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How to get Mr Sheen off kitchen floor?!

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Dalrymps Tue 18-May-10 22:41:26

My dh was fixing a leak under the kitchen sink. When he emptied the cupboard some water went on the floor and not thinking he used a duster to mop it up.

Now the whole of the kitchen floor is really slippy if you walk on it just wearing socks confused

I have mopped it with really hot water and flash multipurpose cleaner and a drop of washing up liquid. This didn't work, if anything, the floor being cleaner made it more slippy!

Any idea what I can use to get the polish off?

DreamTeamGirl Tue 18-May-10 23:04:15

Might vinegar cut through it? Worth a try I reckon

Dalrymps Tue 18-May-10 23:35:19

Hmm, maybe, I have some white vinegar, will try...

scurryfunge Tue 18-May-10 23:38:44

Otherwise try white spirit, that lifts most things

crockydoodle Wed 19-May-10 08:27:17

We used to spray Mr Sheen on the kitchen floor and slide on it in our socks while my mum was at work and my dad was minding us. She'd arrive home and nearly break her neck grin

Dalrymps Wed 19-May-10 08:57:42

Lol crockdoodle grin

scurry - The floor isn't tiled, it's just the rubbery fake tile effect stuff that comes on a roll... Would white spirit be ok on that?

scurryfunge Wed 19-May-10 11:02:45

Not sure then,probably ok, try a tiny bit first...good luck

Dalrymps Wed 19-May-10 12:51:12

Good plan, thanks!

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