Toxic looking bright pink/orange mould on window frames. HELP!

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zanz1bar Mon 25-Jan-10 19:01:15

My house has terrible condensation on the windows. Its on old, old cottage and most of the windows have swollen or warped so much I can't open them to air rooms.

I usually wipe down the windows everyday and in the last week have noticed small patches of the wierdest looking acid bright pinky orange mould appearing along the window frame edges.

Had a good scrub with a tooth brush and some cif, but what on earth can I do to get rid compleley and prevent further growth?

alypaly Mon 25-Jan-10 23:14:50

red or pink pigmented bacteria known as Serratia marcescens is thought to be the cause of the pink “stuff”.
Serratia bacteria are common inhabitants of our environment and can be found in many places, including
human and animal feces, dust, soil, and in surface waters. The bacteria will grow in any moist location where
phosphorous containing materials or fatty substances accumulate. Sources of these substances include soap
residues in bathing areas, feces in toilets, soap and food residues in pet water dishes. Many times, the pinkish
film appears during and after new construction or remodeling activities. Others have indicated the pink “stuff”
occurs during a time of year that their windows are open for the majority of the day.
These airborne bacteria can come from any number of naturally occurring sources, and the condition can be
further aggravated if customers remove the chlorine from their water by way of an activated carbon filter.
Serratia can also grow in tap water in locations such as toilets in guest bathrooms where the water is left
standing long enough for the chlorine residual disinfectant to dissipate. Serratia will not survive in chlorinated
drinking water.

zanz1bar Tue 26-Jan-10 09:51:30

Yuck, thanks for the info.

Windows open all day today to get good ventilation.
Then I am going to get a dehumidifier and see if that helps.

alypaly Tue 26-Jan-10 09:57:29

i use diluted bleach arond ine in the bathroom and on the grout in between the tiles. Thats where i get it and i also get it in the bird bath in the garden

alypaly Tue 26-Jan-10 09:58:03

that was meant to say around the windows

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