US Election Watch - we'll be here for a while!

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taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 16:58:32

After the success of the all day / night London Election party we had earlier in the year, who fancies one for the US election?

Lots of nothing news so far from the US - some polling stations have long queues, but others don't! John McCain says tomorrow he "will be the President of the United States!" Sarah Palin is "very optimistic!" Hilary Clinton is predicting a big Obama win! Obama has been playing basketball!

Its going to be a good one..

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 17:52:04

Apparently 2am is the magic time - its possible by then that one of the candidates might have got the 270 electoral college votes required..

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 17:53:04

oooo yes I'll join you grin

ilovemydogOBAMAFORPRESIDENT Tue 04-Nov-08 17:54:07

Oh, thanks for the heads up re: 2am. DS usually gets his freak on about this time anyway!!

It's so exciting! smile

smallwhitecat Tue 04-Nov-08 17:54:41

I shall be with you in spirit but I don't stay up all night even for UK elections nowadays .... with 9 and 23 month old dc I think I can be excused! Am quite excited tho, it could be closer I reckon than some people think

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 17:57:51

prediction: landslide smile <hopeful>

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 17:58:12

I do feel for Obama, possibly the biggest day of his life, and the woman who raised him won't be there to see it.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 17:59:37


taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 18:05:51

The 2am thing comes from the BBC - apparently its the earliest either candidate can get to 270. Landslide aside, it will probably be later..

milge Tue 04-Nov-08 18:07:37

I would very much doubt that either candidate would declare victory or concede defeat until California and her 55 electoral college votes comes in, which will be much later than 2am, more like 5am Uk time.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 18:10:22

Oh please not another Carter...

(when he conceded defeat to President Reagan, causing people not to bother voting on the West Coast when there were still Senators, Congress running...)

Ewe Tue 04-Nov-08 18:10:47

Just checking in (thanks for the link to here taliac).

I've had a vile tummy bug and spent all last night up being sick and a reasonable amount of today - so am hoping that if it is the same tonight I will at least have election coverage to keep me going Trying to see a silver lining!!

Think 2am is a bit optimistic, I'm going to have to disregard that otherwise I will say to myself that I'll just stay up until 2am and then it will get later and later and later! Before I know it I will have been up all night!

i think it will be fairly even both sides, but contemplating getting an early night and getting up about 3/4AM to watch the last bit.

falcon Tue 04-Nov-08 19:34:56

I feel ill at the thought of another Republican in office.

I think its more likely to be 3:30 at the earliest - and maybe much longer. Am getting up early instead

soooooooo wish I could stay up
(contemplates going to bed v. soon and getting up at 4am.....)(but even though dead on feet I wouldnt sleep now am so very very excited)

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 19:45:27

I feel ill at the idea of Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House!

Voting has kicked off on the west coast.

This is a good guide to what happens when. The Guardian reckon it might be possible to call it at 4am.

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 19:49:43

Anyone about from the US? Whats the mood like?

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 19:54:34

Count me in.
I'm soooo excited though worried about having to look after DD tomorrow but don't want to mess this historical moment.
If all goes as predicted for Obama, I'm thinking we could have a good indication of end result by 1.30am

milge - I think Obama can count on California going to him.

ThingOne Tue 04-Nov-08 20:05:15

Shagged, shagged but may join you from my bed.

meglet Tue 04-Nov-08 20:10:18

If my DD wakes up for a feed around 4am ish as usual I might just have to turn the TV on to see if Obama has definately won it by then (fingers crossed).

LadyG Tue 04-Nov-08 20:13:12

DD usually midnight and 4am feeds have live text bbc and laptop by bed!!!

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 04-Nov-08 21:45:17

Count me in. I am very excited, though will probably only make it until 3am or so.

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 22:20:17

My laptop died! shock

taliac Tue 04-Nov-08 22:30:22

Rupert Murdoch has said Obama would take the US in a "different and dangerous direction"

Don't think I've ever heard him be so explicit with his political opinions before - he must be scared.

I'm crashing out until first feed, so see you all in a few hours...! By when either not much will happened, or they will have called Virginia for Obama and everyone will be predicting a landslide..

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 22:35:45

PMSL @ this from one of the BBC articles

"Voters in Richmond, Virginia, were forced to wait after the person holding the keys to a branch library which was doubling as a polling station overslept"

ooops - grin

S1ur Tue 04-Nov-08 23:13:29

Signing in here now folks!

CoteDAzur Tue 04-Nov-08 23:21:34

McCain got 60% of votes in Kentucky.


FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:21:44

BBC coverage has started

policywonk Tue 04-Nov-08 23:22:14

I am a dangerous mix of over-tired and over-excited.

ledodgy Tue 04-Nov-08 23:23:50

I'm here too but only have 2 glasses of wine left. I don't think i'll last, may have to retire soon and listen to radio with headphones on, fall asleep, dream weird dreams and still be none the wiser as to the outcome when I wake up!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:25:29

wasn't Kentucky one of the "safe" McCain ones anyhow?

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 04-Nov-08 23:27:51

I'm here, I even have a beer in the fridge but got a gnarly toddler on my lap still.

AbricotsSecs Tue 04-Nov-08 23:29:41

I'm signing in so this is on my 'threads I'm on'... Won't sleep well tonight anyway!

policywonk Tue 04-Nov-08 23:29:45

There've been some classic fuck-ups on the BBC coverage already... Paxo demanding a cup of coffee while some soft-voiced fella was on-camera, and Dimblebum gesticulating angrily on an enormous screen behind Jeremy Vine.

CoteDAzur Tue 04-Nov-08 23:30:07

1% of votes counted in Indiana - 55% for Obama.

AbricotsSecs Tue 04-Nov-08 23:32:01

Well, I've resorted to vodka... I'm fast concluding that I don't 'do' pressure very well!

prettybird Tue 04-Nov-08 23:32:03

Dh has already printed out the maps of the American states and got out the red and blue pens to colour in the results!

I find it really disconcerting though that the colours are the "wrong" hmm way around!

sallystrawberry Tue 04-Nov-08 23:33:23

oh buggerations - stay up or go to bed - what to do

I really want to stay up but had a late night last night

maybe I could have a power nap

maybe I could just tell dh to ring me when the final result is known (dh in work tonight)

maybe I should just play basketball

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:33:23

PB it is odd isn't it grin

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:34:25

Yes, Dimlbleby stumbling over words and a bit unsure who guests are and then angrily gesticulating.
Matt Frei's a new addition to election team. Wonder if they're testing him out as a potential person to take over Dimbleby 4 years on?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:35:05

now which news channel is the best to watch it on?

BBC, CNN, Bloomberg(?), or CNBC (nearly put CBBC grin)

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Tue 04-Nov-08 23:35:23

pretty bird - that sounds like so much fun!

lol at Sally playing basketball...

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:36:46

If you have CNN I'd go for that. They'll call before BBC.
I have FoxNews website on bookmark as they will call first ... I think (not sure about accuracy though)

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:39:01

right have CNN on the TV now smile

don't have fox (we did last election) - so CNN it is grin

policywonk Tue 04-Nov-08 23:40:37

Shall we have a drinking game?

One drink every time someone says 'Bradley effect'

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:41:15

ooo I like that thing on CNN that shows how much of the vote is in from that state and what the %'s are grin

GrimmaTheNome Tue 04-Nov-08 23:42:10

I'm not staying up. I already know the most important thing ...


FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:42:34

ooooh wish I had CNN
Will you let us know when they call as I'm sure they will call before BBC

Message deleted

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:44:23

2% in Inidia Obama 51% atm

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:45:27

Kentucky think it was also 1% in (couldn't see properly from here my fireguard is slightly in front of the TV lol) McCain predictably ahead about 69% think it was

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:46:13

Can anyone else hear the telephones in the background to BBc coverage?

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 04-Nov-08 23:47:01

I might just go to bed, thinking about it of Obama doesn't win I'll expect dirty tactics

AmIWhatAndWhy Tue 04-Nov-08 23:48:09

if and suspect

Quattrocento Tue 04-Nov-08 23:48:48

Bradley effect was in the Times and FT today without any explanation. Could only count on the Standard to explain wtf the Bradley effect was and it isn't worth knowing.

Crossing fingers and toes for Obama ...

thritbies Tue 04-Nov-08 23:49:03

I'm here but don't know how far I'll get, dd up most of last night. Am beside myself with excitement though!

