Bus driver chucks chained goth couple off his bus

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UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 22:47:18

article here

What do we make of this?

I imagine they were paying fares like anyone else, and the bus-driver doesn't have "fashion police" on his job description.

I mean, I think they look pretty daft, but then they might think I looked daft as well. (There's probably some truth in the comment on the DM page about looking back on it in 10 years and finding it embarrassing.)


Dani Graves. Chortle.

(Do they take the chain off at night, I wonder? Or when one of them needs a shit?)

MyManorIsWankered Tue 22-Jan-08 22:51:07

It's her culture?!

Driver shouldn't have chucked them off the bus.


At being treated as a pet (even ironically)
At the driver's behaviour.
At the way the DM reports it. "they're on benefits and are thinking of starting a family."

moondog Tue 22-Jan-08 22:52:53


Love the Daily Fascist Mail pointing out that they
1.live on benefits
2. live in a council house
3. want to start a family all in one sentence. Brilliant

UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 22:53:34

I must admit I don't get the whole "pet" thing. What is that all about?...

moondog Tue 22-Jan-08 22:53:43

A Goth comes to my gym and jogs with a huge padlock around his neck. That cracks me up every time.

UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 22:55:04

Leaving aside the issue of the bus-driver being a tosser, what would you think if she was your daughter?

expatinscotland Tue 22-Jan-08 22:55:26

Now on a rational level, I know this isn't supposed to be funny.

But somehow, it is . . .

MyManorIsWankered Tue 22-Jan-08 22:57:23

My first thought, actually, UD, was "I wonder whether their parents are proud of them?" [fogey]

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 22:57:27

hmm at the driver hmm at the DM reporting (for the same reason as Peaches quotes)

Apart from the leash, I don't think they're dressed particularly OTT tbh. It's quite conservative for a pair of teenage goths I thought (kids today, no idea how to dress provocatively!)

moondog Tue 22-Jan-08 22:58:43

Shell catch her death though.

Folk like that are generally soft spoken and harmless althoguh usually have terrible taste in airbrushed art.

louii Tue 22-Jan-08 22:59:16

PMSL at the whole article really.

expatinscotland Tue 22-Jan-08 22:59:42

glad i'm not alone, louii.

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:01:51

If she was my daughter? I'd say 'FGS put some slap on girl, call yourself a goth? I've seen better goths shopping in boden. Queen of the night my arse. Pah, you kids today<<mumble, mumble>>'

SorenLorensen Tue 22-Jan-08 23:02:23

They're all silly arses - Daily Bile, bus driver and silly girl who lets her bf walk her round on a lead (I have nothing against their clothes and hair - in fact once upon a time I looked a bit like that - less cleavagey though...but I really don't like the whole "dog on a lead" thing).

UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 23:05:32

Agreed, the clothes and hair aren't especially outrageous when you compare with some. He looks desperately like he wants to be Wayne Hussey or that bloke out of Fields of the Napalm or whatever the hell they are called.

madamez Tue 22-Jan-08 23:06:45

Erm, just a bit of FYI here... The 'pet' thing is BDSM rather than just gothic (though you can get away with a lot more BDSM trappings if you are also a goth). But what a pillock of a bus driver - he's got no justification for kicking them off the bus if he lets on: people with big awkward bulky items, or actual woofing barking pissing dogs, has he?

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:10:46

Fields of the Nephilim (sp?) or Napalm Death UQD Wayne Hussey, fugly but <<sigh>>

I'd imagine you get a lot of fairly 'normal' BDSMers, but it just looks more stylish with the Morticia look.

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:11:05

Wayne hussey!!! I actually saw the Mission once as well....he used to wear a lovely white dress.

ps UQD I think it was fields of the nephilim?

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:12:46

now that girl, the bass player in Sisters of Mercy; she was the bollocks as far as good looking goth girls go IMO.


pukkapatch Tue 22-Jan-08 23:15:53

hmmm, does she take the pet thing to the extreme where she refused to pay, as she is a pet?
if so, he is well within his rights to chuck them off.
this sounds lieks some sort of sexual thing. and consenting adults are fine, but could they please do their consensual sex acts elsewhere, and not on public transport.

Disenchanted Tue 22-Jan-08 23:16:07

Its got NOTHING to do with the bloody bus driver how they choose to dress or live!!! And he has no right WHATSOEVER to dictate who gets on that bus decided simply by someones clothing or lifestyle choice!

