saw that but thought i was seeing things haha

CrushaGrape Tue 20-Jan-09 18:04:21

For inauguration junkies who aren't satisfied yet, Sky News has signing ceremony, which Beeb isn't covering.

RTKangaMummy Tue 20-Jan-09 18:04:49

Are MNetters shocked that they were running late????

I am

I mean in UK trins and buses run late but state occaisions for royal family are always exactly on time correct to the minute

ra29 Tue 20-Jan-09 18:06:11

i also loved the extending hand unclenching fist bit..
but also wondered what was with the dodgy god save the queen song (although not as dodgy as the original)...

OhBling Tue 20-Jan-09 18:06:12

Oh no, they were only a little late. Fashionably almost. Like a bride at a wedding grin

Buda Tue 20-Jan-09 19:41:28

I too thought the Lord's Prayer lady was just chewing and not praying!

LOLed at the lady wiping her hand on her skirt - I thought it was my imagination but obv not!!!!

Adorable how Obama's daughter was taking pictures with her own little digital...

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 19:56:28

Teddy Kennedy had a seizure at his table during lunch.


megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:01:34

oh Teddy nooo

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:04:02

too much for him the day perhaps

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:11:56

Another one has been taken ill at the lunch!! How strange!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:12:28

Robert Byrd, but he is really old though i suppose.

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:13:59

in poor tatse i know but what are they feeding these people!

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:15:09

Lowery was fab

Obama's speech was very meh IMO - said absolutely nothing of substance and stated lots of the bleeding obvious.

Aretha's song was crap (and I love Aretha usually)

Soooooo much God wasn't there? At least BO mentioned us 'non-believers' once - woohoo!! That irritating conservative Christian who gave the opening prayer thing - yuck. And what happened to Gene Robinson - thought he was supposed to be doing something?

Oh and by GOD wasn't the BBC coverage annoying. Matt Frei wittering all over that nice John Williams piece. I turned over to CNN. The BBC have covered this whole thing really badly (and to top it off they are inflicting Justin Webb - who called the entire election wrong - on the Today programme).

I'm not particularly whelmed, overall... hopefully a so-so inauguration will lead to something more interesting.

moondog Tue 20-Jan-09 20:18:17

Did Ted really have a seizure?
It's about time he checked out.
Remember he left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in Chappaquiddick

moondog Tue 20-Jan-09 20:18:58

Aretha is fucking huge,bless her.
She's next in line for a seizure if she don't lay off the Twinkies.

Oh heres the proper thread. I've been looking for one!!!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:19:02

I agree that the BBC talking over everything was bloody annoying.

moondog Tue 20-Jan-09 20:20:11

That was so hilariously symbolic of a sick administartion, Cheney in a wheelchair.
Didn't he accidentally shoot someone a while back?
Fucking idiot. grin

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:20:47

can't believe sky has been better than bbc v annoyed with them

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:21:35

The BBC used to be brilliant at shutting the fuck up at moments of importance (whether it be a tight point at Wimbledon or a moving bit of music). Now it seems to have become utterly verbally incontinent.

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:22:43

I couldn't get Sky for some reason. Mind you I've just remembered that I boycott Sky grin so probably just as well.

DumbledoresGirl Tue 20-Jan-09 20:23:20

Does anyone know, did he read his speech or did he memorise it? because he did not seem to be reading.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:24:16

I didn't notice tbh.

sophable Tue 20-Jan-09 20:24:16

I made a big deal of talking to ds after school about how important this was and how excited and hopeful i was and why.

he sat through the whole thing with me!

no complaint.

I told him he'd remember when he was an old man, and i'd remember when i was an old woman.

I loved seeing the long pan shots, so many people in the cold.

aretha is a bit old, goddess though she is, for her voice to carry this off.

I thought his speech was brilliant...but as always with obama the oratory lacks passion for me...

but fuck that, I have such such immense hopes of him, and his speech indicates that he knows what they are and will deliver....lets see...

amazing day for the world.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:24:48

I said that his speech was meh and I got a load of hecklers

shame they are all dying off - never mind snipers, they clearly need a health inspector

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:25:52

its minus 6 there jaysus

sophable Tue 20-Jan-09 20:25:58

agree on the beeb progression to verbal incontinence policy

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:26:46

Teddy Kennedy is concscious now, i forgot he had brain cancer.

Not sure whats happening with Byrd though.

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:27:50

grin MP, I'm saying it a couple of hours after the event so I'm in the clear.

I was just sorry not to hear a single concrete commitment (to joining the Kyoto process, for example). I do SO hope he's not going to be another Blair. As Simon Hoggart says, there was a worrying lack of what used to be called 'doing' words.

I did cry, but mostly because I wanted my mother to see it. (She would probably have been even more cynical than me mind.)