Niecie Tue 04-Nov-08 23:49:08

Can I join you? I'll probably be up for a few hours yet. Fell asleep with DS2 this evening, woke up at 10pm and now don't feel ready for bed. Besides, I like a good election.

So are we all being Democrat supporters or are there any Republicans on MN tonight?

ledodgy Tue 04-Nov-08 23:49:25

I remember doig this in 2001 for the election here my friend and I stayed up until 4am and got our degree results the next day!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:50:05

damn I know it's early days in the results coming in in Indiana - but sheesh it's close

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:50:29

Democrat here

prettybird Tue 04-Nov-08 23:51:45

We've got some bubbly to (hopefully) celebrate early indications - plus popcorn, Twigles, crisps to nibble at.

Dh is pissed off at me that I didn't go out and buy him a case of Sam Adams for the night.

He's not American (far from it: Scottish and proud of it grin) but he spent a few years working in the States (before I knew him) and in fact he and I met in Miami at a Junior Chamber World Congress.

Slurbama Tue 04-Nov-08 23:52:05

Am wearing my politics on tag tonight

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:53:07

9% in Kentucky Mccain down to 50%

thritbies Tue 04-Nov-08 23:54:14

what's everyone watching it on? bbc or sky?

monkeysmama Tue 04-Nov-08 23:54:50

Hello ladies

Rooting for Obama too. Did anyone see Sarah Palin's post-voting speech hmm

This is soooooooooo exciting! We're watching history in the making.

I have a glass of wine & soem chocolate peanuts. Mmm.

policywonk Tue 04-Nov-08 23:55:17

I'm on the Beeb. I don't hold with these new-fangled channels.

FeelingLucky Tue 04-Nov-08 23:55:31

Though guyFawkes is on CNN which has more info so v envy of her

thritbies Tue 04-Nov-08 23:56:47

BBBC just interviewed 2 women in Virginia who voted McCain- now I know they are only 2 women in the whole of the USA but it still made me panic

guyFAwkesreQuiem Tue 04-Nov-08 23:56:59

I'm watching CNN - and also using this interactive map on the CNN

Niecie Tue 04-Nov-08 23:57:39


Is it just me or is Jeremy Vine morphing into Peter Snow? All he needs is the swing-o-metre and he'll be there!

monkeysmama Tue 04-Nov-08 23:58:47

Thritbies - I saw them. How worrying!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:00:56

ok projection times

Vermont - Obama
Kentucky - McCain

Can't make projections in other 4 states closing soon yet

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:03:18

Now I don't know what to do - watch bbc, cnn on line, post here or text my mates in the US!

AbricotsSecs Wed 05-Nov-08 00:03:46

Arg. I can't bear it! <<puts pillow over head>>

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:06:48

Macain slightly ahead in Indiana atm, but very close still

Quattrocento Wed 05-Nov-08 00:06:49

Kentucky is 8 votes to Vermonts 3


I might have to stay up for this, which would be disastrous in terms of tomorrow's meetings

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:07:04

Who is the foolish woman on bbc? Is she talking about the same presidential race I have been following for the past 2 years?

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 00:07:08

I CANNOT bear to watch. Have been avoiding my computer and TV all day. Did my duty and voted several weeks ago. I'm on the west coast, but all 3 states (California, Oregon, Washington) should easily go Obama. I don't really have faith in my fellow countrypeople to make an informed choice.

Part of me wishes if McCain didn't pick the crazy lady he would win. Bear with me. Whoever is President gets a country with an economy in tatters, and an estimated 10 trillion dollar budget deficit. I think 4 years is a short time to clean up the mess, and a long time for many people to remember who got us there in the 1st place. I'm wondering if whoever wins this election won't win the next one, and the crazy lady is making noises about running for President herself.

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:07:44

I'm pleased that my american friends who usually say talking about who you vote for is improper have all told me they voted the right way!

ledodgy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:08:03

I want to stay up too but then I have school runs to contend with but dd has a terrible coupy cough right now so that may not happen anyway...

Califireworks Wed 05-Nov-08 00:11:21

OK. I know I am over here and should know these things but WTF does the BBC mean when it says that McInsain is beating Obama 8to 3 in the Electoral College votes?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:13:15

ermm well CNN website is also showing Obama 3 Electoral Votes McCain 8 (Vermont and Kentucky}


notnowbernard Wed 05-Nov-08 00:13:28

I am still awake and watching BBC coverage

Need to go to bed... am minding friend's dc tomorrow so will have 3 under 3 to look after for the morning shock

But am glued to the sofa, getting all caught up in 'monumental moment in history' chatter

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:13:41

Cali, it's projections - Kentucky (8) for McCain, Vermont (3) for Obama

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:14:17

It means ( I think) McCain has won/is projected to win Kentucky, which has 8 electoral college seats, whereas Obama has won/projected to win Vermont, which has 3 E.C seats.

Americans (or anyone!) please feel free to correct me

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:14:20

Obama 50% with 7% in - Indiana

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 00:14:35

In order to be Pres, someone has to get 270 Electoral College votes. Each state has a certain number of Electoral College votes based upon population. Basically it means the BBC is projecting McCain is going to win a state that has 8, and Obama is going to win a state that has 3.

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:15:05

What's the confusion?
It is Obama 3Evs and McCain 8EVs

Califireworks Wed 05-Nov-08 00:15:10

Dooney - I don't really have faith in your fellow countrypeople to make an informed choice either. All the sane people I know seem to be voting Obama but the amount of nutters I know of with their insane holier than thou Christian bigot posters littering my neighbourhood are chilling me to the bone.

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:15:42

notnowbernard - loving the name.

Just been chatting to a friend in NY - she's returned me to the reality of how serious this is.

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:16:20

Shall I pretend to be the token Republican so you can all throw peanuts at me grin

Califireworks Wed 05-Nov-08 00:16:55

Thanks. Clearer now.
I was hoping DS1 would have covered teh elections in more detail so I could learn how they work blush

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:16:59

Hello Kay grin

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 00:17:10

Ok, 2 states, not one.

If McCain wins, will the British please adopt me and my family and get us over there????

Ok, I have to go, I can't bear to know what is going on.

On the good side, I got a whole lot done today with no computer.

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:17:17

I have a horrible feeling about this.sad

And I'd prefer to throw tinned tomatoes, peanuts will do little damage.grin

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:18:16

Oh I am terrified. I really am.
Let's hold virtual hands for Obama.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:18:48

damn there's about 500 votes in it so far in Indiana (with over 200,000 votes in!!!)

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:18:49

sod that, I'm not having tins chucked at me!

Hi PW grin

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:19:02

Are the 11 votes in projections i thought they were the first actuals?

notnowbernard Wed 05-Nov-08 00:19:10

momnkeysmama - it's a fab book grin

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:20:15

arghh McCain crept ahead again in IN

Quattrocento Wed 05-Nov-08 00:20:20

I'm not feeling good about Indiana

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:20:59

<<<<<<<<thinks she going to smoke far too much tonight>>>>>

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:21:15

Pleeeeeeease let Obama take Indiana

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:21:20

This will be like when bush was re elected, I can see it now. I was a student, it was the year before I had DS and I stayed up all night, I remember that awful sinking feeling that it wasn't going the way I thought it would and the way it should have.

Someone make me more confident please.

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:21:34

notnowbernard - had the joy of reading it to my (5 month ddhmm) recently. Ablast from my childhood.

I am now feeling a bit sick.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:21:41

extremely early results from Florida (less than 1% in) - McCain 54%

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:21:57

<Slight digression> AmIWhatAndWhy, is your name a lyric from a song? Which on is it?

I wonder if McCain will survive the night - literally, he's not looking too well is he? Must be a bit of a strain.

I really, really want Obama to win. It'll reinstate my faith in the democratic process if he does.

Also it'll be really funny watching the racists back pedaling madly! grin

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 00:22:44

theirmum - they are treating them as actuals but they are still projections at the moment.

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:22:52

Aren't the states mentioned so far fairly staunch Republican states anyway?

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:22:59

I'm feeling a bit ill

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:23:02


Yes, it's Moloko, one of my favourite bands, from Sheffield as am I.

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:23:29

Oh, it will be close. But isn't that kind of a good thing? Isn't it good that the Americans have a system in place where people can feel that their vote really matters.

btw, when will we know about the California marriage vote thingy?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:23:48

Falcon - Indiana is one of the "battleground" states.

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:24:31

He'd better survive the night even if it means I have to give him cpr personally... ewwww.

The only thing worse than the thought of McCain winning is another term of George Bush or him dying and Palin becoming president.