Somehow it seems 'OK' to some people to react that way towards this young couple just because they are young and goths.

Well its not angry

There would be bloody uproar if he refused a young asian couple on because she was wearing a headdress or him a turban.

But people dont see discrimination the same way when it comes to young people.

pukkapatch Tue 22-Jan-08 23:19:47

calm down disenchanted. calm down.
its not something to get so het up about. the bus driver did act rather like a twunt.

Carmenere Tue 22-Jan-08 23:20:34

She has a great body though, doesn't she?envy

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:20:44
Disenchanted Tue 22-Jan-08 23:21:08

Lol, Im not het up, i did sound like it though!

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:26:21

if she lives like a pet does she wee up against a tree? or munch on a bowl of pedigree chum?

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:26:21

Patricia Morrison, donnie? She married Dave Vanian so I am obliged to hate her forever grin

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:27:43

Oh yes Dave Vanian.....what a beauty, sigh!

yurt1 Tue 22-Jan-08 23:31:42

Hmmm no cooking or cleaning......

yurt1 Tue 22-Jan-08 23:32:20

I laughed at the Mail's council house on benefits wanting to start a family shock as well.

bookwormmum Tue 22-Jan-08 23:34:34

She'll probably cringe in 10 years time grin.

Don't dogs have to be carried on public transport? Perhaps he couldn't pick her up.

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:35:20

does she sleep in a kennel?

dgeorgea Wed 23-Jan-08 08:35:31

I totaly agree with you disenchanted.

pukkapatch, where did it say that they were performing sexual acts on the bus, did I miss the best bit of the story? When you come down to it its no different to holding hands or wearing a wedding ring.

MMIW, my daughter (14) has gone out looking much worse then this, and yes I am very proud of her.

I just love the way the dm manipulates stories to suit their own agenda. I wonder if this is going to be a new thing with them? Dragging up things from victims lives to demonstrate how they deserve to be a victim.

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 09:52:42

Isn't gear like that quite expensive to buy?

oooh i am such a woolly liberal but i'm sorry this makes me want to bring back national service for girls and boys.

stupid, stupid girl.

has she never heard of feminism?

really-all i can think is how bloody ridiculous they are.

and if they did how fucked up would the kid be? seeing it's dad leading it's mother round on a chain?

and what about education and opportunities?

fryalot Wed 23-Jan-08 10:00:55

ok, here's my tuppenceworth:

if the bus driver chucked them off because he didn't like the way they were dressed, then he is an arse who deserves sacking.

however, if the bus driver disagreed with the poor girl being dragged along on a fecking dog chain by her boyfriend, and decided to make his own little protest by not allowing that to happen on his bus, then good on him.

And... how would you lot all feel if that was your daughter being treated like that? Has nobody ever taught her that she is a person?

Oliveoil Wed 23-Jan-08 10:01:04

I would rather goths (or whatever they are called) than tracksuit wearing yobs with their hands down their trousers

bit hmm on the dog chain bit

Callisto Wed 23-Jan-08 10:01:07

Ha, I've suddenly realised who Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd reminds me of - Dave Vanian. How would one chose between them...?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:02:32

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:03:37

Message withdrawn

i hope she is ashamed in a few years and she'snot still trailing round round on a lead, going nowhere alone, doing nothing, and not really having much of a life at all.

what happens when she wants a shit?
or is changing her tampon?
or is in the shower?

or going to see her mum?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:05:48

Message withdrawn

Megglevache Wed 23-Jan-08 10:06:45

Message withdrawn

Oliveoil Wed 23-Jan-08 10:06:54

I am ashamed of pictures of my wet look perm circa 1983, ffs what will she think when she looks back?

Megglevache Wed 23-Jan-08 10:07:35

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:07:55

Message withdrawn

Callisto Wed 23-Jan-08 10:08:20

You lot are so middle aged sometimes - she probably has great sex all the time and that's all she cares about right now. I would imagine she is allowed off the lead at home too.

allgonebellyup Wed 23-Jan-08 10:09:06

i think she looks lovely, minus the lead.

Oliveoil Wed 23-Jan-08 10:09:28

you can have great sex and not wear a dog lead

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 10:10:20

oh dear
bless 'em. guess they'll grow out of it

LucreziaBourgeois Wed 23-Jan-08 10:10:37

She considers it to be "almost a hate crime".