But I wish him well and hope he does great things.

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 20:27:52

Byrd not that ill apparently

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:30:26

<sophable, can I just say that you were marvellous on the r*v thread>

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:31:26

<licks sophable>

eandz Tue 20-Jan-09 20:31:34

ok, saw it. and read this whole thread. ahhh! i know no real change will come anytime soon but hey, we got rid of bush.

i think that if bush has any idea of the magnitude of the shame he brought on the whole country he'll commit suicide. or die in a hunting accident'

sophable Tue 20-Jan-09 20:32:39

god thanks for the licks ladies. i've had a rough old time online (and off) over the last couple of weeks so licking is most appreciated if slightly salivary.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:34:50

I don't like the way there was a post interupting my licking about getting rid of bush


policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:36:43

Sorry about rough time. <pats sophable tentatively>

sophable Tue 20-Jan-09 20:37:45

i can do patting just not on the head

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:38:53

see I read that without the word 'on'

I really need more sleep

Ponders Tue 20-Jan-09 20:39:33

My Country Tis of Thee is what Aretha sang. It is a sort of national anthem.

policywonk Tue 20-Jan-09 20:41:38

It amazes me that that dirge gets used for one National Anthem, let alone three (isn't it Lichtenstein's as well? Or perhaps Luxembourg? Anyway surely we can all agree that it stinks.)

Ponders Tue 20-Jan-09 20:43:02

It is an utter dirge, I agree grin

jenk1 Tue 20-Jan-09 20:44:46

flippin heck that is an AWFUL lot of motor cycles in front of the presidents cars.

moondog Tue 20-Jan-09 20:50:07

Policy, to be fair, he can't get into detailed policy in his inauguration speech.
This is showbiz at this stage.

That poem.
Fuck me.
What was with the weirdstaccato delivery?
That was a real put the kettle on/have a stretch/go fro a wee moment.

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:51:08

the poem was bad timing

big party/snog fest was really due there

New Labour did it well ackershally

jenk1 Tue 20-Jan-09 20:51:48

who invited the bin men/hillbillies to the parade?????

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 20:58:28

I'll be glad when he gets in the White House. Too many people, i hope he doesn't get out and walk, it'll make me panicy.

MamaHobgoblin Tue 20-Jan-09 21:02:10

Poem was a bit of a downer, wasn't it? The music was nice (they really cherrypicked their musicians, and they were racially/sexually diverse too! grin) but that was before the Moment, and afterwards, nobody wants to hear poetry read badly.

I was sitting there beaming all over my face, a hair away from weeping, and taking photos of DS standing in front of the tv with Obama taking the vow behind him! Not great photos, but maybe he'll be interested when he's older.

DH made the very sensible suggestion that we toast the end of Dubya/new era with some fizzy, so I'm drinking sparkling chardonnay, and hoping that poor Michelle has regained some feeling below her knees!

megcleary Tue 20-Jan-09 21:07:24

god those secret service dudes must be crapping themselves now

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 21:08:48

Nice sight though eh, they look so happy and lovely.

Now please get back in the car <<panics>>

RTKangaMummy Tue 20-Jan-09 21:13:59

Blimey very brave to walk

I think he needs something like the POPEMOBILE with big windows so the crowds can see him

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 21:29:25

I'm suprised they didn't have something like that, they had bullet proof glass around him when he got elected, haven't seen any today, aside from the car.

NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 21:30:32

Damn, hadn't realised this was on.

Why are they walking freely?????? shock

NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 21:31:00

Did the threat reports come to anything?

RTKangaMummy Tue 20-Jan-09 21:33:29

why are the security blokes not walking closer to them?????

mm22bys Tue 20-Jan-09 21:33:39

I thought it was great,loved it all.

What was with the Aretha song? It sounded to me like the same music as for "God Save the Queen". I wasn't imagining it was I?

Doesn't his elder daughter have incredible poise (already) for a ten year old?

His speech was so inspiring, I can't believe some people think it wasn't a tear jerker!

NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 21:35:12

Sorry, but when I realised the couple were alone in the car I was wondering if they had a little kiss and then I was thinking it will be a hell of a night to do the President!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 21:42:43

They will either have fantastic White House sex or fall asleep as soon as they get in.

mm22bys Tue 20-Jan-09 21:45:25

Don't they have 10 Inaugural Balls to go to tonight?

We were wondering how many glasses of wine he might have consumed while going to each of the balls he now has to go to. I except not many cos I expect he might have quite a busy day tomorrow.
Blimey - what it must be like to move in to the White House.....

NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 21:56:37

10pm here, what time in the White House?

RTKangaMummy Tue 20-Jan-09 22:00:42


NewAmazingBeginning Tue 20-Jan-09 22:01:17

Thanks. Is it Wed there?