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:24:37

Thanks. It's been niggling away at me, trying to remember which song.

<goes back to flicking between BBC, CNN and Fox (yeuch)>

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:24:55

Cool lets home Obama gets Texas and California! not looking good for Indiana

Three coming in within the next six minutes. But it depends whether they are contested and how quickly they can count them.

Is it on radio? I could go to bed if it's on radio instead of sitting down here in the cold.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:26:20

no Indiana McCain stretching his lead slightly hmm - still only 12% in.....

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:27:03

I'm tempted to stay awake for the results but my nerves are getting the better of me and I have an exam tomorrow.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:27:22

I know shock Falcon could you imagine her in charge! Good bless America they will need it!

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:28:30

It's on 5 Live wmmc

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:28:39

WMMC - it's on R4
theirmum - Obama will get California and McCain will get Texas - this is a dead cert.
Inidaina, Virginia and Georgia are usually Republican but Obama hoping for a chance there. I'm hoping for such a landslide

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 00:28:41

Dangerous going to bed to listen though - DH did that a while ago...I heard him snoring through the ceiling before the first polls closed.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:28:50

Obama was in the polls to win Virginia and Indiana both of which he is slightly behind on lets hope thats not how its going to run!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:29:18

for those that were wondering about the Gay Marriage debate here

nothing there yet as they're still voting though

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:29:46

Has anyone else noticed something funny about McCain's arms?hmm He stands and moves like a robot.

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:29:56

ach, I love democracy, it's so exciting. But i am knackered... bed.. election..bed..election..

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:30:49

I can't believe people would actually vote in favour of taking away civil rights from gay people.angry

But then I also can't understand why people would vote Republican.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:32:06

I like Moustache Pollster Man on the BBC. He is saying comforting things.

AbricotsSecs Wed 05-Nov-08 00:32:46

I repeat - arg!

Yes DH is listening in the armchair next to me. I've had to turn the TV up to drown out his snores grin. I'm going to put radio 4 on upstairs -the digital display will show anything significant.

Why are all the chaps on BBC1's coverage so hideously ugly. It's like they called 'rent-a-dodgy-tash' agency and asked for six of their finest! hmm grin

Quattrocento Wed 05-Nov-08 00:33:05

Hanging on for West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:33:15

PW - do you mean the American psephologist sitting next to matt Frei?
I think he;s very good - best psephologist BBc have had

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:33:37

It's a portishead lyric too. They pinched it I think.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:34:23

Yes that's the one FL.

Oh fuck McCain's got another one

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:34:59

Sorry for thread hijack, but why not all listen to some classic trip hop whilst chewing nails. lol.

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:35:14

WMMC - what do you mean? Has another state been called?

Quattrocento Wed 05-Nov-08 00:35:15

West Virginia gone to McCain (expected apparently)

Got to go to bed - good night all

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:35:31

That's the lyric I was thinking of. Sour Times, I think.

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:35:58

I don't like Matt Frei, though, Have an irrational need to throw things at him. Always seems so sneery smug...

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:36:00

whomoved- what channel are you watching? Is BBC really crap coverage cos it still says 8 and 3. Need to catch up as dd got up and is now asleep on settee.

I actually do care about this election to an unreasonable degree.

It's setting us up for a big change here in the UK I think.

Hurrah - Simon Cowell for prime minister wink

<goes off to find chocolate and coffee>

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:37:12

Whomoved - where?

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:37:22

Where did you see that WMMC CNN havent anything for W. Virginia yet

Fox. And BBC1 (screen in screen telly - confusing but fun).

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:37:39

Matt Frei's good in what he says. he just needs to loosen up a bit - undo the buttons of his suit like Dimbleby

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:38:27

CNN still saying 8-3 Mccain-Obama

Oh shit yes, FOx is saying McCain 13, Obama 3

Of course if it's a state McCain was expected to win it?

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:38:30

So are the 8/3 showing on BBC just what they are guessing or actual votes? <thick emoticon>

KayHiding Wed 05-Nov-08 00:38:45

Dh is watching Fox (ha ha) and they have the west virginia result.

McCain wins W Virginia on Fox - see

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:39:32

W Virg always a shoo-in for McCain apparently.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:39:48

North Carolina - Obama currently ahead
Florida - Obama atm

Both those only 1% in though

Indiana (20% closed) McCain 51%

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:39:55

Ah yes, West Virginia, Quattrocento already said it was expected to go to McCain

(must keep up)

Fox does seem to "call" results earlier than the other main channels

Obama gets vermont

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:40:26

Obama is way ahead in Floria over 100,000 votes!

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:40:33

help meeee!

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:41:03

Fox are known for prioritising speed over accuracy, so fingers crossed they've got it wrong.

All votes we see tonight are PROJECTED very accurately by networks. BBC always preface with "projected' after Florida fiasco

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:41:20

what are the electoral votes now?

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:41:42

I really care too. Without wanting to be OTT, the US could be in the hands of a duo with totally rancid policies who see almost every other country in the world as a potential threat, want to overthrow RoeVsWade, deny Guantanamo Bay detainees the right to challenge their detention, want to drill for oil all over the world & suggested US troops could remain in Iraq for 100 years....

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:41:42

The 8/3 (and any other figures that come out) are projections based on votes already counted (I think?)

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:41:48

ermm Foxes map showing no actual results in for WV yet [confused]

or is that projections from exit polls

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:42:33

Okay. Now I heard earlier on that Obama only needs to win one of the big swing states (Indiana, Florida etc) to win overall, whereas McCain needs to win them all (because they're mostly traditional Republican states).

Ring any bells with anyone who has had more sleep that I have?

notnowbernard Wed 05-Nov-08 00:42:37

<<dazed and confused>>

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:43:37

ahhh I see (I think). Right bollocks to the beeb, have switched over to Fox grin

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:44:25

I'm sticking with CNN - a bit slower but more accurate (apparently hehe)

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:44:45

Shit, the dog is starting to get really anxious for me to take him out for a walk (afternoon here). How do I explain to him about the US election (he is a collie, so reasonably bright...)

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:44:48

You cannot support Obama and watch Fox. It flies in the face of everything that is reasonable and decent. wink

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 00:44:51

Oh I feel a power nap coming on

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:44:52

I read that if Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Montana, Ohio or North carolina don't go to McCain he'll be fuct.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:45:05

Now swapped to CNN cos fox screen was doing my head in

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:46:08

Exactly monkeys. <clings to positive thoughts>

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:46:10

Plus Fox has the "score" at McCain/Obama 13/1, so I prefer CNN <buries head in sand>

ilovemydogandPresidentObama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:46:18

policy - am sleep deprived. Don't understand the swing state thing...

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 00:46:29

have got bbc on. don't have fox or cnn. what are the us tv channels saying?

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:47:12

reuters is surely the best place to be?

mopnkeysmama to be kind, I expect anyone contributing here knows all that and more.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:47:28

I think as long as he gets Florida and Cal he is in with a bloody good chance (they are 88 seats just the two of them)

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 00:48:06

Apparently (for those not watching BBC) Obama is doing much better in Indiana.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:48:10

ilove... - of the states in monkeys's list, Obama need win only one to win overall (probably), whereas If McCain loses just one of them he'll probably lose overall.

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 00:48:22

Did anybody see McCain on the BBC? - he was almost totally white. That is not a healthy man.

What would happen if he did drop down dead between the close of the polls and all the votes being counted?

Would he scary psycho lady become president if the Republicans won? <shudders>

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:48:35

mildmannored I've been using CNN map - don't always seem to update quickly - but useful to scroll across to see what's happening.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:49:26

mmj- think they're much the same. My prob is I have too much choice! Did you see that I posted dd is up, albeit asleep on sofa? grrr

ledodgy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:49:32

Well I currently have dp, ds1, ds2 and dd in my bed the kids all have coughs from hell so I can't go to bed even if I wanted to!

notnowbernard Wed 05-Nov-08 00:49:35

I am wondering how McCain will stay awake all night. Really

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:50:24

monkey's yes the numbers seem to be getting slightly closer again, but still quite a gap.

hmm bloody news media hmm

policywonk - that's about right yes, but I'm too tired to explain their stupid electoral representation system - sorry!

I'm going to turn off for an hour. There will be no result till about 4am at this rate!

elkiedee Wed 05-Nov-08 00:50:37

I have to go to bed but am suffering from pregnancy insomnia at the moment anyway. What to do?