Twas more of a "I get bollocked if my bus is late, stop weirding me out and get a taxi" crime.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:10:44

Message withdrawn

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 10:11:41

oh he's called dani graves, I missed that

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 10:15:52

bus driver was a miserable git though

am sure they're harmless

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:18:45

Message withdrawn

DaDaDa Wed 23-Jan-08 10:20:49

I think she'll catch her death of cold dressed like that.

Not very gallant, him wearing that big army coat...

*wanders off for a cup of tea humming 'Temple Of Love' and doing that twisty arm dance the goths used to do*

Megglevache Wed 23-Jan-08 10:21:25

Message withdrawn

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 10:22:02

I bet they'll be happily settled in suburbia in 10 years, with kids called Tarquin and Jocasta going to the best local school.

"Dani Graves". Still chuckling at that.

morningpaper Wed 23-Jan-08 10:22:42


OH we all did things like that in past, surely?!

that's what teenagers DO

she has a lovely figure

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 10:23:04

"I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig."

I don't know why I find that so funny but I do grin

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:23:13

thank goodness for

you can have great sex and not wear a dog lead

i thought i might be too easily pleased

morningpaper Wed 23-Jan-08 10:23:58

yah I lolled @ the fascist pig

rantinghousewife Wed 23-Jan-08 10:25:58

A bit of submission can be quite empowering, I findgrin <<chokes on gag>>>

I read this and LMAO

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:26:33

i'm with themild - stupid, stupid girl.

I find this very offensive - I loathe what it says about women.

It is indeed a sexual act, just as pukka says - it's a bdsm submission thing - and I don't want to see it in public.

For fucks sakes, imagine trying to explain it to your 5yr old dcs.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:27:04

Message withdrawn

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 10:27:15

"I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life," she said.


although....sounds quite nice in some ways

morningpaper Wed 23-Jan-08 10:27:46

Well that's easy enough

My 5 year old is always playing Doggy - it's just the same thing

But BDSM is a lifestyle darling, not just about the shagging

I find this no more offensive than teenage girls obsessing about weddings

RoxyMonoxide Wed 23-Jan-08 10:27:52

Lol at so much of this story.
I'm another (failed) Goth. Although, didn't I read something once about those prone to 'Gothicism' as youths tend to be higher achievers as adults? It must be something in the deep and meaningful, analyzing all life gene.
Don't quite know how the lead comes into it, but am v v jealous of her body.

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:28:09

is the daily mail a self conscious parody

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:28:43

Message withdrawn

DaDaDa Wed 23-Jan-08 10:29:28

I still haven't got BDSM yet. Sadomasochism obviously, but not sure on the BD?

SOunds like a driving school to me. I've clearly led a sheltered life.

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:30:30

its what u do on your birthday obvs

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:31:08

bondage and domination i thinkee?

RoxyMonoxide Wed 23-Jan-08 10:31:21

Agree, mp. There are so many ways to be submissive. I loathe it when young girls are conditioned to want nothing more than marriage and babies. And doing it all whilst looking so normal.

DaDaDa Wed 23-Jan-08 10:31:31


morningpaper Wed 23-Jan-08 10:31:44

yes it is the British Dance School of Motoring

it's very obscure

chrissnow Wed 23-Jan-08 10:32:06

I used to be a goth. Mildly embarrassed about it now, more so that I have turned out so 'normal'!!!
I still have my goth chains/belts as I can't bear to throw them out. (plus they were blimmin expensive!!)
I used to get tutted at quite a lot, but was never thrown off a bus. Think driver was out of order.
Also lol at 'facsist pig' - I seem to remember that was our 'catchphrase' at the time too. I think its in the goth bible!!

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:32:46

i hope they are morris dancers

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 10:33:10

Agree "fascist pig" outburst v funny. I keep hearing Rik from Young Ones.

chrissnow Wed 23-Jan-08 10:33:38

yup it is bondage, domination and sado masichism.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:34:29

but bcs other ways of being submissive are bad, doesn't make this un-bad, shurely mp?

I am learning right now with BDSM, MP. Struggled at first with clutch control in sparkletastic t-bars. And is astonishingly hard not to ladder my American Tan tights on the gearstick.