RTKangaMummy Tue 20-Jan-09 22:02:51

no they are 5 hours behind UK

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 22:02:57

No Tuesday still.

10 balls? You'd just want to go home and rearrange the White House.

Maria2007 Tue 20-Jan-09 22:15:18

am surprised nobody has commented yet on michelle's dress. So what did we think of it??? Am a bit hmm about it...

Maria2007 Tue 20-Jan-09 22:16:21

But apart from the dress & the poem (ffs) I cried too during the whole thing, especially when he took the oath- so adorable when he got confused btw! Am I the only one who has a tiny Obama crush???

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 22:17:26

Well i wouldn't wear it, but then again there is little chance of me being first lady anytime soon, urmm anyway i think she looked lovely.

Maria2007 Tue 20-Jan-09 22:19:08

She's such a sexy lady, I think she should have worn something in dark red. (And by the way, I vote for the fantastic white house sex for later tonight!)

I commented on it. I said it looked like a carpet!

Maria2007 Tue 20-Jan-09 22:26:30

True. It did look a bit like a carpet. THAT'S what it reminded me of.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 22:27:31

Dark red or maybe a dark purple. She is beautiful, her husband ain't bad either.

bagsforlife Tue 20-Jan-09 22:31:46

I just kept thinking HOW COLD SHE MUST BE! Everyone else severely wrapped up.

Do you think she's got thermal underwear on underneath everything?

Obvs OK now they are in covered 'viewing platform' or whatever, but when she was walking?

It looked to me as though she was wearing something thick under her dress...she kept catching the material with her hand. Just her top half though...wondered about a bullet proof vest?? Didn't look comfortable, like it was twisting under the material of the dress.

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 22:36:45

I thought that too, she looked a little too bulky up top, i expect they have kevlar(sp?) on

Probably...maybe she ordered a special thermal version!!

The covered viewing platform has quite a few empty seats now...everybody else must have given up and gone in out of the cold. I wonder how much longer she will need to stay to watch the end of the parade?

I would be needing the bathroom, a cup of tea and a nice chocolate biscuit by now!!

SmallShips Tue 20-Jan-09 22:46:23

If it was anything other than my husband becoming pres of the US i would of faked a headache and thinned out for a cup of tea in bed by now.

Waswondering Tue 20-Jan-09 22:50:12

I read earlier that they will head home at 2am (7am our time - just in time for Breakfast News!).

I vote for them to sit in their White House bedroom, look at each other in happy exuberance, and fall exhausted into bed, him wondering where to start with the world and her where to start with making the White house a family home!! Can't decide whether or not it would be a night for hot passion or if your feet would hurt from standing/dancing all day and night, and your face hurt from permanently smiling so it would be a relief to just collapse with no pressure!!


Have to say that I am really impressed by how well the two little girls have done.
It must have been such a long day for them and completely life changing. With the added difficulty that their parents will not have been able to focus on them to support them through it all.

They are either two very well brought up girls or they have been bribed!!


Have to say that I am really impressed by how well the two little girls have done.
It must have been such a long day for them and completely life changing. With the added difficulty that their parents will not have been able to focus on them to support them through it all.

They are either two very well brought up girls or they have been bribed!!

haven't read the thread but just wanted to make it a matter of record that i tried to watch the inauguration speech but i couldn't hear a thing for my 18mo waving a toilet from the doll's house in my facing and incessantly shouting "toilet! toilet!" at me angry

when she's prime minister i will not fail to remind her of this incident at every possible opportunity.

patspeed Tue 20-Jan-09 23:16:45

His friends and family call him Barry

I heart Barack Obama and made my kids watch it today - they were interested

but Barry nooooooooo

moondog Tue 20-Jan-09 23:19:52


Jeez,that's put me right off.

jenk1 Tue 20-Jan-09 23:33:03

bush is doing his boo hoo speech now

Maria2007 Wed 21-Jan-09 08:30:53


TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 21-Jan-09 08:40:25
abraid Wed 21-Jan-09 08:51:45

I thought Bush acted with a great deal of grace through the handover. Nothing in his presidency became his as well as his leaving it.

My son keeps accidentally talking about the first half-white president, which gives a rather different perspective and made me realise what it would mean to ME as a white woman if nobody had ever been in charge of my country before now who had any of my racial characteristics. Interesting.

I wonder if anyone has yet complained that his daughters have had a day off school and it's setting a bad example to take children out! Somewhere on MN, someone probably has...

Highlander Wed 21-Jan-09 10:20:04

I've never seen Huw Edwards looking so happy. He normally looks like such a dour bastard when doing the news.

abraid Wed 21-Jan-09 10:21:04

Yes--he looked very jolly. Must be some good parties going on.

I thought he looked frozen to death up on that roof !

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