To those remembering Bush's re-election, I always remember 1992 as the most miserable election night - pretty difficult situation in the shared house I was living in as well as grim election results.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:51:25

Shit 21/3 (CNN)

GinghamRibbon Wed 05-Nov-08 00:52:01

Dont forget lots of black people are voting, some for the first time, because they are voting in a Black president.

Two of my friends cousins live in the US and when one of them moved into an all white street (she is a lawyer) the white people moved out. Luckily, it's changed a bit now.

The only thing that worries me is that a lot of people are voting for Obama because he is black. Not because they normally vote.

US normally has a 40% turnout and they are expecting a 70% turnout because lots of black people never voted before but they will now because Barack is black.

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:52:20

South Carolina to McCain apparently

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:52:34

BBc tickers have said that most US Networks have called W Virginia for McCain, so that would make it 3 for Obama and 13 for McCain

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 00:53:17

the thought that mccain might get in frightens me

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:53:33

(CNN) (online) North Carolina (battleground) 0% in (ie not a lot grin) 62% Obama

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 00:53:42

mccain has got south carolina-just been called

ledodgy Wed 05-Nov-08 00:53:49

It chills me to the bone as well.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:53:51

me too mmj, we need a scared emoticon

I don't like McCain and his crazy gun totin' friend is equally odious!

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 00:54:04

Let's not worry about S carolina - it would have been a miracle if it went to Pbama

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:54:38

"Bradley effect" just talked about on CNN. Bit worried now.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:54:59


LobstersLass Wed 05-Nov-08 00:56:07

This is all very confusing!
BBC say McCain gets South Carolina, NY Times website is showing that Obama has 57% of the votes counted in that state!

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 00:56:31

Am feckin starving too, and cant comfort eat as on diet

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 00:56:31

[drinks a lot]

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 00:57:15

Does anyone else think that Justin Webb is a BIG FAT REPUBLICAN?

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 00:57:31

Ok, I HAVE to break my computer to stop looking.

Monkeysmomma--McCain is the son of a famous admiral, and went into I forgot what branch of the armed forces, in which he distinguished himself by coming 4th from last in a class close to 900, and crashing an amazing 3 airplanes. In one of those plane crashes, he injured himself so badly, he really messed up his arms, and has very limited range of motion, and is unable to lift them very high, which explains his odd stance.

Iraq might not be too much of an issue. The UN mandate expires the 1st of next year, and the government in Iraq is pushing hard to get the US out of there by 2011. With the mandate expiring, Iraq has a bit of leverage, since it is the only thing that "allows" the US to be there without the rest of the UN coming down on them, since Iraq never gave the US permission to come and invade their country, for some reason.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:57:56

ok CNN is saying

South Carolina 1% in 55% Obama (but projected for McCain)

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 00:58:02

Oh I'd say sod the diet for tonight!

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 00:59:04

is it just me or is bbc coverage parlous. zzzzzzzzz

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 00:59:44

Florida 15% in 56% Obama

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 00:59:52

Right I have to go to bed dont think DS (6 montsh) will understand when I want to sleep in in the morning!

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:13

sophable, not just you. problem is results aren't coming in thick and fast.
wish they'd change the guests

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:47

oooo fuck a duck pennsylvania is going to obama

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:50

oooo fuck a duck pennsylvania is going to obama

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:50

Obama does seem to be v ahead in Florida (56%)


policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:52

Ooooohhh Pennsylvania

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:00:54


monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:01:04

Dooneygirl - thanks for the explanation. Made me smile ----- but not as much as the Penn. news

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:01:36

Whatshesaid- I only started yesterday! blush

CNN got O/M at 77/28 atm- whoo hoo!

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:01:40

ok more results in-b.o got pennsylvania

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:01:44

CNN Projectiong


Mass, Illinois, Connec, New jersey, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, District Coumbia

Oklahoma, Tennesee

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:01:57

oh god even dh is starting to sound hopeful.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:02:19

and new hampshire

and illinois

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:02:24

I'm beginning to breathe a little easier now

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:02:51

oooooh its getting interesting I'm staying up

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:02:52

bring on the florida result....that is the one!

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:03:16

Suddenly a result by 4am looks like a possibility again.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:03:27

come on florida....get your zimmer frames out and do the right thing...

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:03:28

oh-and now mass

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:03:39

I was starting to worry

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:03

North Carolina 1% in 59% Obama

<<<<<<<<<<is going to be a long night>>>>>>>>

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:05

I need a wee I don't wanna go

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:35

he now has 77 of the college things and mc has got 27

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:35

ahh problem solved I'll take the laptop with me

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:40

77 Obama 34 McCain that makes me feel better

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:56

BBC are calling it for Obama already - just waiting for one more state.

Edge of the seat stuff now.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:04:58

you know what ladies, we're going to know any minute....when florida, or ohio comes in we'll know....

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:05:37

oh god can my bladder take the strain

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:05:50

I'm still worried.

Toddler DS is on the sofa with me, I wish he understood.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:06:22

sophable - I'm not sure it's going to be "in a minute" - even states such as Indiana where the results started coming in ages ago are only up to about 20-30% of numbers in.......

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:06:30

84 to 34 now - where did those extra votes come from? BBC aren't clear.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:07:24

lol! dh is away-he said he was staying up but have justr text him and he's not responding! glad you guys are here!!!

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:07:31

right quick I had to go settle darn dcs. quick quick update, where are we?

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:07:56

Would you queue for four and half hours to vote? The huge turnout is commendable.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:07:57

oh yes I'm here grin

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:08:21

We are pigs in shit, slur.grin

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:08:34

I wish the bbc would stop prattling and give the results properly..............oh they are

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:08:39

Jesus last I looked mcain was ahead.

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:08:56

103 to 34

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:09:03

Swedes, I would I think. But I am a Wonk.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:09:10

i daren't even say what i feel obama winning represents...

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:09:21

<cranks wooden rattle for Obama>

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 01:10:12

have to take dd and dog out for walk before dog exploldes. Should have walked him this morning!

Taking little radio with World Service on

MarsLady Wed 05-Nov-08 01:10:30

This is so exciting but blimey... I daren't breathe. I NEVER watch the US elections but this one... oh this one can't be good for my heart lol!

So glad that I'm across the globe and don't have to stay up to watch it. lol

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:10:44

When I voted ken livingstone for london mayor there was a ten minute queue and I grumbled.

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 01:10:56

explodes even

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:11:19

interesting that people had to que for hours and by law employers have to allow their employees time off to vote, but don't have to pay them for that time

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:11:20

now i'm thinking that it would be great if it wasn't just a win but a total thrashing!

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:11:27

BBC results better than CNN- shall I switch back? grin

sallystrawberry we can hear you weeing you know...wink

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:11:32

MarsLady, where are you?

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:12:10

by the way that was a little Sallystrawberry snippet for you all in the style of BBC prattle

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:12:10

I'm fed up with Jeremy and his non-functioning touchscreen.

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:12:40


Want a report from Obama's neighbourhood? I am trying very hard not to snatch DS from his bed and jump on the first bus downtown

Lubyloo Wed 05-Nov-08 01:12:51

I need to stop watching and go to bed. DD will be awake in less than 5 hours but it's too exciting!

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:08

Yes yes yes superbunny!

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:10

Policywonk - I knew you would but you are exceptional. I'd like to think I would but .....

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:11

is there rejoicing in the street or is it a held bated breath?

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:45

shock are you seeing what i'm seeing in florida?

SlackSally Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:49

BBC results do seem to be a few minutes earlier than most others.

I love all the swish graphics.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:13:54

I suppose I could do a bit of self catheterisation <<ss looks round for any bits of tubing that she might fashion into a homemade catheter>>

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:14:01

woohoo (rolls about a bit wink)

so lets have a chant I am decidedly shit at this I have decided. but I have pom poms

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:14:10

Hang on, are they only going to add more projections on the hour? Because if so I will have to go to bed.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:14:35

Darned tootin'! <infernal wink>

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:14:41

mmj WHAT???

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:15:03

Oh yes superbunny!

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:15:06

no no....florida polls are are indiana i believe...

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:15:08

Florida definitely looking good.

Or is that just wishful thinking since we can only see a few counties.

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:15:22

b.o has 60% of the real votes

Message deleted

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:17:11

SallyS - Hiawatha's favourite tipple was his own urine.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:17:48

i am so tired....but i can't bring myself to go to bed until i know...

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:18:04

thank goodness Hitchens has gone

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:18:49

I'm watching it on the bbc website now as my toddler watches In the night garden on the tv in the same room. Bad mummy.