DaDaDa Wed 23-Jan-08 10:35:12

I imagine he followed it with 'SO unfair' and stopmed off to make a Satanic curse.

rantinghousewife Wed 23-Jan-08 10:36:32

Am lolling at some of you tutting and sucking your gums, we've all been there (still have the purple skirts and crimpers, consigned firmly to the loft, I might add).
Don't understand the feminist outrage about the submission either, so they're sporting an extreme version of it but most women who like to be domineered are completely in control of the rest of their lives.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:36:52

why can't all goths just be distilled into one Noel Fielding though.

He is a nice boy with a nice smile isn't he. And one is enough, surely?

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:37:34

think johnny depp should be generic goth

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:38:16

i think one point, ranting, is that most women who like to be dominated don't do it on the bus.

morningpaper Wed 23-Jan-08 10:38:50

well no it isn't IDEAL

but more embarassing than anything else

still far more offended by bride talk emerging from the mouths of young women

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:39:01

they could jobshare zippi, new EU directives coming in.

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 10:39:58

grin i am currently obsessed

rantinghousewife Wed 23-Jan-08 10:40:24

But they're young, they like to shock, they've achieved that, don't you think?
Like many have said, in 20 years time they'll be dressed in Boden and debating about whether to send their little darlings to state or private school.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 10:41:27

I think you're possibly right, MP, in this instance.

They look ludicrously selfconscious, and deeply uncomfortable.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 23-Jan-08 10:47:51

It's outrageous that he wants to take his pet on the bus. She'll lose condition if she doesn't get walked enough. They perhaps need to go to the park and play stickie too.

Is she not wearing eyeliner & lipstick because that would be animal cruelty?

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 11:09:44

Perhaps she can lick her own bum, and that is the appeal?

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 11:15:57

i would look uncomfortzable hasving my photo taken by the dm lol

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 23-Jan-08 11:18:17

Perhaps they need a holiday?

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 11:26:49

no dogs allowed on the beach tho, Duchess, between the months of April and September!

Emprexia Wed 23-Jan-08 12:25:42

Its nobodys bloody business how they choose to conduct their relationship with each other.

I'm loving the tone of understanding that the posters in this thread are showing hmm

I happen to be best friends with a couple in a BDSM relationship and its a LIFESTYLE not a kink just about sex.

The Bus driver ought to be disciplined.

PMSL @ 'The Bus driver ought to be disciplined.' Preferably with a whip, by a woman in high-heeled boots.

southeastastra Wed 23-Jan-08 12:35:00

aw i love a goth. not really national news though is it.

Boco Wed 23-Jan-08 12:46:03

Good lord, the most shocking thing is how little she is wearing on a cold day! She really needs a proper winter coat, and maybe a nice cardie! Silly girl.

<<carries on knitting a footstool>>

madamez Wed 23-Jan-08 13:03:12

DOn't get why a bit of teenage posturing with a dog lead is somehow more antifeminist than burquas and jilbabs - and somehow I don#t get the impression that the bus driver was objecting on feminist grounds anyway. BDSM is freely chosen activities between consenting adults of any/all genders anyway. This particular couple are young enough not to realise that they didn;t really need to get all self-righteous about their lifestyle choices, they were going to get enough sympathy for being persecuted as Goths. But some BDSM folks, particularly younger ones or those who are relatively new on the scene, can get terribly, terribly pompous about their preferences when most people, frankly, are't that bothered as long as it doesn't directly interfere with their own lives.

madamez Wed 23-Jan-08 13:06:32

I also rather wonder what would have been the reaction of a) the bus driver b) the Daily Wail and c) MNers if this story had featured the male half of the couple on the lead, saying he was her pet (rather more common than female pets IME).

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 13:06:50

I'm quite unbothered about what they get up to in the bedroom, but a little hmm that they feel the need to proclaim it to the world. Not that this at all justifies the bus driver being a twonk.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 13:12:14

Well gosh madamez, here we are again.

"DOn't get why a bit of teenage posturing with a dog lead is somehow more antifeminist than burquas and jilbabs "

No, nor do I, which is, I guess, why I didn't mention burquas/jilbabs in my post. Nor, I believe, has anyone else.

DaDaDa Wed 23-Jan-08 13:17:17

"'The Bus driver ought to be disciplined.' Preferably with a whip, by a woman in high-heeled boots. "

Wild applause grin

C'mon, you'd have to try pretty hard to get upset at the reactions on this thread. It's just a bit of a laugh. [Much as I defend their right to make pasty faced arses of themselves in public and not be harangued by thuggish bus drivers.]

mankymanger Wed 23-Jan-08 13:22:41

How come when I was verbally abused by a drunk on the bus the driver did nothing? Or had to stand when 8 months pregnant? Or when other passangers are swearing, spitting, fighting and drinking? Not a peep. But goths? Be gone satans!

