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Tell me your weekly cleaning routine?

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Mylittlebubble Thu 08-Jul-10 07:47:43

This has probably been done many times but I look at my house and pull my hair out!!

I have DD 2.3 and work 4 full days a week sometimes go away with work too. We have 1 dog and two cats, OK probably given myself away now! Anyway I just cannot keep up with the house work and don't want to spend the whole weekend doing it! I generally use my Monday mornings to do the house whilst DD watches telly or sometimes trys to help. This includes:
Downstairs - Weekly
Clean Kitchen
Washing on
mop floors every 2-3 weeks!!

Upstairs - weekly
Hoover - one evening in the week
Family Bathroom - 2/3 times a week
Ensuite - [embarrassed] when needed AKA when husband has made his mark!!

When I walk in our house I just see dust, hairs, untidy stuff laying around, massive washing piles just feel its endless.

PLease tell me I'm not on my own and give me some of your tips!!

TheGrumpalo Thu 08-Jul-10 07:52:58

A load a day keeps CHAOS away! (can't have anyone over syndrome) If you pop a load of washing on every night then things don't get out of hand.

Don't know if you've ever heard of FLY LADY but it's worth a look for some tips. I don't follow it fully but have picked up some good habits.

youmaynotlikethis Thu 08-Jul-10 08:07:45

hi,dont know how you get away with doing so little housework o.p tbh,i have one dog and a cat and downstairs needs to be hooverd and mopped daily,
upstairs every other day
bathrooms-twice a week
washing 2 loads a day
ironing every other day

Mylittlebubble Thu 08-Jul-10 08:24:00

youmay when do you fit it all in! Not sure I do get away with it. When come round I don't think they think it is a messy unclean house but I know its just the surface! For example the windows are a mess, there's lothes that need putting away, I can see the marks on the floor when the sun shines!

I need to just need to get on with it I know but feel its all I am doing.

fairybubbles Thu 08-Jul-10 09:16:48

i hoover downstairs rooms everyday and we dont have any pets.

Beds are changed at least once a week if not more.

A load of washing goes on every morning and is hung out before I leave for work in the morning.

Dry washing is folded and put into bedrooms in the evening to be put away (i must admit we have a few piles waiting to be ironed, I only iron a few days worth at a time due to lack of hanging space).

Dishes are washed as soon as they have been used after the meal.
The kitchen worktops and table are sprayed with dettol and wipes after each meal.

Toys are cleared off the living room floor in the evening and are returned to the toy box.
Bedrooms and stairs are hoovered once a week. No shoes worn upstairs and no food upstairs means is doesnt really require more.

Bathroom is wiped over every night whilst DS is in the bath. DP then gives it a deeper clean at the weekend.

Windows not so often (we dont have a window cleaner i do them). There are ok but could do with being done more. I prob do them every 2nd month.

Mylittlebubble Thu 08-Jul-10 09:26:59

Thanks Fairy Bubbles
My new plan of action I think is to do the stuff in the morning like washing on and hoover. The evenings are taking up with baby time, tea time, cleaning up after tea then a sit down, then bed, no time for cleaning plus after a day at work thats just not gonna happen!!

Elk Thu 08-Jul-10 09:48:39

I have one cat (who is sick a lot) and two children.

I do:
1 washing load a day.
I clean things if they look dirty, if it is less than a week since I cleaned them and they look dirty again then they can wait.
Washing up is done after every meal and the table and kitchen wiped down.
Cat litter tray is also done daily unless the cat has been outside.
Any toys brought downstairs are taken upstairs at bedtime.
No shoes are worn inside.
I hoover occasionaly (not at the moment as waiting for landlord to buy a new one)

I used to have a timetable to do stuff but as I had PND it became something else I was just to useless at doing so I chucked it away and developed a new more relaxed attitude and to be honest I don't think the house is any dirtier.

jasmeeen Thu 08-Jul-10 17:41:07

Your routine sounds stricter than mine mylittlebubble! I used to be much more organised about cleaning eg. vacuum all rooms every week, dust every week, mop all floors (we have hard floors) every week, mop kitchen daily, etc. House was quite gleaming really. Even ironed my bedsheets at one point!

Now it's a tip and a lot grubbier. We only vacuum bedrooms about every 3 weeks. Bathroom gets a good going over once a week as do the kitchen and dining room (where most of the kids and dog's mess is made. Living room maybe every fortnight gets a vacuum. Upstairs rooms and living room rarely get a mop these days. As for dusting.....well, once every two months maybe. And we never iron anything other than DH's workshirts these days.

I do make sure all washing up is done every day and that kitchen surfaces are wiped down. Also do 2 loads of washing a day to keep on top of it.

Every six months we give in and get a cleaning company in for six hours to do massive clean - fridge, oven, skirting boards, front of cupboards, etc. Costs about 70 quid.

And actually I am a lot happier than when I was houseproud. Was just too much keeping a shiny house. Too much stress, not enough time with the DC. Life is too short.

Did take a while to lower my standards tho!

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