The way the BBC are reporting it oddly reminds me of eurovision.

MarsLady Wed 05-Nov-08 01:18:55

I'm running between pc and BBC news. C'mon Obama! grin

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:19:03

At 6:15 this evening, all the streets within 5 blocks of Obama's house were blocked off. As DS and I left our friend's house (about 6 blocks from BO's house (I hadn;t realised what his initials were...) this afternoon a series of black SUVs with blacked out windows passed us and people were yelling, 'Obama' but I suspect it was just the secret service people and not the man himself. All police days off were cancelled today and there is obviously a very visible police presence. Everyone seems to have left work early and the streets are pretty much deserted other than some people who were lining on of the main streets in the neighbourhood, hoping for a glimpse of our next President.

From my window, I can see all the lights of downtown. I really want to go and be there tonight but I am not convinced that it is a good place for a single mum and her sleepy 3 year old. I couldn't take the pushchair and I don't think we'd be able to get home, so I think I am resigned to watching it on TV. I think the city could have put a big screen up here so that Obama's neighbours could have watched celebrated here.

What shall I do?

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:20:13


sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:20:29

pmsl...loving david dimbleby's nearly saying mccain the best of a, err. best of a....DIFFICULT bunch

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:20:45

How cool is that SB!

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:20:55

Ah, why can't you take the pushchair?

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:21:35

I know, sooooo excited.

And I MET him. Woohoo.

nickerless Wed 05-Nov-08 01:21:36
sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:21:55

I want to wake ds up and let him watch this is history in the making

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:22:06

Superbunny, why don't you get together with neighbours to watch/celebrate together

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:22:18

according to CNN he's relaxing at home and will go downtown later........

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:22:32

go. if he wins it will be historic and you will be able to say you were there. how cool would that be?

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:23:03

Because they are expecting over a million people and pushchairs and crowds are bad here. I once went to the 4th of July fireworks and tried to leave with a million people and it was scary - stampedes and people getting crushed. I feel like it would be a bit irresponsible to subject DS to that. But eeeeeek. I can almost see it from my apartment!

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:23:15

Go if it is safe, how cool to say to your ds or dd that they were part of such an important moment in history.

AmIWhat... I thought that too re eurovision!

Have broken out the popcorn, surely not too fattening? <hopeful>

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:23:25

Swedes I'd guess for the same reason no Londoner would take a pushchair to notting hill carnival or mayors parade etc. Crowds and pushchairs are a bad bad idea.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:23:57

At the moment Obama is winning Texas 54% with 2 million votes in! If he gets that its curtains for McCain!

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:24:19

Also, they were talking about not having a resukt til Thursday...

ledodgy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:24:22

I reckon people will be dancing on the streets anyway so you won't need to go anywhere.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:24:44

Ah, I understand- that's why I said if safe. Second the getting together with neighbours idea though- just wish that people were awake here too! Other than my virtual friends, obv.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:25:26

North Carolina 7% in Obama 57%

Florida - 30% in Obama 53%

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:25:56

You've probably all seen these before but something to laugh at again tomorrow when we're all feeling very unamused and dealing with our LOs feeling shattered.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:26:28

he can't possibly win texas can he????????

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:26:43

Yes Texas 1% in 51% - so still a lot more million votes to come in yet there.......

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:27:26

Thank goodness - I haven't missed anything. DS2 just wet the bed so had to get him settled again.

The boy has no sense of history.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:27:45

Apparently locals in Crawford now tell visitors that Bush isn't a real local anyway.

I'm staying up for Simon Schama. I love him.

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:28:46

can I just dance in? without education just enthusiasm?

MarsLady Wed 05-Nov-08 01:28:59

Lots of Londoners take their buggies to the Notting Hill Carnival. That said... it is your decision.

This is an exciting time to be alive.grin

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:29:07

Eeeeewwwwww, not Simon Schama. Can;t stand him and his pompousfactuous lectures. Let's hope he's on a link from new York so they keep it short

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:29:10

I doubt it Sophable -

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:29:24

I am so pleased at the excitment this has generated

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:30:29

Do you reckon Hilary and Bill voted Republican, really?

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:30:41

I've wee'd, you can all breath a sigh of relief now

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:03

I'm awful about staying away.

I was watching ABC news (one of the big 3 networks) and they were saying that Florida might come back around to McCain, as the Hispanic and younger voters who favor Obama didn't turn out in the numbers they expected, and all the old-ass people, who HEAVILY favor McCain turned out in high numbers.

That teaches me for turning on the TV.

I know it isn't going to happen, but it would kick ass if he won Texas, as A) Bush's home state, obviously and B) I guess 28% of Texans polled think he is Muslim.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:10

Lol Sally at first I though in your chair!

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:16

simon schama, commenting on the election will involve reams of footage of him walking down a pavement, him drinking coffee, slow pan out of his mottled face studying some electoral projections, long shot of him eating eggs in a diner....


policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:29

LOL Swedes. I guess this puts Hillary's ambitions on ice - maybe for ever?

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:35

Neicie Solidarity sister. <raises fist> dd just wet bed too, I changed sheets and returned to momentous election

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:31:54

hope you washed your hands sally - in case we do some virtual handholding. I'm a clean freak

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:32:14

I don't care that you all hate Simon. It just leaves more for me.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:32:31

33% in Florida - still 53% Obama

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:32:46

There is a lot of weeing going on hmm grin

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 01:33:23

Don't care if Hill and Bill voted Republican. Obama'll carry New York anyway. grin

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:33:35

i didn't hate simon....but then i watched his history of america which seemed to involve at least 75% of his mug and walk in the footage.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:33:46

Policywonk - I like him too.

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:33:47

I have to do a 2 hour market research group at 10am- really should go to bed! but won't

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:34:29

Oh goodness, I just dug out my ergo and looked at the bus schedule - extra ones on til 2 am...

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:34:31

oooo 36% in Florida 52% Obama

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:34:41

oh yes hands clean in preparation for the nail biting to come

Soph and I once had a discussion on handwashing didn't we Soph wink we agreed to disagree as Soph is a rinser and I'm a antibac soap gal wink

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:35:48

Go Superbunny Go!!!
have lots of fun

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:35:55

haha. yes.

oh GOD IT'S FUCKING JOHN SIMPSON. surely it isn't dangerous seeming enough for him...or is he going to claim that he won obama the election?

ledodgy Wed 05-Nov-08 01:36:35

Right i'm going to try and fit into my bed and listen to the radio with headphones I need to be horizontal if not asleep. night all.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 01:36:46

Good news: They said that there are several counties left in Indiana that haven't even started counting votes yet, and those should go Obama's way.

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:36:50

lol sophable

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:37:08

night ledodgy x

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:37:16

I thought Simpson was resigning in general disgust at everything?

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:37:56

Slur - I know it is exciting but they can't be picking up the vibes in their sleep can they?hmm

Well done for changing the sheets and getting her back to bed - DS2 is installed in the spare room! Mind you he has wet his duvet too so a return to his own bed is out of the question.

Where are these result??? Big flurry earlier and now nothing for half an hour. <taps foot impatiently>

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:38:21

Superbunny - Go with your child and take a camera - it's clear you want to go. It really is history in the making. The atmosphere will be magic - go and be part of it.

theirmum Wed 05-Nov-08 01:38:25

Right now I have to go to bed DS will be up in 6 hours and I have someone coming at 9!

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:38:39

resigning from a darkened place right in the middle of somewhere so extremely dangerous that he can't show us where he is i bet. arse.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:39:35

Night Ledodgy
Hope your dd isn't kept awake with the croupy cough

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 01:40:42

My BF is in Indiana, reporting! V exciting

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:40:42

102/34 NOW ON cnn!

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:41:34

103 to 49 on the BBC

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:41:37

ooo 41% in Florida - Obama 51%

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 01:42:19

Yes, the networks have called Georgia for McCain sad

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:43:57

you know I know that there's stupid amounts of money thrown at the campaigns, and they do have a rather odd system (sorry to all you from across the water - but I do find it odd that they can win the popular vote but not become president grin) -

BUT - does't it just put the general apathy to voting/elections here in the UK to shame. Those people are so excited by it - it's a massive thing - people

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:44:57

Are there children in one of the BBC reporting venues? I keep hearing crying & thinking it's dd but when I go up it isn't.

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:45:07

ha! right you bunch while we are waiting I am sure we can improve on.....

me sauntering in with homemade pom poms

<they do wilt a bit>

Go 'Bama
you the best
well better than rest
you a lefty
well a slightly
but not a wanky
so go Obama
dont let the barmy
sarah get a foot in
or she put in
all crap.