I'm pretty sure if it was a far more threatening looking skinhead we would be back to peepless driver.. hmm

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 14:11:04

what is BDSM?
is ti liek the BSM?all handbrake turns?

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 14:13:51

If she was my daughter, I'd buy her http://www.rigbyandpeller.com/designer-bras/push-up-bras/LejabyElixir_Empire_Push_UpBra/448/index. aspxget this]] I'm sure it comes in black.

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 14:14:59

they arent LIFSTYLE

they rae jist a pari of twatty teenagers

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 14:17:30

Do you think they would appreciate a Trinny and Susannah book?

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 14:23:46

do T and S do "what not to where on public transport unless you wish to invite mockery and contempt", Swedes?

Ripeberry Wed 23-Jan-08 14:26:40

My sister in law is 40yrs old and has always been a goth.
You should have seen her party! Loads of black, pretend electric chair in the corner, chains on the walls and as for her friends, well it was like being at a Halloween party and they were really boring, just talking about graveyards in different towns and which is the best to visit.
My mum in law is used to it and i just think they are quite harmless if a bit scarry looking.
It was a daytime party (are they allowed out in the day?) and my DD2 did look at them warrily but then spent ages looking at her Aunties skull rings.
It takes all sorts.

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 14:30:25

OBM - No, but they do "head to toe black is not a good look". And they are good with accessories.

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 14:32:15

Instead of dress down Friday, I think we should have go goth Thursday. I can scarecely wait.

Emprexia Wed 23-Jan-08 14:40:38

i dont consider a 19 and a 25 year old silly teenagers.

In my circle of friends, most of the Goths still doing it at that age are pretty much going to be gothic for life.

I suggest a few of you laughers attend Whitby Goth Weekend this year.. you'll see just how serious people are about all this.

This thread is like watching a bunch of kids giggle at someone in the playground because they dont 'fit in'

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 14:42:16

"Gothic For Life". Should go on a T-shirt.

But surely it's "Gothic For Life.... And Beyooooond?" grin

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 14:46:03

gothic OAPs...gawd there's a scary thought

<slaps self on wrist for failing to take gothic 'lifestyle' seriously>

CloudAtlas Wed 23-Jan-08 14:47:30

OMG hopefully the silly silly girl will be absolutely mortified about this in a few years time!

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 14:51:35

A spokesman for the bus company is pointing out health and safety implications now.


onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 14:53:50

kaishay, we're laughing bcs of how desperately they don't want to fit in, I think.

bundle Wed 23-Jan-08 15:21:23

a bus driver wouldn't let a woman get on a bus the other day because she was carrying a largish mirror (she'd obviously just bought it)

louii Wed 23-Jan-08 15:25:05

PMSL at "hounded of bus" superb!

dittany Wed 23-Jan-08 15:32:43

Jeez, I remember the days when controlling boyfriends used to settle for walking around with their girlfriends in a neck-lock, now it's a dog collar and chain.

Whoever said it's a sex act is right and this is just exhibitionism so these two can both fuck off, making the public be their audience in their creepy little lifestyle sex games.

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 15:40:43

bundle - perhaps the driver was worried that the mirror might freak out any vampires out in daylight (in Sunblock 75, obviously) and their "lifestyle choices" not to have a reflection.

bundle Wed 23-Jan-08 15:42:02

snurk UQD

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 15:42:02

ooh ooh-has anyone said...she must be barking?

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 16:02:13

i'll get me coat


<slinks away>

gibberish Wed 23-Jan-08 16:08:49

She must be frozen. Doesn't she know that pets have furry coats?

Great figure though envy

Desiderata Wed 23-Jan-08 16:08:49

I was just about to ... bitch grin

CatIsSleepy Wed 23-Jan-08 16:12:07

LOL desi grin

I really must get a grip I've been laughing about this story all day
<tries desperately to concentrate on work>

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 16:18:44

is it even worse form than having a feminist hissyfit to say that I disagree that she's got a great figure...?
It's sort of .. thin, but somehow lumpen and undefined..
it won't last, you mark my words. These goths, it's all over for them before they're 29, you know.
<wonders if she is the most unsisterly feminist in the world, or just MN>

Walkies grin

I was most entertained by one of the comments below the story:

"Ask Dani if he wants a male pup.
- Malcolm, Blackpool"

I wouldn't let them on my bus <margoandjerry enters parallel universe where she drives a bus>

The bus would topple over with the weight of people all going like this hmm at the same time.