<retires pom poms in disgrace>


think I may not be accepted into cheerleading school of honours. (or indeed honors)

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:46:48

I've never ever seen a que of voters at my local polling station

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:46:56

ooo Obama still behind in Indiana - but the actual numbers of votes are closer

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:47:03

any idea when we might get some more results? i'm wilting a bit...

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:47:29

<politely ignores slur>

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:48:26

We had a queue at our local polling station when George Galloway was standing against Oona King.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:49:52

monkeys - Interesting, how long a wait was the queue?

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:50:49

seems to be hourly Soph - I really do feel a power nap coming on, thankgod I've got a day off tomorrow

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:51:25

North Carolina Obama still leading 54% with 15% in

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:51:29

BBC just said more results in 10 mins

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:51:37

Maybe half an hour. I think it was partly due to the large number of people voting who didn't have English as a first language and took a while to vote (or people like me who have to check their paper 100 times). It was really busy though & unlike anything I've seen before or since.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:51:38

we're not going to know tonight are we?

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 01:52:21

early hours probably roughly 4am

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:52:23

can i wait another 10 mins? i have to face a day with a lass of 27 5 year olds tomorrow. i think i should hit the sack.

falcon Wed 05-Nov-08 01:52:24

I'm off to bed, can't stay awake any longer.

My Republican voting friendangry is off to a party, much as I love him I hope they've little to celebrate.grin

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:52:25

no polls close in ten, doesn't mean an projected results in.

morningpaper Wed 05-Nov-08 01:52:59

woooooo it's looking good

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:53:01

Gonna have to jack it in after 2am results I think. At least I have done the lunches and ironing for tomorrow, can have extra bit of time in bed.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:53:28

oh god don't mp. that's what i thought in 2000

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:54:06

<deepest apologies, there may have been pre-celebratory drinks involved>

I am interested to know when Ohio comes in..... or somewhere a bit.... decisive.

I thought we might know by now?

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:54:35

have also done lunches and got clothes all out! am eating too much being up.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:54:53

night tmmj

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 01:55:19

More polls closing in a few minutes - that should get things going again.

Lol at Slur

<takes up cushions - no pompoms>

Yo Obama
you're the best,
Those Republicans are a pest
Sarah Palin is a nut
Obama kick her bony but(t)

<Hides behind sofa>

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:55:36

While we're waiting. Do you think there are some Republicans lurking? Can it be that all MNers interested in following the election are supporting Obama?

morningpaper Wed 05-Nov-08 01:55:54

shhhhhhhhh yes I remember it well

I've already slept for three hours hurrah

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:56:01

Me too <hides half empty popcorn>

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:56:01

Ohio 2% in 61% Obama

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:56:03

that frigging flower is back

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:57:25

you know i remember toe to toe rows last time. i remember blood and handbags at dawn....BUT YOU'VE ALL GONE A BIT FUCKING QUIET NOW HAVEN'T YOU YOU REPUBLICAN MONKEYS HAVEN'T YOU????

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:57:31

oh mamas, oh mamas
vote obamas , obamas,

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:58:35



policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 01:58:40

Dimblebum has quite liderally forgotten where he is

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 01:58:57

PMSL @ Soph

Predictable projection for Alabama for McCain

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:03

DS (just 13) told me over dinner this evening that he was hoping for a McCain win as he is concerned for Joe the plumber. grin

<sad but true>

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:06

pmsl policywonk

themildmanneredaxemurderer Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:13

right -i HAVE to go.

night night-let the force be with us.

morningpaper Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:16

I'm in bed on my iPhone

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:45

oooh am excited.

good on you Neicie, good effort (at OMG better than mine! arf.)

ooh sounding like this is In the Bag?

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 01:59:54

McCain projected to win Alabama- now I admitedly know nothing about this whole thing, but was expecting Obama to win that? Feel free to set me straight, I might well have misheard something in the news in the last however many months!

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 02:01:17

no alabama is republican

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 02:01:19

Monkey - I did ask that earlier but I think any closet Republicans are probably too scared to show their hand given the obvious partisanship (is that even a word) of the rest of us.

Oh more results - all blue!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:01:51

current projection 174/49 to Obama

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 02:02:43

171 to 58 - only 99 to go.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:02:58

Ooh Fox call Ohio for Obama

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:03:00

Really dim Tories are rooting for Obama because he is a blue.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 02:03:28

hahahah swedes....

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:04:26

pah Swedes - I may think the current Labour government is shite, but I would eat my hat before I voted Tory............

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 02:05:29

If Ohio really does go to Obama, I'll allow myself to relax and turn in for the night .... so please let Obama take Ohio.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:05:38

Have they called New York yet, because if that is the total without New York, he should have it in the bag. He should easily win NY, California, Washington, and Oregon, which gives him about 100 votes in those 4 states. I'll go turn the TV back on, then.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:05:38

Apparently people with the highest IQs vote either Green or LibDem

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:05:42

I can't go to bed

I'm having a snack in the hopes that it'll keep me going

Oat granola - dry hmm (reduces the need for wee breaks)

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:06:24

Ha ha Swedes. I've ALWAYS voted either Green or LibDem. grin

thritbies Wed 05-Nov-08 02:06:31

I need to go to bed, but really want to see the moment.... will log off and see how it goes, maybe SS's idea of a powernap/doze will do the trick. Night all!

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:07:04

Mind you in my case it's because I'm incapable of taking responsibility for my decisions, so it suits me to vote for losers.

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 02:07:10

oooo i've voted green or lib dem since 97

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:07:35

I'd prefer to drink my own piss than vote for any party with Lembit Opik in it

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:07:45

Feeling Lucky - you could be in for a long wait so far only 6% in

HOWEVER - he is currently leading 59%

sophable Wed 05-Nov-08 02:07:53

i'm going to bed once ohio is called. dh is waiting up for florida.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:08:10

That's a fair point Sally.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:08:59

PW _ I read that in he Times this week, a study that followed 10 year olds into their thirties. One of my good friends is a LibDem MP and I thought of you too funnily enough. You were excellent corroborating evidence.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:09:13

God, I love the BBC but this coverage is awful.

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:10:15

Aw, shucks.

Who's your friend then? I'm guessing Evan Thing.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:10:32

"DNA of the campaign and being unable to square the circle" gah

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:10:37

Is Mr Cheeky Girls worse than Mr Mandy though.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:11:28

ooo things are getting close again in Indiana

62% in 50% McCain, 49% Obama - but the margain is much smaller with the number of votes - at one point there was a difference of about 90,000 between them - now just 30.......

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:12:31

Did anyone see that photo of George Osbourne in plus-fours and a Tears For Fears haircut this week?

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:13:34

Oh yes. Did you see Barabara Ellen's article alongside it. Amusing.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:13:51

The Cheeky Girl left Lembit.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:14:42

I learned something new just now. If a candidate won each of the 11 states with the highest number of electoral votes, they would have a high enough majority to be President.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:14:44

Was it that picture of Osborne with his Bullingdon Club mates?

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:16:26

Not specifically Bullingdon I think - it was a shooting party. The Labour Party could run it as an election poster without any additions.

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 02:18:05

BBC pundit says Republican insiders are conceding defeat in Florida.

How many more states left voting? Have all the polls closed yet - I've lost track?

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:18:13

just switched on to this and rtead the last few posts and agree the bbc is crap

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:18:46


Woohoo Simon!!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:18:50

no not all polls closed yet

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:20:01

If he gets EITHER Fla or Ohio, he should be able to easily win.

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:20:06

Niecie the site someone posted earlier tells you where's still voting etc.

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:21:30

The Tory party need only run a photo of Mandy on a yacht with an oligarch. At least Osborne had youth as an excuse.

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 02:22:46

I love Katty Kay. Who needs Simon Schama to take on John Bolton!!! Ha-ha

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 02:23:11

Fox predicting Ohio to Obama. YAY!

Just waiting now for the shots of the disappointed Republicans at their "parties"

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:23:11

Oh, I know it's just a youthful indiscretion thing and we all looked stupid when we were 19. It's just that his pose is funny.

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:24:09

Any ideas what time it makes sense to wait up until? Already fed dd twice since mmidnight and am feeling sleepy. May head to bed and follow on my blackberry....

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:10


guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:10

hehe in among the very serious local ballot measures I notice that

Michigan to Allow Medical Marujana - so far it's a yes.

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:25

obama then its bed time

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:29

Simon S said recently that he didn't think we were ready for a non-white PM. I'd like to think he's wrong. Anyone else?

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:37

BBC predicting Ohio too

195 to 76

FeelingLucky Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:40

Good night, has been fun and exhilarating. Thanks to all for keeping me awake through BBC boring coverage

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:25:52

ooo CNN just gone on an ad break - but says it's coming back with a "major prediction" in a minute.......

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:27:20

ABC for Ohio, too. I almost have hope he can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 02:27:42

grin grin grin grin grin

Hope that is not too premature

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:28:06

PW - I'd hate someone to dredge up photos of me as a 19 year old. The Labour party should remember what happened when they played the Lord of the Manor card last time.

I love Dominic Grieve - is there a bigger brain in Westminster?

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:28:23

its done

MarsLady Wed 05-Nov-08 02:30:18

This is taking a long time [lack of patience emoticon] and I want to go out, but I don't want to go till I know. Sigh... need an iPhone really lol grin

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:31:30

Dd up now - just in time to watch the republican parties grinsmilegrin

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:31:55

where the fuck do you want tyo go out to at this time

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:31:58

where are you Mars?

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:33:29

I wish I could stay up to see for certain but I must go to bed.

Night all.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:33:55

night swedes

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:34:10

Night Swedes

I ought to go to bed but I don't know whether I'd sleep

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:34:14

night swedes

is anyone else still up?

I'm not going to bed until I know for certain.........and yes that could mean no sleep grin

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:35:21

I'm still here with dd.

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:36:00

im up

Swedes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:36:54

High fives everybody, Sally Strawberry last.

<washes hands throroughly>

prettybird Wed 05-Nov-08 02:37:01

I'm still here - although with Ohio called, it's looking a dead cert for Obama

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:37:12

you're not all going to give up and go to bed and abandon me are you???

Lots of quitters in the last 1/2hr or so wink

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 02:37:12

I'm staying up for HOURS yet...

...because it's 3.30pm for me.

Watching cheering hordes in Times Square on Sky grin

policywonk Wed 05-Nov-08 02:39:14

DS2 has started vomming so must go and mop. See you all later...

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:39:25

I'm up for a long time, too. It is 6:40 here. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:39:25

oh good grin

because I shall stay up all night if I have too shock!

zippitippitoes Wed 05-Nov-08 02:39:27

i will be up

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:40:55

ABC has Obama at 205. He'll get 73 from the west coast. You do the math.

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:41:23

Hate Sky but flicked it on to watch and the party footage is great. grin

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:43:39

this is fantastic

would it be wrong to shout HOOOORAH FOR OBAMAAA! out my front door when he reaches 270

I'm filling up here just thinking about it

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:44:00

ooo Virginia is close 50% each!

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:45:40

Is it premature to be cracking the champagne?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:46:24

and Obama has pulled back to within 20,000 votes in Indiana with 75% in

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 02:47:01

Hello Must unblock this topic for the night.

MarsLady Wed 05-Nov-08 02:47:09

sorry strawberry just seen your post. I'm in Beijing.

I'm about to go and see the Hidden City but need to know the results first.

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 02:48:10

Oh, I don't know sallystrawberry, sounds reasonable to me!

I'll be in for the longhaul, it's only 1.47pm here in Sydney.

Have no Sky, but am flicking between BBC and msnbc live feeds with husband on speakerphone as the live feed's no go at work.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:48:18

oh good you found us LoR grin

monkeysmama Wed 05-Nov-08 02:49:40

Right - I am going to get dp up and open a bottle of champagne. grinsmilegrinsmilegrinsmile

Goodnight. wink

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 02:50:01

I LOVE it. On ABC they're interviewing a bunch of Republican Governors, Rudy Giuliani, etc. They're going on and on about how much it must suck, because not only does McCain appear to have lost, the Dems are making big gains in the Senate and Governor's races.

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 02:50:07

I need sleep but surely it's a good result and I can sleep easily?

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:51:44

oooh on hols Mars?

I'm staying up till the next lot of results, then I'm going to get all emotional and wake up ds to tell him and ring dh in work smile

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 02:52:14

Night Monkeysmama

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:52:51

oo it's only a little one (5 points) but CNN have called New Mexico for Obama smile

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:56:07

feck - 82% in Indiana - only 7,000 votes separating them!

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 05-Nov-08 02:56:52

Oh the bbc coverage is getting even more like eurovision. Can you get cnn online?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 02:59:50

omg 4,000 votes between them in Indiana, Obama is closing in in McCains lead

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:00:03
flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:00:26

msnbc live stream online just announced that there comes a point in every election that you have to say one candidate cannot reach 270 and that even with Texas, you'd say that of McCain now.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:00:32

projected win for Obama in Iowa

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:00:34

Go Indiana!!! Go Superbunny's boyfriend. Keep going!

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:02:04

Obama stretches his lead in Florida - Miami metro results just coming in but expected to favour Obama.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:03:10

BBC & CNN have different 'results'... [confused]

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:03:28

he's still marginally ahead in Virginia too

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:03:50


ABC is doing a soppy story on Iowa right now that is almost making me crying. They're talking about how it all started for Obama there, and the state is only 2% African-American, and how amazing it was he won the primary there.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:06:06

oh and few more come in in Indiana - 9,000 adrift now.

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 03:08:16

ooooh still here. I had to giggle at Eddie Izzard just now though!

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:10:14

nbc now has Obama ahead in Virgina, Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

They're also reporting South Dakota abortion ban failed and Colorado ref to define life as beginning at conception has failed and no Republican senators left in whole NE corner.

expatinscotland Wed 05-Nov-08 03:12:50

thank FUCK!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:13:45

ooo hello expat grin

take it your gorgeous little boy has decided to wake up for a feed grin

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:14:59

Hello Expat grin!
hows little Struan doing?

expatinscotland Wed 05-Nov-08 03:16:54

he's edible, sally. and so was the aenesthetist

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:18:00

They're putting Obama ahead in Arizona - Arizona??!! - only 10% of the vote counted, but Obama has 55% of the vote there so far.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:18:43

Expat!! Congratulations.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:19:21

grin glad to hear you had some eye candy to take your mind off it all wink

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:19:52

Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake, flummery? ABC was saying Obama could take it, because of the Hispanic vote being very Anti-McCain, and they're also having big foreclosure problems there.

expatinscotland Wed 05-Nov-08 03:22:43

thanks and congrats to obama, too

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:23:21

oooo Indiana is nail biting stuff - 88% in - Obama has pulled back to just 4000 votes short of McCain

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:25:40

The only thing funnier than Obama winning Arizona would be him winning Alaska. Of course, that would never happen, since they elected the freak, but it would be hilarious.

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:29:02

Ah, McCain pulling back ahead in Arizona (though they've cut the news feeds into his party - apparently there was a mass Blackberry rush )

I fear I'm getting overexcited and probably need a bex and a good lie down before school pick-up.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:29:39

Obama's falling majorly behind in Arizona now, and has fallen behind in North Carolina, now, but is pulling away more in Florida.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:30:30

Doodies grin

I am glad I read how this all works, I would be even more lost right now.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:30:32

still ahead in Virginia, falling away in Indiana again now too

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:33:33

Lady of R, I'm appreciating my West Wing obsession like never before. It was a crash course in US politics.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:34:42

can I go to bed a happy woman now?

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:35:34

I just checked on the BBC website... a few hours ago, I thought the College vote thingy was baout students voting, and that students votes were more important or something! blush I really should have finished my politics A level... blush CNN is too 'hardcore', am enjoying the squabbles and 'doodies' on the BBC grin

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:36:44

Ha ha, I still picture superdelegates in cape and tights.

LadyG Wed 05-Nov-08 03:40:52

obama 207 mccain 138 on beeb live txt but mccain ahead in sth dakota(?) am feeding 3 month old and for some reason the 3 yr old has woken up!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:41:15

McCain pulling away in North Carolina, but Obama hanging onto his lead in Virginia with 90% of the vote in

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:41:20


LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:42:06

135 on CNN... I get too confused channel hopping.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:42:42

Colarado 25% in - Obama leading 56%

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:43:09

Yeah, some woman was talking about doodies earlier on the BBC (duties). [childish][tired]

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:44:43

Childish, but I'm laughing, too.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:45:05

I'm off to bed soon but can I just say - <<ss gets out guitar and clears throat>>

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome someday
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 03:45:36

Indiana, Virginia and Florida are making me sick. They're going to have to count every vote before they can call anything.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:45:37

ooo Indiana is very exciting - he's pulling back again 91% in and only 5000 behind........