Pathetic. Don't wear a lead you silly little moo.

Yummers Wed 23-Jan-08 17:12:50

i have to say i agree with cods comments about her being so embarrassed in a few years time.

i went through a goth phase when i was 17-20, wore a dog collar (not like that one, and not on a chain mind, and i was definitely no-one's pet - mine had spikes!)

i do look back and think wtf, esp listening to Korn, Machinehead, even Slipknot and Marilyn Manson

nowadays i'm 26, prefer acoustic/folky stuff and go to church, so i often wonder what the 18 yr old me would think of me now!

as for him he's past the growing out of it age, he'll be a sad old goth forever, with a long line of 'pets' i should expect.

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 17:40:13

i think thsoe peopel takign this seriously really need to take a look at themsevlvs
this is a pari of pampered teenagers indulgin themslves.
not a problem at all

apart form when peopel dress liek nu'as then say

"ooh er he is laughing at me"

i mean come ON

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 17:40:39

imo only really UGLY peopel stay goth


Blandmum Wed 23-Jan-08 17:52:18

LOL at her living the easy life as a pet and might be thinking if starting a family.

How long will her pet status last, I wonder smile

and as an aside, I wonder if she lies in front of the fire and licks her arse in the evenings

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 18:13:06

is it actually.. hygienic? to have a goth in the house?

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 18:14:01

@martianbishop. Great trick if you can do it.

Kimi Wed 23-Jan-08 18:28:53

Lord if every "weirdo" was chucked off of public transport buses and trains would be empty grin.

Last time I looked it was not a crime to look silly!!

fullmoonfiend Wed 23-Jan-08 18:33:20

My first though was ''That Agnes Nitt what calls herself Perditax''

My 2nd thought is 'now's there's a budding business opportunity.... a business offering tiny studded collars and chains for the offspring of such a couple...

agreee, she needs to make way more effort in her wardrobe to be a proper goth grin

Hecate Wed 23-Jan-08 18:46:09

What's with that article? hmm I don't see why the fact that they live on benefits in a council house and plan to start a family is relevant (that's a whole other argument and one that I would run away from, screaming for my mother grin )

They are very very young, remember. In a few years he'll be an estate agent and she'll be an office manager, they'll have 2.4 kids, a dog, a volvo and a mortgage and they'll both be cringing at photos of themselves and the things they said. (I speak from experience. blush <cringe cringe> )

I do love young 'uns. They speak of being 'Individuals' and berate you for expecting them to 'Conform', they tell you how unique they are and how they don't feel they should have to be like everyone else........and yet they all look the same, act the same and say the same things.

And they all think they are the first ones to do these things, say these things or join the Socialist Workers Party. grin

janeite Wed 23-Jan-08 18:53:23

Lol at Fields Of The Napalm!!! I used to love The Mission but why would anybody want to look like Wayne Hussy?!! jack Daniels and cigarette lighters out now folks!

Seriously, if she was my daughter I'd be really worried about what kind of statement she thinks she is making with this.

But why it's anything to do with a bus driver, I have no idea. Maybe they ask on their interviews now if they have ever had aspirations to join the Fashion Gestapo and only hire them if they can spot vintage Westwood/McClaren at 30 paces?

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 18:58:17

A friend's daughter was a goth. Then she met a rich plumber on a night out and now she's a chav, apparently.

EffiePerine Wed 23-Jan-08 19:27:54

Have you notices that all adult goths are astonishingly conformist and generally middle class, with added skull rings?

(not that that;s a bad thing, just puzzles me rather)

£20 she'll be shopping in Waitrose by the time she's 30

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 19:59:34

surely having a teen goth is most middle class parent's dream?

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 20:00:37

I mean, goths who aren't 'exploring' gender roles in a reeeelly subversive manner.

bookwormmum Wed 23-Jan-08 20:59:01

I thought it was a good come-back by the bus garage to claim Health & Safety stopped prevented people on leads being on buses. Wonder how long it too them to work that one out? hmm. I can't see that being part of the bus regulations somehow.

Being a pedant, I will just mention (if no one else has grin) that the bus driver was certainly wrong in one respect. If she's a pet she cannot be a dog.... they are male. She might find being called a bitch more offensive though.

HairyToe Wed 23-Jan-08 21:09:16

When they do start a family will the child be a dog as well? Or will it be mum's owner and have to hold her lead ouside the co-op while dad goes in to do the shopping?

ravenAK Wed 23-Jan-08 21:15:49

I have a passing acquaintance with both Wayne Hussey & various members of Fields of the Nephilim, & oddly enough none of them look much like that chap these days...grin

Not sure it's in the bus driver's remit to operate a dress code, but agree with others who've pointed out that goths today just don't seem to know how to make an effort...<tuts>

Jazzicatz Wed 23-Jan-08 21:38:10

This is actually more to do with the Masters of Gor I have been reliably informed by a friend of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

madamez Wed 23-Jan-08 23:23:57

Oh not the fecking GOreans again. Even the rest of the fetish scene laughs at them. Mind you, it did occur to me at some point during the day that this couple's comments about their lifestyle may not have been random ranting but a couple of youngish silly people getting fed up with a piss-taking reporter and then getting quoted out of context... (the smart option if you're out in unusual clothing and have to deal with some jobsworth or other is 'We're going to a fancy dress party': they can't disprove it and can't really ban you from public places/services either.)

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 23:24:58

lol at you lto tkaign it seriosuly

UnquietDad Fri 25-Jan-08 12:34:32

They're on Jezza Vine on R2 right now!

UnquietDad Fri 25-Jan-08 12:41:57

Bless, they sound quite nice.

southeastastra Fri 25-Jan-08 12:42:09

they're dull

Fubsy Fri 25-Jan-08 16:02:53

Apart from the tendency towards dope and speed, I agree that Goths should be most parents dream.

Jezza said he knew a policeman who said that the best thing for parents of teenagers is to get them into Indie music.

Have to agree, back in the day (mid 80s) i used to go to a night club in Hartlepool. If you went on a Thursday, "Alternative Night" there was never any trouble. Go on a Friday, and you were likely to have your head pushed through the door - which I witnessed. Only difference was we called them Casuals in those days, they seem to have grown up and given birth to the Chavs!

By the way, Donnie, I gave Patricia Morrison a massage once.....

Cappuccino Fri 25-Jan-08 16:06:06

she looks a bit cold

he's got a big coat on

they do live in Dewsbury after all... it can get bitter

Fubsy Fri 25-Jan-08 16:24:00

Look, the chavs will be going out at night in gold lame bikinis and hot pants. She'll be a tad warmer!

donnie Fri 25-Jan-08 16:28:48

ooh Fubsy I am jealous!!

I guess I would rather my dds grow into Gothdom that chavdom. I'd rather they wanted to look like Patricia Morrison than Kerry Katona or Jordan. But I would still not be happy about the dog lead.
Maybe that girl should just go the whole hog and be carried around in a portable dog basket. At least she could have a rest.

DaDaDa Fri 25-Jan-08 16:38:55

I want my lad to be an indie/emo kid. Does that mean I have to start forcefeeding him hip hop and R'n'B so he's got something to rebel against? smile

veraduckworthshandbag Sat 26-Jan-08 09:38:04

I think before they consider bringing a new life in to the world they might like to step out of the pub, get of their stupidly dressed backsides and look for work, They have NO reason to be living on state handout (other then they choose to and are bloody lazy)
I do not want to pay my taxes to raise their child while they sit in the pub in fancy dress.

Fubsy Sat 26-Jan-08 21:56:16

So as long as theyre wearing "normal" clothes that would be ok?

If you'd listened to them on JV, they were both at college, and he is working with ?SN children as well i believe.

DaDaDa has a very good point and has asked a question that we have been ruminating for some time. I was a Goth in the 80s, but was brought up on an unhealthy mix of Jim Reeves and Neil Diamond. However, my wonderful French teacher at sixth form, who was a huge fan of The Doors and The Stooges, had three sons, all of whom became ubergeeks and went off to study physics (not that this is a bad thing, but they were true, Open Uni in the 70s-type geeks). I don't want my son to sit in his souped up 205 and listen to Hardcore. What to do? Or is this a separate thread?

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