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:46:30

LadyG the projection is for McCain to take SD - that puts them at 207 to 143.

We're moving through the 'red' states now, but they largely have small electoral college votes.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:47:40

Will I Am via hologram? It's like a weird dream on CNN!

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:51:40

9 mins away !! according to the bbc

then I can go to bed YAY!!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:51:47

33% of results in in Colarado now - Obama still leading 56%

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:51:49

8 1/2 mins to go apparently... probably. Eee!

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 03:53:39

Going to hang on until 4am - BBC are predicting great things when the final polls close - except for Alaska.

How many of us are left anyway?

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:55:01

oh I'm still here - I'm hanging on until the bitter end grin

might catch an hour on the sofa just before the boys get up a bit later........but I want to see the actual results come in - not just projections grin

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 03:56:04

still here even though I keep threatening to go to bed

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 03:56:46

Thank god DH isn't working tomorrow night ~ DS will be up probably before I get to bed. Ah well! 3 1/2 mins!!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:57:30

OMG!!!! 94% of the votes in in Indiana - Obama leading by 8,000 votes!!!!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 03:58:50

Virginia been called for Obama!

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 03:58:59

Obama has pulled ahead again in Indiana.

Aargh, have to go pick dcs up from school - sooo hard to leave computer.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:09

Cor, can feel the tension

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:29

here goes

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:47

CNN has just projected that OBAMA will be the next President grin grin

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:48

oh fucking fantastic!!!!!!!

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:51

I saw the Will I Am hologram too - very Star Trek-y.

Ooh, Chicago is celebrating, it's been called...

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:00:58

THere you go!!!!

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 04:01:04

They've called it!!!

Obama wins.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 04:01:20

ABC and The NY post have given it to him, too!!!!!

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 04:01:25

He's done it. Oh Yes!

I can go to bed now!! Happy days.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 04:02:00

The polls just closed here, and exit polls here in Oregon have him ahead with 75% of the vote. I love my state!!!!!

Slurbama Wed 05-Nov-08 04:02:01

Whooooo fucking hooooooo!!!!!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:02:08

would it be awful sad of me to admit that I'm crying (happiness I hasten to add)??? blush

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:02:09

am ringing dh

never thought I'd see this

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 04:02:53

Oh, I'm bloody crying too!

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:04:23

tears here too

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 04:04:59

FAQ - feeling myself welling up too.

Can you imagine the buzz of a country of 300million people electing you president?

In American parlance - Awesome!

Koshka Wed 05-Nov-08 04:05:12


dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 04:06:05

297 electoral votes. He's got insurance votes!!!!

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:06:50

I'm gonna say it again

We shall overcome
We shall overcome someday
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:08:38

hope SuperBunny's DS did get fed up and make her come home (I'm guessing not as she hasn't posted) so she'll probably be there in the crowd.

Oh the buzz must be amazing, and not just to have that many people vote you as President, but the first black President.

Wow - they're showing scenes in Kenya and there's a HUGE party going on.

How sad that his Grandmother who raised him didn't live to see this historic moment though sad

Just checking in on my way to bed. That was well worth staying up for - even though I'll be shattered in the morning.

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:09:58

I bet shes up there looking down and celebrating smile

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 04:10:07

Oh don't mention his grandmother - I'll get snot on my pillow. What a roller coaster of a week that man has had.

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 04:10:24

I seriously did not think America had it in it to do this. I am bawling, and that isn't me.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:11:19

that's true - there's not just parties across the world - I bet she's organised a huge shin dig up in Heaven too grin

alipiggie Wed 05-Nov-08 04:11:34


LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:12:50

lol @ the chairs being lifted in Kenya!

sallystrawberry Wed 05-Nov-08 04:13:27

I really am going to bed now

what an amazing night, lovely to share it with you all


guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:14:36

night sally smile

I'm going to stay up a bit longer and watch some more of the actual figures come in grin

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:15:02

Night night SallyS x

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:15:45

Am tempted to stay up for Alaska... besides, that'll be DS1s breakfast time anyway!

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:15:59

oooh hooooo 306!

Niecie Wed 05-Nov-08 04:19:38

I had better go to bed too - busy day tomorrow (today)

And my feet are freezing - I need to move!

Oh no - Jesse Jackson is crying his eyes out too.

John McCain is conceding. I feel quite sorry for him now.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:21:50

He seems like he is going to cry...

MonkeyLover Wed 05-Nov-08 04:27:34

Oh yeah!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:27:53

yes he very conceding, he's not having any of the jeering about things he says that some in the crowd don't like the sound of (like the idea of supporting Obama lol)

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 04:28:31

Actually a very dignified speech (McCain)

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:30:07

WhatSheSaid - I agree - ok someone else wrote it for him grin, but it was said with sincerity (imo).

Oooo - Obama coming up next apparently!!!

Fillyjonk Wed 05-Nov-08 04:41:37

oh I have just woken up to an obama victory!

yay yay yay!

dooneygirl Wed 05-Nov-08 04:42:42

Lots of respect to him for keeping the jeering at bay. I doubt if Palin would have done the same. It was so funny how they only showed her from behind until the very end of the speech.

And am very hmm at Jesse Jackson crying. He's been caught out twice saying bad things about Obama when he thought his microphone was off.

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 04:45:27


MonkeyLover Wed 05-Nov-08 04:45:47

I agree, great speech from McCain, shame on the bad losers in the crowd. But where is Obama? Can't wait to see him.

Sitting here in strongly Republican Oklahoma and couldn't believe it could end well until it actually happened.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:47:17

SuperBunny - did you go???

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 04:47:31

You;re back then, Superbunny. Was it too mad and busy to take ds to?

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:47:57

BBC is so weird!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:48:30

why LoR - what are they up to <<<<<<<<<still has CNN on>>>>>>>

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 04:48:46

YEs, we went. Decided to get home before everyone else left but in time for the speech. Totally amazing downtown.

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:49:43

so where you there when it was announced then???

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 04:49:54

Some guy asking who the hell D. Dimbleby is. Someone was arguing with him earlier aswell!

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 04:50:04

bit disappointed we didn't stay for the speech but I don't think we'd have got home for days had we stayed

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:50:24

*were (of course that should be) - 'tis late(well early I guess) so that's my excuse

Fillyjonk Wed 05-Nov-08 04:51:14

yes it is rather a shame that mccain couldn't muster up a bit more of the honour and so forth shown in that last speech for the election campaign.

I dunno if it IS a shame really, if he'd conducted himself better then maybe it could have been closer...and we'd have been up later...but really, when it came down to it he bowed to the lowest common denominator in, at times, an appalling way.

Anyway, YAY!

Fillyjonk Wed 05-Nov-08 04:51:39

superbunny I am SO jealous!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:52:12

ahh - just seen your post on the other thread SuperBunny - that you were there when it was announced.

I can't even begin to imagine what the atmosphere was like - it was electric enough here on MN grin

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:54:53

now as grin I am that Obama won - I wish he'd get is arse out there and do his speech - I really do need to try and catch at least an hour or so on the sofa before the boys get up lol

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 04:55:18

Will I sound like a total party pooper if I say I am not sure he can live up to expectations?


I'm feeling all teary now!

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 04:57:55

nah won't be a party pooper - elected leaders never live up to expectations grin

oooo Obama speech

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 04:58:41

Ooo, here he is.

I sort of wish we were there but we'd have ended up watching it on a screen in a hotel window

WhatSheSaid Wed 05-Nov-08 04:59:11

Just in time, it's nearly dd's bathtime grin

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 05:03:21

I have no idea how he can stand there and not leap around and squeal. So much self-control

SuperBunny Wed 05-Nov-08 05:03:54

and the girls get a puppy grin

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 05:04:40


guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 05:05:18

grin @ the puppy

I don't know how he manage to stay composed when talking about his grandmother

guyFAwkesreQuiem Wed 05-Nov-08 05:06:16

SuperBunny - that's probably why he's taken so long to come out and do his speach - he's been jumping around and getting it all out of his system lol

flummery Wed 05-Nov-08 05:06:36

How wonderful is his speech? I am just so fucking happy and amazed to live to see the US vote in an African American for president who starts by including both gay and straight, disabled and not disabled in his acceptance speech. Feels like the world is changing.

LadyOfRoffle Wed 05-Nov-08 05:07:24

Skimmed it quickly... sooo much control. How is he not juming around like a loon? !